Down Up Down Up

Postcard from the chesterfield, where I’ve been spending an unreasonable amount of time, since it turned out that the infection I started out with was only pretending to respond to an antibiotic, and instead was planning a sneak attack on my kidneys.  This was painfully clear to me on Monday (emphasis on the painfully part) and now I’ve got great big powerhouse antibiotics that seem to finally be winning the war.  I’m recovering, and for the first day in six days I don’t feel like I got hit by a truck. Just maybe a Honda Civic.  Here’s to tomorrow when I think that I can look forward to feeling like it was only a Smart Car or maybe (dare to dream) a scooter.   In the meantime, I’ve been knitting. Knitting and knitting, and though I tried to work on a fancy something, it turns out that the combination of drugs and the overwhelming fatigue has  robbed me of my ability to do anything other than garter stitch or great swathes of stockinette. (I’ve also shown a limited ability to count- but that’s normal.)

This sweater has been perfect.  I snagged a copy of Louisa Harding’s book Cardigans a little while ago, and it’s the cover sweater "Willow" that did it.  It just looks so cozy, so inviting, so go-anywhere, that I was enraptured instantly.  The only reason it hasn’t been on the needles before was that really – well. It’s boring to knit. Really boring. Big sweater, lots of plain knitting – there’s a little shaping to keep you awake, but that’s about it, and usually I’d have to steel myself to get through it.  Break it up with some lace or mittens or something that keeps me from slipping into a stockinette coma. Right now though, when my unfortunate human frailty keeps me half in a coma anyway – it’s hitting the spot – and the yarn’s comforting and cushy.   LSS in Mossay, and I love this yarn.  50/50 merino and silk and I don’t think you could have anything softer running through your fingers.  (I know.  I say that about a lot of yarns.) This combo- the plain knitting and the soft yarn feels right now like the knitters version of a warm bath with a cup of tea.

I can’t believe I’m going to have a case of pyelonephritis to thank for a neat new sweater.  If I felt better, I’d write something about silver linings.  Maybe tomorrow.

192 thoughts on “Down Up Down Up

  1. Sending you well wishes and healing thoughts. I must say though that you crank out more beautiful knitting (baby bonnet!! Oh my!) when you’re sick then I do when I’m completely healthy! 🙂 I love reading your blog, books, and your one a day calendar is a bright spot in my morning. Thanks!

  2. Dear Harlot, we wish you the softest of yarns, the hottest of teas and a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh Stephanie, I will have a beer for you tonight. It will taste so much better than the beer I would have had just for me, you understand. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  4. Be well soon. The yarn looks exceptionally cozy, and very much like a spring day.

  5. You’re knitting is beautiful, even when you’re sick. I love the pretty green you’ve chosen for you’re sweater! Sending lots of love your way and wishes for total recovery very soon!!

  6. Oh Stephanie, I will have a beer for you tonight. It will taste so much better than the beer I would have had just for me, you understand. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Your ill knitting is still so much faster than my normal speed, we aren’t even in the same race, but we still get there in the end!

  7. Sorry about your misery, but I’m really envious that you can turn misery and illness into a chic and cozy sweater. I turn misery and illness into tears and snot (and a grumpy, whining noise). Bravo!

  8. Get better soon! We miss you! Even your sick knitting is wonderful! Hugs and good Karma!

  9. I can’t believe it–that’s exactly what I had! I hope they have you on Levaquin. If they do, you will feel a lot better within a day or two. It’ll take a few days for the back pain to go away but it will diminish a lot!!! As soon as you feel well enough, take that sweater outside and get some fresh air. For some reason, that made me feel a lot better too.

  10. i hope you feel better soon! your books and blog always cheer me up when i feel sick. i hope the drugs keep doing their job. rest and knit and get better.

  11. It’s good that you’ve found a knitting project to go with a kidney infection. Knock on wood, haven’t had one in decades. I’ll have some Screech to help you along the road to recovery.
    I particularly like the fit on the shoulders; so many sweaters fail in that department. The color is good, too, but your choice is better

  12. Oh my goodness, kidney infections are so painful. Been there and done that and it is NOT funny. Hope the drugs hit it big time and clear it up for you. I now have showers only , never a bath as I heard baths are not good for people prone to this malady. ALL the very best for a speedy recovery and a peacful long weekend. Your kitting is much better than mine even when I am well. Thank you for this posting , go rest now as your body is at war and needs it.

  13. Steph, you’re the only person I know who could make me sort of wish for a kidney infection. Dumb, I know.
    Instead, I’m taking my sock and going to a track meet. 5 hours of sitting for 2, 25 second races.

  14. Poor Steph! Feel better soon, okay?
    Sounds, and looks, like a yummy sweater. I’ll look forward to seeing you model it when it’s done.

  15. Sending you warm wishes from across the pond (England). Your finished sweater will be a testament to your fortitude and hopefully a blessing to out-weigh the pain. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  16. Oh how I hope you feel better soon. The sweater looks like it is definitely a you-type-of-sweater.

  17. Feel better! I am thinking warm, soothing, lacy thoughts for you.
    There is something about that green that is making my hand twitch, reaching for my credit card. Srsly, it looks like a bed of incredibly soft moss. Or maybe my yarn diet is giving me the vapors.

  18. Two Words (sorry I haven’t read through all the comments and I’m sure you know this anyway):
    Cranberry Juice.
    Rest until you feel better, that’s how us frail humans are supposed to take care of ourselves; too bad we forgot that along the way.
    Wonderful yarn and a cozy pattern will work wonders too, I’m sure.

  19. That sweater is gorgeous!
    Have you tried drinking cranberry juice to help flush out your kidneys?
    btw: My 2 sisters LOVE wearing the socks i made using your basic sock pattern… one wears them to work 🙂

  20. Take good care of yourself, relax and heal. Mind your kidneys — unsung heroes of filtration, reabsorption, and secretion that they are.
    Oh, love the green! I’ve been looking for the right green for socks and that’s close.

  21. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
    First thing I thought of when I saw the title. Hope I’m not the only one who gets that reference.
    Feel better soon!

  22. Clever girl. Only four days until Victoria Day; glad to see you’re doing your part to make sure proper summer arrives on schedule. Nothing like finishing a beautiful new wool/silk cardigan to bring a heat wave.

  23. Whoops, and hit post before I was done. I’ll be interested to see the finished sweater — I was eying this yarn in the Moonstone, or Sky, coloways, to do Cromarty, if I can figure out the gauge, but was wondering how it would drape . . .

  24. Hope you feel better! There’s something soothing about the rhythm of stockinette.

  25. glad you’re starting to feel better! I’ve got one of those boring ss sweaters on needles, too. Only thing saving me is the color changes, and I’m going to make it ragalan instead of set-in sleeves. (she says intrepidly)

  26. Hope you get better quick…but then again what a great time to get all sorts of knitting done. And I love LSS as well!

  27. Feel better soon, dear! Love the sweater. I just hope you don’t have kidney-infection flashback memories every time you wear it.

  28. Kidney pain is the worst – more painful than childbirth, IMHO. Hang in there! Glad you’re on the mend, and I can’t wait to see the sweater.

  29. Dear Harlot,
    I’m sending you healing energy! Feel better soon~ then, take AT LEAST 1 more day to really rest because these infections mean business and you’ve got to show them whose boss ; ) Happy knitting!

  30. You’re lucky you’re on the chesterfield. When I had that, I got to spend 4 lovely days in the hospital, the first 2 of them in ICU. ICU is awful – they don’t let you get out of bed for any reason. The worst part was I never felt *that* horrible. I wasn’t a knitter then, either, so the best I could do for entertainment was reading or bad tv.
    Anyway, heal well, the sweater is lovely!!

  31. Oh, the last time I had a bladder infection I fell asleep sitting up, holding a full cup of hot tea. (Didn’t spill it–a mother’s talent, I think, to doze while holding precious items carefully.) They’re the worst. I’m lucky (I suppose) that they hit me so hard I tend to catch them well before they travel further up. Last time I drove myself to the ER at 2 am because I knew if I waited until morning, well, yeah. Waiting until morning wasn’t an option.
    I hope each day has you feeling better and better.

  32. Oh, you poor thing. Our youngest daughter has had trouble with kidney infections. She has been a sick girl more than once. May you heal quickly! — In the meantime, I love stockinette! What can be more elegant than a classic sweater in well-executed stockinette? It’s gonna be gorgeous, especially in that fabulous green!

  33. oh gosh. i’m glad you caught this when you did — my mom had a severe uti last summer, which somehow remained undiagnosed until it actually turned into sepsis, and she started going into multi-organ failure. THEN they caught it, and brought her back. pyelonephritis is not fun, but at least they brought out the battle-tanks in time.
    feel better, and sleep as much as you can. it helps with the healing.

  34. crap… and I thought the summer cold I caught was bad.
    I agree, though–while I was down for the count, all I could do was a plain stockinette sock. Self-patterning yarn (combined with NyQuil) kept me entertained.
    Feel better.

  35. Aw, poor baby! Not much of a silver lining for being so sick, but there we go. Better than nothing, I guess.

  36. Poor baby! I have done the kidney infection too…and had chills so bad I couldn’t talk (which, if you knew me, was nearly the end of the world!!!). Take care of yourself…and enjoy the sweater. Unfortunately, my kidney infection was before I knit so I have nothing but a good story to show for it!

  37. I have always wanted to knit something in LSS. It looks so soft and beautiful. Enjoy the process and Get well soon!

  38. Snap! I’m sitting here finally at home after 5 days in hospital with pyelonephritis – happy to be knitting at all – even if it is just a garter st baby blanket, I’m going to leave all adventurous stuff until my brain comes back.
    Kidney/UT stuff is crap isn’t it? I hate the weakness, the shakes and then the massive sweats…yep…nice.
    I love that colour- it’s perfect.
    Take care and drink LOTS of water.

  39. Hope you feel better soon! Be careful with the heavy antibiotics. Eat lots of yogurt. I am serious. Sometimes they kill off too much of the good stuff and then one is really in trouble. Trust me, I have been there. I love the sweater–such a pretty color!

  40. Gah, feel better. I have been at the too tired for anything more than stockinette for a while now, but I think being sick would knock me completely out of knitting!
    I’m wishing for a Vespa for you, or maybe a skateboard. Something small to get you all the way to recovery.

  41. Goodness — your infection has an impressive name. I hope you kick it soon!
    LSS is my all-time favorite yarn and what you’re knitting is gorgeous. So get well soon so that you can go out into the world and show off your beautiful new cardi.

  42. I made this sweater several years ago. It was arduous to get through (all that stockinette!) but the sweater turns out marvelous. I wear it constantly. It is my absolute go to sweater for all but the most formal of occasions. You’ll love it once it’s done.

  43. Here’s hoping you’re feeling better real soon.
    I’ve been enjoying “Free Range Knitter”, and have laughed out loud many times. Thanks!
    I love that yarn and the sweater looks sooo cozy.

  44. I second Chris @ 4:51–eat yogurt, lots of yogurt. You don’t want a yeast infection courtesy of your antibiotic. In fact, now along with my Rx, I get a bottle of lactobacillus tabs from the pharmacist and take 2 when I take a pill so all the little bacteria in my lady parts stay happy.
    Gorgeous yarn, lovely sweater.

  45. May you heal quickly. Pylonephritis is a nasty painful disease.Totally with it I can’t knit as quickly or as beautifully as you do. We all have our strong points. I love to knit but it still is not my strong suit. God’s speed to you.

  46. Sending powerful thoughts of good health your way.
    Perhaps the day after tomorrow it will only be an errant teenager that is texting? Or a slow jogger? People are softer than trucks…
    And I’ll second the many that mention probiotics/lactobaccilicus (sp?). My ND has made me an avid fan.
    Yay for the power of knitting to provide silver linings.

  47. I chime in with those who are recommending yogurt or any other means of good flora for your system. Really important. Also some nice local honey to add to it.
    Sending you bright shiny health and and rosy cheeks.

  48. I’m amazed you can do that much. I had a brief stint of partial kidney failure once (‘nuf said). Please heal quickly, and I’m glad you’re being taken good care of and that you have such nice Tina yarn to play with!

  49. Yuck! I hate sneaky infections. Lots of fluids, but you may want to check with the doctor before any that are as acidic as cranberry juice, orange juice, or coffee. These could cause more pain! Take care & get better soon (but not before getting through the coma-inducing stockinette!)

  50. Hope you are feeling better soon! Do not worry about counting…wait til you get my age!

  51. That sounds so painful! I too am currently on antibiotics – an infected sebaceous cyst, in a location making it difficult to wear pants without annoying it, even when it’s bandaged, isn’t a lot of fun, either – although not as bad as yours! My infection also fought back, and my 2nd antibiotic makes me downright nauseous, but it does seem to be working.
    Get well soon!

  52. I hope you feel better soon==it’s so depressing to be sick, but I admire anyone who can be really sick and knit really beautifully at the same time. I hope you’ll give us the baby bonnet pattern when you feel better. Best wishes.

  53. Oh, I hope you don’t become prone to these nasty infections. They can do real damage. Take ALL your antibiotics so that can’t happen and all the rest of the good advice about cranberry juice and yogurt. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  54. Help your body along by taking it easy! The antibiotic’s magic only works if you give yourself plenty of rest.

  55. Hope the knitting and the infection come out even and you feel better the same day the knitting gets more challenging. Feel better just soon enough.

  56. My great-grandmother died from a kidney infection. Hope you fair better! Yea for antibiotics!
    I hope your family is taking good care of you. Woolly wishes for your recovery.

  57. I wishing that tomorrow not even a chihuahua will impede your recovery – but do finish the cardie because it will be glorious :>)

  58. I am so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so wretched! How…well, wretched! Hope you’re feeling so much better that you start thinking a lace bed cover sounds like a perfectly reasonable next project soon.
    Yogurt saved my digestive tract when I had a nasty tooth abcess not long ago – I had to upgrade to some gnarly antibiotics and they were playing merry heck with things (I think they were like the chemotherapy of antibiotics: kill EVERYTHING, let the body sort it out later). I was told (nay, commanded) to look for the “probiotic” variety, and they did help tremendously.

  59. Oh, dear Stef. Pyelonephritis is wicked! I had pyelo while 9 months pregnant. Not fun. I hope you are feeling better. And I love the color of your cardi.

  60. I hope you feel better real soon. Be sure and eat yogert with those antibiotics. to prevent a yeast infection.Take care of yourself! That sweater is yummy looking!

  61. The Cardi and yarn are lovely and so are you for sharing even when you are sick. I am amazed you can still knit, sending more healthy thoughts and wishing I had some funny story to tell you to make you laugh. Instead, here is the word Antlers, it makes my 18 month old grandson giggle to his toes, pretend you are him. 🙂 hugs and good health and take lots of naps, your family will wonder who you are.

  62. Pyelonephritis? It sounds like you have been attacked by a dinosaur! Here’s to a swift recovery…

  63. I had pyelonephritis a couple of years ago. I wanted to DIE! Fever of 103, pain, misery, & peeing nothing every 5 minutes! I’m sure now that they whipped out the heavy artillery on ya, you’ll be feeling like yourself in no time. Mr. YarnHarlot will be so excited.

  64. Stephanie,
    Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. In the hopes it will give you a smile, I’ve been in the U.S. for about 35 days now, four more ’til I go home and I’m still buying yarn, even from the internet. This is after hitting yarn shops in three separate states.(ouch) My eyes are definitely faster than my needles. As I write my daughter is scanning a stack of patterns to e-mail for me to reduce weight in my luggage – more space for yarn!

  65. Drink lots of water, etc., I’m sure you have your instructions, and get well. On the other hand, what a beautiful, meadow-like ton of lovely greeny stockinette.

  66. Yeah, I had the kidney infection too. So sick. Turned out that it helped diagnosis my diabetes though so was a good thing in retrospect but I wouldn’t want to repeat the experience. Take care of yourself. I hope you feel better very soon!

  67. It is amazing how miserable a kidney infection can be. Thank goodness for anti-biotics that work. I hope you feel better soon.
    The sweater is very pretty and I love your yarn choice.

  68. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Get plenty of rest — and then rest some more. And do eat the probiotic yogurt, as the antibiotics can do some nasty tricks with your intestines.
    The sweater looks like a classic that should suit you well. The yarn you’ve chosen looks like a better combination of emerald, jade, peridot, malachite, turquoise, serpentine, green sapphire, etc., than Tiffany’s could put together! (And I don’t normally go for greens!)
    Hope you’re feeling tons better soon!

  69. Ohmygoodness, That sounds so painful and so miserable all at the same time. I love that you are able to knit and make something amidst the pain and exhaustion. Drink a lot of water, as others have said, and take it really easy, not stopping that antibiotic until it’s done done done, and then watch to make sure everything is gone gone gone. Good luck, friend! Happy healing thoughts coming your way. Love, Kathleen, from Vermont, going to England….tomorrow!

  70. There are some really, really good things about the 20th century. Antibiotics, even in spite of their overuse and abuse, are life savers. Hope you are feeling better.

  71. Wow, Stephanie – when I had that they put me in hospital! I hope you feel better soon.
    Love the look of the sweater. I also love the “warm bath & tea” comparison. Hope it’s helping.
    Lots of healing thoughts sent northward!

  72. Been there, done that. Not. Fun. Going forward, drink plenty of non-alcoholic (sorry) fluids, including cranberry juice, which really does help. Drink before you get thirsty. At the first sign of a urinary tract infection call the Dr., rather than try to tough it out. Feel better, Steph!

  73. Powerful antibiotics, necessary as they are, can make you feel ill too – you can’t win. Feels like the cure is going to kill you!

  74. Ick. I’m glad you’re at least conscious enough to be able to knit something, even if it’s miles of stockinette. Hope you’re on your feet soon. Cyberhugs.

  75. In China, they know that the kidneys are the seat of energy for the body, and when the kidneys are affected in any way, it’s to bed with you until you are all better – ALL BETTER, no messing around. So, bless the chesterfield and the miles of sweater and stockinette. And “gecmis olsun.” Pronouonced: gech-meesh ole-soon. This is Turkish for: may you feel better, may it pass quickly, and is used for anything from a toddler’s cut pinky to stockinette coma.

  76. OUCH! I am so sorry. It doesn’t sound like any way to get a little ‘down time’. The yarn and sweater are yummy though. ((hugs and healing))

  77. So sorry about the infection. Though, that’s going to be one very luscious sweater once done. Feel slightly more human soonest, but not perfect right away so that the sweater doesn’t become boring. (Is that a reasonable something to wish on someone? Hope so. If not just blame my meds.)

  78. Does a kidney infection mean no COFFEE?! If so, zomg! Definite good vibes continue to wing their way through the atmo to you. And? Thank you for pointing out that book!

  79. Feel better soon! It’s good that you’re able to knit, that’s a good sign. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater.

  80. I hope you continue to heal and heal. Meanwhile enjoy the chesterfield (what a word!) and soothing knitting. I will keep sending best energy to Toronto.

  81. So sorry to hear about your kidney infection! I was readmitted to the hospital the day after I was released last year when I gave birth to my son because I ended up with a nasty case of pyelonephritis. I tell everyone that I’d rather give birth 10 times over than have a kidney infection EVER again. SO bad that this needle-phobic lady was begging for an IV so they could get me pain medication and antibiotics faster! Wishing you the speediest of recoveries!

  82. Wow, you ARE a mom. Here you are, feeling like road kill in summer, and you’re still taking care of us with a giggle here and there. Thanks, Mom.

  83. Ack, oh no! Feel better and get well. (and i’m glad the knitting and yarn are helping)

  84. This is not a good thing to hear. Hope the truck does turn into a Smartfortwo or a scooter by tomorrow. But you have the right of it if you get a wonderful soft LSS sweater out of the deal. Good to know half coma state is good for some things. Feel better soon. Lots of hugs, Alice

  85. Oof, I’ve had that (infection, not the sweater.) I hope you feel better soon, because ouch ouch ouch. I give you gentle hugs and helpfully sit ever more fluids by you. Because I’m an evil friend like that. I hope these abx are good ones and you’re feeling better soon!

  86. Dear Harlot, I hope you’ll feel better soon, this condition sound like totally no fun at all. Forcefully sending mental vibes of hot baths and soothing herbal teas your way……
    Love your yarn, LOVE IT! Just my kind of green! (I’m naturally a redhead, but i’m kinda green now, must be yarn envy).

  87. Hope the powerhouse anti-b’s do the trick – though I have to admit to a teeny bit of jealousy that you’ve had so much sofa time……..however, pyelonephritis is very unfunny, so I don’t envy you that! Big hugs xx

  88. Nice sweater! The yarn sounds yummy, but green is rarely my color of choice, and I wonder if it is the right thing to choose when one is ‘green around the gills’ anyway? But I’ve seen your color preferences and hearing about your condition, I’m sure it came from stash and I know you love the color.
    Take care.

  89. Sure hope you’re feeling better. Had to look up pyelonephritis on Wikepdia to find out that it sounds AWFUL! Hope you’re back in the upright soon. The sweater looks great in the meantime, though.

  90. Feel better soon. But I do have so say I’m impressed that you can knit at all while you’re that sick. When I’m sick I might be able to watch a movie or two without falling asleep; you’re sick, you knit a sweater (and a lovely one at that)!

  91. What does it say about me that I secretly (well, not so secretly now, huh…) want to get sick so I can stay home and knit all day?
    I am continually amazed at how fast you knit and can get a whole sweater done! I am suspicious that the whole cleaning and family and “life” you speak of does not exist! 😉

  92. You know it’s bad when your physical condition results in new, cryptic, extra-multi-syllabic medical vocabulary. Get better.
    Totally cool yarn – resisting urge to hit BUY NOW

  93. Beautiful yarn – I hope Tina brings some to the retreat for us to fondle. And there’s nothing like a simple (boring) cardigan pattern to bring out a beautiful hand-dyed yarn.
    Take care! I feel for you. Had to go on steroids to deal with the poison ivy I found while searching for mulberry leaves for my silkworms. These little buggers aren’t worth it anymore.

  94. Oh Stephanie, you poor thing! That sounds like a really nasty infection. Hope you get better very fast. Drink lots of water, and rest more than you think you need even when you feel a bit better. If I wasn’t over 4000 miles away I’d be on the doorstep with nourishing soup and casseroles! You were looking a bit under the weather a week ago when you showed us that cardigan. Do look after yourself. (Sorry, starting to sound like an irritating mother, which I am, so I’m told!) Luscious yarn, by the way, and I hope the soothing monotony of stocking stitch is restorative. People who don’t knit never get to have such a positive and tangible ‘souvenir’ after illness. We are the lucky ones.

  95. Take care & here’s hoping for the massive healing power of stockinette!

  96. I’m so terribly sorry to hear that you are/have been ill. And delighted that you are on the road to recovery. I was beginning to worry over not seeing a new posting for so many days.
    I googled pyelonephritis and found “In severe cases, delirium may be present.”
    Which may be why plain knitting is appropriate at the moment.
    Hope you are feeling much, much better soon.

  97. Oh, I hope you feel better! You know, your page-a-day calendar’s entry for yesterday was about people knitting lots of 20ft cotton garter-stitch bandages for World War 1. I’m glad you’re making something a little more fun than that!

  98. Wow, scary diagnosis. So glad for the availability of powerhouse antibiotics. Recovery seems to take a bit of time for me these days, now that I am no longer 18 (and haven’t been for several decades) so that sweater is definitely gonna be an FO.

  99. I make my rounds through my favorite knit blogs each day and hope you can help with this inquiry. Ann, of Knitspot is knitting a shawl made from ‘Cherry Blossom, cashmere laceweight yarn from Great Northern. I have only recently gotten back to knitting after several years of abstinence. I live in a very rural area with no ‘yarn stores’. Is there anywhere in Canada that I can order these types of yarn. I am leary of receiving articles through customs. In the past, I have knit with the very basic of fibre but after seeing so many beautiful yarns through the blogs I am afraid I have contracted “fiber fever”. Thank you so much.

  100. Cripes! At least the fact that you’re still knitting means that you’re not quite on your deathbed yet. Hope you feel better soon!

  101. I am sending you good karma and warm thoughts to heal what I personally know to be an excruciatingly painful infection. I am knitting silk too-old shale pattern scarf in a silk, cashmere and cotton blend. Divine. I am wondering-do you choose the same family of greens for most of your cardigans? Because whilst not quite as yellow as your favorite cardigan from last year, it bears a strikingly similar familiarity. Of course, THIS sweater has a belt (that I’m willing to bet you a good cup of coffee you will never actually tie and wear as a closure method). Heal Yarn Harlot, knit and heal!

  102. Feel better and get well soon, Stephanie! Meanwhile, cushy-soft yarn and even a ‘boring’ pattern are just like comfort-food!! Wishing you health and well-being!
    Suzy 🙂

  103. Get well soon and I hope the antibiotics don’t make you feel sick in a different way.
    I have a basic wedge shawl pattern I came up with years ago that is what I work on when I’m sick and brain dead. The first one was so popular that my cat stole it and drools on it at every opportunity. I had to make myself a new one to wear.

  104. Good thoughts coming your way to help with recovery. For a silver lining, be glad the infection didn’t affect your joints. I had to stop knitting for six months once when joint pain from infections and autoimmune issues became too bad. Best wishes to you. The sweater looks lovely.

  105. Oh wow, sorry to hear you’re so sick. Take care of yourself and get well soon. Focus on that beautiful sweater and before you know it you’ll be sick OF stockinette and not WITH pyelonephritis! Best.

  106. So sorry you’re sick! Holding all right thoughts for you to be all better soon.

  107. I’m so glad that you are feeling a bit better. The sweater looks just like you! Enjoy the knit and tea and hopefully a quiet weekend…

  108. Oh, golly. I feel your pain, and it is terrible. I am still working on your Snowdrop shawl. I know it is only silk and wool, but it is filled with warm thoughts and prayer, for you, and my friend. Now, you must take all of your antibiotics, every drop, as ordered, and drink (non alcoholic, decaffeinated) fluids, lots of them, while you rest.You’ll feel this bad, for much longer, if you don’t. (Yes, I am a mother- it’s a bossy thing we all have.) Prayers, and knitting, for you and yours.

  109. So sorry your illness is dragging on and on. However, this a very strong testimony for the importance of a stash. I was just looking at mine and feeling a hint of guilt, but now I feel better knowing that someday I may need my stash to help nurse me back to health. Hopefully your family is taking good care of you. Praying for your continued recovery!

  110. Dear Steph…Get better Soon!!!
    who but YOU could knit and be so ill?
    We here are sending you much love and healing.

  111. Holy carp. Get well soon!
    Meanwhile, I must make that yarn mine mine mine! It is the perfect green. And that’s saying something.

  112. I guess the silver lining is that we have medicines to help out when awful things bite us. I’m awfully sorry you’re ailing and hope you’re well soon. Keep on keepin’ on and thanks for letting us know.

  113. I’ve been laid up TWO WEEKs with a mono-like virus. I hate, hate, hate it, but I’m starting to feel better. Lots of stockinette done here, as well, but it is in the form of a shawl and a gift scarf (binary). Boy, that bugger is thick.
    Here’s to improving health!

  114. Ouch…Steph…I’m drinking some cranberry juice for you (and me) tonight. I hate, hate, hate kidney and bladder infections.
    I’ll be knitting like a madwoman this weekend on my Origami sweater that you talked me into buying (drat your blog), hoping to get it done before the weather here in upstate NY gets too warm for big piles of knitting on the lap.
    Enjoy that gorgeous green, it really looks like spring leaves, fresh and cool.
    Get better soon.

  115. That brought back the worst memory! Newlywed in Germany on Army base. I can’t even describe my empathy. Please just REST!

  116. Lovely knitting, especially the baby bonnet the other day. So sorry to hear what drove you to it.
    Stock up on the cranberry juice.
    Family remedy for said infections… judicious amounts of beer as what goes in comes out.

  117. Hope you are back to normal soon. The baby bonnet is gorgeous and the cardigan is a lovely combination of greens. Enjoy your May 2-4.

  118. Take care of yourself, and get well quickly. And, that is beautiful, beautiful green yarn!

  119. When I’m sick I always think nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m going to go eat worms. So just in case you don’t know it now, you are loved.

  120. Take good care of yourself, and feel better very soon. Drink cranberry juice too! Love the green of that yarn – it looks immensely squishable.

  121. Feel better soon and what an utterly lovely sweater and yarn choice. I am super jealous that you get to knit with 50/50 merino/silk while recovering.

  122. I’ve been recovering from a painful operation for the past 2 weeks and I’ve been crocheting because it’s the only thing my poor body and mind can cope with now – so from my sofa to yours get better soon.

  123. I had a kidney infection once, Harlot. It is absolutely horrible. You have total sympathy and hugs from here.

  124. Holy renal involvement, Batman! Pyelonephritis definitely ups the ante. Glad they caught it and brought in the big guns, so to speak. I have never been so unlucky, have always escaped with “just” a UTI. But my very savvy nurse practitioner takes the trouble to send a culture now, so we’ll know the antibiotic she prescribed will actually knock out whatever type bacteria have crashed into my body. Last time, it turned out I *didn’t* have the most common type of bacteria in residence–something else, which was resistant to the original antibiotic. Take care and I do hope this latest round of treatment does the trick.

  125. Feel better soon, dear Steph. A kidney infection is no laughing matter. Sending good thoughts and wishes your way.

  126. Can’t wait to see the finished sweater!! Sending lots of water, cranberry juice and feel betters your way!! 🙂

  127. Hope you are feeling better and over that infection soon. At least you have a beautiful sweater to knit on. Take care.

  128. Lotion can be considered a layer in a pinch.
    And fishnet stockings really do keep one warmer than nothing. I tried to let my mom knit me some once but they didn’t work out.
    Sometimes I’ll wear my legwarmers and then just whip them off for the occasion and put them back on when I get to the car. It’s survival skills of the scantily clad chic.
    I’m sure you’d shiver and try to dress me in a turtleneck sweater in your mind but I prefer little shrugs instead.

  129. I can attest to the healing/comforting power of knitting/crochet when you are ill. Crocheting baby blankets kept me calm while enduring 6 rounds of chemo and 30 radiotherapy treatments. And the berets I knitted kept my very bare head warm and my handknitted wool socks kept my freezing cold feet warm – chemo played havoc with my internal thermostat and I could not get warm. Knit on and I hope you recover soon – when I landed in hospital with a kidney infection and stones I told the doctor I would rather have one of my blinding migranes! So chin up and knit on!

  130. Being sick is no fun–even if it means you do get a lot of sofa time to knit! I hope the antibiotics kick in and you feel better soon.
    I always tell people that no matter how sick I get I can always get knitting done flat on my back on the sofa. This week though, I got wonked with inner-ear-itis of some sort. Vertigo can be dangerous with sharp pointy sticks. Even sitting really still, I couldn’t coordinate the needle action!
    Gave up, went to bed and had yarn dreams…

  131. Dear Steph, I am visiting our daughter, Emily (oldest) in England, and wondering if you are feeling better..? Thinking of you. Please post if you can and give us an update letting us know if you are better? Hoping you are feeling much better. These things can be so ferocious. Love, Kathleen from Vermont (in England at present)

  132. I cant be bothered to real all the eight million billion comments….. BUT GOOD GOD HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dear god, I hope they are giving you good meds, since my patients tend to feel some degree of pain with your said affliction… (And let it be known, my patients can’t talk! dear god!)
    All my best,
    Dr. P

  133. Feel better! Sleep, and continue to knit. Let others wait on you hand and foot. Sometimes the body has a way of putting on the brakes that you just can’t ignore.

  134. I’m sorry you’re feeling poorly. I’ve had a kidney infection–of course, when I had no insurance. The wonderful folks at the Berkeley Free Clinic treated me, and gave me a huge handful of penicillin. I said, “OK, how often do I take them, and how many?” and they said, “Now. All of them. It’s called a STAT dose.” It did the trick and I’m so grateful to them, but that was quite the experience.
    Yarn and sweater sound delicious.

  135. I am so sorry about the pyelonephritis! Hope that you feel better soon and get rid of that awful infection. Nice sweater.

  136. So sorry to hear you are still not well. I enjoy reading your blog and often read it outloud to my hubby who is a muggle but humors me anyway! Thanks for all the laughs and inspiration.
    Hope you get well soon

  137. Happy Victoria Day! I always think of this weekend as “safe planting” time, too, although living in Victoria, we’re probably safe a little earlier. Funny how we turn that corner in our heads on the Victoria Day weekend and it suddenly feels like summer.
    Hope your kidneys are on the mend, and that you’re feeling much better. (Reading your twitter stream, it sounds that way.)
    Just don’t overdo it now that you’re on the upswing. (Now, that was a motherly statement if ever I heard one. Hmmm.)

  138. Yikes–I’m sorry to hear you are so sick! I’m sure knitting the big, soft, green sweater will help your healing. I hope you’re back on your feet soon!

  139. I keep checking back to see if you are better, I think perhaps not. Well, I’m still sending best energy for your healing and lots of rest.

  140. oh man.. i had that at rhinebeck, and ended up in the little hospital nearby. it caused me to underspend. damn..

  141. This is officially proof (in the odd event that someone needs it) that knitting relates to everything. I have been trying for weeks to decipher the handwriting on a century-old death certificate and could only make out “nephritis”. I went home last night, reviewed the death certificate yet again and I am about 95% sure that my many-times great-grandmother had pyelonephritis when she died. Wild!
    At any rate, sending many healing thoughts your way. Kidney issues may not be the worst, but they are darned close, IMO.

  142. All the good thoughts, prayers, sympathy and empathy with a goodly dose of medical magic is hopefully working. Saw your tweet about feeding Bill Boerne and followed the link to several performances of his incredible talent. His good sounds surely brought you fully back to shining Good Health! __thank you for sharing

  143. I was going to respond to this yesterday morning but my computer decided to go all wonky on me, and since I was already in a lot of pain, I just gave up. Who wants to fight with a computer when you’re hurting?
    Anyway, I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. Hopefully, that is all in the past.
    Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th of July here in the States. Government offices, post offices and banks are closed that day, and it’s the only day beside Christmas that my trash isn’t picked it. Assuming that’s a trash pick-up day. Stores, looking for an excuse to have a sale, extend 4th of July to a 3-day weekend, but all the big celebrations, parades, concerts and fireworks occur on July 4th.
    Lastly, it’s perfectly natural to dream and think of lace. That’s all I did for weeks when I purchased “Victorian Lace Today”.

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