Random Monday

 Seems that as I start the week, things come together all randomly.  The beginnings of to-do lists, the beginning of plans.  This week is all about the planning, since Denny, Megan, Natalie and I leave for Squam on Wednesday. (10 hour drive to New Hampshire. I’d be excited but for that I’m driving – Megan will share some with me, but still, at best that’s not going to be my favourite sort of driving day, which is the sort where someone else drives and I knit, but considering that what I’m driving for is is knitting/writing time, I’ll suck it up.)  

1. Well. It seems that all of you have lots of opinions on what is lace, and what is not lace.  It would seem also that Steven got his opinion on what is lace kicked all the way around the block and back.  The final tally was:

A) Lace is stable holes deliberately created.  Steven is wrong.  748.
B) Lace is anything really sheer. Steven is right. 79
C) There might be another definition of lace, but that’s not it.  345
D) Something else. 31

I’ll be buying Steven a beer when I see him in July, since he’s on the losing end of the stick. (For the record, because a few people asked, I’m in the A camp, which is why I have to buy him the beer, and maybe bring him a little laceweight and a nice Pretty Thing pattern.  That’s lace.)

2. Guess who turned 21 yesterday?

My pretty girl Amanda.  I’m thrilled with how she’s turning out.  One of the nicest things I ever made.

3. I can’t believe one of my children is that old. 

4. The willow sweater isn’t finished.  It’s all sewn up and there’s only the buttonbands to do, but I really, really hate doing buttonbands and I’m putting it off in the fond hopes that little elves will come in the night and take care of it.

No luck yet.

5. While I was avoiding that, I knit a little scarf.

It’s the Wavy Bee Scarf from Fiddlesticks Knitting, and I can’t believe how quickly it knit up. 

Two evenings, if that.   I ordered it two weeks ago in a moment of weakness, and was trying to force myself to finish the sweater before I knit it.  Obviously I failed.

Yarn is Silk Sensation in Robins Egg. (2 balls)

6. I admit that it’s hard to see it as a failure when you have a lace scarf to show for it though.  This could be why I don’t really aim for self discipline with knitting.

7. That could be why I started the Wavy Leaf scarf.

Silk Sensation in Sprout.

8. I think I’m on a serious lace tear. 

9. I wish the elves would come for that sweater. I think that the heat wave here in Toronto might be putting them off as much as it is me. Nothing like a lap full of wool/silk to up the ante- especially when it would be crazy to put it on when it’s finished.

10. I think it is cooler in New Hampshire than here. Maybe I could use that as motivation for finishing. I might need a sweater at Squam. 

144 thoughts on “Random Monday

  1. I love the scarves. If you find the finishing elves, please send them my way when they finish up at your house. Thanks…

  2. I doubt that it will be cooler in New Hampshire because, here in Western Pennsylvania it was 84 degrees today. Anyway, I really like the scarf!

  3. Lovely scarves and a lovely 21 year old. How come we were so old at 21 and our babies are still our babies when they turn 21? Enjoy your trip and if it’s too hot for those scarves out there you can send them to Oregon where it won’t stop raining and it’s cold!

  4. Oh, yes it will be cold in New Hampshire at least at night. It might could even snow.
    Trust me, I’m a Vermonter.

  5. How can Amanda be 21? Aren’t you only 21? (That’s what I tell everyone I am: 21 and holding.) Lovely lace. And yes, *that* is lace. Have fun at Squam!

  6. Congratulations Amanda!!! Love the sweater (though the lace scarves are delightful too). If you spot the elves, please forward them on to me since I have a whack of finishing & blocking ready for them!

  7. Cooler in New Hampshire, well, maybe. Sixteen years ago (I remember the date because it coincided with the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup and all the OJ car chase nonsense), I attended a wedding in New Hampshire. The high temperature in southern New Hampshire, just a wee bit south of Squam, was 106°F (that’s 41° Celsius).

  8. Steven may need a six-pack!
    Looks like Gundrun is teaching shawl classes at Squam? She’s great – I took a workshop from her with the Green Mtn Spinnery folks in March.
    New Hampshire? Think black flies?

  9. Happy birthday to Amanda, a Gemini, from another Gemini! Yes I agree that our children are some of the nicest “things” (if I can call them things) that we mothers can ever make, especially when we have survived the T2’s, preteen and teen stages. They do turn out well, don’t they?
    Also love the lace, wish I could create something so pretty… and please tell the elves to come to my place to finish some articles for me while they’re in steamy southern Ontario.

  10. Happy Birthday to Amanda. I still send people to read the amazing post you wrote when she turned 18 – one of the wisest and most beautiful things I’ve ever come across on the net.

  11. 10. I think it is cooler in New Hampshire than here. Maybe I could use that as motivation for finishing. I might need a sweater at Squam.
    Better solution. Book an Alaskan cruise. You will need the sweater.
    4. The willow sweater isn’t finished. It’s all sewn up and there’s only the buttonbands to do, but I really, really hate doing buttonbands and I’m putting it off in the fond hopes that little elves will come in the night and take care of it.
    If they visit could you send them my way. I have a few mostly finished objects that could use an elf or ten.
    Have fun on NH.

  12. You are far too young to be the mother of a 21 year-old.
    Amanda is lovely, as is the lace. Maybe someone who likes to finish sweaters will be at SQUAM? Take it with you.

  13. Reporting from Nashua, New Hampshire (a bit south of where you’ll be)… it’s about mid-seventies today, and it will dip cooler tonight. Mind you, there is also a lot of haze and smoke right now, drifting south from the fires in Quebec. Actually, that lovely lace scarf might come in handy if the smoke lingers.
    On a brighter note, a very happy birthday to Amanda! Since 21 is the legal drinking age in America, my first thought was “Is that rum cake?”

  14. Did you see the new Tulip buttonhole bands done in Interweave TV by Eunny Jang? Very cool. May make the buttonhole experience more fun to try something new?

  15. Best wishes for a wonderful new year for Amanda. And enjoy your trip to the “deep south”. 🙂
    NH is lovely this time of year.

  16. Yes, Amanda is definitely one of your best projects. 🙂 She’s such a beautiful girl and that smile is wonderful. Happy birthday, Amanda!
    The scarves are making me want to start one. Or two. But I’m trying to make myself finish some things before I start anything new. AND, so excited, I’m going to learn to spin! Properly and all!!! So I’m again scattering myself to the wind, and happily doing it. 🙂
    Pretty soon you and I will have a birthday. Hey! My youngest is now 37! Not sure how he got so old either! The oldest of my four boys is even older!!! Really, I don’t much sweat the birthdays, as I’d rather have them than not. But this next one is significant, in that I’ll be legal for the cut rate at Mandarin! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the government cheque too. Heh!

  17. Oh my , isn’t she a lovely happy young lady. Congratulations. The scarves are making my mouth water for lace and the sweater can wait for the button band till it cools off and you need to wear it HA–but then so could the scarves. It’s so hard to choose what to knit when the wether becons us outdoors.

  18. Lovely scarves — definitely worth putting off buttonbands for!
    I’m willing to finish my own WIP’s (well, eventually anyway) but if you see those ne’er-do-well housecleaning elves, please inform them that my place is a long way from done.

  19. Oh, my goodness! Happy birthday, and congratulations to you for raising a lovely daughter!! (You know, next time ’round you’ll be posting about her engagement…)

  20. Beautiful work! And the scarf and sweater are nice, too. ;). Happy birthday, Amanda! And the lace addiction? Well, you named it–you said the magical words, “lace knitting” and like a magical daemon from the Fluffy Rainbow Cloud of Happiness and Ponies, you’ve called it into being. Good on ya! I’m on a lace jag, too.

  21. It is a lovely 78 degrees here in my neck of NH. Squam is a bit north of me, so it is probably cooler there. Enjoy, this is a great spring for us this year.
    Happy Birthday Amanda!

  22. Happy Birthday, Amanda! I love your haircut -shows of the color….
    PS to melissa@1:25PM about Alaska – this is just the right time for the LARGE mosquitoes…

  23. That sweater is a beautiful color today in the picture that you posted! I can hardly wait to see it made up! I wish I could finish my projects as fast as you do! Happy Birthday Amanda—kids are the greatest!

  24. That scarf is just what the dr ordered for me! Once the elves finish up here and I can justify casting on yet another lacy thing.

  25. That “reasonably cool in NH in early June” thing used to be a surer one. My family lives there and my sister was just telling me a few days ago that it was over 100F, which is nigh unprecedented and shocked the crap out of me. (Esp. since it was, at the time, only in the mid 80s in Oklahoma City. Can’t remember the last time the Great Plains Convection Oven was cooler in late May than New England. WORLD ALL TOPSY PEOPLE STOP DRIVING SO MUCH.)

  26. Knit the band while someone else is driving..the conversation and good company will make it fly by…also I would consider the sweater done…it doesnt really NEED a button band…

  27. Congrats on your beautiful daughter! And those scarves are so yummy! Please pardon my bad English as I am a Norwegian knitter who stumbled over your blog a couple of days ago and since then been totally smitten with both your writing and knitting! I seriously have to visit my local library to see if they’ve got your books, since the UK Amazon refuse to ship to my adress… My hubby thinks I’ve gone mad, first of all getting hooked on knitting and then on knit blogs! BTW, on this last day of May it’s only 5 Celsius outside, no wonder I keep knitting warm socks. Love your blog!

  28. The knitting Daily today has a video of a new kind of buttonhole called the tulip buttonhole. Maybe a brand new buttonhole to learn would spice up that button band and make it less of a chore.

  29. Congratulations, Amanda! And how appropriate — angel food cake for Stephanie’s eldest “little angel”! (A., please forgive your sisters when they howl in laughter at that one!)
    YH, the scarves are beautiful, but so are the pieces of that sweater. Maybe if you put the sweater on a table, instead of your lap, while you sew it up and knit those button bands?

  30. Happy Birthday Amanda!! And happy having-given-birth-day to Mama. My one and only child just turned 21 in March, and it is an awesome fact to realize that one’s little girl is all grown up. Love to you both.

  31. Dear, lovely Amanda, sending affectionate Happy Birthday wishes. Being 21 is quite exciting. That age is highly recommended, being 30 and being 50, each quite wonderful, too. You are on your way, Enjoy!!
    (If you noticed that I skipped 40, just know that if you have an off decade, it will pass and good things are to come.)

  32. “And while I was waiting, I knit a little scarf …”
    I’m trying not to hate you for your speed, but you’re not making it easy. (In my defense, there is a not-quite-two-year-old in my house, which has slowed me down considerably. But still.)

  33. Luscious scarves, wonderful sweater.
    You gotta be right about needing a sweater at SQUAM. You _will_ want it finished!

  34. Happy birthday to your girl!
    I remember turning 21… no really, I remember it. My car got towed because of a cranky neighbor and my then-fiance played the drama game ’cause I didn’t answer my phone while filling the paperwork out to get my car un-impounded.
    I earned that first beer, darn it!
    I’m currently on a hat kick because here in Seattle it was only 55 yesterday and I’m freezing my pah-tootie off like this. So far I’ve knit 4 hats, only one of which is for me, and am on a 5th right now in a form of procrastination on the lace stole I’m already half way through.
    I love knitting lace, I just need something a little more bulky than lace weight tencel on days like this or my fingers freeze. Here’s hoping we start warming up soon here in the PacNW…

  35. Just for the time it takes for you to get your sweater done, I will trade you your heat wave for our monsoon season on the prairies. I’m really not fond of heat but it is down right soggy here.

  36. If it is cool that you want, then head to Western Washington. It is a balmy 57F today with scattered rain showers. You wouldn’t feel too warm with a fall sweater in your lap, I guarantee it.

  37. i’m thinking i’ll need one of those oversized japanese beers, but i guess i would settle for a canadian brew ; )

  38. My husband is on his way to Canada. So watch out for him and tell all your Canadian buddies to be nice to him (Since you all know each other, of course).

  39. If the elves did come and do it you would tear it out and redo it because it would not be “right”

  40. No crazier than the Noro Kureyon sweater I started yesterday in a fit of pique. Totally blame the A/C and the need to work through the stash.
    Have fun in NH!

  41. It’s rather disturbing when your kids reach certain age milestones, isn’t it? I realized recently I have a tween. Argh.
    On a different note, am I the only one who thinks that lovely bee scarf looks sort of like there’s little elven creatures in there, all stacked up like an elvish totem pole?

  42. Your daughter is lovely, congrats you got her through the teenage years and she is smiling a great smile. The sweater is very pretty but I am ignoring the pattern as I am neck deep in projects thanks to you and Tina. I am so glad to hear somewhere there is a heat wave,could you send us just a wee bit o sun?

  43. Happy Birthday Amanda’s mom!
    I was having similar thoughts the other day — told my husband I thought the yarn I made was the prettiest thing I ever made that wasn’t a kid.

  44. I’ve always called them knitting gnomes…at least that’s what my son called them when he magically received knitted stuffed animals and socks… maybe you should try calling them gnomes and they’ll appear? Elves make shoes 🙂

  45. Being a NH girl, I cannot promise you a thing about the weather except that it will change rapidly. And it doesn’t look promising for this week. If it makes you feel better I will be moving into my apartment in said heat…
    I too just celebrated a birthday and would like to congratulate Meg on having the best possible month to have a birthday. Hope she had a great day. I don’t remember much of my evening.

  46. I’ll trade you buttonhole bands for my “needs to be blocked and sewn cabled sweater”. That’s usually where my denial kicks in.

  47. Stephanie,
    Your scraves are beautiful! Itried googling fiddlesticks yarn and seem to only find United Kingdom addresses is this right? The sites I saw did not seem to have lace scarves. Thank you for your help.Catherine

  48. Happy Birthday, Amanda! Angel food cake in a bundt pan. That looks cool, I gotta try that. And I love that honeybee/vine lace pattern in that scarf.
    Enjoy your road trip! Wave hi to my old house as you go by. (Merrimack.)

  49. Happy Birthday Amanda! Now your mom can call you her oldest “oxymoron” since you are her adult child (what my mom has been calling my sister and me for years 😉

  50. @Catherine Cooke: www dot fiddlesticksknitting dot com. Based in Toronto, purveyors of ridiculous, amazing lace things, and apologies for the financial damage doubtless caused by directing you to their site. 🙂

  51. To everything, turn turn turn, there is a season (you know this join in) and there is no purpose in sewing up sweaters too hot to wear!
    Mind you … scarves aren’t so practical in a heat wave either …
    Lace – whatever the definition is or isn’t, is good for heat – it has purpose built holes in it!!
    Happy birthday for Amanda … and look how kindly the years have treated such a wonderful creation!

  52. Happy Birthday to Amanda-love her haircut. While all of you are at Squam and not at Lettuce Knit, I will be in Toronto for the ballet. I guess I’ll have to save my trip to LK for the 19th when I’ll be back down for Eugene Onegin. Enjoy New Hampshire-such pretty country. Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  53. ps just couldn’t get knitting up button bands to scan into plagiarised lyrics

  54. Congratulations, Amanda!
    I agree w/ A.
    Beautiful scarves.
    Beautiful sweater.
    That said…when you block pieces before you sew up, what do you do about the button bands that you’ve not yet knitted on? Do you re-soak the whole thing? Press-block the bands only? That’s part of my reasoning for blocking the completed garment…..

  55. Yes, Stephanie, you will need a sweater at Squam. Many of my fondest memories were of the weeks spent there when my family was invited for one week each summer to vacation with my Aunt Ruth’s family at their summer “camp” on the lake. It was always chilly in the mornings and in the evening after the sun went down.
    I love your sweater. I have sweater envy.

  56. If you’re looking to get away from the heat, don’t come down to the southwest. It’s not abnormal weather, but I am already sick of the heat and we have the whole summer to get through. It really puts a damper on my knitting, because there’s nothing I love more than knitting sweaters. I do have a lace shawl in the works that the elves never showed up to finish. I guess I better get it out and work on that.
    Happy Birthday Amanda!

  57. Happy birthday, Amanda!
    I want elves. I want elves who will clean my house while I knit/spin/weave/dye/sleep. I keep waiting for them, but they never come, and my house is really becoming…well, in dire need of elves.

  58. Happy birthday Amanda! Steph, if you think having a 21 year old makes you feel old, just wait until your children have children. Then you’ll feel old.
    I love the lace and am considering making a lace scarf with some “too beautiful for socks” yarn… as if there is such a thing but, I just don’t have enough room in my sock drawer for more socks.
    Here on the we(s)t coast the temperatures are still cool and we are lighting our wood stove to take the chill off in the mornings. I’m not sure if I’m willing to trade our cold for your heat though.

  59. Be careful what you wish for, Rumplestilskin could come and try to elicit your first born!

  60. Definitely be sure to bring a sweater and stuff to layer to Squam. We’re supposed to have quite a variety of weather this week.
    Happy Birthday Amanda!

  61. Send me the sweater. There is no danger involved (it would never fit me) and I would love to do the button bands – think of it as a gift for being Amanda’s mother.
    I expect you might find other “elves” willing to help (that live closer to you than I do) but I really do mean it.
    Have fun at Squam – can’t wait to hear all about it. I have spent some time in the area over the years and I can assure you I am way jealous. All that scenery, all that knitting and all those fun folks – priceless!

  62. Happy Birthday from one eldest Gemini child to another eldest Gemini child. Hope you had a wonderful day Amanda and best wishes for moving on into adulthood.
    And yes Mum, you did pretty good work.
    Love the scarves. Funnily enough I spent the weekend knitting a scarf too. But here in OZ we are moving into winter (in fact today 1 June is the official first day of winter – forecast temp 18 degrees celsius) so a scarf may be needed shortly.
    I wish we had knitting camps and wool shows and stuff here. Sigh. So jealous. So so so jealous. Sigh.

  63. Belated Happy Birthday to Amanda! My oldest child will be 40 in October. How could that be???

  64. Happy Birthday to Amanda! Stephanie, I think mommies should get goodies and gifts and praise on their children’s birthdays, so lots of hurrahs for you. You deserve it.
    Are you going to attempt the rose embroidery on the cardigan? Maybe that would give you something to look forward to after slogging through the buttonbands.

  65. Happy Birthday, Amanda! What kind of cake is that? It looks delicious in the picture!

  66. You may well need a nice Summer sweater at Sqaum, New England evenings being what they are. If you do the buttonbands, I’ll get back to knitting on Bitterroot from Knitty. Like you, I’ve been waiting for elves to come finish it for me – to no avail whatsoever.

  67. Your daughters seem lovely. I just want to know, did you SERIOUSLY count all those answers? Or, do you have people?

  68. Happy Birthday, Amanda!
    Fiddlesticks lace is one of my favorites. Their patterns are so easy to work with. The lace itself can be challenging, but it’s not because of the pattern.
    I would have voted “A”, but don’t tell Steven. Thank you.
    Have a wonderful time in New Hampshire. And a great road trip.

  69. Happy Birthday to Amanda. My middle kid is 38 today. One will be 40 next year. Crickey, I’ve lost a few decades somewhere.
    Lovely knitting, as always… 😀
    84 is hot??? Good grief, mais no! I’m near Austin, Texas, where it’s already hitting the high 90’s. And this lasts until October. I am humbly grateful to have good A/C and excuses to stay inside and knit.

  70. I’m really, really heartened to know that you really, really hate to do button bands. They are the “cleaning out the gutters” of knitting.

  71. No mention of the fires by you …here in southern New Hampshire we have lots of smoke!

  72. Love the scarves. The colors are gorgeous. Unfortunately I live in MA, and the weather is pretty warm here as well. Hopefully NH will be cooler for you and the smoke from the Forest Fires stay away.

  73. I want finishing elves. I would actually get a lot further that way! I hate looking at my craft closet and seeing the sweaters in progress that either faltered in sleeve land or in finishing. It just seems wrong to get so far and then fall down the rabbit hole.

  74. Your daughter is beautiful – and so is the lace – you do make pretty things! Congratulations!

  75. Why don’t you knit the buttonbands as you go along,like and edging instead of adding it separately afterwards? Wouldn’t that be easier?

  76. Why don’t you knit the buttonbands as you go along,like an edging instead of adding it separately afterwards? Wouldn’t that be easier?

  77. Squam is beautiful. The lake and the loons will remind you of, well, Canada. I wish I could welcome you in person to our lovely state of NH, but I’ll be away visiting family. According to the weather forecast, you’ll need neither your scarf nor your sunscreen, though you’d best bring bug spray.
    Happy 21st Amanda! Am I the only one to notice the sparklers stuck in that cake? Angel food with a touch of the devil :-).

  78. I say anytime you’re going to be inside, *especially* if it’s hot out, you’ll need a sweater. We Americans sure do love our air conditioning. Brr!

  79. You know, I just knit an all stockinette sweater, wool, just in time for the heat wave, and now all I can think about is lace… my brain’s way of telling me I need to THINK perhaps??

  80. Happy Birthday, Amanda! You did want a lace scarf, right? I mean, who could resist when it’s as lovely as this one.

  81. The forecast for the Squam Lake area says they expect overnight lows around 14 C. So- you won’t need a sweater in the daytime, but you might in the evenings and early mornings.
    Have a wonderful time!

  82. Happy birthday to Amanda!!
    Maybe while you’re driving to Squam a little elf will finish your sweater for you? It would only be fair since you’re giving up knitting time to drive, right? 🙂

  83. Happy Belated Birthday to Amanda. Hopefully the fires in Quebec are over by the time you drive to New Hampshire. It has been awful and I am near Boston. New Hampshire should be cooler but not much.

  84. I too always hated doing button bands…UNTIL (big drum roll) I started crocheting them! It was a tiny baby sweater that instructed you to do so. And, ever since, I have crocheted them on all cardigans. It is #1) much faster, #2) much neater, as they lay flat and #3) if you notice that they are NOT laying flat you can just rip back about an inch and skip a stitch or whatever will accomplish what you need. HTH…and a big HB to your lovely Amanda…….

  85. I actually got to look at that pattern that Steven was considering, at WEBS this past weekend – definitely and decidedly NOT lace.
    I have lace on the brain, too.

  86. Long-time reader, first-time commenter – I totally met your daughter Amanda on Saturday night at the Secret Pickle Supper Club, and until this very moment could NOT figure out why she looked so familiar! I wish I’d put it together when we were face-to-face, or would it have freaked her out to have been recognized by someone who reads her mom’s blog? Either way, I agree, she is very lovely, all of us at that end of the table enjoyed her company.

  87. Happy birthday Amanda!
    Please add me to the elves visitation list? I have this really nice sweater I just finished for my Dad’s Father’s Day gift — only I’m finding it extremely difficult to pick up the right number of stitches for the neckband. 60 one try, 63 the next — I could use an elf to help me count!

  88. Hey Wavy Bee/Leaf! Beautiful! I was somehow thrilled to see the Yarn Harlot knitting something I have already made. Usually it is the other way around!
    Love your colors.

  89. If I could ever finish the project I am “almost done” with before I start the next “can’t wait” project lightning would strike me dead on the spot. And my yarn supply would dwindle which scares me–need piles of yarn to feel secure-at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  90. Happy (belated, sorry) birthday, Amanda! Aren’t daughters the epitome of “not knowing how a project is going to turn out”? Yours are spectacular. No frogging required.

  91. All that lace talk threw you a thought, huh? Those are beautiful scarves – Christmas box? It’s never to early to stockpile…

  92. What a brilliant homemade cake! Angelfood with sparklers? Mmmmm
    And that Willow jumper is gorgeous…what a lovely colourway.

  93. Happy Birthday, Amanda!
    Yes, I believe you and Joe have produced a lovely daughter(the other two look pretty terrific too). Close your eyes and finish the sweater, you know you will be proud of yourself when you do.
    Steven A., have you tried Indian Pale Ale, the stuff is good and it comes in a largish bottle.

  94. When you tell us about doing the button bands will you please link to your “I hate button bands” post? It is one of your all time greats.
    Nice scarf.

  95. The weather up (down?) here is funky right now, alternately hot and humid or cool and breezy, so be prepared! The wind off Lake Winnipesaukee this weekend was chilly at night, but kept the skeeters away, mostly. And the loons are wailing away. Enjoy Squam!

  96. It’s never wrong to procrastiknit by knitting something else. In your case it’s usually stunning.
    Squam could very well be cooler than Toronto; it seems that your weather is at least as warm as ours, even though we’re considerably south of you, but mountains and lakes in northern New England create their own weather, and as best I can tell Squam has both of those. (Well, it has a lake, obviously, but it looks like it’s in or near the mountains too.) Have a lovely time, and please tell us all about it, because, as always, I can’t go, for the usual reasons plus major home repairs currently underway. I do get to go to Maine Fiber Frolic this weekend, as long as I don’t buy anything. I’ve survived NH and MA unscathed; how hard can one more be?
    Is it just me, or is some invisible creature in the room with me guffawing evilly?

  97. Happy Birthday, Amanda!
    The scarves are beautiful.
    I went to a fiber fest this past week (Great Lakes in Wooster Ohio). Only bought four skeins and fiber for my sister to spin, so it doesn’t count, yet.

  98. Sorry, I don’t twitter, but if it’s an aluminum needle, a magnet won’t “stick” to it. Same w/ stainless steel (which is why I don’t have any fridge magnets anymore, alas). It has to do with atoms rearranging dipoles or something that I can’t remember from physics.
    Would chopsticks reach it? That’s our method of choice for getting things out of drains.

  99. Welcome to NH Steph !!!! I can vouch for that long drive..my husband & I drove to Toronto a couple of years ago….loved Toronto (especially a couple of particular restaurants) and got some serious knitting done…but otherwise not crazy about the ride.
    NH is beautiful this time of year..even with the smoke & haze from the wild fires in Quebec drifting through.

  100. Wish I were heading to Squam… it is so beautiful… a real ‘happy place’ for me. Safe travels to you …

  101. Happy belated birthday, Amanda!
    Love the sparklers! I’m so asking for sparklers on my next cake! I think I’ll forgo the number candles, though, since mine will equal twice hers! Blah!

  102. i don’t have twitter but i follow..hope this helps…take a big piece of broccoli and stick it stem end down into the drain the double pin will ram into it and ta da!!! you can pull it out…you might not want to eat the broccoli afterwards… my sister saved her favorite kitchen knife this way!

  103. I headed over to his blog and he’s taking his resounding defeat in good stride.
    Definitely one of your best works ever; I’d say it (she) even qualifies as a Pretty Thing, in her own non-yarn way.
    Perhaps you should make a deal with Megan – if the button bands aren’t completed by the time you REACH SQUAM, you’ll drive the entire way back. 10 hours of driving versus 2 measily button bands. I know you’ll make the right choice.

  104. How far down is the needle? Have you been running water over it? (Please say you didn’t).
    If it’s still near the drain, get a pot or something, and put it under the drain where the bend is. Open up the trap with a wrench. (This might be a two-person job, or simply a job for someone with stronger hands). Once the trap is opened the dpn should fall out. (And so will some water, which is why you need a pot).

  105. I’m about 1-2 days ahead of you (and New Hampshire) weather-wise, and yes, you may indeed use a sweater at Squam. It’s cooling down here in northeastern Minnesota. I put sweatpants on my son just now.
    Happy Birthday to Amanda!

  106. Congrats on the 21 year old! I find myself wondering how I got to be the mom of a grown-up kid too. When the elves get to your house contact me. I’ve been waiting for them a long time! Love the colors of the scarf.

  107. Um yeah, if the elves show up send them over. I have a pair of shorts that need seaming… The scarves are lovely.

  108. Cool in NH? Dream on! You know that we in New Hampshire who hate the heat look forward to cool, Canadian air masses moving down from the north. Admittedly I live right outside Boston now but I was home on Saturday and it was plenty hot. Today in Boston is cooler but oh so humid! Yeah, this summer is starting hot and waaaay too early at that.
    Hey, I was at the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival this past weekend and met a vendor with what looks like a great knitting and spinning shop in Newport, NH (near Sunapee), called Hodgepodge Fiber Emporium on Belknap Ave there. I’m seriously considering checking it out at some point.

  109. I NEED those elves, I will pay top dollar if you catch one for me. I also heard there are knitting gnomes somewhere. I’m still looking.

  110. When it’s not your turn to drive, crank the air, & knock it out. You’ll probably need the sweater in the evenings in NH & the oohs and ahhs will be so fun! Taking my own advice tonight…

  111. What you said about your daughter being the nicest thing you ever made = very sweet! 😀

  112. I know what you mean about your children. My daughter will be 21 in about a month. It’s a strange feeling. Yet, her lace shawl is coming around nicely and I am so proud of that.
    I love the lace scarves. They are gorgeous!

  113. And I might add, my second wavy bee scarf was the project I was knitting on at SS09,during the Guinness event! I knit 12 rows of garter stitch into it, and am keeping it just so. Record breaking garter stitch surrounded by wavy bees!

  114. Oooo, that wavy leaf scarf is a’ calling my name. Have a great time at Squam! I really wanted to go, but didn’t have the funds. Next year I will definitely be there 🙂

  115. Wow! Happy Birthday to Amanda 🙂 My little by turned 4 today. And as his brother will be turning 13 next month…I completely understand the confusion about how a child can get to a certain age when it doesn’t seem like that much time has passed, lol. I’m still in denial myself.

  116. Oh happy birthday to your Amanda. My daughter just turned 21 last week too!! I didn’t ‘make’ her, but sure did raise her, and she’s one of the brightest spots in my life!

  117. NUDE HAMSTAH!!!! Ya went ta NUDE HAMSTAH!!!
    AYAH! Aint dat fargin FAB-OLA!
    We will be there for a Weddin’ in Septembah!
    We have rellies in Ham’um Falls (Hampton Falls)
    Speaking of Happy events…Happy Birthday Dahlin’ to Miss Amanda!
    Kudos to Mumma for making our world more beautiful by decorating it with this child! Good ‘Erk MUM!

  118. I love your blog. I come here almost every day just in case you post something.
    At least 5 times that I know of, what you write has helped me deal with problems I’ve had with my own knitting, most especially frogging what you’re not happy with and doing it over again. When I first started knitting, I was so slow and so ticked off about having to knit something instead of crochet (which I keep lying to myself that I do faster), that I would have to screw a project up irrevocably before I would think of frogging it.
    My first true disaster of this sort was when the poncho I was knitting wouldn’t go over the lady’s head that I was making it for. The second disaster, same poncho, but warped multicolor knitting.
    The other times have concerned lace knitting, how to fix errors, and working with yarn. A fifth part concerns near-hysterical laughing jags ranging from the walk in the cabin’s nearby woods, joe’s truck, and many, many more things. Good times! Thanks!

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