Three Knitters take a Weaving Trip

Aka- Rachel, Denny and I go to The Spinning Loft for Sara Lambs cut pile class.  (A photo-essay with sort of random captions.)

1. I drove through the city to fetch up Denny and Rachel.  I really, really, really don’t drive much, partly because I don’t need to, and partly because it makes me anxious. Turns out that owning Daniel the GPS has removed some of the anxiety of driving for me.  Used to be that I worried about killing people by accident and about getting lost. Now I just worry about killing people by accident. 

2. Rachel and Denny were happy to be fetched.  (I have no idea why Denny’s laughing like that. Probably because Rachel is carrying her luggage.  Hard to tell.)

3. It is a 5-6 hour drive.  I drove, Rachel navigated and Denny amused herself in a variety of ways.   She had a chicken. (I don’t know why.)

She used Rachel’s headrest as a skein holder.

She made jokes about dysoning a bison.  (I think you have to be there for that one.)

4. We got to the US, and the border guard didn’t ask us a single question past "What is the purpose of your visit to the US"

This is probably because the answer was "We’re going to a cut pile weaving class!  We have three looms in the trunk and Sara Lamb is going to teach us how.  We spun our own yarns for it and knotted cut pile is how some of the oldest rugs in the world were made. We’re making bags though.   Have you read The Virgin’s Knot ? That’s what the girl in the book was doing.  Weaving and tying knots. You can do it with a rigid heddle loom, which is really why we can put three looms in the trunk, you know.. other looms are big… anyway …..
It’s, um… more interesting than it sounds."

Oddly, waved us right through.

5. We arrived and got to work right away, warping our looms on Friday night, then getting down to the beginning of our weaving on Saturday. 

Saturday just about exploded my brain.  We learned how to do soumak, twining, the turkish knot— it was crazy.  So many things. So. Many. I wove all day, and at the end all I had was this:

which is way more than it looks like because I did a sample first.  

6. The next day we learned cardweaving for the straps, and that, my friends, is frighteningly simple and cool.  I had no idea.

7. The only downside of the whole thing is that we trashed Beth’s shop.

8. Beth was the loveliest hostess,  charming, funny and able, and we all did some serious damage to our wallets. The best score though, was a gift from Beth.  In a moment of perfect serendipity, she’d purchased some silk at the SOAR where I didn’t make it to the market – and check this out.

Yup.  Meant to be mine.  To create an even more perfect moment.. .turns out that silk was dyed by… you guessed it.

Sara Lamb.

9. These dolls have nothing to do with anything, except Beth was selling them and I thought they were great.

10. Then we went home.  Denny enjoyed a yarnified backseat all the way home,

and I’m 1/3 of the way through my beautiful cut pile. 

How was your weekend?

135 thoughts on “Three Knitters take a Weaving Trip

  1. My weekend didn’t have the nap yours had. But I did get to Knit Rangers. No sale of my daughter’s (9yo) stitch markers, but a promise of sale next time.

  2. OOOO–I miss weaving. I actually took two semesters of it in college. If it wasn’t bad enough that I went to college a block (yes a block) from the beach, I actually had to go ahead and take a weaving course. It was wonderful but I took a ration of grief over it.

  3. My weekend? I did a bit of weaving, but just plain weave. Pretty though. I’m making a shawl out of some sock yarn I dyed. And I worked in my garden. SOOO happy it’s really spring! Dwarf irises! Crocuses! Squee!
    Sara Lamb doesn’t look at all like I expected her to look, though I don’t really know what I expected her to look like…

  4. No Way! I live in Hartland (the little town next to Howell)- can’t believe you were in my neck of the woods. Hope you had fun (with that much yarn to go home with, I’m sure you did!).

  5. First you force me into knitting socks and now, now … I want to WEAVE!!!
    I wish the customs guys would let books and yarn across the border via Canada Post as quickly and easily as they let your craftmobile through *lol* I’m glad you all had such a wonderful time!

  6. I had a good weekend, but too much sewing (for other people) and not enough knitting (for me). That must change. Also I didn’t get to run away with my friends and play with pretty string and get presents and laugh. That too must change. Looks like you had a ton of fun, and that backseat craft zone is the best!

  7. Wow, a wave sounds much better than being threatened with Federal prison by a large, gun-toting angry border agent. I’ll have to bring some knitting next time…

  8. That’s weird. The first time I tried to comment, I got a funky error message so I tried again. Now there’s my comment twice.

  9. Your GPS is called Daniel? My sister’s is Lucy, when we get lost we call out “Lucy where are we?” and laugh….I guess you need to be there.

  10. My weekend was lovely; full of sunshine and six-week-old-baby (mine) smiles (both of us).

  11. I miss cardweaving SO much. I should get back into it… but there is both blogs, the concert photography, the show coverage, the conventions, the knitting, the knitwear and graphic design, and of course, the day job.
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. My weekend? Was brilliant. I met a boy. A boy who is fantastic and amazing and happens to be working my department at the convention this weekend. Super exicted and nervous and giggly and the whole bit. I hope this works.

  12. Beautiful colors, and I’m not even an earth toned type person!! What a fun trip for you and the girls…and what a great new skill to have! Have fun and I can’t wait to see it when it’s all done!

  13. Your weekend was much better than mine – bought enough grass seed to pay for a sweater’s worth of yarn! Next weekend we’ll have to put it down. I very much dislike both the cost and the eco concerns of a green lawn but DH loves the look. Go figure!

  14. Well, didn’t do any weaving. But on Saturday six members of the Black Sheep Knitting Guild (Detroit area)drove down to Bowling Green, OH for the Black Swamp Spinners Guild Market Day and had a great time. As usual, we generously helped out the local economy and came home with lovely fiber – some roving and some great yarn. Love these field trips!

  15. Must. Resist. The. Weaving. Can’t afford another fibery hobby until one of my “roomies” (aka DH & DD) gets a freakin’ JOB. I watched a demo of heddle loom weaving at Bliss Yarns, too cool & it’s on the list of “things to do when I win the lottery”. Denny looks like my kinda gal-pal, just about as nuts as I am! DD says we need adult supervision when just the two of us go out & about; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to agree with her. Glad you had fun!

  16. no craft zone photos?! (my weekend was inferior due to lack of yarn exposure.)

  17. You didn’t show pictures of the famous “craft zone”!
    My weekend was less fun, gave up Sock club to paint three rooms and a hallway in a rental house to get it ready to sell.

  18. YAY! I deal in cut pile oriental rugs and am thrilled that you are learning…I can “demo” the “knotting” but have never tried to make anything, perhaps just not talented enough? Roadtrips…how cool!

  19. Well, I started a baby blanket for the auction for our local senior center fundraiser. I hate sewing knitted pieces worse than anything, so I found myself casting on 836 stitches, “joining, being careful not to twist”! Serves me right.

  20. My weekend was awesome. I tried brewing beer for the first time in my life, and I actually believe that it is going to turn out. Didn’t get much knitting on my Traveling Woman shawl done though:( Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and glad to hear it, you deserve it.

  21. Not as much fun as yours, but very productive. Did the annual stash reduction exercise. And boy was it an exercise. Amazing the number of places it has ended up in my house. Bending and stretching muscles that are still protesting.
    Of course DH was not here during the exercise. He doesn’t need to know where my secret hiding places are.
    I also purged some books. A few are going to like-minded friends. The rest will go to Portland with me the next time I go. Powell’s may take most of them. The rest go off to charity.
    Next project, making room for the 8 harness Schacht Baby Wolf loom as well as room to actually use it.

  22. I booked the venue for my wedding reception. It’s gorgeous, historic and has lots of character.

  23. No way is that blue a ’70s appliance color, but the combo was clearly meant to be yours.
    That trip sounds like so much fun! I loved Denny at the Sock Summit last year (hi, Denny!). She was so sweet to me.
    And, your new bag will be a forever souvenir of a great weekend.
    I also had a great weekend, although less social. I finished making curtains for my house in Oregon, and drove back to LA. Everything was green and blooming. Me, I love long drives.

  24. Wow, looks incredible. I definitely need to learn weaving and spinning.
    Melissa in Fairbanks, AK

  25. Fantastic weekend. Fairbanks in March–top of the line! Another gorgeous weekend in Paradise! I skijored two 2-mile races, I skijored some more, I skied a 20 km race without dogs (missed them, too). Went to a three potlucks and a klezmer music concert. I once did a pile weaving workshop; it was absolutely great, and my sample is very, very small–but I still have it because I’ll probably never do it again. 🙂

  26. My weekend? Lots of paycheck type work, dinner out with the whole family (spring break!), some awesome music (singing a little deconstructed Bach, playing a little Taize viola), hanging out with the spring-break son and taking him to the airport…Just the usual chaos of a family of six.
    I must mention however, that my GPS has a British lady voice; we have named her Leticia. She makes the occasional mistake, but has saved my bacon many times over. And I love how she says things like “take the roundabout, second exit” and “turn left, then take the motorway”. She sounds like Jane Austen would sound if she could have driven;

  27. Wow. My weekend was nowhere near as cool as yours, but your cards made me want to get my inkle loom out! (I learned to do card weaving on an inkle loom)

  28. I wonder if our GPSs are related. Mine is named Daniel too.
    It looks like it was a great weekend.

  29. We got my son his first loom for his 7th birthday. He tried out weaving last fall at a festival and fell in love. There’s a brief instruction for soumak in the instruction book. Poor little guy, I hope he wants “help”.

  30. I spent an equally fibery weekend… I belong to a knitting guild, and yes it is a machine knitting guild, I know, most people think it’s cheating… we will save that for another day. So back to the story, we have had this retreat at a Bed and Breakfast for a few years now and we take our machines, and hunks of our stash and our needles and magazines, and books and we all decend on our friends inn. I brought wool to over dye, I found two cones of shetland wool in a brightish teal for a buck a cone, couldn’t resist the deal. I did some immersion dying with purples, and navy blues. The wool came out great and I also knit a simple bed jacket for my mum. Besides great food, wine and company, I got to play with wool… too fun for words. However, I am looking at your loom with envious eyes… I want to weave too, but don’t know which loom to get… and then I hear how tedious it is to warp them…. please put my mind to rest… it needs it about now and I really want a loom… tell us more, please

  31. When I first started reading your blog I assumed Denny was a guy’s name and although I discovered this was not the case a couple of months ago, I’m still surprised to see pictures of Denny and it not be a man!

  32. Wow, sounds like a wonderful weeked! And I love the weaving. I have a small backstrap loom on which I have woven about 3 inches of a bookmark … one day I will find time to finish it and have a go at all the wonderful Guatemalan weaving techniques I read about in my 3 books on the subject.
    As for this weekend?? Well, it was the weekend before Passover started (on Monday night) so we spent it doing the final mad cleaning, changing over the kitchen to Passover mode, and cooking and cooking and cooking … but I did finish knitting my first ever toe-to-top sock!

  33. Spent my weekend watching (more) water pour into my basement and praying the sump pump would hold. Tried to cut the stress by knitting my sock from the Loopy Ewe sock of the month. Wish I had your weekend instead!

  34. Hmm, my weekend was as busy as it could be as a Police/911 Dispatcher on the weekend before the full moon..I worked nights. Saturday was my birthday and working seemed just ‘wrong’. I knitted a Baby Sirprise Sweater in cotton yarn and I am very disappointed…the fibers formed pills that fell off as I knit, even now handling causes a cloud of fluff. I guess I will wash it and see what happens, it may end up as dishcloths..very disappointing over all…

  35. I watched a lot of college basketball, while needle felting Easter eggs with some gorgeous roving. Not a wise thing to do when the games are close, and so is the sharp pointy needle. We call our GPS “bitch”, because she gets this edgy quality to her voice when you don’t follow the instructions. I swear, she really does.

  36. My weekend was spent mentally attacking the piles of wool all over the house. So when I’m ready to actually organize them I have a plan. Sigh, not too successful. The wool has run amok. Unless I knit something soon, there is going to be a revolt, I suspect.
    By the way – Don’t mock the chicken!! I have bought that very same chicken as a Christmas present and it got big laughs – I noticed you did not photograph its …mmm.. most interesting feature. Unless in Canada they left out the egg.

  37. Now I want a chicken, too! “Delibu” on Ravelry has a GPS that includes a Darth Vader voice option. “(breathing) 800 yards ahead (breathing) turn left (breathing)” And love your photo….we finally see The Hair! Lookin’ good!

  38. My weekend? Wow, that was so long ago–it’s Spring Break here. Now that you mention it I vaguely remember there was skiing, knitting, spinning, and a trip to the library.

  39. Fabulous! I took a spinning class (second time as the first time wasn’t entirely successful). Then I rented a wheel for 6 days to practice. I must say that the learning curve is steep and I’m at the bottom but I am loving the feel of it. Hope some skill sets in soon…. Glad you had such a good time. Road trips with your girls is such a joy.

  40. I can’t remember my weekend. :/ Probably did a lot of dog walking and housecleaning. Not as much fun as your weekend! I did almost finish my afghan, though, and now it’s done. 🙂 Oh yes, and I started the same sweater with different yarn for the third time. Argh. Now I’m making a FLS instead. 🙂 I’m looking forward to this coming weekend! Most of my kids and all my grandkids will be together! It happens only once in a while. So good weekend coming up!
    I love your weaving! It’ll be a great bag. 🙂

  41. Denny looks well cushioned by the yarn, you know, in case there is an accident.
    I got a loom for Christmas since you wrote that you can make a scarf in five hours. Now, you show the slow ways of weaving. No thanks, I got it for the speed.To each their own.

  42. I took my first ever knitting class. I freaked the teacher out since I knit with the back of the stitch leading. Cables: It was a cabling course. There was a fibre festival as well and I bought books and yarn. Spent too much money, but I do that sometimes. I had a nice time and was exhausted when I got home.
    I am glad you had fun weaving. After you finish your purse, you can make rugs for your home. Right? I am glad you had fun, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your purse.

  43. I spent my week-end continuing to knit the Classic Line Cardigan (by Knitpicks) and also worked quite a bit. I think your trip was much more interesting. Also I’m very excited because I gave up buying yarn for Lent and IT’S ALMOST EASTER!

  44. What loom do you have again?
    I think you told us, but my brain is mashed potatoes.

  45. So you call your GPS Daniel? My parents call theirs Myrtle May. I am planning on buying one in the near future, probably to be known as Eric the Norse, or something along those lines- something that makes me SURE that the gadget knows more about getting where I’m going than I do.
    I’m jealous! I want a spinning wheel, and I’m dying to learn how to weave, and all this looks like more fun than my poor little mind can handle. My hands are shaking with desire!

  46. Hi!
    If you want another great book on weaving carpets, and other fibery things mixed in with Persian culture and history, try “The Blood of Flowers” – sorry can’t recall the author at present 🙁

  47. My weekend: A cellist and a violinist arrived from Toronto on Friday to augment the Sudbury Symphony orchestra and were billeted at my house(great ladies; fun to talk to). Saturday morning, after cooking breakfast, sending them to rehearsal, organizing supper, I went to the opera(Hamlet-live in HD from the Metropolitan Opera NYC.)for the afternoon. Symphony took up the evening. Sunday: church in the morning and finally a chance to finish my Laura Chau simple but effective shawl, cast off, and wet block it. It’s lovely. Now knitting Cat Bordhi’s Riverbed master pattern using the Rushing Rivulet chart and some Lucy Neatby yarn that I got for Christmas. I’m desperately awaiting the arrival of the March RSC kit which seems to take forever to cross the border, unlike your good selves. Glad you had so much fun. Actually, I did too.

  48. That is positively awesome. I am seriously thinking of selling my table and floor looms and going for the rigid heddle. Thanks for the photo essay!

  49. totally. jealous. 2 fellow fiber fiends and I are planning our escapes. You and your fiends live in one city. Lucky. we’re spread out N-S across the middle of the US. However, we may have tales to tell. You’re a great model! 😉

  50. Wow, that purse is going to be beautiful! Must. Resist. New. Thing.
    I should confess, though, that I just bought my first loom–a hand-held that makes 4″x4″ squares. They are such a treat to weave. I blame “Piecework” for giving me yet another fiber addiction to feed. Okay, not really ‘blame’… I love it…
    As for my weekend, I read almost the entire time. Didn’t knit a stitch.

  51. My weekend? Same ol’ same ol’. However, I’m interested more in your comment about your fear of “killing somebody by accident.” Hmm…so running over someone intentionally s’alright then? Cool enough.

  52. based solely on craft content, i don’t think my weekend can hold a candle to yours! niiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  53. Well, after I started my first intarsia project ever, I figured out that it’s best NOT to work on it when facing the angst of a teenager who’s suddenly decided not to attend the college she has a scholarship for and attend one in which her “guy friend” attends. This in the midst of state soccer playoffs and some yelling and crying in the car.
    But, her team won all three games, so the girls are on their way to the next round in a few weeks.
    Meanwhile, I’m tinking and re-knitting.
    Your weekend looked more fun than mine (except for cheering on a winning group of girls, which I did).

  54. Aw, you were one town over from me as well! Too bad I was sick on the couch all weekend. Glad you had fun and come back to Michigan any time!

  55. You had so much fun!
    I haven’t had that much fun since I went to Detroit to see the Yarn Harlot. Got a lot of knitting done that weekend, too!
    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad they treated you so nicely at the border. It will be easier to come back to Michigan. You are welcome here anytime.

  56. Not nearly as fun as yours!! Well, I take that back – my daughter was home from college and we had a blast (I really miss her) so all was good. But that looks like so much fun, what a great weekend.

  57. I need to learn card weaving. Years and decades and millenia ago a handyman boyfriend made me a set of card but I never used them, silly me.

  58. Maybe I failed to understand just how long this workshop would be because I have (ashamedly) been waiting very impatiently for an update!
    Looks like an incredible time!

  59. Lovely weaving. My weekend was ok. I went to phoenix and visited with family. Started a blanket. Glad to hear you had fun!!

  60. Your hair! I’ve never understood why you didn’t like it, but I can see here it’s coiffed and lovely and natural.

  61. Looks like only one person even noticed your newest sweater! It’s beautiful.
    Went to a lecture by former Gourmet Magazine editor Ruth Reichl (knit through the whole thing), and spent lots and lots of time watching Molly, McGee and the Owlets.
    Losing serious knitting and reading time with this video cam addiction!

  62. what a wonderful and intense week-end, your brain is certainly filled with knowledge. This week-end i am heading to a non-knitting convention, BUT I will be there with lots of my Knit-Night sisters so there will be some knitting in the room time – yeah!

  63. My weekend was wonderful, maybe not to rival yours, but still wonderful. I met up with 22 ladies who I really enjoy in the California high desert near Joshua Tree and we laughed and put pictures in photo albums and laughed and ate and put some more pictures in our photo albums. And did I mention we laughed? A lot.
    The cut pile is most scrumptious; it will make a great bag when it is done. You will have to fill us in on card weaving, I’ve never heard of it (like this is surprising), and if it is truly as cool and neat as you say, then I must…learn…how…to…do…it.

  64. Those dolls are wonderful, thanks so much for the link. Also, seeing the favorite sweater again is win <3 Also, jealous of the colors of your pile yarn 🙂

  65. Your cut pile looks lovely – very tactile, I want to stroke it! I am trying to tell myself that I don’t need to learn another craft technique…I suppose ‘need’ doesn’t really come into it!
    I spent a lot of my weekend on trains. Train to London, train to Brussels – brief stopover, drink lunch beer at fabulous Cantillion brewery, back on train to Cologne, eat dinner and drink more beer in Cologne (in tiny tall glasses like test tubes, as per local tradition), get back on train. Eventually we stumbled off the train at Sunday lunchtime in Copenhagen. A nice city, some good yarn shops! Since then, we’ve taken another train and now we’re in Stockholm.

  66. That looks like such a good time! I love Sara Lamb’s book.
    And I have to confess (though it pains me so) that cardweaving scares the snot out of me.
    So now there’s an area of weaving that you know more about than me.

  67. Oh Man!!! I am so jealous of your weekend. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a class with Sara Lamb and she is amazing!! I took a cardweaving class with her and I thought it was so cool. When I met Michael Cook at SOAR, saw his amazing card woven silk straps, I knew that I would like to spend more time working on card weaving. Sara’s dyed silk is really beautiful. I have her book and I’m really hoping that I can make the time to do one of her bags. They are so beautiful. It’s really amazing how long it takes to weave cut pile though. It definitely makes me appreciate the traditional rug weavers more!

  68. My weekend was full of a different craft, one with, hopefully, lifetime lasting benefits. I spent it doing potty training boot camp for my 2-1/2 year old twins. So not much fiber craft going on here, but perhaps I’ll get some done soon. Toddlers take a lot away from knitting! Thanks for asking!
    I want to pat the weaving – it looks like it would feel so cool! Well done!

  69. I finished my very first sock (ever) by using a simple pattern in my favourite knit bloggers book (one of her many books)! I get to finish the next sock this weekend, very exciting stuff!
    Hmmm… weaving… this might be something I have to try! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  70. Thanks for asking. I went to a horse show and placed second in my Training Level 2 dressage class. And, oh, I did knit at some point over the weekend. Your weaving looks great!

  71. Glad to hear that you all have such a great time. I just wanted to let you know that I donated another $10 to Doctors without border

  72. This is the first time I heard the English terms for making ryijy and pirtanauha, thank you for introducing us! I’m amazed you had the heart to use handspun for such weaving, though. Where I come from ryijy yarn is the roughest kind you can find in the yarn section.
    Hope to see the finished one soon! 😛

  73. Sounds so cool. You needed something new to keep you occupied. So glad you found it. I got whacked by the weaving bug, too, by finding a book with a history of tartans with weaving patterns for all of them, with the color progressions and everything! I. must. weave.

  74. My hubby downloaded Mr T’s voice (from the 80’s A-Team show, remember?) to our GPS. Best $12 we’ve ever spent. And. It’s. Funny!!! “Turn lay-uft straight ahead. Then in 400 yards, merge right. Mr. T don’t get no ticket!” Makes hubby laugh, so there’s LOTS less road rage.

  75. So cut pile weaving doesn’t belong in the “weaving is faster than knitting” category? It does seem interesting though.
    I love card weaving- reading the patterns is so hard, but making up your own isn’t nearly as bad.

  76. I don’t think I could find my way out of my driveway without Kate, the GPS.
    As for what I did over the weekend? I found out that the court of popular opinion liked my Olympic Knitting project — an embellished, intarsia baby sweater. I made it for my friend, Tina’s (the LYSO) second annual knitting challenge. Judging is by vote, and the folks that came into the store voted the little sweater as first place. I’m thrilled. And very honoured.

  77. My weekend was pretty good, I spent Saturday being turned into a fairytale painting (well, you asked…)
    But what I really meant to say is that now I have ANOTHER reason to want a loom. Why do you do this to us?

  78. I spent mine in Iceland — land of the hand knit. Saw the erupting volcano, snowmobiled on a glacier and soaked in the hot springs and visited yarn stores there. It was AMAZING. But yours sounds good too!

  79. I spent the weekend walking around Washington DC, admiring the famous cherry trees and the gardens filled with spring flowers. Lovely! Also went to see museums, caught the end of the Terracotta Warriors exhibition, and started a sock. And my flights were on time, and it didn’t start raining until we were at the airport on the way home, so- pretty much perfect!
    (I had a lovely chat about knitting with one of the airline attendants, and several other people I met on the trip too!)

  80. Last weekend was blah, but this weekend is looking much better. Mostly because Webs has started their annual sale!
    QUESTION – Is the sweater you’re wearing your favorite because you like the pattern, or because it’s made with DIC yarn? My guess is the latter.

  81. Great weekend, thanks, celebrating my 60th with a bunch of writing women at a retreat center which may never have seen so much dancing.
    HOWEVER, that’s the second time in a month you’ve ventured onto my turf when I had to be elsewhere. You hadn’t better risk it a third time — I might show up. Unexpectedly.

  82. Your GPS is named Daniel? Mine is named Lynn!! I don’t know anyone else who’s named theirs… but it just works, doesn’t it? I mean, it *talks* to you!

  83. See… you just can’t stay away from Michigan! (I can’t believe you were in Howell! I went to high school there, like, 100 years ago.) You still need to think about adding Petoskey, Michigan, to the summer book tour. Great book store, lovely yarn shop; good times, I’m sure!

  84. I spent a little time mentally yoo-hoo-ing you from 40 miles away. Guess you didn’t hear me.
    It sounded like the perfect getaway that all of you needed, and I’m glad you got the chance to do it. Truly.

  85. Oh my……weaving……that looks like it could be fun……..MUST… RESIST…CALL…OF..NEW HOBBY…….

  86. Wow — that was some weekend! Mine wasn’t quite as exciting, but fun none-the-less. I planned out my balcony kitchen garden. I started seeds for cucumbers and squash and beans and herbs, planted peas and garlic and onion sets and ordered a few tomatoes and peppers. Can’t wait for the warm weather this weekend!

  87. Loved hearing about your weekend! Our machine knitting club(we handknit too) is planning a weekend trip to Toronto. Love to stop somewhere you are. Are you ever home and looking for company? We also plan a weekend spring & fall at a friend’s cottage mwher we knit. eat & gossip & knit even more!

  88. I took a design-your-own-Fair-Isle class from Janine Bajus, so I had as great a time as you did!

  89. I had a great weekend too! It included knitting, Norway and my daughter’s wedding! Can’t beat that!
    Oh, yeah, and there was the 26 hour day I traveled on Sunday. That wasn’t the total bummer I anticipated… Great memories!

  90. It’s probably just me, but did anyone else read the title of this post at Three Knitters Take a Weaving Twip?

  91. Ah man, I only live about 15 minutes from where your class was! Dang, another stalking opportunity missed….Glad you had a good time!

  92. You might be less likely to kill someone by accident while driving if you weren’t trying to take photos while you were driving!!!!:)

  93. It’s lovely to see all those peony-like colours from the fleece you posted the other day, showing up in your pile weaving!
    I’m glad you thought cardweaving (tablet weaving? same thing?) was simple, because I’ve always wanted to learn to do it but it looked off-puttingly tricky. The Vikings did it. 🙂

  94. What did I do this weekend? I went knitting (while my son fished). Note to self- and all others- knitting while rocking and swaying on a small motor boat on Lake Michigan causes upset stomach, dizziness, and sunburn. While a fish finder was used, my GPS system requires a very large, folded paper map. If I want to be located, I will do so myself thank you, because, well, technology can be scary. (Ignore the fact that I require an 11-year old to help me answer my cell phone… or set my alarm clock.)

  95. I gave my GPS a British accent and named her Camilla. As often as I argue with her (no, I don’t WANT to go to I35!) she needed a name.

  96. I think I remember a very nice weekend. But it has been followed by this week, the likes of which I haven’t seen in a long while. I’m hoping for a long quiet day in the office today.
    My GPS is Jackie. Often Bloody Jackie (there’s a YA book series out there; not necessarily my filthy mouth). We like to argue with Jackie driving around my city I know very well, but poor Jackie can’t read my mind when I change my destination without telling her. An Inadvertent Game: Guess the Language! We somehow had it set to Afrikaans for a while. Which sounded vaguely familiar, but unhelpful.

  97. The Port Orchard (WA) Knitter’s Retreat met for its fourth year and had a lovely day of working on projects, visiting, winning door prizes donated by local shops, admiring each other’s project at the Show n Tell, and we raised $320 for Heifer International with a raffle–enough for two llamas and a flock of geese. A lot of fun! Best, randmknitter

  98. Speaking of weaving – and spinning… My daughter and I went to the American Museum of Natural History in New York yesterday and look at what we saw
    We were both blown away. The textile glowed. The weaving was just spectacular and the fact is was done with spider silk floored me. The exhibit is the single piece of weaving with explanatory boards but is absolutely worth a trip to the museum. The Silk Road exhibit is pretty cool too.

  99. Aren’t GPS wonderful? I did notice that Daniel is sitting smack-dab in the centre of your windshield, which means he might be blocking some of your visibility, and I’m sure he doesn’t want to contribute to your hitting someone. You might want to move him to the left lower corner of your windshield (run the wire under the steering column) and then you can still see him but he’s not taking up prime windshield real estate.

  100. Spring arrived here all at once last weekend — flowers on the trees, warm sunshine, cool breezes, new leaves popping out in dazzling green, mad crowds of songbirds arriving all at once, turtles sunning themselves on the creek bank. Even though I was swamped trying to do get my tax in order, I made time to knit on the porch and to make my usual spring offering under the big oak in the backyard — a jar full of yarn snippings saved during the year so the birds can use them in their nests. When the leaves go in the fall, I can look up and see bits of color.

  101. I love my GPS, but I never thought of naming it. What a great idea.
    And I love your cut pile rug; the colors are so beautiful. I just don’t know where you find the time to do all the things you do.

  102. Had a gall bladder attack. Had to go to a hospital 120 miles away. They let me come home first, but I was so flustered getting a tooth brush and PJ’s that I LEFT MY SHAWL IN THE BASKET. I’ve spent the week with nothing to knit except the sock in my purse. AND No internet. Talk about crazy making. I have to go back next week to have it out. I WILL REMEMBER THE SHAWL and they might see me hiking across the hospital parking lot, dragging an IV stand, gown flapping in the wind, to get to the McDonald’s hotspot with my little laptop.

  103. Your weaving is beautiful, and that may be the most beautiful picture of you that I’ve ever seen! You look so relaxed and happy – it’s terrific.

  104. I definitely love the idea of any other thing that can use my rigid heddle loom. While I know I haven’t scratched the surface of what I can do with it, I feel like there are only so many scarves and runners I could make before going mad.

  105. Looks like a fun trip! When we drove home from Niagara Falls in 2005, hubby didn’t want to go through Chicago again, so we drove through Ontario, to Sarnia, ON/Port Huron, MI and crossed over the Blue Water Bridge. Seeing you on a bridge to MI, brought back lots of memories. Also got to cross the Mackinac Bridge that day, too!

  106. So funny that your GPS is Daniel, he is mine too. Actually he was origionally named DAN an acronym for “Dumb Ass Navigator” since he took us through a “shady” side of Atlanta where there were “women of the night” on the street in daylight. I changed his voice to that of an Englishman and decided that he was now a Daniel. The most fun I had from him was when my Daughter-in-law, Lindsey, and I went the the Knitters Connection a couple of years ago. The valet was about to drive off when I stopped him and said I needed to put Daniel in the trunk. Fun times.

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