It’s a bird, it’s a plane

Monogamy (just within knitting) isn’t my strong suit. (I’m fine with all other areas.)   I don’t think I’m really that fickle, it’s more that I knit all the time and if you’re going to knit all the time, then you’ve got to have your project type keyed to your activity.  I’m a pretty solid knitter, but even if I were capable of it, I’m not going to be juggling a chart and three balls of yarn when I’m on the bus.  That’s been the only down side of the self-imposed sock club, is that they’re all patterned socks, and none of them are really great for when you can’t be looking at your knitting – so I’ve been running extra pairs of socks in the background.   The first sock of this set took forever. Really I was interested in the sock of the month, and so it languished but for moments where I needed something simple.  Yesterday morning I was leaving for Portland, about to spend the better part of the day travelling, and I needed something good for the plane.   I snagged the sock, leaving the house yesterday at about 10am just starting the toe of the first sock.  By the time I was in the air I was grafting the toe shut and starting the second, and then- out of nowhere, things got shocking. 

Shocking how?  Shocking as in "Holy cow I just knit a whole sock in a day without ever really trying or cheating by making ankle socks." I was past the halfway point by Vancouver,

and then just about done by Portland, and I didn’t even knit last night after I arrived. Didn’t knit in the car, didn’t knit in the evening…

Whammo.  Socks.  I’d say that the yarn might be fast, but the first sock took a while, so that’s not it. 

Yarn: Zauberball Starke 6,  2.5mm needles. Pattern: My plain vanilla sock pattern from Knitting Rules , with two of the ribs from the cuff extended through.

What it must be is that I was just super knitter for an afternoon, or accidentally warped the time space continuum, or spent an afternoon with Dr. Who (who has conveniently wiped my memory of the experience, but returned me to my same timeline so I never knew I was gone) or – maybe I was kidnapped by aliens! (No, then I’d be missing time, not going faster… ) Maybe it’s just the planet catching up and balancing out all of those times that I knit for hours and got nowhere… the scales finally tipped in my favour and here we are.  A sock in an afternoon.  The cosmic payback I deserve all come home to roost, ironically when I care least- since if there was a knitting goddess who knew and loved me, she’d be giving me this gift on December 23rd.  Just saying.

In any case, for whatever reason, by whatever magic.  A sock in an afternoon.  If only it was repeatable.

PS.  This yarn makes socks that are seriously fraternal rather than identical. Seriously made me nuts.