Two for the Road

Joe and I don’t take vacations.  We’re both self employed, and somehow we’ve ended up with bosses that don’t think two weeks off in the summer is a reasonable thing- so we haven’t had a vacation in a while.  We took the girls home to Newfoundland a few summers ago, and Joe and  I had a canoe weekend two years ago, but really, we simply don’t vacation.   We have businesses that only run when we work on them, so a day off means everything comes to a grinding halt. We try to avoid that.  All that said, running your own self means that you can also bust a move really hard and earn time off for good behaviour, and that’s what Joe and I did this week.

Megan, Ken and Pato roll into Montreal today at 4:00 and Joe and I are already in Kingston, 1/4 of the way there.  We stayed with my Auntie Yvonne last night (best hostess in the world, hands down) and today we’ll leap back in the car and drive to Montreal, welcome Team Knit as the arrive, and then – GET THIS.

Instead of driving straight back home like we did last year, we’re going to have dinner in Montreal, then stay in a hotel, and then get up and have a glorious half-day in la Belle Ville.  We’ll buy some bagels, we’ll walk to to Jardins des Floralies, perhaps go to Notre Dame… then head for home. It’s like 24 hours of vacation, and I’m so excited. 

I’ve got a sock.  I’ll report back in.