I realized, as I started taking pictures of the socks I finished yesterday and the ones I immediately cast on to follow them, that I might be a little into green at the moment. When I chose this stuff out of the cupboard yesterday it made perfect sense. Toronto, while warmer than usual for this time of year, is still not green.  Not really- and it made perfect sense to go looking for a little (or a lot) of the colour.  Denny has a rule that one never knits grey or brown or any other colour that resembles the outside in the last months of winter.  The lack of zip anywhere is enough to send a knitter screaming into the (grey/brown) woods. It’s too hard on your psyche, and if you follow your instincts you’ll cast on green and yellow and pink and red and any other colour that the winter doesn’t have.  Apparently, I went for green- and the Beaded Bells socks were finished yesterday as we drove up here.

Now that I’ve arrived in Port Ludlow on the West coast of Washington, it makes less sense.  There are leaves on the trees here, and green grass, and flowers and no end of fresh, verdant, brilliant greens. 

Suddenly, my wee socks seem redundant, competing with real, actual, live green for my attention.  I’m captivated up here, turning around every ten minutes and yelling LEAVES! GRASS! MOSS!

Yesterday as we arrived at Port Ludlow there was a stand of daffodils and I was just about stunned.  YELLOW AND GREEN AT ONCE!  A LOT!

At home I have one wee bunch of crocus, but this place is burst out with spring, and proper leafed out trees, and dandelions and it does a knitters heart good I tell you, darned good.  Good enough that I’m starting to think that this sock…

Cauchy from Sock Innovation, knit in Shibui sock in 7498 (lot 2954)

Maybe should wait, and while I knit surrounded by the colours of spring, that perhaps my yarn should be summer.