Random Tuesday

1. I infuriated my cat with a trip to the vet. She’s fine. I have 3rd degree scratches

and the vague feeling I should watch my back. That’s cat rage.

2. David created a podium page here. Once you submit your email address, Franklin’s gold medal icon will show up by your name on the Athletes page.  I did me.  It was very satisfying.

3. I have started and rejected a sweater. I’m not ready to talk about it.  It sucks.

4. I am making my sister legwarmers.  She said she wanted them, but she didn’t say she wanted these.

Sydney. by Stacyjoy Elkin. I like them.  I hope Erin does.  Speak now or forever wear legwarmers you hate, because I will expect you to wear them.

5. Prizes for Knitting Olympics tomorrow. Promise.