Pictures of a rest

Yesterday though, two rare things happened.  First, I took a day off. A whole day off.  Not that self-employed kind of day off where you just work less than you usually do and call it a day off, but a real, honest to goodness day off.  Madrona happens this coming weekend, and as is my habit, I took a few extra days to work with Tina here on the west coast before we go. Saturday I flew in, she picked me up and we settled in one of our favourite places to be.  We’ve both been under a lot of stress these last few months, and decided that we could use "a day off".  (Actually, a lot of people told us we could each use a day off, so maybe we were getting weird.) In any case, we thought we would try it.  One whole day, without work, without feeling bizarre or guilty about it.  I’m out of practice with the whole day off thing, but in the end, we both managed.  We spent the entire day knitting.  We watched Stargate SG-U and Castle , drank beer and knit.  It was grand I tell you,  just grand.  The second thing that happened is that Tina, who loves photography and has quite a knack, got rather obsessed with taking pictures of the Wild Apple Bohus while I was knitting it.  The resulting pictures are too pretty not to share.  (Yes.  I’m wearing pink gnome jammies and a "knit.calm" tee-shirt.  It’s high fashion around here.  Try to over look it. Focus on the bohus.)   I love these pictures.  There’s something neat about how my knitting looks from the outside, rather than I how I perceive it from the inside.

Three rounds of the yoke to go.