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1. The tree is up, the shopping has been begun and I might pull a Christmas off after all.

2. I am knitting a lot of French Press Slippers.  Don’t think I can stop, don’t want too.

3.  I’m not felting them though, just piling up these weird long slippers all over the place.  Freaking the family out a little.

3. Another pair of socks churned off the needles last night, knit entirely while waiting.

My usual plain vanilla sock recipe, worked over 64 stitches on 2.25mm needles.  Berrocco Sox in colour 1433.  A nice manly colour, though Joe thinks they’re a bit "wild". 

(Joe’s a bit of a plain dresser.  If by "a bit" you understand that I mean that he’s "a bit" of a plain dresser the way that Madonna’s bras in the 80’s were "a bit" pointy.)

4.  My link to the knit-klips thing from the other day is corrupt.  I don’t know why – the rest of the website works and it worked when I linked to it, so it’s a mystery. Here’s another link that works fine.

5. Gifts for Knitters Day 12: Anything from Jennie The Potter.  I love her pendants, her mugs, her bowls…. I think I really have it in for the square pendants.  They’re simple, gorgeous and made by real human hands that also happen to be on a nice person. 

6. Gifts for Knitters Day 13: Tee shirts bearing messages appropriate for knitters.  Choose one that sound like your knitter.  How about "Veni. Vidi. Knitti." or this great Knit/purl one,   or (and I think this one is appropriate for a lot of us "I knit so I don’t kill people".

7. Gifts for Knitters Day 14: The Lantern Moon Yarn Ball Door Mat.  I didn’t buy one of these the last time I saw them, and I have regretted it with a passion that still stings. It’s sold out everywhere right now, and I know it’s sort of unfair to list something here that you can’t buy, but hope springs eternal.  Maybe one of the knitters in the comments knows where to get it and we can all jump on it.   (There’s a sheep one too, but in my opinion it lacks the sophistication of the elusive yarn mat.)

8. Gifts for Knitters Day 15: The Year in Yarn Calendar.  Enough said.

9. It’s snowing.  That’s festive.

10. I think it’s snowing just to make things pretty and Canadian for my girl Amanda (who looks pretty fab, considering she’s been travelling for 30 hours)  home at long last from Australia-

where she did lots of things that sounded very fun (rainforests, hostels, snorkeling, submarines, saw huge spiders, got way too close to a crocodile, almost died on a rope swing)  that I don’t want to know the details about.  (I’m her mum.  I’d like to think she went to a lot of really safe museums. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. For the mothers of 20 year old global travelling backpackers, it’s a way of life.)

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  1. AMEN to DEnial!!! Love the socks and I downloaded the slipper pattern last night…Thanks for making me feel like I can whip up a few pairs before Christmas!!!!

  2. Glad to see her back safe and sound. Yay!
    And I agree with Joe: They are a touch too wild. Maybe if the stripes were gently blending instead of hard divides?

  3. I think the socks are manly, not wild. Also, you had asked about show for knitting….perhaps Babylon 5 would suit you. You seem to enjoy sci-fi.

  4. Love the Jennie the Potter stuff…I have her square earrings and some buttons that are just waiting for their destiny to collide with a sweater.

  5. I’m wondering if you are saving up your slippers so that you can take them when you visit a friend or relative with a top loader. I have recently begun to do this with my knitting. I pay back the use of the machine by having my friend over here with her quilts, which fit into my front loader. A useful solution that benefits everyone.

  6. What a wonderful adventure she must have had!
    Those socks are a neat colorway. Are you sure you don’t knit when you’re asleep? Boy you sure do knit awfully fast then, but I’m just jealous since I’m a painfully slow knitter. But then it is about the enjoyment of the thing, not how much we get done.
    I believe one of my favorite authors, coughcough, once said it is called knitting, not sweater/sock/shawl making. As long as we’re having fun, learning new things, expanding our horizons, then what more could anyone ask for?

  7. Its true, no matter how old the kids get your always worrying about them. And they still dont appreciate it!

  8. The slippers look great, I’m sure the sheer volume of knitting projects alone freak out the people in my house.
    Glad Amanda got back safe, sounds like she had a lot of fun, and I’m sure there was some safe museums in there somewhere.

  9. I’ve been avoiding felted items because of my front loader — but I like Elizabeth’s idea. Hmmm who do I know with a top loader & what I can do for them in return. > Those slippers are calling my needles.

  10. Isn’t it nice to hug your babies. I don’t care how old they are. I have one home from Chicago, awaiting the other from Edmonton (it was -51F. on Sunday!)- when they’re home it will feel like Christmas. Guess I’d better unearth her bed from all the yarn!

  11. snow… oh how I wish we would get snow, but here in dry northern california we will be lucky to get rain. I want to live somewhere where it’s actually cold enough to wear all the wool I spin and knit. -sigh-

  12. My kids are 21-27, and I am only now beginning to be told stories of some things they didn’t want me to know about–like going down a small but fast-raging-snowmelt river in the mountains *on air mattresses*! in college… Welcome home, Amanda!

  13. Welcome home, Amanda!
    Our house has also been in disarray (althouh for different reasons) and I’ve not felt the Christmas season yet. But you’re inspiring me to pull it off anyway. 🙂

  14. Amanda looks like she’s glowing with good health – which is helped by her great tan!
    I’m super pale, and spent 4 months studying in a tropical locale once. Came back in December, and my family was shocked by how tan I was!
    Great to hear that your holiday prep is going well.

  15. I too like Jenny the Potter’s creations….have cups and bowls…but now that I am looking at the square pendant, the little imp inside me is whispering, “Maybe if you had one of those, it could serve as a replacement for swatching–which you never do anyway…” Hmmmm….

  16. At least she didn’t get a leech in her eye. That happened to a friend of a friend while they were in Australia. A leech- in her EYE.

  17. Pearson Airport is such a Happy place (the arrivals area anyway!)..we picked up 19 year after his 6 months away just last week. Sleeping way better now!

  18. I cannot resist pointing out here that my husband has a “veni vidi” knitting shirt entirely in Latin, more or less (the “knitti” part is literally “carefully constructed using needles” which is as close as you can get in classical Latin. Also one for Klingon knitters.
    How do you do such lovely socks with only 64 sts?

  19. Those socks are flippin’ gorgeous! I know they are supposed to be manly, but I have a thing for neutrals so those would be on my feet in three seconds.
    Also, glad to see that your Amanda is home safe! You have a lot to be proud of: your family is fantastic!

  20. Those socks are so great! I love the colours in them. I have a thing for neutrals at the moment..
    Also, welcome home Amanda! So great that you’re back home healthy and happy.

  21. Welcome home Amanda!
    For a good, basic sock with just a touch of fun, look at Paton’s Kroy FX colours. I bought two balls of Cadet to make socks for my dad. I think they’ll do nicely. He’s pretty conservative otherwise. =)

  22. Wow, I didn’t realize she was going to be gone so long! You must be ecstatic to have all your chicks near you again.

  23. i too have a few pairs of unfelted slippers hanging out in my apt along with some 95% finished projects. for some reason, i’m completely unable to finish anything right now but i think (hope) that it will turn out well with a spectacular day when all my knitted holiday gifts get finished en masse just in time for gifting. or not.

  24. I have seen the special bowl from Jennie The Potter twice at Rhinebeck!!! Both times I kept kicking myself all the way home for not buying one!
    I’m glad your daughter is home safe and sound and that she had a great time!

  25. Welcome back home, Amanda! She will be talking about those travels for years.
    Those slippers are growing on me.

  26. Love those 20 year olds….mine was taking rapelling as a phys.ed at college and loves it….even when her beautiful blonde curly hair got caught in the clasp holding her to her rope while she was attempting a 60 ft simulated helicopter jump! The instructor had to go find another rope and a knife, jump down beside her and cut her hair out of the clasp. She called me later that day and said, “Mom….you want to hear a funny story???” Children are a blessing from the Lord…..children are a blessing from the Lord….children are a blessing….

  27. Of course, as a knitter you have excellent taste in knitting-related gifts for the rest of us. I want to knit some of the slippers for work. It’s like a quick way of having another pair of shoes without the horror that is shoe shopping.

  28. Thanks for the wish list! I have been forwarding it to a certain someone. I’m glad your dear Amanda made it home safe and sound from the wilds of Australia. I was a bit worried about her myself 🙂

  29. Whoa! I bought one of those doormats at the Sock Summit for $10. I almost didn’t buy it, glad I succumbed. Price has jumped significantly…. Hope you can find them somewhere.

  30. Glad to hear Amanda is home safe and sound. The calendar looks great but by the time I added the shipping, I figured why not just donate the whole $20 USD to MSF, so I did. It’s a great cause and I already have too many calendars.

  31. Also: my 4 year-old saw your daughter’s picture and said “Oh, she’s so beautiful!” Thought you might like to hear that.

  32. I’m the person who accosted you at the airport last night.
    I am a faithful follower of your blog, have your calendars & share your great stories with all my knitting friends.
    Merry Christmas.

  33. I have sent link to the “I Knit So I Don’t Kill People” shirt to the appropriate people in my life. If they’re smart, they’ll buy me one because it really is me! Thanks for the great ideas.

  34. The Year in Yarn calendar looks nice; too bad I already have my 2010 calendar… http://alturl.com/k5wi
    Seriously though, I can’t wait to start using it in 15 days (yikes! 2010 really is almost here!)

  35. Welcome home, Amanda! Stephanie, enjoy it now, because, she will have to leave again– you’ve raised her for this very thing. Knit some more slippers, it won’t help, but you’ll have slippers. Me, I’m on an afghan knitting jag, and yes, the same one, #91 Cabled Classics, from 100 Afghans to Knit and Crochet by Jean Leinhauser, and Rita Weiss. My ten year old son has informed me he will enlist in the Navy at 18, because he can serve his country while playing with all the best toys (Bombs, guns, ordinances)And, “Mom, you don’t have to worry, I’ll have a real job!” I’m going to knit another afghan in ,help me, Navy Blue!

  36. Amanda, welcome back. Bet you had fun. Mum doesn’t need to know everything 😉
    My formerly non-knitting sister bought me the sheep mat a couple of years ago. I haven’t set it out for the feral cats to destroy yet.

  37. You know, you got me hooked on those darn slippers. I think I may have killed my washing machine felting, I had no idea until I read to post. I have a son who travelled the world and even though he was in his mid thirties I always worried about him backpacking around strange countries and off the beaten path. I think most parents have the same problem…ciao

  38. Amanda looks like she hasn’t adjusted to the season change from Australia to Canada. Get a scarf on that girl, quick!

  39. Oh how nice to have all the chicks back in the nest. I know they have to venture out on their own but boy it’s hard to turn off the protective mothering gene.
    Back to knitting, must not stop… only 19 more knitting days until Christmas. YIKES!

  40. When ye felt me Lassie
    Die the Kirk called Birnee Boozle
    Little slippers and all Lassie
    Oh but ye be canty
    There’s museums in Aus? I love museums, but they’re only good in London when it rains, mom!

  41. Oh, I remember that feeling of walking out the doors on my return from my semester abroad and seeing my parents waiting — it was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Welcome home, Amanda! Now please share a few pics with your mom if you’d be so kind? I can’t be the only one who’d love to see. =D

  42. OK! Welcome back, Amanda; now Christmas can really get rolling at chez Harlot! Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda liked the sheep doormat better…it’s cuter! Hope the house holds together (NO MORE HOLES!) thru the holidays, & all in it are well & happy.

  43. don’t worry steph, there are boring daughters out there too who do spend their time in very safe museums – my trip was art gallery/museum/zoo filled and no rope swings to be seen!
    While I’m glad your daughter is home for christmas, it would have been very interesting for her to see an Aussie christmas, what with the no-snow and the heat and the sun and everything! But she’s there and safe and that’s how it should be 🙂

  44. Slightly off-topic, although not entirely since I assume that you do *intend* to felt those slippers soon….
    I don’t know anyone personally who has knit the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs – but you have, and I have met you on a couple of occasions. Do I really need size 13 needles in 16″ and 24″ lengths? Having a devil of a time locating these needles locally (you know, in the same material/brand).
    Hope you get a chance to read this comment and thanks for any input. My feet are really getting cold (wore holes through the old slippers).

  45. My daughter spent 5 months in Europe when she was Amanda’s age – I think denial was the most useful tool for getting me through those very long months when even if she had suddenly needed help, I couldn’t have gotten there fast enough! Hooray for your girl coming home safe!!!

  46. Trek@6:47 — Until Steph gets a chance to answer… I wondered, too, and tried to make the 16″ do (I really, really wanted to knit them and the shop didn’t have a 24″.) It’s possible, but a huge pain — and I doubt that doing it all on a 24″ is possible (though you might be able to substitute double points for the 12″.) You’re probably best off to bite the bullet, buy both, and just make a bunch of them, depreciating the cost as you go.

  47. Oh, I remember those humongous spiders in Australia! Thinking about them still gives me the shivers! Glad she’s back home safe and sound, and that she had a great time!

  48. Welcome home Amanda!!! You look great and The Blog is glad you’ve made it home safely!
    Steph, great socks. I’m picturing thousands of floppy slippers piled everywhere… freaks me out a little too. Maybe the “wild” socks were just a little more that Joe could deal with in the face of all those slippers.
    Loving the gifts list too!!!

  49. Could different colored slippers be felted together in the washer? Not that I don’t have plenty of laundry to put them with…just wondering. Might need the “…don’t kill people” t-shirt for vacation w/in-laws!

  50. Yay, Jennie the Potter! A high school classmate of mine. I realized this when meeting her last spring at Shepherd’s Harvest, our local fiber festival. She also recognized my last name on my mom’s check when my mom bought something from her last week at a craft fair. Very cool person and I agree with Steph about the square pendants! I have the lime green one.

  51. I just re-read your entry from when Amanda left, and wept more than a little. My sweet baby daughter is rocking in a swing about 5 feet away from me, and I hope I can do as good a job of raising her as you’ve done with Amanda and my parents did with me: they let me go to Australia and bring home a husband.

  52. Maybe you could get into rug hooking and make your own mat. *snerk!*
    Amanda looks great for having been on a plane for that long!

  53. My mother did the denial thing long ago, and I do it now. It all comes back to haunt us–but the adventure is in the genes, isn’t it? Also–I have one of the mats (brought it back from Sock Summit squashed into a small suitcase)–very cute and cool –but very slick on the bottom; my daughter doesn’t like how it slides around.

  54. I am glad Amanda enjoyed her Adventures in Oz. But seriously if she were dressed like that in my particular corner of Oz today she would die. It’s 1pm and the temperature is 39 degrees Celsius – for those folk still using Fahrenheit, that’s over 100 degrees. And to the lady who asked, it’s the first month of summer here so we have at least 2 or 3 more months of potentially over 40 degree weather.
    And yes there are wild parts of Oz – we have some truly beautiful wilderness ranging from alpine to rainforest and desert. But we also have museums and galleries and zoos just like the rest of the world. We even have free outdoor symphony concerts and my town has just the best WOMAD festival every year. Plus we speak English and spell with u and s and double consonants. And our alphabet ends with ‘zed’.
    And just to prove we are civilised, we also have knitters! and spinners – and weavers and crocheters – and all that merino wool you folk knit? yep, grown right here in Oz.
    So take a leaf out of Amanda’s book and take a trip downunder. You will enjoy it.

  55. Wow-thanks for the knitter’s gifts! I realized when I went to put an appointment for January on a calendar that I don’t have a 2010 one-and your suggestion was the perfect thing. I now have a Year in Yarn calendar on the way. I so totally believe in gifting to oneself. 🙂
    ps-So wonderful about your daughter being home safe and sound. I miss my daughter in CA. I hate it that they grow up and live so far from home.

  56. Socks are great – love gray and brown together, kind of redeems the brown!
    My new knit addiction: slippers – just got yarn for the first two!
    Best of all: Welcome back Amanda! You sure had a wonderful time in Australia! It’s all over your beautiful face! Big smile!

  57. She’s beautiful, and she looks happy! Everything else (crocodiles, etc) is gravy. Happy Christmas to all of you!

  58. I am such an idiot. When I clicked on your link for the t-shirts, I thought, Hey, I’ve seen those before. Then I went back to read what you wrote in describing them. I am quite ashamed to admit that I never realized the knit/purl one actually said knit and purl. I thought it was some sort of Rorschach mirror image thing. I’m going to go console myself by turning a heel or something to make me feel smart again.

  59. Our daughters were both in Australia at the same time. They saw a lot of the same things. I’m wondering if they knew each other. I’m going to ask my daughter if she knows yours!

  60. Welcome home Amanda. Congratulations to you Stephanie for surviving it all. Great socks. My husband would think they were a bit on the wild side for guy socks too. I think it’s the stripes.
    The Yarn door mats are very cool, but I have to confess that I really do love the sheep mat best! I live out in the country and I don’t have a sophisticated bone in my body. (Well, maybe my fiber and yarn choices are a bit sophisticated because I really like nice fiber, but that would be it LOL!) Everyone who came to our house commented on how the Sheep mat suited us because my whole house is a shrine to fiber (and computers, my husband is such a geek!) We loved that mat so much we wore it out and now we’re mat-less. So the moral of the story is the life of a door mat is always shorter than you would like, so if you really like it you should buy at least two.

  61. I’m glad Amanda’s home safe – that’ll help you sleep easier, I imagine!
    No snow here in Wales just now – though the Snowdonian range was covered in it last week. Compared with the temperatures you must be experiencing, it’s a balmy 6 degrees C here – but the library heating system is on the fritz, so it feels pretty cold in here at the moment!
    I’ve got my Giftmas knitting finished, the tree’s up, the cards are written (though not delivered yet), so there’s just the gift wrapping and delivering to do, and the last manic trek round the shops for fresh veg next week, and that’s it!! Didn’t think I was going to manage it this year, but it seems I’m more organised than I thought for! 😉

  62. Well it’s good to see someone is making progress on knitting gifts:). I posted words on my blog about my knitting (or lack of) to the song, 12 Days of Christmas Nice.
    Spent too much time on that instead of knitting. lol

  63. stephanie won’t plug her own “never not knitting” calendar as a gift (for self or others), but I WILL!
    i enjoy every bit of its knitting history, wisdom or humor, but some days are outstandingly perfect — as if she somehow knew what was happening here in mondo yarno condo:
    on the day of my “stealth knitting” party, of which white wine was a prominent part, the calendar warned, “friends don’t let friends knit drunk.”

  64. Joe sounds wild like my one son. He will wear anything at all, any colour, any style, as long as it is black.
    Slippers, lots of them. When you have a whole whack take them to the laundromat where they have the top loading machines. Then you can do them all at once AND keep an eye on felting. Sir Washies cousins live there.

  65. I am so easily distracted…look! something shiny!.. ok I’m back.
    The slippers are a true gift. My non knitting rugby playing daughter saw them and immediately demanded several pair.
    She went on her lunch break to the yarn store (gasp) and even bought her own yarn, amazing!
    Welcome home to your Amanda, and I understand pefectly how you feel. When the non knitting, rugby playing daughter was in college i used to dread the phone calls that started with “hey Mom! Guess what?” Best of the Season from our family here in Massachusetts to yours!

  66. Hurray, Amanda’s back, no more hole in the house, and it looks like Christmas is being knit, one stitch at a time, or should I say, many stitches, since every time I log on another project is done!
    Enjoy everything!
    Eve in Carlisle

    Socks and slippers look loverly (even is the slippers are unfelted) at least someone in your family (maybe friends too) will get something to warm those cold toes! If I had the money I would so go but some yarn and make socks for my family here ( I know what its like not having enough money to get things but I like homemade presents better anyway every year it seems like I make my presents for my family and most of them are unappreciated….if I could I would poke those people with a pole make that a 39 1/2 inch one) anyway Hope the holidays are excellent now that amanda is home and things seem to be in your favor!!! Wishing you a happy holidays and an early happy new years!!!

  68. Glad you had the wildest adventurous trip Amanda! Welcome home. :o)
    Love the color of the socks Stephanie. Something I would wear a lot. I’m a big fan of brown, beige and blues.

  69. Hey! (waves hand, jumping up and down) Now that your family is all together again, you have to tell us how the story of Blue Tiny Baby turned out. Was she greeted as a long-lost friend or met with “huh?”

  70. Stephanie: This is my first reply to you, although I’ve read all your blogs from the beginning (well, since my librarian told me about you last year when I started knitting). I’m smitten with the slippers. Downloaded the pattern the day I read about it, picked up yarn on the way home, and now I’m knitting slippers like there’s no tomorrow, while my husband hovers over me saying – you’re sure you haven’t taken on too much to do before Christmas? Of course not! Thanks for the ideas.

  71. So glad you have your daughter home safe and sound and full of her adventures.That turn them lose thing is really difficult. I am a bit annoyed with you ,all my good resolution to wait until January for the slippers totally slipped away as I saw yours and I now have two pairs in pieces and a partner looking at me as if he thinks I have finally gone of the deep end.You my dear are a troublemaker but happy holidays and keep it up!

  72. Hi Stephanie, I don’t comment much because you’re always inundated with comments, but I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for the bloggy entertainment over the last year – I look forward to more of your inimitable humour in 2010!

  73. I hear you on the not wanting to know what your 20 year old is really doing. Mine is a wildland firefighter. Even the thought of the chainsaws he’s allowed to use makes my hair more grey.

  74. Jeepers, you come up with some amazing lines….”the way that Madonna’s bras in the 80’s were “a bit” pointy”….did you figure my computer screen needed cleaning so you made me spew my coke all over it???

  75. For those wondering about felted clogs and one needle, I’ve been only using the 16″ and have no complaints.
    I, too, am collecting unfelted items this week. Is it a bad idea to put them each in individual pillow cases and felt a bunch at once?

  76. Glad to see you’re back, Amanda, but you’re heading for a nasty chest cold if you don’t add a few knitted woolies to your apparel. Your mother has some lovely cashmere cowls that might help. And of course, for your feet, there are the rage of the hour, felted slippers a la French Press. Welcome back to the snow-so much more like Christmas for me. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  77. She’s home! Finally! What a wonderful Christmas present.
    I, too, am really in the swing of things now. Have yarn and needles to make the French Press slippers for my sisters. Hope I have enough time!!!!

  78. I am so happy for you that Amanda is home, and just in time for Christmas!
    My husband would think those socks are a bit “wild” too>

  79. Isn’t it amazing? Kid says “I almost died on a rope swing,” and obviously it’s OK because she didn’t, right?
    And 20 years from now you’ll wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night remembering that “Amamda almost died on a rope swing in Australia.”
    For her, it’s over. For Mom, not so much.
    I love being a Mom, but…

  80. Yarn ball mat – just saying we still have one in the shop – Shall We Knit? in New Hamburg. Maybe you should come visit:)

  81. Aw, it’s so nice that Amanda is back from her adventures just in time for the holidays. Hope you & your family enjoy your time together.

  82. Glad Amana’s home safe and sound and having had a glorious adventure. And, lucky girl, she missed all of the furnace and great gaping hole drama.
    What’s so great about the French Press slippers? I ordered the pattern and paid the $7.50 based on your love and discovered an incomplete, sloppily written pattern. I’m about through ordering patterns unless I see them first – based on bad writing and people who do chart-only and don’t SAY so.

  83. I surely know the joy of having your child at home from their globetrotting ways. My daughter Jean was able to be home for Thanksgiving but is now back in the Ukraine for another year. We really miss her and wish she was with us for the holidays, but are very proud of her and her choices as she helps others these two years. It is a joy having them home. Enjoy them while you can, they are soon gone again somewhere.

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