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  1. Congrats! It absolutely looks beautiful, and I think the edge work was worth it!

  2. Whoohooo! Success! Congratulations. I hope that the person who receives it appreciates the 3 trillion stitches you made.

  3. June 5th 2006
    I have four rows to go on Summer in Kansas before I can start the edging, and I’ve promised myself I will get this off needles before I start something new, but I’m getting seriously twitchy. (I think it’s the colour.)

  4. You don’t have a place to sleep, the bed’s covered in shawl. I love taking out the pins and admiring it’s flatness!

  5. Fantastic ! it was well worth all the time and endless effort. It never ceases to amaze me what truly beautiful Lace can be”conjured” from 2 sticks and some yarn, it is magical.
    I have just started the baby surprise jacket as a “run through” for the adult size, I am having fun, what a clever design,am up to the first decreases and can’t wait to get my hands on it every day after work.This sort of fun is what it is all about.

  6. Yay!!! Out of the black hole and onto something else. Maybe I should get to work on my own black hole – damned lace shawl edges!

  7. It means YOU WIN!!!! and your prize is that you can now take up a new project in the smug and well-earned pride of having completed the shawl :^)

  8. Oh my… it is beautiful! I know it’s a lot to ask, but as a wanna be Canadian – are you posting your list tomorrow?
    List or not, have a Happy Canada Day!

  9. Yay! And once you wrap it around you for the first time, you’ll remember why navigating the black hole was worth it!

  10. I’m having to adjust my definition of “infinite.” It’s gorgeous … hope it dries in time to allow you to have a good night of sleep in that bed.

  11. A trip to buy more pins, and turning a fan on the bed so it dries before you try marital olympics in it? πŸ™‚

  12. Gorgeous. You make blocking look like a beautiful fun experience! (Typically all those pins would make my back hurt just thinking about it!) So beautiful.

  13. STUNNING! The intricate details are so beautiful, it makes me want to cry! Congratulations. I’m going to Toronto tomorrow to celebrate Canada Day. If you happen to be wearing that gorgeous shawl, and if a 40ish woman just slightly shorter than you with hair like yours tries to touch the shawl, please don’t call the cops on me! πŸ˜€
    Happy Canada Day, eh?

  14. It means that I am inspired to be masochistic enough to try this gorgeous pattern. Beautifully made. And it will be for ME! I too await your inspirational words that always remind me why I love my country.

  15. You’re free to finish Joe’s gansey now?
    (Oh, and very pretty, by the way. πŸ™‚

  16. Lovely! Who is going to get it? You aren’t a blue person. It would make a beautiful Christmas gift for someone with whom you share DNA. What’s next?

  17. Ohhhh! That’s lovely! I just absolutely love how the strange pile of tangled string you’ve just knit up suddenly becomes gorgeous lace after you give it a bit of a soak, stretch it flat and pin it’s hide to the wall/bed/floor/blocking board. Good job!

  18. Congratulations! So what’s next on the needles–more WIPS or something completely new?

  19. It means,
    a) your done
    b) its ready to give to someone
    c) you need another lace project
    d) you need to go to Lettuce Knits or The Naked Sheep to buy more lace weight
    e) to tackle something that will challenge your skills
    f) or finish Joe’s sweater.

  20. It’s a reminder to me to finish the shawl I have on the needles before I start my second pair of socks?
    Fifty-five years of knitting and I finally discovered socks. Melissa Morgan-Oakes’ and Wendy Johnson’s books pushed me over the edge, but you, dear Harlot, kindled the first little glow of interest when I saw you on Knitty Gritty a while back.

  21. Congratulations! Go show it off and don’t forget to tell everyone how hard it was, so they appreciate it even more! (and also appreciate that you are among the goddesses of knitters who can do such amazing work)

  22. Wow! 8 days and a few zillion stitches later and voila! A completed shawl! So does that get you over your lace attack?

  23. It’s beautiful Stephanie! Now, go upstairs, pet it lovingly, and tell it that although you thought it WAS possible, it didn’t beat you, and TAKE THAT #$&%#!!! Feels good, doesn’t it?

  24. Kansas wheat never looked so lovely…congratulations on completing this beautiful masterpiece! And I bet you didn’t even have to suffer through 98 degrees F (37 degrees C) combined w/98 percent humidity for your Summer in Kansas!

  25. Y’know, Steph, if you are so sick of that shawl that you now feel it’s your enemy and you’ll never again be able to wear it or even look at it, I am willing to do you a big favor. You can UPS that bad boy to me here in Montana and I will take it off your hands. I will offer you in exchange whatever you want for editing or website favors.
    Just a thought. It appears that you have pinned it into submission now, but if you hate the shawl, I’m serious, I’ll adopt it for you and you’ll never have to look at it again.
    Just sayin’

  26. Beautiful! and great photos too. Wish I could take them like that. Happy Canada Day tomorrow!
    PS and how many stitches was it?

  27. The really scary thing for me is – I remember when you were knitting this shawl, and reading about, and looking at the pattern link – FOUR YEARS AGO.
    This means that I’ve been reading your blog for over four years. Back then I lived in England – just outside of London, and we were renovating our house.
    Since then, we’ve emigrated to Canada, spent two years in B.C., and then moved to Toronto. Now, we’re off to Milton, ON, so not far away.
    And the consistent threads throughout all of this wandering existence is knitting, and your blog.
    Thank you.

  28. It means someone is sleeping in an alternate bed, that is what that means to me! At least that was the case in my house recently. I picked a night to block Daybreak when DH was out of town, and DD was having a sleep over. So I could sleep in her bed and let the shawl dry properly. One must have priorities straight!

  29. Congratulations! Now, that wasn’t *so* bad, was it? Looks beautiful. Maybe it’s time to get my Zephyr out of the stash and start something. Or get some more when I get to Bath tomorrow (and Halcyon Yarn).

  30. Pins in the arse when you go to bed?
    Really looking forward to the finished shawl pictures this is beautiful.

  31. Am admiring. So worth the delay in process. You can be so pleased with the real beauty, not just exhausted from completing the whole, wonderful job.

  32. I do, I do!!! It means somebody has a day job that actually allows time for knitting!!! (yes, the green monster is rearing its ugly head!)
    Well done. Gorgeousness!

  33. Oh that is just stunning! Really, really beautiful and impressive even for you! My utmost congratulations. May you wear it in good health!

  34. It means you blew off your appts & other tasks today to finish? You must wear that to celebrate Canada Day-just stay away from the grill.

  35. Stunning. I hope we will get modeled pictures. And, thanks for the close-ups of a bit of your blocking technique. It’s always interesting to see how you do things!

  36. Bonne fΓͺte du Canada from Montreal πŸ˜‰ What a great way to celebrate, that is, blocking this “eternal” project πŸ˜‰

  37. Oooooh! Aaahhhhh!
    PS. My daughter had to get a last minute passport to come visit me in the US so I sent her your post from earlier this year on the topic. It really helped her keep her cool in the Passport Office in Montreal. Presto, change-o! 5 working days!

  38. I look so young on this end of eternity too! Thanks for warping the space/time continuum once again. I finished my sock too. I know, not even close, but I’m a slow and awkward knitter, not a fast and graceful one like you. You have motivated me to agree to a KAL with a friend to knit our first lace-ish shawl. With worsted, we’re not masochists.
    I never knew Kansas was so beautiful. Nice!

  39. Stunning beauty? Joy forever? There is an end to endless projects?
    Happy Canada from another “wanna be.”

  40. You’re going to roll over in the middle of the night and scream because you missed a pin?
    Oh, wait. No, that’s why I don’t block things on the bed anymore.
    The lace looks fabulous!

  41. It means you’re done-done, and you can start thinking of a new project, or maybe six.
    Beautiful; just beautiful.

  42. Yay for blocking!!! You’re done knitting Summer in Kansas πŸ™‚
    I’m going to be starting my first lace blocking attempt in the near future…I am slightly nervous (am knitting “Icarus” now)

  43. oh the anticipation! so that gives me two reasons to check in tomorrow… assuming you will run your annual list of why canada is great/interesting/quirky/fun/all of the above? πŸ™‚

  44. It means you want to borrow a magnet to get all those pins off the bed? πŸ™‚
    Seriously, gorgeous shawl.

  45. What an amazing piece of true fiber art! That is just so beautiful. Congratulations on your perserverance!

  46. It looks worth every frustrating second. I think it’s magnificent, and I admire your persistence!!

  47. That you won’t be able to sleep in your bed tonight? It looks absolutely beautiful.

  48. What was it that Buzz Lightyear said? Oh yes, “To infinity and beyond!” Now we all know what’s beyond infinity – perfection!

  49. oooooooooooooh, and I vote for more WIPs
    you’re doing so well, imagine getting to the end of Summer with a clean slate… no guilt about starting twenty new projects at once…

  50. Oh, blocking lace–such of frisson of nerd-joy! Lovely!
    Inspires me to get on with the crazytown of beaded lace I’ve been neglecting…

  51. Congratulations – I hope you are spending the entire drying time doing a happy dance and having a beer!

  52. Yes I do. It means you’re every bit as good at taking pictures as you are at knitting. Those look positively scumptious!

  53. It means you’ve decided to join the just-one-thing-on-the-needles-at-a-time OCD club?

  54. Yeah, NO ONE sleeps on the bed–not even the cat–until you deem the project is ready to be unpinned.

  55. This means you can celebrate Canada Day without this shawl on your mind. Onto the next project! Congratulations and have several beers to celebrate.

  56. Holey moley, You’re done! This is where I would make a very precise wiggley edge! I would want to send it out to be done. However,I have a lace project I want to send out to be finished also, it’s so frustrating and fraught with errors. I’m not sure you can ad lib that much with lace. I sort of thought you could! Can’t you?

  57. Oooooh it’s so pretty! I can’t wait to see the whole thing! Congratulations!

  58. Nice blocking. Thanks for showing. You do make it look too easy! (I’m thinking of my own blocking gymnastics with my first lace scarf.) LOL!

  59. It means forever is only two days!
    That is one lovely shawl. I have that pattern but after seeing how much work it took, I may never cast on for it πŸ™‚

  60. oh my goodness, it’s beautiful. i don’t know one ever gets the skills to knit something so complicated!

  61. Absolutely beautiful!
    No time to say more- have to get back to my edging. 90 repeats down, 50 to go!

  62. It means that I’ve found a new BFF who can come for a visit to block all the shawls I’ve been ignoring. I have beer. And cool spinning and knitting friends…what else can I tempt you with??

  63. As someone who is currently living through a Summer in Kansas (non-lace and HOT) I must say that your shawl is so beautiful that I still might wear it, even in this heat! Happy Canada Day!

  64. … that you or Joe will accidentally be a stainless-steel pin stabbing victim later in the day? (Somehow, I always lose track of at least one pin and “find” it later.)
    Seriously, though, it looks lovely!!

  65. I think it means you now have to decide what to do about that tank top!
    It’s really, really gorgeous. Congrats! (And here’s hoping no one gets a pin in the bum tonight!)

  66. Yes, it’s Done and it’s Art, it’s a masterpiece..it is amazing…want my address so you can ship it down here to me????? Love your work, books, blog…

  67. Woohoo! Congratulations! I’m glad to see you’ve navigated your way out of the black hole.
    And I’d like to wish you a very happy Canada Day! Are you going to do a Canada Day post? I always look forward to those! My family came from Scotland to Canada before settling down in New England, and I always look forward to a chance to learn more about the place we bounced. πŸ™‚

  68. Stephanie,
    WOW!! That’s all there is to say about that!! & Happy Canada Day, enjoying your quotes on twitter, the attic one was great! Rebecca

  69. It means you have conquered infinity.
    Also, it’s gorgeous, but you knew that.
    Also, happy Canada Day! If you post some more less-than-prescient remarks re Canada from our founding fathers I will laugh at them, both the remarks and the fathers. Laughter is the perfect antidote to hagiography.

  70. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You are a knitting GODDESS!!!! It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to hear the details of your hard fought and richly deserved victory!

  71. it means you’ve found a way to somehow warp the space-time continuum and finish the infinite shawl! w00t! Did you use a TARDIS or was it a wormhole or something?

  72. Congratulations on finishing your beautiful shawl, and have a happy Canada Day!

  73. It’s beautiful. I hope you feel as good about it as I did mine the other day. I’d blocked it and it was drying and my husband came into my office.
    He said “I haven’t seen that shawl all stretched out like that. I didn’t want to say anything, but it didn’t look so hot. Pretty colors and all, but kind of wasted on that scrunchy thing. But now, all stretched out, it’s really beautiful.”
    I floated for an hour πŸ™‚ Made the endless repeating and counting worth it. As did the delighted look of my friend when I gave it to her.

  74. What a work of art! Congratulations on your perserverence. It was worth every stitch!

  75. 50 bajillion pins to lose in the guest bedroom to be found later in the dark in bare feet?
    That is totally, totally gorgeous! I can’t wait for the final, final pictures! πŸ˜€

  76. The shawl looks beautiful.
    OT: Have a Happy Canada Day. Have a Molsen or two.

  77. That shawl is beautiful! I can picture it over a summer weight denim dress–wait–over anything. Way to go.

  78. This is gorgeous. And happy Canada Day!
    (My husband was in Kitchener for 2 years, and we both loved it up there.)

  79. soooo beautiful, can’t wait to see the photos of it draped artfully over something. I seem to be in the black hole of knitting right now.

  80. Magnificent!! Not only are you the Princess of knitting but you surely are the Queen of Blocking!Can’t believe how very straight you get that line of pattern…Guess so much experience shows! Can’t wait for the picture of you wearing it! Thanks (as always) for sharing…

  81. Really, really beautiful and I love the blue. I’ve been furiously working on my daughter’s wedding shawl and hope to bind it off tonight. The last row had over 140 beads! I thought I’d never get it done in time, but I did it with a week to spare!

  82. It may have kicked your ass for a while, but you totally kicked ITS ass! Abso-fabso-beautiful!

  83. That no-one is going to sleep until the shawl is dry? I’ve totally slept on the couch while blockin something that I finished late in the evening. Is that just me?

  84. You defeated the Black Hole!
    Scientists will study you for years after this!
    But that’s only AFTER they stop and admire the thing of beauty you created in the process! WOW!

  85. Fantastic Shawl!!!! Congratulations on a job well done. Now if only I could crawl out of my black hole. This is my first “blockage” on knitting, and I can’t seem to get started again. First time since I started knitting about 18 months ago that I haven’t been furiously working on SOMETHING! I can only hope that the hiatus will amount to some great knitting someday.

  86. All our conceptions about the infinite and eternity need to be revised? And there never has been a prettier reason for such momentuous scientific work?

  87. time to celebrate Canada and reflect on a job well done. Though I doubt I will ever do this particular piece.

  88. Congratulations, Professor Harlot, For your glorious victory!
    Congratulations, Professor Harlot!
    You’ll be mentioned in history!
    You did it! You did it! You said that you would do it,
    And indeed you did.

  89. Happy Canada Day! The shawl is beautiful. I always enjoy seeing how (much more) beautiful the lace looks after blocking.

  90. Ooooo … pretty, pretty! Congratulations on the finish.
    Happy Canada Day to you and yours.

  91. Gorgeous! Congrats on finishing it! You kind of made me want to knit that despite all the commentary on infinitisimal progress…

  92. Jealous! I started that shawl 6 years ago and then just gave up. Perhaps it is time to resurrect it…. Congrats!

  93. i don’t do a lot of commenting, mostly just lurk around, but i had to tell you that this is a beautiful project. really, it is just lovely.

  94. Your photography is as fab as your writing (and your knitting). Those shots should be in a magazine! And what a tease – not one shot of the whole ginormous thing to see how big it really is. Guess we’re going to wait until you condescend to gift us again. Just think, though, if you had not dug this out of the bin you would be how far along on a new pattern? And now this is DONE and almost wearable. Absolutely terrific!

  95. Happy Canada Day! Long may she wave….. and
    Congratulations on finishing that beautiful shawl.

  96. “You know what this means?”
    Yes, that you are a lace shawl *stud*! That might be the beer talking… Happy Canuck Day!

  97. Boy, you got to infinity quickly! It looks beautiful, congrats. You must be relieved : )

  98. I love the picture with what looks like leafy flowers growing up in a field! Nice work! What are you going to work on next?

  99. Man! I wished I had knit and finished that! I’m doing a stole for my new “niece-in-law” and I have to knit a skein a week to get it done by september. I’m just finishing my 2nd skein….sigh…

  100. I guess it means that to you forever is as long as two days or so. When it comes to knitting, anyway. How fair is that?

  101. Yes, I have already posted; but, you see I checked the blog so many times to check on the shawl’s progress and even posted urging, cheering you to the completion. So, I feel that somehow I have indeed contributed to the completion of this gorgeous shawl. Okay, you did all the knitting–work–but I did cheer you on!

  102. It means it’s time to crack open a beer and celebrate! And, because it’s now July, it means another pair of socks will be on the needles soon. Your shawl is a testament to your awesome abilities. You could auction that sucker for Doctors Without Borders and make thousands on it. I’d start the bidding at $500 US myself! Congratulations.

  103. It means no kanoodling until you get the pins out.
    Someone mentioned blocking wires but I’m with you. Why buy something when you already have a perfectly good pin-able surface!

  104. Ooh, lovely. Now I’m really tempted by Summer in Kansas — even though I have resisted the urge for several years now. Wear it in good health.

  105. So that’s what the Fireworks were for! Happy Shawl Day! Happy Canada Day! Very Lovely!

  106. Yay!! It is beautiful! Maybe a wormhole in the black hole that allowed you to escape? Anyway, it is really lovely!
    Happy Canada Day!

  107. Happy Canada Day! It wasn’t such an endless summer in Kansas after all. In fact, it was hardly worth mentioning at all in Harlot time…
    Unlike a few other projects for which it is much too hot to work on now!

  108. I always enjoy your July 1st entries. Canada is truly a civilized country (speaking as a NYer living in Vermont). Your Queen’s Plate race mention reminded me of my childhood in the late 50’s/early 60’s. My (step)father, British, used to paint the Canadian Horse of the Year for the Jockey Club, I presume at Woodbine. When he and my mother were still married, they would go to the Queen’s Plate black-tie dinner. She designed and sewed these amazing and elegant gowns, which she wore with such beauty. They were a striking couple in happier times. I remember going to Woodbine, sitting in gifted box seats, enjoying the fact that kids could go to the races. My little sister and I spent a lot of time collecting peoples discarded betting tickets. I don’t think we paid much attention to the races. We stayed in an inexpensive motel in Toronto, next door to the Dutch Sisters’ Inn on Lake Ontario, which looked far better than what my dad was willing to spring for. There was a huge bread baking factory across the street, which always smelled wonderful. Another year, the lake was so full of dead smelts we couldn’t swim. I also remember driving through Oshawa and passing a laundromat called the “Oshawash.” 50 years later, I still think that marvelously funny!

  109. Swoon. For real. And those photos are amazing! The gold is a perfect backdrop for the lace.

  110. I’m so honored. You celebrated my birthday by finally blocking the never-ending shawl. Sniff…sniff…I’m truly touched…

  111. Beautiful! How’s that tank top coming along? I’m planning on making one for my daughter. I hope I finish while it is still warm enough to wear it!

  112. It means that the cat has been banished from your bedroom for the duration.

  113. The shawl is stunning! You’ve pulled it off, at long last… There’s something about a Mt Everest-like-knitting-projet that beckons me like a sirene’s call. Would you believe I ordered both pattern and yarn for this shawl yesterday? Call me nuts but I love the knitting, and
    the knitting, and
    the knitting, and
    finally, the knitting!
    The awesome beauty that is produced along the way by my two hands (and someone else’s pattern!)is a very satisfying part of my life.
    That really is what it’s all about for me!

  114. closeups so pretty and interesting might mean–Jared Flood dropped by your place for something cold to drink?? =)

  115. Heh. Something I and my husband missed terribly (him more so) while we lived in Louisiana was Kraft Cheez Whiz. What is sold down there under that name is NOT the same thing.
    I was reminded of that, when I ran across a comment–I don’t recall where–that said something like, “Will someone please explain to me the Canadian fascination with Cheez Whiz?”
    We have some weird love for jarred and powdered cheese products.
    I really missed: Hawkin’s Cheezies, Red Oval Farms Wheat Thins and Campbell’s Scotch Broth. There really are no substitutes.
    I also recall a quote–I think from Margaret Atwood, but I could be wrong–that said something like, “To have been born Canadian and middle class is to have won life’s lottery.” I often remind myself of that when I want to start whining about my lot in life.

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