Does anyone else hear a whistle

There is light at the end of the tunnel, as right this minute, as of about 10 minutes ago, I finally finished the body of my Olympic sweater. 

Finally.  It took two more days of fingerbending knitting than I thought, but it is done. It totally slowed me down that the front and back are different.  (It also might be longer than I wanted, but I always think sweaters are going to be too long until you have to put them on over breasts.) This leaves five days to knit the sleeves, and I have never been happier to have stumpy little arms than I am right now. I’m proud to have managed it so quickly, and doubly proud that I am right now not telling you that I always intended for it to be a vest.    I’m relieved that it’s done, and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I might really have bitten off more than I can chew though, and part of me thinks that maybe that light is an oncoming train.  Another part of me wonders if it’s delusional that I haven’t given up.  Sleeves are fast.. right?

How’s yours going? 

639 thoughts on “Does anyone else hear a whistle

  1. You can do it!!! This is what the Olympics are for, just like Bode said. The Olympics make you do something that you couldn’t normally do. Go for it!!!

  2. Go Steph go!
    It looks so faboo!
    I’m currently using your sock technique on my first sock..I’m half way through my heel flap! Thank you for awesome, easy to understand directions.

  3. I had (metaphorically) one of those spectacular falls down the mountain with skis and poles going in different directions. The Agony of Defeat… However, I have picked myself up, determined that there are no permanent injuries and am going on to other events for this Olympic journey.
    Wonderful that your sweater is coming along so well. I’m sure that you are fully capable of 2 sleeves in 5 days.

  4. Very sadly, the wool I ordered for my Olympics projects (from a well-known store in my same state)went to Washington, D.C. and thence to Virginia where it languishes, instead of coming to me here in Rockport. So I fell down in the starting gate instead of crashing halfway down the slope. In fact, I guess you could say I didn’t even suit up.

  5. I’m four inches from the bottom of my top-down cardi, and then I get to knit sleeves for my own stumpy arms. I may not make it but I’m way further along that I thought I’d be at this point.
    Your sweater is gorgeous.

  6. What?! The back is different from the front? Be sure to show us all photos of that at the end!
    Colleen in Kansas

  7. Well – I finished a pair of fingerless mittens/wrist warmers. But I’ve had to change my second project to a pair of socks since I can’t afford to get the wool necessary for a Clapotis.
    I feel like a skater going for a triple toe loop instead of attempting a quad. 🙁

  8. Oops. Sorry, you DID show the back and front. I still have snow in my eyes from my fall…
    Colleen in Kansas

  9. Your sweater is looking great!
    The only way to find the missing DPNs is to buy another set. Sorry. I have one of those burglars, too, one who breaks in to steal one silly item, like a pair of scissors or a nail file.
    My blanket is almost halfway done. I had thought it wouldn’t be done for a month after the Olympics are over, but it looks like I can get it finished only a week or so past deadline.

  10. No medals for me this year…I started 3 pairs of felted clogs with good intention, but alas, have been sidetracked by deciding to sell our house and get it on the market within the week *gulp* and massively pack up everything in sight so we can show it without clutter (who am I kidding?! I have 3 small kids…) Add to that big-time work projects, my mom is visiting, it’s my daughter’s birthday and I’m leading a book group discussion on 3/3 and have only read half the book…
    Not looking so good for my finish, but I’m cheering everyone else on from the sidelines!

  11. My challenge was to learn the toe-up sock method. If I’m diligent, I should finish my second sock tomorrow. I didn’t cast on the first until mid-Sunday, since I had another project to finish first. And I’m not following a pattern, but designed it myself as I did the first one – cables, getting longer as they go up the leg. Love toe-up! No fiddly kitchner stitches on little sock stitches.

  12. I love your sweater! I didn’t do the knitting Olympics this year because we’ve been traveling all last week and we’re going again Thursday, and catching up with old friends has taken precedence. I am knitting something for 2 weddings and 2 babies this year, so most of my plane time has been devoted to knitting those (with a few minutes of panic in the security line when I am certain that they are going to take my needles). I see the same train when I am working on these projects. How is it that normally rational women like us completely lose it when it comes to knitting?

  13. I have one Cascadia sock,abandoned,with an almost 12″ sole, and the other one has just turned the heel. It’s a beautiful pattern, just not a pair of Olympic socks.
    Your sweater, Steph, is spectacular. You GO girl!

  14. Congrats on finishing the body – it looks fabulous!
    My Olympic Knitting is going quite well – only six rows to go to complete my goal (although it’s unlikely to progress at all today). I’ve been knitting like crazy though, in hopes it won’t come down to the last moment.
    Good luck with the sleeves – remember to watch the needle size, etc. so you don’t have a re-do like last time. We’re all pullin’ for ya.

  15. All I could say was WOW when I saw the picture.
    Good luck on the sleeves.
    It will be a beautiful sweater.

  16. It is looking gorgeous! My lace shawl project seemed to be going very well, finished three different pieces, grafted them together, feeling very smug that it wasn’t even half-way through the Olympics and I was almost done. Now I am on the border…..85 repeats……26 done in 4 days, I am in that painful final lap where the muscles are burning and I just need to hold on.

  17. Way to go! I am astounded. Astounded.
    And yes, sleeves go fast 🙂
    I’ve only got 3/4 of a cap sleeve left, myself. but it’s just one color. Next time, I think I may get a little more ambitious. I feel guilty looking at what you undertook, and then looking at my little cap-sleeve tie front cardigan.

  18. Wow. Gorgeous.
    I’m getting all kinds of knitting and blocking done while intermittently (avoiding and) working on that design–I’m using the deadline of the challenge for helping it actually come to be at last, because otherwise it would never come out of my head and into real life.
    Right. Back to work, then.

  19. My project….not so well. Too many new babies have demanded my knitting time. Your sweater, however, looks awesome! You never fail to impress.

  20. Wow! Your sweater looks amazing and I’m blown away at how fast it’s come together.
    I did not take the challenge. With 3 birthdays this month (and one a biggie, the big 6-0), I knew I’d be attending birthday parties. My family is big on those. So I’m just knitting a baby afghan for my niece. Maybe I’ll be finished by the end of the Olympics. I’m sure you will be!

  21. Your sweater, amazing. I don’t know if I’ll every be able to do that level of colorworking. It makes my brain melt. I’m busting the Ysolda Coraline cardigan as fast as I can. Shortened the sleeves to 3/4, since I’m always pushing sleeves up anyway. I’ll definitely finish up the send sleeve tonight and hopefully will start the yolk. I’m terrified of the yolk. But then that means I’m on the home stretch. Can I do it in time?

  22. That is absolutely beautiful! How did you manage to finish the body this quickly? I bow to thee abilities. If you manage to finish the sleeves in time then great. If not then (the train lights will catch you) you always meant this to be a vest.
    I’m still not sure if I will finish my Thordisarhyrna in time, but I’m having fun trying (it IS fun when your neck, shoulder and wrists hurt. It is!). No really, I’m enjoying myself.

  23. Wow!!!!!
    Awesome – you are truly an olympic speed knitter.
    Sleeves? Wouldn’t it make a nice vest? Compared to what you have done so far, the sleeves will go fast.
    Sorry about the men’s hockey game the other night. I was rooting for the Canadian team. I thought the commentators were just hyping the so-called rivalry, but when I saw the NY Times, I realized I was wrong. I just think it’s great fun to see great hockey played. And the Canadian women’s team looked very sharp last night!

  24. It’s Lovely!
    I’m also at the point of sleeve knitting. Unfortunately my lanky SO means the sleeves need to be lengthened. Plus life is just generally busy.
    After the Olympics I’ll need to start back onto my Dale 2010 Olympic sweater that I started for myself. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s not going to be worn till next fall though.

  25. Way to rally! You can do it! I’m on the raglan decreases for my sweater, then onto the hood. It’s going to be close, but if I hadn’t joined the Knitting Olympics here, I know it would have taken me twice as long or gotten pushed aside for an easier project. It’s been one helluva challenge, but we can do it!

  26. Awesome sweater! I love it. My project is a pair of socks (Monkey pattern) and I have the first one done, absolutely adore it, & posted a picture on Facebook and sent to everyone. I think I will be able to finish the second one by Sunday. Of course various family emergencies have come up to slow progress. Half the challenge is to calculate how many distractions and unexpected challenges will come up and how much time they’ll take! Ha – as if we really could make those calculations!

  27. wow – that is beautiful!
    Another lucky thing is that without gorilla arms like mine you’re less likely to run out of yarn. I’m still running out of yarn. Maybe I’ll reframe the experience as being like a ski jumper who runs out of hill…

  28. Hoping to be finished the body tonight, then sleeves and neck band to go. Buttons don’t have to be on, right, as long as sewn up? Freaking out just a little.

  29. While not as impressive as your beautiful sweater, my first Knitting Olymipics projects are Isbhel shawl…complete. Oh Canada stole, half grafted…complete. Cast on my 100th pair of socks (in 3 years), Cookie A’s Glynis, to take me to the finish line…at the gusset decs on sock #1. It looks as though my trifactor of Olympic knitting will be complete by the closing ceremonies. This has been such a blast!!! Go Canada!

  30. I did start a vest and I don’t think there’s a chance in hell. I finished the back last night. The honey comb texture in Honeycomb is crazy slow. Damn.

  31. I’m sorry I’m commenting again. But I just had another look at those pictures and I’m in total awe over the incredible work you have done. I would find this sweater beautiful and admire the skills of the knitter no matter what. The fact that you pulled it off in 11-12 days is so totally mind-blowing that I had to comment again.

  32. Oh my gosh! I love the maple leaf design in your sweater – it is beautiful and so appropriate for a Canadian to knit during the Vancouver Olympics. Did you alter the pattern to include the maple leaf or was that part of the original – it is seriously wonderful!

  33. Working on a baby blanket for my Nephew and his wife # 1 baby. Sadly, will not finish within the Olympic time, but hopefully before the child is born !! Had to place many markers to keep from losing stitches !! Your sweater is lovely. My multi colored pieces are only from varigated yarn, it’s all I can handle.

  34. My project actually IS a vest (the heather hoodie vest). I just passed the armholes last night, but I think the all around button band might do me in…I shall endeavor to perservere!

  35. Gorgeous! It’s in my queue…….
    Sweater is getting there, body is knit up to the underarms, sleeves are about 1/2-3/4 done, just need to knit them for a bit more, join them, get the chart on and then I’m pretty much done.

  36. Love the sweater. My Olympic project wasn’t nearly so ambitious…just some lacy socks. One of which is done! And I started the other last night. I was worried the Olympics were over on Friday but was super happy to see it’s not until Sunday. Plenty of time. 🙂

  37. The catch, of course, is that you have to knit two sleeves that are THE SAME.
    If it weren’t for that it would be lots easier 😉
    Go Steph!

  38. Totally Stunning. Beyond Impressive.
    You’ve swooped gracefully through the top course with only a couple wobbles. Now into the final double curve then shoot across the finish line in blazing glory.
    The sleeves? Both at the same time on circs.

  39. Lovely sweater.
    I’m having to come up with some Creative Sweater Resizing Techniques (which don’t involve pulling the whole thing out.) I was immensely pleased that I managed to complete two sleeves over the course of a weekend. I wasn’t sure I could do that.

  40. I am suffering from second glove syndrome, and finding that having an almost-5-month-old baby cuts into knitting time even more than I anticipated. I might finish in time, but more likely will put it down when the flame goes out with just one finger left to do, and it will languish for many years….

  41. Love your jumper! I hope you get it done in time – what a shame it would be daft to knit three-quarter length sleeves on a warm sweater…
    I am 89% of the way through a colourwork tam – I just have a one-colour round of decreases, and then the ribbing. I am as proud as I can be, particularly as I (mostly) put the design together myself. The downside is that I am intending to do some matching mittens, which are 0% complete (and I haven’t even decided how the cuff and thumb are going to look yet…)

  42. That’s one impressive sweater :>) I was distracted by a pair of cute socks for my cute baby granddaughter and a bright red coat for my four-legged friend Jinks, who is feeling the cold of this harsh winter. My intended project will probably not make the finish deadline, but what the heck it’s fun just being part of the Olympics!

  43. I am in awe of your sweater. It is so gorgeous! I love it.
    I myself have casted on for 4 socks and one baby sweater. All are sitting in a massive bag next to my couch and are being ignored. I never do well on deadlines.
    Go Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I am two thirds of the way done with my lace scarf. Knitting in the evenings and the weekends seems to be keeping me on my time line. It is hard to sit at work when the knitting is calling from home . . one more stitch, please! I considered bringing to work for lunch knitting, but knew I would mess up the pattern and then be frogging in the evening. Calm, cool, restrained control, thats me . . yeah right! Love your sweater – Amazing!

  45. You have inspired me to carry on! I was having doubts about finishing my VEST (it was a vest from the beginning — don’t look at me that way). If you can do 2 sleeves in 5 days, I can make it to the top of the hill, or shoulders, as the case may be. Such a beautiful, amazing sweater you are knitting. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  46. Hmmm…I started out strong. Then realized that at 30 minutes a row for two color rib x 11 colors that I had bitten off more than I could chew! I wanted a gold medal sweater but alas, at this point, I’m hoping for a “vest” with arms to be knit later. Still, I have never knit a Starmore in even close to this fast, so all is good!

  47. That looks incredible! You can be so proud to strut your stuff in that when you are finished (on time)!
    I am finished, and said shawl is now draped on the back of my office chair for all my associates to enjoy…but not to borrow. Never, never, never. All mine.

  48. Holy crap! It’s gorgeous.
    And don’t coffee grounds in the furnace vent count as aromatherapy?

  49. Didn’t sign up because I was going away for a long weekend in North Carolina. Good thing, too, because I sat on a porch in my t-shirt, basking in the sun, instead of diligently knitting my sweater.
    But I’m looking forward to the next Olympics, when I’ll be less crazed. Everyone else, “Press on”, to quote my old Latin teacher.

  50. I’m halfway through my first sleeve (Beautiful fair Isle sweater) Much more time consuming than expected since it’s worked in pieces rather than in the round (Purling and color change-very interesting). I still have hope of finishing on time….If it weren’t for this pesky full time job…..Yours looks beautiful! Go girl!

  51. I am both proud and jealous! I wish I were a speedier knitter. I don’t think I’m going to make it this year.

  52. I am done, did a fall at the end of the first run, had to frog back. But it is done. I am not sure I will ever do another Baby Suprise Jacket, but I learned from this one.
    Now back to socks!

  53. Congrats on getting through the trials and into the final part of the event.
    I added in a second event -hand spinning and knitting a pair of toe-up socks. Thought designing and knitting a fair isle cadet cap would be the greater challenge but no, the socks are really giving me a run for my money as they asked to be on size US zeroes/2mm at 9st/in. Never have done socks on zeroes before. Think I will make it though.
    Thanks for leading us on.

  54. I am done, did a fall at the end of the first run, had to frog back. But it is done. I am not sure I will ever do another Baby Suprise Jacket, but I learned from this one.
    Now back to socks!

  55. I’m about the same stage as you. I have the left front and both sleeves done and blocked, and am at the waist shaping of the back, then will do the right front… I’m starting to doubt if I will have time to actually sew them all together. But even if not, this has gotten me most of my first sweater in 2 weeks, which is a plus 🙂 I’ll actually be able to wear it this spring.

  56. It’s looking great! I have had to tear mine out, start over, decide I don’t want this colorway for this project, start over, so right now I have about 1-1/2 inch done. Good thing I didn’t register so I can’t say I failed. Right?

  57. It’s beautiful, Stephanie! I’m suitably impressed.
    I was really disappointed to have to put my knitting olympics project on hold over the weekend. A friend begins a daunting cancer treatment on Friday, and he and his wife are preparing to leave for their trip. They’ve requested hats, and I’ve been trying to get at least 4 or 5 done so they can take them with them when they leave on Friday.
    So, I’m disappointed to have “failed” at the knitting olympics. But I know this is more important.

  58. The sweater (even still needing sleeves) is beautiful — you must be so pleased/proud.
    And speaking of pride, you Canadians should be so proud of the stunning Olympics you have given the world! And have you ever seen anyone enjoy singing their national anthem more than the two gold medal ice dancers! Even this American cried!

  59. Wow! Gorgeous sweater. I am doing well on my first two color mitten. Pattern is a double cross with a braided edging which turned out really well. Have mostly mastered the strand of yarn in both hands. Can work until my hand decides to cramp, my eyes cross and I start having to tink. Think I may get one mitten finished if I work hard.

  60. I agree with everyone above…. BEAUTIFUL sweater. My project started off slowly, darndest time getting gauge/needle size but then went fairly well until I got to the left shaping (child’s cabled waistcoat) and read the direction wrong. DARN interpretation of the English language! When it said decrease at the end of every 4th row, it meant every pattern 4th row as is 1st row, 2nd row, 3rd row and 4th row of the 4row pattern. DAH! So, frogged back to the beginning of that and now having restart issues. In between that however, I made a pair of fingerless mitts for friend of son, finished clue 1 of my LOTR Evenstar mystery KAL and knit most of the front of a vest for my daughter – adult. I’m really having issues with getting my brain to read the patterns properly.. might be an age thing, sigh. Not sure if I’ll get my Olympic waistcoat done by end of torchlight however. Potty training in there for granddaughter as well! YEAH! PEEPEE IN THE POTTY!!!!!

  61. I am failing miserably (like many of the Norwegian cross-country skiers). I couldn’t get gauge, the toddler was sick, you name it. After frogging ang cursing I have 1 cm done. Of a cardigan. Oh, dear. I am blaming the equipment (again, like the cross-country skiers). I did finish a sweater for my husband that has been a wip since 2006, though. Does that count for anything? Participation? 🙂

  62. Oh, that is just gorgeous!
    I’m on the second sleeve of my sweater, with the body basically done. Limping along, with elbow tendinitis making this a fascinating experience. (Hooray for my forearm brace!)
    I remain terrified of steeks, so that ought to be fun. >_<

  63. OMG! This is the first time I’ve participated in any Olympic knitting and am so proud of myself. In and amongst all kinds of personal family issues I am plugging away at my first lace shawl, my chosen Olympic knitting project, and couldn’t be happier! Thanks Stephanie for doing this again this year!
    P.S. sleeves are totally doable 🙂

  64. I didn’t officially sign up for the challenge, but I am hoping to complete my first hat by the end of the Olympics. (It’s a Valentine’s Day present, and that won’t be too late to qualify as fashionably late, right?)
    I know- one hat, I’m a wimp. But I have a full-time job, and I knit painfully slowly, and have already had to start over! Sigh.
    I can’t wait to see a picture of you wearing that sweater! You can do it!!! 🙂

  65. I’m just pleased that I’m as far along as I am on the Tea Leaves Cardigan–on the second button band, and then the sleeves to finish! If I complete this, it will be my first-ever finished sweater. Having a deadline/competition has kept me moving, and is teaching me that no, sweaters don’t take months to knit, and yes, I can do it!
    That said, Stephanie, your sweater is awe inspiring! Maybe that will be my sweater at the next winter olympics–after all, I’ll have years to practice!

  66. To answer the question “How is yours going?”
    Mine is going….either great or terribly depending on these last few crucial days. I am knitting Kerouac by Jenn Jarvis, and I underestimated how much mindless stockinette there was. But I have made my way through the largest part of it and the body is completely done. Just sleeves and buttonband and putting the thing together. I worry about the putting the thing together.
    Good news, though, I found some gold lion-head buttons for it!

  67. Ok, I cannot even process how much you have gotten done and how truly beautiful it is. I am amazed, completely amazed and bow to the knitting master. Grovel, grovel.

  68. Just as I read your blog title I heard a train whistle! 🙂
    BTW, love the sweater. 🙂

  69. Lookin’ good. What an appropriate (though daunting) project.
    Half a sleeve left and then the button bands and collar, which are all Stockinette. Though this is my first saddle shoulder, so I don’t know if I messed up on the sleeves and will need to knit some fix it straps to fill in the gap.

  70. That looks great!!! I finished my project (stuffed Quatchi) on Sunday. I didn’t think it would go that easily. It was my first time making my own pattern, and I was scared.

  71. PLEASE: Double check your pattern to see if the sleeves are identical. There might be right-sleeve shaping different from left-sleeve shaping (maybe not–but who knows?). Sometimes, when you pick up speed to outrun the train heading into the tunnel, you can–how do I put this?–zip right past critical instructions written in minuscule script. I’d hate to see you finish two sleeves in the next few days, only to discover you have two lefts or two rights and thus need to knit an entire third sleeve.
    Me? I’m knitting BSJs. Each is a single piece. Easy-peasy.

  72. Wow, great job! Wonderful progress! And such a beautiful sweater 🙂
    My socks are nearly done; it took a lot less time than I thought it would to spin the yarn for them on a drop spindle. I would be done by now but I took Saturday OFF from everything. This has been really fun! Thanks for hosting it!

  73. It looks fabulous – I can’t wait to see the finished product! I’ve been practicing my lever knitting that I learned in your class at Madrona so I can knit this fast too. I’m at about 10 stitches per minute so far…lol. 🙂 But, I try a little every day and it is getting a little easier.

  74. Although I had originally said I would attempt a nice scarf in 17 days (I would have said Sara’s mitten, but at that point I did not have the yarn), and lo and behold, the yarn came in the day after the Olympics started. I’m changing my “sport” and will attempt to finish the second mitten. (NHM #14 Selbuvotter, by Terri Shea). It’s looking pretty well, and I might get it finished before the Olympics are over. I do have until Sunday, right? There go my naps on the train ride home!

  75. WOW! So gorgeous, I’m in awe! The only thing about your journey that I could do is the leaving the black yarn in the luggage part…, but the knitting, the time limit, the sweater, the colors, I could never do. You Rock!

  76. My project was technic driven. I am knitting 2 socks at the same time. I am almost to the heel. I am so close, yet only half way through.

  77. That sweater is absolutely amazing. I had the bright idea recently to teach myself how to knit, my eyeballs are spinning trying to figure out how you managed that complex pattern!
    I can see I have a LOT to learn.
    Good luck on the finishing stretch!

  78. WOW. Beautiful. Highly impressive how much you’ve done. I set my goal LOW this year… finish the baby blanket for the baby that’s now 10 days old. It won’t happen – but I did something I’ve never done before – added one whole ball of yarn to it in a night while watching Olympics. Thanks for the challenge and the encouraging example you set!

  79. My project…well, it’s looking like it won’t be finished in time. It’s the Emma Peel dress from Mason-Dixon knitting, and I didn’t realize crossed stockinette would be so much more difficult for me than regular stockinette. I’m using a cotton wool blend, and my hands ache after just a few rows. I’ve used this yarn and needles before with no problems, the only thing different is the stitch pattern. I hope to be close to finishing by closing ceremonies.
    But your sweater is gorgeous!

  80. “I always intended for it to be a vest”
    Yeah, that’s the ticket! And sleeves better be fast, because I’m not going to get started on them until tomorrow. And then there’s a mile of icord.

  81. i have hit the wall, threw off the skis, fell on my triple whatever, but am determined to suit up, ala Lindsay Jacobellis and try again.

  82. Looking good and I know you can come from your figuratively behind position to finish on the top of the podium. (Think Bode Miller in the Combined.)
    Me, I’m still working on the body but hope to finish that today. Then I’ll have my sleeves to go for. Luckily I don’t have the color work to contend with. Still hoping for a podium finish. Maybe somehow. May be time for sleep deprivation and lots of DVD’s for anytime the Olympics are being broadcast.

  83. Wow–I am impressed beyond my ability to express it. Wow, again.
    As for my personal progress–it occurs to me that most who compete do not win medals. It also occurs to me that I will be among the non-medal winning participant/wallflowers. I have completed one gorgeous colorwork hat, and have a better than fair start on the second. I may get three done before the closing ceremonies–thinking I could accomplish my original goal of six was plain crazy. It’s that 4-letter word

  84. I am in awe of such fancy pants knitting. I absolutley love the maple leaf in the front of the sweater. Don’t tell my fellow countrymen I said this (especially the hockey fans…..) Go Canada !!!!!

  85. I accidentally left mine behind on a 4-day vacation and am WAY behind. However, I had convinced myself I’d accidentally abandoned it in airport #1 and would never see it again, so when I got home last night and the whole whack of knitting was sitting on the couch, I was pretty happy.

  86. I think I’m facing the train and my project is a vest. The ivy league vest. I have done a few increase rounds but there is a long road ahead. I have never done steeks before and wanted to give myself time to breath before I started those but the pattern itself is taking me longer than I had hoped. “What do you mean I have to actually do my job?” “You want dinner? umm there’s KD” “The bathroom can go without being clean for a few more days” “You want WHAT???”

  87. That is unbelievably gorgeous!! I believe you can knit two sleeves in five days, and then you’ll have an amazing Olympic memory knit into that sweater!

  88. Alas, i’m going to be a DNF. The first project – changed from Wandering the Moors to branching out because of yarn issues – was a quick victory. But my yarn + Kelp forest pattern (doesn’t =) success. It looked more like kelp vomit. So, after working through a bout 1/5 of the pattern (and partner saying, if you don’t like it, stop knitting), I acknowledged defeat. No time to pick another category so I’m back to working on WIPs. Oh well, better than Ravolympics 08 when I didn’t finish anything!

  89. Your sweater looks fabulous so far! What an inspiration to me, as I would never finish it probably. Well, back to knitting.

  90. ….forgot to tell you….finally found my project. You’ve inspired me, maybe it’s not too late? I’m casting on during tonight’s Olympic coverage!!!

  91. Wow, that is awesome. Every stitch – just awesome.
    (I know I am mentally challenged but what is the maple leaf? I get that they are probably stylised, and I think I have figured out the large motif is a snowflake, is the maple leaf in a set of four further towards the neck?)
    My project lies languishing at my feet. Stopped at the first ‘bump in the road’.
    You and your knitting are awesome.

  92. I am thoroughly impressed, though not surprised to see you doing so well!
    I on the other hand had to withdraw. Not enough training in the off season. 🙁

  93. My selbu mittens are coming along, although there has been resizing on the fly (the product of not swatching), and they now fit me instead of the intended recipient (oops?).
    One just needs a thumb, and last night I finished the wrist pattern and the first of 3 snowflakes for the second…so it’ll be a sprint to the finish I think.

  94. I’m so happy for you that you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! The sweater is just breathtaking – absolutely beautiful!
    Right now I think / hope that I will finish my Girasole in time. I have 2 repeats of Chart G and the lace edging left to do. I know the lace edging is going to take a lot of time though so I’m hoping that doesn’t trip me up at the finish line.
    Hmmmm – perhaps a “sick” (cough, cough) day is in order?
    Good luck Knitting Olympians! Knit on!

  95. I’m in AWE! SO beautiful!
    I didn’t suit up, either. Had surgery the day before the Olympics started and ended up on drugs the first week. Imagine what THAT knitting would have looked like! I did finish two chemo caps for a friend, though! That counts, right?!?

  96. WOW – it’s stunning – I want it!!
    There is no way I could have knit this in 17days – you are truly amazing!
    Can’t wait to see the end product 🙂

  97. Wow! Words are totally escaping me. Me, I’m a bit over halfway…motoring up the foot (from the toe) on the second sock of a pair of Skews. Must stay on track and mustn’t let 2nd sock syndrome set in!

  98. THWOK!
    (sits up dizzily) Did anyone get the number of the gob that smacked me?
    I was going to enter, especially after your stirring speech, and I kind of did enter, except that I can’t say anything about my project, which is not just mine. By definition, however, it will be done before the flame leaves Vancouver.

  99. Gorgeous, gorgeous sweater. I am working on the Pamela ribbed cardigan, but changed the pattern so that back, left front and right front are done in one piece to the armholes, so although I only have 10″ of the 18″ done for the body, there won’t be much seaming to do. I also have one of the sleeves done, which doubled as my gauge swatch. So, probably won’t finish by the weekend, but will have so much momentum that I will keep going until it is done. Thanks for the encouragement you give all of us.

  100. Woo! I did not join in officially, as my main goal was to just knit more, and quit buying yarn and browsing patterns without casting anything on, or finishing anything off. I have made progress! I turned an unfinished hat (ran out of yarn halfway through the crown) into a pair of fingerless gloves inside two days, and a pair of DK weight mittens for me that have been languishing are now finished but for one thumb, and I improvised to make the thumbs more to my liking. Yay.
    Your Olympic sweater is gorgeous, keep it up!

  101. Your sweater is beautiful. I agree with those who say knit both sleeves at once (except I see they have a lot of colorwork = be careful of yarn tangles).
    My project is a shawl – after many false starts and course corrections, I’m on row 83 of 163 of rows that increase. Highly unlikely I’ll be done by Sunday – but maybe before the Stanley Cup is awarded.
    p.s. Don’t forget you got a late start because of nbs’s stupid west coast delayed broadcast.

  102. My Olympic Clapotis is coming along as planned. I have 10 of the 13 repeats complete. Last night I named her “cool running” . She is made of sugar cane yarn, they make rum in Jamacia out of sugar cane, and she has “runs” in her. So shout out to the Jamacian Bobsled team with my very own cool running.

  103. My post-war mittens were slowed down to massive amounts of medication due to the stomach flu and 2 sinus infections. Still working, but they won’t be done for the closing ceremonies.

  104. What a beautiful sweater! Please go for the sleeves, it will be worth it. As for my project – on to the last chart of my Argus shawl. Of course each row is longer and longer so I feel like I am never going to finish. Must finish though as it is going to be my Mom’s Birthday present.

  105. I knew signing up with a toddler was chancy. So of course she’s been working on a huge developmental spurt. I’m more than halfway through my socks now, but I don’t think I’ll be medaling.

  106. Love the sweater. I have finished the front and back of my sweater and am one third on the sleeves.

  107. I’m on the cap of my first sleeve, with the 2nd sleeve, button band, and collar left to knit. Then sew all the pieces together. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

  108. Go Stephanie!!
    Don’t be mad…I’m done. A couple of unexpected days off work (Someone up there BROKE the water main at work AND made it snow like the dickens) got me enough time to finish early. Hubby is so delighted with his new sweater that he won’t take it off long enough for me to block it properly.

  109. I’m down the leg of Sock 2–which for me is pretty fast! I’ll do the heel tonight and get through the rest this week. Getting through an entire pair of socks this fast blows my mind….it makes me think of all the things I could knit by Christmas.
    And then I come back to reality and remember that my apartment is a disaster, my cat is getting neurotic because I ignore her, I desperately need to do laundry so I have clean clothes, I just finally broke down and went to the grocery cause I was out of just about everything, and I have a to do list a year long–even without the knitting.
    Still..I’ll have socks.

  110. Things are slower than I’d hoped–I can’t seem to cross my cables the right directions when Eve Muirhead is making her pinball shots. (Great finish to Canada vs. Scotland, er, Great Britain in women’s curling.)
    The blanket looks great, but I still have about an acre to go. But I should be able to finish before the end of the Canadian winter.

  111. That is beautiful! It makes me want to knit red and black fair isle with snowflakes.
    I didn’t officially sign up, but my Olympic goal was to finish 10 UFOs. I frogged a sweater and am counting it as one of the 10. It’s not a UFO anymore, is it?
    I have faith that you can finish, but just remember, bending the rules a smidge is always a sanity-saving option…

  112. I just need to knit the button band, collar, sew buttons on, and block the cardigan I made for my Dad. Didn’t think I was going to make it! Very sleep deprived and have been horribly grumpy at work, but it is worth it for the feeling of triumph!

  113. If I can knit 24 rows of lace a day, I’m good to go. It’s 3:45, my kids have come home from school, and I haven’t knit a row yet today…

  114. The sweater looks fantastic. Not sure you’ll have all the ends woven in though!!!
    My own Knitting Olympics project might just be complete by this Sunday – just have to finish blocking, sew it together, knit up plackets/collar, and I’m done – I guess it just wasn’t challenging enough!!
    Great work Stephanie.

  115. That is beautiful! I am proud to be DONE with my Knitting Olympics project! An Otto in 8 days! Thank you for doing it again and inspiring me–I never realized I could knit so fast!

  116. I have one more Tree of Life panel and then the tulip border. I decided to only do 5 panels instead of 9. I think I should get an extension because I am in the Olympic city 🙂

  117. I don’t know how you do it. Along with beetling along on a gorgeous sweater at an olympian pace, you still have one of the most hilariously insightful voices to be found anywhere, print or web. Yesterday’s post about what might have to change (the mascara crisis!) was masterful. Thanks for the laughs. Good luck with the sleeves. They’re a pair. The Canadian ice dancing pair got gold. See the connection?

  118. Really like the sweater. I don’t know how you knit so fast. I am more than half way on the Selbu Modern hat. I am still loving it. I am getting better about the floats on the back. I have already bought yarn to make another. I would have had it done already, but I stopped long enough to finish a second sock I had started using your basic pattern.

  119. My arms happen to be an inch or two longer than average. Fortunately I’ve completed one sleeve and got a good start on the other. Its the finishing work that will be a problem for me since I’ve never done a Dale sweater before and have got to figure out how button plackets get worked in with the hem, steeks facings and collar band. I’ve had such fun though . . . .

  120. Beautiful sweater!
    I’m limping along, recovering from a major crash– the back of the sweater was about an inch from done when I determined I’d been knitting the wrong size. Frogged it, I’m back up near the finish on the back.
    My light, she’s a train.

  121. Oh, if you only knew how amazing I think that is, you would feel triumphant! I hope to knit like that someday! It’s beautiful.

  122. I know I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, and probably should have started swatching before opening day. However, now that I’m into it, I’ve actually been knitting every day. If you hadn’t inspired me to get a little crazy, this project wouldn’t have been touched for probably a couple more years. As it is, it’s substantially in progress. I am considering using the Paralympics as my extended deadline.

  123. Oh my, Stephanie. That is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you make your goal but even if you don’t…oh my! I’m not quite up to Fair Isle knitting but I’ll tell you, your sweater has inspired me.

  124. Stunning – beautiful – outstanding! It is going to be so excellent. What a wonderful job you are doing.
    Mine? Well, I am hampered by a knitting injury and hoping I can tough it out like Lindsey Vonn. You may hear me hollar at the finish line, too.

  125. I actually picked a doable project, so mine is going fine except that I’m bored SILLY and I’m totally distracted by all the more exciting knitting I could be doing. Your sweater is gorgeous. You can do it!!
    (p.s. how about those canadian ice dancers, eh? another gorgeous thing!!)

  126. Your sweater is looking great. My progress has been solid…maybe a bronze level performance. I didn’t pick something as involved as you so I am on the buttonbands of my cardigan. I could finish tonight, but I am not going to say that I will. That would just be too fate-tempting!

  127. That sweater is gorgeous!! I can’t believe how fast you can knit. I am making a very simple hat with only 2 colors of yarn and have pulled it back twice! I dream of knitting a sweater like the one you are making. Great job.

  128. I tried to comment just a moment before but it wouldn’t let me. I just wanted to say that your sweater looks amazing! You’ve done a fantastic job with it. Wow. I’m not up to Fair Isle knitting yet but you’ve inspired me to make it a goal.

  129. My project is a vest. And your sweater puts me to shame. I’ve altered the pattern with fingerling weight yarn (instead of Aran) So there is a bit more thinking than knitting going on at times…. and my knitting isn’t very fast.

  130. Well, I am at the same spot as you are with my sweater. The body of the top down sweater is done, although the ribbing gave me some grief. Its funny how many variations of k1,p1 there can be if you are doing the set up row in the middle of ice dancing..
    I have one sleeve on the circ now and have started the decreases…the dpns are warming up on the sidelines to do their bit. Thank goodness I have short arms as I still have the front bands and the collar to do.
    It could be a photo finish as I start my 60 hr shift tomorrow…
    Beautiful sweater Stephanie, do you have a source for that pattern? It seems to be OOP everywhere…

  131. I’m on the heel flap of my second sock. With the encouragement of my husband and some knitting in bed while watching the tv, I am going to make it.
    Steph, your sweater is beautiful. If I didn’t have a full time job, 3 little girls and a husband, I may have been as adventuresome as you. Go Canada! Go Steph!

  132. I am in the bleachers cheering you on! That maple leaf is spectacular. You are coming around the bend and the crowd is going crazy!!! I have been practicing Oh Canada and have gotten a lot of pleasure out of singing it while the sporting Canadians get their gold. I can’t wait to sing it when the knitter gets one too!

  133. I’m running into time management issues; mine, and my childrens’, in that they don’t understand that I have to! I tried to allow for this eventuality by knitting a toddler sweater, but vastly underestimated how much of a parenting time February vacation week would be.
    Not giving up yet, though. If you can knit two adult sleeves (however stumpy) in five days, surely I can knit two size sleeves in size 2T. Right? Right? Please tell me I’m right.

  134. I have cast on and torn out 8 times after attempting the Turkish fair isle socks on the cover of Knitting Traditions, which I originally felt I had the skill to attempt, obviously I was wrong. I now consider myself much like a figure skater who finishes the program even while falling on every jump.

  135. It looks great! You can totally knit the sleeves in the remaining time.
    I finished my son’s sweater last night and will start the duplicate stitching tonight. I think I should make it. (I hope!)

  136. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! My colorwork sweater is coming along great, the body is done and I finished the first sleeve this morning. One more sleeve, some seaming and a hood to go!

  137. Your sweater is coming out beautifully. I, like others commenting here, am amazed at how fast you knit.
    My projects will not be finished on time, but I still had fun ‘competing’. ( I definitely entered the wrong event. Next time I will not choose a project that is done on small needles. My hands cramp up something awful after an hour of knitting on #2’s. It is like I was good at downhill skiing and decided to try aerial skiing!)
    Watching the original Winter Olympics on television has been awe-inspiring. I find myself cheering on the Canadian athletes as often as I do my fellow Americans. I credit this to the power of your blog! I don’t know any Canadians personally but after reading your blog for years I have a real fondness for Canada. You’ve incidentally done a lot of educating about Canada and Canadians while you’ve entertained me with your knitting adventures. Thanks!

  138. Wow! That looks great, and I’m so jealous of your speed. I’m not in the Olympics this time; maybe next time when I don’t have a baby.

  139. I was very happy to have got the sleeves started (and working) yesterday, until I realized that I’m not done after that – I still have a big cowl to knit!!!

  140. i’m out with an injury. both thumbs, where they connect to the wrist, tendinitis. ouchie! those size one needles are to blame! i tried to carry on, but it only got worse.
    at this time my first vanilla sock recipe is postponed while ice packs are applied.
    sorry, i let the team down. :-/
    beisdes, who can knit AND watch at the same time? can we say EXCITING olympics!!

  141. How am I doing? I have a toe, by the end of the week I might have a heel too.. maybe.
    My toe up socks are about 3 inches long after 2 restarts. Once to switch up needle size, socks don’t need to be that stiff. And a second restart because bigger needles means I needed fewer stitches. Maybe I’ll get them done for the Summer Olympics.

  142. Gorgeous! If anyone can finish Whistler by Sunday – YOU CAN!! And we all know it. I was on track and met the half-way point with two minutes to spare and have since subconsciously self-destructed (no knitting yesterday) by a (I think)recoverable amount so as to add the adrenalin rush scramble at the end.

  143. Your sweater is fantastic!
    I’m about 70% done with a fairisle yoke, turtleneck, and a boatload of seaming left to do. My fingers are on fire! Can’t believe i can even type at all right now.

  144. My Sweet nothing socks ended up as Agony of deFeet. The pattern has errors and it hurt my brain to fix. I frogged and moved on to simple knitting.

  145. Love the maple leaf! I’m making soldier beanie hats and am about half way done on hat #9 out of a goal of 12. On Sat we went to a 40th Bday party at a casino in the CO mountains, and I sat and knit in the bar 🙂 Got some funny looks from people, but I had to stay on schedule!

  146. WOWZER – that is one beautiful sweater, eh?! You must have really come on to her this past few days. I’m totally psyched man! (sorry, I’m trying to sound Canadjun which I am so why?) It is gorgeoso kid. I changed from one sport to another. I started out as a hot dog skier (knitting a tree cozy) to hmmmm….a cross country skier – I’m knitting a weird but totally delightful (to me) blanket. It is all in knit but on big dpn’s so I just change sides for neat looking ridges. I’m using up every bit of weird wool I’ve got – I did start it for the tree but I just can’t let it be out there with those squirrels who will take it apart and the fog and rain and hail and snow and stuff. Plus I realize that knit tagging is an urban sport and I’m just a slow fun loving Canadian country gal. And further to that – I’m not watching the Olympics -well hardly because we live with a cliff feature and so cannot hardly get any proper tv with our rabbit ears so we’re watching old West Wing from the library. We’re inside in front of the tv though so that has to count!

  147. Why is your Fair Isle knitting so smooth before it is blocked? I have been trying to knit my current Fair Isle project as loose-stranded as possible, but it still looks lumpy and uneven. I am praying that most of that will disappear after blocking, but I am jealous of your (and others’)beautiful Fair Isle in process!

  148. Even if I don’t finish before the deadline, this has gotten me to be unafraid to knit in public. I have knit on the bus, at the swimming pool (watching my nieces), at a family event, at work on my lunch hour and in church (it’s a big church, hardly anyone noticed and I sit way in the back). I may need a note to get out of work for the next 3 days, it may be the only way I finish the sweater on time!

  149. The problem with sleeves – there are 2 of them!!!
    Happy finishing – you’re practically done – think +ve just like the elite athletes!

  150. Mine is going pretty well; I have only two more pieces before I consider myself done, and even if I can’t finish it, my kid LOVES the toy, so I consider that a total win regardless:)

  151. I am about to divide for the neck. I have one or two more decrease rounds, then divide for front and back. Hmm, will I make it, not sure. However, more cables is more fun, more fun is easier to stick with for longer periods of time. My elbow is getting sore, not sure if that is the knitting or more hours on the printing calculator. That said, I am still on the first ball of yarn (for an adult size vest). Love the hugeness of the Cascade Eco + hanks of yarn. You would totally be done with my project. I am in awe of yours.

  152. You are sincerely a Gold Medal winner. My shawl is almost down to the ruffle..few times off course..but this is the longest attention span I have ever had..except for the 120 Yarmulkes for my daughter’s wedding. I think that this is a great way to really commit to a project so it doesn’t become yet a nother UFO.

  153. The sweater is a work of art. Well done! Sleeves will be a breeze. My shawl is at the halfway mark and my speed has almost doubled since the start despite daily periods of applying heat/ice to my aching rotator cuff. Who knew you could damage a rotator cuff knitting. Guess my pitching days are over but YES you can knit through the pain. Will I finish- I KNOW I CAN,I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN. This chant can be heard all through the knitting world. Cheers to everyone as we all strive for the GOLD. Way to go Canada.

  154. I don’t have that problem with sweaters getting shorter when I put them on. In fact, they seem to get longer. If I had boobs and your knitting skills… I would be you! Awesome!

  155. I am humbled by your knitting greatness! Your colorwork is perfect – how do you do it? Mine is always either too tight or too loose. You are the knitting goddess! Oh, and congratulations on that olympic gold in ice dancing! If you’re like me – than because they’re from your country – they’re family. The silver medal is still pretty darned good for us USA’ers. Go North America!

  156. I’m halfway through my monkey socks, my first pair with a lace pattern. I’m grateful for the Olympic push. Looking forward to seeing you in the sweater.

  157. Oh. My. Gosh. That is gorgeous! Way to go, dude. All that agita from the US beating the Canadian hockey team really got your fingers moving.
    How is mine going…it’s not. I can’t focus because I am agog by the short track speed skating, and may have devoloped a bordering-on-inappropriate crush on Apolo Ohno. I am also distracted by how badly the US curling teams are sucking, which is extra annoying since curling is like my favorite Olympic sport and quite possibly the best.thing.ever. (well, aside from Apolo’s delicious thighs. lookit, I just appreciate the, you know, ALTHETICISM) I am now officially cheering on the Canadian curlers.
    Ok, so I have a question: When I am watching something like the Olympics, I always root for the US. If that is not an option, I will root for Canada, and then failing that, Great Britain. How does it work for you? If Canada is not available for you to cheer on, who is your second choice? Do Canadians cheer for the US althetes, or do you feel more connected to Britain? I am really curious.

  158. Stephanie, Your sweater is gorgeous! Way to go. You absolutely can make it, especially since you say your arms are on the short-ish side.
    I crossed the finish line yesterday! Woooo hoooo! I knit Anne Hanson’s Cluaranach stole / shawl, some 50,000 stitches of lace. It’s blockng now and I’m so so pleased with my homage to the Olympians. This project was quite an endurance challenge for me.
    Go go go, Steph!

  159. You go girl, you rock.. As for my sweater I’m still on the back, starting the neck (I had to frog for awhile). I will continue with it until done. I will not stop, I will not stop. What if I lose the sweater does that count as stopping. Oh forget it I not that type I will knit until done. Yours looks great but you are the Harlot. love ya.

  160. Yours like great! you are definitely getting a gold medal.
    Mine? I dont know what to do. i am doing the drops jacket (yes, that one, the one that everybody has made). I have “ravelried” and i can’t believe anybody has come across the problem i have. My Stockinette stitch row gauge is NOT te same as my Double moss stitch row gauge. This is a problem for the front that i dont know how to solve. I already knitted 1 front and believe me it is a problem. sigh.

  161. Your sweater is wonderful. I’m sure you will make it. As for me. Not so much. I will have a back of a sweater and hopefully part of a front….which is more than I would have had if I had not signed up for this event. So I am very grateful. Lets just say that I am like the first time olympians who go not expecting to win but to get the experience. YEAH…THAT’S IT. I promise that next time I will choose my project more wisely…a challange but not totally impossible…ha.

  162. Wow. Your sweater looks amazing. After doing all that, the sleeves can’t be too bad. I’ve been frantically knitting my sweater, but it looks like I’m going to be held up soon. It appears that I’m going to run out of yarn before I finish (I should know better than to order kits). But I have been making a strong effort — even if I’m held up waiting for the yarn, I’ve gotten farther, faster than I ever have. I’m determined not to let the fiddly part of the collar derail me! This will actually become a FO.

  163. Your sweater is so beautiful. Seeing it gives me something for which to strive. Oh, I’m learning so much. Thank you your Royal Yarn Harlot for inspiring me to be more than I thought I could be! I’m about 1/3 of the way through my vest, but on the easy part, and with the weekend coming up, I’m sure (well, relatively) that I can at least finish the body. Maybe even the collar! My husband is using the word Obsessed to describe me to anyone who tries to bother me – “can’t come to the phone, she’s obsessed with her knitting Olympics project.” What’s wrong with obsession, I say! Onward to the finish line.

  164. Your sweater is really really pretty. I am finished with my Olympic project (a baby blanket with intarsia lambs) except for weaving in the ends (there are a million or so). I can surely finish this in 5 days, except… daughter has called with a quilt emergency. She needs me to make one for an auction, by this coming Sunday, Feb 28, while I am working full time during performance reveiw time, and while I am out of town all weekend and thinking of having a “nervous breakdown”. My mom always threatened a nervous breakdown but never had one so I suppose I will also presevere. How hard can it be to make a quilt (queen size by the way).

  165. It looks fabulous! And yes, sleeves are fast – they just zip past, rather like wooly, Fair-Isled gazelles. 😉
    Unfortunately, being a theater major heading into tech week kept me from casting anything on during the opening ceremonies, but I did manage to finish a kickass pair of fingerless mitts that have been languishing for a while, and I am now enjoying their toastiness immensely. Maybe next winter Olympics…

  166. Beautiful!!
    My progress: Farmer’sMkt cardi body is done,pockets knit,back facing + hem are done. One sleeve done past the elbow. Left to do: one and a half sleeves, cabled borders and collar. And endless finishing/fiddly stuff. Not sure about the gold…I may be listed as DNF!

  167. Stephanie that is an amazing sweater!! Mine is about three quarters there so am hoping to sneak in before the flame goes out. Kids may have to forage for food but that won’t do them any harm for a few days….

  168. You mean coffee grounds in the air vents isn’t a way of getting caffeine without having to take the time to drink it? I was totally going to try that.
    Caffeine is my friend. Reversible cables – not so much. Will be ripping back 4 rows tonight.

  169. Well, your sweater is just beautiful! I’ve just been knitting a little over a year and can’t wait to someday produce such beautiful works . . . hopefully, anyway : ). I just finished my olympic project!!! I just have to seam up the sides and weave in those yarn ends. I’m very happy with it!

  170. The work you’ve done on the sweater is gorgeous! And, yes, I believe you can finish the sleeves in time. BUT remember last time and the problem of not remembering to change needles between the plain and color work. DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN. Otherwise I think you’ll be fine, especially since it’s not your first Norwegian sweater and the word “Steek” doesn’t make you break out in a cold sweat.
    My sweater is progressing. I’ve almost finished the body–you cast on, work up the front, split and work over the shoulders, rejoin and work back down. I have about 65 rows on the back and then pick and knit the two sleeves. Fortunately they are short sleeves. Unfortunately the sweater is knit on size 3 needles with fingering weight cotton yarn. The head cold I’ve had hasn’t helped, but if Lindsay Vonn can ski with her sore leg and especially that skier who won the Bronze Medal skiing with broken ribs, I can’t let something like that stop me.

  171. What an absolutely STUNNING sweater! My BSJ is knitted, but not blocked or seamed. Don’t know the baby’s gender, so buttons will be purchased and attached later. And HURRAY for the Canadian ice dancing champions! It’s so nice to finally see that the BEST are rewarded fairly.

  172. Love your work – beautiful.
    I’m still rocking the Nefertiti Wrap, I only have to work one chart per day for the remainder of the Olympics. I have a dream in my secret heart that I will actually finish one day early and be able to wash n block in time to wear said wrap for the closing ceremonies, but don’t tell the Knitting Fates…

  173. Go Stephanie! You can do it!
    I’m knitting Wisteria (top down, in the round, cabling at hem and cuffs). I’ve got 20 rounds of cabling at the hem before I can start the sleeves, and I’m starting to worry that I won’t finish on time. But as you say, sleeves are fast, right?

  174. Your sweater is awesome. I did not officially sign up to participate, but I am competing with myself by knitting an Aspen Grove shawl in lace weight yarn. I started the third chart last night and I keep thinking that I WILL make it. I only have the evenings to work on it (pesky job) though and a full Saturday of non-knitting time.

  175. Finishing work is not part of knitting, right? You don’t have to actually weave in the ends and stuff in order to award yourself a medal, I’m pretty sure. In case you were wondering.

  176. The back of my sleevless shell is almost finished. This means I am about 3 days behind. If I knit like a maniac and don’t feed hubby I may make it to the finish line.

  177. Wow that looks awesome. Wish I could do that.
    As it is, I’m crazy far behind after having to rip back mistakes three times. Also, work and studying seem to get in the way a lot.

  178. Unfortunately I couldn’t see participating in this years knitting olympics, what with deadline sweater finishing, and then deadline sock finishing. But I figure, what would the events be without supporters to cheer on contestants? So with that last thought Go Stephanie! And good luck to everyone else trying to medal in their events, you can do it!

  179. Oops, meant competetors, not contestants. It’s the Olympics, not Jeopardy. Good luck everyone

  180. Wow! Keep going – you can make it!
    I have decided that for the Knitting Olympics, just like other athletic events, that I’m a better spectator than participant…. I fell coming out of the first gate on opening night…I will dust myself off and keep knitting, but have disqualified myself from the medal round! Oh well. You are amazing!

  181. Absolutely stunning…and even if you don’t quite finish on time…it doesn’t matter. What you’ve done in this short time is amazing!

  182. I’m on the finishing–which is no surprise being the project was s-i-m-p-l-e. First Olympics, I’ll make it more challenging next time. I find it hard to knit and watch curling at the same time.

  183. I will definitely meet my goal of finishing the fronts and back of the sweater I’m knitting. In fact, there’s a dog gone good chance I’ll have the sleeves knitted too. WOOT!
    But no matter what I do, it pales in comparison to the gorgeous sweater you have knitted. 🙂

  184. Disqualified on my button band project–too many false starts, improper equipment, restarts, rips, etc. Changed project to custom design cossack hat for sweetwonderfulhusband who has a large diameter head (holds all that lovely niceness!), which I just started. Hope to get this one done in time to take my personal gold (I’m still the slowest knitter ever.)

  185. Your jumper is really great. I’m sure you’ll get it finished in a week.
    My project is done. Turns out cables are easy. Next time I will pick something properly challenging. Team London 2012!

  186. Um… I designed and knit (and taught myself colourwork) my referee mittens last week.
    So I started a sweater so the doping accusations would go away….
    and i’m almost done that too….
    what’s wrong with me?

  187. Your sweater is so beautiful!
    I haven’t knit one in a long time. I may be changing that….

  188. You are an amazing knitter. My olympic knitting has stalled completely. I have slid into the wall on my short track skate. While I watched the Olympics a good bit last week, I some how was so exhausted from so many other things in my world that the knitting either just sat in my lap or never even made it out of the bag…. oh well… I will continue….

  189. Wow. I’d pass you the gold right now, if it were up to me. Sleeves or no sleeves.
    My KO is still in progress. I signed up for three bears for the Mother Bear Project. Then I realized I had committed to make one a month since last July and hadn’t kept my word. So I’ve been trying to complete 8–two were on needles already–but by next Friday night. My sister and I will be delivering bears to the MBP people at Stitches West on Saturday. All eight bears are knitted and have faces. All have to be stuffed, but some are in the process of being sewn around the sides. If life goes well, they will be sewn and stuffed by tomorrow night. Then there are the scarves to make and the hearts to sew on (that can be done at Stitches). It will be possible to get them done if the tendonitis doesn’t come back.

  190. I knit my sleeves in 4 days and they’re mens. No problem! It’s the “some assembly required” that I’m worried about.

  191. Underestimating my abilities (chronic condition) I have completed my first ever lace baby sweater (EZ’s February Baby Sweater, made using only the pithy instructions) and have cast on a second one to increase the difficulty. I am knitting the second in some really squeaky acrylic because the Baby it is intended for will not wear it if it is wool, even superwash. There’s no allergy, just an aversion to wool on the Mom’s part. So, a pink acrylic version is on the needles. I had really not wanted to do it in acrylic, but I keep telling myself, this is a gift – not for me – a gift.
    And your sweater? Awe inspiring. Seriously, I’m in awe.

  192. Your sweater is awesome. I had a goal of a cowl and 2 WIPS… socks done, cowl done, sweater is at the same place as yours (body done, sleeves in progress), but I have monkey arms. Hoping I can persevere and slide in at the finish with one of those nanosecond medal saving times!

  193. Please insert hysterical laughter here.
    I have finished the front of Irish Moss. Not the back. Not the sleeves. Yet this crazy voice is whispering that even though the front took ten days, that was only because last week I had a midterm, three quizzes and a paper. I can totally knit a sleeve a day and the back in three days now that there’s no midterm and only two quizzes and a smaller paper. Definitely.

  194. You’re going to hate me, but I just finished the second sleeve of my Norwegian Style cardigan (
    Of course, being a nation of equality and opportunity, I firmly believe that the paralympics form an integral portion of the Games as a whole. Right? Right? This gives you another….. (checking)three weeks? Something like that.
    It would be wrong to disregard those competitors who have surmounted obstacles that most of us cannot even imagine. Yes?
    Steeking scares me.

  195. That sweater is so pretty! After crashing and burning on my first event like a skiier on the downhill course, I went to my second event last night. A hat. A copy of the U.S. Olympic team hat. Yeah, it’s like the Jr. Olympics right now, but I haven’t done that much colorwork, so…

  196. The sweater is magnificent! I’m on my fourth helmet liner of the six I wanted to do so I’m on track.

  197. Slowly enough that I may just have to back out and wait for the next Olympics. I’m sick, in school, and put myself behind at the beginning of the Knitting Olympics by not knitting for two whole days.
    Or… I’ll just keep knitting and not block the pieces before sewing them together and hope for the best.
    And that is a BEAUTIFUL sweater.

  198. You’ve got the gold!!! Way to go Stephanie!
    I was doing very well on my sweater (front and back finished) until I realized I was running out of yarn on the sleeves. (My gauge was spot on, so I don’t know what the problem was.) I bought the yarn in New Zealand ages ago — no hope of more — but I found a perfect color match in my stash and am doing the six-row garter stitch panel dividers in that. Although it’s a slightly different texture, you really have to look closely to see a difference. And truthfully, on a racing camel in a sandstorm, no one would notice anyway.

  199. Keep going babe. I have faith in your insane knitterly skills.
    I am on the 2nd lace chart of my Shipwreck Shawl. Holy god. I had to rip out the middle section 4 times because it wasn’t right. I still dont know if it is me or the pattern, but I know I am not that bad of a knitter- SO. It is now fixed and I am on to the bleeding hearts pattern.

  200. Looks terrific! I have finished 3 of 6 chemo caps and am about 15,000 stitches into the Flames shawl from Knitting Wraptures, not counting the approximately 5,000 stitches I had to frog because I’m an idiot. I love calculators, and also the fact that this shawl is knit in rectangles and then assembled, so it’s easy to keep track of the stitch count.
    Soldier on!

  201. Wow, you really are amazing. I could never have knit that up as fast as you have. My Olympic project is coming along nicely, though at first i thought I would of been done by now and I got scared it wasn’t hard enough, but now I am at a standstill and should hopefully be done by the time the flame is out!

  202. That is a truly inspirational sweater! I plan to felt my French Press slippers tonight, so should finish in good time barring some horrible felting disaster that would send me back to square one.

  203. STUNNING SWEATER even without the sleeves. I’m doing a Selbu hat which is just 2 colors and I’m not yet finished so your colorwork is VERY impressive. Knit on, I know you can do it. Worst comes to worst you can always make it a short sleeved or 3/4 length sleeve sweater! I’ll see you at the finish line. I’ll be the one in the brown and aqua Selbu Modern Hat!

  204. That is just beautiful.
    To some extent, what really matters is that you knit it, not when it’s done. Does finishing count for the Knitting Olympics?

  205. Whistler looks gorgeous. I have my fingers crossed for you getting those sleeves done. 🙂
    I’ve had to retire hurt – my wrist has been getting really sore and I’m devastated. I wish everyone else well on finishing their projects.

  206. That sweater is Fantastic! I so want to do colour work. My right hand knows how to throw wool but my preferred style is to pick the wool from my left finger. Should be easy, right?
    Not. Ganglion on my right hand shreds my tendon in about 5 stitches.
    My socks are comming nicely. I am 1/2″ from the heel so I should be fine, even though I need to pick out the seam in the first sock and finish it properly. The Rushing Rivulette socks from Cat Bordhi are wonderful. They look like The Pond at Nitobie – the cherries and wisteria are reflected in the pond with occasional glimpses of the koi and german goldfish under the surface. Hummm 🙂 I am so excited to just knit one project and get it done. It is such a weird feeling!

  207. Considering I ripped and restarted mine for the third time last night because the state of my increases was just too much for me (don’t look at me like that. You know how I am), I can say my project is now going very well from a ‘satisfied with the skill level in the required elements’ standpoint. The time penalties however will throw me right out of medal contention.
    Still, I’m gonna have a really beautiful sweater when I’m finished. (Again, don’t look at me like that. I do so finish things. Sometimes)

  208. I’m sooooooo close. All that is needed is to bind off and weave in ends and my first pair of socks are complete! I’m so excited and proud of myself that I could just burst!
    Big plans for four years from now. I’ve completed a pair of socks, I’m a super knitter. I can do anything!
    (And so can you, keep on knitting those sleeves!)

  209. Ok, you knit way faster than I do. That sweater body is just awesome. The sleeves will appear as if conjured by magic.
    Now, as for my own project. I’m knitting Saroyan and I’m on the decrease section and it’s going very well. I”m sure I can have it finished and blocked by the closing ceremonies.
    This particular project is not really much of a challenge for me. It’s the FINISHING of a project that is my challenge. I’m so terrible about finishing projects that it is requiring a herculean effort for me to resist the siren song of the brand new sock yarn whispering to me in the night. I have such a problem finishing projects that I have actually given up “casting on” for Lent. I cannot, will not, start another project before Easter. Not even charity projects. The only exceptions will be for second socks.

  210. Beautiful job!! I probably won’t finish mine in time, but I’m okay with luck with the sleeves!

  211. I will be a DNF on my project, the EZ Garter Stitch Blanket. I know that many are shaking their heads that such mindless work won’t get done, but the job just gets in the way of knitting! Maybe I can be done for the Olympics in London. That’s 2012, right? I just might make it!
    Your sweater, of course, is awe-inspiring.

  212. Still plugging along – 8 rows a day on this last part of the Damson will leave me Saturday for blocking and Sunday for drying/camera mishaps.

  213. hi! My word, that is one gorgeous sweater. Maybe once the dust settles you can share with us how you make such lovely even colourwork – I have a pair of mittens in progress that are as lumpy and bumpy as the day is long.
    My Knitting Olympics project, however, is right on track and doesn’t look half bad.
    Not nearly as awesome as yours, but it will keep a baby warm.
    Knit on!

  214. Thanks for asking! I’ve got the front, back, and one sleeve done. One more sleeve and then the neck and hood (hoods are always deceptively long to me) so no celebrating yet…

  215. Your sweater is beautiful and will look gorgeous with a gold medal draped over it.
    I have finished my first event (anklet socks) and am half way through my second event (full length socks).

  216. Well done Stephanie.
    I’ve finished my gloves, but as they are funky fair isle there are lots of ends to sew in. So not quite Gold yet.
    I’m pleased to have done them in time as I’ve had the fortnight from hell here.
    Sometimes needles and curling keeps you sane.
    Oh and I forgive you being a Canadian when you beat our British girls this evening.

  217. Your Olympic sweater is looking great! What an undertaking.
    My Heather Hoodie Vest had a few setbacks along the way–and a few armhole steeks that weren’t part of the original pattern!–but I am knitting the ribbing now that runs along the fronts, and hood so am almost done. (It helps that I put my husband on a plane last Friday and have been able to knit pretty much around-the-clock when I’ve been home!) Also, knowing that I am going to be leaving early Saturday for VA, and not wanting to drag this bulky project along w/me has been more incentive to get finished asap.

  218. I wish my project somehow only involved the back. Still I only have another 4ish inches of back to go. Followed by the two front halves and of course the sleeves. Maybe I’ll be done by April.
    Congrats on finishing the body. God luck with the arms.

  219. Wow! I am in awe!!
    I usually do both sleeves at once. It feels like it goes faster, and then I’m assured that they’ll be the same length and width.

  220. Wow…I just finished the freaky big garter stitch blankie last night. Goal accomplished. However, there has now been a request for a border…to make it longer. So, that will be another project…another chapter and moment(s) in time.

  221. Me too!!! I’m just finishing the ribbing at the bottom of a raglan. Sadly, I now have man-sized arms to knit for, and I haven’t convinced him that 3/4 length sleeves are stylish on men… GO sleeves!!

  222. I am inexplicably one day ahead of schedule. I’m sure there are a myriad of ways in which I can screw that up, though…
    BTW, short arms are a sign of being further evolved. No knuckle-draggers in your gene pool!

  223. I have about 5 rows of the Hemlock Ring Throw to do—then the cast off. The cast off will be the final burn for me. Your sweater is just beautiful–great job whether you get the sleeves done or not.

  224. It’s as impressive as the gold medal winning ice dancers. This Pennsylvanian fell in love with them with their first routine. Truly first class.

  225. I was pushed off the ice. On Sunday my darling granddaughter gave me a floor length chiffon dress to be shortened 9″ by tomorrow for her choir concert. Knitting vs. granddaughter with no dress. No contest. I won the granddaugher – better than a gold medal any day.

  226. all i can say is BEAUTIFUL!!! almost makes me want to try something fair isle-ish… or maybe i’ll just live vicariously through you 🙂

  227. I think I’m gonna finish my beaded Estonian lace shawl in time, nevermind the fact that I found out I had to move, found a new place, and moved during the blasted (wonderful) burning of the Olympic flame! Thank you so much for giving me- and all of us- a wonderful goal to attain during these hard weeks of winter. It gives me a reason to power through the drudgery of my ‘have tos’ in pursuit of my ‘want to’ time. Doin it and doin it and doin it well!

  228. I will finish the body of my cardigan, but not the sleeves. Oh well, if it wasn’t for that pesky job…

  229. I signed up to knit 2 pairs of mosaic socks. The first pair is finished, and I am a little over half-way done on the second pair. I feel confident I can finish in time, but it has been a real push for me, cranking them out much faster than I normally do. I even had to slow down one day because of arm & shoulder pain, but that’s better now. I can’t wait to see your finished sweater! It looks beautiful so far!

  230. Your sweater looks wonderful. I have a sleeve and 1/4 to go. still need to do a button hole band. I think it will be done. thanks for the challenge!

  231. Oh’s beautiful. and I just watched one of the dances of the Canadian team from yesterday and I’m in love! they are so graceful and sexy and glorious and beautiful! so magnificent!!!!
    I want to skate NOT! but want to look like that.
    such a great team Canada..mazel tov!

  232. Norwegian snail mittens in two colour stranded update: I got almost to the top of the first mitten when I realized I forgot to leave a hole for the thumb. Disaster! Not having the know-how or confidence to actually cut the yarn for the thumb opening, I was forced to rip back. However, I persevered, and have actually now finished the pair, with an Olympic record even. Having now learned two colour stranded knitting, as well as knitting with two hands, I’m going to try my hand at designing (and knitting) my own pair of mittens, complete with Olympic rings and Canadian maple leaves as part of the motif. I should just make the deadline of the closing ceremonies. I’m filled with new-found confidence!
    Your sweater is gorgeous.

  233. I have finished the fronts and backs of the cabled cardigan and have started on the sleeves. Didn’t realize how much I enjoy working on multiple projects. Have stopped only once to knit a small pair of soakers for an infant dress I finished earlier. Had to download several patterns to begin as soon as I have finished this cardi to keep me going.

  234. Your sweater looks fantastic. Color work is my Achilles heel, but you inspire me to try again.
    My intricate lace shawl has gone faster than I thought it would. Only three more repeats of the border pattern and I’m ready to block. I have Friday off work, so I will make it!

  235. Stephanie, that sweater is absolutely beautiful beautiful beautiful. I am delighted by your skill; it is a wonderful thing to witness. Thank you.
    For my project I have completed the yoke, divided/connected for armholes and sleeves, and am 2/3 of the way down the body. I must finish the body and then do the 3/4 sleeves. I have very few ends to weave in and no seaming. I think I am a little bit behind schedule, but not so much to feel discouraged. I am pushing on – I still think it is possible to finish before that torch goes out.

  236. That’s really, really beautiful and so completely amazing that you’ve done this in such a short time! I’m in knitting withdrawal these days, so I’m living vicariously through you… thank you!

  237. DNF *&%@)%$@!!!! Most displeased with the Skew Socks. I might as well have crashed in the halfpipe. oh well… there’s always four years from now. Unlike some sports, mine (knitting) is not limited by age, so I’ll be there watching the Olympics from Sochi and knitting away on something else challenging. My consolation prize this year is that I would have finished in time (but they just don’t work on my feet.)
    BUT your sweater is fabulous!

  238. Mine? I am merely a spectator at this Olympics…
    perhaps I’ll compete in the summer games…Naw, just kidding…I finished tea leaves with madeline tosh today…however I have been home from work with a terrible head cold. Which of course = more knitting time. Cheers, yours is very lovely.

  239. Congrats. You’re going to make it and it looks gorgeous. I have resigned myself to the fact that I’m not going to make it. I doubt I will even get up to the sleeves where the front and back split.

  240. I am also a mere spectator this round, but am really impressed with your sweater!
    AND the Canadian ice dancers were absolutely wonderful last night!
    Well done, Canada!

  241. You have mad skillz!!!! Beautiful knitting, I will never hold a candle to that!
    About to start second sleeve of my top down sweater, then just the button bands to go. I have never knit a sweater this quickly!

  242. Your sweater looks absolutely wonderful! Mine, well, after starting it 4 times, it’s currently more a cowl than a sweater. But, as the commercial says (over and over during the Olympics), it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, right????

  243. Also, have pain in left elbow and shoulder. I wonder if medical journals will have articles in the next few months on the mysterious rise in knitting injuries?

  244. While not “officially” participating in your Knitting Olympics (I lacked the planning-aheadness required to sign up) I am doing the Ravelympics…. a shawl (never done a shawl) with a lacy pattern throughout. I am dying. Currently sitting at about 45% done. I have a feeling this isn’t going to happen….

  245. I’m 1/2 of a sleeve, button bands and neck band away from my Olympic goal. I have sustained an fingernail injury, so I’m hopeful the super glue/coffee filter fix will hold until Friday 😉

  246. I was stalled on my sweater as it appeared that I dropped a stitch, but I have frogged and am almost back to where I was. I still have hopes of finishing. 🙂

  247. Oh my, I have a lot to catch up or I might be a DNF. New pattern, alterations to size and a new heel method nearly has me defeated for the gold but I will knit on. The second sock should go faster since I have all the newness figured out. Right? But now I think I might run out of wool. Do you know anyone with thick calves and tiny feet?

  248. Oh. My. I thought the picture you originally posted was wonderful. Today’s picture is a work of art.
    My challenge was to re-establish my knitting routine and complete a wrap for work. I got way ahead, thanks to regular movie-watching. (I don’t have TV, so had to make do with a movie every night instead of the Olympics.) Then work and some home stuff caught up with me, and I’m now a little behind. But I knit every night last week, and that means that I can do it again. So I haven’t caved in yet.
    With all that beautiful knitting accomplished, I have every confidence that you’ll have that sweater done by the end of the closing ceremony. It wants you to finish it.

  249. Finished my Helena baby sweater last night while watching Virtue and Moir get their gold medals and singing their hearts out when “O Canada” was played. What pure joy it was to watch them and how proud you all must be of them! They certainly reprsented your country well.
    I’ve already cast on for the matching hat, but don’t think I have the yarn to do the booties unless I can find some locally. I bought the yarn when I was in Massachusetts last week, and now I’m back in Ohio. It’s Snuggly DK, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find – the issue will be if I can find a dye lot that isn’t too far off.

  250. Loverly sweater!! Can’t wait to see it completed! I’m in awe!
    I finished sock #1 yesterday. Cast on for #2 today. It is going to be a race to the finish line for me. Here’s hoping all this stress doesn’t throw me into labor!!! 🙂

  251. I am sooo amazed at your sweater. It’s absolutely gorgeous. As far as my project goes, I continue to live with a delusional idea that I have more free time than I actually do, but my Drops Jacket is now halfway done. I may not finish in time for Knitting Olympics, but this is personal best as far as time goes 🙂

  252. Halfway done with my toe-up Discovery Sock. Since knitting anything on deadline is an Olympic feat, I’m AOK for now…

  253. Mine is going very badly. Last night there was yelling, throwing, and I’m sorry to say some stomping. And I’m doing a very simple pattern. But doing it very badly. I actually managed to unravel a line of knitting in the middle of the front – on purpose even! to fix a mistake – only to find I’d unraveled it on the WRONG SIDE. I’m an idiot at cardigans. Everyone of them, cursed in some way.
    I’m not giving up, but I’m taking a break for a day or two to help my family feel safe in coming back into the living room.

  254. So beautiful. Once the Olympics are over, I hope you will take time to gaze upon your handiwork and appreciate it for the art that it is.

  255. My daughter scheduled surgery the day before the opening ceremonies. It did not go well. I am babysitting three children, 2-5. My sweater, alas, has been ditched. I am working on the USA Olympic team hat, and even that is kicking my butt. Maybe next time.

  256. I don’t expect this to show up – my comments never do – but I’m so proud of you! And we didn’t even manage any 28-hr days for you! My project is going well – sleeves are attached and heading up into the decreasing for the yoke and up the saddle sleeves!

  257. Loverly, yours is, purely loverly.
    I think I’m going to make it with my sweater, but its progress is somewhat slowed by the need to try it on its recipient frequently, as she wants it form-fitting (and fitting her well is of course the only way to get the teen to wear it)….and teenager and I and the sweater are often not in the same space at the same time.
    Ah, well, thanks be that she wants 3/4 length sleeves….

  258. Is that a maple leaf on your sweater – snowflake that looks like a maple leaf? Great looking sweater! I’m rooting for you.

  259. Oooooh, it’s beautiful!! My project/s (to start and finish a hat for Daughter 2 and finish block 4 of the Moderne Blanket for Daughter 1) are … interesting. Right up there with wrist brace my doctor gave me just after she said to ‘cut back on your knitting.’ Is she crazy???? But I’ve made sloowwwer progress than I thought. Oh well, at least I tried!

  260. O…M…G..!! YOU and that sweater are truly awe-inspiring! And that you have knit it all since the Olympics started?! All I can say is WOW!!!
    How is my project going, you ask? Well…I’m knitting a felted messenger bag, similar to Hermione’s in the “Harry Potter” movies. I have 46 rounds (of 220 st) to knit (st st in the round, please insert a “sigh” here)…I timed myself last night, and it takes me 10 minutes to knit one round. 46 rounds X 10 minutes/round = 460 minutes, or 7.66 hours. (I then have to bind off 145 st, and knit 40 rows of garter stitch and cast off; then weave in all the ends; then felt it and have it dry; and buy and sew on a strap, but please, leave me my delusion). If I didn’t have to work, eat, or sleep, I might be able to finish…but…I haven’t given up completely yet! IF I can knit for 2 solid hours after I finish work every night this week…and IF my wrist and elbow tendonitis don’t act up…and IF having the knitting part of the project finished (although not the finishing) counts…then I just might make it!! I have a bridal shower to attend on Sunday, and I might get some weird looks from the Muggles, but I don’t really care, LOL! And if you can do 2 sleeves in the same amount of time, then darnit, I’m going to give it my best shot!! KNIT ON!!!
    To the poster above (sorry, can’t remember who/what time) who wondered who I root for when our Canadian athletes are out of contention–personally, I always root for the underdog, no matter where they’re from! 😀

  261. Your sweater looks beautiful! My vest is 80% done. The finishing is what slows me down, but I’m going to be done by Sunday. Good luck everyone!

  262. Finished my 1st Fair Isle – a hat – tonight. I would never have attempted it without the Knitting Olympics – thanks Stephanie!!!!

  263. Steph, even though I did not compete this year, I hope you notice that in the next Olympics-year, there should be NO DOUBT in your mind that YOU are the official “starting gun”!!!!

  264. Your sweater is beautiful! I have one mitten done (except for the thumb) and have started the cuff for the second. I figure I’ll finish the thumbs in the home stretch!

  265. Posted earlier, but have to add, re Canadian skater Joannie Rochette: her mother will not only be watching, but with her on the ice; guiding her graceful glides, high and perfect jumps, and guiding her to a perfect score, with a lovely ribbon with gold on the end. Many here in the US are rooting for her.

  266. I like the way the maple leaf is subtly subtle! And the snowflakes are perfection. It definitely reflects Whistler CA
    Regretfully I didn’t commit to the contest. I think I already have to many ufos up in the air!

  267. My husband is THRILLED with HIS new mitten! One thumb length to be checked and it is complete. Strangely, he insists on having two mittens as he has two hands; not that he hasn’t tried to lose one in the past, repeatedly!!! Only one to go!!!!
    ….maybe I’ll even get to do my January Hat!

  268. Wow, that is looking HOT! I’m on the second sleeve of my sweater and feeling smug and confident, which undoubtedly means something really, really stupid is at hand.
    How smug and confident? I’m reading blogs instead of knitting. (Well, TECHNICALLY, I knit while I read, but then I stop to comment on everything because EVERYBODY is entitled to my opinion, about EVERYTHING. You lucky Internets, you!)

  269. Well done, Stephanie. You made it through the moguls and it’s all down hill going forward. The sweater is simply stunning!
    The Hemlock Ring Blanket has hit a few rough spots, but I’ve maneuvered around them with some blood, sweat, and tears.
    The fractured thumb puffs up now and then, but short breaks have eased the discomfort and the thumb is healing (and I taught myself another knitting method not involving the thumb.)
    Fingers-crossed toward the finish line.

  270. You are amazing!
    My progress, in three categories, is going pretty well. I’m excited!
    Socks for my dad, toe-up (first time with toe up, second time with socks): done (except weaving in ends…and re-doing the not-stretchy-enough-castoff on one of them)
    River lacy wrap: repeats are done, have to do the last part to finish, then figure out a way to block it without blocking wires…or, perhaps, go buy blocking wires.
    Socks for my husband: with his permission, I have withdrawn from the event, and instead entered into “make and felt a bag.” (My interchangeable bamboo needles arrived from Webs and I was having issues with not using them right away.) I’ve never felted anything before, so we’ll see how that goes…
    All told, I think I’ll make it. Mostly because I have two days off from work between now and closing ceremonies. 🙂

  271. I feel that with the choice I made for my project either:
    a) I seriously underestimated my abilities
    b) that it is the equivalent of men’s figure skating and I’ve decided to omit the quad.
    That said I’ll be up late tonight doing a cost report and updating my budget. Maybe even up early again in the morning, desperately trying to be ready for my work deadlines.
    Great sweater! Knit on! Go Canada!!

  272. I am glad to hear that the light is in view for you. As I have never knitted a sweater before i would say that sleeves can be fast. My knitting olympic project is wel… slow i still have the heel flap and toe to do and another sock. luckily it is worsted weight so it should go fast.. Right? Hope things are well!!

  273. I am in awe! You are amazing. Even though I couldn’t convince my boss that I needed to knit at work, my Seaside Shawlette is blocking. Yay! I can see another obsession coming – lace knitting.

  274. Great sweater! 2 sleeves to go? No sweat, Stephanie. I’ve finished one pair of socks-Cascadia in STR lightweight-colourway Happy Go Lucky. I’ve finished one Flabella sock in Frog Creek Fibers Raspberries and Chocolate. The second sock is on the needles and I’m halfway through the bobble fan pattern. Barring unexpected disaster, I should be golden by Sunday, especially since PST is so awfully late when you live in Ontario. Knit on and on and on!!!!!Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  275. Your sweater looks amazing!! (But I hope you aren’t reading these comments til March – you need to be knitting, dude!)
    My hat is done but for the finishing, but my first pair of socks… will be my first sock. Does that count? At all, for anything? 🙂

  276. Stunning work, Stephanie, especially considering the knitting moguls that you encountered at the start. I am ever amazed at how fast a knitter you are…and chide myself for whining about lactic acid build up in my fingers.
    My Milkweed Shawl is finished. I clocked in at 9:49 last night, giving thanks to Laura Chau who has designed another beauty.

  277. If you can stop from admiring it, I think you have plenty of time to do the sleeves!
    Knit on with confidence and hope through all Knitting Olympics!

  278. Lovely pattern! Timely execution.
    I think I am my own worst enemy. Definitely not putting in enough time to get my sweater finished before the flame goes out. But I have declared tomorrow a full out knitting day to get caught up. Hoping to avoid injuries.

  279. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve finished my lace scarf. I had to rip it out so many times I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish, having discarded several other more complicated patterns after ripping them out 10+ times.
    Now I’m searching for a cardigan pattern that is just right for my Blue Mountain Valkyrie.

  280. I’m proud of you! And totally amazed. I don’t get enough knitting time and am pathetically slow at finishing anything! It’s a beauty, Stephanie.

  281. DS (13 yo) wants to know, ‘are you winning?’… I said to him, ‘you most certainly are!’

  282. Socks are hard! Who knew. I didn’t finish #1 until yesterday. At least they are for me. I would not want to be giving them to anyone! What are my chances to finish another one? Taking heart from all the other athletes who are giving it their best. Cheers!

  283. Mine is going good – despite ripping out half my first sock – I only have the leg portion to go on my second toe up sock … I think I will make it 😀

  284. Wow – that is absolutely stunning. I cannot believe you can knit that fast! I’m doing well on my goal, and think I’ll be able to finish on Sunday.

  285. Stephanie, I am in total awe of your speed, skill, tension and manual dexterity. That is a truly beautiful jumper.
    My own cardigan is not precisely stalled but slowed down. Knitting an 8ply cardigan in an Australian summer is a monumental feat however you look at it. I doubt I will finish before the closing ceremony, but I will keeping on going until the end. Like our Australian bobsledders, I may have fallen over but I will keep sliding to the finish!
    Thank you for organising these knitting olympics and giving us all the inspiration and courage to tackle a challenge and find ourselves better knitters (and people) for it. Blessings be upon you.

  286. You know those skiers who are way behind the rest of the pack, out of the medals but still focused on the process and the goal? I’m right behind them. I’m the Eddie the Eagle of the Knitting Olympics.

  287. Beautiful! Simply gorgeous! You’ll make it, plenty of time left! Doing good on my challenge also, five pairs of slippers done of the ten pledged! Not felted, just knitted, saving the felting for closer to Christmas so nobody walks away with them before then! Onwards and upwards, we can all do it!

  288. How lovely!
    I am 1/3 of the way through the leg part of my second Viper Pilot sock. First one is so lovely looking!

  289. Oh that is just stunning. Of course sleeves are fast! We are with you all the way!!
    Mine goes well… I am rounding the corner of my fourth skein (of a five skein clapotis) and headed to my fifth. New pics on the blog soon. We are rooting for you… GO Canada! 🙂

  290. Wow! Your sweater is beautiful. I could never knit anything so beautiful or complicated. My scarf for the Olympic Challenge is quite simple compared to it. Your sweater is just stunning!

  291. That’s gorgeous and would be beyond my skills. I have finished the Ishbel Scarf, did a couple of Swiffer covers out of dire need, am finishing a pair of plain socks for my sweetie and hope to start new socks tomorrow. I’m not terribly productive just now but I put that down to my eye issues…ciao

  292. Good for you! Love the colors.!
    I might not be able to do it. I don’t have stumpy feet and had to restart my toe-up socks on smaller needles with fewer stitches – as the swatch is a lie, and my feet measurements were too! But – I’m going to give it that Olympic try – as long as my thumb holds out (seems that the pointy needle is wearing a hole in into it!).

  293. And she lands the sweater body like a throw-triple lutz! Beautiful! Now there’s only the pairs (of sleeves) competition!
    (Me? I landed a sinus infection that’s kept me too painfully stupid to hold even fat needles. There’s yet hope I might meet my challenge to un-arse-up the collarband of my first sweater. But that’s only because there are antibiotics).

  294. Beautiful!!! Sadly I have went off the course and have been DSQ’d. After relizing that the written directions of the Pyroclastic socks don’t state it is a 12 row repeat but the chart does, I was missing row 12 throughout. That would have been okay had I not missed a row and the current repeat went wonky. Ripped it all out. Have to start over. Good times……..

  295. Compared to sweater bodies, sleeves certainly are smaller/faster. I have lots of “life stuff” coming up in the next few days, but I’m still confident I have enough time to finish my project. I knew I had three full days in the last week completely off the table knitting-wise, so I factored that in to my decision.
    But you can totally do it. Go, you!

  296. Your sweater took my breath away for a moment.
    I need two sleeves, but I’m not quite ready to cut my first steeks. I’m plowing on.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  297. Wow! I’m impressed. Maybe I’ll try something ambitious like that next time.
    I still think I can finish the baby hoodie. I have fronts and backs done, and am working on the first sleeve, but it IS going quickly when I get the time to work on it.
    Go Steph, Go! We are all rooting for you.

  298. Your sweater is beautiful; I am proud of you! And congratulations to everyone who has had a dream, set a goal, dealt with challenges and possibly even brought it all home.
    My beautiful & intriguing scarf project was completely unrealistic for me to complete in this amount of time. Who knew? I’m still learning my capabilities & limitations. I’m glad I found the Knitting Olympics and my project, and I’ve learned a lot in getting it started. It will be a great portable project to grab and go. I knew at some level, though, that I was really supposed to be working on a prayer shawl — a totally different type of project that, for me at least, does not lend itself to watching the Olympics. I needed to have honored that nudge, stayed in training and just cheered everyone else from the sidelines.
    To color and fiber and the privilege of holding yarn in our hands.

  299. Miss Stephanie,
    I don’t know you from Adam, and chances are (great) that we will never, ever, ever meet and I know you don’t give a flying rats ass what I think – But girlfriend, You are an amazing knitting machine! That there sweater of your’s is an amazing work of art and I just want you to know it! I’m damn proud of you that you could knit something with such detailed color work as that in such a short amount of time! Does your husband know what an amazing woman he’s got for himself?
    Please, whatever you do, don’t let red wine get anywhere near that sweater…you know what could happen…I won’t even say it.

  300. Yours is beautiful! As long as there isn’t too much patterning on the sleeves, you will definitely finish on time. Remember, sleeves are a little less than 1/3 of the yarn (and with less patterns, less than 1/3 of the time). Go Canada! Even if there was some disappointment in yesterday’s hockey game (4 of my home team were on team Canada, only one on team USA), you’re pulling it through for the Canucks!
    I, on the other hand, belatedly came to the sad realization yesterday that there was NO WAY I could finish by the end of Sunday. My linen stitch sweater has two lovely sleeves, but I’m less than halfway to the armholes. AND, I’ve decided that since the yarn is going much further than expected, I will go ahead, make a tuck in the center back and add a shawl collar.
    I am losing momentum, but still hope to finish within a week to ten days.
    My BFF (a cancer survivor — 17 years with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) hinted strongly during my visit last week that she thinks hand knit socks are awesome. She has received many hats and scarves over the years (a few blouses and purses, too), but never socks. As soon as the Knitting Olympics sweater is off the needles, I’m making her some socks (maybe the January shipment from the Rockin’ Socks Club).

  301. All I can say is – WAY TO GO! The sweater is looking awesome. If I could have worn that to the Olympics I would have been on cloud 9. What a great project to make for the knitting Olympics.

  302. You are a shoo-in for a gold now! Just as well it isn’t a pullover for Joe, eh?
    I’ve got half my projects done, 3/4 through another and have to knit a pair of socks for DH yet. Yikes!

  303. Such an Olympian of a sweater! I’m humbled to see it in all it’s quickly hewn glory. My twin is knitting me Olympic Mitts because I have taken an oath to not buy anything new for a year and was lusting after the hard to get Olympic Mitts.
    She learned the mitten making art from our Nanny in Newfoundland during her December visit at home, but alas, I only learned how to make slippers. I look forward to improving in my skill level, but I can’t imagine how your could make something so detailed and even be aware that the Olympics was happening at the same time. So, three cheers to you!
    and best of luck with the final lap!
    xo Tara

  304. Even though I spent most of last weekend wandering around downtown (Vancouver), gaping at the amazing crowds, showing people how to get to Granville Island and taking pictures for my cousin in Swift Current, I’ve still managed to finish the underlying shrug of my Olympic project. And I’ve knitted 40 of the 65 required bobbles and the five flowers that all get sewn onto the shrug. So the knitting should be finished tomorrow or Thursday, but the finishing … I’m not sure where I’m going to get the stamina to sew on 65 bobbles. Need more beer.

  305. Keep at it! I knew when I picked a small project, it was still going to be a challenge for me, and it is. I’m so darned indecisive about what stitch pattern to use on three of my pieces that I’m driving myself into a tizzy. Especially when you say five days’ left. Yikes, where’d it go?
    The sweater is gorgeous so far, and I will be so jealous if I ever see you wearing it. Gotta get going on the garment-knitting!

  306. I wish our Salt Lake Olympic sweater was as beautiful as yours is! My Shawl is a little over half way which is great with all the set backs but with my 3 year old going into heart surgery I should get a lot done while shes in the Hospital, I will not give up!

  307. I truly aspire to one day knit a beautiful sweater like yours. Meanwhile I am thrilled that I actually finished my socks on Sunday. Ive never knit so fast in my life.

  308. Fabulous sweater!!
    I’m working on the Must Have Cardigan. I knit the both of the sleeves first (took 8 days instead of the 2 I planned – what was I thinking?). Working both fronts together – started the armhole decreases this evening. It’s going to be very, very close…what fun!!

  309. Thanks, Stephanie, for this challenge. I have just finished sewing on the last button, and love how the Heather Hoodie Vest turned out. Sure hope my daughter will like it as well!

  310. Your sweater is stunning. Jaw-dropping beautiful. I finished my project and was so proud I had a) tried techniques that had scared me and b) actually finished it before the torch went out. Then I saw your sweater. When I grow up, I want to knit like you.

  311. My sweater is also coming along pretty well. I am about 3/5 through. I made excellent progress tonight, and tomorrow is knit night, so I should be able to bang out a couple more fractions then. Knit on!

  312. I have 2 more inches to knit on the body of my Fair Isle sweater for my Father. Then I do a 3 needle bind off and sew it up. Lastly the borders. I am a happy knitter.

  313. omg that’s beautiful…so impressive!
    yes sleeves are fast, especially if you do them both at the same time…you can do it, you’re an olympian (and canadian to boot lol)!
    sigh looking like a dnf at the moment but i’m still trying!

  314. Lovely!! These games are making me a big fan of the maple leaf motif, that’s for sure. My project is not going well.. got sidetracked by some lovely yarn and started making something else, so I pretended I meant to do that and made my olympics project .. two projects. And my phd thesis is due on Monday- do I get stoppage time for that so I can finish these after the games are over and have it still count? 🙂

  315. Oooh what a pretty sweater!
    If I knit a lot tomorrow, and find some knitting time while I’m at my professional meeting Friday and Saturday, I’ll come in under the wire with that one sock. It doesn’t sound like much (compared to a sweater) but for me, this particular sock is a triumph. About four inches of foot to go, then the toe.
    Yee and haw.

  316. I’ve got no hope of making the finish line.
    But that’s what I get when I attempt only my second pair of socks EVER while the first pair are still on the needles.
    And this time I picked one with patterns in it. DoH!
    Perhaps they shall be a WIP for the Knitting Olympics in 2014.

  317. You are right up there on the podium with the best of Canada! Wonderful sweater.
    I’ve taken mine off the needles and sewn in the ends. Just need to find the right button and felt it and it will be DONE.

  318. Oh sigh. What a gorgeous sweater you’ve got there. I hang my head in despair. My Bel cardigan/vest thingy is really slow, dammit! Seed stitch! What was I thinking? I’ve finished the back panel and am closing in on the end of the right side. This leaves “only” the left side (natch), sleeves (short), and neck/front bands. Yeah, well. I admit I am a slow knitter. And I have to operate under some serious physical constraints — chronic tendonitis in both elbows means no great wads of knitting time. Breaks and rest. Always. For the rest of my knitting life. Strangely, this has not brought on any realism in terms of how much I can accomplish in any given amount of time.
    The good news is that I did finish a blanket and a vest in time to send to a4A. Means I can sleep better at night.

  319. Congratulations! That’s fantastic!
    Mine is doing poorly… I made the mistake of calculating the total amount of stitches for my dress… and found out that it was more than I could do in the allotted time, especially with a full time job and a family besides.
    But I keep knitting and keep telling myself that “at least I will have made a good beginning”…

  320. My shawl plan turned into socks! But, I finished the heels this weekend (knitting toe up) and I’m straight into the legs now. Looking good so far..

  321. Ok, obviously I undershot, because today I finished my lace knee-high socks. In my defense, though, there was just no predicting how the Olympics was going to affect my commute into Vancouver, so I had to be a bit conservative. The socks are great, though, so now I’ll do an easy jacquard yarn pair toe-up and see if I can get THEM done by closing ceremonies as well.
    Your sweater rocks! As soon as I can afford to, I want to knit something gorgeous like that…..

  322. Uhm… Not all that well I’m afraid. I suppose I wasn’t dedicated enough to make it happen. 🙂 Then again, I think I have a few valid excuses like falling ill and having to sleep a lot, snow chaos which led to traffic chaos which caused me to take the car to work if I was to get to work at all theses past few days. This robbed me of valuable knitting time that I would have had on the train if traffic was running normally. Good thing though is that the recipients of the baby sweaters aren’t planned to arrive until early April so even if I don’t make it within the olympic timeline I’m pretty sure I’ll be done in good time to send them off to the families before the babies are born.

  323. That is a lovely jumper. I want one (maybe I can knit it in time for the 2014 games…)
    I think I will make it with my lacy vest…IF I have no more exciting distractions like the Ski Cross (what a brilliant addition to the Winter Olympics!) interfering with my knitting time. I daren’t knit last night during the Ladies competition in case I missed an audacious overtaking or some other craziness…!!

  324. you have time to ask us? You are amazing! Love Whistler – soooooo pretty! My side-to-side tee shirt nearly derailed – not enough Celestial Merino “Bittersweet” – dang. I feel like a cross-country skier who loses a pole – where’s my Norwegian coach to the rescue? Oh, wait, I have a skein of dark brown singles (sort of B&L) and it’s the right shade of dark brown. Yarn store owner looked it over, suggested stirpes (I even thought of bringing out the Celestial Merino in “Poppy” and calling this chocolate covered cherries) and knitting buddy played the Norwegian coach, and wound it for me – aaaaaah – the back is proceeding, at last. Front and both sleeves done – even though I had to rip the front last Friday morning, having discovered Thursday evening that it was at least 1, possibly 2 inches too wide …. It was finished again on Sunday, after the Canada hockey “game”. In the meantime, in the spirit of biathlon, picked up the Fleece Artist Celtic Cardigan, and started it yesterday, nearly finished the first piece of that – we’ll just have to wait for the final heats. Go you! and Go Canada! and Go Knitters! Thank you soooooo much for sponsoring this year’s Knitting Olympics – challenge is good, right?
    Knit on, everyone!
    Jenni in Edmonton

  325. My project is going great – I’ve finished the body, am almost done with the neck, and should be picking up to do sleeves tomorrow. It’s just a pullover sweater but it is my first successful one, and its truly Olympic.

  326. Nice work missus. How have you not gone mental? fair isle has that kind of effect on me.
    After set backs including not being able to count (4 does not equal 6) and a sore arse due to my own olympic skiing attempts. I have a front n back n one sleeve, but I`ve just noticed some crochet is required for finishing grrr hisss.

  327. It looks lovely.
    I was nobbled from the start because I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to make, only that it needed to be for my friend’s soon-to-be-born baby. And I had to go away to work for the first week of the Olympics. After a week stashless/working away at Site, I settled on making my first Baby Surprise Jacket. I’ve never seen one in the flesh.
    So I finally cast-on seven days late. And, thanks to being off sick for 4 days, I’ve almost finished.
    – Pam

  328. I’m a bit worried about finishing. Working full time cramps my style! I’ve done most of my body, but missing around 3-4″ of mindless knitting at the bottom. I’ve done 3/4 of one sleeve and have an entire sleeve to go. Plus a small neckband. It will be close, if it happens…

  329. The good news is that my project is a vest. The bad news is that it’s Eunny’s Ivy League Vest, and I seem to be unable to do more then 15 rows a day no matter what. Coupled with a week of half-term holiday with two small kids and a distressing inability to count higher then, um, two (fair isle + counting + trying to watch skiing = complete knitting fail and much tinking), means I need to do 32 rows a day to have the body done by Friday, and then steek and do umpteen rows of ribbing at neck and armholes. But there’s still hope, right?

  330. Wow! I am totally in awe of your amazing knitting skills! Your sweater is just remarkable. I’m sure that you can/will finish the sleeves. Besides, your sweater is just too pretty to not finish on time. I still have a shot at finishing the Pinwheel blanket if I keep this pace and don’t get too tired for the home stretch. Here’s hoping that we both are medal winners. However, you most definitely get the gold! I’ll be thrilled with the bronze LOL!

  331. Very impressed with your efforts, you should be proud of yourself!
    My race through all the UFOs littering my house is continuing…swallowtail shawl (which had been abandoned due to two spurious stitches) is now complete, blocked and warming my neck and shoulders now. Aquitaine jumper is complete, blocked and has been worn twice since the opening ceremonies. Two (nearly at the heel-turn) socks of different patterns are about to tackled.
    Complications are not nearly as bad as many of the other competitors – full-time job, evening classes which require note-taking, bookclub reading required, hurty right thumb due to pruning the evergreen hedge….

  332. I love the center maple leaf. so, so pretty the way it fits into the rest. I do not have stubby arms, which might be a problem, except I was planning on 3/4 sleeves from the start. What I was not planning on was cap sleeves. As I haven’t gotten to the sleeves yet, this may be irrelevant.

  333. I am so impressed by your pullover; I never realised that so much colourwork could be done at speed, even by you!
    As for my poor little offering, it is only half done, and I’m finding it a tad tedious, AND I have undertaken to finish two wips for, um, the other organisation. Meanwhile I wandered away from my registered event when I noticed another one looked quite attractive ….. mmm, I’ll try that! To call that a biathlon would be charitable; I just got startitus. Now I need to fly off to another event completely, as a quilt needs to be ready for grandson’s birthday next week. I have definitely spread myself too thinly.

  334. 5 days…really…FIVE DAYS…can they extend the olympics please? I only managed 2 rows on my Ishbel yesterday and still have another Chart A to do then the decision over whether I have enough yarn for another AB then CDE…ooer.
    Your sweater is looking fab, you can finish it!!

  335. I picked gloves for my daughter which I thought were a lot harder than they looked and have finished them so I am taking myself out of the running. Obviously I picked a bunny slope when I was ready for the moguls!

  336. i feel like im trying to do everything, but getting nothing done. my book was supposed to be half finished yesterday, and at least one sleeve done! instead im stuck on 19,000 words and the cuff of the first sleeve, i reckon there’s guna have to be all nighters ahead, and i have a feeling the writing will suffer but who cares, i’ll be cuddled up in starsky before ya no it.

  337. Oh, what will I do when the Olympics are over? Deep depression on the horizon… Your sweater is beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing it completed! Go, go, go, go, go (chanting a cheer for you!)

  338. It’s beautiful. I know your life and livelihood is centred on knitting but I am still in total awe of how you have completed that much of the pattern since the Winter Olympics opened. If you can acheive that then the sleeves should be a stroll, right?

  339. Very inspirational!! I need to get my fella a cowbell to cheer me on with. Turns out my project is impossible to do when tired/on the subway/in low light, which is how I have spend much of the past Olympic time!

  340. WOW! What a way to hold out on us – it’s like magic, jumping from little bottom border to full-blown sweater with completed yoke.

  341. I crashed at the top of the hill, picked myself up, crashed again and slid the rest of the way down. The socks, started and restarted twice with different yarn and then different needles, are a mere three inches, including the cuff. My Olympic project, intended for my granddaughter, has turned into possible birthday socks. Her birthday is in July.

  342. First – whoa dude, that’s some knitting!
    Second – my spectacular Olympic crash from 2006 is still not frogged. I suppose it’s not too late.

  343. Well I won’t be allowed near the podium, I am most certainly going to get an A for effort.
    Great looking sweater!

  344.! Your sweater is UNBELIEVABLE! My husband was wearing his Dale of Norway sweater when I showed him yours and for a few minutes I think he actually, honestly cared about knitting. Well done!!

  345. My heavens! that’s a gorgeous sweater. My wimpy little project is coming along nicely, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be done by the 28th.

  346. Beautiful sweater–I’m blown away by your knitting awesomeness. My lace shawl–I’m on the 8th repeat of a 10-repeat body and then have a 22-row edge to finish. Which would be less daunting if it didn’t keep getting LONGER every row. But hubby & #1 son are going away this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get some knitting time in and will cut it close but might just make it.

  347. Wow – that’s one gorgous sweater (almost sweater!)! I’d need the 4 years in between this and next Winter Olympics to attempt an event like that!
    See you at the finish line!

  348. Body and one sleeve done. It’s been a week from hell so I should have been done already, but alas that was not to be.
    If nothing else, I have proven to myself that if I stay focused for about 10 days I know I can finish a simple sweater – even for somebody my size. And baby, that’s an accomplishment!
    I think I will be able to finish before the flame goes out.

  349. I am in awe, both at your speed & the beauty of the project. I am having some carpal tunnel issues this month, so I am living the Olympics vicarously through you. Go girl!

  350. Stunning, absolutely stunning! I’m closing in on finishing the front of my sweater today. Between Sock Wars, Iron Knitter, and caring for my daughter and her family after her back surgery 3 weeks ago, I have had limited knitting time. I feel good about my chances of finishing, though.

  351. Your sweater is beautiful!
    My Millefiori Cardigan is coming along. I, too, can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have one sleeve left to do. Then, I can block, sew, knit the button bands, and sew some buttons on. I plan to do the whole next sleeve today and block tonight. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  352. When the skier falls and is out of the race — don’t they call that a “DNF” – did not finish — well, that’s what I am going to be. A “DNF”. Arthritis in my hand got me and I had to drop out of the race. I’ll give my hand a little rest and pick up the Einstein coat again in a few days.
    Good luck to you and all the others.

  353. I’m doing a hat and pair of mittens. The hat is done (although I may redo the last inch of the brim, because I’m not totally pleased with the way it came out.) I’m about to cast on the mittens (Annemor #15 from Selbuvotter but turned into mittens) I might still get them done by the closing ceremony.

  354. Goodness that is Gorgeous!
    I am cursing my size 11 feet as I still have yet to finish my first sock but I am 3/4″ from the toe chart and I am not giving up. I have the charts down now, I am aware of potential mishaps (had them all on the first sock) and I have a fresh pound of coffee in the house. If things go wrong we have a couple of bottle of wine as back up.
    Good luck everyone. I am so impressed with peoples project choices!

  355. I’ve never seen such a beautifully designed pattern. Absolutely superb. Hopefully the sleeves will only repeat the sweater bottom pattern and then be one color to the shoulders? You wouldn’t want anything to visually take away from the yoke pattern anyway. My two pair of socks are done (and worn, I’m such a child!) and a small shoulder-only faroese type shawl for someone unexpectedly undergoing cancer treatments. Gold to you for this project!

  356. I’m not really doing Olympic knitting. I’m working on Alice Starmore’s Oregon Cardigan and realized that I’d make more progress if I didn’t have to stop every little bit to watch someone ski, snowboard or skate. I’ve now switched to a stockinette project so I can knit and watch.

  357. Well… I was trucking right along, i was 90% finished with the sleeves when my son, who is 3, hid my knitting sunday and wouldn’t tell me where it was, because he wanted to spend time with me. So, I am 2 days behind, and i don’t see me finishing the front pieces and seaming and then the collar by Friday. If only I could take off 3 days of work, then I think I could get it done. BUT, I am so proud of myself, my first sweater, and let me tell you, it is GORGEOUS! Love every minute of it. I am making Jared Flood’s version of the Urban Cardigan.

  358. I didn’t realize the pattern I picked has blocking in the middle. I am going to do a speed blocking event today. All that is left is the heavy trim around the neck, front and pockets of my Interweave’s Farmer’s Market Cardigan. I think they abbreviate instructions to fit the pages of the magazine ! Found my Knitting Rules book, shoved(gently set aside for reference!) in my nightstand this morning. Hope there are tips for set in sleeves, as I have never done those.

  359. wow- this looks stellar! i myself had to switch events from a pair of socks to a sweater. the socks are just…pissing me off and i’d rather work on something that won’t give me hives in the process (but it could be too early to tell).
    good luck everyone!

  360. Your Olympic project deserves a gold – beautiful! My tiny project is done. Can we post a finished note on your list?

  361. After some language unbecoming an athlete, I bound off the top of my first mitten to the sounds of “The Impossible Dream” during ice dancing. How appropriate! The mittens turned into oars as I go used to knitting two colors on OO’s. Thankfully, my dad said he would be honored to wear them, so I didn’t start over. The thumb, which I had been dreading, is going OK. No medal for me, but I am honored to be here and loving the experience!

  362. That is beautiful! Sadly, I was derailed by the mother of all colds a week ago, which is still hanging on for dear life. I am halfway done with the hat….which has been re-knit now 4 times…the recipient doesn’t like it. I have dyed 52 of the 100 skeins I need to dye before Sunday. The dyeing will get done. Hat…who knows.

  363. Man alive, that is stunningly beautiful, and inspiring for when the day comes that I cast on my own – long, long after the Games are over! My Farmers Market Cardigan is moving along nicely. So far the body is done, and I did one sleeve and a bit in a day, which is some kind of record for me, at least. Tonight I plan to finish one pocket, the back hem, and part of the second pocket. But it’s the travelling rib front and collar that is making me sweat – short rows, incorporating added stitches – nothing like ending in a blaze of glory!!!

  364. My Olympic moment has arrived. I ran out of yarn about an inch from starting the sleeve cap of the second sleeve. I will now pick out a row about 3 inches from the cast on edge of a bottom-up sweater, to remove the 9 rows of MC yarn from a colorwork band, reuse that to finish the sleeve, reknit the colorwork down from the picked up stitches using what I hope is a close-enough substitution, and design an alternative to a hood. The rest of the project has been pretty straightforward with only minor setbacks. But this is what makes the project Olympian for me. It’s like a woman figure skater realizing halfway through the long program that she needs to complete a quad to make the podium. It’s theoretically possible; real living breathing people have done it; but not me, and certainly not under pressure. (takes a deep breath) Here goes…

  365. I’ll finish my project early (?), all pieces are done, collar to be knit, zipper to be sewn in and pieces to be sewn together. I had no idea how long it takes me to knit a sweater so selected a simple stockinette stitch, also one that I am able to do without looking down so much that I can watch the Olympics.

  366. Since I arrived at the destination of my business trip, progress has slowed alarmingly. In a way I am torn: of course I want to finish on time, but then again I can’t face the horror of possibly running out of knitting during the 8-hour plane flight home on Sunday Feb 28!

  367. Your Olympic sweater is just beautiful – and like many others I am in absolute awe that you knit it so quickly. I’m in a similar situation re the light in the tunnel, albeit with a much simpler/smaller project. I finished the first sock of my pair last night and thought I was doing pretty well to have finished it so quickly, until I realized how little time is left to knit the second one.

  368. I have finished glove the first of fetching. Mighty proud of myself for actually finishing an item. I have finally experienced a bind off, and I was successful. I am on to glove the second of Fetching and have mighty confidence in my abilities to finish before the end of the olympics. One small complaint is that they are smaller than I would like them. They fit but I want them longer. And while this may seam cruel, I am will be gifting them to my sister and going in for a round two of the patter with some tweaking for myself. I think my sister has smaller hands than me and her birthday is soon, so it was a logical decision. Although a wee bit sad that I will be giving away my first completed knitted item. Also anyone who comes to my house has been tossed the glove and told to appreciate it. So far so good.

  369. Your sweater is beautiful. I’m not in the knitting olympics as I already have a sweater in progress, Vivian from Twist collective, an NO my sleeves are not going quickly. Holding 3 needles while remembering to knit without twisting is a real pain and going so slow. Probably because I put it in time out every week for a few days. I love the pattern, more so that it was the first gift my boyfriend gave me, but if I ever do it again I will do the sleeves flat and seam them. Sorry had to rant to a fellow knitter.
    Best of luck on yours.

  370. I am so impressed with your work. You must get the gold no matter what just for doing what you have already completed in 10 short days! My first Cascadia is done, and I just started the foot on the second. My first toe-up and I love love love them. No Gusset stitches to pick up is my favorite part. I also somehow ended up with 4 inch sock needles…just raising the bar on my Olympic dream!

  371. And I wish mine was finishing UFOs. Who would have thought getting a pair of knee socks started would have been this difficult. I am still on the cuff. But at least I finally got past the cast on by knitting one row and then starting the twisted stitch ribbing.

  372. Your sweater is lovely–gorgeous, intricate color work. My sweater is lovely as well, but highly unlikely to be finished in time. I’m beginning to experience what every Olympian dreads, repetitive strain injury, aka tendinitis flare-up. A wise woman would take a day or two off and rest her right hand. A wiser woman than I?

  373. Wow–beautiful progress! Onward!
    I’m not sure whether I still qualify or not: The Norwegian sweater I was going to design for my granddaughter turned into a dress (more of a pinafore) instead! Same amount of wool, same design elements more or less, just arranged differently. I know it’s like signing up for luge and then showing up in figure skates, but Oh well!! That’s what happens when one has only boys and the lifelong backlog of little girl garments begins to land on the granddaughter.

  374. That is an incredibly beautiful sweater–kudos to you for taking it on. I did finish my pretty thing cowl-knit one and didn’t like how it looked and then knit another and loved it. Must block now.

  375. Gorgeous sweater! You are much more ambitious (delusional) than I am. I finished my scarf (it was a very LONG scarf made with touch-me that I had to rip out frequently because I could not see the stitches). So I’m planning on finished another project by the closing ceremony. It’s kind of like the downhill was shorter than I anticipated so I climbed 1/2 back up and ran it again!

  376. Gorgeous. You might be delusional, but if so you are in great company. My sweater is not quite to the split for the armholes yet. I have a couple more inches of knitting to go before I do that and 4 days. I’m OK with my failure, because the important thing is that I got off my butt and finally started knitting this sweater I’ve wanted for months!

  377. No medal for me. I didn’t swatch ahead of time and decided last Mon (after 4 days of work!)that it really wouldn’t do. So it is frogged and begun again on smaller needles. My new goal is to finish the center square of the shawl. – and to do the sewing down of the collar from my 2006 Olympic sweater.

  378. This is gorgeous! Love the subtle maple leaf, too. I wish I lived where it was colder so I could enjoy wearing my knits more. (I’m in central Calif.) I do a lot of cotton knitting.

  379. Looks Fabulous!
    As I am about 3/4 done the body and still have sleeves yet to do, I am not sure I will own any podium. Well, maybe at the Para-Olympics. But I will keep on, there may be a miracle on needles.
    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  380. I cast on at the right time. However, my project and my yarn were way way way beyond my capabilities and within the first 2 inches (and one total rip-back-and-reknit) I knew I was doomed. Maybe by the next winter Olympics I will have made friends with lace.

  381. “It also might be longer than I wanted, but I always think sweaters are going to be too long until you have to put them on over breasts.”
    This is the best thing I’ve read in a long time. I needed to hear that this morning!

  382. Fabulous sweater!! My Muir stole is finally is close to finishing, even tho’ there were 2 major yarn snarls (^*&$# lace yarn!) that I picked out with a pin to avoid trashing too many yards, a very bad cold, and a flare-up of carpal tunnel. I have pics but no blog to post them on.

  383. Quite frankly, I am in awe. My Olympic project was to be finishing a shawl, but we are having horrible weather and sheep coming down with pneumonia. Throw some good mojo this way-

  384. I admit that assignments for my weaving class (that I need to finish so I can weave a tallis for my son for his Bar Mitzvah) and addressing invitations to said Bar Mitzvah are taking the upper hand to my Olympic knitting. I am just on round 22 of 57 in a double knit hat for my husband. Ugh!
    Congrats, Stephanie! Yours looks great!

  385. I’ve finished 2 of the 3 projects I wanted to finish before the closing ceremonies. Just took the lace shawl off the needles yesterday. After 3 months of working on the shawl I’ve decided I’ll never attempt to knit lace again.
    Just have my Baby Blocks blanket to finish then I’m done!
    I’ve spent some of my time wandering around downtown Vancouver/Robson St. checking things out – so that’s cut into my knitting time.
    Your sweater is awesome Stephanie – I can’t imagine getting something like that done in 17 days.

  386. Um, very behind? I’m almost at the decreases for sock one. In theory, it’s possible, if I put in a lot of knitting time this weekend.

  387. Front, back, and one sleeve done. I’m about a third of the way through the second sleeve. Then seaming, collar, and button bands to go. I’ll be really glad to be done with cables!!

  388. My olympic project is to finish the second half of my wedding shawl and graft the two pieces together. Unfortunately, I’ve been sidetracked by the planning of the aforementioned wedding and my hands are so tense I’m afraid I’ll hurt my hands and never be able to finish the shawl in time.

  389. I’m working on a Swallowtail Shawl. I’m going with slow and steady wins the race….or maybe not.

  390. I’m doing a sweater (EZ’s percentage raglan sweater) as well, and have finished the body as far as I can right now.I’m working on the sleeves, and even though they are smaller in terms of diameter, they seem to be taking forever. Can’t wait to join the sleeves and body for the yoke ‘cuz it will be clear sailing then,

  391. Holy Crap! That’s some amazing, speedy colourwork you are doing. Looks great! I’m sure you will get those sleeves knit in time as long as life doesn’t throw you off course. Although I’m not a Canadian – these Olympics have made me want to be one. I’m very proud of the CA medal winners, especially the ice dancers — they were so elegant and beautiful.

  392. I am on row 54 of 70 of Jared’s Hemlock Ring throw, which sounds pretty impressive, right? Trouble is that every 5 rows the number of stitches ratchets up a notch – a BIG – notch. So my late start may have doomed my hopes of completion. Oh well. The lesson is in the effort, the participation. And that sweater of yours is as good as any gold medal, all on its own. Beautiful!

  393. I have had to withdraw from competition. Family issues conspired to slap me silly just as I rounded the first gate, and the needs of my son have to come before the needs of my knitting. I am glad that I was able to remember that I am a mom first, and an Olympian second….

  394. HA! I did it! I cast on during the women’s figure skating. It’s simple a cowl out of a delicious organic cotton. Not medal worthy as your awesome sweater, but it’s the effort/spirit that counts….right? LOL!
    Kudos & my heart’s out to Joannie Rochette! I just can’t imagine….

  395. Your sweater is as ambitious as it is lovely. My socks, my challenge. One done and the second started. I’m also starting to feel it is possible. Good luck up to the finish.

  396. Doncha just LOVE the pluck of the CANADIANS???
    BY GOLLY I mean…come on!!!
    But truly my Canadian Goddess of all things bright, wonderful, and woolie…
    I never doubted your maple leafed behind…NOT even for a second!!!
    SNAP and CRACK that WHIP Girlie…time is a wasting and there are sleeves to be DONE!!!
    MUSH!!! MUSH!!!!

  397. I’m on the sleeves, doing both at the same time but I am working both Sat. and Sun. so I really need to be button-ready on Friday. And then shop for said buttons, which is an excursion in itself because no one sells buttons anywhere near me and 🙂
    I want your sweater. (In case you make the body and the arms too long)

  398. One size 16 men’s argyle sock down, 1/2 of the second to go! This is SOOO much FUN!!! My husband thanks you for finally getting a pair of socks!

  399. I should have known better than to say it was going well, especially in your blog! Just found out the leg was a half inch too long and had to rip the heel back to fix it.

  400. I’m glad I was spurred. While I will get a DNF on my proposed project I got other things finished (rather than started) and I have renewed interest in this one. (I confess there has been a swatch, and a desire to instantly start something else entirely–happily those needles are in use.)

  401. Wow. Wow. Wow. There should be at least 8 Gold Medals in this for you. My event is my first ever sweater and I think I’m going to make it! Woot!

  402. Go, Steph, Go! It looks drop dead gorgeous!
    And, the advantage of living in Canada is you still have a lot of wearing time left post-Olympics!
    Of course, the way this winter is going, they may have a lot of wearing time for a winter sweater a lot further south of you, too!

  403. Well, I love yours! I chose the Komet Socks from Ravelry, with a twist, though. I wanted to include the heel from the sleepy hollow socks. I am just about past the heel on the first sock. I do not think this is going to happen in time. But although I am holding down my full time job, spending “quality” time with my 5 grandsons daily, shoving as much housework as I can under the rug (I’m throwing cold pizza at my family) I just think I might have bitten off a little bit more than I can chew. Haven’t really given up yet…we’ll see how the weekend goes.

  404. Your sweater is magnificent! So very gorgeous! I would not even comment on your speed–it is indeed of Olympic proportion. Puts my little pair of socks to shame…

  405. Wow, Steph, that is gorgeous! Sleeves are fast, even in colorwork. You can definitely finish in time.
    Alas, I never made it to the starting gate, either. The kit I ordered and assumed was in the box I didn’t open for the first three days of the Olympics was not, in fact, in the box. Out of stock. Thanks for telling me, store I shall not name! (And I know you’re thinking I’m a lunatic for not opening a box full of yarny goodness while it was still in the postman’s hands. It was a rough weekend; that’s all I can say.)

  406. Damn, girl! That’s kickass. Totally digging the maple leaf on the front. Sadly I’ve DNF’d this year. I consoled myself by buying one of The Bay’s faux-cowichan sweaters. That’s not wrong, is it? (Don’t say it’s wrong, I’ve worn it every single day since I left Vancouver)

  407. I finished one mitt. The other mitt is about 1/4 of the way done. Sooo, not too bad? I guess? I’m trying hard not to think about timing and how many rounds I need to knit per day and such.

  408. I finished weaving my first rag rug and it’s gorgeous. Seriously, I keep opening the door to the spare bedroom, where it’s hidden away from the cats’ pointy ends and delicate tummies, and I just stare at it. Who knew?
    Next time, I aim even higher.

  409. How’s *mine* going…well. If I knit every waking free moment between now and the extinguishing of the flame, I might finish. Sigh.

  410. Hee! I totally picked a vest right from the get-go! BUT A) I’ve never knitted a piece of clothing larger than a hat or sock, and B) I am a rather fluffy person and anything I make will involve a LOT of knitting just to get around me, so I don’t feel TOO bad about the lack of sleeves. I’m learning a LOT about the process, and will be learning a lot more in the next three days. And your sweater looks bleedin’ amazing, girl!

  411. I am on the sleeves of my sweater also! Hooray!! I too feel I can see the light. As you so aptly put it, not sure if it is a train either. Lots of weaving of ends to do, yuck. But I think I can, I think I can!!
    Knit on everyone!!

  412. Well, I said I’d design and knit an outfit for a teddy bear. My idea for the design was sort of a pinstriped suit, but really only a vest and pants in yarn that knit sideways, resembles pinstripes.
    So far, I’ve designed a paper pattern for the vest, which I have JUST started knitting to. I’ll knit it side-to-side around, and join the shoulders after.
    The pants will probably be a real design-as-you-knit, since I intend to start at the crotch, and knit to one side, adding the legs in via short rows somehow.
    And the best part is, even if I don’t finish by the end of the Olympics, I MUST finish by Monday night, and I don’t have Monday off!
    No pressure here, either!

  413. Amazingly, wonderfully beautiful! You can finish it up while you watch the Canadian teams win the Curling gold!

  414. I am 4 repeats and a bit of ribbing away from finishing my first pair of non-vanilla socks! These are Moose Tracks! (Which is an a-MAZ-ing ice cream that has chocolate fudge and Reese’s cups in vanilla ice cream. Do y’all have that in Canada?) Also my first two pairs turned out to be more on the ankle length spectrum because I lacked the patience to do miles of ribbing. These are much longer.
    BTW, does your software allow you to see where in the world people are posting from? ‘Cause it would be really cool to see just how international we Olympic Knitters are!

  415. Wow! That’s stunning! And it has such a wonderful, Canadian Olympics feel to it! Good luck with the sleeves – I have no doubt you’ll finish before the cauldron goes out.

  416. I’m knitting a sweater too. No colorwork, no steeks…but I’m at the bottom with no sleeves yet also. You’re a much faster knitter than I. This is a great challenge for me as is! Hope we both finish by Sunday!!!! Get back to work now!

  417. I was interrupted in my event by one of those work things that deducted days from my participation. Nevertheless, the Olympics to me are a success — I’ve been procrastinating on making a sweater with this yarn (Green Mountain’s Mountain Mohair in Alipine Shadow) convinced it would just be too hard to knit with. I was wrong. It’s a dream. Front of the sweater is finished up to the neck, and I’m casting on the back tonight. Thanks to the great people at Livejournal who helped me find a pattern, and yes, the neck will be done with circular needles, another first for me.

  418. 1. I am amazed at how fast you can knit, not based on this blog post but based on videos I’ve seen on YouTube AND this blog post.
    2. I am amazed at how many comments there are on this page, but
    3. I feel better seeing so many folks (including you) admitting to knitting pitfalls. So glad to know I’m not the only one who regularly makes mistakes :-p

  419. I just love that strip at the bottom of the sweater with the hearts and would happily buy the entire pattern just for that piece of it. But I gather it’s out of print. Does anybody know if there are any other Dale patterns with that same element?

  420. Beautiful (and quick!) work, congratulations on finishing the body. Sleeves are fast?! I’m sure they are when you do them. You’ll have to share with us your secret for not being stranded on sleeve island… a not so favorite locale that I frequent often.

  421. Mine is not going so well. I have the back and one side of the front done. I was supposed to get the other half of the front done today, but then I found out that I’m pregnant, and have spent the day wandering around in a daze, half the time happy, the other half of the time terrified that we can’t afford – with time or money – to raise another child. I’m just going to have to have faith that the universe doesn’t give a person more than they can handle and go with this.
    I’m still a little in shock, though.

  422. Looking fabulous! You are doing better than me, have run out of yarn with 5 body inches to go, have had to scour the internet for the right shade/ dye lot so hope it arrives soon, am knitting top down so may do it. However am going away with 200 plus YR 8 kids this weekend so may not!! Keep going you are doing brilliantly.

  423. DONE! I did E. Zimmermann’s Norwegian mittens. They were easier than I figured after reading her instructions about a million times. I still may have made a mistake or two but if I did it’s like watching the ice skaters do a triple instead of a quad…who can really tell. Not me, and it still looks nice. Someday I’ll graduate to a sweater like yours but I’m still too much of a rookie to invest in that much yarn for something I’d never get finished.

  424. Holy crap! I haven’t checked your site since the torch was lit and I am in awe that you’ve gotten this much done. Way to go & keep up the good work!

  425. Oh, it’s spectacular. Hang in there! You can do it! (Just got got your doubting Tweet.)
    I am knitting lace for the first time and I am hating it. I think I’ve mastered this particular pattern and I’m no longer wanting to take it out and run it over with my car on a daily basis but I am really not enjoying working with that silly thin yarn–thread, really. I am determined to finish this stole (which right now looks like it will fit an American Girl doll and won’t be a proper stole at all.) After that, I may never knit lace again. I keep having to bribe myself by doing some intermittent sock knitting!
    Grumble, grumble… that’s not really the spirit of the Olympics, is it??

  426. Well, I attempted lace. I’m not giving up, but I only have (let’s see, 2×28 is . . . ) Anyway, that many rows. I can only work on it at night between 7 and 11, and half that time I am apparently asleep at my hobby (according to my husband who finds it hysterical that I am knitting in my sleep) (which, of course results in lace boo-boos and ripbacks). Persevering, nonetheless.

  427. I didn’t take on an Olympic knitting project this year because I had the wonderful opportunity to go and view the actual games last week. I just wanted to tell you (because I know how proud you are of your fellow Canadians) that a great deal of my lovely time was due to the wonderful manners and civility of your great nation. (I knew this of course, having lived in Toronto many years back – I think right around the block from Lettuce Knit, although it was something else then.) It’s great to see that when we all participate and play nicely, things can still move smoothly. Bravo Canada (and thanks for giving us a good hockey game too!) you are all good sports. Now, will you marry me so I can become a citizen?

  428. I just cast on the second sleeve of the Central Park Hoodie. I had to start it Sunday, since I had a sweater I had to finish, then I had to swatch and realized that I probably hadn’t made this sweater yet because the yarn my daughter chose knits better at 5 sts/in. than at the 4.25 the pattern calls for. So I figured out which numbers in the pattern to follow that would be close to the size I want and got to work. Then the kids started throwing up. If I don’t catch what the kids had, I might just make it in time. Hope it fits my daughter.

  429. Do not mention the S word to me. I’m considering screaming “SLEEVES” at the TV the next time Canada tries to score WITH Sidney Crosby instead of the puck.

  430. Gorgeous sweater. Color work intimidates me (despite the fact that I have read your words about it not being sky diving) because mine always puckers up as if it were ribbing.

  431. Just like last time you knit a colorwork sweater for the Olympics, I predict that you will be sleeping in this sweater for a week. I wouldn’t blame you. It is gorgeous!

  432. The sweater is wonderful…I’m having trouble with my BSJ…I keep telling myself to think like EZ..with no luck! Three days left…

  433. WOW! I’m impressed. I couldn’t participate due to being diagnosed with arthritis in my hands at the beginning of the Olympics. I knew I couldn’t count on doing much knitting. And I love knitting Fair Isle. Stumpy Arms?? You arms are completely in proportion with all of you – just a smaller version of womanhood.

  434. That’s stunning! It’s also an absolutely perfect fantasy jumper for swishing down the slopes on super-fast skis. Or so I imagine from my hot Summer here in OZ.

  435. you made that??!?
    i didn’t officially sign up, but i did meet my goal: three pairs of kids’ wool socks sent off to afghans for Afghans yesterday.
    you REALLY MADE that???

  436. This morning one of our local radio stations (winnipeg)was talking about the knitting olympics. My husband looks as me with the “I’m afraid to ask” look and I had to inform him that yes this is a serious event and if he wasn’t stuck working 22 hour days leaving me a single parent that I too would participate. He just rolled his eyes. Anyhow great work Stephanie, your sweater is lovely and thanks again for setting it up…looking forward to 4 years!!!

  437. WOW! You inspire me! I finally knit my husband a pair of socks that fit!!! it took me 11 days …it was all I I wasnt working…got to get back to the laundry..etc

  438. Well…I misplaced my pattern early on, and since it’s my own original patter, there was no place to call to replace it! I did, however, finally find the original Barbara Walker stitch pattern on which I based the design, and managed to figure out how I adapted it for my pattern, and I’m back on track now. I fear, though, that I will not be finishing by the time the torch is extinguished.
    On a more cheerful note, I received a package yesterday from my brother in Kitchener, ON, containing five pair of the beautiful red Olympic torch bearer mittens…I have the best brother EVER!

  439. My project IS a vest!! I am working on the first cap row sleeve. Then button bands and collar and I am done!

  440. The sweater is beautiful!!!! Could you take a pic of it inside out. I am so intimidated by fair isle type knitting.

  441. Beautiful! I’m soooo envious. My project is coming along, but I’m afraid I’m going to trip & fall near the finish line. Both sleeves are done (blocking tonight) & I’m about ~1/3 through the body. Must get back to knitting!

  442. Honestly? I blew any chance I had of finishing… and I’m totally pleased about it. I traded possibly finishing my shawl for starting a new novel that I’m thrilled and excited about, and getting back my writing inspiration, which has been languishing for a couple of years. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Good luck to everyone who still has a chance — maybe next time for me!

  443. Your sweater is looking great, Steph- I’m betting you’ll read these comments AFTER the olympics- but what about this skeleton thing? Just how wise is it to hurl oneself down an icetrack, on a wee shingle of fiberglass, going 90 mph, headfirst. just a thought.

  444. My project IS a vest, and yet probably more than I can accomplish. Maybe if I wasn’t a homeschooling mom…. Anyway, I am going to finish the left front vest panel tonight and weigh it and my remaining yarn for the right front panel; it is going to be very, very close. And no, nowhere in the world is there more of this yarn….

  445. I love it! I have no doubts about your finishing the sleeves by Sunday. I am watching Canada vs. Russia hockey right now. I can’t believe the rough play on Staal just now.
    I finished both my Ruffles That Rock scarf and a pair of fingerless gloves. I had to plan things I could try to finish in a weekend because I never know how much energy I am going to have once I get home from work.
    I can’t wait to see the finished sweater. What a perfect pattern for this years Olympics.

  446. Beautiful, Steph! You’re on a roll, girl! My “Lambing Olympics” project has been something I can knit while waiting for lambs to be born, half asleep at night in the barn, so I opted for a garter stitch shawl on size 11 needles. I did discover that metal needles were not a good choice for nighttime knitting in a 38 degree barn. After one night of that I went out & bought bamboo.

  447. 9:42 pm, Wed, Feb 24 – finished my Knitting Olympic project – my first toe up socks, right down to weaving in the 2 ends and putting away my needles. Yahoo. Used 2 skeins of Plymouth Happy Feet because I wanted to see how far I could go up the leg before running out of yarn. Then I realized I’m short and wasn’t making knee socks. So still have a tad left over (though not much). Love toe up – no fiddly kitchner with fine sock yarn.

  448. Apolo relaxes by yawning. If it doesn’t help you out, at least people will think you have ice-water in your veins!
    Completed my challenge about 20 minutes ago. Not Whistler, though. Just a huge afghan, don’t know what I’ll call it yet. Now comes my real challenge…writing the pattern. Computers are my Giant Slolam.

  449. I am halfway down the first sleeve of my Shalom cardigan. (Had a little do-over when the yoke was done, a week ago.)
    Was getting really bothered by this until just now when I actually looked up the date of the closing ceremonies and HOT DAMN it is SUNDAY not Friday!
    Just goes to show the power of ignorance in planning/scheduling.
    If it will encourage you at all, there is a picture of a very yellow cardigan (sans sleeves) defying the “wintry mix” on my blog. 🙂

  450. I just looked at the first photo again. That maple leaf is superb. I like how it’s peeking out of the black instead of parading around in red. (Not that there is anything wrong with the red ones)

  451. I can’t believe how fast you knit! It’s like you’re the Lyndsey Vonn/Julia Mancuso rivalry all knit into one person.
    I’m rounding the clubhouse corner on my St. Patty’s day scarf. Craftsmanship sucks. Couldn’t get gauge on the sweater so was disqualified in that event. I’m sort of like the country that’s never entered the Olympics before and I’m just really happy to be here and participating.

  452. Sock #1 is almost done – got sidetracked over the weekend and got behind schedule. However, I feel a spectacular case of bronchitis coming on, so I will have a couple of days off work to maybe, just maybe, pull out the victory of finishing.
    The sweater is just plain stunning.

  453. Like others commented – the sweater is stunning.
    Canada’s newly adopted daughter was a wonder to watch in last night’s short program. Your country should be very proud of her strength and courage to skate with a heavy heart. Made me cry to watch. I am sure her mother was looking down from heaven with much pride.
    On the project front – one mitt is done – but my son said I need to make the bind off more stretchy. The kiddo was right. (Meaning part of it needs to come out.) Of the one temporarily finished mitt – the thumb is simply stunning. 🙂
    I am 3/4 done with mitt number 2. I feel the gold within striking distance.
    I am so glad you decided to hold the event!

  454. I had to restart two nights ago and I am in the process of finding a new job and a new apartment so let’s just say it is looking a little futile. Grrr.

  455. Harlot, I’ve told my 2 boys that in the knitting world you’re a ROCKSTAR (which they don’t get, because they don’t get knitting…) and now we can all see why! You ROCK! For me? A bronze– by closing ceremonies I’ll have finished all UFO’s in my house!!! I was going to do some fancy-schmancy socks too… but that’s just not gonna happen because I’d forgotten just how many UFO’s that I had!

  456. Am on pace to finish my Willow Leaf Stole. In hindsight, it hasn’t been as much of a challenge as I thought it might be. After seeing your sweater, I feel like I’m still skiing the bunny hill, while you are streaking down the Dave Murray downhill on Whistler. Not in the same league at all. I am in awe.

  457. Wow, it looks amazing so far! My project has made progress, but I think I’ll be doing well to have it finished by the next Olympics at the rate I’m going…

  458. Wow – you are a world class knitter! I know you will pull it out, because that’s just the way you are. Sleep is overrated anyway.
    Body is done, and I’m halfway through the sleeves on my Gathered Pullover. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how quickly it has gone and I think I could have picked a more challenging project. I’ll step it up a notch next time around. Dale of Norway? Probably not, but I can dream…

  459. The sweater is exquisite – definitly gold medal quality! Another gold for Canada!!
    I’m back on track after some help at the LYS – Thanks to Nathania (sp?) at Purlessence, and a couple of hours at home this evening tinking and recounting, I’ve managed to get back to the beginning of the row starting 11 snowdrops! There’s no hope for a finish by the time the torch is extinguished, but I’ve learned a lot and will keep going until it’s done. At this rate, probably another couple of weeks at least, but as Donna Summers said, “I will survive!”

  460. Wow, well done! I’m sure the Knitting Goddess will overlook the incipient cockiness I’m sure I detected in the last part of your message, since you’ve made such a beautiful votive item to offer her.
    I’m afraid I’ve thrown in the towel on my very basic Olympic jumper, because the (very late) supplies I’ve been waiting for have finally arrive and I’m now sewing like the wind to finish a cloth doll in time for my son’s second birthday. I may have to knit it a weeny jumper, too…

  461. If my light is a train, it’s one that hit my hands. I’ve had to take a break due to soreness. Guess I’m not used to the pace; I should have trained more! I thought I was knitting quite a lot before…
    Your sweater is gorgeous and amazing. You can do it!

  462. Beautiful sweater! I love the maple leaf on the center.
    Got the February Lady sweater done, the Drops jacket done, and have 1 1/2 sleeves on the aran sweater done. I may get all three finished in time! The first one was worsted weight yarn, the second one was super bulky, and the third one is aran weight. Trust me, if they were in the same weight yarn as your sweater, I wouldn’t even be as far as you are! Good luck!

  463. Completely derailed by my daughter’s health issues, I have done only 5 of the 10 pattern repeats for Fernfrost … but am trying to put myself into a zen-like calm so I can actually follow the pattern. Still hopeful!

  464. I have completed 6 pairs out of the 9 French Press Felted Slippers I am making. I think I will make it! 🙂
    The sweater looks awesome!

  465. I am working on the Swallowtail and I am very proud of how well I have done all things considering. I have learned that lifelines are a must. And I only had to start over 4 times before I learned that. I have also found my rhythm with the lace pattern and I am very proud of the fact that while I probably will not finish I have made it through the first 2 charts. I still believe I can finish.:-) It helps that my husband will be home today after a week long trip and he can entertain our 4 kids while I just knit and knit and knit.

  466. Wow, that is beautiful. You deserve a gold medal, it would take me 2 years to knit that sweater.

  467. Finished! Many trials and tribulations and stooopid mistakes and with only the toe decreases to go Life interfered for twenty four hours but “the other sock” (knitty summer 2008, Spring Forward, Plymouth yarn Sockin’ Sox) is done and on my foot with its mate adorning the other foot. I think I’m only going to be eligible for a silver medal though, since I’d already done five rows of cuff ribbing when I realized I had a perfect (for me) Olympic project. I’ve never done a sock so fast. Thank you for the inspiration! I have even been inspired to start a baby sweater – maybe I’ll complete it this week – and assemble a ten year old WIP. Although, I’m not sure if one could actually consider it as “in progress” after all that time. More like a UFO. In any case…
    And Stephanie, your sweater is a knockout. The integration of the maple leaf into the design is fantastic. Watching the Olympic bits and pieces I can catch almost makes me want to become a Canadian from B.C.! Go girl!

  468. Your sweater is beautiful! I am in awe of anyone who can do colorwork! I’m already conceding defeat, I won’t have finished my “Sand and Shore” cardigan by the time they extinguish the flame, but without the challenge of the knitting olympics I wouldn’t even have started. I’ve been knitting every day and have finished the back and almost one front. Thank you for the inspiration.

  469. Gorgeous!
    I have vain hopes of finishing mine by the closing ceremonies. As long as by finishing we’re talking about the knitting part. Those 28 eye-buttons might have to wait till the next day.
    Amazingly enough, having a “sick” day with a not-sick toddler home may actually have resulted in less overall knitting time.

  470. Go! Go! Go! Can’t wait to see the next update.
    I finished my Swallowtail Lace Shawl the other night and blocked it. I’m so happy with this project. Nupps weren’t anywhere near as fearsome and I had imagined, so I’m glad that I tried them.
    p.s. Canada sure knows how to put on a wonderful Olympics!

  471. mmmmm. I always tell myself that sleeves are fast only to remember that they are close to as many stitches as the body. But if anyone can do it, you can!

  472. So. I gave up on the sweater to take care of the grandchildren, but I made the USA Olympic hat complete with tassels and the flag patch. Then, I soaked it in cold water to block, and the #%^&*@%#$% red color RAN INTO THE WHITE!!!!! I have a @#$%^&^%$$##@ red, white, and blue AND PINK Olympic hat!!!!!!

  473. Holy Cow! You are one speedy knitter! I’m halfway up the right front of my Moose Eh?, which is a cardigan. I still have the sleeves, the blocking and seaming, and then the collar which gets knitted up one side of the front, around the back of the neck and down the other side of the front. Oh, and did I also mention that I work 4 part-time jobs? The kids at one of the schools I work at have been asking me for updates on my Olympic sweater every day. I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it. :-S

  474. Go Steph Go!
    i feel like such an underachiever though knitting basic k2p2 socks. I have one sock done and the second one almost half way done.
    i’ll have to set the bar higher next time.

  475. Wow – sweater is beautiful. I’m at the armhole/v-neck of my vest. Not sure if I’ll make the end though – my hands are really starting to hurt – thus I might have to sit out a bit.

  476. Since you asked, let’s just say that my first adventure into lace knitting may not have been the best idea. Frogging lace is so painful!
    There’s a reason people go to the Olympics in sports they’ve practiced for a long time. Doh!

  477. Oh, and it’s a sweater with STEEKS. It looks fantastic, and I bet the sleeves will fly off your needles in no time. Especially if right and left are identical, vs. mirror images. The single time that I completed a project of the kind (simpler, only two colors), by the time I got to the sleeves I actually sort of knew how the color pattern worked. Still made mistakes, but much less frogging and bad language.
    My “training for future Olympics” switched sports as I realized one of the two expectant mothers I work with is due in MARCH! so I had to master the “stay on baby booties.” Fingering yarn is not very tolerant of repeated frogging so it was several false starts and one flawed prototype later that I finally knit a pair without major mistakes. Excelsior!

  478. Your sweater looks fantastic. My snazzy cabled gloves have glove #1 complete & patway through glove #2. I had a landing a jump badly incident when a goofy workmate decided to infect the entire office with a plague that made me too sick to knit for 4 days. I’m catching up fast though.

  479. Knitting and hockey ~ my 2 favorite pastimes! It doesn’t get much better than this. America and Canada are another game closer to the gold medal round – for the men. The women are already there. I can’t wait. Canada sure showed up against the Russians last night. What a great game.
    I do find it hard to follow my charted knitting while trying to watch the hockey games. Thank heavens for my DVR ~ I use that rewind button a lot to see what I missed. I just have to block my baby sweater, sew it together and put the collar on. Then I have to finish up the cap. I have the cap’s ribbing almost done and then will start the Fair Isle stockinette. I think I can get it done. Found out my daughter-in-law’s having a boy, so the sweater is going to my cousin. Next I have to pick out a good pattern for a little boy!
    When I look at your sweater, I feel a bit less proud of mine. (I still do feel good about my project, but yours is incredible) Now I am getting the urge to do a Dale of Norway sweater ~ but only if I can work at my own pace. That is too much for an Olympic project for me. I guess I’m not a distance knitter!

  480. “Does anyone else hear a whistle?” …yeah, and they’re catcalls, because that sweater is so gorgeous.

  481. I failed miserably at this. I’m usually so good at doing things like this – it gets me psyched up, but this month life just got in the way (stupid life) and I didn’t even get a chance to cast on to the project I intended to do. I did however get another knitting project done so I guess that’s something.

  482. I think I get more knitting done if i’m not watching speed skating, there is something very distracting about Apolo Ohno. Shhh don’t tell my husband. 🙂

  483. I finished my challenge last night, but I feel humbled by all the really productive knitters out there. Stephanie’s sweater – wow. I only did a hat, but it’s done. My mother (Annabelle Dawson) would be so proud. Onto my next project!

  484. I just need to say that this business of knitting only one project from start to end is difficult. I found myself staring longingly at acrylic to start another project – ACRYLIC! – and I am knitting beautiful hand dyed merino.
    I lost an evening’s knitting to sleep. I guess it isn’t as optional as I thought. I should finish on target. I have grandiose ideas of finishing before Friday so I can let you know from work. I don’t think that will happen.

  485. Yowza! There is just NOOOO way I could have done that kind of knitting, in the time of the Olympics! It’s gorgeous, but so intricate! Too much work and needing to sleep and liking to sit by the computer would cut into the knitting time needed to make something that complicated!

  486. I am now in the same position with less time. And I sat here this morning thinking that since I don’t have to work maybe I can finished two sleeves…and a little bit of the body…and the collar and button bands…but its not looking good. I only realised this morning that I had better make a short sleeved sweater or I am going to run out of yarn. And that will just not do. I am getting to the end of my 30km cross country ski without enough energy in store in finish the race. ah shoot. i am loving my olympic experience.
    your sweater is beautiful! I hope to try one like that someday! BEAUTIFUL!

  487. YOU may be able to knit two sleeves in 5 days but I discovered that one sleeve for Cassidy took me two days and more than one skein of Cascade 220. Funny, not normally knitting full size sweaters I just didn’t realize how much was involved in one little ol’s sleeve. LOL That said though, I am thrilled with how much I have done on Cassidy. I have the back done, the left front and one sleeve and they are all sewn together. (Had to do it this way so I could use my junior college class time to learn the mattress stitch!, and yes, that is an MJC class in Knitting, for older adults no less LOL)
    Thanks so much for inspiring me to attempt this challenge everyone. My daughter should receive her sweater sometime in early March instead of in 2027 as might have previously been thought! I am having a wonderful time, hope you are too.

  488. I would love to be happy for you but since I suck and have DQ’d from all my Ravelympics I can’t be happy for anyone who is such a rock star.
    That being said.. your sweater is beautiful.

  489. I finished my cabled socks last night! I wore them proudly today! My almost 16 year old hockey goalie is hoping for a Canada US showdown !US couldn’t face a more worthy opponent!

  490. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself because my husband just took off through the snowstorm to mail the last bits of my project to A4A. I finished a blanket I’d already started, a sweater, and 6 pairs of mittens.
    Then I saw your amazing sweater and realized that everything I made was embarassingly mindlessly simple. I am like the team member who never leaves the bench but gets the medal. Well, what can I say. I seem to go for quantity over quality.

  491. 3 dead fish hats. #1 is done, except for eyes, #2 is half.
    I am down to hacking and squeaking my way through every 24 hour cycle. That’s my unexpected bump. Oh, and I had 3 kids 5 and under join me for 3 days. And another family will pop in on Sunday. Of 6, kids’ ages 7 and down.
    I’d better buckle down and knit!

  492. I managed to finish my Sleepy Hollow socks today! After having to rip out almost 20 rows in the second sock because of a really ugly obvious error in the leg, then I didn’t think I’d finish in time. But then today I spent 8 hours knitting on them, so I started the heel turn at about 9 AM and finished weaving in the ends at 5:30 PM.

  493. your sweater is epically stunning!
    I ambitiously named 2 projects a “piggle” hat (Knitty) for my niece in the special purple wool she picked out when touring a sheep farm. This I completed on Olypic day 3. I was proud! and so optimistic. I was on a roll!
    As for the 2nd I picked a Hey Teach (Knitty) cotton sweater for myself to go with the cute polka dot sundress I bought on sale for $7! I swatched, I measured, I was good to go . . . or so I thought. I was so happy when I finished the back last weekend and then … you know that dutch speed skater who didn’t win because he skated in the wrong lane, that’s me. Somehow I made the back of the sweater 2 sizes too SMALL!!!! That agonizing scream you heard that was me.
    Now I’m hoping for a really good reason not to have enough time to reknit. My company is raffling a trip to the Closing Ceremonies for one of its employees. I BELIEVE I will be taking my knitting on the plane with me as I fly to Vancouver !! Fingers crossed. Oh, and the winner also gets to decide which charity the raffle $$ goes to. I’m planning to divide it between the Daffodil Lodge in Sudbury where both my parents have stayed while undergoing cancer treatments & to drs. without borders for haitian relief. Now I’m off to continue knitting, sing the anthem & watch the flag go up as we celebrate Cdn. Women’s Hockey GOLD !

  494. Wow, wow, and wow again. I did a similar sweater a few years back and it took many weeks to finish. I am soo impressed.
    Congratulations Canada for the win in women’s hockey (I noticed that you Canadians capitalize the word Hockey). Great job on the winter Olympics!

  495. The spinning and dyeing projects were finished last week. The knitting project was finished about an hour ago. It’s the first pair of socks that took me less than a month to do. Thanks for being a wonderful inspiration and encouragement. I wouldn’t have pushed so hard to challenge myself otherwise.

  496. I’m almost done with one sock, so no Olympic gold for me either. This was my first time competing, though, so I’m sure I’ll learn not to be quite so ambitious while working full time and in college. Thirty minutes to knit in a day is a luxury this year. Next time around I’ll be a seasoned Olympian ready to take on my challenge.

  497. Gorgeous sweater! Today I finished my 17th hat for my Ravelympics2010 challenge. Yay, now I have the weekend to work on my Knitting Olympics challenge of learning how to work Entrelac.

  498. knitting bit of jumper finished – this is the first time I`ve ever knit anything clothing wise that quickly, now I know I can there`ll be no stopping me (life permitting)- just the light pressing and sewing bit to do. boo hisss

  499. I am so impressed with your challenge. It is really beautiful and makes me want to knit a Dale of Norway. My challenge is coming. I’m on the bottom border of the center panel of the Crown Prince shawl from estonian lace. I just have the extra border to knit. Thank God today is a snow day:-)

  500. Look! Seamus whatsisface on CTV is wearing a Dale of Norway sweater like yours to interview Norwegian royalty!

  501. I have a small amount of hope to finish. My 15yo daughter has been sidelined for medical reasons. 2 hour trip for surgery on monday. About 486 stitches for a knitted border on my shawl

  502. Absolutely gorgeous, that sweater is beyond words…a very worthy challenge indeed! My challenge-Sleepy Hollow socks on 2 circulars (first time ever) should be finished tomorrow. It was challenging enough for me! To the victor go the spoils, so I plan on wearing MY socks tomorrow night for the closing ceremony.

  503. Ditto the cowbells – “Whistler” is fabulous!(Though I can’t be encouraging about the speediness of sleeves, from *my* experiences with sleeves – even baby-size sleeves.)
    We had several days of being snowed in over the opening weekend into the next week, so I got way further along on my log cabin throw than I could have anticipated – even with hours and hours of shoveling. As the second weekend approached, I could tell I was going to finish way too soon for consideration as a gold medal effort, so the decision was before me: start a second something, or make this one bigger. After a trip to the LYS for the makings of a second something and nearing completion of the first, I knew that the first was going to be smaller in size than I really wanted – so I committed to adding another panel on each side, requiring another dozen balls of yarn. Yikes. That pushed me into the territory of Herculean task, and I am feeling appropriately backed against the wall, despite knitting in the dark through several evenings of end-of-term school-related events and staying up ’til all hours for each figure skating event. (That’s worthy of Olympic recognition in itself, don’t you think?)

  504. I have one more repeat of my hat, then the decreases. I wasn’t sure I was up to finishing this, but Joannie Rochette kinda put things in perspective for me.

  505. When the Olympics are all over and you have time, would you mind telling me how many stitches you carry an unused colour over on the back of that sweater (floating instead of anchoring it down). Hope you understand what I am asking.

  506. Just want to say that although your tweets mention a lot of hockey I’ve been obsessed with the figure skating and that wonderful young Canadian woman, Joannie Rochette (sp?). What a courageous young woman and what a tribute to her mom. I tear up all over again just thinking about her. Makes me want to knit her something . . . .

  507. I am FINISHED! Ends woven in and everything! I love finishing a project – is there anything else like that high? I think not. Since I finished this early and did not stay up late to work on them, I clearly underestimated my own knitting mojo. Need to pick something more challenging next time, step it up a notch. I blame my mother. She told me that the closing ceremonies were today, Friday and even though I checked it IMMEDIATELY, I think the fear lent speed to my fingers. Also I was using metal DPNs instead of the wooden ones I’ve always used and I was shocked how much faster they seemed to be. Am I high on wool or am I discovering something that the rest of civilization has known and exploited for centuries?

  508. I apparently challenged myself too much. Only one of the pair of socks will be done. Though that will be a personal record for me. Does that still count? PR but no medal?

  509. My project? I’d be doing great if I had decided to make the prerequisite knit my Olympic Knit! (just now finishing a school vest for the kiddo that could have been done before the Games, have yet to pick up the first never-ending mitten, two inches from the end. How hard can it be?)

  510. WOW – that is GORGEOUS! You seriously rocked that sweater! Two sleeves left to do? (that’s where I am now): piece-o-cake, lady! You can totally do it!

  511. On injured reserve for this Olympics. Arms not in good shape so have to take it easy. Maybe in 4 years I will be able to do such colorwork…or even start a sweater for that matter. As it is, I am relegated to finishing UFO’s and spinning all this fiber on my Polonaise.

  512. That is gorgeous! Very awesome knitting accomplishments time wise, too! I, ahem, am just past the heel on sock #1 after ripping out that sock (pattern Skew from Knitty) more than 5 times now. Plus working on some WIP’s for the olympics as well. Clearly I’m using my time well since I decided I needed to stop and read blogs this afternoon. 🙂 It’s fun though, reading your blog I mean.

  513. Woo-Hoo! I’m done! A whole sweater in 16 days is a personal best! (anything less than a year is probably a personal best).
    Keep going Steph, we have faith in you…you’ve pulled out some surprises before and I think you can do it again. Warn your family to adhere to a strict safety zone around you and your sweater. 😉

  514. I made it – my mittens are finished! And with the workload I had at the office coming home with me every single night, even this small knitting feat is a crowning achievement for me.
    I bow before those of you with much larger projects and acknowledge your far greater skills and knitterlyness. I love to knit but have too big a job at the moment to allow me to pursue my knitting dreams.
    Steph, your sweater is amazingly beautiful – I have all faith in you!

  515. Finished my pair of mittens while watching Joannie Rochette win bronze. Very happy for myself, but I think her moment was much more significant. PS. Yay Canada!!!!

  516. Just wondering if the Yarn Harlot will be featured in the closing ceremonies tonight? Steph has to be the most famous Canadian of all!

  517. Hugo hat Done and blocking about 60 mins left? Good luck to all the frantic knitters out there!

  518. Thanks to you, Stephanie, I finished my first pair of socks. They’re not pretty but they’re mine – and I learned a lot for the next pair. I was so inspired that I also finished the three Cousin Hats that I was making for my great nephews, and the Noro Scarf that I had almost finished for my husband.
    What a fabulous finish to the Games!!! Well done all Olympic Knitters! Meet you again in four years in Sochi, Russia.

  519. Post Hockey Game: Yay! Canada! As an American, my heart was divided, but that particular medal means so much to Canadians that I’m glad you can revel in it for at least the next 4 years. Congratulations and well done!

  520. (Referencing unsportsperson-like tweets) Well, we all know some people’s mothers/teachers/coaches didn’t teach them any manners. Sorry.
    On behalf of my country – deepest heartfelt congratulations! You have to admit, we did make you work for it.

  521. Thanks for hosting the Knitting Olympics-I actually finished by husband’s VERY large cabled socks (and wouldn’t have done it without the olympics!) during the closing ceremonies!

  522. I finished my weaving! I did not register with you or with Ravelry because there is no sport for weaving. But I got four place mats done by Saturday evening and they were judged that evening. I have a picture of them on my blog, if you have the time and desire to see them. The judges gave me a silver, as there were threading errors in all four mats.
    Your work was harder so I’m not surprised that you are not going to make it to the podium. But it’s beautiful!!

  523. wow! can you even stand it? your heart must be bursting with pride over your country, the great welcome they gave the world, the beautiful scenery, and then all those gold medals topped off with a win in both hockey games? As an American, I’d prefer that the Americans would have won, but if we had to lose, there’s no one we’d rather lose to. Congratulations and great Games!

  524. Woo Hoo I made it!! I finished my Pinwheel blanket last night at 9:20pm EST. Hurray!!!! That’s the most knitting I have ever done in 2 weeks in my life!!!! I’m so proud of myself I could just bust! Was that an awesome hockey game last night or what! I tell ya, if the USA had to lose that game, I’m really glad it was to Canada. What a great game! Congratulations on all your Gold Medals!!!

  525. Well, it is finished, and I am not pleased with it. First I am going to rip out the neck and armhole finishing, and replace with some other edging. If I still don’t like it, I may give it to Mom. What a bummer.

  526. Congrats on the Hockey Gold! Was rooting for My USA, but thrilled for Canada at the same time…..the Olympics are strange that way, lol! AWESOME job Vancouver!!!!

  527. You are an amazing knitter. You are hilarious and I saw myself many times in “Meditations”. But what I really want to know is, where is the pattern for the sweaters the Canadian Olympic team wore at the closing ceremonies? Except for the word “Canada” across the back, I’d love to make one, mostly because I’m from Minnesota.

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