Sock camp has started here, and in a few minutes I leave to go down and teach my class on socks – but I’m really wishing I could take Janel and Cat’s classes too… As a species I wish we could really get on realizing some of the devices from Harry Potter.  I’ve got uses for them- and today it’s the time-turner that would come in handy.  Since I’m running flat out, here’s a quickie.  Leg warmers for my sisters birthday, finished a few weeks ago but I forgot to blog them.

This happens when something’s finished before it’s given as a gift.  These knit up in a snap, then I couldn’t blog them because Erin would see them, so I tucked them away and then… well. Forgot. 

Sydney legwarmers- Louet Riverstone. (Loved this yarn.)

She loves them- and yes. This means two things. 
1. I made something my sister thinks is cool.
2. Legwarmers must be back.