177 thoughts on “We do not have a Bootie Problem

  1. I just came off a knitting jag, myself. I made hats for newborns and preemies at local hospitals for charity. My final count was 86, lol. Those booties sure are adorable, though!

  2. Love the bootie’s. My sister is doing a run of baby bibs, something a new mom needs tons of.

  3. It looks like little woodland elves decided to go barefoot and left their “widdle shoosies” behind!

  4. I don’t see a problem either. What I do want to know though is whether you repeatedly photographed the same pair of booties or whether each photo is a different pair! Love the pictures. The booties are like little fairies in the rain forest.

  5. Stephanie, I know you know this… The first step to getting help with a problem is admitting you have a problem. (They look adorable all over the place. I did this once all over Jasper with a little bighorn sheep puppet I got… I love those photos!)

  6. I love making baby stuff! And booties are some of the most fun. It’s too bad that my babies are getting too big for the best baby stuff now.

  7. I am enchanted with all those perfect pom-poms! It must have taken you HOURS to figure out how to do that. πŸ™‚

  8. There was once a problem? I missed it, because, what can be the problem, with such, cute, adorable booties? (Squeeeee!)

  9. Naw, no problem at all. They’re adorable, improvised pattern or from somewhere? I’ve got a neice due in Sept

  10. Well, I think we can agree that there are a lot of pictures of booties, BUT it’s NOT.A.PROBLEM.
    It’s darn CUTE!

  11. Those are some of the most beautiful pics of booties I’ve ever seen. No, you don’t have a problem. Now, if you were knitting nuthin’ but booties for 2 or 3 years we might have to do an intervention. πŸ˜‰

  12. Not to make things worse… but did you see the darling gal that crafted the French Press Slippers also has a bootie pattern out now? πŸ˜‰

  13. Fantastic photos. They would look so cute framed. It looks like an ancient gift to the wood fairies. Beautiful!

  14. “De Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt.” πŸ˜€ J/K They are super cute. Do you have a recipient for them, or are you just *gasp* being prepared in advance? What a great way to use up leftover sock yarn!

  15. It is if a bunch of elves left little gifties in the woods.
    I understand. I started knitting baby booties last summer and am still cranking them out every project or so. I love the idea of donating them to the preemie ward at a local hospital.

  16. Wondering which pattern your using. Expecting first grandchild, and would love to max it out on botties.

  17. No, you don’t–just the cutest booties ever (and i don’t usually go for booties)

  18. At least these won’t put your back in danger much like the clog felting did! *Ahem*

  19. Stephanie – I like to think of myself as your friend. You’ve had my beer, we’ve said “hello”, and while I can’t say that we’re close, I do like to look out for people with whom I have at least a passing relationship.
    Honey – and I mean this in the *nicest* of ways – you DO have a problem. Albeit a cute one.

  20. If you keep posting these sweet wee booties I will be forced to cave in and knit some and then all my friends will freak out and wonder if I’m pregnant, since none of them are, and it will be chaos! Cute and tempting…must resist….

  21. A young friend told me on Thursday that she’s pregnant. I hope I don’t end up with a bootie problem.

  22. No you don’t have a bootie problem πŸ™‚
    so adorable and the pictures are fantastic…
    looks like a little one or a little fairie decided to slip them off and run barefoot through the forest

  23. They look like little bluebells or violets in the woods! Now all you need is little fairies to wear the little booties!
    (Clearly I’ve had too much wine.)

  24. Such CUTE booties!!!!! I bet the fairies and elves are dancing around and admiring the cute booties of doom! That is until they all get jealous… then they all will want a pair of the cite booties.. Better get making booties! Btw where is the pattern for these cute little booties of cute destruction?

  25. The booties are adorable. Any chance of you sharing the pattern – since you know how to size for baby feet and I have no clue.
    Also those pictures should be made into notecards or something. They are gorgeous! (And all the arranging and posing efforst should not be wasted!)

  26. Just another reason to live in Canada, I guess. Booties “spring” up just after snow melt and run rampant in the woods. But just try to catch a pair – they skitter about and just when you’re about to pounce, they split up and you hear very tiny voices giggling.

  27. Okay, who didn’t see this coming… raise your hands. Anybody? Anybody at all?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought. πŸ˜‰

  28. Oooh love the idea of postcards or cards… Congrats on your baby cards… hmmmm….
    How about if anyone does use the pics for such a good use they could donate to Medecin sans Frontiers?
    So cute…. I am currently making baby mittens, some from a very very old pattern that belonged to my nan.

  29. if you leave it, they will come…the forest fairies, that is.
    besides if you didnt have a bootie/boobie problem then you wouldnt have such cute pictures!

  30. Of course you don’t have a bootie problem. EVERYBODY takes photos of booties in the woods.

  31. I really want to know why pictures of adorable baby booties sitting in the woods in various poses makes me laugh?! I mean it – every time I log on and look at them!!!LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

  32. Pattern please??? Or is that pretty please? Or is that pretty pattern please? whatever.. you know what I mean.

  33. Bootielicious
    If I started knitting those cutie booties my children would be thinking I’m hinting at being a grandmother. But those great photos of your booties are making me think that it is about time.

  34. I suspect that the photo session was just an opportunity to go out and celebrate Spring!

  35. Too adorable!!!!!! Is there a pattern for them? If not I think is time for you to start writing one. I am first in line to buy it.

  36. Nice pose on the fiddleheads. I look at that picture and expect Puck to come dancing through… Of course the knitting is perfectly lovely as usual!

  37. It’s amazing! There are little booties in the woods. How did that happen? Good thing you had your camera handy! The very cutest!
    These are cuter than last week. And those were the cutest I’d ever seen (until now).

  38. If you want to knit some more, I’m pregnant, and would really really really appreciate the fine work.

  39. They’re like little elves! I just wanna hang the pictures all over my house and have little gnome-like booties in my garden!!!

  40. I’m with you, kashurst–I want to put little booties all over the garden! Plus, they’re cute, unlike gnomes, which are downright creeeeepy.
    Adorable work, Steph, and great photography skills! Photography, it turns out, is a skill set all knitters need. No one told me that when I was learning to knit! πŸ™‚

  41. Please, please a pattern. Sweet niece has a new daughter and nice neighbors have brand new twins.

  42. Every grandmother should be looking at these and dreaming of someday…….I can almost see the fairies dancing about in the ferns waiting for others to leave so they can claim their lovely booties!

  43. The booties are indeed cute. But is it wrong that I want to lick the moss? And ferns?

  44. I think you do have a bootie problem and should send all of your booties to pregnant readers. Did I mention I’m due July 20?

  45. I’m awfully glad to see that I’m not the only one who takes pictures of her knits up in trees!

  46. The bee and ladybug booties are too cute!and I love blue. Next – a bootie that looks like one big toe, a bootie with a high heel and straps knit into it, a bootie with fur and a dog claw, and maybe one like a goat/lama hoof. Or maybe one with wheels? or a duck foot bootie. or a sneaker style. Or cowboy boots.

  47. Pictures are worth a thousand words. The Booties are adorable, and such a wonderful colorway with the yellow pompoms to set it off. Yes, these pictures would make wonderful cards. Birth annoucements, baby shower invitations, just a couple of examples…hint hint!! πŸ™‚

  48. “De-nile” isn’t just a river in Egypt… just sayin’. Hi, my name’s Stephanie and I’m a bootie addict!

  49. I don’t have one either even though I’m up to Three Ty Dy booties and working on the fourth. I’m just needing to use up the last of the ty dy cotton, that is all. And give my small needles some exposure so they don’t rust and all that. It has nothing to do with the booties. In fact, yours look like maybe the fairies brought them. Bet you had nothing to do with them at all.

  50. cute booties! If you knit them they will come> Glad you arrived home safely, thanks for being a great camp leader. Ii am eagerly awaiting my new beautiful needles thanks to your advice. Can’t wait.

  51. They’re just so darn cute! People will be talking — “You know that Stephanie?? The Yarn Harlot? No wonder they call her a harlot – she has the cutest booties of all!”

  52. Should we call you Grammy? Auntie?
    They are adorable and let’s face it, it’s always good to have a few pairs around for “emergency gifting”.
    Knit on!

  53. I sort of bootied myself out summer before last when my daughter was expecting my first grandchild and we had road construction that often required a 20 minute or more wait. It got to the point where the flag people would wander over to my car to see what color and style I was knitting today. πŸ™‚
    This year I’m working on increasing my stash of prayer shawls. It seems every time I turn around, lately, someone really needs a long distance hug.

  54. What booties? I don’t see any booties. I just see a nice forest. What are you talking about, Stephanie?
    (my amazing abilities of denial come into play once again)

  55. It is only a problem if you see it that way. And I bet Tina could see a bootie knit in every colorway…just saying!

  56. I saw a pom-pom maker that makes heart-shaped pom poms. Would that push the “cute” quotient too far?

  57. I love these!!! As a very new knitter I just wanted to say I love you and all your books! You have been such an inspiration to me! πŸ™‚
    I am going to add these to my project list! πŸ™‚

  58. Those booties just make me squeal every time I see them! I’m not sure if it’s the beautiful color (you will tell us yarn/colorway, yes?), the adorable booties, or the borrowing of Carrie’s blog name that gets me each time I look at your blog.

  59. MY daughter grumps each time I mull over a mere PATTERN for booties: “Mom! Are you subliminally urging me to procreate??!!” So, I’ve developed this mad interest in um, BEARS. No way could she interpret a knitted bear (or the several prototypes that necessarily precede the Fully Realized, Comment-Worthy FO) as a ritual inducement, right??

  60. As they say at my job (a large, well-known international company) “it’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity!”

  61. Beautiful! I had to swallow a little.
    Bootees for baby?
    or Boots for little forest folk?
    And a Thank-you, Stephanie,
    Your blogging has inspired me to try 5 dpns.
    Not socks or bootees this time,
    but a little toddler sized hat.<:-)
    It is almost winter here.
    Cheers! Aussie Jay

  62. You might have a problem if each photo featured a different pair. Otherwise, I think you’re fine.

  63. Not that I want to encourage you or anything but have you tried the ‘Better than Booties Baby Socks’ designs by Ann Budd from Interweave? Bet you can’t make just one pair :>)

  64. Oh, sweet! But sock club? And pretty sweater knit on tiny needles? Those are adorable too.

  65. Absolutely right. We do not have a bootie problem. Nor do we have a problem with taking photos of said booties in beautiful, picturesque, native wooded areas, with ferns and stumps and moss and green and trees, and probably brownies and elves and gnomes (the real ones, I mean; not the cement ones).
    Not us!
    No problem here!

  66. Yes, we do have a bootie problem: I have lots of sock yarn with which to make said booties, but I need you to write up your pattern. So, Please, please, please will you do it for your adoring fans? Please, with homemade-non-jello-the-real-thing key lime pie on top?

  67. Question… Any way you could share a bootie pattern so that the rest of us could deny a bootie problem as well? My second niece is due in three weeks!

  68. One of the girls is in the “family way”?
    I thought that @ Xmas …when U carried on …
    ’tis no big deal anymore….. *shrugs*
    sooooooooooo… U be a Nana soon ?

  69. Set right in their natural habitat–you’ll have that baby walking in the woods exploring the dogwoods and fiddlehead ferns, loving the glory of the all that Nature offers, right from the day they’re born. Beautiful.

  70. Not sure what I like more booties or the green stuff growing in your beautiful display.I still have snow in Alaska.

  71. So cute. Ignore the nay-sayers. What could be better than churning out dozens of pairs of booties?
    I’m making baby socks at the moment and would love it if you offered your bootie pattern for sale…

  72. AWWWWWWWWWW! no, you don’t have a bootie problem πŸ™‚
    Not until you start trying to post pictures of the cat wearing them LOL!

  73. Oh dear….the bootie sickness may be spreading. I have a horrible urge to make teeny widdle shoesies now.
    You are such an enabler! πŸ™‚

  74. So cute. And unlike most booties they look like they will actually stay on little feet.

  75. I’m glad to hear there is no bootie problem – or else you might be in trouble when the designer who brought us the French Press slippers, publishes her felted booties today!

  76. Friends just found out that twins are coming in early winter. Genders unknown at this time. So I really should make a couple pairs in boy-ish, girl-ish, and neutral colors don’t you think?
    (I generally don’t hold with the “boy colors” and “girl colors” idea … but when it enables me to knit MORE, I’ll use it.)

  77. I’ve had a booty problem myself, lately. My 20-something daughter tried wearing them on her ears and pronounced them great ear-warmers. When a friend tried them that way she claims she could hear the pitter-patter of little feet!

  78. Cute booties, but I love the mossy stump and the baby fern fronds too. Makes the booties look like the elf that owns them just jumped out and wandered off camera.

  79. Do you have a pattern that I could follow to make these? I’ve never made a sock before. Thanks, Laura

  80. You! You! This is the cuteness police!
    You are hereby cited for excessive cuteness!
    Remember citations are cumulative. You could be responsible for someone suffering from an overdose of cuteness.

  81. Very cute bootees in very cute setting. I have a book with 21 different pairs of bootees in it. When my sister was expecting my niece I knit at least one pair of every type. My niece was very well shod – well at least until she started walking!
    And no, bootee making never gets old…

  82. I really love those booties! Is this your pattern, or is there some way I can get ahold of it? I have two baby boys coimg up this summer, and I cant do the cute mary jane style shoes so this would be perfect!

  83. The booties are just too cute! I was also wondering about the pattern. Any chance you’ll be posting it on your site or Ravelry?

  84. Can you post your pattern for these booties?
    I love it,it looks simple.

  85. These photos made my day, a day that needing making because it began with me pouring the cat’s glucosamine supplement onto my breakfast cereal. Those booties were my soul’s equivalent of CPR.

  86. OMG- these are the Sweetest!
    I know I’m only Commenter #317 saying, “Is that a pattern, or did you make it up as you went?” but I’m a recipe-and-pattern-following kind of girl, and have 5 pregnant friends right now, and WAYYYYYYYY too much leftover sock yarn.
    Just sayin’.
    Oh, and let me just say nipple nipple nipple.
    Great post. Thank you!

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