Aptly Named

Every once in a very long while, as I’m spelling my blog name or handing out a business card or signing books, someone very young will ask me what a Harlot is.  I answer as honestly as I can while not mentioning anything their parents might mind me talking about, and say "a Harlot is a woman who has trouble making decisions about what she would like to have.  I’m the yarn kind."

It would seem that it doesn’t stop being true either, because no sooner had I decided that I was really enjoying the Embossed leaves socks, and really was committed to finishing that tank top, I got struck straight though the heart, smitten with another project.   This time it’s all Laura Nelkin’s fault. (She’s going to try and deny it, but don’t listen.  The woman could sell a furnace in Hades. I didn’t stand a chance.)

It’s the Eventide scarf (yarn’s Schaefer Audrey in Almond) and the beads are #8 Japanese seed beads scored (among many, many others) from Arton Beads here in Toronto.  (I love that store.  It seems like you can have so much for so little. All the beads for this scarf were like… $2.)

This scarf is addictive. Completely addictive. Crossing those elongated stitches is a bit of a pain in the arse, but then you do it and whammo. In one slightly fiddly row the whole scarf is the equivalent of three rows longer.  It moves in leaps and bounds, and when none knitters see it they’re enchanted.  Even some knitters are enchanted.  How did the beads go on? How do the stitches weave through each other?  The whole thing is a big wad of yarny, beady fun and  I can’t put it down. 

I can’t stop thinking about it, it’s into my head so deeply that  last night I dreamed that I had figured out how to get beads onto yarn without even really having to do it, and then had come up with the perfect way to cross those stitches really efficiently and quickly and knit the whole scarf in a day.

I admit, I tried what I dreamed when I woke up and it didn’t work.  I don’t know what my subconscious was thinking. Damned useless dream – just got my hopes up for nothing.  Anyway, gotta go.   Knitting beads.  Crossing stitches. 
(Slightly obsessed.)