Random Tuesday

1. It was a long weekend here in Canada, celebrating Victoria Day, which is a pretty confusing holiday to explain.  Technically it’s the official celebration of the reigning Monarch’s birthday- although the current Queen of Canada’s birthday is the 21st of April.  The 24th of May was Queen Victoria’s birthday, and it seems that it was easier just to assign a permanent birthday that was observed in Canada, no matter when the actual birthday is.  (To be fair, Australia and the UK have assigned her a birthday that isn’t her birthday either.)  To further confuse things,  the May 24th long weekend isn’t always on the 24th of May, but is celebrated on the Monday on or before May 24th. This weekend the holiday actually fell on May 24th, but it could have been the weekend before. (For example in 2008 it fell on May 19th.) Stubbornly though, it’s still called the May 24th long weekend even if it’s not on the 24th and even though technically that means that the next weekend will be the May 24 weekend. 
In any case, this weekend is regarded as the official start of summer.  It’s the weekend that you can plant (in most of Canada) the weekend that you open the cottage (if you have a cottage) and the weekend that your neighbours are most likely to drink a whole whack of beer set off fireworks all weekend long, even (perplexingly, and in the case of my neighbours) when it is not dark. 

2. We put in the garden.  (We also drank beer, but not enough to consider pyrotechnics at any time of day.)

3. I’m feeling a whole lot better, and have a sweater back, both fronts and a sleeve to thank for it.

4. It has been very difficult to stay focused on the last sleeve.  I have been thinking about lace a lot.

5. I’m really glad that I have a knitting blog, because this is really the only place where I can admit that I think about lace a lot and not have people look at me funny.

6. At least for knitting.