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  1. Love the patterning! I know you’ve done a picture tutorial in the past on your egg decorating technique, I’d love to see how you do this as well.

  2. The prettiest Easter eggs I have ever seen. Thanks for this bright bit of spring sunshine.

  3. Gorgeous eggs- I first viewed them on the twitter link. I think that a malware thingy came on board then, so possibly from there. Maybe you could take down the tweet link, just in case?

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. New to this blog and am enjoying every day I read! Thank you and Happy Easter.

  5. Happy Easter! Those eggs are beautiful! The girls rock when it comes to egg coloration. I think Tina has rubbed off on them. Camp is fast approaching. Can’t wait!

  6. Beautiful Easter egg colorways, Steph! Happy Easter and thank you for being a bright spot in our world.

  7. How lovely! We used to make them like this when my kids were younger. Fond memories.

  8. Beautiful! Your creativity surpasses your knitting talent…you never cease to be amazing!!

  9. Happy Easter right back at you. Looks like the Easter Bunny had lots of fun with the eggs at your house. Enjoy the day.

  10. Happy Easter Stephanie – love the pictures! Makes me wanna go dye some yarn!

  11. After reading the weekend’s “Never Not Knitting” calendar I fully expected that you would have a butt load of hand knitted Easter eggs. πŸ™‚ The ones in the pictures are very nice and a much easier alternative. They are my kind of Easter eggs with a lot less effort (compared to hand knit ones).
    Happy Easter Stephanie and family

  12. Beautiful eggs — have you been hanging around Martha Stewart’s site again? Oh, wait, I bet she has been hanging around YOURS. Happy egg day!

  13. Beautiful eggs! They are the essence of Spring — fresh, bright and a delight for our senses. Thank you!

  14. I came over here straight from Ravelry, saw the beautiful eggs, and found myself searching for the love(1) button!!!! Oops! Laughing at myself now! Happy Easter!

  15. Looks like Tina’s been dying your eggs!
    (whoops – somebody already said that.)
    Looks like your girls are following in Tina’s footsteps!
    (whoops. again.)
    Ummmm…… you have a very talented family.
    (again. whoops.)
    Giving up now. Just gonna revel in the picture.

  16. Did Tina help you dye those? They’re beautiful. Also nice to see some green grass in the background. Has Spring finally come to Toronto?

  17. Those eggs are so beautiful! I already commented on Twitter, but I’m afraid they’re so pretty I have to say it again. So beautiful. Good job Girls!

  18. Eggshellent job, Stephanie! Please share with us your dyeing wizardry. Happy, happy to you and your dear ones.

  19. Oh, my. Lovely lovely eggs. is the pic really in your yard in Toronto? I’m afraid there are no green shoots showing here in the wilds of northern Alberta. Sigh.

  20. Lovely, lovely dyeing technique!
    Happy Eostre to you and yours. Spring is on the way up to you, I promise! Crowds of birds, green buds and flowers arrived all at once last week here in Louisiana.

  21. Oh. So. Pretty!
    Gorgeous eggs – I hope you will tell us how they were made. πŸ™‚
    Happy Easter to you, too.

  22. Beautiful! Thank you! And Happy Easter to you, too (while I wish for yarn in a mixture in all those colors to go play with).

  23. How beautiful! However, I am now having feelings of inadequacy. πŸ™‚

  24. Gorgeous! They make me think of the eggs I used to colour at my grandmother’s kitchen table so long ago. I’ve lived in the UK for more than 8 years now and all the eggs (one can buy at the store) are brown here…so I haven’t coloured eggs in ages. Thanks for waking up such nice memories!

  25. These eggs need Easter bonnets and high heels, what stylish eggs! What about socks? Great idea for sock color ways, but I think someone else mentioned that notion. Happy Spring to all!
    Eve from Carlisle.

  26. Happy Easter to you and great job on the coloured Easter eggs by your girls. Don’t you just love this fantastic Spring/summer-like weather – what an Easter gift!

  27. A Happy Easter to you — and is dying eggs good practice for someday dying yarn? If so, those eggs bode well for great yarn colors.

  28. We need a tutorial by your girls on how they dyed those extravagantly beautiful eggs!

  29. Love your eggs makes me think about knitting up something in similar colors, They are beautiful

  30. Our eggs always turn out like some funky, putrid colored, squished sort of sad artwork. I guess yours weren’t done by a four year old boy! πŸ˜‰

  31. What lovely eggs! Makes me wish we had dyed some this year! (Except, I’m sure mine wouldn’t be nearly that pretty!)

  32. Those eggs are BEE-YOU-TEA-FULL! I had a roommate who loved to do holiday crafts. I was convinced he just wanted to show the rest of us up ’cause he was soooo good at them…. Happy Holiday!

  33. Great eggs!!! What color were your fingers when you were done?
    Happy Easter, Happy Spring

  34. I love the eggs–they make me smile and think of when my 3 girls dyed eggs. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  35. Easter, the promise of new life! And what better way to say it than with an egg! Happy Easter, Stephanie!

  36. Gorgeous eggs, Steph!!! And Happy Easter to you and yours!

  37. As a Jewish girl from the city, I never thought I’d marvel at the beauty of Easter eggs, but you’ve done it! (I love your post and follow it regularly.) Someday I’ll post a shadow knitting sweater, Kimono from Vivian Hoxbro, that I’m attempting to complete. I’ll try to get some, leftover Olympic fever for it.

  38. THANK YOU!
    Your eggs rival the little crocus.
    And that is hard to beat after the winter we had.
    Again, many thanks.

  39. I have 4 daughters and 6 grandbabies,we would love to know how to dye eggs like you. please show us? They are beautiful!

  40. Happy Easter! I just saw your tweet about needing a nice dpn storage method. I have been using the DPN cases from http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrippenWorks for over a year, and love them. This case sorts my DPNs and is very portable. The circular needle case is also nice, but I adore the DPN case.

  41. Holy cow, those eggs are AMAZING! It’s enough to make me wish I had an excuse* to dye eggs and go find them…
    *Note to self: must not have children just for the sake of dying eggs, no matter how much you may want to.

  42. yay! Spingtime! And I’m loving waking up to the sounds of birdies tweeting in the trees! Those eggs are sooo pretty.. making me wanna knit some pastel socks…

  43. Happy Easter! (One day late, but who’s counting?)
    Those are quite possibly the prettiest eggs I’ve ever seen. I love the colors and patterns! I’m with everyone else, could you please do a “how to” post about your technique? Or at least post the link if you’ve done one in the past?
    Pretty pretty pretty!

  44. I love the pictures. I’m glad to see that Spring has arrived for you. I hope you have a wonderful Spring filled with knitting and no house repairs.

  45. it looks like you placed an Easter egg in a patch of hepatica which made me homesick for our large patch in Honey Harbour, On on the shores of Georgian Bay. Thanks so much.

  46. 30 years ago, my three sons(sounds like an old tv program) and their friends used to dye eggs at my kitchen table. Their eggs NEVER turned out as beautifully as yours. However, I must admit, that while dyeing the eggs, they also managed to dye themselves, the table, the floor, and anything else within striking distance. We were colourful for a LONG time. At their age (and at mine), it didn’t seem to bother us-we just enjoyed the experience. Have fun at sock camp!! Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  47. It’s very nice to know that someone in the world had the energy to really do eggs! They’re gorgeous. It’s swell just to see them.

  48. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures. Now I want to find yarn that is dyed just as pretty. πŸ™‚

  49. Those just make me want to dye more eggs and have a grand time being creative with color. Now I wish I’d saved the leftover dye from our egg adventures yesterday instead of using it to make tie-dye t-shirts with my kids. Must go find a clearance rack and buy some more dye.
    PS Happy Easter, hope yours was as fun as mine was. πŸ™‚

  50. hmmm…. i’ve been admiring/examining the eggs in your photos and i’m just wondering what technic you used. i know i’ve seen similar before but cannot recall how it is done. could you link to a tutorial? πŸ™‚

  51. I’m guessing that you didn’t have a 4 year old helping with your eggs….

  52. I also follow you on Twitter and would like/love the name of the good beer that’s low alcohol. I just discovered a great beer here in Kelowna from our local Tree Brewing Company. Raspberry porter, 5% alcohol and delicious.

  53. the lost blog post is the one where you announce you have completed your entire 12 month collection of sock of the month socks by April??????

  54. Beautiful eggs! Love the colors and the unique patterns. I was going to dye eggs with my daughter for the first time this year and then changed my mind. Having her around dye when she loves to play with anything liquid is probably not a great idea… I’ll just enjoy yours instead. πŸ™‚

  55. This is also a response to a tweet. (No, I don’t tweet, I only follow you, my dear! No, that isn’t stalking…I hope….)
    You say you are unhappy with your DPN storage. I like my Ashland Sky sacks. I use them for my DPNs and my circulars. (My hooks and needles, which get much less use, are in different length zippered pouches that I found at a stationary store.)
    They come in a variety of configurations, and a nice assortment of color trims. (I chose Ocean.) Here they are on a website for a very nice store (Angelika’s) from which I have ordered in the past, and whom I would like to support. (She was extremely helpful, responded quickly and answered my unusual questions very patiently, which says a lot.) http://www.yarn-store.com/tote-bags-tool-holders.html (I am sorry, I don’t know how to create a hyperlink. Is there a blog comment lesson sheet?) Scroll down about halfway for the Knitting Needle Storage Sacks, which, for some reason, are what they call the DPN sacks. Most of them do, but these don’t have a tie, so I just roll and rubber band mine. Doesn’t take up much room, and works nicely for me.
    And, yes, proud mama, those are gorgeous eggs!

  56. They’re beautiful! Makes me miss coloring eggs when my boys were small!
    Thanks again..

  57. Hope you had a Happy Easter! Those pictures have brightened my day no end! And I needed it. Today it finally rained in my town. 30+ mm in a couple of hours. Result. Flooding. It took me 2 hours to travel by public transport the 9 or so miles from my home to my workplace. And my feet were in wet socks and sneakers the whole time. And while I am truly grateful for the rain, I would prefer if we didn’t get the whole month’s worth in one hit! Oh well, this is the land of “droughts and flooding rains”. Happy Easter to all from those in autumnal Oz.

  58. I don’t know how to Twitter. But here is my DPN storage method. Travel tooth brush cases. With tape of some sort over the “drain” holes. And magic marker numbers on both pieces of the t.b. cases. They’ll hold several sets in one case. The cases are really inexpensive and ya can find ’em nearly every where! Mine are all in a basket. How about buying another gravy boat???
    Paula in Iowa

  59. Looks like 5000 words’ worth of pictures – lovely photos and I love the crocus and the greenery. Can Winter really be over? 😎
    Irene in MI

  60. So beautiful! I love that technique. You can get carried away with the color combinations and then you’ve run out of eggs. Miss that, getting brown eggs, now. So I’m enjoying this vicariously. Thank you.

  61. I’m reading your calendar entry for today, on putting in zippers (have a drycleaner do it).
    The easy way I have to do it is to make two crochet chains. Hand sew that chain to the zipper tape, along the line there, with machine sewing thread, with a backstitch, (Use the back of the chain to sew through, so that you can get a yarn needle through the loops on the front for the second step). Then sew that chain to your knitting, through the front loops, with yarn and a yarn needle.
    This is invisible from the right side, no puckering, because there is no machine work.
    This can be done in the middle of the night, easily and quickly, with one try, when it needs to be given away the next day, when the dry cleaners are closed. It looks better, I think, too, than the machined in ones.

  62. These are the prettiest eggs I’ve ever seen! Simply elegant and delightful. I don’t miss the lost blog post one bit–these photos completely make up for it. Happy spring–

  63. Even your eggs are ART! Most of us are lucky if we even get them done, get them dry, get them found before they spoil. Yours are like spring time colors, all dried softly on fabric. Purrr-fect.

  64. Obviously the Canadian Easter Bunny is more artistically inclined than the Californian Easter Bunny because our Bunny uses the sort of eggs which come apart so treats can be stuffed inside! These are delivered only to parents and grandparents of young children who really do not need sugary treats. Larger ones which will hold coinage are delivered to parents and grandparents of older, but still young children– who have figured out that money is worth more than treats.
    I personally like the Canadian Easter Bunny better…much better eggs!!

  65. Those are possibly the most beautiful eggs I have seen! How did you do that dear Harlot?

  66. love the eggs. here’s the downfall to having teenage boys only at home. nobody wanted to dye eggs. not even ahint of “mom, when are you buying eggs” or “that would look cool on an egg.”
    it was a sad year.

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