Too Random For a Monday

Turns out that my Monday was so random that now Random Monday is actually Random Tuesday which is really random, and that has to strike someone else as funny besides me.  Here’s Monday’s round-up, presented on a Tuesday.

1. I’m teaching and speaking at Vogue Knitting Live.  Pretty excited about it, mostly because of the company I’ll be keeping (I’ve got a serious knitter-crush on most of the other teachers) and because it’s New York, and how can you not like New York, and well.  It just looks nifty beyond all niftyness, and I collect yarn, which means that I know nifty when I see it.  Hope you’ll join me or someone else for a class if you’re within striking distance, registration is open.  It’s in January.

2. I’m also teaching/speaking at Knit East, which is a fabulous Canadian event in New Brunswick next year, September 30 to October 2nd, 2011.  Some of my favourite people again. 

3. I have been knitting.  I have a beautiful pair of Rogue Roses to show you, but sadly, no sock model. 

Better pictures of them tomorrow when I can corral one.  (Experienced sock models are hard to find, especially since the size you need can vary.  Should be a number we can call to get a volunteer. )

4. I got the new Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac in the mail, and I’m so thrilled.  The Knitters Almanac has always been a treasure to me, and I feel in Elizabeth a great kindred spirit.  (I know that’s odd since the knitting is really all we have in common, but knitting’s like that.  It erases meaningless barriers like age.)  I love the new edition, and it’s not just because I wrote the introduction, but won’t say that I don’t love that too.  I’m very proud to be associated with one of my heroines this way. I’ve got a spare copy of this lovely book, so if you’d like a chance that I’ll mail it to you, please leave a comment telling me why you would  like to have it. I’ll pick at random.

5. I started a beatiful new set of mittens.  Last year when I was mitten cruising, I spotted these beauties La Joie du Printemps (That’s a Ravelry link… Blog link for non-ravelry users is here.) and I fell head over heels for them.  I’ve long been a fan of the fussy-fancy mitten, being a strong proponent of the idea of "dress mittens."  (If you live in Canada, it doesn’t take you long to get there.)

Last night I cast them on, using Gauja wool (a beautiful two ply Romney fingering weight that I’m really in love with) and charged along making grand progress.  This morning I got up, drank a cup of coffee and admitted to myself that the mitten was way too big.  I checked gauge, and yup.  8 stitches to the inch where I should be getting 10, and I ripped the whole thing.  I like this pattern too much to be not getting the right size.

6. I’ve restarted them.  I’d insert a rant here about gauge and how silly it is and how it lies like a lying liar bad guy, but really, if you don’t check gauge and then don’t get gauge, that’s nothing but knitter error, and I have nobody to blame but myself.

7.  I hate the part of me that doesn’t swatch, but really, isn’t a mitten small enough to sort of be a swatch?

8.  That’s what I thought.