More like a calling than a job

This morning I asked Megan, on her way out the door to continue a summer job search, if she’d take a minute and model the finished May socks for me.

Pattern: Froot Loops, Yarn: Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Sierra.

She consented, because she’s a good girl (and wasn’t in a hurry) and sat on the front steps, putting her feet this way and that, taking my directions and making a few suggestions of her own…

When we were done, Meg asked if she could see the pictures, and flipped through them one by one, essentially admiring her own feet.
At the end of the roll, Meg tapped one particularly good shot with her finger and said "Really – I could be a sock model for a job."

I stood there looking at her, and then I realized here’s this kid, and she thinks that she could totally get a job modeling socks, and that maybe, knitblogging has really created some weird attitudes in my children.