The sun is shining, little green things are finally breaking out of the ground, I’ve started April’s pair of socks, and I efficiently got a ton done for work.  A. Ton.
I loved Clara’s piece today, and my coffee was perfect.

Then I wrote a fantastic post for all of you- processed all the images – got the whole thing going on, and the phone rang.  I dealt with the crisis on the other end with dignity, maturity and grand good sense, and took notes on my computer while I did so.  Then I returned to the blog software and realized that somehow, while I was taking notes, I had (very efficiently, I might add) deleted the entire entry without saving. 

I could re-write, but it would never be what it was, and frankly, it’s way to pretty a day to let this get me down for even a moment. I could rant, but instead, let’s play a game.

If you’d like to play, leave a comment with your idea for what I might (in the world of your imagination) have written about today.  Best suggestion/guess/invention/story (as determined by me in a completely biased fashion) gets a present in the mail. 

What do you wish today’s blog post had been?