Slipper Thoughts

1. Those French Press slippers are as cute and easy as promised.  There is sort of a lot of sewing though, but at least it can be crappy sewing. (I specialize in crappy sewing.  I have so much practice.)

2. They really do take 90 minutes.  I think I could even pick up speed as I go.

3. Sewing on the straps and buttons takes about 15 minutes.  That should be added on too.

4. I felted them in my front loader – even though I know that people just about turn around three times and spit when you suggest it.  I figured that if it didn’t work and I destroyed 90 minute slippers I would probably be able to recover – but that if it worked that would be made of awesome.  I threw them in with a load of towels to see what would happen.

They felted almost all the way, but in some spots they got folded or bent and didn’t felt evenly.  I didn’t dare run them through a second time because I worried that they would felt too much or more in the wrong spots.  You can’t stop a front loader part way through to see how your mittens are doing either.

5. I felted them the rest of the way by hand, alternating agitating them in hot soapy water in the bathroom sink and shocking cold water in the bathtub. That fixed almost all the troubles and got them the rest of the way down to size – really pretty evenly too.

6. That took about 20 minutes.

7. Those 20 minutes sucked pretty hard.  I can now declare with absolute certainty that while felting in a front loader is possible,  I think a top loader is way better for felting and if it weren’t for the energy/water requirements I would go and get another one right away.  I miss Sir Washie.  (The holidays are the hardest.)

8. I think it’s funny looking at the difference between the unfelted and felted slippers. 

9. So does my cat. (Sorry. I don’t usually blog the cat but she just wouldn’t get out of the shot and I just didn’t care any more.  I’m to smart to argue with a cat. They always win and they fight dirty.)

10. The hole at the side of the house is filled in.  I know that’s unrelated, but really, I’m just so happy that I want to tell everyone.  If it wasn’t so cold I’d have a party out there. I feel a lot more Christmassy now.  Thinking about a tree. I’m going to need something to put over these slippers.

Gifts for knitters, Day 11: These really cool Knit Klips. I have a package of them and use them all the time.  They’re clips that have one spiky thing that can hold two pieces of knitting together better than pins and faster than basting.  I’m using them when I sew the tops of the slippers to the bottoms. I centre the seams at the back and front then clip in a few places to make sure that I sew it together evenly and that things stay aligned.   I’ve used them for sleeves too, and they’re handy as all get out.  I got the 10 pack, and it’s as many as I’ve ever needed. Pack of those in a stocking while you toss around the phrase "mattress stitch" and I bet your knitter will be seriously impressed.