On my flight from Toronto to Vancouver this morning, I was knitting along having a lovely time.  (Sort of.  The guy next to me needed a discussion about personal space and what exactly constituted his "dance space" but someone else will have to improve him as a person.  It was too much for me.)   I had a couple of conversations with the two flight attendants.  Mostly regular knitty stuff like "What are you making?" or "That’s pretty."  Point is that knitting was discussed with both attendants at several points during the hours and hours. (I sort of like that one of them noticed it was "actually bigger!")

At the very end of the flight, Flight Attendant A came by and told me that I would have to stow my knitting because it was "very dangerous" to have pointy things out during landing. I pointed out that really, it’s no different than a pen, and Mr. Crowdy-McCrowdsme sitting next to me had one… but she said that there were NO flight attendants on ANY flights who would EVER  let ANY knitters knit during landing.  I sighed.  I don’t agree, and I have knit about a gajillion times during landing on this airline,  but since it’s not my plane and I don’t make the rules,  I stowed the knitting.  (When knitters have private jets, things will be different.)

Two minutes later, with me sitting there looking at loose ends, Flight Attendant 2 comes by, stops, looks at me and says "Hey, how come you’re not knitting?"

I don’t mind the rules.  I really don’t.  I just wish they’d make up their minds.
Waiting for my next flight now. 

Everyone agrees you can knit in the lounge.