On Sunday I went out with my kids for Mother’s Day, and I had just the loveliest time.  They wrote me  charming cards, spoke civilly to me for a full morning,  took me for brunch and gave me flowers.  Nobody screamed, there was no drama, and nobody told me that they were pregnant, addicted to something or dropping out of school to follow a sexy beat poet/tree planter  across Canada.  It’s taken almost 21 years to get a Mother’s day like that, and it was pretty posh.  (Someday I’ll be ready to talk about the pain of the Mother’s Day of 1994, when 2/3 kids puked on me and the third one cried all day. Good times.)   Before we went out in the morning, I had a few minutes to weave in the ends on Kiama.  It’s seen here unblocked, so the cast-off edge is curling up the littlest bit.  Now that it’s had a bath it doesn’t dare.

I love this jacket. 

Kiama, knit from Berroco Origami Yarn in "Sunset Rendez-vous".  Took one skein less than the pattern called for and was a pleasure to knit.   Big thanks to WEBS for getting the kit out to me so fast once I decided I wanted to knit it. (That Kathy Elkins, there’s a woman who understands a yarn emergency.)

I knit this just about as instructed, except I did work some short rows to lengthen the fronts so that they would end somewhere more flattering than at my nipples.  (Look! I said nipple again!)

The fix is totally imperceptible, but the short rows are here-ish.

It turns out that this knit was just what I was hoping it would be, which is a chic, quick, go anywhere sort of jacket.

I think it looks even better with short sleeves, but it was way too cold here on Sunday to prove it to you. (I’m not really good at the whole "pain for beauty" thing.)  Just as an aside, this jacket can be worn the other way… upside down, so that the back is sort of open over the arse and it makes a big shawl collar.  I don’t care for it that way, but my friend Andrea tried it on and loved it, so there you go. One jacket, two ways.  I got the feeling actually, when she was trying it on, that this might be one of those knits that looks good on most people, but I’m going to test that a little bit before I declare it.  Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, I’ve added something to my wardrobe that I really wanted.  A snazzy, interesting, year round knit that doesn’t scream KNITTER in the same way that an aran cardigan does.  Instead, it sort of calmly states "Knitter" in a way that can absolutely go to a business meeting. I like that.

PS. Thanks to everyone who emailed about the silk retreat yesterday.  As of right this minute we have all spots filled – but just, and anyone who emails now will go on the wait list.  Last year 10 people from the list ended up getting in, so don’t give up if you want to come. Still pretty good odds.)

137 thoughts on “Kiama

  1. It looks beautiful on you, well worth the effort. Congratulations, lovely to see it done!

  2. Gorgeous. Now I really want to knit Kirra (the longer version)! When I can afford the yarn, that is …

  3. That’s a great jacket–very flattering and a lovely color. And I must say, I am the slightest bit envious of how quickly you can knit up a sweater…but I think you’ve got some years in knitting on me.
    A pleasure to follow your blog/ projects/ exploits as always.

  4. The sweater looks terrific. And I happen to like the look of short sleeved sweater over long sleeved tee so the whole thing is working for me.
    Cheers and glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day.

  5. Hold tight, hold tight … hopping on one foot to tie my shoes so I can sprint and pull myself up on the tailgate of this bandwagon. Damn. That’s a jacket to pass Sam’s “knitterly” test. What colors they got …?

  6. That turned out beautifully. The color is great on you. And with the yarn blend, 2 out of 3 of your girls could get pregnant, vomit on you, and you could throw it in the wash.

  7. This is an excellent jacket, and even looks like something that would work in our desert climate on cool nights. Sophisticated, too — unlike my first cardigan which I love even though it screams, “She made me HERSELF!” every time I wear it out of the house.

  8. Damn, that looks good. Damn, I wish I’d look half that good in it if I knit it. Also, you’re not smiling. In fact, you look stressed. Go take a vacation. Maybe even knit something, say, a lace shawl to fling around your neck when you’re wearing that jacket, so you look like a KNITTER again.

  9. Your breasts look to be in the right place. Model’s are just freakishly shaped.

  10. Thanks so much for the Kiama pictures. Officially, I have about five inches more to go on mine but I think I may keep knitting until I run out of yarn. By the way, I was just in my local Anthropologie store and there are loads of open summer longish jackets like this one. You are so in style!

  11. nipple nipple nipple nipple nipple nipple nipple breast nipple nipple nipple nipple nipple nipple
    Also, Kiama looks great on you!

  12. Darn it! I totally forgot to blog that this was the 10th anniversary of my car burning up in the parking lot at Holiday Inn while we enjoyed Mother’s Day brunch inside. The kids were totally enjoyable and engaging, especially for 15, 13 and 9, and the hotel staff quite the opposite of alarmist — it took them a few passes through the dining room before they caught my attention and matched burning car to owner. Heh. Good times.
    Kiama looks terrific on you!

  13. Awwww! CTJen stole my line!!! {{nipple, nipple, breast, breast}}
    The jacket looks very lovely on you. Once again, I’ve been brainwashed – er, inspired to try something you’ve recommended, even ‘tho it’s not my normal item. But I’m a few years older and my breasts are a bit more working class, so I’m hoping it will look as nice on me…

  14. I love it so much I’m channeling my inner Brit (which, considering my German & Swedish Roots is very difficult) to say it looks quite posh.
    I think I need tea now.

  15. Could you possibly post a picture of Kiama WORN upside down? I’d like to see it both ways before I commit to knitting my first sweater. Of course, that’s always supposing that some LYS somewhere still has some Berrocco on its shelves. Glad Mother’s Day was a success. My three sons delivered a great one too. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  16. My husband has always made it very clear that since I’m neither HIS mother nor the mother of HIS children, he is under no obligation to do anything for me on mothers day, so I envy you your special day. My children live too far away to do anyting special with. Last year I spent mothers day spreading peat moss on the lawn, this year my hubby had he good sense to go off and do his own thing, so this year I spent my mothers day in quiet contemplation with my spinning wheel.

    Second: That looks great! I like it with the short rows. And I agree with a few other posters – it does make you look taller. 🙂

  18. It makes your boobs look great! (Is boobs better than nipples?) I don’t know what you were so stressed out about. It’s very flattering on you actually! Very hip. What do the girls think?

  19. The sweater is brilliant – the color is just right on you, and the swingy shape is fabulous! It makes your waist look nipped in, and your working-class breasts look high-class! Lovely.
    (Thanks for giving me a term to use regarding my hardworking breasts, which have fed three babes over the better part of 12 years!)

  20. A beautiful jacket on a good friend–even though we haven’t personally met. Every mother deserves such a mother’s day as yours–even deserves it every year!

  21. Definitely a good fix making it land past your nipples. I think where you stopped it initially (not having seen this) would make it look like you had tried on a smaller daughter’s top.
    Though even if that had been the case, it is still better than accidentally wearing your husband’s pants to work.

  22. Truly lovely!
    Was there ever a winner from your April 1st contest? (Or was that just an April Fool’s contest?) (Or more likely, did I just miss it?)

  23. I am uber jealous, that looks amazing but I am a stick. Not even a bumpy or lumpy stick. I am a rod that was sanded smooth before going on the shelf.
    I would look like a boy wearing his mom’s clothes in Kiama. As badly as I want to make one. Maybe I can convince my sister to wear one…? No. No! I want it for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

  24. Kids….they tear your heart out, stomp all over it and then turn around and do the loveliest things for you as if none of it happened. Guess that’s what they mean by unconditional love. A belated Happy Mothers’ Day to you.

  25. Are you wearing your bra in the photo shoot? Because if not, you should share your anti-gravity secrets with us. It’s only fair.

  26. Oh, Mother’s Day- never seems to be what it should- last year- i was sick as a dog- this year it was the baby . . . it is great to know there is hope for when the boys get older!

  27. Lovely, lovely. But then you are slim. I would be curious to see it on a rounder frame like me :>)

  28. Can you post a photo of someone wearing it upside-down? I can’t picture that.
    It’s beautiful.

  29. Not a good day here – my mother decided to tickle a random, unknown, supermarket-shelf-filler’s stomach and pulled up the poor woman’s shirt to do it. Then my dear madmother didn’t understand the whole whohaa that followed.
    So great blog, and having got my kit from Webs (got to hand it to them – superb service) I’m off to cast on. I may stay in my knitting corner for the foreseeable future and I definitely won’t be taking my mother to that supermarket again.
    ps Don’t think the shelf-filler is a fan of yours, but just in case – sorry! Again! and thanks for being so understanding.

  30. Beautiful sweater!
    I once had a LYS owner tell me that there was, “no such thing as a knitting emergency,” which shows what she knows. That makes almost as little sense as when my husband said, “not everything is personal.” Hah!

  31. Pat,
    I had a LYS owner tell me that 15 minutes in their store would be enough to get “the lay of the land”. I kid you not. I can spend 15 minutes at the needle rack!
    So if we have not heard from you, we must not have made it onto the List of 45?

  32. Well, my little one is nearly two, and in the two mother’s days that I have had we 1) had to leave a baseball game in the 3rd inning because he screamed bloody murder every time there was cheering and 2) nearly went to the emergency room because his fever almost hit 106(F). Glad to know it’s not just me.
    And Kiama is really flattering on you…and we aren’t built so differently…hmmm…now I am seriously considering adding it to my (quite substantial) queue. Curse you Ms. McPhee!
    And a happy Mother’s day.

  33. I love the front draping. Looks great casual, and I can still totally picture it over dress pants and a nice shell for the office.
    Very nice indeedie.
    Why do I have the irrisistable urge to type VAGINA in all caps? That’s right, I brought it.

  34. “You wear it well,” and now I’ve got Rod Stewart crooning in my brain. I think I’ll go submerge myself in wooly goodness–capture the thought, lose that particular earworm. Knit!

  35. Wait wait… I think it would be really nice to hear that one’s daughter is going to enjoy subsequent Mother’s Days as a mother herself, wouldn’t it? What’s bad about learning about a pregnancy on Mother’s Day? Once one has decided to stay pregnant, enough to announce to the family, it should be a happy occasion regardless.

  36. A Good Mother’s Day: well, I’m waiting. In minimalist description terms: there were tears before breakfast, and the cell phone is still in confiscation three days later (though not confiscated by me).
    However, new grand nephew born on the day, 2.2 kg, in NNU with suspected fever, middle name is the same as grandfather!, and there have been a few conversations that contained the words ‘Breast’, though not at this stage ‘Nipple’, however that said, mother is the daughter of a lactation consultant and great aunts all produced premature children with concomitant feeding difficulties – ahh, it just goes with the territory.

  37. Sorry that should be ‘breastfeeding’ difficulties.
    Kiama looks great on, lovely drape, lovely colours, reminds me of a crisp version of your Favourite Everyday Sweater in a different colourway.

  38. Your Kiama came out GREAT! It does have that sophisticated air about it – even with jeans. I Love that about it. The color looks good on you too.
    So glad you enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day. Hard to see them get bigger, but there are advantages 🙂

  39. I think the sweater looks more feather-lite on you than on the model.
    And – pardon me being forward – but are you wearing a bra? Because if that is what your working class breasts look like without a bra, my non-yet working class breasts are super jealous! Just sayin’…

  40. The sweater looks beautiful on you! It’s a nice pattern, I agree, but $99 for the kit is a bit much for my budget, especially since it doesn’t scream knitter. I reserve the “big ticket” knits like that for fair isle sweaters or angora jackets…

  41. I covet that sweater – guess I’ll have to investigate making one for myself. I find that the older my children get, the more I enjoy them. They are such a joy to me all year long that I don’t put much emphasis on MD. In fact this year, neither girl was able to send the day with me (one lives in California & I live near Chicago & the other had to travel for work – had to be in DC to work early Monday) & it didn’t even bother me. They both called & they chipped in & got me a very thoughtful gift. We visited California last month to celebrate that daughter’s BD & the other’s BD is the end of this month so we will celebrate MD & her BD with a nice dinner out when she returns.

  42. I gotta be honest… when you started the Kiama, I wasn’t impressed, but it turned out beautifully and I love the colors! Wish I could feel it. It looks very attractive on you. Good job!

  43. Isn’t it refreshing to knit something for yourself, and to have it fit so well and look flattering-not easy sometimes for us short girls. I think the short rows are a success–having it hang below the nipples (there is that “word” again) is much more flattering —although in my case, it may mean adding to the short rows each year so an extra skein would be very helpful to me!!

  44. Kiama is gorgeous! I have a feeling it would be flattering to most women. I’m going to queue this one for further thinking. Lovely sweater! Just gotta do this….. niiiiiiiipppppleeee!!!! 🙂

  45. It’s a beautiful sweater, but you don’t look happy! I hope you really do like it–it looks lovely on you.

  46. Nice looking sweater and flattering, too!
    Mother’s Day was fairly pleasant around here. Daughter getting very antsy to get through mortgage approval process, then closing on their first house.

  47. Sounds like Mother’s Day 1994 was merely them trying to dramatize what a mother’s day looks like. ;^) OK, maybe not what you wanted, but I’m sure it was identifiable. Enjoy what you have now, including that spiffy new jacket.

  48. I had my doubts, but this looks great on you = much better than on the Berrocco model!

  49. Now THAT is a great-looking jacket! It looks fabulous on you; laid-back yet very modern and versatile!
    I am trying to picture what the designer intended, having the edges end in the boobular area. The short rows are *definitely* a success.

  50. If you hadn’t told us that it was a synthetic blend, we never would have been able to guess. It drapes and flows beautifully. As my sister-in-aw would say, “fabu!”

  51. While thinking today has any of your kids “told me that they were pregnant, addicted to something or dropping out of school “?

  52. Congratulations! You made that pattern bend to your will and fit you the way you wanted!
    It looks fantastic. It also looks like you could have made the front a teeny bit longer if you wanted and still have it look fantastic.
    (nipple, nipple, breast, breast, boob, bosom, tit, etc., etc. If you haven’t seen it already, rent “Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City” on DVD for a very funny scene in which a character reclaims the word “crotch”!)

  53. I actually like it better on you than on the model – when I first saw it after you said you had started it, I thought to myself, “Huh. Steph usually picks really cool stuff.” But seeing it on you in real life, I can see what you saw in it. Good call! And it definitely makes you look taller!
    I wonder how it would look on a (ahem) larger person? Something to think about….

  54. Love it!!! Want one!!! And my breasts are so small that the nipples would probably appreciate any attention they received.

  55. Love your blog but apparently “nipple” is too much for our school filter to handle–your blog was blocked because of “inappropriate content.” LOL. The sweater is fabulous too.

  56. Happy Mother’s Day a bit late. I figured Canada would do a Mother’s Day; I just didn’t know it was the same as the timing for the U.S. That’s nice. My first Mother’s Day, Daughter #1 had roseola; subsequent MDs occasionally copied your 1994 experience. This year? This year, I shared it with my Mum, aged 88 and gorgeous, my two daughters, 4 grandchildren, and 1 grandson-to-be (September 2010), plus appropriate coordinating men. Much for which to be thankful, no? You are a fortunate woman, which I know you know…
    Your sweater is terrific, and you look very tall and slim in it. (Maybe I’ll make that for myself next…after I make your other favorite cardigan for myself 🙂 Thanks again…for all that you share and pass on…

  57. You look so tall! I love this sweater…I might have to order a kit for myself.

  58. Ooh! It’s lovely! I wasn’t 100% convinced about Kiama from the other pictures I’d seen of it, but you’ve clinched the deal — it’s a good one!

  59. Happy Mother’s Day! Wonderful daughters making it a special day in a nice without big surprises or barf.
    Kiana is beautiful. Looks great on you. I love to see your creations and what who did to make it your own.

  60. Great job on the sweater-it’s the sign of an accomplished knitter that one can make changes in a pattern to get the right fit (I’m still a knitter who tends to follow patterns blindly and thinks my body is what needs altering).
    And you totally rock the chic and tall thing….

  61. Great sweater! It looks really nice on you, is very flattering, and I think you were very smart to adjust the pattern so that the front didn’t end at your nipples. I really like the length that you ended up with. Very nice! It definitely makes you look taller!!! Glad you had a great Mother’s Day. Just so you don’t feel alone, I just wanted to let you know that you aren’t the only Mom who has been vomited on during a past celebration of the holiday. In fact several of my friends have had a similar “gift” on their Mother’s Day too LOL! Thank God my family is past that stage. This year to celebrate Mother’s Day we saw Iron Man 2. What a fun movie and definitely better than being vomited on! I’m glad that you had a great day.

  62. Stephanie, you look great! My kids would say ‘it doesn’t look homemade’ (which to them is a great compliment!). It may mean that you will have to tell everyone it is! You look like a cool trendy mom – and hey, isn’t that what we all aspire to!
    Just a quick question – would you mind if I put a link from my blog to yours? – Just being polite and asking!
    best wishes,

  63. Love the sweater! I have one just like it in the cucumber colorway. Everyone who sees it tries it on and you are right, it looked good on all of them.

  64. Super NICE on you . Love it and I think it’s time for me to take the plunge and try one and yes it does make you look taller. Thank you for the pistures of the finished product. Maybe you should make another one as I have a feeling that one of the girls is going snag this one.

  65. That looks really great on you!! Sorry I sound kinda surprised but I couldn’t visualize it turning out pretty at all. Proves you must keep your mind open to different styles, different yarns, different ideas. I’m noticing that knitting in particular can look quite different once finished and worn.
    Enjoy that wonderful jacket!

  66. Oh, geez, you’re giggling about saying nipple… you’re so childish… and my hero. Giggle away! Oh, and the jacket looks great!

  67. Love it! I looked at that Origami several times before finally succumbing to it at Stitches South. I knit a lacy/drapey sort of dressy scarf with it, and love it.

  68. The minute I saw that first picture, all that nipple talk got to me and instead of seeing what it ACTUALLY looked like, all my brain could picture were those points flapping around The Girls.
    Anyway. Sweater rocks, as usual.

  69. Kiama looks fabulous, and so, frankly, do your BREASTS. 🙂
    No really, you do have the most enviable figure.

  70. It looks GREAT on you. Could you possibly show us a picture of what you mean about wearing it the other way, open over the arse, because all I can picture is a hospital johnny.With nice colors and nice drape and a shawl collar an all, but…

  71. Thought the sweater was just okay while you were talking about it but I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do once I see it finished and being worn. Dadgum, now I’m going to have to start a new project. Thanks, Yarn Harlot.

  72. What a great looking sweater! I don’t think I will knit this because, I can tell from your picture my nipples are way lower than yours:)

  73. Your personal collection of knitwear is really getting classy and sophisticated. What a wardrobe you’re accumulating. Luckily, these days everything goes with a good pair of jeans. I break out in a cold sweat thinking about trying some of today’s outfits back in the early 60’s.
    Also, happy belated Mother’s Day.

  74. After admiring the sweater and the colorways of the yarn, wandering through several lys to see if I could find the yarn to feel; I finally clicked on the WEBS link and bought the kit in the whale colorway. Hope you are getting a commission!

  75. I really like this jacket. Elegant. Good choice on the short rows. It drapes beautifully.[Nipples, nipples, nipples… couldn’t resist!]

  76. Taking note of all your great weblog, I obtain it is of the unique topic and absolute inspiring ideas. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Feel free to visit me back!

  77. Lovely. It is in or near 90 degrees now in good ol’ San Antonio, Texas so even the word sweater gives me the sweats! It is just right for Canada right now, I am sure.

  78. Forget the puking mother’s day story, I’d like to hear the one about being addicted to being pregnant and dropping out of beat poet school.

  79. Lovely sweater. However, since my bosoms are larger than yours I wonder if the extra short rows drop the center focal point far enough down so that I wouldn’t look like a ginormous lamp shade.
    Inquiring minds want to try to figure this out…

  80. Pain for beauty is my middle name.
    First it’s 2 hours of gym everyday till you are constantly sore. Check.
    Corsets every day. Not a problem.
    Platfom stiletto heels that wear your feet down to bleeding,nuby stumps…I can spend hours in them and sprint a 100 yards if need be.
    The money spent on razors so I can have smoothe legs as I’ll be wearing skirts all summer long. Gotta do it.
    Scantily clad and shivering in the snow with no coat while the men folk are in long sleeves.
    Yup, I’ll do it.
    That’s me.

  81. Love the sweater. I love it all. I’m not new at knitting but I wouldn’t attemp changing up my pattern. I love the 3/4 sleeves which is what I always have. The front is awesome. I really need to try that pattern. Great sweater for anytime wear.

  82. Hi Steph! Great job on this sweater. Love, love the finished product! Thanks for the inspiration.

  83. I have to say that Berocco should use your photos of the sweater on their website. I never would have given the sweater a second look based on their picture, but I do like it on you! I think your photos show it off much better, especially with your “get outta my way, I’m walking here” photo.

  84. Stephanie: This is a cute sweater–looks wonderful on you. Nice design choice too. Thanks for the ride.

  85. Rare it is that I knit from a pattern without using it as merely a suggestion or as inspiration. Having said that, I want to knit this, and for the same reasons you like it — casual enough for an outing, but ready to go to a meeting as well. Mark your calendar.
    Although I may lengthen the sleeves, as I do have monkey arms.
    Glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day! We took my mother to lunch at the Myrtles Plantation, in St. Francisville, LA, which you must see if you ever come to Baton Rouge. None of its famous resident spirits came out for Mother’s day, but we had a lovely time anyway and a great tour of the house and grounds. We also had my friend and fiber artist Lisa Louie of Maui for company. She was on the mainland to go to the opening of a show at the MInnesota Textile Museum in which she has a knit sculpture, and she came to Baton Rouge to visit and teach classes at my shop.

  86. I wish to start a dialog about knitting needles. If I ran the world, I would be able to get KnitPicks harmony needle tips (the alpaca stays put)with their cord (nice and flexible) and Addi click connectors. I also want the stoppers to put on the ends when I take the tips to another project. I also want long cords – the better to knit two sleeves at once. Since I think most of the knitting world reads your blog – I am putting my comments here. Have a great day!

  87. Love it! Both that you said NIPPLE again and this garment. lol
    I’m going to WEBS right now for the pattern. I’ve got the yarn. Boys are going on an overnight tonite w/their aunt & uncle so I see lots of knitting tonite! Yeah. Happy belated Mother’s Day and woohooo for all your accomplishments as one divine mama! I’m right there with ya!

  88. Hi, Stephanie.
    Kiama looks great on you! Thinking of another one in a different yarn and colorway? I think every post should have a nipple reference for a while, kind of like a trademark, LOL>

  89. Love that sweater. (opps. jacket) You do realize that I really don’t need another project on needles at the moment. I think in current progress there at least 7. Three sweaters, two tanks, 3 or is it 4 socks. Ack. That’s at least 8 and we haven’t alked about the stuff that’s on hold, cued, or on the wheel.
    You are an enabler! You do know this?
    Wish I could come to Washington, but we have to move in July. Oh well. Hopefully ya’ll will have such a wonderful time you decide to hold another class sometime when I can come.

  90. I had your 1994 Mother’s Day. Waking up to a bed full of vomit, yippee! Still better than the Mother’s Day that DH was out of town with a bus load of junior high students and I was the lucky one to discover lice in daughter’s hair. Someday when mine are the age of yours I hope to have a perfect Mother’s Day too.
    Kiama looks terrific. Trying to talk myself into my first sweater.

  91. Its beautiful and I must have one of my own so that my nipples look good too.
    Glad you had a great Mother’s Day 😉

  92. The design turned out perfectly. I like how the diagonal movement and snug sleeves make it stylish, flattering, and as you said, non-knitterly.
    However I’d love to see you make the same sweater in a different color. Maybe busy oatmeal just isn’t my thing. But I think you’d look magnificent–I might even say “totally infection-free”–in turquoise, teal, denim blue, or purple.
    The bonnet and bootees will inspire replicas in my next baby gifts. Heirloom-beautiful. Wow.

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