A little exploded around the edges

Whenever we run these camps/retreats, things tend to come a little off the rails.  Not the retreat you understand,  that keeps on going rather nicely, but the things around the edges, like sleep – knitting, spinning.  Those are all getting done haphazardly.  My spinning looks exactly the same as it did a few days ago, (that puts me rather dangerously behind on the tour de fleece) and yesterday I didn’t even complete a full row on my knitting. 

Must do better today, was hoping to finish it tomorrow. (Haruni in Luscious, colour "copperline".)
In the meantime, we’ve been having all manner of fun.  I soaked the seracin off of silk cocoons and made silk hankies,  we all painted silk scarves at sunset, and we dipped silk into an indigo bath. We’ve been having classes in spinning, knitting and dyeing silk.. and I think everyone is having a wonderful time. 

More about it tomorrow.  I think I’m supposed to be somewhere now.