Widdle Shoosies

The first session of Sock Camp is over, and Tina and I have been resting up, quietly hunkered down in our little house here at Port Ludlow, and I finally did a little knitting.  The funniest thing I find about knitting events, and particularly about hosting them, is how much they are about knitting and how little knitting I actually get done.  There’s organizing before class, teaching a class, organizing and executing the activities in the afternoon and evening, and by the time it’s all over it’s night again, and I’m falling asleep with my knitting in my hands, more yarn entirely unknit.

This rest day, Wednesday, is the only full day between the two sessions, and I couldn’t bear not to knit, but didn’t have the brain power to figure anything out, so I took a wee ball of leftover sock yarn, a set of dpns and my basic sock recipe, and waved my hands around for a while.  When I was done I had a little pair of bootees, and something about them begged me for a pom-pom. Obsession took hold

and four hours and three failed attempts later (you wouldn’t believe how much yarn was sacrificed) I did manage to create four perfect little poms

and attached them most securely to the booties:

Now, I’m fond off booties. Really fond of booties.  There’s nothing like a cute little bootie to knock the sense off of a grown knitter, and I could feel it happening to me as I was knitting,  but I was completely unprepared for how far off the scale the cute-o-meter would go when I combined those itty-bitty  pom-poms with booties.

I find these a ridiculous amount of cute.  A crazy amount of cute.  Cute so cute that a wish I could think of a word that meant ultra-mega-cute.

These booties struck both of us as so cute, that that mere moments after tying the little bows, both Tina and I were reduced to positioning them in the daisies and crawling round in the grass to take their pictures,  while exclaiming things like "Awww,  wee bitty booties!" and "Oh…  widdle shoosies!" and giggling like four year olds who were just given rainbow sparkle riding ponies for their birthdays.

In short, we did things that made me a little embarrassed about the effect that pom-poms plus booties clearly have on our respective intellects, and things that undoubtedly have the hotel staff gathered in the dining room looking out at us and wondering why we have mini socks in the grass- and why that would make us so happy. 

I’ve put them out of sight so that we can regain our demeanor and once again do moderately successful impersonations of business women.

We’re a little better now.    The power of the pom-pom.  Watch out for that.