The 2010 Knitting Olympics

Eligibility: Any knitter who, embracing the "Citius, Alitius Fortius" ideal, would like to challenge themselves while embracing the Olympic spirit, and is just whacked enough to play along with me.

Concept: You must cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, Friday, February 12, 2010 and finish before the Olympic flame goes out Sunday, February 28. That’s 17 days.

1. The project must be a challenge for you to complete in 17 days.
2. There are no rules about what a challenge would be. Like the real Olympics, there are many areas to compete in. If you are a new knitter, then a garter stitch baby sweater might do…If you are experienced, use your own conscience.
3. While this is intended to be somewhat difficult (like the Olympics) it is not intended to ruin your life. Don’t set yourself up for failure. (Olympic athletes may cry, but they do not whine pitifully, sob and threaten members of their family with pointed sticks because they haven’t slept in five days. ) This is intended to (like the Olympics) require some measure of sacrifice, and be difficult, but it should be possible to attain.
4. No casting on before the flame is lit. (The opening ceremonies run from 6-8 pst. If you can’t watch, then I’d pick a time in there.)
5. Finish before the flame goes out.
6. You may swatch before the games. (I consider this "training.")

The Knitting Olympics has only a gold medal. (There is only do- or do not.) Finishers get a gold medal button for their blog, their name entered into a draw for a chance at a prize from me, and the joy of knowing that they are an Olympic level knitter, no matter how experienced they are. You are only competing against yourself. (Well. And the Olympic schedule.)

Who’s in?
If you’re just crazy enough itching to be part of the Knitting Olympics, fill in this form, and your name and link will show up on the list of athletes here. (Many thanks to the clever and competent David, who made that page go and offered to host it.) Consider carefully. Done right, this will suck up 17 days of your life and be an epic work.

(Crappy button made by yours truly. Really good button for finishers will be made by Franklin. Feel free to swipe and save to your own server.)

What am I knitting?
Whistler. I figure that if I’m going to propose that you all take this on, that I set a fine example of being so completely out of my mind it’s almost scary embracing the ideal.

17 days, many knitters, one dream. The Knitting Olympics.

Good luck.

190 thoughts on “The 2010 Knitting Olympics

  1. Good luck to all – I wish I could join in but just had carpal tunnel surgery and the doctor says I can knit but to take breaks often.

  2. I am so in..and using this time between now and Friday to find the yarn and pattern for that cabled ‘hoodie’. I really want it for a trip in April as well.
    Maybe by the time the next Winter Olympics come around I will be ready for colourwork?
    Thanks really are my heroine..

  3. I am really, really considering hard – good luck to all and have fun – and maybe I’ll be able to commit right along with you all!

  4. *Twitch* Trying not to commit to casting on Dale of Norway’s “Lillehammer” sweater…because I think I’d need to BE committed if I tried that in 17 days. Oh my, it’s so tempting though ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. My friend and I at school have been talking about doing the Olympics. I will commit us – now I just have to decide what my project will be. 17 days to complete the project should be a piece of cake considering I only have 2 days to decide on the project and do any “training” if necessary! Good luck to all! Let the games, er, knitting begin!!

  6. I hope my bohus hat kit comes in time!
    also, i hope i can change my name since my comp auto-filled my full name.
    xoxo steph thanks for doing knitting olympics!

  7. My mother actually WAS an Olympian – a real one (Helsinki ’52)- so since this is the closest I’ll ever get to Olympic gold or silver or puke green, I’m casting on in her honor.

  8. Thank you Stephanie! I have sat by the side lines in Olympics past (well okay one) but this time I am in!

  9. I’ve tried 3x now. Here’s hoping the 4th time is lucky. So glad you’re doing this. Love the Wild Apples. Bring on the Olympics. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  10. Totally competing in 5 events (many UFO’s and starting a cardigan). Best of Luck to all olympians!!! Hooray for Steph and Dave for hosting them again!

  11. I’ve got my project all figured out. Now how to manage to knit it all on time and still managed to keep the kids fed and in clean underwear for 17 days!

  12. Completed my training tonight and explained the swatches to my husband, and the fact that I would be somewhat preoccupied with my olympic challenge between the opening and closing ceremonies.
    Stephanie, he paused, took a deep breath, and said “this is one of those Yarn Harlot things, right?” tee hee. You bet your sweet ass honey!

  13. I was planning on spinning some sock yarn and knitting knee-high socks with it. Can the spinning count in this competition too? Or should I just register with the Ravelry contingent?

  14. I’m in if I can get the yarn I want, not many LYS’s around here. If not I will figure something out. I am thinking it might be time for me to finaly try my hand at lace. Happy (twitch free) Knitting to all Knitting Olympians. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Yeah, cast on during the opening ceremonies?
    Ok, then I’ll stick with the Ravelympics since my goal is to finish up some WIPs.
    But I will be cheering the Knitting Olympics on!

  16. I fear my research will suffer, but it is ON. I’m very nervous about the pattern I wrote and can only hope it will fit and be sweater-like. ::bites nails::
    My pattern is a flow chart.
    A *flow chart*, dear Harlot.
    (Also, David is kind of brilliant – I quite agree. You can’t see, but I’m nodding my head.)
    I may not finish, but I’m sure as Hell gonna try.

  17. I’m definately in. My project will be a pair of lace socks in lorna’s laces liberty colorway. It should be a stretch since it takes me months to make a pair. Thanks, Steph. See you at the finish line.

  18. Yay Steph & Dave!
    I’m in!
    Now to decide:
    – attempt a shawl.
    – or a pair of socks for a friend with rather large feet.
    Need to dive into my measly little stash and see what I have.

  19. Well, I’m probably crazy, but I just signed up. Something do-able . . . and something I’ve been promising my son for at least three years. A hoodie. :o) Thanks for the kick in the stash to get me going!

    I apologize for the outburst, but I’ve not been around much. (Grad school) I’ve only just now noticed that TSF has raised over a million bucks in six years. That’s:
    whoa. Well done, knitters. Well done.

  21. If I were really crazy I would sign up and knit a sweater for my niece which I have swatched for two weeks ago. Bt as it is, I have 4 projects already lined up for Ravelympics. Small projects though, 2 socks and 2 shawls, makes me feel like a sissy compared to knitters tackling colourwork sweaters!
    Depending on how things go at work today, I may have 2 weeks free so will come back and sign up for the niece sweater.
    Thanks Stephanie. And David and Frank.

  22. I’m in! Still debating on a project, though if a much anticipated, stranded somewhere with Canada Post, [edited for adult language] yarn order doesn’t come right quick in the mail, that will cut down the options considerably… and it may cut down on the crazy too, since there’s skeins for a color work vest in there! Perhaps a shawl or two instead?
    My DH-to-be also has asked if Knitting Olympics was “a that-yarn-lady thing”, lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  23. I would do this if I didn’t have a 5-week-old baby! I haven’t figured out how to knit while breastfeeding. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I’m in! I have always sworn off sweaters, but the Dream In Color Tulip Sweater is beckoning for a new baby. The thrill of victory shall be mine.

  25. Want to. Remind myself I am living in host city and there are Big Parties On Every Night. Do I want to miss those for Knitting Olympics? It’s a dilemma.

  26. I was a really, really new knitter (less than 1 year) when I took up the challenge in 2006! I knit a Katia sweater for my then 9 year old daughter. She is now 13, and won’t wear handknits, so I’m now knitting for the 2 year old grandchild! Glad to be back, and looking forward to another “Gold” for my blog!

  27. I just signed up for your Olympics and decided to check who else had. WOW!!! That is quite a lengthy list for less than 2 hours!
    Bet you didn’t realize you had so many crazed followers!
    PS: I heard this morning the shocking account that Canada has never won any gold medals when hosting the Olympics. Though I have always lived in California, I will be cheering on your country this year. Best of luck to all the athletes (knitting and otherwise)!

  28. Love that sweater! Where do you get your Dale of Norway sweater patterns? When I google, I get sites that want to sell me the sweater already made.

  29. The Missus and I will be pulling on beanies, dragging out the winter woolies, turning on the airconditing (we don’t want heat stroke lol)and indulging in some hot choclate and croissants. Bring it on!!!!

  30. I’m in! Although it won’t be a brand spankin’ new cast on (hoping these are flexible Knitting Olympic judges), I haven’t touched the project in months and I don’t see it ever being finished unless I take on the Olympic Challenge. A Log Cabin blanket out of 7 skeins of STR heavyweight!!

  31. I’m knitting a king-sized blanket. Do I get extra points for degree of difficulty if I take a long road trip (2500 miles, me doing all the driving) at the same time?

  32. I’m so excited!!! I’m doing the Hemlock Ring out of KP Swish Worsted for my parents’ 30th anniversary- which happens to fall exactly 2 weeks after the Olympics are over, so I can procrastinate blocking after I finish the blasted thing. Go team!!!

  33. i’m using this as motivation to make my very first adult-sized sweater. ever.
    now i just have to decide which one. oh ravelry, why must you be so full of wonderful options?

  34. I am sorry, but I entered my name twice in the Olympics signups. If at all possible please remove the name Kaaren Beaver. The right one is Kaarenb. Yikes. Not perfect.
    Thanks so much.

  35. OK, so if I join in and knit a hat that I’ve started 4 times already but need to frog (again), but don’t cast on for this attempt until the flame is lit, does that meet the criteria?!? This would be a great excuse to actually GET IT DONE!!!

  36. Oh the temptation. I would love to do this and LOVE that you are hosting once again! My problem is with the challenge of it all. My ability to compete is limited more by my pesky doctoral program than by my knitting. Oh the time issues! Maybe a small project which would be a challenge because I have no time? Sigh. OK. I still have some time left to decide. I can do this.

  37. Cant’t wait to cast on. However I arrived home and discovered my DH had boxed up my entire knitting, quilting, spinning stash including WIP in preperation for 8mo grandaughter arriving from Brazil on the 17. When asked where my needles were his reply was “in one of the 12 totes”. If I can find the yarn, needles and patterns it will be a miracle. Maybe I have to much Stash?

  38. Registered. :-)))
    Now the real challenge will be to concentrate on the olimpic project instead of the sweater I cast on a week ago, and already done the back and it excites me tono end… maybe I should do a pair of lacey top down socks (I always knit plain ribbed toe up ones) AND finish the sweater too?

  39. Whistler looks stunning, I can’t wait to see yours. I’m not sure if I’ll sign up myself, I told my husband I wouldn’t but then I often tell him I wont do things and I do anyway!

  40. My other(nonYH) calendar’s quote for today is
    “I’ll always seek to achieve as much as I can – but unfailing success and competence is unrealistic. Better I just accept myself as a person, separate to my performance.”
    Damn it what does that calendar know? I’ll sign up despite the heavy Motherload!

  41. To Laura N – You can knit while breastfeeding, so long as you are fairly ummm well built… Get one of those v-shaped cushions, sit cross legged with cushion wrapped around your waist, prop baby on cushion (put a smaller pillow underneath the head end if required) and get a good latch, arrange your elbows either side/in front of baby and knit away! I have a 4-month old and I manage a LOT of knitting and crochet this way. Takes a little practice and you need to stretch your back every so often, good luck!
    And I’ll be signing up too, but not sure what to make… Currently on a thread crochet kick (having an exquisiste baby girl to crochet lace bonnets for will do that to a knitter), so will see what I can come up with. This is my first post too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well done and huge thank yous to Stephanie and David and Franklin for organising all this.

  42. Yay! This means that every four years I will actually start AND finish something.

  43. Hi, Stephanie.
    Last time I think the rules said that wherever you were in the world you could start at 6pm your time?
    It’s only that I’m in the UK and I really want to take part. But 6-8pm PST is 2-4am GMT…
    I’ll stay up late to do it but it’s the first day of my holiday (not a coincidence…I’ll need lots of time not sitting in front of a computer if I’m to pull this off) and I’ll be tired from driving all day. But if that’s the rules then I’ll do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Ok, I’m in. Sat here thinking about all the UFO’s I really want to finish up, but decided the heck with it. I’m casting on AND finishing the Petal skirt I bought the yarn and pattern for – because I almost never fall that hard all at once. Hope I can both knit and watch figure skating without missing one or screwing up the other…

  45. Foil, thy name is graduate school!
    Ahh, well. Maybe next year in two and a half years when I’m done with my program I’ll have time to knit and, well, have fun again.

  46. Love how much the version Emilie at 7:22 remembers — you can cast on at 6 wherever you are — sounds like “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”
    (And the yarn arrived yesterday. Hope I didn’t preemptively use up my miracles.)

  47. Thanks for setting this up! Blessings and good health to you and DAVID!! May we all have fast fingers, good vision and clear minds. Also, would someone else please load the dishwasher?!

  48. I can’t say I’m in, but only because I’m in the middle of a project with a deadline. I see my grandma in two weeks, and I need to have her 90th birthday pressie ready. Next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Need to finally KNIT some lace instead of just collecting it! LOL Here goes … and thanks for the kick in the seat to start something! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. I was absolutely going to participate this year. I was looking so forward to it. I will knit during the Olympics but I will not compete. I have no idea what I can realistically finish. I’m so sad.
    I have a broken wrist.
    btw, your button is great

  51. Well….this sucks. When I started reading your blog a year ago (and reading the backlogs), I was so sad I missed the Knitting Olympics. They sounded like fun, and a great way to maybe finish a project. What do I have going during the Olympics this year?
    Valentine’s Day, my birthday (25!), driving down to see my parents for my birthday, class class and more class, grading papers, planning classes, writing at least one 5 page paper (if not two) a weekend, reading about two novels a week.
    But I want to. So bad. You, Stephanie, are an enabler. But I’ll see what it makes sense for me to realistically sign up to do. There will be some free time in that schedule, I’m sure.

  52. Stephanie, please consider checking the rules for using the rings symbol: I think they are copyright, and you don’t want the Olympic people to come down on you – or Franklin, or anyone else – for infringement. No-one wants to have to play the Olymic sport of ‘Duck the lawyer’. Other than that, good luck, and have fun.

  53. How can I/we thank you? And also thank everyone else – David, Franklin, as well as the un-named others – who are helping, due to your powers of suasion.
    Janey, who is too teary-eyed to type, and who was most p.o.ed with the government commission meeting scheduled for opening day.

  54. I’d love to join, but I am already committed in Team Canada at the Ravelympics. It will be so much fun!

  55. Your button is SO fab, I wish I had somewhere to park it. I bought the sock pattern Sleepy Hollow, saw the miniscule print and all the charts (I usually have to re-write them as words), not to mention the “sexy” heel, (at least it’s not written for dpn’s) and promptly set it aside. My idea of a challenge is to figure out the lace work and finish up with my regular heel/foot/toe finishing. BUT, I bought the pattern, so here goes.

  56. Waffling between white fitted sweater with peplum and two-color vest.
    If I put the pattern into Excel (as I usually do) before the start, can that also count as “training” ??
    Cookknitwine – love the quote – what’s the calendar?

  57. Do WIPs count? If so, I’m going to attempt to finish 2 – a cable sweater for my son, and a pair of socks I’m designing. I’ll sign up, but if I get booted, at least I’ll have the Ravelry team! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck everyone!

  58. I am so happy you are hosting the Knitting Olympics again! I found your blog right after the last one and have been looking forward to this one ever since. Even my sister who is a complete Muggle knows about the Knitting Olympics and how much I’ve been looking forward to it. And I even succeeded in “encouraging” my Mother (i.e. twisting her arm) to try to do some knitting for it this time. She keeps talking and talking and talking about “wanting” to knit so I told her now is the perfect time! Thank you Yarn Harlot, David, and Franklin! And Good Luck fellow athletes!

  59. Just signed up and have to give kudos to David for setting up the sign up thing. I don’t know computer programming so it just seems like magic to me that these database things work.

  60. Stupid question, is it only for knitters? I am an avid crocheter…and I want to join in but the thought of knitting needles being brandished at me for ‘doing it wrong’ scares me a little. =)

  61. Count me in. I’m going to tackle a fair isle vest. On size 2 needles. Figure that has to count as a challenge.

  62. Thank you, THANK YOU, Stephanie!!
    I’m still debating on whether it’s Stricken or Ornette by Cookie A. I’m using Canadian yarn – Oceanwinds merino sock in Poppy – a lovely orangey, peachy, coral-y color – 3 skeins to account for size 11 AA (US) feet, looong and skinny.
    I couldn’t NOT do a Cookie A sock. I’m taking “Traveling Stitches” from her at Stitches West, during the Olympics. How cool!!

  63. You’re knitting Whistler?! I am not surprised, but I am definitely way out of my league here. Can’t participate because I don’t have a blog, but I will be starting (and hopefully ending) a cabled cardigan during the Olympics. Too bad about homework, dinner, laundry and who cleans anyways?
    Good Luck!!! I love seeing other people’s stuff (even if it makes me feel inadequate, lol)

  64. I’ve registered and am doing my finger stretching and getting my mind set on the gold.
    Thanks for having this again, I knit my very first sweater during your last knitting Olympics and have looked forward to it for the last four years.

  65. Whistler looks pretty epic. As for me, maybe now is a good time to resurrect the intarsia cabled/ribbed sweater I was thinking of the last time around.

  66. In, in, in! I am going to design and knit a scarf based on the 4-Color Windowpane stitch from The Essential Guide to Colorwork. Colorwork with no stranding! Perfect little squares marching up in perfectly color-graduated rows…can’t wait!

  67. If I can cast on anytime after the start of the Opening Ceremonies, I’m in. If I have to cast on during the ceremonies, I can’t. I’ll be at a kickoff party at one of the satellite sites.

  68. I’m signed up and just waiting. And I don’t want to make more work for David but…. Is there any way to get a counter on the sign up page so we can know how many other crazy, umh, I mean dedicatded knitters there are out there doing this with us??

  69. A Dale ski sweater in 17 days? That WILL be an Olympic achievement!
    Btw, I LIKE your Olympic button. Who could ask for better?

  70. I’m going with Raphael, by Marie Wallin, using Rowan Kid Classic. It’ll be my first jumper. I reserve the right to decide on whether to do the embroidery on the front or not… ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Yay! I am debating my entry and getting realistic about the fact that I have a trip to an archive for a week (and no tv on which to watch the olympics while I knit). But I have many thoughts!

  72. I like the idea of a Winter Olympics as long as its indoors in front of a cosy fire , so I joined up! Yikes , better get to Yoga to get training.

  73. BTW that is very late night- or very early morning (depending which way you look at it) here in Europe… Do I have to stay awake (would be kind of hard considering I slep 3 hour average in the last two night) or can cast on the morning after???

  74. By the light is will be… much later and Central Europe is like eight hours ahead of the PST time… that would mean casting on at 2AM…

  75. OK, was going to finish something, but starting something sounds much better! Does “finishing” includ blocking….thinking of something lace.

  76. OMG, have you SEEN the list already? That’s just crazy! As much as I’d like to play – might not be able to, gotta finish nephew’s birthday hat – his b’day was Jan 5th. ๐Ÿ™

  77. I’m in! chic knits Eyelet Cardi it is. Nice Yoda quote – It’s posted in my “cubicle” so I have to read it every day!

  78. Thanks, David! I had a rush of excitment the second I submitted my name. Committed to the challenge now.

  79. Does it count if I finish my sweater that I started during the opening ceremonies in 2008 ?
    Maybe I’ll finish it this time.

  80. After finishing your Hardangervidda last time, I have no doubt you’ll be able to do Whistler.
    (Has it really been 4 years since you did that one? That was the sweater that made me give up knitting for 2 years. It was evil.)

  81. You’re going to do Whistler in 17 days? You are insane (and I mean that in the nicest possible way.) I just finished Whistler in 9 months and my sanity was sorely tried. I’m looking forward to watching your progress. It’s a gorgeous sweater.

  82. De people who don` tlive in the right timezone get an extra day somewhere, the winter olympics starts at 2am on Saturday here! I could set my alarm!

  83. Brilliant! – both that you’re doing the Knitting Olympics again, and David’s easy-to-use-and-view list of athletes. I enjoyed just paging through (1508 at last count). Maybe I’ll sign up for a BSJ – I did a ‘test run’ using leftover sock yarn, and it came out a bit … strange. If I buy some pretty yarn and count my stitches carefully, I might have something worth gifting when the baby arrives next month.

  84. Boy! Would so love to participate this year, BUT, have sworn to complete my 23 WIP’s this year before starting anymore! Could we have a WIP category that would work for some of us–I could REALLY challenge myself for the number completed and it would be lovely!! Could we do it?? please, please??

  85. I missed your last olympics Steph and couldn’t let this go by. I love Franklin too and really want that button! ;O) I have to admit, it was SO exciting to see everybody that has signed up. I got a bit misty, I really felt like “part of the team!” whoohooo!!

  86. I stumbled upon your blog about three years ago through the knitting winter olympics blog post you had previously. I was terribly disappointed to find that I had missed them. I am still a newbie knitter and my goal is to finish a project. I chose something that would be compelling for me to knit, but my main objective is finishing. Starting is easy, it’s the continuing on it that gets hard. I am so glad you are hosting again. I had heard about Ravelry doing it’s own thing, but I really really really wanted to do yours. Something about the prestige of participating in a Yarn Harlot event that thrills me to no end. Anyways I just wanted to say thanks for hosting your own. I really appreciated it.

  87. Hi, Stephanie! I don’t have a link -just an email addy – but I’m definitely in! You convinced me that there was no way I’d get my Bohus done in 17 days, so I’ve gone through my patterns to find something else. Cascade has a gorgeous Aran cardigan that I’ve been wanting to knit for a while, and I think it will just fit the bill. Good luck to all the participants!
    Maria in NY

  88. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I’m so excited. Good luck everyone!! I hear that some venues are worried about enough snow in Canada for the “real” olympics. It is snowing in Oklahoma and Texas today (southern US for my International friends – very unusual to have snow EVER) – so let us know where we can ship it. We don’t know what to do with it here.

  89. I am going to try a picot edged pair of socks. The socks aren’t the challenge, the picot, which I haven’t mastered before, and the time frame are the challenge. Let the games begin!

  90. After reading through who else has entered and what they are going to knit I feel like a member of the Jamaicain bobsled team. But I shall knit. It is not going to be pretty but I will carry on.

  91. I’m going to thwart the rules a little because I have serious, serious startitis. Right now I have in my basket: 4 different single half-done socks; a 1/3 done shawl (for me); a 4/5 done shawl (for a friend); and a beloved sweater in a really stellar yarn that is knit up to the armpits and has one sleeve half done. (I had to learn how to do two circs for the sleeve).
    So my olympic challenge will be to FINISH THE SWEATER. Finishing something half done is FAR more of a challenge for me than going straight through on something I’m all jazzed about.

  92. I know exactly what I want to do: to actually sit down and work out the glorious, complicated, intricate lace design that’s been simmering in my head for oh, about two years now. Only problem is the yarn I want to use for it, I plan to buy from a particular vendor (Creatively Dyed Yarns) at Stitches West at the end of the month. Hmm. Although, the swatching and the designing and proofing alone would definitely qualify as an Olympic challenge for me!

  93. Those of us in the Virginia, Washington, DC & Maryland area dearly wish we could send our abundant ‘gift’ of snow to Vancouver. Really. If only we could have stuck an arrow up in the sky pointing NW toward Vancouver. The Olympics would have had more needed snow and our kids wouldn’t be on a winter version of summer break.
    Re the knitting Olympics, I will need to go through some patterns and find something doable in the time (already have tons of various yarns), but still a fair challenge to me. If I can’t, I’m going to start & finish the second sock of the pair I’m making for my daughter. Hey, avoiding second sock syndrome IS a challenge – right?

  94. I’ve done it! I’ve signed up! Now there is only do and do not. I’m doing (or not doing) Wandering the Moors and Crest o the wave.
    @Sandra – You can still play. It’s whatever your skill level is now. Maybe a dishcloth is all you can do, but it’s your challenge, right! ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Oh my gosh. Do I do it or not? I’m about ready to start a sweater, but I doubt I can finish it in 17 days. It will be a challenge, but what the heck. What’s the worst that could happen — I don’t finish?

  96. I’ll be signing up if the yarn arrives in time. But as I’m here in the Uk I’ll be running on a different time line than you.
    For me to cast on during the opening ceremony will mean me getting up at 3am!
    I will be with you in spirit even if not in actual time.

  97. I’ve finally decided on… A shawl! Not and especially mind-boggling one, as I have a toddler and a night job, but something cool.

  98. Can I participate in the UFO category? I started a sleeve about a year ago and am about 10 inches into it-and haven’t touched it in three months at least!

  99. I’m really glad you decided to do this after all. I know it’s a bunch of extra work for you, but this is the first time I was going to compete in the Knitting Olympics, and although I likely would have done something anyway, it wouldn’t have been as fun or meant as much as it does knowing that you’re behind it all. If that makes sense.

  100. I’m not going to be able to do a project from scratch, but I do have a goal of finishing a Jane Sowerby half-hex fichu with a ruffled edge that I’ve been working on for a while. To do so means I must complete a picot bind-off over more than 2,700 stitches. That sounds pretty darn Olympian, doesn’t it?
    My hat is off to anyone who can knit like crazy with the Olympics on the TV and actually pay attention to the moments of glory as they happen.

  101. Being a volunteer at the Olympics, I got to see the opening ceremonies yesterday evening. It was so awesome and you are going to be so proud to be a Canadian. Go Canada go!!!!!!!!!
    and good luck to all those in the Knitting Olympics.

  102. This is very exciting! I’m very glad you decided to host.
    I swatched for Connie Chang Chinchio’s Broderie last night, but I am in an unkind timezone, so it looks like I won’t cast on till tomorrow. Although it’s Friday/Party night, even I won’t still be up at 3am. I’ll have to see which of my friends have the special TV box that may give them Olympic coverage here in Kinshasa.

  103. Excitement, today is D-day! I will start my Icelandic Lace Shawl tonight at 6 p.m. my time, since the opening ceremonies donโ€™t start until 2 a.m. my time an there is no way I will be able to cast on 339 stitches in lace weight at that time. It would be interesting to try though, or be the one watching me try. Happy Olympics!

  104. Signed in late, but I’m on the list. Woohoo! Was debating weather to make toe up socks or a shawl, but decided to make a cowl in stead. Have been wanting to make one for awhile. I found a nice pattern w/ a bit a challenge for me. The Old Shale Smoke Ring by Cosymakes. She’s on Raverly. But, you can go to my blog and see the pattern there. Well, here goes! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!

  105. Changed my mind – no socks. I remembered another project I could do instead: the Dove Moebius Scarf & Hat. A free pattern at tahkistacycharles. Using Knit Picks; Andean Silk in cream.

  106. We don’t Whine in Texas about Deadlines….We just Pour another Mug Full and Slice the Cheese!
    I’m In with a ‘HomeSpun Simple Shawl’! That way if I get all Tangled up while doing ‘SitNSpin’ on Ice, at least I’ll have a ButtBufferWarmer!
    OK, Everybody Skate!

  107. Call me Lindsey Vonn. I have had a pre Knitting Olympics injury. Was hand winding my yarn from the hank this morning. It was hanging over the back of a kitchen chair. The dog decided to run between the yarn and me, got it wrapped around is head, ran back through when I screamed, got it wrapped around his tail. Couldn’t fix it because I had to go to work. Hopefully it will be recovered by the starting ceremonies.

  108. It only makes sense.
    I say ‘thank you’ to all the crafters who give me something to watch besides TV.

  109. Are coffee and chocolate considered performance enhancing drugs? Judges? Thank you Stephanie for doing this and huge thanks to David for keep us organized.

  110. I definitely want to be part of your 2010 Knitting Olympics. We are in the midst of some involved home improvement projects (I’m sure you can commiserate with me on this), so my competition time will be limited. But I want to throw my hat into the ring and I plan to knit Pasha the penguin ( for my 14 month old daughter who has a slight obsession with penguins these days.

  111. OK, I’m in. I plan to cast on and knit Ann Hanson’s Cluaranch stole. I don’t know whether I can finish it in 17 days, but I plan to give it my best effort and go for the gold! Oh! And I’m adding beads to the edging. Who needs sleep?

  112. This so rocks! I was coming here today to share my KO’10 project with you, whether you were running them or not *g*
    I’m very glad it looks like the signup for this one won’t have you curled up in a ball and sobbing.

  113. thanks so much for challenging us once again…one of the cool things is that scrolling thru the athletes i can find projects i’d missed elsewhere and can add to my wish list…wait, maybe that’s not a cool thing, kath

  114. oh and thanks v. much, david and franklin….i am amazed how simple it was for me to sign up!(believe me for me it needs to be simple) kath

  115. Aw, crap, I made a mistake in my signup! I linked to a blog that’s not mine. Is there anything I can do? I didn’t see an email for David.
    Thanks to all you folks for setting this up! It’s such fun to be a part of a community.

  116. I almost committed myself to socks – which is NOT the reasonable but challenging Scaruffle I had set for myself. It takes YEARS for me to finish socks… Fortunately I got a wiff of coffee and stopped myself. THAT was a close one.

  117. Good luck to all the Knitting Olympians! I’m in Ravelympics myself, but always want to wish the kindred soul–who are ALSO going to be trying to knit an entire sweater in 17 days–best wishes & knitterly sanity (If there is such a thing….)

  118. Good luck to everyone. May you all find knitted bliss, no mistakes or frogging and no carpal tunnel syndrome from knitting too much. let the games begin…..

  119. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Tonight I will cast on for the olymics, right now I am at working and suffering every minute of it. Good luck to everyone, and remember – we are the champions.

  120. I’ve only done an inch on the Arwen cardie, can we call that training? (Already dropped stitches and had to reconstruct in the cable section, too – ick.
    And what if you don’t have a blog?
    Not that I think it’s going to be done in 17 days….

  121. Just looked at the list of athletes – holy crap, that’s a boatload of knitting (and knitters!) I had no idea you had such a following. Well, OK, I was pretty sure you did, ’cause i’m smitten with your blog and bought all your books and I’ve never posted a comment but there sure are a lot of knitters out there who do.
    Anyway…knit on, TEAM!

  122. good luck to you all, I almost had a project picked out and then I remembered that I have RSI troubles plus ‘flu so I won’t be properly joining in. However in the spirit of citius,altius,fortius, I am going to have an attack of finish-it-upitis and an attempt to do at least a repeat on my fairisle tunic.

  123. Let the games begin! Good luck to all- I guess there were a few (3067 at last count) other knitterly souls who, like me wanted a Yarn Harlot Olympics. HooRay for Stephanie ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. Oh no! I am so used to knitting that I forgot I’ll be crocheting during the games! Feel free to remove me from the list (sarah – giant granny square blanket). ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be a happy cheerleading spectator!

  125. I plan to complete a partial shawl that was started by my SIL’s mom before she passed away. I promised that I’d complete it for her and it has been sitting in it’s bag in the office closet since July ’09. The Knitting Olympics is just the challenge that is needed to finish itโ€ฆ and if I happen to finish early (shah….. right!) then I’ll finish a cardigan which is also languishing in the office closet.

  126. A walk in the woods cardigan.
    My own design incorporating trees, fences and a path through the woods where we ride our horses. Pattern reusing yarn to be knit with Christopher Farms wool yarn, rescued from previous unsatisfactory project. Color: terra cotta.

  127. I will knit a hoodie sweater for my 9 yr old granddaughter who was born in 2000 & named Sydney because the Olympics were in Sydney, Australia that year.

  128. I think we need a knititng olympics hat pattern like the one the athletes wore….only knitter themed.

  129. Sadly, just found out about this so it’s too late to participate officially. But I will gladly cheer all of you on!

  130. I’m SOOOOO glad you’re doing this again!! And I agree that it would be awesome to have a pattern for a hat with the Olympics rings and a big “K” in the middle for knitting! What good stranding practice AND a tribute to the Olympics. Happy knitting and thanks again!!!!!

  131. I don’t knit but along with my knitterly friends, I’m taking up the Olympic challenge with embroidery. I’m challenging myself with new stitches, in French, and a complex pattern. We’re exchanging email photos of our progress and having fun. No muttering spouses of yet, but it’s early yet.

  132. Olympic Reindeer Hat enters me in multiple events: Provisional cast on method, intarsia, magic loop knitting, and stash busting!

  133. I have the Whistler pattern and it is beautiful, time-consuming, intricate, requiring Olympian effort. I would have to quit my day job, give up eating, showering, doing laundry and still might not finish such a work in 17 days. Enjoy the effort you will make.

  134. Do we get photos of Whistler in progress or die of wanting? I can’t imagine even the best knitter in the world getting that done in 17 days which might be why we’re not getting any photos. I’d think more like 17 months maybe!! Joe – take pictures and post them. We need encouragement, leadership, competition, inspiration from our Harlot!

  135. Well, poo! I thought I had challenged myself pretty well. A lace shawl, no less. However, as of the 15th of February, it was finished as I was running out of yarn. S, ince it’s a handspun hand-dye, there is NO more to be had, so I cast off…

  136. Are late entries accepted?
    Then I’m in with your ‘One-Row’ scarf, but to make it a challenge I’m planning a matching knit hat (commonly called toques in Canada). ๐Ÿ˜€

  137. Does it still count if you have had to start over three times since the flame was lit? I made half way point still, my hands are killing me but geeze this is a blast!

  138. Can you believe this story from Denver?
    I just saw this story and had to share it with all of you.
    This poor woman, just can’t believe that this actually happens in this day and age, what a shame.
    I just thought it was important to share.
    (CNN) — Three police cars pulled into Christina FourHorn’s front yard one afternoon while working from home just before she was supposed to pick up her daughter at school. The officers had a warrant for her arrest.
    “What do you mean robbery?” FourHorn remembers asking the officers. Her only brushes with the law had been a few speeding tickets.
    She was locked up in a Colorado jail. They took her clothes and other belongings and handed her an oversize black-and-white striped uniform. She protested for five days, telling jailers the arrest was a mistake. Finally, her husband borrowed enough money to bail her out.
    “They wouldn’t tell me the details,” she said.
    Later, it became clear that FourHorn was right, that Denver police had arrested the wrong woman. Police were searching for Christin Fourhorn, who lived in Oklahoma.
    Their names were similar, and Christina FourHorn, a mother with no criminal record living in Sterling, Colorado, had been caught in the mix-up.

  139. Just took my bag off the needles. Need to sew in the ends, choose a button, and felt! Way to go!

  140. Theyr’e DONE! A pair of Fair Isle mittens (Corazone!) – my first colorwork – completed last night during ice dancing!
    Photos on the blog and I’ll post to Ravelry, too!

  141. I Finished my A little Something…its blocked and beautiful!! so very proud of myself…pictures posted on Rav under EvilSquirrel!!

  142. OK…finished the moss/seed stitch scarf. Sort of got overshawdowed by the chemocap event at work. I just can’t figure out how to say I finished? Is there a link to click?!
    Kristi Boehm

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