Hidden Healing Power

Holy cow, what a craptastic weekend. Friday afternoon I came down with a terrible infection.   I felt so awful that evening that when Joe suggested going to urgent care, all I could honestly think was that a) I was too sick to go to the doctor (bad sign) and that b) The hospital is for people who want to live, and at that particular moment I couldn’t see the point of prolonging my agony.  Saturday I got some antibiotics and painkillers and started thinking that maybe I might make it, and I spent the rest of the weekend flat on the chesterfield, snuggled with blankies and fluids and once my will to live returned, I knit.  I knit a secret stealth thing I can’t show you, I knit on  a pair of socks that have been trudging along, I started a sweater- but mostly I soothed how horrible I felt by knitting on a tiny, perfect baby bonnet.

The yarn is- well, not yarn, technically, but unspun mawata (silk hankies).  I love this bonnet. I love how soft it is – 100% silk is hard to beat in the softness department, and how light it is – a remarkable 4 grams, or (according to my conversion stuff .14 of an ounce.  (That doesn’t seem right – what’s the US equivalent of a gram? Isn’t there anything smaller than an ounce?) 

I love the way that the minute this brand new bonnet was finished it looked like it was a hundred years old and had been taken out of your great grandmothers hope chest – when really it’s on its way into mine.  (I’m a long way from grandchildren – I hope.)

I love the ribbon, and I love my first bungling attempts at ribbon roses.  

I love this bonnet so much that I instantly cast on for bootees. 

Naturally.  You’d be surprised how much better this all made me feel.  Joe’s suggested it’s the antibiotics starting to work, I say it’s the power of the baby  bonnet – or maybe silk.  One of the two.