Don’t fight it, it’ll only take longer

Today I am blogging from the airport, and I’m happily admitting that I’m not even trying not to be random.  I’m just going to let it roll. 

1. I am going to try and remember to stop and get American money before the Library tomorrow because it’s starting to look like the wee marketplace that they’re having before the talk is going to be cool.  Knitterella says so, and I believe her. 

2.   Someone emailed me and asked me what Sock Camp was.  Sock Camp is a brainchild of Tina over at Blue Moon, and I help her fulfill that vision. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)   Other than that, it sort of defies description.  Tina? Can you blog an answer?  How about a photographic answer? Anybody who’s been there wanna try and describe it?  It’s camp for grown-ups, with all sorts of fun and and great food- coupled together with serious learning opportunities for knitters who are really excited to learn more about socks in specific, and knitting/dyeing in general.  This year I’m teaching all about the elements of socks, swapping and choosing among them, I think Tina’s going to help knitters learn about dyeing and show them how to overdye skeins of yarn (great way to fix yarn that needs a little love) Ann Hanson is teaching sock design, Janel Laidman’s teaching stranded knitting, Sivia Harding is doing beads, and Cat Bordhi is doing how to invent stitch patterns.   

Janel, Cat, Tina and I are teaching at the first session, and Anne, Sivia, Tina and are are teaching at the second one.  (That second one is full, but there are still spots in the first one. You should come.  You would love it.)

I look forward to camp all year.  There’s camaraderie, it’s in a cool place (Port Ludlow) we do really fun things (scavenger hunt, knitters Jeopardy) we learn more than you can imagine, and we dream and learn big.  I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love it, but I may be projecting on account of I look forward to it all year.  Other than at Sock Summit, it’s when I feel most cherished as a knitter.

3. I am making really good time on my March socks.  The random sock generating system this month picked me Numma Numma’s Toasty Yarn in Nutella,  and the pattern is Anne Hanson’s Roger. 

I feel fantastic about my odds of finishing before the month is over and I don’t even mind saying that out loud.

4. I am drinking the worst cup of coffee ever. 

It is fantastically horrific. As a matter of fact, I have been trying to figure out  three things. How it is possible for it to look like coffee when it clearly isn’t, how bad does coffee need to be before it’s a human rights violation,  and why I am  actually drinking it instead of trying to figure out how to fix whatever is wrong with the system that’s making it so that nobody else needs to suffer like this.  The pain should stop with me.