Telegram from an Airport

Finished Nutkins last night so I could wear them on the plane going to Port Ludlow. Stop.

They are as sparkly as I hoped. Starry yarn very much so. Stop.
2% silver does not bother metal detectors at Airport.  They didn’t make me stop. Stop.

Mirrored cables, and changed toes.  Otherwise, knit as instructed. Have more sparkly yarn in suitcase, as I’m worried that I can’t stop. Stop.

Was knitting socks on plane when seatmate remarked that I seem to knit all the time.  He said "you look like you never stop".

I said nothing.

107 thoughts on “Telegram from an Airport

  1. Ah, the poor unitiated non-knitter. Why on earth would that seatmate think not knitting was a good idea? I mean, human beings live to knit, right?

  2. Isn’t it interesting that “Don’t! Stop!” means the opposite of “Don’t stop!” ?

  3. Wooden double-points, or just a trick of the light? Abdication of principles or pragmatic accommodation? (All this travel is clearly part of A Cunning Plan — you may be rebreathing the air of the multitudes, but oy the knitting-hours logged.)

  4. The socks are beautiful! I love the mirrored cables. Knitting all the time–sounds good to me.

  5. They just don’t know, poor little things. We should commiserate instead of making fun of them… ^_^

  6. In the case of replying or not replying to relatively unknown airplane seating companions – ‘some things are better left unsaid’.
    I have taken to gently nudging my non-knitting children who complain of being kept waiting to ‘make good the shining hour’ – ‘Did you bring your knitting?’

  7. I do not understand how you knit things so are amazing..socks are beautiful…and they look so complicated

  8. I’m on the floor laughing, snot coming from my nose, have to put knitting down… please don’t…stop… don’t…. stop….Ha ha ha ha hhaha hhahahhh.

  9. Allison H at 6:08 – I think it was Journey, not Fleetwood Mac. Good music either way.

  10. Like most others, I love the yarn you are using on the plane. what is it. I don’t think silver sets off metal detectors. Also they can set the sensitivity level on the detectors & it can be different for different airports. I had not problems at Midway in Chicago but 2 out of the 3 times I have gone through SFO in San Francisco in the past few motnhs, I have set off the metal detector. And the second time I was punctilious to make sure that I did not have a single speck of metal on any part of my clothing. I even put my reading glasses in my bag because they have tiny metal hinges & I still set it off. Turns out it was the 1″ by 3″ metal plate that is attached to my femur on the upper outside with 2 long pins & 5 screws holding it in lace. It was attached in Oct 1994 to repair a small stress fracture of the head of the femur. My orthopod promised me there was no way it would set off metal detectors. Well, the last time I set it off, they hand wanded me & the only place that caused blipping was the exact area (both inner & outer thigh) where the metal resides. Of course, that also means that they look through any carry ons. So I have avoided long circs or metal DPN’s (not wanting to have to leave them in SFO.) Have a great weekend & may you not set off any metal detectors!

  11. Love the nutkins. Very cute. And I NEED to know what kind of yarn is that on the plane? I totally love that colorway! My feet cry out for socks of that color! Share, oh Great Harlot, what is the yarn?

  12. I too NEED to know what that yarn on the plane is! Please, Great Harlot, let us know what it is (and what pattern you’re knitting up with it!)

  13. Dear Diary: I sat next to a perfectly delightful knitter on the plane, but I do not understand why she wouldn’t stop giggling when I remarked that she seemed to knit all the time. Her socks were lovely, though.

  14. I saw that yarn at my LYS a few weeks ago. It looks great, but I thought the silver fibers might be itchy since they stick out a bit. They don’t bother you? It is pretty.

  15. Your seatmate seams very perceptive.I wonder if he might be married to a knitter.The sparkly yarn has just enough sparkle in it to make it very pretty and not “too much.”

  16. Knitting on a plane once (once?) and there was a woman knitting in front of me. My boyfriend nudged me and said “Ask her if she reads that blog.” I asked her exactly that. She replied. “You mean the Yarn Harlot?” The boyfriend is now a believer!

  17. After your first “Starry” post I just HAD to have some: bought it in Deep Seaflower colorway and it. is. amaaaazing! If I weren’t in the midst of knitting the rectangular Ulmus shawl for my best friend’s Xmas present, I’d be knitting nothing but these gorgeous sparkly deep blue sox.

  18. Lovely socks! I don’t even like wearing socks but I would love to make myself a pair of these. You keep doing this to me – first the mittens, now this. Don’t stop.

  19. It sounds like your seatmate was hitting on you. That sounds like the type of one liner that dudes hoping to join the mile high club spew.
    Awesome socks!

  20. That’s right – Never Not Knitting!!!
    Love the socks, they are beautiful. Have a wonderful time.

  21. Beautiful socks, makes me want to revisit sparkles. Does the silver tarnish? I worry about your snowflake scarf and tarnishing. Did I mention the socks were great? Glad you kept something for YOU for a change. travel safe.

  22. Don’t stop. Have a wonderful weekend in Port Ludlow, sorry I missed it but will celebrate my grandson’s first birthday instead. Wishing all you happy spinners and knitters a great weekend too.

  23. OK, first, your nutkins worked! Something happened with mine, they ended up being too tight around the leg. I did mine toe up and the foot fit fine, but after the heel when I added in the 2 more pattern repeats around the back side, it wouldn’t go on anymore. I’m so glad that didn’t happen with yours.
    Second, DUDE, you did a short row heel? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you post one before. I’m so proud.
    Third, great, now I forgot what number 3 was. Nevermind. Have fun at your shindig!

  24. Nothing better to do on a plane than knit!
    I was just in an airport in Bangladesh, and they asked me if I had any sharp objects in my carry-on.
    I said no, but later realized I did have my sock knitting. Plastic and wood dpn escaped their scrutiny.
    Today’s flight is only 45 min, and I don’t want to push Indian security and lose my needles. I will read my book instead.
    safe travels

  25. You would have to go and make the socks I’m thinking of doing next! Now they’ll be wildly popular! Yes, I’m one of those who doesn’t like to do what everyone else is doing. But I still like them. Not too fussy. I like the Beatrix Potter connection, plus Beth LaPensee’s patterns are great. I’m so glad you like the Northwest; see you at Madrona!

  26. Ok, I usually just lurk, but I had to tell you that your telegram style made me giggle. Reminded me of season 4 of Black Adder.
    (“Please, please, please. Stop.”)

  27. Nutkins are lovely, they look like they have a short row heal. What method of wrapping do you use? I’m stuck in heal flap mode because I’ve not found a short row heal that hasn’t left little holes along the wraps and I worry about wear.
    I too “knit all the time”, generally in school district meetings. I volunteer a alot and attend a lot of meetings. I generally knit when I can and have become a “knitting fixture” in the school community, so much so that if I attend a meeting without my knitting people as if something is wrong or if I’m not feeling well. Knit on, Harlot, knit on!

  28. Nutkins lovely. Stop. PLEASE IDENTIFY NEXT COLORWAY. Stop. You didn’t tell him you wrote a calendar called ‘Never not knitting!’ Just wondering. That is all.

  29. Pretty soks, but I really love the next colorway…
    At least he didn’t asked if you were crocheting…or say his grandma used to knit…

  30. Lovely Nutkins! Is the new one Blue Moon’s Bella Coolla? Well, whatever it is, it’s very lovely too. Curious to see what you’re making now as it doesn’t quite look like just simple stockinette.
    Hubby’s first handknit socks were finished yesterday evening. I think we have a new ‘addict’ now 🙂
    Have a good trip!

  31. Funny, the kids at Youth Group said the same thing about my sock knitting habit…kids just have no respect for their elders these days-sigh!
    BTW-still waiting for the snowflake pattern…

  32. Of course you never stop knitting. What’s wrong with never putting down your needles? I wonder if he’s been on one of your previous flights, and he’s seen you knitting (non-stop) before, in the waiting area and on the plane. Oh, that’s getting a little creepy. Anyway, the socks are lovely. Never stop knitting!

  33. Another plea to divulge the blue-green yarn. Am already steeling myself for the words, “One of a kind, hand-dyed gift, I don’t know.”

  34. I’m still sort of shocked that you’d knit a sock called “Nutkin” given your history with squirrels and all 🙂

  35. Inquiring minds demand to know- does mirroring the “cables” on Nutkin stop its tendency to bias while off the foot? Given that it’s supposed to look pretty on the foot, I don’t care that much that the pair and a half I’ve made twist, but the tinkerer in me wants to know.

  36. Sparkly Nutkins! What’s not to love. Have fun at Pt. Ludlow. Just finished a modified version of Pretty Thing. Brilliant pattern. Since deviations were made does that mean it should be called a “Thing-a-ma-jig”, a “Thing-a-ma-bob” or perhaps “Thing 2”? Just wondering.

  37. I am also obsessed with the sparkly silver yarn! I’ve got two skeins at the moment, but may need more, thanks to your influence.

  38. He’s lucky he didn’t end up with a dpn in his eye! BTW LOVE that sock yarn you are knitting on the plane. And love the socks you made for yourself. They *are* still for you. right?

  39. This is a man who is partnered with a woman who knits! He knew what you were doing and he noticed the speed of your knitting!

  40. I think there’s a stampede going on over at loopy ewe. I just hope they don’t call me and tell me that Black Parade (so goth) is oos and I need to pic something else, but that there is only one skein of Lipstick Lava left and, oh sorry it’s spoken for…I know, it’s all about meeeee!

  41. Love the socks, the yarn, etc. Have to get me some. Broke my left wrist Tuesday in a cardio-funk aerobics class – grace should be my middle name – and the orthopod who casted my arm said that if I can knit to do so – it would be great phyical therapy for my hand – whoo-hoo! Who knew?

  42. Great socks! I love and must acquire some of this sparkly yarn. I’ve been only lusting for it for about a year. That’s not too long to wait!

  43. I think in an alternate universe you turned to the guy, smiled mysteriously and said “I am the Yarn Harlot….”

  44. Man, that was your cue to tell dude all about your spinning! And then. Stop. To take in the look on his face. Stop!

  45. I stop knitting occasionally. Usually just long enough to buy more yarn and patterns, but I DO stop once in awhile. At least, that is what I do when I buy yarn in a LYS. When I shop online I don’t really have to stop knitting for as long to buy more yarn. Why would I stop?

  46. Gorgeous socks. I’m looking forward to seeing the next pair in the blues. Why should you/we stop our knitting/crocheting? It gives us (great) pleasure.

  47. Entirely off the topic of morse code knitting, you are in Canada, which means you can get your hands on custom-made, custom fit bras. Also, Canada is the home of Jalie, which is a pattern company. Including excellent fitting underwear and camisole bras. I know you sew, sometimes, under duress, but these might solve at least two of your problems in an extremely maple leaf fashion.

  48. Some years ago I always knitted on planes, all the tim. It keeps me calm (I am afraid of flying.) But since I have been stopped so many times in security control – “your’re not allowed to bring needles on the plane”-, I haven’t tried to bring any needlework for the last years. Now I will try again. Thank you. And your socks are very beautiful.

  49. I’m procrastinating big time… I keep clicking between the plane picture, Blue Moon Bella Coola and Blue Moon Lagoon. Just can’t decide; maybe I’ll need to see both in person to decide. : )

  50. I’m sorry, this is a bit off topic:
    does anyone know a good place for alpaca yarn, a smaller family farm/yarn shop in the US, not a big company that ships.
    Thank you!

  51. I just caught up on your last few columns, now my computer is fixed. I’m so relieved your sock drawer only has raggedy pairs because I realised that about my drawer this week. There was only one decent pair that I could take to the shoe shop to wear while I bought a new pair of shoes. I started a new pair yesterday then read your column today.
    I know all about the Starry Addiction. I bought a skein of all the colours I could this year.

  52. Absolutely love the yarn and the pattern! I’m having serious issues with that coveting thing I’m not supposed to do

  53. Stephanie, dearest Harlot
    Are you well? Or did I miss something? You just posted on Nov. 11, but NOT on Remembrance Day? How can that be? I look forward to those posts every year and think of your grandfather, Lt. Col. James Alexander McPhee…and all his friends. You always have something important to say to the world about war and the price that is paid for peace.
    Is it something we said?

  54. Those Nutkins are lovely! Somewhere I have a pair I started and got sidetracked from. Better dig them out and finish them up!
    I hope the package with samples and stripey yarn arrived safe and sound in time for Port Ludlow! I had fun putting those samples and the coupons together!

  55. Ah, Port Ludlow…I envy you. I grew up on Bainbridge Island, a stone’s throw from there ( well, over a couple of bridges anyway).
    I smell the damp Puget Sound air…the ferns, the fir trees, and the salt water.. Have fun knitting there and the Nutkins will keep you toasty warm. There is a great yarn store in Port Townsend…

  56. Ay muchacha, you made me look so silly right now laughing in front of the computadora =P every women, no matter the age, no matter the race or other wise, loves sparkling things, its just the way we are built, pretty things make us just a little happy, its the little girl inside all of us, that just want to be pretty for a moment or two…

  57. I was on a flight last week, knitting away, the lady across the aisle said, “They let you bring those?!” I said “Oh yes. I always bring knitting. I am much more dangerous without it than I am with it.” She was bemoaning the fact that she had been afraid to bring her crochet project and had a 3 hour layover with no fiber to amuse her. I said, “Oh, I am so sorry. I hope you are OK.” Never. Stop. Knitting. Works in so many situations!

  58. To the muggle in the next seat..Never Not Knitting..just got my 2010 copy, can’t wait for next book!

  59. Ooh the socks are gorgeous! And I love the colorway peeking out of the plane seat pocket — can’t wait to see how it knits up!

  60. you have a lot of love going on, but I assume I am the only one to wonder “why sparkles” ….on socks!!!
    Seems to me if one would do sparkles at all in winter, they would end up closer to your eyes than your toes.
    I know I will get grief, but sparkly toes might want to be hidden in winter under lovely boots!

  61. I’m knitting up Nutkins, too, also out of some sparkly silver infused yarn in a dark green I’ve had in my stash for a while – Kraemer Sterling. I’ve never knit the short row heal before – always used the German chain – but have knit short rows in other things. Don’t like the directions for it in the Nutkins pattern. I prefer the ‘wrap’ to yarnover. Otherwise, a wonderful pattern.

  62. The only reason I do short-row heels is I can reinforce them better – HATE darning – but love socks – I’d love it if you’d check out my blog – you’d see my love for socks!

  63. Did you mirror the twists so as to counteract the torquing of this pattern? I had to frog a pair that I absolutely loved, which only looked great when being tautly pulled apart by the fingertips. Did your modification trick the sock into “going straight”?

  64. Oooohhhhhh!!!! I thought at first a wineglass had been tipped all over someone’s yarn!!!! Startled me for a bit.

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