Less Random, but not quite

1. I went to the eye doctor today and had those stupid drops. The appointment was at 9am, and I’m only just now able to see my knitting or my screen.  Totally dumbass.

2. As a direct result of the eye drops, I dropped a DPN down the kitchen sink.

3. It was on a tea towel and I didn’t see it (on account of the drops) and when I picked up the towel the thing tipped right in.  Sneaky little arse.

4. I was able to locate one of those telescoping magnet thingies in the junk drawer and tried to get the needle out.

5. Turns out that aluminium isn’t magnetic.  Who knew? I wonder where I was that day in high school.

6. I understand that the next step in retrieving the needle is to dismantle the plumbing.

7. Because I value being married, and because we have a 120 year old house that crumbles to bits if you look at it funny, I have decided (in a powerful moment of maturity) not to dismantle the plumbing.  I have a feeling I would have a hard time explaining to Joe why we have a $500 plumbing bill because I was trying to recover a 50¢ Susan Bates aluminium needle.  

8. Today being June 1st, I picked a random bag out of my self imposed sock club, and got The Embossed Leaves socks (from Favorite Socks which gets fairly frequent use around here) and a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy. (Spring Tickle. How appropriate.)

9. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned $%^&*ing blindness, I screwed up winding it and now have two big balls and two little ones.

10. Despite the blindness and even though I could see the chart as well as a 15 year old girl sees your point about homework, I knit for a while on my Wavy Leaf scarf

The scarf is seen here minus the repeat that bore no resemblance to the rest of the pattern.

11. My sight has now mostly returned.  My rage is not yet abated.  Thank goodness I can see well enough to open a beer.