Ahead On The Feet

After coming in late on the first two months of my self imposed sock club, March roared in like a lion and turned out  to have plenty of time in it for socks and they were finished this morning, with time to spare, since (and I feel I must point this out)  is the morning of the 19th. 

That means that I finished twelve days ahead of schedule – and I even like the socks, which is extra awesome – and in Stephanieland, coming in twelve days ahead cancels out coming in late the other months, since even added together I was less than twelve days late, therefore I’m still early, even on average. 

Roger sock pattern from Knitspot, and Numma numma’s Toasty sock yarn in Nutella.

These are, like all the socks I’m knitting in the self-imposed sock club,  socks that are going into my long-range-planning box, perhaps to ease the strain at Christmas. If all goes well, I should be twelve pairs up by December, and that, my knitterly friends, makes me just about giddy.  I’ve always contributed to that box throughout the year, but not in this sort of a structured way, and I have high hopes that it’s going to pay off bigtime.  Hugetime.  I think that these twelve (theoretical) pairs of socks are going to bring joy and light into my holiday season in a way that makes me feel like laughing out loud right now, even though it’s nine months away.  (I’m a mother. I’ve waited nine months for something to pay off before. I don’t mind the wait.) 

I finished the legwarmers too (they’re drying)  I’ve ordered a book to make my next sweater, but it won’t arrive until Monday at best, and suddenly I feel at loose ends. I have the whole weekend and I can’t decide what to do.  I could:

A) Show a little backbone and go back to the Bohus. I let it slip because I’m at the boring stockinette part, but I could just suck it up.  I know it won’t knit itself, but it’s also not going anywhere.

B) Toss in an extra pair of socks.

C) Spin for two days.

D) Something else I didn’t think of yet.


380 thoughts on “Ahead On The Feet

  1. Soak in a hot tub and drink an adult beverage? Although I guess if you do that all weekend, you’ll be pruny and waterlogged by Monday.

  2. another pair of socks of course! just think, an extra pair you didn’t factor in…you’ll be hysterical with happiness!! 🙂
    (and i really really want to see what’s next in the Harlot Sock Club) 🙂

  3. Something you haven’t thought of! I love surprises and the best ones often are the ones you give yourself. Who knows, it may even involve buying some new yarn…or beer…or…

  4. Bohus!!! I’m too lazy to knit one myself, so I’ll just live vicariously through you and your bohus.

  5. I vote for Bohus and/or spinning. Because you’re going to have to get through the boring stockinette part to be able to wear the gorgeous colorwork part… but spinning is always fun, and I’m way behind in my own spinning.

  6. Take the time to make another Pretty Thing and put it in the box too. Fast, easy for you (I’m on my second and while it is going faster then the first four coats of paint in four days has slowed me a bit.) And someone will be so happy come Christmas!

  7. An extra pair of socks so that you can keep one–as a reward for your awesome ahead-of-schedule self!

    then knit more socks
    and order out veggie pizza…
    can they delivery BEER?????????????

  9. I vote for socks (but then I always have a pair on the needles). Just think how great you’ll feel if you’re a whole month ahead.

  10. I was going to say spin, or option E. something else that is entirely gratuitous, but then I saw somebody else’s comment on December’s socks. That’s a pretty solid idea.

  11. Wait, wait — what happened to “All my socks wore out at once, so I’m knitting myself 12 pair?” I realize the seventeen days of Birkies are right around the corner, give or take three months. But did the sock drawer start churning them out like Strega Nona’s pasta pot? Since when have you got socks? (If I sound aggrieved, it might be because I was justifying my self-centered knitting as practical, bolstered by your parallel case — and now you’re going all altruistic on me. We don’t thinks we likes that, precious.)

  12. I hear a squirrel calling somewhere, spin more yarn for the gansey.
    You could watch phoebe all weekend while churning out a pair of Stephanie-only socks.

  13. Spin! I have literally thousands of yards (or meters, if you prefer) of singles to ply, and I want company!

  14. …I’m glad I’m not the first one who thought “Gansey”. But there’s so many of us waiting with bated breath for the Bohus…

  15. I concur on the December socks idea… just as long as you don’t count December’s socks as getting way ahead and then slacking off in June or something.

  16. I say more socks…never know when the Knitting Universe or the regular Universe will send you a curve ball……

  17. Knit the Bohus and when you feel the teeth grinding boredome of endless stockinette getting to you— you go Spin! Bee-yew-t-ful socks BTW & the early part also rocks! ; )

  18. Make more socks, I’m so jealous of your kniterlyness. I struggle on tomake one pair and you just whip them out. Beautiful!!!

  19. You could knit the Bohus or you could..just cast on something totally different. Check you favs on Ravelry. Go stash shopping and see what you come up with. The weekend is yours and if I were you I would be totally lost.

  20. I think the weather outside right now in Toronto is telling you what to do…SPrINg!

  21. I took your idea about a self-imposed sock club but tweaked it for mittens as I just don’t have enough sock yarn in the stash to make 12 pairs (I just started in on the sock knitting bandwagon). I love that I’ll have 12 pairs of mittens by the end of the year and will be all ready for winter.
    As for what you should do this weekend my first thought was Spin! I don’t spin myself (yet) but you haven’t for a while and I think you should. However, after reading everyone else’s posts I think a combo of all choices is in order.

  22. I second the vote for a pretty thing for the gift box – or how about a baby sweater (not for Christmas, but “just in case”). If it must be one of your choices, I say bohus! However, it should be noted that I am learning that I don’t mind a good bit of stockinette if I’ve got anothe form of entertainment – TV, audiobook, etc. to keep me company.

  23. the Bohus, just think how nice it will be next winter!
    of course…if you threw in another pair of socks you would have a “baker’s dozen” in your box!

  24. I was bored, so I’m rustling up a quick shawlette in cashmere and silk … mmm. The other WIPs patiently waiting are a yummy Norah G cardi, some seaweed socks (how cute does that sound) a blanket knit along that I have been unable to carry to and from the hospital because it involves beads and instartia (?) and the unnamed, slightly forgotten items that get posted in the chest of shame.
    I love your socks … but I really can’t start now for Christmas\ I’m not sure I can see my way ahead more than a few days, so the shawl is a leap of faith.
    Please keep me sane … post more!

  25. socks. 12 pairs to give away is good, extras for yourself is AWESOME. definitely socks.
    ps. darn i wish i had the courage to try knitting socks.

  26. C) Spin for two days.
    You can plug away at some boring old body knitting any old time- but hardly ever can you set up and spin at home for two whole days…

  27. Two options:
    A. (The responsible option) Crank out an extra pair of socks for the long-range planning box. This will buy you a bit of time when the inevitable, unexpected poo hits the fan during some later month.
    B.) (The possibly more fun option) Start something completely frivolous, just for you, just for fun, something you wouldn’t normally budget into your knitting.
    And regardless, have the Bohus ready for TV-watching stockinette.

  28. I am in the middle of a large number things, but I received a small mount of qiviut the other day and started a Pretty Thing, just ’cause I could. Fun stuff.

  29. spin spin spin! Then if you feel like knitting something work on the bohus until you get too bored.

  30. Mittens? They’re socks for your hands, can be added to your gift box, plus knitting them keeps spring blizzards away. (It never snows when you have a brand new pair of cozy mittens.)

  31. I vote A, B, and C. Do a few rounds of the stockinette and it won’t be hanging over you; you’ll feel virtuous for having done something on it, and it gets you a few rounds closer to the next phase. Another pair of socks done this month toward your sock box would give you some major bragging rights, AND a little spinning when you need a break from everything else (including the bohus) is just bonus!
    Of course, I could be just a bit manic right now, too!

  32. Definitely something else. Why should I be the only one with 5 projects started, and nothing to knit?

  33. Spin for two days and think about how your well planned strategy is working out. Later in the year things may fall apart so you should glory in your competence while you can.

  34. Oh! I think you should spin, but not for 2 days straight.
    There’s got to be all kinds of shawls and summer tops to be made for yourself. What else is on your to-do list?

  35. Spin. Spinning is stash building and you could always use it in some future Christmas gift project. And your spinning is so lovey. Isn’t your wheel feeling a little neglected?

  36. Whatever happened to Joe’s Gansey? Have you finished it and I never noticed or forgot? I’m so sorry if that happened. Anyhooo, if you haven’t finished it I would vote for working/spinning on that.
    Congrats on beautiful socks and being ahead of schedule. That must really feel good.

  37. Alternate boring Bohus with spinning. I work on my Bohus when I have finished aproject and work on it until I am too bored. It may take years this way but I won’t hate it when it has been completed.

  38. Doesn’t seem like you’ve done much spinning lately so maybe this is a good time for that. Spin some yarn for a bonus pair of socks! I’ve got cotton going on the wheel but it’s a love/hate relationship so far…
    I’m looking at traveling wheels right now. Can you share your thoughts on your preferences for spinning wheels? Don’t think I’ve seen any posts on that.

  39. Spin for the gansey. Or wash wool for the gansey, because I really enjoyed your technique post about how you wash wool before spinning it up.
    Or you could do what I would do in your situation: Pick out another sock bag and get that one knocked out too. I might try the surprise knitting thing myself once I get some UFOs out of the way.

  40. I’m gonna vote for spinning since I haven’t had much time for that and so I’d like to stare at someone’s photos of freshly spun fiber. I have a question though, if you do indeed collect the socks as protection against the bad Xmas mojo (you know when the best laid plans go terribly awry) do you have people in mind for these socks as you knit them? Are you knitting in a variety of sizes? Or does everyone on your gift list except Joe have the same size foot? What are the logistics of your knit/gift stash box?

  41. I’m voting spin. If you knit sox for yourself, you may jinx the April sock karma…

  42. I vote for Bohus: you’ll finish another wonderful sweater to have before it turns hot. And maybe some spinning.

  43. Stephanie,
    I vote for *B*, as you could always use an extra pair of socks in your holiday box, or make a pair for yourself. As you said, the Bohus isn’t going anywhere.

  44. A little Bohus, a little spinning and a lot of self indulgence. You choose the self indulgence, just make it relaxing. Cheers!

  45. I vote for the Bohus with beer or wine and chocolate to celebrate your early sock finish.

  46. It’s only a few days, so work on the Bohus. You can do boring stockinette for two days, or even three, then reward yourself with the new sweater. In the meantime you’ll be that much closer to finishing.

  47. If I had bonus time like that I would be tempted to make some mittens for the Christmas box since they are such a quick knit. Hats make another quick and impressive stash buster.
    Yes, I know those options were not on your list. So?

  48. Since I’m a big basketball fan and it’s the first weekend of the NCAA tourney here in the States, I would pick whatever was easiest while watching games for two more days. Go Boilers! (Purdue University)

  49. That’s amazing! I’d say knit more socks because that’s what I want to do. I think I have to spend my weekend cleaning up my godforsaken house and weeding, at least my front lawn so we don’t get kicked out of the neighborhood.

  50. I vote for more socks because even if you average everything out…it is going to be difficult to keep up w/ a pair-a-month during Dec and October (Thanksgiving right?).

  51. ehm… i’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out in previous comments but one pair of socks a month will be 11 complete pairs by December… (unless you’re planning on doubling up on some month… or you mean by that December holiday)
    If you do the bonus socks now it will be 12 pairs before December!

  52. Spin!!! Try something new, something you’ve never spun before – thick and thin! coils! beehives! adding in things! Check out Intertwined from Pluckyfluff or Sit and Spin DVD from Jacey. I’m practicing for a workshop in May and having a blast doing so!! Enjoy yourself! Don’t forget your glass of wine or beer! Relaxed is always better!

  53. I vote for one hour each day on the Bohus to help you plug away at the boring bits, but not have to bore yourself to death. Bite by bite you can vhug right along on it.
    I also vote for more socks and Christmas presents to be ade and put away. This year will be “The Year of the Cowl” at my house. Quicker than a scarf and people will be amazed at hand made gifts again.
    I love the nutella color. Thinking about it makes me want some, though.

  54. I vote Bohus. The law of the multiproject knitter (that’s the polite name) says that if you start more socks, events will conspire to make the April socks a no go.

  55. You could start on April’s pair of socks, then you could be a month ahead in case you get too busy in the months to come. You could knit your whole year of socks early and then you have a built in self esteem boost whenever you need to encourage yourself about how resourceful you are! My other vote is that you keep pairs of socks for yourself and not give all of them away.

  56. Rip back the bobble-yarn sweater and figure out what the heack to do with that yarn.
    (And yes, I know I’m expected to shout “GANSEY!”, but it’s just too easy. I almost suspect a setup, like it’s secretly done already and you’re just waiting to spring it on us.)

  57. A long-range planning box? What a great idea! Why has no one mentioned this idea to me before? I didn’t realize there was a way to minimize the crazy Christmas knitting… feeling pretty silly for NOT knowing.
    I vote for a Pretty Thing for the box and more socks.

  58. With a list like that how can you go wrong, plus you can do a little of each!
    However, there’s a certain Gansey (and where is Joe right now – good opportunity to work without comment) and the mention of a Pretty Thing… add that too.

  59. Bohus. Boring? Yes – but it won’t knit itself. It is amazing how handknits grow if you actually force yourself to knit on them. Funny how that works, eh?
    Besides, if you get a head start on the next sock you might get so far ahead that you are no longer living on the edge of a deadline…we all know you knit best on a tight schedule.

  60. Spin. Question about the Christmas box: I am assuming you are filling it with possible gifts. If all your socks so far fit you, (and you have kind of smallish sized feet) who is going to get these socks?

  61. Do December’s socks now. You know you won’t have time in December to do them.

  62. I’d spin for two days, then get a head start on April’s socks, and then with all that feel-good momentum going, end the month with a few days’ work on the Bohus.

  63. Gansey. Poor Joe, he’s a nice man, with a mother who’s (obliviously) happily going on vacation with her son, and yet he has no gansey…

  64. Love those socks! I vote for something quick & gratifying that you can also chuck in the box for future gifts….hat, neck warmer, fingerless mitts (Fetching is always a fast and fabulous knit!). Or….maybe a quick baby gift since those are always wonderful to have in reserve 🙂

  65. Socks – then if something comes along and the plan goes tits up later, you’re sorted

  66. I’ve been on a personal mission to finish some UFO’s lately, so I’d like to see you having a little more fun so I can enjoy it from afar. And I always enjoy seeing what you create when you spin – that gets my vote!

  67. Spinning, Please! Its been a long while since we have seen anything spinning-related!

  68. Those are some NICE socks! As for a vote, I vote to waffle between whatever you want to. However, I must agree that the Bohus “boring” part is necessary to have a lovely, finished Bohus; and that another pair of socks will put you just that much further ahead during the Dread Month of December.

  69. Spin Spin Spin! Lovely work on the socks as well. I think this experiment is going well.

  70. You need to put in the other parameters to make the logic less fuzzy. What are the other edges of the weekend: what are your maternal/wifely/family/social responsibilities?
    How much headroom do you have left?
    Don’t allow the Christmas list to get longer.
    Spin mostly, then what you have room for.
    Bohus sounds as though it is no longer outside portable, that is delineating, but socks would be.
    If child is home but doesn’t need input, spinning would be good.
    Socks may take less mind power in the boring bits (once the cast on, counting and stitch foundation is done).
    If you have heaps of head space I like the idea of something personally frivolous; and definitely cap it off sometime with a bath and an adult beverage.

  71. Weren’t Tuesdays supposed to be for spinning? There are 12 days in which to to whatever… I think you can spare the 2 Tuesdays for spinning.

  72. I vote for more socks. Do April socks now, and May’s socks in april, and so on until you hit December when you will have LOTS of other knitting to do and you will be glad that you were a month ahead on the socks.

  73. Well, to be honest I would spend at least part of the time with a large glass of wine admiring the socks – which I think are fab, by the way….then I’d go for the Bohus because you will feel soooo virtuous afterwards.
    Whatever you decide – have a great weekend!

  74. I say go grab an extra “kit” to make up for December ahead of time, so as not to disrupt the Holiday Knitting Schedule.
    Grab a beer and Season 1 of Fringe or Sanctuary (both good in their own way, just random recommendations from my currently Dayquil drugged brain) and get to knitting…
    … or spinning. :p
    Annastsia from Seattle

  75. How about the Aran Sandal Socks from Socks, Socks, Socks?
    (Why yes, you did con me into buying another book, you enabler you.)
    (Well, alright, two new books…) There’s also the yummy Textured Stripe Socks from Knitting the Perfect Pair.

  76. I have become completely obsessed with the fingerless mitts pattern “Toasty”. I think it’s by Leslie Friend. Easy, fast, adorable. I’ve made three pairs this week and all I can think about is making more. Those would be great for the Christmas box. Just saying… 🙂

  77. Carefull not to tempt the knitting goddess by speaking of being on-schedule or on track for a very future date. Remember the “wet blocking” incident?

  78. Are you having our gorgeous weather? If so, get yourself outside and run. Or play, or anything.

  79. Add to that box of stuff for December… another pair of socks, a pretty thing, a scarf, mittens…. take your pick. We all know how good it feels when the poo does hit the fan and we’re all prepared good and stuff. 🙂 Hope you have a weekend of enjoying whatever you get into!

  80. I would like to see a bit more on the weaving. Your post was most intriguing, as I wanted to knit a scarf that looked woven, but knitting linen stitch for 5 feet x 8 inches drove me to clean the bathroom until my head cleared. And then, there it was, the solution: weave it, idiot!! Tips, tricks, hints??

  81. What a choice – I recommend a day of working on the Bohus (with some wine, beer, chocolate, or whatever will help you feel better about all that stockinette), followed by a lovely day devoted to spinning since you haven’t had much time for that lately. Whatever you choose – enjoy!

  82. Do the Bohus until you’re bored, then spin, then cast on socks to go somewhere so you have a portable project. Why all of them? ‘Cuz your name implies you’ll have multiple knitting partners! Monogamy (in knitting) is overrated.

  83. I say bohus till the stockinette starts getting to you, then take a spinning break! Best of both worlds….

  84. My vote’s for splitting the time and doing some spinning and some Bohus. If you do just a little Bohus every day or so, you’ll eventually finish it and not make yourself crazy.

  85. Socks, because you’ve totally taunted the Knitting Gods with your comments about being ahead of the game.

  86. Good work on the socks. But whatever happened to the beautiful grey tonal skirt that was just a lining away from being finished? It was so lovely. I’d love to see it again here. Enjoy whatever you choose. I’ll be circling around on a pair of Sweetheart Socks from Interweave Press.

  87. Bohus and spinning. You’ll be working on sock type stuff at camp real soon.

  88. My vote is to resume knitting on the Bohus, and when you need a break from all that stockinette, work on your next “sock club” installment. You’ll make progress on both fronts that way.

  89. I’m thinking that the gansey would be a wonderful surprise for Joe when he returns…

  90. Rent a great movie, and work on the bohus. The stockinette will fly by. Really.

  91. Spin for a day and Bohus for a day.
    Or maybe spin in the morning and Bohus in the afternoon or vice versa?
    Then you’re getting stuff done, but not for long enough to make you want to rip your hair out.
    If you did rip your hair out making the Bohus, you *could* spin with it though. But human hair does not make good yarn.
    I revert to my original statement. Spin for a day, Bohus for a day, then reevaluate your progress.

  92. Knit on the Bohus while you’re deciding what sock pattern is next or what to spin.

  93. I like combo… maybe some bohus, spinning and socks?! I mean, you finished early so that clearly allows flexibility in recklessness, right?! 🙂 Oh, and the Cricket idea sounds good too.

  94. Get ahead on the socks! I feel like the December sock won’t go so well due to other Christmas knitting, so plan ahead!

  95. Socks or Bohus. Cause by stating your excitement and plan for future knitting you are tempting fate, so do the penance knitting (Bohus) or an extra just in case pair of socks.. 😉

  96. I would do socks and the Bohus. Get an extra month of socks done so December is easier for you, and knit the stockinette at night with your favorite show for entertainment.

  97. How thrilled would you be if you finished up the bohus in 12 days. Knit like a mad woman and get over the borring St!

  98. Wait a second, I was certain the idea behind the sock of the month club was not just to help reduce the stash, but to give yourself 12 pairs of socks, because you don’t have that many hand knit socks!

  99. I was thinking about a challenge as well, as my smooshed Bohus looks up at me from the floor. I have one arm done, and was thinking of gifting it with a sling for the naked arm. At this point, I was would even knit a sling so I wouldn’t have to face high-gauge stockinette.
    Shall I throw down the Bohus gauntlet?

  100. Spin some “interesting” (read garish or otherwise unattractive) color combo of fiber that turns out to be amazingly mellow and understated or otherwise magically beautiful.
    I never tire of that mesmerizing transformation.

  101. You amaze me–how do you read all these comments?!
    AND you made me laugh so much I almost lost control of my bladder with your story yesterday about the passport!! I love to laugh. Thank you.
    and my vote, start something new, I always do when I’m undecided. No wonder I have so many WIPs

  102. i am taking your advise and going to start my fingerless mittens now — at least 25 pr before christmas… you are an amazing person and i love reading your postings enjoy your weekend what ever you decide to do

  103. I vote for spinning. You can help me – I’m spinning merino for a blanket for a friend I made through my blog. I’m going to meet her and her new baby in May. Or you can just spin for yourself. I can’t recall seeing anything about spinning recently, and since you are the one who inspired me to learn (thanks, by the way. I love it!), I’d like to see more inspiration. 🙂

  104. I say break out the April Socks kit. You never can tell when the Supreme Knitter in the sky will slap you with some unforseen reason you cannot achieve your goal of being 12 pairs up by Christmas. Keep your momentum going!

  105. come to saskatchewan… I’ll put the coffee on…and we can knit…
    and if that doesn’t get you.. we can even clean out the barn!!!
    PS. there’s alpacas in the barn.

  106. Please knit a pair of womens’ KNEE SOCKS. They are still a mystery to me as how to fit them. Toe up and top down. A mystery.

  107. December socks most definitely. Also, i saw that you were following up Phoebe (bummer about the egg huh?) i shared the site with coworkers and into trying to look for the actual site I came accross with Molly the owl. She has 5 eggs and the first owlet is due any day now :).

  108. I vote for the Bohus. This is purely selfish, you understand, since I would like a companion in my boredom. I have finished knitting 6 strips for a large crib blanket (alternating 5 or 6 colors in each strip), and now I’m at the sewing-strips-together-and-weaving-in-all-those-ends part. Even with an audiobook going, it’s tedious. I suppose you could set intermediate goals–say, 3 cm. of Bohus stockinette and then you can stop and do some spinning? Enjoy your weekend!

  109. Start with plain ol’ Bohus and celebrate your stalwartness Amy in STL’s suggestion.

  110. the first thought in my head was about that gansey….. and I see I am not alone 🙂

  111. Definitely go back to the Bohus. Think how jazzed you’ll be to wear that beauty! And it’s been on the needles since, what, January 1st? Get crackin’, girl!

  112. On second thought, I think Bohus because, and I admit this is a bit selfish, I want to see it all done! Okay, I also want to see the Gansey.

  113. My bohus has been in hibernation for same reason. I just can’t bring myself… I vote for spinning! Or early socks. If you finish by April 1, you can take a month off 🙂

  114. Spin! Spin! We haven’t seen you spin in a while. I’ll keep you company spinning a sack of pale lavender wool-mohair roving that I got for TWO DOLLARS at the local ARC (developmentally disabled adults) thrift shop.

  115. Why not get a head start on the next socks? Or alternate the April socks with the Bohus, switching when ennui settles. Don’t forget coffee. Or beer.

  116. What size yarn/needles are your hands craving? I’d let that answer lead me to my project. I go through phases when all I want is 3 mm (or less) needle projects, and then suddenly wake up and need a 6 mm needle project.
    For the wet phone, I would take it apart carefully, blot carefully, dry/clean with a can of compressed air, and reassemble. My husband did that for our son about 6 years ago, and said son got another 2 years of use out of the phone. It wasn’t an iPhone or Blackberry, which I imagine might be trickier. By the way, phone stores can tell if your phone has been wet (an interior mark changes color), so don’t be tempted to lie to them.
    How the phone got wet, you ask? Alex came home one day and said, “Dad, my phone got wet, can you help?” Joe said sure, and did just what I suggested above. Just as he is finishing up, Alex comes by to check on the work, and Joe asks him how it got wet. It was the rainy season, and we figured it fell in a puddle. Alex said, “well, I was in Taco Bell and used the rest room. I guess it fell out of my sweatshirt pocket into the urinal.”
    I think the neighbors could hear Joe’s screams.

  117. Spin! Include something witty to amuse me as I learn how to use my wheel. 😉 Oooh, show us some pretty yarns to envy?

  118. Joe’s Gansey. With Bohus breaks as needed to keep from going nuts from either project.

  119. I must chime in and vote for the GANSEY!!! Either finish it or post pictures of the finished object!
    If you refuse to do that. . .well, I vote for, in order:
    a.) another pair of socks;
    b.) a pretty little baby/pet blanket (is the cat still PO’d at you?);
    c.) washing as much fleece as your neighborhood squirrels need.

  120. MORE SOCKS! Then the Bohus…the socks will give you something to take the edge off when you get twitchy from knitting the boring stockinette. Chose a sock pattern that is somewhat simple, but still interesting.

  121. I’m always a fan of socks. I’d probably start the next pair of socks, then work on the Bohus until boredom set in, then spin for awhile, back to socks, spinning, and Bohus when doing other things if it’s just at the stockinette forever part.
    Monogamy is not in my vocabulary.

  122. Bohus – you can stand boring for a few days (just look at the beautiful top part while you knit the body)

  123. Bohus. Before you know it, it’ll be too hot for big piles of wool in your lap, and then it’ll be fall and you’ll be in a Christmas panic and you’ll wonder why you didn’t finish it last spring when you had a chance.

  124. Socks! Just think – if you finish them before April, you’ll have an entire month to work on the other items without falling behind! 🙂

  125. I vote for E- you finishing up my lace project and the two pairs of socks I have on needles. I haven’t knit all week and I’ve lost enthusiasm for finishing some of my projects.

  126. First, a congratulatory glass of red wine(I’m a little biased); then, perhaps one of the patterns from the RSC January kit. I’d love to see your Flabellas or Cascadias before the March kit arrives. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  127. Any of the above would be a great choice. But I really wanted to say that I love the rug, and am impressed that the newest pair of socks coordinate with it.

  128. Spin! All my spinning is vicarious through you – I have my great-grandmother’s wheel but have not learned to use it yet.

  129. Bohus, at least until you can’t take it anymore. If you can get through the stockinette, than maybe I could too, and maybe it wouldn’t be totally ridiculous for me to buy one of those kits.
    I know, it’s not about me…

  130. I say start on the April socks. It is best to be ahead of schedule by the time you get to December. Adding an extra pair might make the knitting fates smite you.

  131. Bohus! The stockinette may be boring, but think how quickly it will go, and then you’ll have another gorgeous sweater!

  132. I vote for shameless hours of visiting with friends while you power through the bohus simple bits. They will appropriately ohh and ah over your already proven cleverness.

  133. I bet you could finish the gansey if you gave it a whole weekend. No one could ever nag you in the comments about it again. You know it’s a good idea and think of how wonderful it will feel to finish it.

  134. My first thought was “gansey” too, so…does that mean spinning? After all, it’s a lot easier to knit in little bits and pieces and you can knit almost anywhere, but spinning is a little less flexible, so I’d say get that in now. Work on the Bohus a bit too–fifteen minutes here and there and you can feel good about making progress on it.

  135. take the bohus to the pub. you’ll be able to drink yourself giddy and still maintain stockinette.
    of you could really be the bee’s knee’s and spin something to then knit before the end of the weekend. ’tis the season for wristwarmers, and they really only need about 100-130 yards.

  136. -LOVE the socks;
    -Charming post;
    -suck it up with the stockinette and spend the free time dreaming of the next project!

  137. Socks! That’s the way to go. And maybe some sunny days at the park. Top it off with a good cupof coffee & a trip tothe yarn store….”Heaven”

  138. I’d say the April socks… because twelve pairs of socks in twelve months.
    This makes one of the months December, and assuming Christmas giving, you don’t even have the whole month. That’s also assuming you do not take on any other monstrous last-minute knitting project in December.
    Perhaps I shouldn’t mention it, but history does rather suggest that the second assumption is far from a sure bet for you….

  139. Bohus Bohus Bohus!!
    You’ll be so happy after it’s finished and then we will see pretty pretty pictures! (Wild Apple is my favorite colorway!!)

  140. Hey, I thought the point of your sock club was to restock your own socks! Something about the cobbler’s children going unshod? Your handknit socks being holey and overly darned? Did you forget that post? Never mind, The Blog will remind you.
    That said, and this pair obviously being for YOU in that case, you may now start a pair for giving to someone else.

  141. Poor Joe. The gansey isn’t even on the list anymore. Just think how sweet it would be if when he got home you were done with it. Although, I suspect your last installment mentioned not having enough wool cleaned and spun, so maybe the spinning could be for the gansey?

  142. How about “D: Sleep”? If you can’t get by with that, then I vote for the Bohus and a beer. Or maybe a glass of wine. Or both.

  143. Socks, definitely another pair of socks. Something you could finish quickly to add to your Holiday Box.

  144. Socks i would get ahead on socks if i were in your shoes…but maybe that is me! The socks look lovely!!!

  145. Gansey – I’ve lost track of where you are but maybe it’s time for spinning? I also thought your new socks were YOUR new socks – not just for the Christmas box ;0)

  146. Socks. The fylingdale sweater starts out with a boring bit. I’m guessing that’s what you want to do with your Irish wool. Just started mine this week, what an awesome sweater.

  147. knock off some bohus – I love watching those sweaters grow. And then…some spinning, that seems so insane creative – to make yarn from fuzz.

  148. Bohus! I’m dying to see the finished product. Grey Shimmer is killing me. I would love to have progressed as far as the boring stockinette part!! If I ever finish, I’m throwing a party….

  149. My absolute first thought on reading this was right up there with rams’s. I thought the idea here was to refurbish your sock drawer! So, go to stash, pull out something for the Christmas back stock box and every time you finish a pair of socks early (I am an eternal optimist – there will be more times as the weather warms up and your hands unfreeze) go back to the Christmas build up. How about a shelf with prepackaged Christmas projects? Sort of a Christmas-present-of-the-month club? That sounds like a lovely way to pass an afternoon in the company of your stash! When all else fails how about combining Bohus with your lovely sounding pub? Even two glasses of stout shouldn’t be able to do too much damage to straight stockinette!

  150. This is totally off topic here, (but I don’t have Twitter so can’t reply over there…) but wanted to chime in on the water logged phone. A week after I got my brand new phone, I dropped it in a duck pond. A muddy, murky, algae filled duck pond. With ducks.
    Five years later, it’s still working great. The secret is to make sure you don’t turn it back on until it is really, truly, completely, totally, not-kidding-about-this, dry. You might want to stand it on end in that bag of rice so there’s no flat spot inside for a tiny bit of water to puddle in; maybe put it on its other end or side after a day or two.
    I’ve been told to let it dry for at least three or four days, depending on your climate’s humidity, but there are probably better sources for that timeline than me.
    Good luck!

  151. I say another pair of socks, so that by December you’ll actually have 12 pair of socks. Otherwise you’d only have 11 pair by then.

  152. My vote is Spin. (just pretend both weekend days are Thurs. Thursday is for spinning right???)

  153. If it were me right now, I would probably alternate spinning something fun and crazy with knitting the stockinette on the Bohus.

  154. I call mine the ‘holiday horde’ and it’s damned empty right now. Hmmmmm….have to think about that soon. Last year I let the holiday knitting slip until July and I had to cut folks from the knitlist at the last minute. :)k

  155. Adding to the cell phone advice – my son lost his phone in a snow bank in a friend’s back yard during our recent Snowpocalypse. A month later, the snow melted and the friend found the phone. Without much hope, we pulled the battery out, submerged the phone and battery in rice for 24 hours, and charged up the phone with the power off. We were very surprised to find that it works perfectly! I hoope the same thing works for you.

  156. P.S. – I thought all these socks were supposed to be for you, since you were running low on socks?

  157. Bohus! for one day and Spin! for the next day…she’s developed some wonderful patterns, hasn’t she? Those socks are lovely. We don’t want you to get burnt out on socks (hard to imagine, actually) so pace your self.

  158. I can’t help but think you’ve just invited the knitting gods to smite you by this posting (oh so you think you’re on schedule do you?) This would make me think more socks with the bohus as a backup when mindless knitting is all that can be worked on, although yes, I too would like to know what happened to that gansey

  159. I couldn’t decide what to vote for so I will think about it on my way to the yarn shop this morning. I have a list of things to buy…a list!!
    Love the socks, the pair I am making are a bit slower as they are for a size 13 foot…two feet actually..LOL

  160. I vote for working just a bit on every single unfinished project you can lay your hands to. Things in the back of the closet don’t count. Just think how virtuous you’ll feel. You could walk a half inch off the ground for at least a day.

  161. 1. I love how many people are giving advice based on what they think *they* should be doing.
    2. All these people talking about finishing sweaters is making the two I have in process give me hurt and lonely looks. *drops current socks guiltily*
    3. Somebody really needs to do an add-on for you that will let you post a quiz which then tallies up the answers and presents them in chart form. (I am resisting the urge to start tallying myself, but it really does cry out for statistics.)
    4. My seat-of-the-pants impression is that ‘spin’ votes are leading, followed by ‘gansey’.
    5. Angelia @ 4:57..what do you mean Stephanie could wear the Bohus next winter? This is *Canada*. And this woman just knit Whistler in 17 days!!! There would be plenty of good Bohus-wearing weather left this spring.
    6. I’m with Ashley…more pictures of the Bohus! Also, does anyone have good suggestions for cleaning drool off keyboards?
    7. Whatever you decide, have a wonderful time :).

  162. Bohus! Then gansey spinning. But really, it’s your choice. The knitting hordes don’t run your life… yet. (Muahahaha.)
    If you’ll excuse me, I need to finish those socks that were supposed to be a Christmas gift…

  163. Reading twits but not (yet) a twitterer. Here are some things I have learned: iPhone fits neatly in a snack-size ziplock baggie. Touch pad still works. Husbands do laugh, however.

  164. I vote for the Bohus because it’s always good to make headway on a project when you are in a lull. A few dozen rows of stocking stitch and you’ll be full of new ideas for what you want to knit next. Plus, you’ll be that much closer to having another FO.

  165. I have to agree w/rams – I thought your sockies had all developed termite holes! We can’t be having the High Goddess of Knit wearing termite-infested socks, nor can we have her wearing (gasp) Wal-Mart specials! If you zip out another pair of socks in the remaining 11 days of this month, you can have one pair for you and one pair for the Christmas box, right?

  166. D. The sun is out here, so I’m going to give the birds some seed and water the grass. Then I’m off to see a new baby and her proud parents! (I say this while knitting a sock out of that awesome German Zauberwolle in crazy red and blue stripes.)

  167. Of course, you should surf the web until you find some cute, adorable, kitchy pattern you normally wouldn’t bother with, and then go on a hunt for the perfect yarn, and then do nothing else for several days until that project is finished.
    I just saw a pattern for an Easter hat – you knit lace from crochet cotton, starch, and block. Do you need an Easter hat?

  168. What other projects are you planning for christmas? you could use the unplanned knitting time to start on one of the bigger things…..

  169. Stephanie – how’s the weather in Toronto this weekend? If it’s rainy & cool, pop in a DVD of a movie you’ve really been meaning to watch and knit the Bohus–offset the boring part, I mean.
    Sunny out? Take the bohus out for a spin on the bike – go to the pub or your favourite coffee shop and spend two hours knitting the Bohus’ stockinette. Either way-progress!

  170. I vote for–Joe’s Gansey, which would possibly mean spinning as well as knitting. (Sorry to bring it up, but Joe really deserves to have his wedding sweater finished even if it is chugging into spring and he couldn’t wear it for months.)

  171. VOTE: Extra pair of socks, to be gifted off (by a drawing) to anyone who donates $ to the place of your choice during the next week.

  172. I vote for do something else, something you don’t normally do. SOMETHING FUN, like gettng out for a long walk, looking up old friends and family, doing something new with your daughters, since your dh is gone, you have the whole weekend, like learn how to paint…..any number of new things. I don’t know how the weather is there, but if it is nice, you might do somehting outside. Barbecue, go for a walk, go out to tea, any number of things! HAVE A LOST WEEKEND AND DO SOMETHING FUN!! When your husband comes back, you will BOTH have something to talk about!

  173. One last question: What do you do with the rice after you put the cell phone in it? Do you throw it away or use it? I have never heard of this, but this cell phone in the rice trick might be useful in the future.

  174. I vote spin. And perhaps get yourself a nice massage. You totally deserve something nice for yourself after finishing those socks so early.

  175. I like Amanda’s idea of doing December’s socks! Think about it: you’re going to be so crazy busy in December, you might fall down a bit on the sock club.

  176. SOCKS! Because if you finish another pair before you start your April socks, those could be your DECEMBER socks, and one less thing to knit actually IN December.
    And if during the year you get ANOTHER bonus pair, those could be NOVEMBER’s socks, and then think about how far ahead you’ll be!

  177. I vote for starting April’s socks early, just because starting anything on April Fool’s Day sounds like an invitation to the knitting goddesses polish (or sharpen) their smiting sticks.

  178. Definitely knit April’s self-imposed sock club. It will be fun to get ahead of yourself…
    I just saw your new book listed on Amazon for September – looks great!!

  179. Extra socks are always handy! Take some pressure off future months. Bohus knitting is only for when you’re totally in the mood.

  180. My vote: ride the waves of inspiration for a couple of days and see what happens next.

  181. Start the socks. Largely because you will need to keep coming in early to get the 12 done (Christmas is still going to be December 25 not January 1 and you know how crazy you get at Christmas).

  182. E. All of the above, + the gansey. Just to keep things hopping, you know. Besides, lack of chaos makes for dull blog reading on our end.

  183. Go stash diving and see what screams KNIT ME!! loudest. (Actually, you’ve probably already started by now whatever you’re going to do anyway.) Doesn’t it feel weird to be between projects?

  184. Whatever you decide to do, there should be a little time set aside for beer and, oh, maybe work a bit on that Gansey for Joe?

  185. Definitely the Bohus! I took a class from Susanna Hansen (Hanson?) in October and am trying to get up the courage to begin a Wild Apple sweater. It’s so gorgeous and the colors are perfect for Ms. Harlot!

  186. As someone who just pulled out her Cap Shawl from Victorian Lace Today and realized that she has about 20 rounds left (this is a circular shawl, so they’re the really big rounds), I say go with the Bohus. If I have to grin and bear it, so does everyone else :).

  187. I’d like to see the Bohus finished, but you can relieve the tedium of the boring part by spinning and/or knitting more socks. I love the idea of the sock club and have been thinking about doing that for myself 🙂 Maybe a sock and mitten of the month club, as I’m always scrambling to get mittens done in time for skiing season. Maybe if I started them NOW I’d have them done for next winter.

  188. Given that yesterday’s post spoke of Joe’s extreme niceness….surely it must be the Gansey.
    Just found a mouse in (one of) my baskets of stash and trying to figure out how to get him outside without actually interacting with him. Why oh why?!

  189. If you persevere with the boring stockinette part of your Bohus then I’ll feel obligated to tackle the boring stockinette part of my second sock. That’s what you get for being a role model! My self-serving vote? Do the bath and red wine thing 😉

  190. Definitely work on the Bohus. You only have to knit the mind-numbing, boring stockinette until your new sweater book arrives. Then you can jump right in on the new sweater! (You will thank me later that you’re that much farther along on the Bohus when you return to it again.)
    Mary G. in Texas

  191. Finish a UFO – the Bohus perhaps? My Olympic project was to finish – or frog – all UFO’s. I did it!! I did do a bit of charity knitting to fill in the gaps, but EVERYTHING is done. I feel happy and not guilty about my new projects.

  192. I would definitely go with the Bohus. That way, when your order for the new sweater comes, you can knit away with a clean slate. When I get new yarn, I want to “taste” it right away!

  193. when I have boring stockinette, I read at the same time. I’ve gotten a lot of reading done that way. Also being creative on how to hold the book open while you’re reading.

  194. Spinning. DEFINITELY spinning. You have been working hard! You deserve a nice meditative break.
    Maybe I’ll take a day off next week with just me and the roving.

  195. I would recommend something different and knit a quick shawl for the spring. The fabulous Brandywine Shawl looks great in sock weight and the designer ( Romi ) is donating the proceeds from the sale of the pattern goes to your favourite charity – Doctors without Borders.
    happy knitting

  196. Remember way back in “At Knit’s End” when you said you might see a positive aspect of completing 4 projects in a day? Do dishcloths – you could add 8 lovely items to your gifting stash and pass the time productively until the book arrives.
    And in passing, I’m not counting my snowdrop shawl as completed yet, but the body is done and off the needles as of last Sunday evening. The edging has to wait until I whip up a baby gift for my next door neighbor, who’s wife is expecting a wee young lady by mid-April, but then I’ll be back to collect my gold medal once that’s done.

  197. I was going to say spin baby spin, but then I scrolled past a post that said ‘gansey’, so I have to amend my vote. What better springtime present for Joe than a gansey upon his return from the Grand Canyon?

  198. i vote for option A… you’ll feel even MORE virtuous for whipping off all that stocking stitch on top of coming in ahead on your sock deadlines! it’s gotta be good karma!

  199. Wait a sec… I thought you were knitting these socks to replenish _your_ sock drawer (which if I recall correctly) was getting a bit threadbare!

  200. How about…nothing. Just to cleanse the palate. Otherwise, I join the chorus of gansey, Gansey, GANSEY! (Sorry you asked?)

  201. I’d cast on another pair of socks for that box. The Knitting Gods don’t like us to feel so smug. It’s dangerous. Get a jump on the next pair!
    (and those Rogers are gorgeous!)

  202. Book? What book? When? Soon? NOW????
    Um… sock, spin, Bohus, read something FRIVOLOUS and FUN in that, or reverse, order.

  203. I think you should spin first, and then start a new pair of socks for yourself! Your March socks are great and they want company!

  204. 1- Am I remembering wrong, or when you first thought up the sock club it was because YOU didn’t have many socks in your OWN drawer?? I could easily be mistaken, I have a “short mind” as my son used to say when he was little.
    2- I think you should start something new. I’m a serious startitis person (you should see all the projects set up in my house…) so I go for the new when in doubt. Or bored. Or frustrated. LOL
    Take care,

  205. Spin! Spin! Spin!
    I am dyeing (and dying) to spin, but can’t seem to get to it. I would feel much better about it if I knew you were spinning.

  206. Bohus. It would motivate me to do MY boring stockinette on my own Bohus

  207. I’d recommend the bohus or the socks. You can never have too many socks already knitted, and that bohus is lovely.

  208. I thought the self-imposed sock club was to up your personal stash of socks since yours were starting to get worn? Apparently I’m batty, though. 🙂

  209. You could get another pair of socks in by the end of the month and be that much farther ahead. Who knows what that would do to the giddy meter! You rock girl!

  210. I say spin!!! I just finished 51/2 weeks of Anatomy & Physiology and have a week to work every day. My plan after work is to finish a sweater (almost done! half a sleeve to go) and SPIN!!! It’s my reward for finishing this class with an “A” at the age of 52!!! WOOOHOOO

  211. I vote a combination of A and C…I really want to see how that sweater is coming. That tiny work blows my mind!!!

  212. SPIN WITH ME YARN HARLOT! I am doing 8oz of merino at 19 wpi! It will taka a bit of time to do and we can ignore all that stocking stitch!!!…

  213. Please spin and tell.
    I really loved your spinning and knitting the february lady. It was the last push I needed to make (knit that is, not spin) one for me and it’s been on my back most of last summer. It’s in hibernation now, mine’s cotton and linen, can’t wait for the weather to turn….
    So, please, make yarn again! I’m totally ok with it if you then knit socks out of it to keep the other half (or so) of the poll happy and überstack you December box in one fell swoop. Wouldn’t that be the best of all possible worlds?

  214. Definitely D. How about organising your stash and drooling over your nicest yarns? I find that a very satisfying occupation. However, it usually leads to starting something you hadn’t even considered making, ever…

  215. It’s Monday, did you get your book yet? I too am at loose ends because it’s Spring now and knitting on the chewy gray wool sweater doesn’t seem optimistic enough, so I just ordered magenta cotton for an Apres Surf.

  216. You, Stephanie, would be very capable of spending this time rewriting the words to “The Twelve Days of Christmas”——–to become The Twelve Socks of Christmas, naming the specific names of each pair you knit and intend to knit.

  217. I would have to say go for the Bohus or a new pair of socks. You might as well get ahead on the April socks…right? Or you could get an *extra* pair of socks done, and then you’d have thirteen pairs of socks instead of twelve by December. That would be rather exciting.

  218. You know, I think I am on the ‘start-the-December-socks-now’ wagon. We all know how you get before Christmas…

  219. I think another pair of socks. one pair a month means only 11 pairs by Dec. 1. knit another now and you’ll have the 12th pair!

  220. I’m just reading this now on Monday and am ridiculously excited to find out what you chose.
    (I kind of hope another pair of socks.)

  221. You realize that as soon as you open up comments on what you should work on, you will get adoring fans chiming in/nagging you to work on Joe’s grey gansey. If you can finish Whistler in 17 days, surely the gansey can be finished in under a decade.

  222. Don’t you just hate it when you are “ahead”…and can’t figure out what to do with yourself?
    I thought you were going to knit yourself socks over a period of time so they don’t all wear out at the same time????
    And as you have now hit the boring sea of green stockinette, can the Bohus go to knit nights? Or is it too big to carry?
    I would spin…because tomorrow is Tuesday “Spin Day”, correct? And spinning doesn’t travel as well.

  223. Bohus! Back to the Bohus! Just think of the “finishing high” (I can’t be the only one that gets that, right?) that awaits you at the end of this tunnel!

  224. Do you really think that you could enjoy the Christmas season WITHOUT pulling a Kathleen at some point? Wouldn’t some of the magic, the wonder of it all taste a little flat if you weren’t warping the time/space continuum at some point?

  225. Bohus! Back to the Bohus! Just think of the “finishing high” (I can’t be the only one that gets that, right?) that awaits you at the end of this tunnel!

  226. SOCKS…You inspired me to start my first pair. By the way, you finished the socks on my birthday. March 19th.

  227. I think your idea to avoid discussing the health reform issue in the US is a good one. Different country, different situation.

  228. Say, weren’t you going to knit all those socks for yourself – because you were running out of socks to wear?

  229. Hello there, Happy Fool’s Day!
    “But why,” demanded the puzzled judge of the burglar standing before, “did you break into the same store three nights running?”
    “Well, Judge, it’s like this,” was the reply. “I picked out a dress for my wife and I had to change it twice.”
    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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