Mayhem Monday

Which is really just another way of saying that there’s a random list headed your way, right about… now.

1. Sam returned from her sail training on Saturday.  Having spent 8 days on a tall ship, she was dirty, smelly, exhausted, happy, strong and  certified as a Lead Hand. (I think that is one of the coolest things ever. )

This means that she and Joe have conversations all weekend with words in them that makes them sound like pirates.  Words like "abaft" (means behind you) and "Jib Topsail" (which is actually prounounced "jib topsell" just like the main sail is the mainsell.) 

2. She came home with pretty fancy biceps, because every time a trainee uses the wrong words for parts of the boat (as in "Your vest is behind you" instead of "your vest is abaft you") it was 10 pushups.  Oddly, despite an overdeveloped sense of justice when it comes to her parents, when this was coming from the Captain, Sam thought it was fair.

3.  I am not crazy enough to think this technique (nor dumping her out of a bunk for being late to watch) will be effective at home.

4. Of the whole crew, the only person on the brigantine who was over 18 was the Captain. 

5. I can’t believe what teens can do if they’re given the trust, respect, responsibility and opportunity. 

6. It really makes it a mystery that the same kid who can climb the rigging, furl a mainsail, tack into the wind with the boat heeled at 90 degrees, name all 68 lines on the boat and tell you their location and purpose —- still hasn’t managed to nail putting dishes in (NOT ON) the dishwasher.  Bizarre.

7. We leave again today because Amanda and Sam are going to spent time with their grandmother at the cottage she’s rented. 

8. This means I have to drive the two of them up there.  I hate driving.  I worry about it. I’ve never had an accident and I’m a good driver, but  I don’t like knowing that I could totally kill everyone with one mistake, or worse – that I could kill everyone because I fail to see someone else’s mistake coming.  This is about a three hour drive and I just hate every moment of it.  It makes me sweaty just thinking about it.

9. Megan’s up there now, so I’ll arrive there at supper, drop off two of my girls, sleep the night and then load the third girl into the car and repeat the journey in reverse tomorrow, since she has to be back for work. 

10. That sucks.

11. I’m almost done a sock though. Too bad you can’t knit while driving. Might be part of why I hate it.

12.  I can’t believe none of my daughters have a drivers licence.  It’s the subway. They have no motivation.