Widdle Shoosies

The first session of Sock Camp is over, and Tina and I have been resting up, quietly hunkered down in our little house here at Port Ludlow, and I finally did a little knitting.  The funniest thing I find about knitting events, and particularly about hosting them, is how much they are about knitting and how little knitting I actually get done.  There’s organizing before class, teaching a class, organizing and executing the activities in the afternoon and evening, and by the time it’s all over it’s night again, and I’m falling asleep with my knitting in my hands, more yarn entirely unknit.

This rest day, Wednesday, is the only full day between the two sessions, and I couldn’t bear not to knit, but didn’t have the brain power to figure anything out, so I took a wee ball of leftover sock yarn, a set of dpns and my basic sock recipe, and waved my hands around for a while.  When I was done I had a little pair of bootees, and something about them begged me for a pom-pom. Obsession took hold

and four hours and three failed attempts later (you wouldn’t believe how much yarn was sacrificed) I did manage to create four perfect little poms

and attached them most securely to the booties:

Now, I’m fond off booties. Really fond of booties.  There’s nothing like a cute little bootie to knock the sense off of a grown knitter, and I could feel it happening to me as I was knitting,  but I was completely unprepared for how far off the scale the cute-o-meter would go when I combined those itty-bitty  pom-poms with booties.

I find these a ridiculous amount of cute.  A crazy amount of cute.  Cute so cute that a wish I could think of a word that meant ultra-mega-cute.

These booties struck both of us as so cute, that that mere moments after tying the little bows, both Tina and I were reduced to positioning them in the daisies and crawling round in the grass to take their pictures,  while exclaiming things like "Awww,  wee bitty booties!" and "Oh…  widdle shoosies!" and giggling like four year olds who were just given rainbow sparkle riding ponies for their birthdays.

In short, we did things that made me a little embarrassed about the effect that pom-poms plus booties clearly have on our respective intellects, and things that undoubtedly have the hotel staff gathered in the dining room looking out at us and wondering why we have mini socks in the grass- and why that would make us so happy. 

I’ve put them out of sight so that we can regain our demeanor and once again do moderately successful impersonations of business women.

We’re a little better now.    The power of the pom-pom.  Watch out for that.

228 thoughts on “Widdle Shoosies

  1. Awww, cute widdle shoosies! I have a sister-in-law who lives in Port Ludlow (I am in Colorado) and cannot bear all the fun you and the Sock Camp friends are having.

  2. I find it helps to slip into another language when describing things that are over the top. Here, I’d suggest the Japanese word “kawaii”. Best said in a squealing tone of a 15 year old anime girl. You get the idea.

  3. I bow before the persistence it takes to do freestyle pom-poms. Very impressive. (and yeah, pom-poms do take a startling amount of yarn to look decent!)

  4. they deserve the squee. do not deny the power of the squee.
    and i think you’ve won me to the dark side. pom poms … yesterday i would have insisted there was no way that they had the power.

  5. As someone who has avidly read and loved your blog, I think you should know your business demeanor is pretty much shot and you should just go have fun.

  6. Oh CUTEY OOTEY indeed!!!! No need to explain the overpowering effect. It’s having the same effect over here!

  7. Oh, yeah – that works. I’m doing it here to the computer screen…wookit dose adorable widdle booties! Awww – for adorable widdle baby piggies. AWWWWW!

  8. Completely adorable and perfect to Cari’s new little girl. 😉
    Also, I have your basic sock recipe memorized and I do not at all remember your recipe ending up with socks that are garter stitch.
    Did you flip them inside out, or did I miss something?

  9. Must knit wee little booties for my wee little girl! I’ve got socks on the needles for my boy, but I somehow doubt he’ll allow me to put itty bitty pom-poms on!

  10. the booties are adorable, but mention of booties always makes me think of a conversation with grandgirl when she was about 6. (grandgirl had seen me make sweaters, blankets, hats and socks, so she was no stranger to knits):
    me: melissa’s pregnant, so i’m going to knit her a little blanket and some booties for the baby.
    grandgirl: (pauses, looking totally puzzled, and then asks) “gogo, how would you knit one of THOSE?”
    me: (pause, looking totally puzzled and then realize that to this 21st-century child, “booties” are the anatomical parts people sit on! whereupon i explain): oh, booty is another name for a sock for a baby.

  11. In French, one would be tempted to say “Oh! Mais qu’est-ce qu’ils sont mignons!”

  12. just looking at the pics makes me FEEL the happiness! and google offers these suggestions for “cute” : precious, artful, appealing in a pretty way, and my personal fave: CUTELY! (used as an adj not an adv!similar to “comely”, as in: those booties are SO cutely!!!)…. oops, sorry! my word-geekiness is showing!

  13. so what lucky wee one will get them? Almost makes me want small people around (note the “almost” – not quite ready for grandkids yet). But they’re just too cute.

  14. Awwww! So cute! And glad to see that you got the pom pom crisis under control. (My mother always used to cut circles out of cardboard – no clover thingies in those days, at least not in my house).
    See you tomorrow!!!!! Yay for Camp, Round 2!

  15. “A word that meant ultra-mega-cute”? I have it! Here in Ireland, we use “dotey” for that. Dotey things make you incline your head just *so*, and say “Ahhhhh! Wouldya lookit!” I can confirm that those booties are the epitome of dotiness.

  16. I totally get it! I’ve knitted for years and made my first pair of booties a couple of wks. ago for the baptism of my niece’s first child. The booties themselves were cute, but those pom poms knocked ’em right off the chart! Yours are pretty darn cute, too!

  17. The pom-poms up the cute factor of those booties by a bajillion…I can find no fault in being reduced to baby talk with these booties around.

  18. Wee widdle shoesies + flower-filled meadow + sunshiny blue sky = absolute NEED to exclaim and coo and crawl around.

  19. I’m still working on that whole “cute pom pom” thing. Mine are never cute. Mine look like being extras for “Night of the Living Dead” is their day job. Mine look like I made them with my feet—using a weed whacker and a book of matches. Sigh….

  20. Oh, those are puppy cute!!!!!! Almost makes me want to have another baby just to make the booties. Almost……

  21. Did you keep the recipe for the iddy biddy pom poms, so we can avoid sacrificing a lot of sock yarn to get there???! Are you willing to share?

  22. Oooooh booties with poms!!! 🙂 I started a sweater, for myself. I was making terrific progress on it! And then my brother called to tell me my older nephew and his wife are expecting a baby. All work on the sweater stopped dead while I knit two sets of booties and hats, and I’ve just wound some Vintage in a deep teal to make a small stroller blanket. I would rather knit for a baby than most anything. 🙂 As this is a Canadian baby to be born in the U.S., I, of course, have knit a toque. With a pompom. Of course.

  23. Like striped lollipops for little feet, totally charming reposing among daisies. Maybe a line of greeting cards is in your future.
    Eve from Carlisle

  24. They are adorable! It is perfectly understandable how they could reduce grown women to baby-talk! Aww, baby cutie pies wid da teensy pompoms.

  25. Those are amazing cute! Problem solved. I have a little one coming soon, and a little grand niece coming also. What to do when there are other crafters in the family? TA DA! Wee bitty booties!
    Thanks! Patsy

  26. Those are absolutely adorable. So springy and colorful. Now I just want to make a pair.
    Your comments make me think there needs to be a knitter version of this cartoon — http://xkcd.com/231/

  27. Okay, I’m in the apple store, trying out iPads, leaving all of them set to your blog and the adorable widdle shoosies.

  28. Okay, I’m in the apple store, trying out iPads, leaving all of them set to your blog and the adorable widdle shoosies.

  29. Cute, cute, cute!!!!!!!!!
    Ummmm …. could you post a few instructions please? I can’t see how you get those out of your basic sock recipe.

  30. They’re cute enough to make me wish for another baby. Baaaaabyyy! Too, too much!
    It’s a good thing the Baby Store is out of business or I would be in serious danger.

  31. I have no doubt that they were wishing they had a pair too. In, say, size 6.5 or 7EE *whistling*… Pompoms and all….

  32. The power of a pom-pom and an exhausted couple of women on a beautiful sunny day with flowers!! Nothing here but a few crocuses… okay maybe a daffodil or two in the neighbor’s yard.

  33. Awwwwww. But what I’m left wondering is how you ended up with garter stitch booties, using your sock recipe. Purled alternate rows? Knit flat??? Turned them inside out???

  34. I would have been right. there. with. you. (And maybe saved you a little yarn, as I was trained in the art of the pom-pom as a 3-year-old at my grandmother’s knee. ;o)
    I’m glad to see that you’ve had a good rest day today, and wish you the best of luck with the next session of Sock Camp!!!

  35. I…am…in…love. Baby boy on the way in 11 weeks and I’m seriously looking at my sock yarn at 1:30 am trying to figure out how to convince big rugged manly man hubby that pom poms are…in fact…manly enough for his son.

  36. Combining 2 tired knitters, rainbow yarn, small perfection, and possibly a drink-i-poo = above photos. Thanks for the smile it brought!

  37. Booties without pom poms are like an ice cream sundae without a cherry on top. Nothing could be cuter than those booties ( a very close second would be the baby goats I saw this past weekend)

  38. The power of the pompom, eh? Must explain the appeal of cheerleaders for adult men….

  39. THOSE are insanely cute. They are beyond cute. I don’t think there is a word for the level of cuteness you have created here. They are totally full of Eeeek! And Squeeee! Love them.

  40. I *love* pom-poms. I think baby knits are not complete until they have them. A few years ago I knit my niece an aviator style hat where the ear flaps had cords that ended in pom poms. My mother-in-law freaked out and accused me of trying to kill her granddaughter and made my sister-in-law cut them off! How sad is that!?!?

  41. Oh, amazingly cute and so perfectly posed among the posies. I’m only a 40 minute drive from sock camp, but a world away in my work/mom life. Thanks for letting us join you vicariously and I’m so happy you’re getting to enjoy our wonderful spring weather.

  42. Posting these adorable booties where a pregnant woman could accidentally see them is dangerous. Must find sock yarn, NOW.

  43. Carli – What man wouldn’t think that balls — especially in sets of two — weren’t the essence of manly?
    And I’m a second vote for the Japanese word for cute, with the additional instruction to drag out the last sound in a squeal –“kawaeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!”

  44. OMG! Those are adorable!!!
    Honestly, I don’t know how you managed to keep from sticking your fingers into them and making them dance through the flowers.
    Extremely cute!

  45. Baby Booties are killer–love them as well! Plus love the daisies since we still have meters of snow and ice!
    PS–Much better than leg warmers—I never leg those!

  46. I’m in agreement that these are preciously adorable; and even more so that a pattern or tutorial should be shared, if you are willing. I’m sure we could figure out the bootie part: it’s the tiny pom pom and the securing thereto that would be nice to have help with. 🙂 YAY for adding another project to my already hefty to-do list!!

  47. Awwwwww! They would totally turn me into a 4yo, too! They are soooooo cute! The pompoms just take them over the top, with cuteness!

  48. Oh man… I didn’t know pom poms were “back.”
    The very first thing I was taught to knit (30+ years ago) were garter stitch booties, with a tie and pompoms. My mom still each pair that my grandmother made for my siblings and me.
    I have long ago abandoned the pom poms; now I may have to bring them back.
    My I was first taught to make

  49. That yarn is so happy! Is it one of Tina’s creations? This is the perfect post for me today. I got to spend last night hogging a beautiful new baby (friend’s–not mine). I think the little dude needs some booties.

  50. I have been attempting to knit a pair of cute socks for the past 4 days. Unfortunately, I have only succeeded in knitting fantastically ugly socks that have all been frogged – at least 5 times. I’ve been a little cranky because of all the frogging. The conversation I imagine the hotel staff having while they watch you and Tina crawl around photographing tiny socks on the lawn has been enough to firmly restore my sense of humor. You guys crack me up.

  51. Well, to be fair, you are both a little fried from Sock Camp.
    One of the first things I ever made with Blue Moon sock yarn was a baby hat and baby sock set. It was so adorable (Prism colorway) I couldn’t stop looking at it.
    Sock yarn makes the cutest and best baby stuff because it is washable!

  52. I know English daisies are classified as weeds, but I love them, and wish I could get them to grow in my lawn. Don’t they set of the wee booties nicely?

  53. Those are very cute. I love the idea of using leftover sock yarn for booties. Did you make your booties by making a sock with many fewer stitches?

  54. So glad you’re still alive, with that time zone thing you suffer from combined w/extreme work. Bootees look like a great way to use up leftover sock yarn. Happy Sock Camp II!

  55. Absolutely just as cute as they can be–and the pom poms finish them off perfectly.
    But,let’s have a little realism here. I am a mother to four, grandmother to seven, and a great-grandmother to five, with two more on the way. Put those on a baby, and the first thing that the “toot widdle babeee” does with the “widdle shoosies” is to kick them into a poopy diaper.

  56. “Cute so cute that a wish I could think of a word that meant ultra-mega-cute.”
    Perhaps borrowing the Japanese term “kawaii” would suffice? Although that’s a little more “Hello Kitty” than adorable booties, but the English language loves to borrow others’ terms for its own insidious purposes.
    *Adorable* and insidious.

  57. Over the top cuteness! Now I know what to do with my leftover sock yarn besides Barn Raiser Quilt squares (plus these would be WAY faster).
    Please post the yarn name/color — it is SO happy!

  58. Yep, should be in the dictionary under “cute”. Very spring-like, also, I must say.

  59. I’m currently pregnant, which means I’m not in my right mind. I cannot even conceive of figuring out a pattern for something like this, even though I knit socks on the fly all the time. Could we have a wee bit of instructions…maybe just how many you cast on , what type of heel, and that sort of thing? Pretty please? For the pregnant lady?

  60. There’s a word in Tagalog, gigil (GEE-gill). I know it looks like giggle. It means, in a very loose translation, especially in the case of your very cute booties: “So cute, you want to bite it”. So cute, you can’t stand it. So cute, you want to pinch it. It’s not meant just for cute things, but anything that gives you the overwhelming feeling of delight that you want to do something physical. On ravelry, I named my Saartje booties “Gigil”.

  61. Oh, thanks for that! We’ve 10 inches of fresh snow today, I have to balance the checkbook, the dog has conjunctivitis…….I really really appreciate your writing and sharing.

  62. Good gravy, Woman, but is there nothing you can’t do perfectly? Bet you didn’t even use one of those plastic pom pom makers either.

  63. Seriously cute and just waiting for matching itty bitty mittens and maybe a precious little hat. At that point, all you’d then need would be the baby! Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  64. What’s with me tonight! Every blog post I read has cuter and cuter content! 😉 Love the pictures! I’d so want to knit it all!!!

  65. Please forgive…beginner/intermediate knitter with lots of questions…and 5 babies (thus far) making their way into my world by autumn, including my own #5 grandchild…is this just a mini-version of your vanilla sock? if so, is it turned inside out? how many stitches did you cast on? needle size? if i do this myself, i will surely end up with booties to fit my husband…help, please…very cute, by the way…thanks…

  66. I just finished a pair a lot like that, and WITH drawstrings, but no pom-poms. Clearly this needs to be corrected!
    The pattern is even called – wait for it – “Sockies”!

  67. Oh. I could totally fall for booties like that. I may need them in an adult size… Do you think I’d ruin my reputation as a hard-ass if I wore them to teach?

  68. i love love love these booties. ive been looking for a cute pattern like this how can i get my hands on the pattern so i can make up a pair of my own

  69. They are soooooooooooooo Cute. You must surrender to the power of the pom-poms again.

  70. Too cute!
    I think I’ve just added kawaii to my vocabulary.
    I loved imagining you and Tina on the grass! Thanks for that image.
    Have more fun at sock camp!

  71. Squee is a perfect word. But my hubby says to try “kawaii” which is “ultra-mega-cute” in Japanese. (So these would now be anime booties with really big eyes.) Squeeeeeeee!

  72. They really are very cute. But you have forgotten to record needle size, yarn, colorway, etc. for posterity. Perhaps you will want to recreate a cute bootie when it’s mate gets lost. 🙂

  73. OMG…these are too adorable for their own good. They actually moved me enough to de-lurk!

  74. Truly, too cute. Wonderful. In Hawaii, say “cute, yaaa?” or “cute, chaa?” with a slight tone of understatement. Yaaaaaaaaahhhh!

  75. Those are just adorable! I might just have to make me some booties with pom-poms for the little bundle inside me due in September. *beams* I have only started on a crocheted blanket so far but will have to start a list of things/garments I want to crochet/knit for my little one.

  76. We understand…you’re among kindred spirits ;P They are the cutest booties I think I’ve ever seen, and the pom-poms make them impossibly cute!

  77. I love pom poms but I am already skeptical of how they’ll ever survive a machine wash.
    Or maybe you don’t do that but resort only to hand washing?

  78. This just cracks me up! Have you ever noticed that when you’ve been working really hard and have been a serious grownup for too long, you just have to some cuteness and frivolity to enable you to let loose for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, those are seriously cute booties. The yarn colorway and pattern are in perfect for each other, and the pompoms are like whipped cream and cherries on top of a perfect Hot Fudge Sunday. Add a beautiful day with a whole meadow of daisies and it’s just downright irresistible! (I can’t believe you have daisies!! Spring is early here this year but we are still 2 months away from daisies!) I have a really adorable baby niece that would look perfect in those booties. I also have a niece who is expecting a baby boy and I know she would just love a pair of pompom booties in a manly color. I think that you have just started a new trend LOL! Please let us know what color the yarn is. It’s really perfect for those booties. I just wish someone had Kinneared you and Tina crawling around the lawn with the booties!

  79. “The power of the pom pom”
    What a delicious statement, now the challenge is to use it in a conversation….

  80. It’s actually a law of the universe: when you see something that tiny and adorable, your voice goes up a few octaves, and you are unable to use any actual words. Only squeaking sounds and words with extra letters and mispronounced sounds. Believe me, I looked it up. Plus, it’s what happened to me and my friends when I showed them the booties I made!
    I love your stuff, and your amazing wit!

  81. so cute – and you have given me a wonderful idea! this year i´m becoming more serious about knitting, and i want to make a hat for everyone on my holiday list, learning a new technique in each project. inevitably, i end up with scraps of yarn, but i don´t really like the look of scrappy projects, so until now i had no way to use those up, but am too rat-packy to throw them out. so now i intend to make a pom-pom from the leftovers to use on brown wrapping. i´ll be able to tell which gift belongs to each person without any markings.
    really enjoying your blog!

  82. oh wow oh wow oh wow, they are too too too two!!!! and someone did mention all they need is a pair of cute little tootsied in them!

  83. Love love love the booties! Any chance of a pattern for those of us who are not adept and adapting patterns?

  84. My goodness, they’re adorable! How did you do the pom poms? I can’t make a good one to save my life … and I’m expecting my third child right now, so pom poms will be in order shortly!!

  85. Isn’t it wonderful to let the child inside of us all have some fun ? The wee wittle booties are adorable.

  86. The combination of cute pom-poms, fatigue, salt air, green grass, and flowers (after a long, cold, barren Canadian winter) could put anyone over the edge for a bit. After the winter we’ve had in Montana, I’d even welcome the sight of a dandelion…briefly.

  87. Awww, those are cute… and bring back memories. Some 15 years ago I designed a very similar pair to put on my mini-poodle’s hind feet (snugged up and tied over the hocks) when winter temps plunged into low minus twenties. He hated ’em, but they kept his feet from freezing!

  88. All right, so I’m a new grandmother of the world’s most adorable little girl (hello, Margot, Nanna loves you) and I’m already a baby-knitting-maniac, and then you show me THESE? Helpless. I’m helpless in the face of all this cuteness. Must. Knit. Booties.

  89. Oh, I’ve got a weakness for baby booties too. I made my new nephew a pair of ducky booties for Easter. Had I thought of it earlier I should have taken pics in the grass — now I’ll have to knit another pair! Good job on your pom poms.

  90. Please give us the “recipe” or tell us how to scale it back! Your basic sock pattern is my favorite: I can understand it!

  91. Absolutely adorable!!! My niece is having her first baby in August and I would love to make a pair of these for her. (Imagine the oohing and aahing of a roomful of women at the baby shower!) If I may echo the request for a pattern, I would be eternally grateful. I’ve only ever knit one pair of socks(with much difficulty) and these would help ease me into giving it another try.

  92. Ooooooh, those are adorable! I’m not a pom-pom fan generally, but on wee shoosies they’re perfect. Beautiful work!

  93. I’m home sick, but am thinking if I could knit and stockpile a whole mess-o-these adorable booties I would be all set for new babies for a long time. They really are far off the cute-o-meter, in Japan I would raise my voice a few octaves and squeal: KAWAI!!!

  94. So cute they make my 52-year old ovaries hurt! And my last baby is a hulk who shaves.

  95. Those are so adorable, hoping that you post the pattern for them soon. The next generation of kids are starting to have babies, I’d love to knit some up as gifts.
    Glad you’re having a good time here on the west coast!

  96. They are so cute that my 18-year-old daughter is whimpering as she looks at them … and now I know what to make for the expectant couple who live downstairs — thank you so much!!!!!!

  97. Those little booties remind of my daughter who as an infant ALWAYS kicked off her socks, usually to the tips of her toes and waved them around. maybe she wanted pom poms?

  98. I also vote for kawaii, stretch out the final iiiii sound and for extra emphasis, add a ‘wah’ at the end for “kawaiiiiii-wah”. That’s my suggestion after 11 years in Japan.
    LOVE the widdle shoosies and the power of the pom-pom. I will take the challenge to use that phrase in conversation – I’ll find a way somehow. Can’t wait to get home to make a pair myself!

  99. Absolutely adorable, and far be it from me to burst the bubble of cuteness but — who will be the lucky recipient of the cute widdle shoosies?

  100. You’d think the staff at Port Ludlow would know by now that when you two are making weird noises to just step quietly away and leave you two to your own devices.
    They are adorable though. I’d be cooing and squeeing too and I’m not the cooing type.

  101. I wuvs dem! :-)Thinking of you two crawling around in the daisies to photograph booties made me smile this morning. Thanks!

  102. I have to admit that one of my favorite things about having babies was the cute little booties. These are making my ovaries ache.

  103. The power of the pom pom is dangerously addictive! Such cute booties!!!! How did you make them? There must be a tutorial!! I wanna make these now just so I can stare at their cuteness and say phrases like “awww so cute, little bitty bootie wooties”

  104. Love the booties, as a second time new mom recently have only just learned how much fun it can be to make booties for a wee one.
    What colorway it that, I love it and my olest at almost 5 wants socks out of that color and so do I.

  105. They are cute. As long as you don’t go overboard and demand that one of your daughters produce a baby to wear them, you’re OK. Really.

  106. they are absolutely adorable!!! makes me want to have more babies even more (i got most of my crochet done in the days of colic at nigh when my little minion refused to sleep…) and then i remember the potty training years 🙂
    are you going to publish the pattern in an upcoming book? My little brother (little as in he’s 22) and his fincee are expecting a little boy this summer…

  107. Those are frackin’ adorable booties! I envy the Mama that receives them. Almost worth the 18+ years of feeding them to see those on widdle footsies for a couple days!

  108. Thank you for all your hard work on sock camp. It was so much fun! I was gobsmacked by how much fun it was. You ladies really know how to create something quite wonderful,booties,friends,magic moments for others to share. Think it was appropriate for it to be bootie day as Cockeyed saw her first picture of her first grandchild. Heavenly!

  109. Um, you knit for a living! Hello, it is part of your job description to crawl around in the grass to take pictures of all that you knit… Well, isn’t it? Because, you know, you relaxed and knit these adorable pom-pom booties, and you knew how much we would all adore them, too. So, by crawling through the grass, having fun, I might add, you were really, incidentally, earning a living, because now, we all want your pattern. You will sell more books, and sell out more knitting events by having fun! Best part of it all, you had fun. And, none of us, your fellow knitters, fail to understand about the joy of acting like a preschooler while photographing you latest accomplishment. Does knowing we all understand help? And, you should know, we all want to earn a living by having fun while knitting, at least, I would like to…

  110. Hi! My mom saw your latest blog, so I came to see! Cute booties! And, my mom, she does weird stuff to take pictures of her knitting, too. I like your green legwarmers. Nick.

  111. Sweeeet! Could you share the colorway please? Those are adorable, and I love the yarn!

  112. I need a pattern and colorway, please. The manufacturer or yarn vendor better brace themselves!

  113. Thank you so much for the photos. Even if they made you feel your grown up women selves had been melted to little girls, they’ve done nothing but make my grown up self smile at the images of her native land being so fantastically used as a backdrop!

  114. The booties are super cute but I’m slayed by the flowers, sunshine and green grass. Wish I was there. We are dealing with a foot of heavy, wet, spring snow and no power to add to the problems. April in Alberta, never predictable.

  115. Aiee, mon vieux Stephanie! Mon petit mignonne! In Cajun, “mignon” is not cute enough on its own, so we add the extra “ne” to the end.

  116. “more yarn entirely unknit”??? Don’t you mean “the SAME yarn” entirely unknit? hehe
    totally adorable booties

  117. A dear friend requested a hat *with pompom* for her grandson just recently, and I went online and found tutorials (there’s a good one here http://belladia.typepad.com/bella_dia/2006/03/post_1.html).
    It seems the secret is to wind at least twice the amount of yarn you think you’ll need; that way you get a fluffy pom. And then you tie it up tight (trying to keep from tying your finger permanently in there LOL). Voila cuteness ~
    And I too would like to know how you made those booties from your sock pattern, please. The garter stitch makes them special, even without the poms.

  118. You make me laugh ’til I cry …then laugh some more. You’re pen and pom-pom bootie needles are magical.

  119. Some have asked for a tutorial on pom-poms, some for a recipe, some have mentioned your sock patterns doesn’t include garter stitch.
    May I be the first to ask for a pattern?

  120. How CUTE! — wait, was that squee sound from me? Good thing it’s only me and the cats in the house.

  121. Ahhh! just the thing i needed to read while taking a short break here at work.
    you’ve lightened the mental load for me and made me laugh!
    they’re great!

  122. awwwwww….these widdle-shoosies actually are making me long to do two things i totally want to do but am putting off due to sheer gut-wrenching fear: have a baby and knit (baby) socks!

  123. One of my favorite authors once said in an interview that, yes, she was 69 years old. AND she was 10 years old, and 16, and all the ages she had gone through so far.
    So glad you & Tina were able to be your young selves for a time! Many folks have forgotten how.
    Thinking of you both & all the folks at Sock Camp 2. Enjoy, enjoy!

  124. They are so totally cute! (and I love the “wee bittie booties,” it sounds like my mom, the original Nana, who was a pushover for the bitty feet that go in those bitty booties!)
    (and not one person would doubt that your prior life was as a midwife…or that you have three – now grown-up – girls!)
    Yes, I agree we all need the pattern, too!
    (((hugs))) to both you and Tina!

  125. I confess to being in a somewhat grumpy mood before reading your blog post. Saw them little bootees and began having cute fits! Now I have a little rainbow of happiness above my head like in the “Rose is Rose” comic strip. I also know what I want to knit for a friend who is expecting a baby boy. Please to continue inducing paroxysms of knitted delight!

  126. And my four year old, standing here feeding me “wittle sandwiches” said ” Wittle Baby Shoes! Wittle Pom-Poms! How Cute!”
    Obviously, you were accessing universal four year old mind. Been meditating, or astral projecting much, lately?

  127. Many thanks for smacking me with a big dose of happy in the middle of a busy work day. I too have sacrificed much yarn in the making of pom-poms so I know how difficult they can be (and how easy and innocent they look) These booties are way off the cutometer scale!

  128. Squeal! You have just spread cuteness across the Internet like a flood of puppies and toddlers. And even now, hundreds of knitters are casting on wee booties to get their fix, too!

  129. Wonderfully Cute! Like others – I’m familiar with your sock recipe/pattern – how did you get those adorable things out of it – please share – how many stitches, did you turn them inside out when they were done, do a heel flap or short rows? Now the pom poms I can handle having learned them at my mother’s knee when I was young (our method involves a free 6 in. advertising giveaway ‘ruler’, at least twice as much yarn as you think each one needs and 4 hands).

  130. Everyone needs to have pom-pom fever. It’s the silliest thing ever and, no, it doesn’t mean that you are no longer successful, serious business women. You should do it more often. I want to!!! but small needles, skinny yarn and carpal tunnel makes for a bad combination.

  131. I would think that the high pitched KAWAIIIIIIII squee (Japanese for cute) would be fitting here…

  132. So CUTE! Aaaaack, cuteness attack! I was called upon some weeks ago to make many really huge pompoms for my daughter’s school musical. About 6 1/2 inches, um, 16 cm in diameter. They involved the construction of a really big pompom maker out of cardboard, actually several so a bunch of people could help make them, and I was rather pleased to discover my mad cardboard engineering skillz.
    My pompoms were, however, not in the least cute.

  133. I can so relate…. I have a wee little pink dress that I picked up for my not yet born (but really soon) granddaughter. (It was a quarter, at a thrift shop and in very good shape-possibly only worn once.)It is hung about my swift, and while I have yarn to wind, the little dress remains, because it is SO DARN CUTE.

  134. My grandmother made AMAZING pompoms all the time and put them on the ubiquitous “grandma slippers” that she made for us every Christmas. Hers were glorious, big, giant, puffy, thick pompoms. Her secret died with her (along with her recipe for perfect glazed sweet potatoes, but I digress.) I can make the slippers exactly the way she did, but I can’t duplicate the pompoms.
    After much murdered yarn, I have given up on tied and cut pompoms. I now make nifty crocheted loop pompoms which look great. They’re just not Grandma’s pompoms!

  135. I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one who has trouble making perfect pom poms! 🙂 The booties are SUPER CUTE! 🙂

  136. I am due in 65 days and I have total pregnancy brain, any way we could get a pattern? or at least the stitch counts? I could normally figure it out myself by this child is sucking my brain cells at an alarming rate! Thanks for the cute!

  137. “Cute so cute that a wish I could think of a word that meant ultra-mega-cute.”
    I think that the word you’re looking for might be “Adorabibble”. 🙂

  138. So cute. I love these little pom poms. We use a dinner fork to make tiny pom poms. Lay a piece of yarn in between the middle tines, then wind in a figure eight using the same middle tines. when you get to the top of the fork, bring the piece of yarn up to tie. Cut the loops. Makes perfect little pom poms each time.

  139. Oh gosh I can relate!!!I wonder how small socks can get? Is there a world record for the smallest socks/booties AND respective pompoms?? Wow now there’s a challenge.
    Oh and the ages taking photos in different positions? I do that with my crafty creations like it’s my firstborn!

  140. Boy do I ever know what you mean! If you have a min check out my project page on Ravelry. I’ve been bitten by the wee shoe BUG!
    Love yours, would love the pattern. 🙂

  141. I gotta say, those are just about the cutest booties ever! I totally don’t blame you for going briefly insane while you were photographing them – I might have done the same. I have a friend who recently had a little girl, and I think those might do in place of the rainbow sparkle pony I was going to send her! Thanks for the great idea!

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