The last few days, abbreviated.

1. My class found a way to block swatches in a manner becoming a retreat.

2. Knitting with very fine silk requires concentration.

3.  Much of the serving staff was converted. (That’s Allison. Lisa had her up in knitting in minutes, and as of yesterday she could knit, purl, work garter, stockinette, ribbing, k2tog, yarn over and explain the difference while reading her work. Some people are taught the fibre arts.  Others are called to them.)

4. Everyone learned how to make silk hankies (mawata) right from the cocoons. It was very gross, but fun. (Tina took the bugs out of the middles for the woosie-pants.)

5. We reeled silk.  (You will note that I have rigged a high-tech approach.  Books, wire hangars and duct tape.  Worked great.)

6. Can you see how many cocoons are reeling off at once? It still made a very, very fine thread.

7.  Now I’m spinning. Hopelessly behind on the Tour de Fleece, especially considering that I’ve got a long day of travel tomorrow- and unlike my buddy Denny, I haven’t yet figured a way to spin on a plane.