The Knit-Signal

A few years ago, Bookishgirl Wendy wrote here about throwing up the Knit-signal when you needed the knitting community. She said that she thought it was like Commissioner Gordon throwing up the Bat Signal when Gotham needed Batman.  She imagined that if we had a Knit-signal, we could use it when we needed to call our knit-posse, and she created this.   It was a good idea then, and it’s useful today.

As I’m sure most of you know by now, yesterday, while we knit, ate, drank and slept – a massive earthquake struck Haiti, largely effecting the city of Port au Prince.  Haiti itself is a very poor country with other problems – and that means two things.  (Well. It means a lot of things actually, but lets only dwell on two of them at the moment.)  First, it means that they entirely lack the ability to respond to this emergency without a lot of help, and secondly, it means that when the quake struck, Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières was already there.

While you and I knit and we (or at least me) considered problems that now seem rather trivial, there are suddenly dead people, hurt people, trapped people, lost people and  hundreds of thousands of homeless – all struggling to figure out what comes next.  I spoke briefly on the phone this morning with the MSF office here in Toronto, and they confirmed several things.

Things are bad.

The MSF Hospital has sustained damage that means it isn’t functioning as a hospital right now. Staff have moved to the courtyard and set up tents and what materials they could retrieve from the building and are doing their best to help people as they can. Doctors who were providing maternity care are now running a trauma centre.

They, and their sister offices in other countries spent all night figuring out who could go and how to get them there, and staff is packing as we read this to get there as fast as they can.  They’ll be taking inflatable surgery suites with them so they can use that instead of their damaged buildings.

They believe that some of their staff are among the casualties.

They recognize the power of Knitters Without Borders and the force that we can marshal in a pinch,  and they are grateful that you’ve been able to help them in the past,  and  they would very much like your help now, and right away.

There are directed donation sites set up for Haiti on all of their websites, but I’d like to take a moment to ask you to please make your donation "undirected".   Money given to a specific fund can only be used for that area and making sure your donation is undirected helps them a lot.  It lets them keep serving other crises that continue to happen while the world watches Haiti, and more importantly, it allows them to be first responders.

On their websites (Canada here, USA here, Other countries can find their site here) when you give there is a drop-down menu that you’ll see called "I would like my gift to be directed to…"  and you’ll see a lot of choices.  Please consider selecting "Greatest Needs" or "Emergency Relief" so that they can have the flexibility that they need to do their best work.

I’m going right now to give my share, and I know from my inbox that many of you have already done the same.   Really, it’s pretty hard to sit here with a Bohus, a pot of coffee, a laptop and this much sock yarn and do otherwise.  I hope you feel the same way.  They need you knitters,  I hope you can help, even if it’s only a few dollars of your yarn money. 

I’m going to go and keep the Knitters without borders tally running, since it’s a tangible way to see how donations, even little ones,  add up like stitches on a sweater, and people are already offering karmic balancing gifts for any draw I might do… though I know that really, nobody cares about that right now.  If you’re like me, you’re too busy being grateful that you’re not a mother in Port au Prince right now.

Boldly go, Knitters.

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  1. Donated $100. — undirected Dec 31. Hope they’re already using it. Every drop in the bucket will help someone.

  2. My second thought on hearing the news (the first being “Oh, God!”) was to give money to MSF. Gave $100.00 this morning.

  3. I was at two different yarn stores yesterday – one with a big sale on. And I couldn’t find anything. Now I know why – I just sent the other half of my yarn budget to MSF.

  4. Would it be a bad thing if I ganked that graphic and threw it up on my blog with a link to MSF as well? I know some people are sticklers for copyright when it comes to graphics and knitting and knitting graphics, but I figure, the more people who get to see the beacon the better.

  5. Steph,
    Well said, as usual. Your appeal over the holidays prompted me to make a donation in your honor.
    I have a suggestion: how about turning your thoughts about the Knit Olympics into a drive for all of us to create baby blankets, light sweaters and hats, etc. for the Haitian community in need. A further call to action for us to make a tangible difference (and a gentle reminder for all of us so lucky to be in this country, safe and sound…)
    I’m ready to scrap my other ongoing projects and shift to items that can help them.
    What do you think?
    p.s. I’ve never posted here but thank my stars that your wit and wisdom are available on a regular basis for me to ponder and enjoy!

  6. Just made my donation using the USA link, but couldn’t see where to make the donation undirected. Thank you,Stephanie, for the reminder of how much we all have and what we CAN do to help out! I’m going to my knitting group tonight and will take a copy of your blog with the KWB information.

  7. And also…
    Last week, I joined two (TWO!) different yarn clubs for the coming year. When I already have an overflowing bedroom FULL OF YARN.
    I think that for karmic balance, I’m just going to have to find room in the budget to match that in a donation to MSF today.
    Because, well, you’re right, my daughter is safe and snug in her school this morning, and I am grateful for that beyond all else.

  8. This was the boost I needed to decide to be a field partner. I just decided to donate $25 per month. The price of a nice skein of yarn. I think I can make do with knitting out of my stash. Thank you again for being such a motivator. We’ve done this for years with Oxfam and it’s a painless way to help each month.

  9. US$35, but like someone said upthread, I didn’t have a drop-down “undirected” option – I’m going to trust that it will be thirty-five bucks they can use wherever it goes.

  10. $35 of my yarn crawl money for this weekend just got redirected to this. Tweeted and FB’d to spread the word, too. Sending lots of healing energy to Haiti. Cannot begin to imagine what it’s like.

  11. Thanks for the passionate reminder and a place to put our care. I donated $50 and will keep on finding bits to send.I, too,would be happy to knit items for Haitians. Sue

  12. Thank you for reminding us – just made my pledge – and if there are any other knitters out there that work at a large corporation, be sure to check the matching policy. My company will match 100% of my gift, so my $50 is now $100.

  13. Thanks for this, Stephanie. You can get the help out in ways nobody else can. I donated earlier today as you know. You’re right, it’s impossible to sit in our comfy homes and do otherwise.

  14. I’m new to your blog, and this is my first time posting. Thanks for the knititng insights and the heads up on this need! I just went to the site and donated $100.

  15. Just donated $50US. I live in the Pacific Northwest where an earthquake of this magnitude could happen anytime. Gives me chills to look at the photos of Port-au-Prince.

  16. US$100. It seems so pathetically inadquate and I have to remind myself of how many stitches make a sock. “Teaspoon by teaspoon”, as they say over at Shakesville. Step by step the longest march, can be done, can be done …

  17. Just made a donation. Also didn’t see a way to make it undireted but know it will be well used.

  18. Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing this. I wonder if the rest of us knitters can also use that signal on our sites? Would you mind forwarding the graphic to me if it is okay.
    Thanks…the power you wield with your words will most assuredly translate into dollars!

  19. Just donated. Thank you for the reminder and gentle prodding. You always get us with those mother comments, don’t you? (Seriously, you’re amazing and I appreciate all that you do.)

  20. Donated $35 US. Thanks for giving me a way to help. Praying for those folks and counting my own blessings.

  21. Donated earlier this winter/late fall. Just donated another $100 now. Thank you for remembering to get us involved beyond our own corner of the planet.

  22. Have never commented before, but love your blog. Just donated US$20 – would donate more if I weren’t a student. Thanks for the reminder!

  23. $25 on it’s way Steph! Cleaned out the bank account but I am SO gratefull for everything I do have. THanks for the nudge.

  24. Heading off to make a donation with a very grateful heart that my children have beds to sleep in and food to eat every day.
    Can I suggest that you continue the Knitting Olympics with a MSF focus attached? We who can afford hobbies should remember those who can barely afford life. It seems especially poignant that MSF staff may be among the missing and injured in this quake.

  25. Donated 25,- €. People all over the world need our help, this is a good way to show that we care of them!!

  26. Donated. I can’t even begin to account for how fortunate I am in even my worst times, and a crisis like this only makes that more plain to me.

  27. As soon as I realised the tragedy unfolding and all the agencies who would respond, my thoughts went immediately to MSF. You would have received my e-mail this morning to confirm my donation.
    Thank you Stephanie for ensuring that we are all aware we can help, even if only in a small way. It all matters, every $, £, € and ¥.

  28. MSF needs the $ more than I need more yarn. Donated $35 US and sending thoughts and prayers their way.

  29. We here in the knitty world in the UK are donating via TheYarnYards P/hop, see Ravelrys group for P/hop.
    I’m glad to say my donation was in a queue as they are being over whelmed with donations, the kind of slowing down of soft ware that I can totally approve of.

  30. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Stephanie and everyone else giving and keeping the Haitian people in your thoughts.
    My Aunt has lived in Haiti for over 5 years working with children with disabilities. Their home, Wings of Hope, was severely damaged. Another boys home with the same organization, St. Joseph’s, was completely destroyed. We thank God that no one was severely hurt.
    You can read their story here
    Thank you again to everyone! Please be generous, the Haitian people are in great need!

  31. Stephanie, you are a good good person, and this will make such a difference to someone. Off to click the buttons.

  32. Just donated $50 US.
    Thanks for the post – there are so many heart-breaking stories coming out. We need to do whatever we can.

  33. Glad you took a moment to remind us and give us a nudge in the right direction. $35 USD to MSF.

  34. Every year, I set up an undirected annual donation of $15 a month to MSF. The minute I can bump it up to more, I so will do that.

  35. I was just wondering/hoping you’d mention this. Things have started cropping up wondering about where to donate among my groups and I immediately thought of DWB 🙂
    Thank you for the reminder.

  36. done, $50 USD, undirected.
    The first person I talked to said the response has been “overwhelming”–and then she had to pass me off to a second person when her computer crashed.
    This is a good thing. Keep it up, people!! and many thanks, Stephanie, for writing this post.

  37. I’m on my way –Our blessings are not lost on me,and this is a time when prayers need some help…

  38. $35 US, if you’re keeping track. The US site has a banner that indicates that all of today’s donations go directly to the Haitian Emergency Relief Fund (or something to that effect). Thank you for the nudge, and the reality check.

  39. done, $50 USD, undirected.
    The first person I talked to said the response has been “overwhelming”–and then she had to pass me off to a second person when her computer crashed.
    I considered my time on hold a good thing…it means people are responding. Thanks, Stephanie, for rallying the troops so effectively.

  40. Donated US$100. Thanks for getting the word out to the knitting community. I hope our donations will help in this painful time.

  41. Thanks for this Stephanie. It’s always good to be reminded of what we have rather than lament what we don’t. Your voice and generosity will touch many people.

  42. $35, for emergency relief for the poorest place in this part of the planet. Thanks Steph for making me a little more human today.

  43. Being French and living in France, just donated 100 euros to MSF France. thanks for the reminder.

  44. Still unemployed, or would add an extra boost to my monthly amount. (Was actually going to cancel it yesterday, due to really annoying financial news in the morning; changed my mind.)

  45. $50 USD donated, no drop down option that I could see so I think everything today is going to Haiti. Thanks for reminding us all and making me, personally, a little better of a human today.

  46. After several attempts I finally managed to donate $35. Dang these worn out credit cards!

  47. Thank you for the nudge…donation made. I may need to not dwell on the tragedy right now, but I can make myself deal a bit better by giving those great people some money.

  48. Thank you for not being one of those myopic knitters that is only focused on how beautiful there stuff is and how great their technique is and whose only worry is who on Ravelry will fill their greatest need – that extra skein of yarn in the exact dye lot. The world’s needs are so much bigger. We all need to keep that in the foreground of our thoughts.
    Blessings and peace to you.
    Kris Elliott

  49. Steph- You can add my $20 US to the total. Let’s all keep up the great work for a very worthy cause and thanks, Steph, for thinking of it.

  50. Done. A note, though – I looked and looked, and on the US link you provided, when I click “Online” for donation options, it says at the top of the window that the donation will be sent to Haiti relief. I never did see a drop-down that allowed me to decouple my donation.

  51. Great work, Stephanie. Done. $100. Also posted a link to fb. Just heard on Denver news ( that Doctors Without Borders has 800 doctors in Haiti and they are overwhelmed by the need. Together, we can make a difference.

  52. Payday is tomorrow and I will be sending my contribution along. Hopefully we can make a small difference as a group. We are knitters, hear us roar (or in this case, donate…)!

  53. Done. $50.00 CDN to Emergency Relief. Thanks for the reminder that there is something I can do other than read the news and lament about the disaster.

  54. Thank you for the reminder that even though things might seem bad, somewhere else they are much much worse. I don’t know if you realize this, but in about an hour and 20 minutes you have helped send more than $4000 to MSF. Your heart and your spirit are truly wonderful and generous.
    Off to make my $25 donation now.

  55. $50 today, thank you for getting the word out. I know throwing money at a disaster is only the beginning; that the people involved with Doctors Without Borders are truly making a difference. I admire what they are doing there and everywhere without thought of politics or kudos or payment. Caring for people – period.

  56. I’m a graduate student and just got notification that my grant refund posted to my bank account. Now that I have more than $70 to my name, I’ve sent off a cheque in the amount of $30 CDN to MSF.

  57. Many thanks for the reminder that there is something we can do to help, no matter how small.
    $50 donated.

  58. Done – please add $25 to your KWB tally. As always, you have a great way of putting things in perspective! Thanks.

  59. I gave this morning.
    It didn’t ask me to target the funds, so I’m unrestricted.
    I also sent you an email this morning, so I won’t tell you the amount here so I don’t get counted twice. 🙂

  60. Steph, that gave me chills and made me tear up thinking about all the mothers who can’t find their children. The moment my grad school financial aid hits my bank account (hopefully this week, please PTB’S!), I pledge $60. I’ll be sure to come back and tell you I’ve actually done it – the promise itself is easy.

  61. Had a hectic morning.On Monday my next door neighbor left from Seville (Spain)To go to Paris for a TUesday Mornign flight to Haiti. Her daughter’s best friend is staying in her house. Her children are all in Finland. The friend and and I spent the morning here (six hours earlier than Haiti and two hours later than Helsinki trying to contact both Linda and her children who knew nothing about it. Fortunately Linda’s flight left France late. It was scheduled to touch down only minutes before the quake. Instead it was diverted to Guadalupe. She was going to Haiti to help her sister, the former head of the Haitian office of the Canadian Save the Children get ready for a move this week to Nigeria to take over the international STC office there. We learned only a few hours ago that the Canadian government has reported that sister Janet is also alive. Thank God. Linda has texted that she, a former nurse and a homeopathec doctor, is trying to get there to help.

  62. Please add $100 US to the total. Thanks for helping us keep focused on the important stuff.

  63. US $20 went to DWB (couldn’t find anywhere to designate how its used)and an additional $20 to the Salvation Army which also does good work.

  64. Made my donation…
    15.00 USD
    Yes, every little bit helps…
    Thanks for reminding us… when I heard the news I felt terrible, yet wondered how I could help, and you gave me in outlet in which I could help, thank you!

  65. $35.00 USD today (and $15.00 every month debited automatically). We have a friend whose church does mission work in Haiti…they don’t know if the orphanage is standing or anything like that right now.
    There are Emergency Response teams going from here in Virginia (some of them are parents at the school where I work) and California today. I wish them all Godspeed and safety while they travel and work.

  66. Donated $25US and praying for my son’s 2 high scholl classmates who are there now.

  67. Thanks for giving me the nudge toward doing *something* in place of feeling so badly about not being able to do enough. Please add another $100 US to your tally. Wish I were near enough to my (safe, healthy) children to give them a squeeze right now.

  68. You can add another $100.00 USD to the total. Thank you for making this so simple to do.

  69. The site I linked seemed to be focused on Haiti. I donated $35 there. Now I’m going back to look for the undirected option to add another $35. Then, I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking in solidarity with the people of Haiti.

  70. I have a regular monthly donation going in, but I haven’t figured out how to up the amount–so I just simply made a one-timer of $25 to add to it; small, but a start for the moment while I go work on that.
    My son was assigned to go to Haiti as a Mormon missionary and, being already fluent in French, had no problem learning Haitian Creole quickly. All Americans were evacuated before he could ship out, so he ended up in southern Florida, hearing stories of what it was like back home for the ex-pats. Yowsers.
    He was there during that terrible hurricane year, and he ended up saving a woman’s life in a Red Cross shelter by being able to translate to the paramedics.
    Haiti is very personal to me. Thank you for doing this.

  71. Done. Sent off a check. Not as much as I’d like to (thanks to taxes coming out this pay period), but I’ll send more once next pay comes along. Sadly I fear this situation will take a long long time to resolve.

  72. I have lived through a major earthquake, and I remember the fear and terror of thinking that the whole world was going to end, as the ground shakes and you try to crawl to safety. Even so, I cannot imagine the horror of the Haitian people–it must seem to them as if the world HAS actually ended, and that they are alone in the apocalypse.
    Donated $10- will donate more on payday-things are tight right now– but I also have donated to Partners in Health- Paul Farmer’s group that also runs hospitals in Haiti. I figure that Haiti needs all the help it can get…

  73. Donated $35 USD today for Haiti – my prayers go out to them. We had our own small, non-lethal 6.5 EQ here in Ferndale on Sunday. Lots of shaking and breaking but only one injury reported so far. Thank you Stephanie for your good works.

  74. Another $18 USD for MSF, and a big thanks to you for the perspective. Grad school loans and layoff concerns are nothing in the face of this kind of loss.

  75. Back from MSF – DONE! I just became a field partner for $15.00 a month automatic recurring donation. Thank you for the push in the right direction!

  76. Donated just now, $200 USD. I couldn’t see a dropdown menu, just the choice for Haiti relief. I trust it will go to the right needs there.

  77. I’m posting a link to this post in the Knitters and Crocheters Care forum on Ravelry – so people can see – if they can only donate $5 – then go ahead and donate that – ’cause it’ll help by adding to the pool of $$$$s – thanks Stephanie

  78. Thank you for pointing out this great way of donating to those who need it most right now. I have added some money to the pot and am sending out prayers to those affected.

  79. Will donate friday, by the way, should you need yarn for a contest/prize/reward/thank you or whatever, contact me.

  80. Steph, one of my childhood best friends spent last summer in Haiti, ministering to the poor in Darbonne, which is, as far as we can tell by the maps, almost exactly where the epicenter was. She’s a nun; her order has a convent in Port-au-Prince, and they can’t get any information about their sisters there, except that buildings a few blocks away on either side collapsed completely.
    Due entirely to Sarah’s influence my husband and I have been supporting a small rural school near Darbonne. I’ve never been to Haiti but I’ve come to feel closely connected to the people there. I’ve spent the day praying and trying to figure out what to do.
    My donation of $100 goes to KWB right now.

  81. I second the motion to check with your company about matching. My company usually only matches grants relating to education, but they typically set aside a certain amount to match employee donations to organizations helping with disasters such as this one. So, even if your employer doesn’t normally match, check anyway. As soon as I hear back from HR about the possibility of matching for Haiti donations I will be over to the DWB site to donate.

  82. $100 USD donated. I recently saw the movie about the Doctors without Borders organization. What a fantastic job they do under the most difficult conditions.

  83. I donated $35 to MSF today and then saw your post. I’m a knitter and I donated, thought it was directly. Keep up the great work!

  84. Done. $20. Thanks for putting the links up. Right now, I’m feeling very grateful for my heated house and my running water.

  85. I just made a $50USD donation-thanks for making me do more of others; the thought was there but not the action until I read your blog post.

  86. Just donated $20 to the relief effort. As has been said, there was no link for “undirected” but know it will be put to good use.
    Judy D.

  87. I wish I could give more, but I gave what I was able to spare. Like others have said, thanks for the nudge.

  88. First time donation for me……I’m overwhelmed by the wave after wave of crisis for Haiti. As my partner just said, we are poor, but not Haiti poor. $35.00

  89. Steph, I just posted about my friend Sarah and her order’s convent in Port-au-Prince: they’ve received word that while the convent, cathedral, and the schools run by the sisters have all been completely destroyed, the sisters themselves are alive, and the school buildings were empty at the time of the quake.
    This one hits home for me. I’ve emailed Sarah to see if she knows of knitted items that could be used–I’m thinking small blankets or items for children and babies–and since I know how to get stuff to Haiti (at least in normal times) I would be happy to coordinate delivery–the sisters would know what to do with things.

  90. I can’t believe I just heard about this now on your blog… I haven’t looked at a paper or listened to the news in a couple of days.
    My BIL is Haitian. Most of his family is in USA now but there are still cousins living there… in Port au Prince. No news from them yet…
    Sent in US$35. Will do more when payday comes.

  91. Add $35 US to your tally for MSF. I was planning a trip to the bookstore for some glossy bright foreign magazines, but they can wait. (I like buying Australian Vogue in the middle of a Minnesota January to remind myself there are other seasons.) I don’t really pray, so I’m going to light a candle.

  92. $35US from me — all I can afford right now. You’re amazing for using your fame for important things like this. Should I email you to be added to the tally or is this enough? I want to see our numbers growgrowgrow!

  93. My brother was a Peace Corps volunteer in Haiti a few years ago (before the revolution in Haiti and the PC program was shut down for a time – he and the other volunteers were shuttled out of the country in the middle of the night to the Dominican Republic). The situation there is DIRE even in the best of times. It’s hard to imagine that they can recover from yet another disaster, especially after the hurricanes last year.
    While I know this doesn’t count towards your total, I donated to the Red Cross this morning upon hearing the news.
    Thanks as always for mobilizing the knitters for good.

  94. My husband has been out of work since August, so we had to halve our usual yearly contribution, nevertheless, $250 went off to Doctors Without Borders just a few weeks ago. Will make another contribution asap for this emergency.

  95. I had already made a small donation to MSF and also to oxfam canada before I checked your blog today. I agree, I feel so lucky and so useless sitting here in my warm solid home with running water, lots of food, yarn etc. I read somewhere that 80% of the population of Haiti was already living below the poverty line. I can’t imagine what this earth quake devastation is going to do to those numbers.
    Please pray for Haiti and then give money, even small donations help.

  96. done – $25CDN
    I would like to point out that in the dropdown menu on the online donor form asking what prompted us to visit the site today, there appears to be no option for “Yarn Harlot”. Just sayin’…

  97. Add another $75CAD to the total. Would have been more, but I just spent a bunch on Kiva yesterday.

  98. I donated; count me in for $25. The site didn’t say anything about directing the donation, just that all funds donated today go to medical care and facilities. I hope it goes where it’s needed most. Prayers are free and flowing. There but for the grace of God…

  99. Donated $35 USD just now.
    Thanks for keeping track of what we knitters can do, if we just band together.

  100. I’ve been a field partner with MSF for the past year — increased my monthly contribution to $15US today. Will keep on praying.

  101. Done: $5 US (before I thought to check your blog…I wish it could be more). Please let us know if there is a way to send actual knitted items, if such are needed. Also, put me down for a karmic balancing gift. (A recent tidy of the yarn closet revealed a skein or two that could use a new home.)

  102. $100 will go today (and I am a Field Partner, you inspired me to increase that a while ago, it’s $40/month). Give until it feels good.

  103. $35US donated. If I can afford to go out to lunch today and come home and knit, I can afford to help someone out in need. Pictures coming through look just horrific. Thanks for the nudge.

  104. Donating my tips for these last two weeks (a peasly $67 CDN). Appreciate the call to arms! Haiti is in my thoughts & prayers.

  105. $35 donated, wish it could be more. Perhaps I am website challenged, but i did not see any dropdown so I hope it went in as random money for whatever. at least it went. blessings.

  106. went, donated. (Gave before, when you were being harassed.)
    All the reports are very bad. An earthquake of that size is bad enough (speaking, as a Californian, with experience), but losing the hospitals makes it much worse.

  107. Donated- many thanks for making it easy for all of us to link and get it done. I am so sad for Haiti-everyone needs to read Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder to see what this poor country has had to endure BEFORE the earthquake.

  108. Long time since I posted but responded rapidly to the Knit-Signal™ and donated $100 American to MSF/DWB. Thanks for the link!

  109. Stephanie–thank you for reminding us to go forth and do good. Am pinched after Christmas travel, but $30 US going to MSF/DWB post haste.

  110. I was wondering where would be the best place to donate. Thanks for including the link, I just donated $100. I would be glad to take someone into my home, I wonder what organizations are arranging things like that?

  111. $35.00 donated … thanks for looking out for folks who need it and reminding the rest of us how fortunate we are.

  112. I’m donating $100 in honor of my friend Gary Zehr who went down to Haiti on Jan. 4th, 2010 with his church and is still there as I type. Thankfully, all of his group appear to be safe and they will continue the rebuilding work that they went down there for; much needed in this time of crisis.

  113. This is one of your best posts lately. I made my meager contribution but every cent helps. Thanks for putting our lives in perspective–I’m not a mother in Haiti but my heart breaks for all who are.

  114. already sent an email to your address…
    but wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us here for FREE…my $35 donation is NOTHING compared to the fun, creative, touching, thought provoking times you have offered us here.
    Thank you so much

  115. Way ahead of you and and gave to them first thing this morning. With all the hospitals down and so many people in need it just seemed like the best thing to do right now.

  116. Done… 50$ CDN. Undirected. And sent to your KWB email address as well. Lots of Haitians in Mtl – all very nervous to hear from their families. They have seen it all !!!!!

  117. I sent in US$20, and linked to this entry on Facebook and Tumblr. Thanks so much for all you do, Stephanie — you’re a great woman and a great role model.

  118. The reminder was welcome, and my wallet is now lighter by about 37.5 Tim Horton’s XL coffee (tip included).
    I’ll drink home-dripped coffee while being thankful for the stable roof over my family’s heads, the clothing on my family’s backs and in our closets/dressers, the food on our table and in my pantry, and the easily-accessed health care at our disposal. A rather minor sacrifice to make in light of the tragedy unfolding in Haiti at the moment.

  119. I love you, Steph. After I get the rest of my work done for today I’m going to sit down to see how much I can spare. I think at the end of the month I’m going to chip in part of what I make from pattern sales, too.

  120. $50 from us, before nightfall.
    Told DH about the Knit Signal – he wonders if the Knit Posse calls up Bobbin, as well. (He asked about Catwoman, but I told him she was no help, since she just played with the yarn and knocked the balls under the refrigerator).

  121. I was thinking about going for a latte this afternoon. Thanks for putting it in perspective. $25 USD.

  122. The “knit signal” rocks. Someday I will actually learn to knit… in the meantime I have donated $100 USD.

  123. Done earlier today. Thank you for building awareness about MSF, so when this hit I knew exactly where to go to donate (I actually came to your blog first to find the right link).

  124. Love the knit beacon from our equivalent of Commisioner Gordon. Sent my $50 a minute ago and will see about more. Thanks for helping me to stay grounded–half an hour ago I was in a snit because my thrummed mitten looks awful and my shingles are getting worse instead of better. Amazing what a little perspective (and an earthquake) can do!

  125. Donated $50 US on Jan. 2, another $50 US today. I can work up stash yarn for as long as it takes to cover this from the yarn budget.

  126. Done and Done. My daughter spent 2 weeks in Haiti last May working at God’s Littlest Angels orphanage, with a group of 4 other women from her church. The orphanage is near Port au Prince. Fortunately, this is the notice posted on their website today: “NOTICE: WE ARE FINE AFTER THE 7.0 EARTHQUAKE. THE HOUSE SWAYED AND SHOOK. KNOCKED DOWN PEOPLE, KIDS, THE FOOD OFF THE STOVE FOR SUPPER, ALL OF MY GLASS WARE OUT OF THE CABINET, BUT WE ARE ALL OK! SHOOK UP A LITTLE, BUT OK! WILL POST MORE LATER! STILL HAVING AFTERSHOCKS AN HOUR AFTER THE MAIN EARTHQUAKE! PLEASE PRAY FOR US AND FOR HAITI!
    2:30 AM on Wednesday We continue to have strong aftershocks every 10 minutes or so. the children are sleeping outside in the drive. Even our little babies are outside tonight!”
    This is a tough time for everyone, and I suspect that Littlest Angels will have more orphans to care for in the coming days and weeks.
    God bless them, and MSF!

  127. As others have noted, if you work for a company with a charitable gifts match, please ask for it. Just donated $500 US to DWB/MSF and asked my company to match. Asked my work colleagues to consider it too. Thanks Stephanie for the Knit Signal on this today!

  128. Thanks for bringing this to our attention in a very concrete way. I wanted to do something and this is the best choice. Thanks for making it so easy.

  129. Thanks for reminding us that the smallest donations can add up into something big. I’ve added my donation of $50.

  130. I felt strapped over the holidays and did not donate as usual in 2009. I am grateful for all we have and just put in $35 on the US site to MSF. I trust them to do the best for all in need.

  131. Gave $50. Wanted to do a memorial gift in honor of my mom, who was a nurse. Almost cried when the site said they would send her a card letting her know. She hasn’t been gone quite a year yet.
    Thanks for the update. Quit watching the news about four years ago, to help stave off depression. Too bad tho, that crappy stuff happens even when I don’t know about it.

  132. Thanks for making me get off my arse (well, not even that, actually – lean to one side and pull out my credit card) and do something. £10 sterling.

  133. Emailed you my donation info. Thanks for using your blog to help those in such dire need.
    Knitters + the power of the web = an unstoppable force!

  134. USD50 undirected sent just now. They – and those they serve – will be in my prayers too.

  135. thanks Steph for reminding us!
    somehow dealing with -30F here in Fairbanks right now pales in comparison to the victims in Haiti.
    I donated $35 US
    Melissa – former karmic balancing gift recipient. Do not need one this time. 🙂

  136. Thank you for sending out the call again. The first place I went after hearing the news of the devastation was to MSF because of YOU. I was so glad this morning to see your post and this incredible response already represented in the comments above.

  137. Just gave $50….funny I had a few minutes to kill between work and a Dr.s visit today and passed it up saying, “you have more yarn than you will knit in ten years’…your vibes must be out there because I sure felt them!

  138. Already done! Thanks for using your power in the knitting world to help worthy causes.
    If it’s not too much of a pain, it would be really interesting to hear how much money was raised just in this next week or so by blog readers!

  139. Read about DWB in Haiti this morning and popped right over to see if you had sent out the call. Add another $100.Cdn to the running total.

  140. Emailed my info.
    I see the drop-down box on the Canadian website, but the US one you linked to doesn’t give you a choice at the moment. My receipt just said “Doctors Without Borders” under designation.
    Maybe they changed it for exactly the reason you said — they know a lot of people will be donating today, and they want to use it in Haiti, but they also want to be free to use it in other places as needed?

  141. Whatever befalls us in the “Western World” we are so much better off than those in Haiti, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan (and the list goes on). I am glad that I could donate $50 to MSF. The cost of single pizza dinner for my family, can go miles toward helping others in the hands of Doctors Without Borders!

  142. Donated 100$ CDN, and wish it could be more. Thank you for your compassionate heart and for sending up the Knit-Signal.

  143. As a knitter who has been to Haiti twice and whose mother is on the board for the Milwaukee Diocese’s Haiti Project, this news hit me at my core. As a financially limited grad school student, I have spent the last few months saving for some beautiful alpaca for my Winter Olympics sweater. Clearly, this money has bigger and grander plans. $100 US donated. New Olympics project: clear out as much sock yarn as possible, and be eternally grateful for all that I have. Thanks again for all you do

  144. Donated the entirety of the visa gift card I got for Christmas ($100). Wish it didn’t need to be given but glad I had it to give.

  145. The relay is on — Facebook’s lighting up with knitters passing it on. Thanks for the quick summary of best information.

  146. I just wrote a cheque for $25 (Canadian, as you’d probably guess by “cheque”, lol). I’m so sorry I can’t afford more at the moment; I’m still on EI.
    Thanks so much for doing this, Stephanie. :o)

  147. Donated $35 in honor of my Dad’s b-day tomorrow. He has everything he needs, so why not spend the $ on this great effort.

  148. Donated $50 just now. Thanks for blogging about this. I donated to MSF before Christmas and again today. I was going to go to the yarn shop then changed my mind – too windy and snowy out. Now I know why.
    Debbie in windy southern Ontario

  149. I sent $10.00 and will try to do so every month. Money is tight but I don’t see why I can’t spare just a little bit each month.

  150. I went directly to Doctors… page and made a donation.
    A dear friend has family there. His immediate family (none of whom are there right now) have a house and a dental clinic in Haiti.
    They’ve rec’d no communications from Haiti as yet. All we can do is pray, and make donations, and hope.
    Thanks for reminding us of these things all of the time. We need to remember. It’s what made me decide to donate when I heard about the quake.

  151. $20 US. Blessings on all the doctors and staff who are in Haiti or headed there. There are not enough open slots for sainthood imho.

  152. $100 sent. Didn’t have the option of an undirected donation – maybe that’s not available on the U.S. site?

  153. Knew as soon as I heard the news from Haiti that the Knit-Signal would be out from the Yarn Harlot. Just donated $25US.

  154. $50US sent today through the web site.
    Thank you for the call to action – you are the best!!

  155. Just put my $35 in the barrel. My disability is nothing compared to theirs– kind of puts things in perspective– every stitch matters, many stitches make a fine FO. Rally ’round, knitters!

  156. Thanks for posting the Knit-Signal, Steph. I just made a one-time donation, then went back and added a monthly donation. It seems the need never ends, and so the giving shouldn’t either.
    I’m retired from teaching ESL, and some of my favorite students were Haitian women who were working as housekeeping staff at local (NJ) hotels. One was telling me how hard it was to live here, but she had to do it…..”I have 3 children who are hungry in Haiti” she said. I sure hope they are all safe tonight.

  157. Gave what I could at the moment. Thankful I’m employed, though, and able to share what I have. I think I need an evening in to knit and think.

  158. $50 US. Sent an email to your ksf email address, too. Don’t double count.
    Bless you for giving us the focus for doing good in the world. KSF is a power to reckon with.

  159. Done – sent $50 for whatever they need it for. And yes, I am a mother and am SO glad it’s not in Haiti. Thanks for the knit-signal.

  160. Donated $35 USD. I have a old friend who was visiting her soon to be adopted child in Haiti right now. They are safe, but slept outside last night. The situation sounds very scary. Thank you for rallying the knitters to donate. It means everything.

  161. Have been watching CNN all day and my heart is breaking for the people of Haiti. $50 US donated to MSF. Thank you, Stephanie for the Knit-Signal. I will continue to monitor what is going on and will try and continue to donate as I can.

  162. I donated $35 US an hour ago to DWB. Sorry it was before I read your blog. I did not see your suggestion for non specific cause. Which sounds like a good idea. I went to and the opening web page had a link for Donate for Haiti Relief. But I’m sure it will be put to good use. Will try to do more next week and use your suggestion then. Hoping for the best for all the citizens of Haiti, volunteers and non profit agencies all ready in the country.

  163. You do good things. I have some yarn that I’ll donate to a karmic rebalancing (haven’t seen a post on this but from the comments, I get the feeling you’ve done it before). I’ll also Facebook and post on my blog with credit to you and Wendy and see if I can find some money to donate.

  164. First time commenter. I donated. And I posted the link to Drs w/o Borders on my Facebook page. I’m grateful, indeed, to be a mother in the U.S. right now.

  165. Already sent email to kwb but just wanted to say I sent a little more than I spent on yarn this month. It’s the guilt, you know.

  166. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am and that I am a citizen of the world, not just my street. Thanks for setting up Knitters Without Borders and throwing up the Knit Signal. I’m in for $100US.

  167. I donated $15.00. All I could do before payday. I’ve also added the link to my blog. Thanks for giving us the links!!!

  168. Thanks for the reminder about donating to “emergency relief” or “where needed”. I plan to give to Samaritan’s Purse b/c I’m more familiar with their work on the ground. And then I’m going to pray and try not to cry as I read and watch the updates on this horrible situation.

  169. Love the Knit-Signal. I donated $50 and my 14 year old daughter put in $25. Knitters are mighty!

  170. I guess this is what I will do with the money I tried to spend on Ebay this morning! Outbid on 2 lots of yarn, but clearly for a purpose. Do you want us to e-mail you for your KWB tally, or is a comment good enough? Off to do it now…

  171. Thanks for rallying us together, and reminding us how blessed we are, and that we have a chance to help people now. My donation went off earlier today.

  172. $50AUD donated today – all donations via the Australian site seem to be undirected. Thanks for the encouragement once again Stephanie.

  173. I donated $250.00, and will try to do more in a week or so, or maybe up my monthly donation.

  174. Long time lurker (and fan), first time to post comment…$35US sent from a grateful heart for our roof overhead, food for our bodies, and family gathered in peace and security.

  175. $50 US just donated. You’re doing a great thing reminding so many people to help. Thank you!

  176. Done and done! That $50 I was going to spend on lace yarn…. I am sitting in a room full of yarn, who am I kidding? Thanks so much for the wake-up call.

  177. I donated 3000 aeroplan miles on the aeroplan website. My family is trying to avoid credit cards and this is an alternative. The miles are used for flights for MSF staff.

  178. I am glad I just checked your site. I had planned this morning to make a donation but I got busy and forgot about it so I just went to the site and donated $100.

  179. $50.00 CAD on its way. Thanks for reminding us again of the needs – my son recently had to define the difference between need and want; it’s a good activity to help us remember what is truly important.

  180. It wasn’t MSF, but my husband and I donated $100 to the Red Cross. Blankets, food, cots, hands to hold…

  181. Thank you for the push. $50/US donated. Ever new piece of news I hear about Haiti gives me chills. I have enough yarn. The Haitians had nothing. Now they have less. That doesn’t seem possible or right.

  182. Steph- I donated $250 today and I also have two sets of yarn I’d love to donate as prizes – 3 skeins of 100purewool merino lace, colorway Tilo (green), and 4 skeins of Valley Yarns Berkshire Aran in Stone Blue. Also if there’s any way I can help with the totalling – you forward the emails to me or anything to help with that part of it, let me know. I’d be glad to.

  183. Thanks for reminding me of how well off I really am, despite the times it may seem otherwise.
    $25 CDN is on its way.

  184. Hi Steph
    Having been in the Kobe earthquake, we know at first hand just how scared the people in Haiti must be right now. We donated $100 (USD) earlier today, so please add that to your list. It is so good that MSF and Oxfam are on the ground and able to respond so quickly. Thanks for doing this.
    Moi x

  185. In the mailbox today was the Winter issue of MSF’s Alert newsletter. The first article was about their recent (prior to the earthquake) activities. I turned on BBC news to get an update on the earthquake while I sat down to check emails — and MSF was there in an email with a more current update. Two clicks and it was very easy to make a $100 donation. But I am most proud of you and my fellow knitters with all their donations. The list was already quite lengthy before I posted my (too long) note.

  186. This holiday season just past, I was feeling strapped and so did not donate as usual to MSF. Now, my problems have shrunk to nothing. I have so much. I’ve sent $35 to the US site, and will send more soon.

  187. Dear me. I bought myself some fluff for my birthday before I knew when I should have sent the money to the Doctors. We had a bitty one here and that was bad enough for me. Well I will match it tomorrow.

  188. Thank you for reminding me that every little bit helps. We were horror struck by the news and are overwhelmed by our finances but not enough that $25 can’t be trimmed from the budget this month. Just saying that reminds me how lucky I am.

  189. Sent $35 to the US site & husband’s company will match donation when I mail in the form.

  190. Thanks for reminding us. I tried to send a message to your dwb address, but it was returned. We donated $125. Knitters of the world unite to help others! Awesome!!

  191. Just added $15 US to the tally. I can’t wait to see how much we all raised together for this worthy cause! ^_^

  192. Thank you for sending up the knit signal. My husband is Haitian and has friends and family he is concerned about in Haiti. We have friends that have already heard that family members have been killed, injured or are missing.

  193. Add another $100 US undirected to the total. Will mention this tomorrow night at my knitting group.

  194. This year I was able to join the Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club and will receive six wonderful surprises, so sent $250 to MSF a small contribution to offset their horrific surprise in Haiti. Counting my blessings seems especially poignant today.

  195. thanks Steph. As soon as I read about the quake, I thought “Yarn Harlot should put the call out”.

  196. Just logged on to see if you had done this (Was certain that you would step up just not sure if you would have had time yet) and to find out if there was anything I could do to help with the organization. Do you want to do donations (yarn, fiber, stitch makers, etc.) and drawings for people who donate money to MSF? If so I’d be more than willing to help organize. Thank you for stepping up and organizing and rallying us again.

  197. Back having donated $25 to MSF-USA. To all: Remember that every little bit we give will help and in combination we will move the world.

  198. MSF is one of my favorites (I hope to work for them some day), so I gave what I could already. I noticed this on your KSF page, however: “Enjoy the occasional prize donated by generous knitters…”
    What sort of occasional prizes? Because I’ve been on a button-making binge lately (something like these: ), and people seem to like them, and I’m about to start a batch of valentines-ish ones as we speak, so… just a thought.

  199. I’m totally doing this when I get paid Friday.
    I just read today that all 3 of the Dw/oB hospital sites were lost/instable and that the Red Cross is out of medical/emergency supplies.
    Thank you for calling attention to a way we can provide real help (albeit as a 3rd party) to people who need it desperately.

  200. Done! Amount total on its way to your e-mail box Stephanie. Thank you for the Knit-Signal, it was what I needed to find my focus. The news has been so disturbing and I have felt so helpless. This is how it is done – together.

  201. I think it’s terrific how you can rally folks! Knitters United. I donated $10 US

  202. Donated $100.00 to the greatest need fund. Wanted to do something, thanks for sending me this way.

  203. Thank you, everyone, for your generosity. When the earthquake hit my husband and daughter had just gotten to Port au Prince from touring farms in the countryside with a seed-bank organization. Fortunately we’ve heard that they and other friends who live there are all right, but, of course, millions aren’t. It’s another heartbreaking blow to people who have suffered so much and my only hope is that this beautiful country will be rebuilt to a safer, healthier standard. For your count, I sent MSF $300.

  204. Stephanie – I gave earlier $100 today to MSF before I saw your post. I read you frequently enough that I fancy that I’m now picking up your psychic signals.

  205. Stephanie – I gave earlier $100 today to MSF before I saw your post. I read you frequently enough that I fancy that I’m now picking up your psychic signals.

  206. Just donated $50 US. I didn’t see a choice, either, but it said it was going to Haiti. Thanks for the needed poke.

  207. donated $100.
    sitting in a warm house, wine in hand, cat on lap, knitting….
    have to do SOMETHING!

  208. Donated $50 here in the US…did not see a directed/undirected link. Looked but could not find. If someone can post a way to make it undirected, I may donate more. Thanks for the call to arms (needles?), Stephanie!

  209. I didn’t hear about it until this afternoon, so I had to wait until I got home from work, but I sent them 20$ U.S.

  210. I have to believe it’s more than a “knitter” thing coming together like this, it’s a human thing.
    I donated to the charity of my choice.

  211. thanks for doing this, stephanie.
    $25 check in the mail tomorrow, along with a Matching Donation form from the company i work for. posting on facebook, too.

  212. Thanks for reminding us of how much we have and how much we owe. I have made a donation of $35 and will be making a donation to ERD this weekend.

  213. $50US here. Thank you for posting this – it’s amazing what power us knitters can have when we bond together to help.

  214. $25US and hopefully more when I get some more cash. Thanks for reminding us of what is really important!

  215. All right, I’m back. I have donated $20 from myself, and I have updated my blog and Ravelry account to reflect the fact that I am donating 50% of my sales from January from my pattern October Leaves Fingerless Mitts to MSF/DWB for Haiti relief. And Indigodragonfly is donating 75% of her pattern sales for the next 24 hours, to boot. So if anyone’s looking for a good knitterly way to pitch in, I humbly suggest either or both of our fundraisers. (NB: I don’t know Indigodragonfly at all, but Twitter told me all about it.)

  216. We give on a monthly basis. I doubled our donation this month. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

  217. I just donated $50US and will be sending an email to friends and family to encourage them to donate as well.
    Thank you and everyone.
    My heart and thoughts go out to all in need.

  218. I gave $500 to the Canadian Red Cross this morning before I read this. I’m already a monthly donor to MSF, but I think I’ll up my contribution to $100 from $50. I’ve been meaning to anyway.

  219. I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. Thank you so much Stephanie! Please add 50$ to the tally.

  220. Do you realize that in eight hours you have raised just about five thousand dollars–and that doesn’t count the individuals emails people (like me) have sent telling you of their gifts.
    You–and your readers–are incredible!

  221. Add another $100 to the Knitter’s total. I posted on my Facebook page asking my “friends” to step up. Thanks Stephanie!

  222. You can donate to MSF in honor or memory of someone! I just sent in $10.00 for my friends who just can’t afford it this time. They always give when they can, and feel so bad that they can’t. I’m just glad I could send in a little extra for them.

  223. Just donated $75 US. 2 missionaries from my town landed in Port au Prince an hour before the earthquake hit. They texted they arrived safely. We haven’t heard from them since. Such a scary time.

  224. Hi Steph. This is when you are at your best. First time contributor – $50 . So true, so blessed am I and so sorry for those people who are hurting so much in Hati. Thank you for the nudge. We all need it at times.

  225. $50 US on its way. I was just watching the news – this is horrific.
    I used to be a monthly donor but stopped a few months ago when my husband lost his job. Will begin regular donations again when we figure out where we are financially!

  226. You have made me very aware of the good that MSF does, and given me the confidence that they will spend the money carefully. I have just sent $100.

  227. Done! Please add my $50 (US) donation to your tally. Thank you for posting and reminding us how very lucky we are to have even just a little extra to help someone who has nothing.

  228. Saw KnitSignal. Boldly went. Donated. Back now. Well done, Commissioner Harlot. I want to be you when I grow up.

  229. As a former humanitarian response worker, thanks so much for reminding people to give their funds unrestricted. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to allow good NGOs like MSF to have the freedom to direct their resources where they can be best used.
    Thanks for being a leader in our community, and in the world community at large.

  230. Knitsignal seen and responded to Commissioner! Please add my $35 US dollar donation to the tally. 😀

  231. Just donated. Thank you for this post today. My husband and I were both trying to decide where to donate to and realize that Doctors Without Borders can do a lot of good.

  232. Just finished balancing the checkbook and will be sending $40 to DWB. My 11yr old has insisted on sending some of her savings to the Red Cross.

  233. Thanks for posting this… I wanted to donate something.. somewhere, but didn’t know where to turn…and knew you would write something about it.
    I donated $40 tonight..
    I pray for those in Haiti…

  234. Hi! Just sent $35; not sure if it went undirected, since I didn’t see that choice, but I didn’t direct it either, so it should be okay.
    You are an inspiration and a force to be reckoned with. Thanks for giving me (and so many others) that little shove we needed.

  235. Already sent you an email; my $25 donation was made even before you threw up the Knit Signal. Thank you for your continuing reminders to us to help support this amazing organization, and I’ll be sending a few good thoughts into the universe for the safety of their personnel as well as the Haitians affected by this awful tragedy.

  236. I’m waiting to see whether my company will match donations to the Intl Red Cross (like they have for past disasters). If not, I’ll donate to MSF.
    Thanks for doing this.

  237. $10 to Doctors Without Borders. Good organization, good cause. Thank you for this post.

  238. $100.00 Canadian donated to”greatest need” option. I also sent you an email-don’t count me twice. My prayers are with the Haitians.

  239. done. thanks for this reminder of how lucky we all are. the only things i’ve been getting from the news lately is that guy in london who was eaten by his pet tiger and the mom who pushed her baby out of the way as she was run down. at least i can do something about this one.

  240. Thanks for taking the initiative for this, Steph. $100 donated, more to come next week.

  241. Got online to make a donation stopped by your site first… Went to MSF – gave $100.

  242. Donated $25 CAD – the amount of scrolling I had to do to make this comment is so promising!

  243. Living on a limited income is rough, but the situation in Haiti makes me realize how utterly trivial my problems really are and how comparatively rich I am as I sit in my fairly warm house, having eaten a good supper and having a nice cup of hot tea. I just donated $20US to Doctors Without Borders.

  244. Good for you Stef. Let’s remember to put our lives in perspective by considering and trying to ease the terrible misfortunes suffered by the rest of our human family!
    50$ donated!

  245. Did my part. $20 US for DWB. And prayers, lots of me. Thanks Steph for pulling everybody together.

  246. Thank you for directing and helping us to feel connected to those that are suffering, donated $15 US.

  247. Steph, I have sent $20 to the cause from my warm wet sodden house in the Puget Sound region. Doctors without Borders need to set up Paypal as it is instant and easy for all concerned. The money could have directly from m,y checking account but now is going through VISA which means they will have to pay a small fee to VISA unnecessarily.
    Love to you and yours

  248. I put my husband on the case to donate once (he’s the rememberer of the budget around here), and he signed us up for the permanent monthly deduction plan, bless him. And he doesn’t even knit.

  249. $15 to the cause, that’s all the budget can stand right now, but I didn’t see a way to send it “undirected.” I agree with CathyAnnie about MSF needing to setup Paypal.

  250. Thanks Stephanie – we all sit here and think what can we do, what can we do.
    You came up with the most excellent idea.
    I gave $50 and my company will match my contribution
    Thanks for putting our priorities in order.

  251. Thanks Stephanie – we all sit here and think what can we do, what can we do.You came up with the most excellent idea.I gave $50 and my company will match my contribution.Thanks for putting our priorities in order.

  252. I am only able to do 10.00 as a single unemployed mom- but I am knitting blocks for a blanket someone is putting together

  253. I’m a California girl thru and thru, which means I’ve experienced many, many earthquakes, including the significant quake in Humboldt County CA last weekend and the major Loma Prieta quake here 20 years ago. My heart as well as my support goes out to all of our many first responders who are gearing up and on their way to Haiti as conditions permit. My donation has been made.

  254. US$50 donated. Once again you’ve mobilized Tricoteuses Sans Frontières to help Médecins Sans Frontières as they boldly go to help the people of Haiti. Thank you.

  255. $100 US to MSF and more to UNICEF. I wish there was more to do. Thank you for once again rallying the power of knitters.

  256. Sent an email with donation $ & karmic gift balancing offer to kwb email earlier today.
    Blessings on you, Steph, for the impetus. Blessings on the Blog for radical care, concern, and donations.

  257. I just donated $100, and if you need this for knitters without borders tally, they are also one of my united way receipients, for another $150 a year.
    Bless you Stephanie for rallying us this way.

  258. Had to wait until I got home from work to donate. Just sent $50.00. Thanks for issuing the call, Steph.
    Now to unspin and re-spin some fiber so I can finish the bind-off on a scarf.

  259. I’ve been worrying about the families of my Haitian colleagues and friends here in Boston (Massachusetts) all day. Found out late this afternoon that the local Catholic Charities, together with two Boston state legislators who are Haitian, were holding a big information session at the local cathedral tonight, so I got that news out to all my colleagues and others across the state. Then I checked my college e-mail, where I teach, to find my two Haitian students frantic with worry about their families and telling me, quite correctly, that they feared they couldn’t focus on their class presentations for tomorrow night. I excused them immediately from class requirements.
    Thanks for the reminder of Medicins san Frontiers, I bumped into them fundraising alongside Boston Common yesterday afternoon before the earthquake struck and we had a pleasant chat but I said my advocacy time and money is currently going to the Samburu of Kenya. Now I will work getting my church to do a group donation to MsF: excellent point about the dollars being “undirected.”

  260. Caught the knit-signal and donated a bit ago. I e-mailed the total so I won’t put it here too. I spent $38 at a yarn store today; figured they deserved that and more.

  261. count me in for my coffee/yarn budget for the year. I have enough stash to get buy, and a coffeepot to brew my own. $300 US here for now. More when my next paycheck comes.

  262. Sending $25 to MSF and another $25 to Paul Farmer’s Partners in Health. Thanks for the reminder of how lucky we all are to have been born when and where we were.

  263. Spring semester classes started at Santa Clara Law this week. Two of my friends had gone to Haiti over winter break to do volunteer work, and returned last week, with story after story about working for social justice in Haiti, and how much they loved Haiti, loved the people they met, loved their work. They are devastated by the news. You bet I gave, and fast.
    It can’t be said enough: Thank you, Steph, for the Knit Signal, and for everything else you do.

  264. Done: $50 US on the website. Did the same for the Red Cross.
    I never post, but love your blog, Stephanie! Keep up the great work!

  265. I have a roof over my head, my family, my pets, my friends. I eat 3 meals a day. I am blessed. $25. US sent for where ever they need it.

  266. Felt the need to do a ‘fast’ tally of the numbers everyone left here.
    $14,471.50 CAD (if not specified, I assumed CAD)
    $11,303 USD
    270 GBP
    500 NOK
    170 AUD
    25 Euros
    S 200
    WOW!Over $25,000! (Does not include those who donated, but didn’t jot down the amount here.)
    Way cool!

  267. Thank you so much for this suggestion for sending aid. MSF is probably the most important organization needed down there right now. $50 US sent.

  268. Thank you for reminding us of this worthy cause, and its role in the Haiti relief effort, Stephanie.
    I gave $35.

  269. $50 US, but found no choice/drop-down list. The request of DWB/MSF said “for relief in Haiti”. Thanks for the stimulus, Stephanie, and the response, Everyone Else. In Peace.

  270. $100 USD sent. Born and raised San Franciscan who lived through Loma Prieta in ’89, now living in the East Bay (swapping one fault for another), but ready and willing to toss my mite into the karmic kitty.

  271. $50 CAD from me
    it’s lovely how long it takes to scroll through this list of generous knitters (although not lovely that it’s necessary).
    i’m glad to be a part of it.

  272. whoops.
    my computer kept freezing up, but apparently i still managed to comment 3 times…
    boy is my face red

  273. I posted a link to the FAQ page on my Facebook page. Encouraged all my FB knitter friends to donate. Hopefully the non-knitters will, too.

  274. I really wish that they would set up a paypal donation system, or that we had a way to donate to KWB and then do a mass donation in some way via paypal. I’ll go get a pre-paid visa tomorrow just for this purpose, but it seems silly that the $5 I spend on getting a pre-paid card couldn’t just go straight to them…

  275. Knit Signal duly noted.
    We sent $50 – and are looking to become Field Members – seems such a great idea.
    Will be passing the word on………

  276. Glad to be able to give what I could ($35 US). Will do more next week. I have a friend down there that works for an international relief organization. I hear that she is safe.
    Knitting Orion sock tonight and praying.

  277. I can’t watch the news because I can’t watch suffering of any kind, but I can do what I can…which today is my donation of $50 US to MSF. I’ll be praying and passing the word along…

  278. Just donated $20 – thanks for all you are doing to encourage people to donate. It is so important.

  279. Just donated $100 undirected. Thanks for spreading the word. I didn’t watch the news. You are my pipeline to DWB needs.

  280. Steph you have me trained. Went to MSF site and donated $100 US as soon as I heard about the tragedy. Wish we could reknit their capital city. We’d whip it right back into shape.

  281. Thank you for prompting me to do this, it’s only a little, £25, but when thinking about mothers in those circumstances I couldn’t not. What an awful situation.

  282. Done. Just wish I could do more! Nothing about choosing where it goes on the UK site, though. Ah well, it’s all good!

  283. I lived in Haiti for a year in 1993 when my late husband worked for the State Department. I know first-hand how hard live was for the Haitians then. It must be more than devastating now. You can add my $500 to Knitters without Borders.

  284. done!
    just 15 euro since that’s what was left in my credit card…
    will refill it soon and give more but for now i wanted to act asap
    thanks for existing ^^

  285. Donated a small amount. Also blogged and linked to your post and asked folks to let you know so you could update totals.
    If you need anything at all in the way of items for a draw, dude, my yarn is yours.

  286. By accident of birth I get to live in a geologically and politically stable place – a blessing I should remember more often. Add Aussie$50 to your total and thankyou for the prompt.

  287. Again you are the conscience of us all — $100 to MSF with healing prayers to the Haitian community.

  288. Hi Stephanie – Please add 252 CAD (£150 GBP). I’m very grateful not to be anyone in Port au Prince right now!

  289. Thank you for taking the time to encourage this action. My company will match donations given to key aid charities and I wasn’t too sure which charity to donate to but this made up my mind to go with MSF. I donated £50 for your tally but no need to add me to any draws.

  290. $25.00 donated and the company I work for will match the gift as well. Thank you for being my conscience. God Bless and keep you.

  291. Thank you for this. A friend told me today that she has lost several friends in this earthquake. One of her friends managed to find her two year old but can’t find her other two children. It’s beyond comprehension. I’ve donated what I can afford, it’s not much but I hope it helps a little: $16.

  292. Thank you for this. A friend told me today that she has lost several friends in this earthquake. One of her friends managed to find her two year old but can’t find her other two children. It’s beyond comprehension. I’ve donated what I can afford, it’s not much but I hope it helps a little: $16. I have gift aided it too so hopefully that will increase it too.

  293. Donated 200 DKK = 39 $US. A great intitiative and a great blog all together. Keep up the good work.

  294. I have yarn you can give away to balance out the karma… oh do I have yarn. I would happily send some STR or something to someone as a prize.

  295. I donated $50 – thank you for the reminder – feels good to help and be part of a group that cares.

  296. Just sent $100. Will probably send more after the big bills have been paid later in the month. I’ve put it on my calendar.

  297. You got me! I gave $100 undirected. I pray for them all, the injured, the dead and the emergency personnel. I am blessed to have all that I have so thank you for reminding me of that.

  298. Donated Swiss Francs 100.00 (about CAD 100.00) yesterday.
    Thank you for this, you are a wonderful person.

  299. We’re getting ready to move overseas and we’re worried about money, so I thought at first I “didn’t have” any extra. Then I realized I did. US $50.
    I like the idea of targeting the Knitting Olympics to help Haiti, but I wonder if knitting something for raffle (like the all-noro afghan MDK did some time ago) would be more useful than knitting clothing for Haitians who might not need handknits in their climate.

  300. I’ll be donating tomorrow after I get paid but if someone is starting a drive, I’d like to donate some of my handspun sock yarn as a prize. If you hear anything, please feel free to send them my comment.

  301. I was hearing stories about the quake on NPR this morning on the way to work, thinking “what can I do?”. Checked your blog like I sometimes do and voila! Donated $100. Thanks for the knit signal.

  302. I just donated $25 and wish I could offer more. It’s incredible to see how many generous knitters there are (although I agree it’s terrible there is such a need).

  303. Donated $100USD. Thank you, Stephanie, for increasing our awareness of MSF and their heroic mission. Thank you for the knit signal!

  304. Done. Thanks to you and Thomasinaknits for the reminder that I can do something more than reading the news in the paper.

  305. C$100 donated. (Also monthly donation of C$100 if you need it for your tally.) I also have stash to donate.

  306. Meant to donate before — just needed the bat signal – *grin* Add another $100 to your total — it is going to be awesomse to see the numbers climb!
    Debora in Wyoming

  307. Thanks so much for gathering all together to help the efforts. I’ve made a donation of $50 to add to the relief and will be spreading the word on my blog next!

  308. Donated $20 US and I’m crying for the people in Haiti this morning while I sit in my safe, warm home. Wish I could do more. Thank you for the call to action.

  309. 35 USD more to MSF. The world becomes a better place when everyone works together to help each other. Hopefully, this can happen more without a major event occuring first. We just need to keep leading by example.

  310. I just made a donation. I also wanted to suggest that you use google documents to track the donations instead of having to manually enter them from your emails.
    You can create a google form where knitters enter their name, email & dollar amount donated.
    Then, google will create a spreadsheet that everyone’s answers will be added to. Each time someone fills out the form, it will enter a new row in the spreadsheet with a time stamp, and then all the fields from your form (in this case, name, email & dollar amount). To create a tally, you can just do a sum of the dollar amount column.
    I’m not sure how you handle different currencies, but you could have separate columns for US $ and Canadian $ and then every now and then you could convert them based on the exchange rate that day.
    This feature is through google documents. If you want help to set it up, let me know. It’s insanely easy.

  311. Thank you again, Stephanie, for taking the charge in collecting these donations for MSF. A discussion about other organizations has come up on my local moms group and several people mentioned another organization I thought you might be interested in, Midwives for Haiti

  312. Partner and I sent $85 yesterday. Thanks for the reminders of how much we have and how important it is to think of those who are SO much less fortunate.

  313. I donated $100 to MSF this morning. My husband and I also donated to Mercy Corps and the American Red Cross for good measure. Money may be tight right now, but we’re so absurdly lucky to all be safe, healthy and working, so I feel compelled to do whatever I can to help.

  314. Thank you for the suggestion of where to donate. A friend said on her blog that the enormity of it all is incomprehensible to her, so she is thinking of one mother who lost her child(ren) or husband, and is praying for them. She is having her 5 yr old do the same for a little boy who will go to bed without his own bed and his own blanket tonight.
    I donated $25, and I hope it helps a mother in Haiti.

  315. Ok, so I made a donation of course…but on the US page (at least today), all donations made can only go to Haiti, not the general emergency fund. Oh well…I will make sure next time it is the general fund.

  316. Shoot! I donated $100 (Canadian) to MSF this morning before reading your blog. I didn’t even think about using the “Greatest Needs” one (I asked for it to go to Haiti Relief), but I’m sure it will still go to good use there. By the way, did you hear the Canadian gov’t is going to match individual donations like they did after the tsunami?

  317. Reading the comments…watching the accumulation of drops in the bucket from one lovely person after another, makes me weep with joy. I’ve sent $25 USD. MSF won’t accept a match from my company, but my company has its own relief “response” for Haiti mobilizing now.

  318. Already sent $100 to MSF-USA & an e-mail to your KWB e-mail. Knit On everybody – –

  319. Just donated $35 to Doctors Without Borders. Thanks for always keeping in mind, and reminding us, that we are all one family.

  320. $150 CDN to MSF Canada. Thank you, Stephanie, for helping to rally support for those in need.

  321. Thanks for posting this. I just donated US $20.00 to doctors without borders. Such a worthy cause.

  322. Done and done. $25US to add to my automatic monthly donation. I’m not surprised so many of us trotted over here for news of MSF – I know I did.

  323. Don’t usually comment, but follow the blog. Thanks for giving direction to an instinct to help. Donated 20 – months a bit tight but I could find that. Sent an email to the kwb address. Looks like all of the money donated today is going to Haiti….

  324. Sent donation of %50.00 to MSF yesterday — because of you, I immediately knew the organization I wanted my donation to go to. Unrestricted funds. Could you perhaps tell us more about their casualties/efforts in Haiti as things progress?

  325. Donated $50 US just now. Did not see “greatest need” selection, but the site indicated it would go to emergency work in Haiti.

  326. I will be adding my $ to MSF USA today.
    I like knowing my $ are going to a legitimate organization that will help where ever it is needed!

  327. I just gave them $25 US. If I land the new job I’ll send ’em some more. Thanks for encouraging so many to join the relief effort.

  328. Just donated but sent an email to you with the amount. Thanks for rallying the troups…Seeing how everyone on here has taken action is so awesome and incredibly heartwarming…

  329. Steph,
    This is why you are one of the very few blogs I read. You make us keep it all in perspective. Thanks for the reminder. I did just go donate $50 and will be doing it again next pay period.
    You rock. Keep us all focused on what is real!

  330. My sister’s boyfriend is from there. His family still lives there, his sister returning from a trip to the US just a few days ago. His father is fine, mother is injured, but ok and his sister is still missing. Can’t fathom being in that destruction…

  331. Thanks for posting this, Stephanie. In my own little bubble world here, I hadn’t even noticed the devastation. I’d heard on the radio that there was an earthquake, but hadn’t paid it any attention. Thanks for bringing this to light. I wish I could do more than simply donate, so I will pray and have faith that my donation to MSF is used in the best possible way.

  332. i just signed up for the field partner program, $10/month. Not a lot at a time, but over the months it will add up, and I don’t have to remember to do it all the time.

  333. Funny–I got a mailing from DWB only yesterday. Today I sent it back to them with my $20US check. Thanks for sending the signal.

  334. Thank you for once again reminding us exactly what we can do, each little piece at a time (kinda like knitting a sweater, huh?). Gone, donated, thank you.

  335. Thank you for posting this! I spent a summer volunteering in Haiti teaching music and I learned yesterday that the music school complex collapsed and as of yet they don’t know who was inside and who wasn’t. I am thankful that the earthquake didn’t happen during the school day because the thought that most of the children had probably gone home is a big relief, however, there are lots of staff members I met on my trip who are not accounted for and it’s just unbelievably awful. I am numb, but I made as big a donation as I could and am working with some friends to do some additional fundraising.

  336. I sent as much as we could already this morning when the call went out thru my alumni association from the Haitian students at the university suggesting MSF. I’ve also promised to donate 10% of any yarn sold thru my web site for the next 2 weeks (
    So please add at least $20 from us to the KWB total. And thanks, Steph.

  337. Mailed check for $50 US. Sent you an email confirming. Knitters are generous! Keep up the good work.

  338. Are there any knitted items that would be useful for the relief and where could items be sent? I realize its a warm country so not sure what they could use? Hats, blankets, bags, teddy bears for little kids who are hurt/lost family members? Let us know how we can help with our time & yarn.

  339. I emailed the amount of my donation so I won’t list it here. Thank you for keeping track of our donations. Thank you for this tangible example of what can be achieved when a group of people come together, each person contributing what they can. I wish I had the literary skill to express how my heart is touched by this community.

  340. Thoughts and prayers for all of those in Haiti… Thanks for posting the distress signal! donated a bit $35

  341. $50 USD donated today. Thank you for rallying us behind the most important value, human life and relief of suffering.

  342. I sent $100 this morning. Hoping for a corporate match as well. Just to include in your sidebar total.

  343. $50.00 USD. We all needed this Knit Signal. Thank you so much for posting this important message! Haiti is in my thoughts and prayers.

  344. Donated $100 CD this morning. Adding my voice here b/c I am amazed to see how much money is pouring in, literally minute by minute if these comments are anything to go by. Go knitters! Ms. Harlot is a force for good in this world.

  345. I donated yesterday-comments were just numbering under 300. Now nearing 800. Tears in eyes. Thank you Stephanie and all the knitters, worldwide who answered your plea. Go knitters, go!

  346. Thanks for throwing the signal, Stephanie. I’ve already given $100 USD, and I’m happy to see that so many people want to help.

  347. $100 US, plus my employer matches with another $100. I agree with other posters, after all of your advocacy, I thought of a donation to MSF/DWB as soon as I heard the news. Thanks for the links and the post — you’re a great person.

  348. I’m in! Donated $35. Thanks for suggesting it. So great to help with $s for workers already there when the earthquake occurred.

  349. Great suggestion!! After donating my small amount, I went to our CEO & proposed a matching donation program which he totally agreed to. I’ll let you know how we do!

  350. Signed up for a monthly gift of $25 per month. Thanks for being such a kind and lovely human being with the skills to mobilize the masses and make the world a better place.

  351. Donated $50.00. They say every amount helps because they have so little. Hurry for your rallying call!

  352. Hi. Put me down for $75. And while you’re counting, I have a regular donation of $240 per year, so you could add that to this year’s total since we’re in a new year.

  353. I believe we’ve crashed the Canadian MSF site – they’re down for maintenance. I’ll try later.

  354. It took a few trys but thanks to a great Ravelry friend I was able to donate to the Canadian MSF site. It was a $100 donation.
    If you have access to Ravelry and would like to donate please check-out the link on the Knitters without Borders page.

  355. Through my credit card (capital one), I was able to donate my rewards credits ($40) to MSF/DWB. Just another option for donating if people don’t have funds available but do have reward points. I never even considered doing this until I got the email from capital one.

  356. I understand the logic of donating non-directed funds, but I heard today that the Gov’t of Canada will match private donations (up to $50 million, for a total of $100 million) given by Canadians to charities operating in Haiti. This is in addition to other aid already pledged.
    Just something else to think about.
    I am going to give what little I can, too.

  357. Done. Add $35 to the total. And if anyone out there thinks they can’t, I’m retired and living off SS and some savings. If I can, you can! My former son-in-law, a Physician’s Assistant was in Haiti for the UN several months last year. When I asked about the status of the people he knew there, he said ‘not good’. And he wants to go, but doesn’t know if the hospital he’s working at will let him. Hope they do. Need all of the medical personnel they can get.

  358. Doctors Without Borders Haiti Emergency Fund $1000.00. Talked to you at the book signing in Wichita.

  359. Signal went up. I went over. I was just wondering this morning how to help. As a person who lives on the gulf coast and knows the trauma involved in having everything destroyed by a natural disaster, I wondered how to help. We don’t have much, but we do have more than they do and I can make do with less. Feeling blessed to know my children and grandchildren are safe. I’ll be glad to see my little bit help.

  360. I just donated $35. Thanks for the info. Living in Southern California, the next “big one” could very well be us.