Random Monday

 Seems that as I start the week, things come together all randomly.  The beginnings of to-do lists, the beginning of plans.  This week is all about the planning, since Denny, Megan, Natalie and I leave for Squam on Wednesday. (10 hour drive to New Hampshire. I’d be excited but for that I’m driving – Megan will share some with me, but still, at best that’s not going to be my favourite sort of driving day, which is the sort where someone else drives and I knit, but considering that what I’m driving for is is knitting/writing time, I’ll suck it up.)  

1. Well. It seems that all of you have lots of opinions on what is lace, and what is not lace.  It would seem also that Steven got his opinion on what is lace kicked all the way around the block and back.  The final tally was:

A) Lace is stable holes deliberately created.  Steven is wrong.  748.
B) Lace is anything really sheer. Steven is right. 79
C) There might be another definition of lace, but that’s not it.  345
D) Something else. 31

I’ll be buying Steven a beer when I see him in July, since he’s on the losing end of the stick. (For the record, because a few people asked, I’m in the A camp, which is why I have to buy him the beer, and maybe bring him a little laceweight and a nice Pretty Thing pattern.  That’s lace.)

2. Guess who turned 21 yesterday?

My pretty girl Amanda.  I’m thrilled with how she’s turning out.  One of the nicest things I ever made.

3. I can’t believe one of my children is that old. 

4. The willow sweater isn’t finished.  It’s all sewn up and there’s only the buttonbands to do, but I really, really hate doing buttonbands and I’m putting it off in the fond hopes that little elves will come in the night and take care of it.

No luck yet.

5. While I was avoiding that, I knit a little scarf.

It’s the Wavy Bee Scarf from Fiddlesticks Knitting, and I can’t believe how quickly it knit up. 

Two evenings, if that.   I ordered it two weeks ago in a moment of weakness, and was trying to force myself to finish the sweater before I knit it.  Obviously I failed.

Yarn is Silk Sensation in Robins Egg. (2 balls)

6. I admit that it’s hard to see it as a failure when you have a lace scarf to show for it though.  This could be why I don’t really aim for self discipline with knitting.

7. That could be why I started the Wavy Leaf scarf.

Silk Sensation in Sprout.

8. I think I’m on a serious lace tear. 

9. I wish the elves would come for that sweater. I think that the heat wave here in Toronto might be putting them off as much as it is me. Nothing like a lap full of wool/silk to up the ante- especially when it would be crazy to put it on when it’s finished.

10. I think it is cooler in New Hampshire than here. Maybe I could use that as motivation for finishing. I might need a sweater at Squam.