One Year

It’s crazy you know,  I didn’t forget what today was, I just wasn’t sure to say about it, and then Tina blogged about it, and Debbi sent me a twitter about it, and then RachelH was all sentimental about it, and so. Well.

One year ago today, Sock Summit was being held for the first time, and by this time of day I was surveying all that we had wrought and all I could think was that it was so cool, and so magnificent, and really, probably a huge mistake. (Turns out that I didn’t know what we could do until we’d done it. I think the fear kept us on our toes.)

It was a big undertaking, and it was three days and a convention centre full of really, some of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and by suppertime people like Barbara Walker and Meg Swansen and Anna Zilboorg were calling me by my first name like we KNEW EACH OTHER and I kept waiting to wake up, or for the whole thing to implode.  It didn’t though, and one year later it’s still one of the most important and interesting things I’ve ever done, and it wasn’t just the impact it had on my resume, it was the impact it had on my life. 

I made friends during that time that are dearer to me than I can say.  I walked among my people.  I learned stuff about Tina (my god, that woman is made of tough stuff) I learned stuff about myself (not sure what, but I think it’s mostly good) and I learned things about my friends, family and colleagues that’s made me six kinds of proud to know them.

What a great time it was.  When I remember how completely terrified I was at the beginning, and how completely exhausted at the end… Frankly, I can’t believe it’s only a year until we do it all again. 

The next one will be different, for sure, I mean there’s nothing like your first time, but sincerely – I know it will be it’s own kind of magic…

and I can’t wait.

Happy Anniversary Tina.  I still can’t believe that the post-it note system paid off.