Ahead On The Feet

After coming in late on the first two months of my self imposed sock club, March roared in like a lion and turned out  to have plenty of time in it for socks and they were finished this morning, with time to spare, since (and I feel I must point this out)  is the morning of the 19th. 

That means that I finished twelve days ahead of schedule – and I even like the socks, which is extra awesome – and in Stephanieland, coming in twelve days ahead cancels out coming in late the other months, since even added together I was less than twelve days late, therefore I’m still early, even on average. 

Roger sock pattern from Knitspot, and Numma numma’s Toasty sock yarn in Nutella.

These are, like all the socks I’m knitting in the self-imposed sock club,  socks that are going into my long-range-planning box, perhaps to ease the strain at Christmas. If all goes well, I should be twelve pairs up by December, and that, my knitterly friends, makes me just about giddy.  I’ve always contributed to that box throughout the year, but not in this sort of a structured way, and I have high hopes that it’s going to pay off bigtime.  Hugetime.  I think that these twelve (theoretical) pairs of socks are going to bring joy and light into my holiday season in a way that makes me feel like laughing out loud right now, even though it’s nine months away.  (I’m a mother. I’ve waited nine months for something to pay off before. I don’t mind the wait.) 

I finished the legwarmers too (they’re drying)  I’ve ordered a book to make my next sweater, but it won’t arrive until Monday at best, and suddenly I feel at loose ends. I have the whole weekend and I can’t decide what to do.  I could:

A) Show a little backbone and go back to the Bohus. I let it slip because I’m at the boring stockinette part, but I could just suck it up.  I know it won’t knit itself, but it’s also not going anywhere.

B) Toss in an extra pair of socks.

C) Spin for two days.

D) Something else I didn’t think of yet.