Thar she blows

Every once in a while in my knitting career, I run across a project that takes hold of me in an unreasonable way.  When it happens, it’s like a food jag in a two year old.  The same way that all they want is cheerios for two weeks, all I want is whatever project it is that’s triggered the reflex.  It happened with the Felted clogs. (We will not discuss how many pairs of those I have knit. More than thirty for sure. I’m pretty sure I had the pattern memorized for a while. I could probably still manage a pair without the pattern if there was some sort of clog emergency.)  It happened for a while with Latvian Mittens . (That was probably about 10 pairs.. but at least there was a little variety.) It happened with the Tulip Baby Sweater. (Pretty sure there were four of those before I got a hold of myself, and even now when I see the kits at Lettuce Knit I feel a little dizzy and weak- which makes no sense at all, because it’s not like I don’t have two kits in the stash in case I really need to knit one of those sweaters and the store is closed or doesn’t have one.) It happened – most recently, with those Noro 1×1 rib scarves.  That was a bad one. I think I powered through four or five of those (a couple with matching hats) before whatever it was ran its course, and last night when I was at Lettuce I bent down to look at some other yarn that just happened to be near the Noro Silk Garden- and Rachel H practically staged an intervention. 

Usually, there is no warning.  Usually – I knit one of whateveritis and while I’m knitting it I think something casual, something like "this is a really good and fun project. I am enjoying it tremendously" and then I think "I really love this" and then usually someone else, usually a non-knitter, says "that’s really beautiful" or "Wow, what a great scarf" or "Seriously you knit that?" and then the combination of internal satisfaction and external validation hits me like a ton of bricks and then next thing you know I’m back at the yarnshop with enough yarn to make five more of whatever it is, or worse yet… I have Joe driving around the city trying to procure all of it before other people get my yarn.  This is the pattern, and I know that I am helpless in the face of it.  I never know when it will strike, and I am usually pretty surprised when it does. I’ve usually got a pretty short attention span for a pattern, so  if something gets a hold of me like that, there is no point in resisting. Resistance is futile.  Destiny has waved a wand over me and I will knit that one thing until I have wrung all the charm from it.  (And sometimes longer.)

I don’t know if what I am about to say means that I’m experiencing personal growth or not, but for the first time ever – I see one of these knitting jags coming. This time, I know it without even knitting a stitch.  Three things happened that triggered it, and I even know what they were.

1. Megan knit Andrea a pair for her birthday a few weeks ago, and the minute that Andrea saw them she came unglued with glee and put them on with her sexy little black dress.. right in the restaurant.

2. All the knitters and the regular people in the restaurant said they were awesome. 

3. Megan says you can knit the whole project, beginning to end in 90 minutes, and because they’re felted, you don’t even need to knit them well.

90 minutes?  90?  As in, one and one half hours?  Only 5400 SECONDS? Are you kidding me?  There’s two weeks before Christmas  somebody dangles a chic, quick, cheap knitted thing in front of me and thinks I won’t go off?  Who can resist that?  You would need to be made of stone, I tell you, stone.  I feel like this is going to rescue Christmas, make my house cleaner and possibly contribute to world peace.  I’ve cast on for a pair of them, and I don’t know when it will stop and with street cred like 90 minutes, who cares?   I have 9 skeins of Cascade 220 and I’m calling that "a start". I think this one’s going to be bad. 
I give you The French Press Felted Slippers.   Try to resist them. (Apparently that link isn’t working for some. Here’s a Ravelry link, and here’s a link to Melynda’s blog which has a "buy now" button on the right sidebar. Try to resist them now that you can actually get them. Ha.)

Gifts for knitters day 10:
Since today I’m talking about felting (sort of) I thought I’d mention these nifty things.  They’re awesome for knitters who like to felt or even knitters who like to wash their handknits.  They’re these zippered laundry bags , and I don’t know what the manufactuer intends them to be for, but what they really are is a way to avoid clogging up the pump on your washing machine.  If you’re going to felt something you whack it in there before you toss it in the washer, and it keeps all the loose fibres from drifting into the pump where they mass into an incriminating clump and cost you (in my experience) about $300 and some marital strife.  (Pump prices may vary, as does the degree of marital strife.)  They’re also pretty slick for handwashing knits of all kinds, but particularly lace, since it protects the knitted thing from stretching out of shape when you lift it out of the water.  They’re great, and the finer the mesh the better.  A couple of those in a stocking with some feltable wool would make you look like a rockstar.

PS.  I always feel awkward mentioning this sort of thing, especially since I’m about to bore the snot out of the lot of you by knitting nothing but slippers for who knows how long… but this blog has been nominated to be nominated (I know. It’s a process) in a couple of categories for the Canadian Blog Awards. If you were so inclined, you could vote for whatever blog suits you (there’s some really good ones besides this one) in the categories of Best Overall and Crafts, Cooking and Other Activities (I know. What a name.) Thanks guys.

172 thoughts on “Thar she blows

  1. I can say nothing about your “obsession”. I knit 2 pair of baby booties over the summer and loved them so much that 20 pairs later, I think I may have finally slowed down. How many grandbabies do I have?
    Oh, and those french press felted slippers- they are so getting knit up.

  2. So glad to see(on your Twitter feed) that the hole has finally been filled! Hooray!!! That’s a great Christmas present :o)

  3. I’ve finished knitting two pairs of the French Press Felted Slippers. What a charming pair of slippers the pattern makes.
    When I first saw the pattern I instantly wanted to make them too.
    I would suggest seaming with two strands of the yarn instead of one.

  4. The slippers are adorable! I can understand putting them on immediately.
    I love your blog. I voted for you in both categories.
    I caught this post early. I’m the second to comment.

  5. That is so funny, I just stumbled upon the french press slippers yesterday and added them to my rav queue! They are adorable, can’t wait to make them.

  6. Our knitting group did a KAL and FAL (felt-a-long) for these slippers. I made three pairs, and it really did take about one standard movie to knit and sew up each pair. These slippers will, indeed, usher in world peace, assuming you can find the right buttons.

  7. Can a really NOVICE knitter handle those? I mean someone who has done a couple of hats and 1 baby sweater? They are darling!

  8. I’ve a pair drying on my floor. I expect if they turn out well there will be several more in my future. Probably some with real soles added too.

  9. Yeah they are like knitting crack. I am already on pair 4 and just buy yarn specifically for them whenever I need a fix to buy yarn and do a little retail therapy. The best 7 dollars I ever spent on a pattern. Gotta run I’m casting on for pair 5 … guess you know what everyone is getting in my house for Christmas!

  10. I knit a pair in Malabrigo Worsted and they felted in 7 minutes. I really should have checked them in 5. I friggin love this yarn. They are the cutest, comfiest and warmest slippers ever. I work from home so I wear them all day until I leave to go to the gym. So technically they are my most worn pair of shoes.
    And I’m betting you can knit them in 60 minutes, you speed knitter, you. Knit on!

  11. I just knit a pair of the French Press slippers myself. Love them! Have enough yarn to make a few more pairs and will probably do so. They are so cute!!!

  12. These have been in my queue for quite a while, the only thing holding me back being the seaming. I love them though, so so cute! And even non knitters and people who live in warmer climates (cough-familyinlosangeles-cough) can appreciate the cuteness!

  13. I just added these to my Ravelry queue this week too! They are at the top of my ‘after Christmas’ knitting list 🙂

  14. Seriously? You mention this when I am trying to get over a bout of knitting ennui, with cold feet in my worn out slippers when the windchill is -21 degrees Farenheit? Already checked out via Ravelry.
    I hope that they are as good as they sound. =)

  15. Well now you’ve gone and done it…thought the Christmas knitting was done, but now each of my sisters and my mom, stepmom, and mother in law all need to have a pair. How many days till Christmas again? Thanks alot….

  16. My obsession this winter has been cowls, snoods and neck thingies. I think I’ve made them for everyone! And when the pattern is really cute I have to make them for myself too. Still have a few left to knit.

  17. I just had to share…the mesh bags are usually for washing panty hose and bras… Considering your recent anti-bra post, I wonder why you didn’t know that was what they were for, huh? Haha. 😉

  18. Just purchased the pattern – so darn cute. I responded to the vendor’s email and told her to batten down the hatches, she’d have a flood of orders thanks to you.
    Off the top of my head I can think of three people who need a pair. This could become a habit…

  19. If you sew some microfiber fabric to the bottoms of them the WILL make your house cleaner!
    Same thing goes if you knit them out of stash.

  20. Oh be careful- this is a slippery slope knit. I knit one pair, and ran out and bought a tonne of Patons Wool to knit 8 million more. Is it sad that I want to make one for MYSELF in every color?
    These are too easy/too awesome to NOT knit!

  21. I saw that pattern, and they are SO SO SO CUTE! However, knitting eleventy jillion little pieces which I then have to seam up just doesn’t appeal to me. My poor youngest kid STILL does not have his Mr. Bean teddy bear because of all the seaming. I’ve knitted all the pieces, I just cannot motivate enough will to seam them… :-\

  22. I have made one pair of those slippers and have plans for at least 5 or 6 more pairs. It took me less than 40 minutes to knit both soles on the largest size! They’re a fantastic gift idea- and can be personalized easily. Good call, Steph! 🙂

  23. Very cute! I hear the click of many needles as we join you in your obsession. I hear that Oprah needs a replacement. I think you have a calling.Keep posting — we’ll keep reading.

  24. Found them on Ravelry too, instant gratification to purchase and download! and they are cheaper on Ravelry! I desparately needed something cute and fast like this for christmas. I now need yarn for 5 pairs.

  25. The slippers are awesome, but I’m too busy knitting hats. 1×1 ribbed watch caps, to be specific. I’ve knit about a dozen of them since Halloween. Guess what all of my friends are getting for Christmas.

  26. I’m glad I’m not the only one with multiple Noro striped scarves. I managed to stop at 3, but now I’m trying the pattern on some Plymouth Boku yarn, and it might keep the addition going for a while. The yarn’s not quite as nice, but the colors are great, and at about half the price of the Noro Silk Garden, it’s an obsession that I might be able to afford!

  27. I had this rule about never knitting slippers because they all looked like they should be worn by someone battling pneumonia in a dingy hospital somewhere. These slippers just destroyed my rule. I bought the pattern off Ravelry and will be knitting some up as soon as I have a spare knitting second!

  28. WooHoo!! You just saved Christmas for me for sure! Worst-ever fall for no knitting time and hard-to-please folks. Thanks a bazillion (and congrats on the missing hole)

  29. Found them on Ravelry too, instant gratification to purchase and download! and they are cheaper on Ravelry! I desperately needed something cute and fast like this for Christmas. I now need yarn for 5 pairs.

  30. Those are adorable. The only problem is that the woman on my Christmas list have lovely hand knit sweaters already made for them. Its the men on the list who are lacking handknits (husband’s sweater is 90% done so there is hope except that the remaining yarn is growing dangerously low. Adult Son’s sweater is still in the form of yarn skeins.) Do you think my husband and son will look good in French Press felted slippers? Manly colors of Cascade 220 maybe? I have bought the pattern!

  31. Those zippered laundry bags? They are great for washing infant/toddler socks and booties. Even the best washing machine (even Sir Washie, may he RIP) can’t resist gobbling up an infant sock once in awhile if its in the laundry unchaperoned by a laundry bag.

  32. I can see how you’d be able to see this obsession coming. I’m tempted to knit them, and I already bought slippers for both of my daughters for Christmas!

  33. Oh my god!!! You just saved my Christmas. I was panicking trying to figure out how to make things for everyone. YAY!

  34. You got me. I’ve resisted so many of the things you’ve posted — the 1 x 1 Noro scarf, etc. — but these are just TOO CUTE. And the time thing? Just when I was thinking any Christmas knitting was hopeless you’ve made me think that maybe . . . . ! Oh yeah, AND I’d just promised not to start anything new until I finished at least a few of my UFOs. Sigh. You, YH, are a very bad influence, and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

  35. I’m totally interested to know if those slippers really only take 90 minutes to knit. Let me know if the rumor is true, please!!! It looks like a fab. obsession. 🙂

  36. Last year you infected me with the 1×1 Noro scarf (which I still love), and the only thing keeping me from the French Press Slippers is that I share a front loader washer with the 5 other condos – I can’t felt, I just can’t. No. Really. Can’t.

  37. Uh.Mah.Gah.
    Those might be the cutest, most tempting things I have seen since….since….well, since I placed an order for a Cricket Loom last night at midnight.
    Oy Harlot, it’s a good thing you use your power for good and not evil…

  38. Yup, welcome to the crowd of followers behind that train. That woman is going to get rich off of one pattern. Not only do you get to felt you also get to use buttons!

  39. Felted, did you say you have to felt these beauties ? I’ll have to pass as much as I like them. The only time I felted I didn’t use a pillow case to wash it and when I opened the washer lid I thought to God that a few grizzly bears had been in there and shed their entire fur coats. NOT a good time or memory for either hubby or myself at the time . I have not felted anything since even tho NOW I KNOW to use a container it seems I have a mental block for this . Good luck with yours.

  40. Dear RachelH:
    Please do not even think of staging an intervention for Steph; we’d miss the ensuing highly entertaining flip-outs.
    With anticipatory glee,
    The Blog

  41. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only obsessed knitter out there – however my obsession is probably smaller. I think the most I ever made was about a dozen button bags. Lately though, I’ve obsessed with Ishbel (3) and Through the Loops October sock KAL (just cast on for 3). I saw FPK’s slippers recently and thought they were really cute. I didn’t think I had any suitable yarn until the other day I notice a bag of Cascade 220 waiting to become an felted entrelac yarn bag. I’m thinking that yarn was destined for a higher purpose…

  42. Those slippers, VERY addictive. I have done four pairs for Christmas presants. Now I’d like a pair for myself. They are so easy and cute.

  43. OMG I WANT THOSE. And I don’t even like slippers, or shoes, or felted things.
    You should post a warning before those links so people aren’t innocently hit by the awesomeness of them …

  44. This pattern might just be the one to put slippers back on my projects list once the holidays are over. You’ll understand how much this means when I mention that I just finished knitting 13 — not a typo, really 13 — pairs of slippers for Christmas presents!

  45. Yep, they are in my que too. Already bought the pattern and yarn, but I have too many things OTN now. So I’d better wait a while…maybe…how long did you say? NO! Must not give in…well…

  46. Seriously? 90 minutes!?!?! I’ve seen that pattern on Ravelry, thought they were cute but passed them by…I have tons of yarn in my stash to knit these up…how many women do I need to knit for..hmmm, 90 minutes…just need to set Saturday aside for these and I’ll be golden!

  47. As I was reading your entry, I was trying to second-guess what it was you’re about to go into a spin over. A pair? Lacy gloves? Panties??
    Oh, those. THOSE. I saw them on etsy the other day and fell for them in a big way. Haven’t done anything about it yet, but. Oh.My.God. Cute as a bug. Can I cram a pair (for me) into my Christmas Knitting Schedule?

  48. And here i thought I was the only obsessive knitter on the planet…
    Thanks for posting the link. I’m here at work, where classes are windoing down in the last few days before the summer holidays start. One of my colleagues has been feeling very low about a promotion she didn’t get, and she happened to see the photo of the slippers I was drooling over.
    We got caught up in a hurricane of enthusiasm for the slippers, jumped across to her blog, bought and printed off the pattern… then I signed her up to Ravelry.
    She’s a new woman.

  49. Just cast on a pair last night and am loving them. They are going to bust my stash like nothing else before, and save Christmas!

  50. I have already knit 3 pair and have the yarn to knit 4 or 5 more. Super cute and chic. Now to find the perfect buttons for them.

  51. I’ve been reading your blog lately and I just want to thank you for making me laugh. This entire year has been difficult for our family and I am feeling it. Not much can make me laugh these days, but your honest, but funny way of putting things really is great. You have a gift with words. I’ve read one of your books and my husband couldn’t understand why I was laughing at a knitting book! Thank you.

  52. I bought that pattern a couple of weeks ago, and have to go through the stash to see what yarn I already have! Can’t wait to see yours.

  53. They’re super cute, but I cry fowl because the “L” size is not “L” enough for my feet, at a women’s 11, or Euro size 43. Although I’m sure the pattern wouldn’t be THAT hard to tweak, that’s when you invite trouble…

  54. Bought the pattern and supplies the same day you tweeted about your interest in them. Love em.
    Happy for you that your hole is filled. Hope that means that entire project is done – no more chaos in the McPhee home! I know how tiring that can be!

  55. I have looked at those slippers and thought about buying the pattern. I thought they looked too involved to be done quickly and that I should wait until after the holidays. Um. No. If they can be knit in 90 minutes? I’m on it. Now!

  56. You’ll have to let us know if you can really knit them in 90 minutes. Then I’ll know to add extra time for me (I’ve seen you knit).
    BTW-zippered pillow cases are awesome for the same factors as your mesh bag, but let even less fibers loose in your machine. Inexpensive, too!

  57. One of my friends discovered that pattern too. It’s all kinds of awesome. Oddly enough, I’ve got to finish some felted clogs before I can allow myself to buy it.

  58. I’m presently obsessed with Argante, I want to knit one in every color. So right now I’m immure to those cute little felted clogs. besides she’s sold out of patterns!

  59. I have that syndrome, too. I was hit with a quick knit afghan. I bought enough yarn for 5. Afghans. I’m to almost done with 3 and have decided to let it rest for a bit.
    Slippers are totally a great idea – so holiday perfect and yet not those funky knitted acrylic things we made back in the old days. Pompoms on the toes – you know the ones. These are much better.

  60. I’m going to add the slippers to my outrageously long queue in Ravelry! I really must finish the baby blanket for my nephew in time to mail it with other Christmas presents.

  61. Okay, this makes it official. I love your blog but it is entirely too expensive for me to read. As if I didn’t already have more than enough delicious patterns and yarns to work with – you have to throw something like this at me two weeks before Christmas. Time to make the knitting schedule and ignore the fact that I have work deadlines and I just badly hurt my hand. Knitting rules above all else.
    Maybe somebody should give me a therapy-gift-certificate for Christmas.

  62. *Augh!* *Curses!* OK, I bought the pattern (via Ravelry – thanks for the link) even though I’m suffering “tennis elbow” after finishing up my Christmas knitting. Well, I’ll give it a rest and then start on next year’s gifts. *sheesh!* Did you have to find something wonderful again? 🙂

  63. Was already there way ahead of you…checked the site when you tweeted about them. Already have 4 pairs lined up…and then my daughter saw them…Instant death…all other Christmas on hold. It is all about slippers right now.

  64. Ok, now you’ve gone and done it. I had successfully resisted all projects requiring one to knit and then deliberately SHRINK said knitting, hoping that it shrank the way you intended. I called such folks who knit such projects silly and hopelessly optimistic (sorry, dear daughter o’mine!) And then…then….the Harlot goes and blasts my feet right out from under me with those adorable slippers. ARRRRRGGGHHH! I caved, absolutely caved…the pattern is printing even as I write…sigh….I’m so abysmally shamed by my total lack of self-control…(slinking off to hang head abjectly in what passes for privacy around here)

  65. I had a Lizard Ridge Afghan experience like that a little over a year ago. Thought it would be a long term project…done in less than six weeks. And I thought of making it bigger. Ok, fine. Am still thinking of making it bigger. I see a new colourway of Kuereyon and I get sort of weak. I am NOT clicking on that link.

  66. Ha! I bought the pattern and a s*&t load of yarn LAST WEEK. I am officially ahead of the trend, which make ME a trendsetter. I do feel an enormous sense of validation, however, that THE Yarn Harlot is also spellbound by this pattern. Since my other love is the perfect button, this could be a long love affair.
    Can’t wait to see photos of your slippers. It will give me something to aim for–perfection.

  67. Ha! I bought the pattern and a s*&t load of yarn LAST WEEK. I am officially ahead of the trend, which make ME a trendsetter. I do feel an enormous sense of validation, however, that THE Yarn Harlot is also spellbound by this pattern. Since my other love is the perfect button, this could be a long love affair.
    Can’t wait to see photos of your slippers. It will give me something to aim for–perfection.

  68. dang, that was so nice of you!
    not only do i have a sizable multicolored stash of cascade 220, but i am also going to Lettuce Knit tomorrow and can pick up some fancy kits!
    Here’s to sightseeing in Toronto!

  69. I love those slippers. But as I am stuck knitting a gigantic pair of Felted Clogs for my brother’s huge feet, they just have to wait. Alas!

  70. I have two pairs of handknit socks in one of those bags in the washer as I type. They’re pretty nifty, although I think I’d pass on putting any kind of fine lace in there.

  71. Okay, I was the one rolling my eyes at you. Yes, I was the one who thought,”How great can a pair of knitted slippers be?” And, yes, I was the one (or one of the ones) who SQUEALED OUT LOUD when I saw the slippers. I life in Japan so house slippers are a must. Since I like to think of myself as being young (at heart) and hip (who am I kidding) regular old slippers aren’t cutting it. Thanks for straightening out my attitude and pointing me in the right direction!

  72. Thank you for always sharing!!! I couldn’t hit “buy now” fast enough!!! Can’t wait to knit this one!!!! Also popped over to Amazon and snapped up a couple bags. I’d love to order the Baby Sweater Kit from Lettuce Knit…. Do they do mail orders to the US?

  73. Do you sometimes wonder if you’re the Oprah Winfrey of the knitting world? Anything mentioned on your blog usually seems to become very popular, kind of like her book club books become best sellers. Your taste is fantastic, which is lucky for us who want to be like you. 🙂

  74. You saved my life! I was working on a project that I had long tired of for my sister-in-law, for Christmas, that I can now make as a birthday gift (for February – plenty of time to get interested again) and switch to these very cute and FAST slippers for her instead!! I had zero chance of finishing the other project on time. Thank you 😀

  75. Fell instantly in love with the slippers and immediately purchased the pattern….thanks for sharing!!

  76. Ok, I’m a total non-mom (foreign object to you mom types, I know) but the cheerios reference makes complete sense to me now.

  77. Dear Presbytera,
    Don’t worry. I never intervene before the obsession has run long enough to amuse me.
    Yours in settling back to watch the show,
    Rachel H

  78. OMG those are the perfect Xmas gift for my sister – super cute and if she doesn’t like them it won’t be a big deal because it was so quick!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  79. Damn you! I have so much to do as it is and now I think I need to have these for myself and every female that I know. They are the most adorable thing I’ve seen!!!

  80. Oh, I feel so ahead of the curve. I bought the pattern last week for the new DIL. I thought they would be perfect and now I can say they are endorsed by the Yarn Harlot.

  81. I was so smitten with them when I first saw them, that I MAY have done a random survey about my drinking habits so that I could get the money in a PayPal account so that I could buy it right away (I don’t have a credit or debit card and checks take too long)… then I MAY have slightly bombarded (can one be slightly bombarded?) Melynda’s inbox while she was out of town until she sent it… (sorry Melynda)… and then I MAY have hand felted a shoe in super hot water because I wanted it to be done fast but I didn’t want to run a whole machine with nothing else in it and all my clothes were clean…
    I’m not usually a pattern strumpet, but this one had my pants down in SECONDS… (sorry if that’s too vulgar…)

  82. I like Andrea’s blog – she swears.
    I love felted slippers and mine are beyondadonda, and I thought I’d just break down and buy a pair of slippers and then this knitter I really respect fell down over a new felted pattern, and then most of her commenters said they fell down over the pattern too, and now I’m afraid I’m not going to the store but will hit that paypal button one more time.

  83. Oh no. Do you have any idea what you’ve done? This is finals week. FINALS. And those slippers… Are so adorable… And it only took me about 10 seconds to figure out excuses to give them to everyone I know. And I want to go buy yarn right now, but I have to write a paper instead. This is bad. This is very, very bad.

  84. The slippers are really, really cute.
    re: Zippered laundry bags: Since I’ve been in college, I’ve used them for…wait for it…LAUNDRY. Last year in the dorms there was an incident where someone’s thong was on the stairs between the first and second floor of my building for the first two weeks (and since I lived on the second floor, I walked by it like at least four times a day), and so I use zippered laundry bags to sort socks, underwear, etc, so that I don’t have an Embarrassing Underwear Moment(s).

  85. Waaaaaaaaaaah! I read your post, went immediately to the Etsy site, adored and loved and admired the slippers beyond any reasonable person’s ability to resist, only to see ‘SOLD OUT’ on the paypal bar!
    My christmas is ruined. I am sobbing into my coffee.

  86. Sometimes you are just wicked! I HAD to have those slippers. Just bought the pattern.
    Once I decided to wash wool for spinning in my washing machine. Ah, save the machine from the fuzzies. So I pushed the wool into a pair of pantyhose. It felted. Decorative, artistic, useless.
    Just thought I’d share.

  87. As SOON as you started talking about a new knitting jag, I was thinking to myself about the French Press Felted Slippers – which I’m planning on knitting for my nieces – and giggled when that was the pattern that’s grabbed you. Have fun!

  88. why, oh WHY did I have to click that link? The one with the adorable slippers…seriously? 90 minutes? Even for an only-averagely-fast knitter? Because I could use some Christmas pressies for people…

  89. those French Press slippers are so terribly, terribly chic. Who’d have ever thought that i’d say that about slippers?

  90. Oh, Harlot – – I wish I was strong enough to take your URL out of my bookmarks. Or block it entirely from my own machine. You KNOW there will be thousands of French Press slippers gifted this Christmas. And Melynda will probably retire to the Bahamas or somewhere warm where she won’t even need them. After paying and downloading I was off to the stash – or actually the 3×5 card file that contains my stash details and samples. Of course I have plenty of yarn to make them. At least a dozen pair to start with…..I just don’t have that many people to gift with them!
    I must have more self-control……I must have more self-control…….oh, dang. Why?

  91. I have knit 10 pairs of these darn slippers. I now look every where for pairs of unusual buttons for yet another pair.

  92. I found the pattern a few weeks ago and it’s in my queue for after Christmas. I have a thing for buttons and felted slippers (and bags/purses) for that matter, so it’s perfect. I have a gallon bag full of vintage buttons. Please post a photo!

  93. Ha! I am on my first Noro 1X1 scarf (I bought the Kureyon, not the Silk Garden…why?) and ohmuhgawd it’s like a big, woolly potato chip (albeit a $40 potato chip). I want MORE and I’m not even done with the first one.

  94. Ok…the rumors are true- you have all caused my email account to crash. After sending out so many patterns, I was flagged for spam. They shut me down for 24 hours. I thought I would be cunning and add another email to the account, so I could easily send the patterns out. They caught on, after I sent ten from this different account that was linked to the original account they shut me down!
    I am back up and running again…from a third account! I will keep posting the patterns on Etsy, but you can get it on Ravelry for cheaper(you will probably get the link quicker as well).
    Hillary L- they are *very* easy to tweak…Ihave made them for a size 14 foot! You can email me if you’d like!
    As far as the time- they do go quick. Granted I have the pattern memorized now, but I can have the slippers knit and seamed, ready for felting in 80 minutes. Another quick tip- I use the bickford seam for sewing the pieces together.
    I guess that’s it for now- I’m not retiring *yet* :). This whole thing did keep me up very late…it’s after one, and I have to get up for work in the morning.
    Thanks for the Christmas bonus, Stephanie- I know why they call you the Oprah Winfrey of the knitting world!

  95. Hey thanks Melynda for fixing the problem so quickly – and effectively! I now have my very own pattern and as Ms Harlot says, it may solve christmas this year, and for many to come. I can’t tell you how grateful I am, I loathe commercial shopping and there is a limit to how much shortbread one’s friends and family can tolerate.

  96. i downloaded this pattern about a month ago and love it. i am astounded that i am ahead of the Harlot curve on this…………i feel bad i didn’t send off a “don’t look at this pattern whatever you do” warning
    happy trails…………M

  97. Did you know that gauge matters even when you are knitting something to be felted? At least I think it does. I zipped through the first sole and thought I would measure just for the fun of it……… I was making a size small and it was 18 inches long. I decided to try again with smaller needles because five extra inches seems like a lot, even for a felting project, you know?
    I have loads of wool in my stash. I may make some striped versions because I don’t have a lot of any one colour. How I can have 500 pounds of yarn and only enough in one colour for a single pair of these slippers is beyond me, but there it is. I guess I just have to buy more yarn.

  98. Yes, it DOES cost $300 for a water pump. Three times. Plus a scolding from the repairman. I blame it on the dog: a large golden retriever who is constantly shedding. I’m SURE it’s not all the fleece I wash. 🙂

  99. Uh oh! What have you started?! You’ll have Mr Autumn blaming you for my turning the livingroom into one big woolley mass of felted slippers!

  100. anyone find it surprising that the knit pattern for the felted slippers sold out yesterday…. the same day our yarn harlot posted the link on her blog…
    anyone else see the connection???
    (now I can’t get it, boooo)

  101. I love it that you are such the enabler!!! Of course I took some time out of my day to purchase the pattern. After work, I will stop by my LYS and pick up some yarn to get started. Who cares about putting up the Christmas tree????

  102. Those are so totally cute! I just bought the pattern. It helps that they look exactly like my favorite pair of shoes. *grin*

  103. Another quick knit gift … appears to be the Breckenridge Cowl, which I saw on the same French Press website. It looked so cozy and soft, I had to buy the pattern. Perhaps this will turn out to be MY obsession. Thank you for pointing me down the path!

  104. Oh my gosh. I about crowed out loud at work when I saw what the project was. I even put my hands in the air. I just finished my first pair of these last night. And I thought the same thing. These are great. These are quick. I’m makeing these for christmas. I’m starting my second pair tonight. They took me a little longer since I had to work on them at random times and were my first felting project. I saw them and I will knit more. Good luck, I see mine running to at least 4 pairs since this is all of the cascade 220 that I have on hand at this time. But there is a yarn enhancement in my future.

  105. You have singled handedly saved my Christmas. I can’t thank you enough…..well, I’ll get back to you on that after I’ve made a dozen pairs of these. Maybe I’ll change my mind? hee hee….

  106. Oh my, I do not felt… on purpose. But I have a drawstring hat obsession … so easy so cute, so many different color combos! AHRGHAG!

  107. I suspect a lot of people are going to be in the same basket as you over those slippers. I’ve been tracking them since before they were available, and A LOT of people have knit them since she published it. The only reason I haven’t bought the pattern is that they’re on my Christmas Wish List. I’m sure they will be jumping my queue and getting knit ahead of a lot of other planned things…

  108. We have similar taste in obsessions, as I, too have gone through a phase with felted clogs and also my apparent need to knit everything in Selbuvotter, twice. I saw these new slippers and…yeah…everyone I know in the world needs two pairs. Now. Plus, BUTTONS!

  109. I love those zippered laundry bags! They’re originally for lingerie and silky items but I usually use them for those super uber special stuffed animals that must remain as perfect as possible! Also fantastic for felting of course! Great idea!

  110. You saved Christmas for some of us and, I imagine, you brought Christmas early for the pattern designer. I have Patons, I have Malabrigo, I have Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden. Wow! I can go nuts. This is highly reminiscent of last Christmas and the 30 pairs of thrummed mittens-now that’s OCD. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now some people will get slippers instead of Pretty Thing Cowls. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  111. OMG, as they say. I, too, must make those. Right this very minute. And wooooe! I am at work and my knitting is home and I am far from the yarn shop and oooooh. This is terrible.

  112. Okay I am a fairly new-ish knitter and I’ve never spent money on a pattern before (although I’m not against the idea in principle, I’m just on a budget).
    This may very well be my first purchased pattern. I am still trying to resist but it’s getting harder and harder as I read the comments of people who have made them… I’ve been looking for a cute felted slipper pattern… $7 isn’t much if I make several pairs… 90 minutes…
    See? I’m already justifying the purchase I am about to make.

  113. Yep, I was just a wee bit ahead of you ,printed the pattern off last month ,yarn in bin to knit them,holding off until the Jan.blahs,Then making them for all daughter-in-laws sisters, the ballet dancers and then one for her,my jazz singing, Pilates instructing ,mother of my grand baby, world’s best wife to my son. Whew, with all her titles may have to make her three or four pair. Oh yes,better make her mom a pair too. Woo hoo! January will be great.

  114. You’re such an enabler. I clicked the link to see the slippers, had no intentions to buy them, or if they were cute, I’d add them to my Rav queue, and then maybe I’d wait and see what kind of knititng I want to do after Christmas knitting.
    Three copies are printing as I write this comment.
    My mother-in-law (who doesn’t wear socks, doesn’t need any scarves, has plenty of sweaters, doesn’t wear gloves/mittens/wristwarmers, and otherwise has no affinity for anything I could knit her) would love these slippers.
    You’re evil. And genius. and I’m off to vote for you now.

  115. I’ve had this pattern for a while but decided it was time for some stash-busting and found enough Lamb’s Pride to knit about 4 pairs. I also just finished the Breckenridge cowl which is also a FPN pattern. Voted for you in both polls!

  116. Eek! Can’t access Ravelry from work! Must figure out good excuse to leave early today… cough… oink …cough…
    Can someone who has made and actually worn these comment on how they fit?

  117. IGNORE MY PREVIOUS POST. I’m an idiot! Thank you Hazel for pointing me in the right direction!!! Just downloaded the pattern…. good thing I have some lamb’s pride in my stash… wonder what most of us will be doing this weekend??

  118. Crap, that was like a knitter’s drive-by. Of course I went and bought it. Of course I went to my stash to pull skeins.
    I am powerless to resist. Dang it.

  119. I feel your pain, I folded to the french press slippers a couple of months ago and lucky for my family they are all getting those for christmas.

  120. Time between reading this post and buying the pattern: 30 seconds. Powerless to resist even though I have seen those before. Now to figure out how to felt things with a front loading washer…

  121. I have a 14 year old who loves ballet flats I wonder if there is some way to put an outdoor sturdy sole on them.

  122. I have already made 4 pairs, and i bought more patons wool when on sale just to have some around. I was able to felt them no problem in my front loader machine.
    And the seaming? The beautiful thing about felting things is that your seams can look like absolute CRAP and you will never be able to tell. So for all you seam haters, never fear! The slipper provides!
    But I agree with using two strands to seam. much mo’ bettah.

  123. OMG. I have shoes that look like those! And the slippers would be so much more comfortable. (Something about 50+ year old feet. They don’t work well – for long, any way – in ballet flats with no support or arch to speak of.)

  124. I just bought the pattern today after seeing the link on your blog. You’re an enabler! Can’t wait to start a pair though it probably won’t be till I’m on vacation over Christmas.

  125. Oh those wonderful slippers! I bought that pattern the day I saw it posted on etsy. She had it to me within an hour of ordering. I went home after work, pulled out some old wool and started the first sole. The slippers went so fast before I knew I was done and it was barely 7pm. I felted them, added the straps and buttons and they were adorable. Freaking amazing and sooooo fast! I proceeded directly to the store to snatch up all the cheap patons and lion brand wool I could find…and now guess what every female is getting for christmas this year! Enjoy!

  126. OK, now those are cute. I very rarely fall into these knitting fits because I really hate making the same thing over and over but these are really cute. I usually fall in love with a stitch pattern and use it for a varity of projects but I may be with you here.

  127. This has happened to me with the Arwen Keyhole scarf, although I can see that it’s going to be a keyhole scarf in general sort of fetish. However, although they are a “quick” knit, they take a lot more than 90 minutes. I can see the attraction to the felted slippers. If only you could felt without wool. Sigh. Votes are in, you win!

  128. Egad, you have a deadline! GO! Knit! If you really focus, you can probably pull off a pair in 45 minutes. Christmas is saved!
    Those ARE really cute, though…

  129. Good grief. Like I don’t have enough projects on needles and now this. Why do I have to have a “have to have it” personality?? Oh, well…it’s easier just to succumb to it than fight it!

  130. I would like to say that,at this moment, I have just finished reading the blog from day 1. It has taken 2 weeks and a loss of tons of knitting time. I feel I have lived under a rock not to have known about the harlot prior to now. Of course I have only knit for about a year, but still….under a rock I lived. I have laughed,cried, and laughed some more. I have tried to indoctrinate muggles (snort) and have failed. Thank you for the most fun I have had doing nothing productive.

  131. Thank you, I had not come across those and now I have to have them, I needed them so bad I started out knowing I do not have enough yarn or the right size needles… I have two girls they will fit someone…
    Have a great day!

  132. Must. Knit. Now.
    I was expecting your old standby knit clogs. When I clicked on the link I inhaled so sharply I enhaled some the salad I was eating.
    I am trying to decide how much it will cost me to knit these for everyone I know (including me).

  133. I’ve only been knitting for a year and I’ve made 7 pairs of fingerless mitts with yarn in queue for 3 more pair. I guess obsession over one item comes naturally to many of us.
    These slippers are WAY cute. Way. Yep, added to my Ravelry queue. Sigh…so many projects…such slow knitting hands 🙂

  134. Oy! You’re killing me! I totally had to go buy that pattern right this instant! Now I have to go buy yarn and all with the holidays and holiday knitting looming! Oy Vey! =o)

  135. What a fabo pattern. I am on my 3rd “Pretty Thing” which is all your fault…. What a joy that little item is as my friends can attest. Now, I have yet another little thing I can make for Christmas without too much fuss. Thanks very much!

  136. Black Cat,
    White Towel….Where else would your cat be? 🙂
    Cute slipper! what size did they end up being once felted?

  137. Go ahead blog the cat I’m happy to see she’s still with you. re the knit clips every time I see them I think why not small hair clips from the dollar store? or does the one tooth thing have some sort of advantage

  138. I’ve been eyeing those slippers for a while. I might not be able to resist them anymore since you’ll be posting about them!

  139. Now I know why the pump on my washing machine quit. It never occurred to me that my felting was to blame. I guess I’ll use that laundry bag in future…ciao

  140. I bet you didn’t count the time rummaging through
    stash for the yarn you KNEW was there, but where?
    Now I’m knitting and going gangbusters.

  141. I hate to even say it, but the one jag I’ve been on has been “crocheted” sun hats! Man, they were awesome. 🙂
    And, let’s not forget all the ponchos that have been knit as well. 😉

  142. Are you going to post about your felting experiment? We’re all ears! and breathlessly waiting!(Sat. at 2:57 P.M. EST)

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