Randomly on Thursday

1. After the furnace guys installed the new ducts, the carpenters came and boxed them in, and today the painter has come to sand, prime and paint the whole downstairs, since the whole downstairs got messed up by the furnace. (I like pretending that the downstairs was FINE before the furnace came.)

2. The downstairs is being painted the exact same colours again.  I told everybody it was so that it would cost less money and time (one coat!)  but really- I might have a small problem with change.

3. I have gone to the pub to work for the afternoon because our housepainter is a friend of ours and I know if I stay, I’ll over-supervise him to the point of damaging our relationship. 

4. A bunch of my neighbours that I thought had jobs are actually in the pub.

5. When I pointed that out to the guy next door, he pointed out that I’m at the pub and I  have a job.   (Touché.)

6. This led to a really interesting conversation about the fact that my neighbourhood has a really high number of artists (painters/writers/actors) living in it – and how everybody (including me, apparently) thinks that creative jobs aren’t real jobs.  I pointed out that what may be confusing them is the lack of real paycheques and the fact that we are in the pub.   (He said touché to that one.)

7. Current knitter donations to Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders is in the right sidebar –>
As of now, the total is $913 711, and we have a ways to go in the inbox.  You guys are so incredible that I want to tell strangers on the street about you.

8. Rachel H spent all day yesterday entering donations to the tally. She’s awesome too. 

9.  I’m almost done Joe’s Christmas socks, and after that I only have two more things to finish, and then I’m all done and caught up, which means that I actually might  be done my Christmas knitting before the end of January, which is really exciting.

10. Pattern from Classics in Kroy, an old Patons book- #922 though I don’t know if it’s still available.  Yarn, the colour Tina made for Joe called "Meet Brown, Joe" in STR Lightweight.

11. These socks are HUGE.  Joe’s always complaining that they aren’t long enough, so these ones are stupid long.  I’m hoping that this will go further in proving my love than bitching at him about the state of the bathroom did yesterday.  (Sigh.) These socks are going to take at least 1.5 skeins.

12. Turns out that even if you’re in a pub in the afternoon with a bunch of creative people, not many of them understand why you’ve jammed a half knit sock on your arm, taken its picture and posted that to the internet. 

13.  I’m so misunderstood as an artist.

186 thoughts on “Randomly on Thursday

  1. i knot my hubby his first pair of socks this christmas (he’s been watching me knit for everyone else for the past 10 years). they were stupid big too. he loves them.
    i stand by that, if his feet weren’t size twelve, and if he didn’t want 8 inches before i turn the heel, it may have happened sooner.
    he’s not so convinced.

  2. I’m third on the comments, a new experience! Creativity takes many forms,, so go ahead put a half knit sock on your arm, take pictures and post them! You are doing good in the world, and the New Year is so much better that I thought it would be, since you are blogging. I didn’t have to battle withdrawal symptoms on top of everything!
    Eve from Carlisle

  3. So true, so true. We’re all misunderstood s artists. It’s just not normal to photograph knitting, let alone put it on the innernet. Sigh.

  4. It wasn’t until I saw the sock on your arm that the light bulb when on (hand to forehead) and I said to myself Tina dyed that colorway for Stephanie’s husband Joe. And of course your next line confirmed that. Doh. Love the socks. Wish Craig’s feet could handle handknits. Maybe now that I’m a better knitter and better at knitting socks to fit I should attempt another pair.
    Glad to hear that Christmas knitting is getting finished.
    Remember every artist has their quirks yours just are a little more pub-lic sometimes.
    Looking forward to another year at camp and still hoping you’ll do something for the original Knitting Olympics.
    Take care, Hugs and Happy knitting, Alice

  5. I LOVE that sock pattern. The first time you posted about it, I immediately went on line and was able to buy somebody’s very last copy of that Paton’s book. Made a pair for my sister; now must have my own–that’ll be my next sock project, after I finish the Child’s French Sock currently on the needles.
    Congrats on the nearly $1 million for MSD. I’m going to go donate now ($25 US). Good luck with the new furnace.

  6. First, I can’t believe I’m this early in the comments!
    Second, I too am so proud of Knitters and all the Knitters without Borders bunch- you should be really proud of yourself for that little brainchild!
    Last—I love the socks!!! And the color is fantastic!!

  7. My husband works from ‘home’ too, he is a full time farmer. My son had to interview someone with a job, so he interviewed his uncle who had a real job?
    Socks for husbands with big feet are worth it, size 12 EEE….
    Good choice with escaping while people work on your stuff…better for both of you.

  8. that is a very nice sock and I too wish that I could be knitting at a pub but, it is not quite 11 a.m. and, even though I don’t have a job, I’ve got some appointments. 🙁 If I lived closer I’d definitely join you.

  9. I’ve been trying to muster the courage to knit my husband a pair of socks. First, he’s diabetic. Second, he has 19 1/2″ calves and a size 12 ww foot. It boggles the mind.
    Socks are lovely.

  10. Why am I not sitting at the pub editing this magazine? And working on my next articles???
    Clearly you’ve got me beat in the creative department!

  11. How else are you supposed to show us all what the sock looks like? Makes perfect sense to me. (The sock’s very nice, by the way.)

  12. We used to live in a neighborhood like that–I loved it. One of my neighbors once told my husband that he was the only person she knew who got up and went to work every morning at the same time each day!
    Is that yarn available? Because it’s exactly the color my husband would like…

  13. The people who work at the local “natural” grocery say they can tell who works from home by the time of day they are in the market and what they are wearing. Think I will skip the grocery today and head straight to the pub.

  14. Curse you, Harlot! Beckoning us like a siren into your lair of fiber obsession. . . . Year of Lace . . . didn’t know about that until now. I hear the lace calling me and I am powerless to resist. I’m faaalllllliiiinnnngggggggg………….

  15. Maybe your pub compatriots just look like they’re confused. They’re actually waiting for you to turn away so they can kinnear you with the sock on your arm 😉

  16. I need to find an apartment with a neighborhood pub with internet. I get the same looks at Panera (no internet at home). Love the socks….must find that Patons booklet.

  17. Love the socks. Several years back I knit my husband (also a Joe, good name) a scarf and watchcap in a similar colorway (might have been Manos). It is a color that even the most hand-knit averse men seem to really like. My Joe, who says my hand-knit sweaters and socks make him too warm, loves this particular watchcap and wears it every cold windy day.
    Congratulations on the KWB total thus far. I let you know about my donation on the 16th and haven’t heard back yet, so there must be an enormous backlog.

  18. Oh, it is so good to have you back! The socks are great.
    I do want to put in a plug for the diffuser and hair products, though. Seriously – it doesn’t take more than a few minutes, and you get to have great hair that’s dry enough to carry on with your life. Call me. We’ll talk.

  19. My neighborhood is full of Dads who work from home or have super flexible hours. There is something odd about standing at the bus stop with them everyday or seing them at the pool or playground on summer afternoons. I should be happy, but I am jealous and bitter my husband isn’t one of them. Well, I feel that way unbtil my husband is underfoot and I am working from home.

  20. The first thing I ever hand-knit for my father has been a pair of socks (which are still in progress). Rather than use an established pattern, it was my first time using a universal pattern and plugging numbers in. Whoever wrote the universal top-down pattern for Vogue’s sock book is on crack — size XL calls for 2″ of ribbing and an 8″ leg. They are KNEE SOCKS on him. (And stupid me for thinking 459 yards of Trekking Hand Art was going to be enough.)
    Oh well. I’ve spent more on yarn for one pair of socks than I ever have, but he’s worth it. I nearly lost him to a heart attack at the beginning of December. Nothing like a serious crisis to remind you to appreciate what you have before it’s gone.

  21. The people at the doctor’s office didn’t get why I was taking pictures of a half knit sock either. But how else could I have proven that I really knitted half a freakin’ sock waiting at the doctor’s office?

  22. Thank you for this blog. I’ve been home with my ill daughter for 6 days. This blog has been the highlight of my day other than I took a shower and finished the new Stephen King novel Under the Dome. Time for another dose of Tyelenol.

  23. Question, what is your favorite kind/brand/style of beer?
    Wishing I was at the pub instead of at work right now. It’s been one of those weeks…

  24. I have a hard time remembering I have a real job too. Actually, I have 3 (soon to be 4) real jobs that other people hired me to do, and 1 real job I hired me to do (pay cheques are a little sparse on that one still)… but at 1pm today I was jumping in front of a camera & tripod with the latest shirt draft I was posting on the internet to get help with. Somehow doesn’t seem like I’m employed to me ;).

  25. There is something comforting about sticking with the same colours. I am on my fourth house(in four different states) where the living room and dining room are the same colours. It has made moving,that huge disruption, a little easier.

  26. I want to knit socks for my son but he wears size 15 shoes! I don’t think I have enough yarn!
    I wish I could knit at fast as Stephanie. I’m glad to see donations are still coming in.

  27. Just a teeeeeeny comment that I indeed noticed that you effectively changed the topic from your hair. I, however, would still like some pictures.

  28. Any work that involves knitting socks in a pub with like-minded people is a job I would give my eye teeth to have!

  29. I love the color of the socks, and I’m also impressed with your soon-to-be finished Christmas knitting. Here’s hoping I finish before the Olympics start (ahh). I agree with you about colors in houses as well, I’m totally anti-change.
    (first time I’ve made it to the post to comment in time)

  30. Boy, do I ever wish I lived in a real neighborhood with a PUB! Somewhere you could walk or, if you were feeling lazy, take PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! Not in Connecticut, no siree. You drive a car, and you sit in bars, and if it’s daytime, you’re with the rest of the degenerates, not friendly neighbors hanging out. The best you can do is find a nice bookstore with a coffee bar. If you don’t want coffee, you can have tea. Period.

  31. I kept wondering if someone at your house had a reeeeeeally strangely shaped foot. They look good, they really do!

  32. Love the sock, love the Guinness. Ever noticed how Lantern Moon’s beautiful ebony straights look like beautiful pints of Guinness, magically elongated?

  33. For some reason, I read #4 as:
    “A bunch of my neighbors thought I had a job at the pub.”
    Re-read it and got it right the second time. (or the third)

  34. That total is amazing; I think I’m going to tell strangers about us. Hopefully soon I can sit in the coffee shop AND have a job. For now I’ll just be content to sit in the coffee shop =P

  35. Gee….. I HAVE a ‘real job’ with a regular paycheck and wish I had a ‘creative’ job. Maybe Erma was right….. is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence? As for Joe’s socks… Rock on! LOVE the colorway and pattern. Those who love us do not misunderstand us. 🙂

  36. JoAnn, I think you’ve hit on the core of what makes Stephanie’s blog so appealing.
    It’s a virtual friendly neighborhood.

  37. All of the WAHMs in your reader pool are daydreaming about pubs and conversations with real, in-the-flesh adults right now.

  38. Amazing socks, amazing MSF total — well done on both counts! And yes, speaking as someone who works quite a lot at home, it DOES count as a job, you just have to keep reminding yourself (and others) of this fact.

  39. My husband is a nurse; on Sunday we got a call from one of his fellow nurses at the hospital who was fund-raising for a nursing organization that will send nurses and supplies to Haiti. I donated, but first I filled his ear with the story of how much money you have raised for MSF, both for the tsunami and now. Well done, you!

  40. You mean you DON’T tell people in the street about us? I’m shocked.
    After all, I do tell people in the street about YOU! 🙂 🙂 Sure glad you’re having a good day in the pub and that the house is coming back together finally!

  41. My husband’s feet aren’t much bigger than mine, but he likes his socks stupid long, too. What he *wants* are 12-inch (30 cm) legs; what he *gets* are 8-inch (20 cm) legs. If he wants socks that will get finished in this century, that is.
    And the MSF total is just amazing. I was going to say astonishing, but I’m not really all that surprised — knitters are just an incredibly generous community. I’m only sorry we have to do such amazing fundraising for such a terrible event.

  42. Regarding socks and husband love – my dear husband has a size 13 shoe and it is at least triple wide – and to add insult to damage he also has monster legs. Similar to tree trunks. So, to demonstrate my love, i measured and then adapted a simple vanilla sock for those dainty (!) feet and legs. Took damn near two skeins. Thought I would go mad. But, he loves them. Good thing…’cause he ain’t getting another pair!!!

  43. I wish I could take my job to the pub this afternoon! Or even just out in the sunshine…
    Nice sock!
    Knitters with unfinished projects are always mis-understood. Knitters with finished projects are pestered to sell their stuff. This is just the way it goes.

  44. Regarding comment #7 about wanting to tell the world about Knitters Without Borders, I’m glad you’ve finally caught that bug!
    I’m itching all over to tell everyone I know about the power of your creativity and compassion and the results you’ve ignited.
    You’ve been the catalyst for something truly remarkable and I’m quite tempted to call MSF’s communications department to tell them all about this and get you a feature!

  45. Those are some mighty big socks! Wow!
    The MSF totals RAWK! 😀
    And… I want to go to the pub to work. It would make my job so much more palatable. 🙂

  46. Anybody remember what the KWB total was before the Knit Signal went up? (I had to empty cookies and cache this morning, so I can’t get back to old total.) Trying to figure out the “new” donations.

  47. I am dying to know the identity of the Famous Writer to whom you allude in your latest tweets. Does Canadian etiquette demand that you keep his/her name under wraps? (I’m Canadian too; I’ll be discreet!)

  48. Do you know, socks are the answer. Honestly Douglas Adams was so wrong. And, I believe truly, if you ask the folk down the pub … they will agree with me.
    OK did I just shoot myself in the foot there?

  49. And … ps I think I have that pattern … is that earl gray by someone who stalks kinnear?

  50. I made a donation to DWB, but my e-mail to you telling of this, keeps getting kicked back. I’d love to be included in your totals to show what knitters are capable of.

  51. I live up the street from a Famous Writer’s writing loft. Its pretty cool, and so is he. Kinda crazy to think that I’m only two degrees separated from Oprah.

  52. Oh Harlot, what hast thou done to me?
    I’m sitting here, knitting socks on DPNs. Nothing unusual you may think? Wrong! I have never had an urge to knit socks. Never knit in the round. Never used DPNs except to make i-cord.
    This is…all. your. fault.
    And I don’t care how awful it turns out, I’d love if you got the chance to see it. Any hope of a book tour to England?
    Joe’s socks rock, by the way. Being in the pub in the day rocks, and the KWB total totally rocks.
    And please, can we have a picture of your hair? It can only be better than mine, which I have also cursed to my otherwise beautiful baby girl.

  53. Love the socks..I just got 2 skeins of STR in a mediumweight to make socks for my BIL..I have that Classics sock book also, is there a change I should make for the sock weight?
    My BIL is a really nice, big guy..he is really tall. I am 5 ft and he is way taller..most are. He wears a size 13 shoe. I really like him tho and sometimes he deserves a medal for the work he does.
    His socks are the next on the needle.
    Congrats on the total, I will be donating more through Ravelry, through designers that will be sending money to MSF, not sure if it will make your total or not?
    Good Job on getting out of the house while the painter works, it will soon be all over?

  54. I once explained to a friend that self-employment means that my boss is a bitch, but I get to have a beer while I’m working.

  55. I made my Dh his first pair of socks ever, after me and my daughter, and #2 was too big. I’m going to have to rip it back! ACK. He’d tried to be nice about it, but I mentioned making a pair for someone outside the family, he was like, “um, mine don’t fit me yet, what about me?” Poor dear. So after I finish pair #4 under construction, his sock #2 will get a revamp. I used your pattern, but forgot to take good notes about how many stitches I started with and how many decreases…all that….

  56. We are misunderstood by Muggles !!! I may have convinced some of my fellow “pubbers” to knit since we started knitting in the pub !

  57. Nice cables! Would work well in knee socks too. You, Rachel, and all of us knitters are, indeed, good folks. Can’t wait to watch the KSF/KWB total sail past $1 million! Famous writer in the Pub? Alice? Margaret?

  58. My baby came home last week with his previous years “ski socks” blown out at the toe and heel. I cast on another pair because you can’t have the baby’s feet getting cold on the ski hill. I made them pretty big (I thought) so I could felt them a little. I made them to fit me.
    Sigh… I had to pull them back and add another inch, and they still barely fit him. My baby’s feet are bigger than mine. A lot bigger. This would be ok if he were– say– 17, but he’s only 9. At 9, his feet are nearly the size of his father’s. He’s going to be a giant.

  59. Like a lot of my neighbors, I have a non-creative, work-at-home job. Apparently, that isn’t a real job either! So don’t think that it is just you creative ones that are underestimated. And for the last time, I DO get dressed every morning. (And not to digress, but I have a friend that works from home and dresses in a 3-piece suit every day. That is too much!)

  60. Thanks for the sock pic. I didn’t want to nag, but was starting to fear sock picture withdrawal. Love the color!

  61. Re: 8. Rachel H IS awesome. Thanks Rachel!
    10. Tina is awesome too; love that colourway.
    11. So are you awesome, to make those long, large socks for your guy!
    12. Still Life with Laptop, Guinness and Sock. A harmonious composition of creams and browns. Note the interesting diagonals formed by the table planks and computer, and the strong foreshortening of the sock which bisects the picture plane and leads the eye into to the middle distance where it is carefully balanced by the computer screen on one side and the glass on the left. In the foreground the sock extends past the frame into the viewers’ space, inviting us to share in the event, as suggested by the promise of activity implied by the knitting and the head of foam on the stout.
    13. Cutting edge artists are always misunderstood 😉

  62. I was worried when I read the first line — “After the furnace guys …” I figured anything that began with a mention of the furnace had a good chance of being a bad thing – glad to hear it’s the finalization of the new furnace. Some days I think 8am-5pm in an office is WAAAY overrated – all of you working from home have much harder jobs (and more of them). You have to be boss, employee, receptionist, mail room clerk, IT department, etc. I’m only an assistant! Of course, you didn’t have to drive to work today on frozen roads, either. Cheers!

  63. If anyone questions you about sock-posing-and-posting, just tell them it’s performance art. Beaucoup artistic street cred.

  64. Famous Canadian author? Hmmm – Margaret Atwood? Though tossing down double scotches seems more a male thing.

  65. The socks are great and kudos for starting such a project. But enough with the socks – let’s see the haircut!

  66. 1. The writer Renata Adler (not Canadian, I don’t think) was once asked how a writer could feel grown-up and professional despite working from home. She replied, “Get dressed.”
    2. Beautiful sock. But you’re a bit past the stage of courtship where he wants you to “prove your love,” aren’t you?

  67. So, I have 150 euros laid by for MSF/DWB (that’s about 215 USD depending on the day) and I’d love to email you that I sent it in as an addition to the fund but I’m having a hard time donating it in Portugal. There’s no MSW presence here. Two days ago I asked my accountant about making a donation and the tax effects if I did it through either Spain or the U.S. Today he says the rules keep changing and he doesn’t yet have the book for 2010. Tomorrow I need to go to the national Finance office (they’re the guys who collect all sorts of money from everyone for everything) and see if they can tell me anything. If they don’t know anything, a distinct possibility since this is, after all, Portugal, I’ll just give up on the tax benefit part and make my donation anyway.
    It takes me two months to get through a pair of socks and you do it in days – at a pub! Sock envy! I did, however, take a look the other day at my first pair from a few years ago. They were the Fortissimi Colori like yours last fall (I think), in a beautiful blue colorway and like yours, everything matched up perfectly. Even though they did take me two months to make!
    As for changing colors. If you change the color of your paint you’re also talking about upholstery, curtains, bedspreads, maybe even dishes, table clothes and kitchen accessories depending on just how anal you are. Applaud yourself. Look how much money you’re saving!

  68. Maybe a confidential contest to guess the Famous Writer?! Surely there is a commandment forbidding the dangling of Twitter tidbits like that without some follow-up. Prize could be a skein of Stephanie-spun yarn??? We could email our guess and when/if there is a winner, the F.W.’s name would still not need to be publicized…in case it leads to F.W. stalkers arriving in droves at your pub. If a pub can’t be a sanctuary of sorts, it would be a sad day. Count me a little envious of your local!

  69. Heh. I so get the “being an artist is not a real job” feeling. I’ve been a musician for 25 years and still don’t think it’s a real job. Not a good thing.
    Lovely sock.

  70. I totally misread the first sentence and thought the carpenter had boxed in the furnace guys…but it is YOUR basement and that scenario doesn’t seem as unlikely as it might in another person’s basement so you can understand my confusion.

  71. Hey, I think you are the Famous Writer in the pub! After all, you are famous…and you were in the pub!

  72. Creative jobs are the real jobs that being part of makes everyone elses jobs and life sustainable. Your creativity is awesome.

  73. @ geniaknitz – I believe it was around 620 – 635K. I did the same thing, but that sounds about right. The first update said around 50K and the total was nearly 690K.
    Leslie @ 3:22 – KWB(@)yarnharlot(dot)com. Mine went through so you can let me know. Maybe Stephanie’s inbox has hit it’s maximum size?? 🙂
    @Dennine – you rock! I think you might be a creative type.
    As I sit in the office with stolen minutes in knit blog worlds… *sigh* Perhaps some day!

  74. I used to live in a guest house rented from a Famous Author. Certainly artsy folks have a more flexible work schedule but they still work. It takes a different set of skills…like being able to structure time and get work done even though there isn’t a 9-5 schedule.
    My Famous Author was a real hoot. Very into all things natural and organic. I drove in from work one day and found said author gardening in the buff.

  75. I laughed out loud at the Meet Brown, Joe. Truly.
    Oh, to be in a pub knitting and chatting. Beats teaching any day.

  76. Referring to your point #9: you say “I actually might be done my Christmas knitting”. If I were to write that same idea I would phrase it “I actually might be done WITH my Christmas knitting”. Is that a difference in phrasing between the US and Canada, or is there just a word missing? I’m an engineer, and by no means is English a strong suit, I count on Word and other spelling checking programs to be smarter than I am on that front, so this question is out of curiosity only.
    Thanks dude. 🙂

  77. You went out in pub-lic, so the hair must be passable. The blog needs pictures so we can vote.

  78. It’s dosn’t matter if they understood, what matters is that your still knitting! I had a friend once that stopped knitting after some guys said that knitting was for grandmothers.
    oh, and how’s the hair?

  79. Love the working at the pub bit. I am certain I’d do my job so much better if I could do it from a comfy pub booth every so often. One can dream… albeit a bit of a strange dream, but still a dream.

  80. If you are going to join year of lace hurry because they only have a few spots left…although maybe they would make an exception for you! Fame has a few perks after all.

  81. that sure is a beautiful colour. i want to stuff it in a cup, stir it with sugar and drink it!

  82. I have that book and used it to learn how to turn a heel. It is a treasured part of my collection.

  83. But you ARE understood by your loyal blog readers, for whom putting a half-knit sock on an arm and taking a picture to post is just normal!
    I hope you had a cold one for me. Good thing you got the hair issue taken care of so that you could go and work at the pub.

  84. Right now the only knitterly thing I’m doing is reading your blog. And carrying an untouched Basic Sock Recipe sock in my bag. I’m in a Fallow period. So while in the pub, you are also knitting for me.

  85. hmm…I wondered what that sock was on, arm? leg? Also glad you had time at the pub, what a disciplined and principled friend you are to leave the house-painting scene. Niice nice color yarn too.

  86. KWB are awesome!! This is just amazing.
    For the knitting Olympics, you might consider not only project but also add location (pubs being good). This was brought by the thought that every time the winter Olympics come around I have to learn over again the difference between things like luge and skeleton, or how long a particular speed skating race is in distance. The physical location/orientation seems to be key.
    So knitting socks at home v. knitting socks in a pub… probably seperate events.

  87. O.K. I’m retired! Does that mean I can go and work at the pub too? After all, my job now is knitting. The only problem is that Sudbury has bars, but not really pubs. I wonder what my children would say if I told them that from now on they could find me in a bar from dawn to dusk, needles, yarn, and Sock Summit knitting bag in hand. Hmmm!!! have to do a little tinkering with the plan.
    P.S. While you were taking a picture of a sock on your arm, could you not also take a picture of the head on your shoulders? Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  88. Love the socks… and you must be thrilled you get to work cables… I get to knit US size 18, yes, 18, regulation length socks (friend’s brother)in plain, standard, regulation colors, 24 pr/yr.

  89. Those are lovely socks. I haven’t made any socks for my husband since the first pair. He just wasn’t careful and they got snagged (probably by the cat while he was playing with her) really quickly!

  90. Relaxing on a Saturday afternoon at the local brewery with a good cold pint and a great sock on the needles – priceless. If you haven’t tried it you should. Just remember, the more refills you have the more complicated the pattern gets no matter how simple it was to begin with.
    I just put in an order at BMFA and almost ordered Meet Brown, Joe but decided self control was in order and deleted a couple of things. Now I wish I had kept that one. Oh well, next time.
    KWB – what a great group of people. I can’t wait to tell the folks I work with how much has been donated to this worthwhile cause.

  91. Speaking of Joe and knitting, how’s that gansey going? (I know you really wanted me to ask that question.)

  92. Wait….what was it that happened that you don’t really want to talk about? I enjoy hearing about your life so much and am wondering what it is that’s got you……You know one or more of us has gone through whatever you all are going through. Yes, I know, mind my own business. Just curious.

  93. I so know how you feel! i designed my first hat ever and it is being test knit as we speak.. wel at leat I am knitting on it the other test knitter probably wont start until the weekend or so. Anyway I was knitting on my hat and my hubby noticed it is really long, he keeps asking me questions and then i finally show him what I am “trying to do” and then the lightbulb in his cute little head suddenly clicks. i am not saying he is not intelligent he is but I am so misunderstood my even my own husband…Anyone else know what I mean?? Hope things are well!

  94. You want to tell everyone about us? I’ve told everyone about you! On the blog…that you put up the knitsignal, and we’ve all responded. so cool!

  95. Today my good friend and I were chatting about Haiti and she mentioned she wanted to donate but didn’t know what charity to donate to. She had heard of loads of bogus charities recently (do people have no shame? Don’t answer that…) and she wanted to be sure her money went to helping people. I told my non-knitter friend about MSF and now she wants to donate too and she wants to know if she can add her donation to the MSF tally! 🙂

  96. May I just say that one of the reasons I think Canada is so great is that you can go to the pub in the afternoon from time to time and no one thinks it’s odd, or that you “have a problem”. And by the way, it is a real job and a tough one at that.

  97. I am with Em at 6.12, there were two famous writers at the pub at the same time, lucky pubowner. Have you checked if the other writer also made it to, what was it that published the word: to kinnear? Nice socks, are they kneehigh?
    One kneehigh is about two socks worth of knitting, I have no problem with second sock syndrome, just want as soon as possible to finish the second one, so I can wear them. But to all of you with 2nd s.yndr. beware, with kneehighs there might be even third and fourth sock synd, so you had better not start kneehighs topdown but toe-up, then you can stop early and still have a decent pair of socks, On your hair: we have a senatewoman who has a lovely bunch of curly long hair. She has had however twins a few years ago and then she let her hair cut pixt short, looked lovely too. When asked why the cut she commented: It takes too much time to do long hair when you have twins and are a working mom. If you want to check, her name is Femke Halsema, she has by now her hair long again.

  98. I am with Em at 6.12, there were two famous writers at the pub at the same time, lucky pubowner. Have you checked if the other writer also made it to, what was it that published the word: to kinnear? Nice socks, are they kneehigh?
    One kneehigh is about two socks worth of knitting, I have no problem with second sock syndrome, just want as soon as possible to finish the second one, so I can wear them. But to all of you with 2nd s.yndr. beware, with kneehighs there might be even third and fourth sock synd, so you had better not start kneehighs topdown but toe-up, then you can stop early and still have a decent pair of socks, On your hair: we have a senatewoman who has a lovely bunch of curly long hair. She has had however twins a few years ago and then she let her hair cut pixy short, looked lovely too. When asked why the cut she commented: It takes too much time to do long hair when you have twins and are a working mom. If you want to check, her name is Femke Halsema, she has by now her hair long again.

  99. I do not have a pub within walking distance of my house. This is a serious oversight.
    In times of disaster my husband like to donate to the International Rescue Committee, so that’s what we did. I feel sort of bad even mentioning that, like it should be a “go into your closet and shut the door” thing, but otoh I do want to mention it. It won’t show up in your tally, I won’t win any prizes, and I’m fine with that, but now you and I both know.

  100. The best part of the picture is the Guinness. Makes me thirsty. I’ll have to visit my nearest pub after work.

  101. I too am waiting for a hair Photo
    My friend and I both work from home (we work with each other providing patternmaking and grading services to garment trade – creative work? well yes and no) however it’s the type of work that nails you to your work table. We managed to sneak out yesterday due to a temporary lull in the action to our Local Yarn Shop to purchase more patterns and yarn although we both agree that we already have more than enough.
    LYS invited us to just come hang out and knit any time we like with a side offer of free coffee. We may just take them up on it.I find working from home leaves you kinda starved for adult conversation, thus I’m not surprised at the crowd in the pub
    MSF total I’m so proud of the knitting community I go around telling all and sundry what they’ve done

  102. Just finished 8 pair of socks for Hank, size 13 feet. Used EZ’s Thick Woodsman’s Socks pattern except I kept the ribbing to about 2 or 2 1/2 inches and just knit plain. Someday, someday I will learn to do cables.
    Now, what about hair pix? C’mon, we’re all sitting on the edges of our chairs and like that.
    And, finally, you totally rock the house, Commissioner Harlot–look at the KWB total now, people–this surely is a wonderful thing.

  103. Okay, as a homeschool mom working on grammar these days, and a sort of grammar afficionado anyway, I have to say, I’m cracking up at your first sentence, which sounds very much like your furnace guys are all neatly boxed in! 😀
    I think a day at the pub sounds perfectly like real work to me!

  104. Our knitting group meets in a pub, so hurrah for pub knitting!!! (we get a lot of odd looks and think-they’re-being-funny-when-they’re-just-lame comments too – it’s nice to know knitters get the same stuff the world over!)

  105. You’re in a pub knitting.
    I’m in a classroom trying not to kill any ninth graders before the bell rings.
    You win.

  106. Thank you for your inspiration to donate to MSF/DWB. FYI – your server is so full at the moment, that my email I sent on Monday is still waiting to get to your inbox! Good job!

  107. As a retired person, I hang out at a yarn shop/coffee shop, the Sow’s Ear, in Verona, WI. Unfortunately, they don’t have a liquor license or a beer license, but they have coffee, food and yarn–and even some non-knitting patrons. Even people with flexible jobs hang out there with their laptops. I’m thinking that the yarn “fumes” have a positive and creative effect on the brain…..

  108. Lovely socks. Funny about your neighbourhood. Coming from a family of artists I think your “real paycheck theory” (as in not receiving one) leading to feelings of not having a real job is bang on (and funny too).

  109. Work fully realizes that I’m a knitter first. Then I’m a bookseller and full time student second. We get people that know me on Ravelry coming in to look for me. It always makes me feel special when they do it.
    Also, are you taking donations for drawings like you did when you first started Knitters w/o Borders? If so, what is your address so I can send you something for it?

  110. I’ve been knitting baby socks. Thrifty and FAST. (And it helps erase the memory of the amount of yarn needed to make cable socks for DH, who also likes his socks loooog.)

  111. Just dropping in to thank you and Rachel for taking the trouble to get back to us all re. donations – really didn’t expect you to do that, but really appreciate it!
    How come you’re in a pub? When I visited Canada back in 1994 I couldn’t get me a beer for love nor money (plenty of coffee on offer, though). Was I on the wrong coast?

  112. I am married to a Joe – pretty good sized feet, tree trunk ankles and calves the size of my thighs. Luckily, a knitterly friend makes him happy socks that are perfect. I have not one artistic gene in my DNA – but I support the arts – that’s my JOB. Beer cookies ( twitter) – I think my hubby has made those to go with his oyster waffles.

  113. Joe is complaining about how his hand-knit socks aren’t perfect?! Sorry. I’m just trying to grasp that someone could complain about getting hand-knit socks.

  114. I’m allergic to beer, but not to pubs! I’m usually in them while doing English morris dancing, which is a community thing the same way you and your blog are – just a tad more active!
    I really must bring my sock knitting on the next tour – don’t know why it never occurred to me before!
    I mentioned KWB AND MSF on my facebook page – hope it helps.

  115. finally! remembered to bring credit card to where the computer is to make my donation to MSF
    sent you an email
    you are awesome

  116. Beer cookies? Nope. Beer muffins? Gotcha covered. My genteel Southern grandmother served this just about every time she had guests. They always wondered what the “secret” ingredient was. Very, very easy.
    4 cups baking mix (like Bisquick)
    12 ounce can beer (room temp)
    4 tablespoons sugar
    Mix baking mix and sugar together then pour in beer and mix just until blended.
    Pour into greased muffin tin and bake at 400 for 15 minutes.

  117. First of all, thank you for the e-mail thanks about contributing to Doctors with out Borders (as if I could say that in French!)
    Next of all (American having a beer before 5pm, gasp!) I am fairly sure you were in my town when you went to the pub…the artist to ‘regular folks’ ratio here is crazy mad. Lack of a regular paycheck is pretty much expected, creative pro (long O) ductivity is also expected and cheered.
    …and I’ve been totally distracted by the post above mine regarding beer muffins.

  118. I wonder – if a pattern is out of print, does that put it in the public domain? Or do we have to wait 75 years or so?

  119. um… great sock, great hat… but ‘brain wreck’ might be the best catch-phrase ever. it covers such a multitude of contingencies.
    once again, you prove yourself to be a rock star.
    i bow to your knittiness…

  120. I’m amazed with us knitters. Donating over 300 000 dollars to DWB in such a short time. Amazing. It’s great that you keep this up, Stephanie. I love your blog, your writing, the fact that you share your life and your knitting with us in such a lovely fashion, but I respect you even more for pushing for such a good cause.
    Kudos to you, Stephanie.

  121. It is so amazingly cool to look at the KWB tally! As soon as I’m paid and no longer looking worriedly between my bank account and upcoming rent payments I’ll join in too! adjusting to contract work from being a broke student for the past 5 years is tricky as I’ve hardly any financial resilience. but haha for flexible creative work 🙂 Somehow this fundraising is far more inspiring than anonymous collectors on street corners. You and Rachel are fantastic!

  122. Stephanie,
    Beer cookies yum! Bear cookies made me laugh!
    Gorgeous sock! No home beer delivery here:( Toronto is a magical place to live! Great job with the KWB updates. Thank you! Rebecca

  123. Thank you again for making me feel normal. I started a pair of socks this week for someone who’s birthday is December 12th. She already told me she anticipates them on her NEXT birthday.

  124. Did you know that Dec. 22 is Squirrel Appreciation Day in the U.S.? Neither did I, but apparently it’s so.

  125. I just donated $10 to Doctors Beyond Borders, and my partner is going to match that tomorrow.
    I just wanted to give a shout out to some Cochiwan knitters in Canada. The Hudson Bay Company has stolen their knitting patterns to advertise for the Olympics. No one has been offered compensation for these traditional patterns being coopted.
    ”Eby said police have visited people who showed up at Vancouver city hall to speak out against Olympic-related initiatives, Cowichan knitters who are upset the Hudson Bay Company is selling a knock off of their traditional designs as the official Olympic sweater and outspoken academics like Dr. Chris Shaw, who is an ophthalmologist, UBC professor and a member of the Canadian Reserves.”

  126. You’d think Paton’s would want to republish booklet #922. Every time you mention it, many fingers go to Google in search of the elusive booklet. I e-mailed Paton’s once and got a pleasant, but vague reply. Will try again.

  127. Does this mean that the everlasting furnace replacement job that blossomed in scope is nearly done? Will thered be a champagne toast (or beer of choice)?
    I think I hear a @choir of angels singing a @chorus of “Hallelujah”!
    Hugs & Smiles,

  128. Get three skeins so you can make him two pairs! Thats what I do. One goes to the man in my life and the other to my dad

  129. For some reason, I thought that photo of the sock looked awfully arm and hand-ish.
    Which it was.
    Which isn’t all that unusual, since that was what it was except that I was reading and looking and thinking sock=foot, except if these are so freakishly big, how could they be on YOUR feet, so the idea that your fist was your foot, stuck up in the air AT THE PUB, Hovering OVER YOUR KEYBOARD didn’t strike me as the least bit odd.
    (Mental picture of Step with her tiny little foot up in the air).
    Happy bloggo!

  130. Dude– I wanna work in a pub!
    Seriously– I’m an artist (okay, part time, but it’s an appreciable part of my income now) and people look at me like I have two heads. I’m so glad you live in a place where you can go to a pub and work and people will understand.

  131. Oh Harlot,
    You don’t lust after TOM Robbins do you? Or do you know a different Tom Robbins than I do? I was hoping your fluttering heart was set on TIM Robbins who (it is rumored) is splitting from Susan Sarandon. That, I would completely understand, and I suspect dear Joe would as well. Unrequited love is to be enjoyed at our age and marital status. Congrats on the MSF work, I have upped my monthly contribution.

  132. I “work at home” quilting quilts for others… Just being able to get away and GO to that pub or coffeehouse is worth not always having a regular pay-check…. sigh. This is what we worked so hard at those REGULAR jobs for all our lives. Life is good.

  133. I love all the patterns you come up with. But do you have any patterns for sporty tank tops?

  134. Today is a very happy day as I have discovered your blog! And I am in deep in your latest book while away from home (so I can read when I want to) and laughing so much more than I have done recently.
    I just found a button site and I ordered 7 buttons (thinking one more than I need perhaps)
    but I have no idea what to knit and put them on.
    Is this common?

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