This Thing Is Working Out

I have had a lot of good ideas.  Good ideas like "Find your own food Fridays" or "Make your own Fun Mondays",  good ideas like the boccancini-tomato pasta thing.  (Someday I’ll make it for you.  It’s stupid good.)  Oh sure, I’ve had some bad ideas too… trying to save money by fixing my own toilet was revealed as being a few diapers short of a layette about three hours into it. (My principle error was realizing too late that people with one bathroom really can’t have it disassembled for a long time while they’re figuring it out,  you know?)  In any case, the bird thing was stupid too, and I don’t even want to talk about the thing with the parking.  Not good ideas,  but every once in a while one of my ideas really is good.  That’s the case with the Self-Imposed Sock Club.  Here it is, the 17th of August – not even close to the end of the month, and here’s the socks for this month.  Done and ready to join their chums in the box upstairs – where there are actually now eight pairs of finished socks,  one for every month so far. 

Pattern: Cotty.  Nice, quick, fun pattern, really easy to memorize.  Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Skinnamarink.

In January I matched up 12 patterns I really wanted to get around to with 12 yarns I really wanted to get around to, rammed one set per month into ziplocks and shoved them onto the top shelf of my downstairs stash closet.  Every month since then I’ve been drawing one at random, and I can’t believe how much fun it is.  I don’t know what I’m getting, I’m trying all sorts of things I was looking forward to, and I’m knitting tons of socks that really would have ended up being plain socks because I sometimes have so much trouble deciding on a pattern that I end up doing plain ones just because I can’t make up my mind. 

This has been a blast, and I feel like I’m really churning out the knitwear and I’m getting other pairs in too- since when I finish ahead of schedule, like this month, I’ve got almost two weeks now to work on another pair. 

This was a way better idea than the thing with the leak, the duct tape and all the tin foil.

118 thoughts on “This Thing Is Working Out

  1. What would you recommend for a sock tutorial or book to teach sock knitting. I can knit in the round, use double pointed needles and I tried socks a few years ago. Never finished a pair, but I kind of remember. Love your socks and thanks for your humor and posts!

  2. Lovely socks, and a great idea. I have done the same thing, only not with socks. I have yarn and patterns in zip lock bags just waiting for me to grab one at random. Thanks for a GREAT idea!

  3. Dreams can come true! They’re beautiful! Does this mean we won’t have the opportunity to watch you have a major Christmas meltdown? I wish I was prepared too…guess I should stop wishing and get started. (Wish in one hand, knit socks with the other…)

  4. I love the socks, AND the idea. As always, you are such an inspriation, and I think I’m going to follow your plan. I keep finding great sock and scarf and mitten patterns and this seems like a very cool way to get them organized and ready to go, whereas they may have simply sat in limbo for who knows how long. Good on you, Stephanie.

  5. I love it when ideas turn out to be good ones — and you’re right, this one’s excellent. I think I’ll be trying it next year myself (thanks for the inspiration). I’m also intrigued by the Find Your Own Food Fridays — that sounds like an idea I can get behind (assuming that I’m getting the premise correct)…

  6. They are lovely! I love your Cotty socks in that colorway and so excited that you knit them!
    It is not too late for me to try a Self Imposed Christmas Sock Club, right? I could squeek out at least 4 Christmas gifts between now and Christmas. That’s my plan! Love that you’ve stuck to it this long!

  7. I think I might do something similar but with just small projects in general. Socks, shawls, hats, mitts, etc.

  8. Your “self-imposed sock club” inspired me to knit a pair a month (beginning in April, since that’s when I first became aware of your scheme.) It’s been a great move. I’m moving a bit slowly, not finishing every pair in only four weeks, but that’s because I’ve been poring through stitch pattern books and swatching to decide what suits a given yarn. If I don’t hit on something fab for a particular yarn in three or four tries, back to the stash it goes, and I race on to the next yarn. Four pairs done so far! Goal: to eliminate an embarrasing amount of sock yarn stash.

  9. PS: must admit that I have too much non-sock yarn in stash as well, but socks seem a more limited and therefore more easily accomplished goal.

  10. I don’t normally comment but I have to say, your self imposed sock of the month club is a killer idea! I’m thinking about doing something similar next year only it will be a project of the month to include socks, scarves, hats and lace. That way when I head out on a business trip I can just grab a project and go!

  11. You inspired me to do the same thing (sorta). I put a bunch of small projects that I keep meaning to get around to into ziplocks with the pattern AND needles, put em in the basket and choose one every month. I don’t know what it is about this system that totally works. I’ve had more FOs this year than ever before! Thanks! You’re a genius!

  12. Yes this was a brilliant idea of yours. Wonder if it could be done with small shawls? Why not? Hmmm. I do more small shawls than socks even if socks are more useful. I love Madelinetosh yarns, having just recently “discovered” them. Am working on tea leaves cardigan in Tosh Dk and loving it. Your sock yarn is lovely and I like the simple pattern – the way it shows off the yarn colors.

  13. SISMC is a great idea. i have tons of sock stash that i should whittle down. exploring new patterns or skills would definitely stretch my knitting legs (or feet?). it would also make holiday knitting (since i make socks for xmas presents) a lot easier too.
    you just rock! 🙂

  14. And re your recent twitter….surely oh surely he is just scratching himself quickly?

  15. Nice Socks! Seriously, what couldn’t be better than the thing with the leak, the duct tape, and all the tin foil?

  16. The self imposed sock club is an excellent idea. I am doing something similar. This month i am working on the Broadripple socks only I am making them amkle-ish socks because i want to make sure i have enough yarn to do both socks…. ankle socks still count right? Anyway Love the socks and yarn, I must get this pattern!!!

  17. Did you remember the other part about these socks being for the sock knitter, who had no hole-free socks? (says the one who is trying to feel less guilty about keeping the two pairs I knit for myself in spring).

  18. I am totally stealing the self imposed sock club idea. It’s brilliant!
    What’s wrong the toilet? They’re usually not that hard to fix. I’ve found that if you take a picture of what’s broken and then bring it with you to the hardware store, the nice person behind the counter will help you get the right parts–before you take it apart!

  19. Beautiful! I’m working on a pair right now. Someday I hope to be as good and fast at making them as you are.

  20. Yeah, there’s a reason why plumbers make more than doctors.
    In fact, I once got a huge bill from a doctor and I said to my husband, “who does this guy think he is – a plumber?”

  21. I’ve stolen this idea–(not quite as well organized, and i haven’t been as methodical–i haven’t knit a pair of socks since June) but then, i have 52 pairs in the box in my bedroom!
    I have a half dozen more clear bags, with yarn, needles, pattern and more sitting waiting from me.
    Its it a great idea!

  22. I’m a terrible Raveler, (according to my Projects page, I’ve knitted 4 things in my life)but this sounds like a great idea for a Rav group. I went to your fan group and didn’t see anything like that… What would be your thoughts on this? It’s not like SISMC is copyrighted, but it is YOUR idea. Would a Rav group using this concept be an okay thing with you?

  23. So… why are the socks in a box in a closet? They are all so beautiful. Why aren’t you wearing them and enjoying the fruits of your labor?

  24. I’ve been watching you do this for months, and have been considering doing the same. The kid goes back to school next week, so I might just whip out the ziplocks. Because my knitting time is not as much as I would like to be (and because I knit slow as molasses), my plan might need to be a pair every two months or something.
    Or I guess I could just knit a single sock and move on, because, well…hey 😉

  25. OK, after watching you complete socks for the past 8 months, I think I’m ready to concede this just might work for me also. So this afternoon I’m stuffing ziplock bags with yarn and sock patterns to complete in the next 12 months. Oh, and I’m making all the socks for me and no one else.

  26. Very, very pretty socks. It seems like the kit idea came from you running out of nice socks, but I’m wondering if these kits include gift socks or if it will impact your holiday knitting…..

  27. I agree–a self imposed sock club is a fabulous idea! Not only are you trying out new patterns and using stash yarn but at the end of the year you will have 12 pairs of socks you didn’t have when you started down this road in January! Good for you. 😉

  28. Yes, indeed it has been a great idea!!! I decided on our birthday in June, the 14th you know, that I needed to knit more socks and actually finish the second ones. :/ I adapted your idea somewhat, not putting away the yarn and pattern, but listing some patterns that would challenge me, listed IN INK in my knitting notebook. Come the beginning of the month I choose one, or find another, haul some yarn from the baskets, and knit. This month life got in the way of my August Charade socks, so they’ve been relegated to another month while I knit up a warm winter pair of boot socks with ww yarn. 🙂 I’m having a good time and finishing those second socks! Thanks for the idea, Stephanie!

  29. I thought it was a great idea too. I organized, pondered, and implemented. Execution–not so much. I am still in April!

  30. Beautiful yarn, so reminiscent of the beach – an unconscious choice, perhaps?
    I must get back to sock knitting, I really want to get enough pairs done that I totally get it, and can get fancy.

  31. I am so tickled – I am closing in on the toes of my second-ever pair of socks and the first pair of socks knit for mah Man. There’s just something cozy and nice about knitting socks for your fella….
    You inspired me Stephanie! (And using the utterly luscious Socrates yarn wasn’t bad either….)

  32. It is a great idea, and if I were less lazy, one I’d implement to make a dent in my own sock yarn collection.

  33. I wonder how much more knitting will get done in the world at large because of this post–far more than you’ll ever know. A system, a commitment, and there you go, it’s done!

  34. You’ve inspired me, I’m planning on doing something similar for when school starts. I can certainly come up with 9 months worth of socks and patterns if I dig around.
    That, plus the sweaters-for-christmas thing I have going now will certainly fill up my knitting time.

  35. This idea has merit on so many levels. This is the first year I joined a sock club, and while it is a lot of fun so far the fun has been limited to receiving yarn-filled packages in the mail. I haven’t done more than fondle the yarns yet. It would be a great thing to set this up for next year when I have accumulated about 2 years worth of sock yarns (because buying sock yarn doesn’t seem to stop just because you joined a club).

  36. I’m in the process of moving to the other side of the planet – again & decided to try your sock-club idea. A few days ago I matched up sock yarn with patterns I’ve been saving from magazines etc… Today they went into the baggies. 2 went into my luggage, 2 went into the boxes I’ll see in a month, and the rest went into the slow boat boxes. Should be fun. Thanks for the great idea!

  37. I’m doing the self imposed sock club too, but I’m at the gathering stage. Good fun and you are such inspiration. Right now I’m doing a hat of the month club-and I’m right on schedule. Was digging through the stash looking for light yarn to dye with easter egg dye. Reminded me of Port Ludlow. 🙂

  38. I have to join the rest of the commentators and also tell you the self imposed sock club of the month was a great idea. And, it lends itself to other projects. You certainly deserve a gold star. Every sock has been beautiful and has inspired others to try the patterns. Good work.

  39. Maybe I need to do this too. I’ve got a couple of skeins of yarn that I want to do something with, and I’m in the middle of complete indecision!

  40. The self-imposed sock club rocks. I love this idea and have completely enjoyed each month reading about the pattern, yarn etc. It’s also nice that it’s actually happening! You are not working on February’s sock in August!
    It matches your other GENIUS IDEA I heard you discuss on a podcast. When asked by the host for the best knitting tool – you answered “ziplocks”. That answer changed my life! I have projects all over now (briefcase, car, by the computer, by the TV etc.) all organized with yarn, tools, pattern and it is awesome. Instead of lurking beneath the unfinished Mason-Dixon “Moderne Baby Blanket” in my knitting caddy – the projects are alive! I did have to buy more scissors – so each bag has the proper tools – but it’s a great system overall.
    I rarely post – but I love your blog and visit every day!

  41. What a great idea! A self-imposed sock club — goodness knows (having just about completed my yarn/wool inventory) that I have plenty of SOCK YARN in my stash! 🙂

  42. I love your socks! I just learned how to knit socks this month and I can already tell I’m addicted to it.
    I remember, in one of your books, you speak about the joy of finishing that first sock and wow, you’re not kidding!
    It was that book (I don’t remember which one, sorry) that got me to give sock knitting a try — I was afraid it would be too difficult, but you made it sound so enticing I couldn’t resist.
    I never thought I’d be able to learn to knit socks. I learned from a DVD called Sock 1 by Nenah Galati. It was nice having the visual along with very clear instructions. She also has a sock of the month club that is pretty reasonably prices, and I think you may have inspired me to look into it . . . although your ziplock idea of doing a solo gathering of yarn and instructions sounds like a lot of fun, too.
    (Warning: If you get a threatening note from my husband, it is because I’m blaming my stash entirely on you.)

  43. That thing with the tomatoes and the bocconcini and the pasta- such a good idea. Now the self-imposed sock club, keep ’em coming!

  44. Once I learn to knit socks, I’m going to do this.
    Right now I have a sort-of self imposed lace shawl system going. I have sooo much lace yarn that I keep putting a skein or two in a bag with the name of a knitting pattern and a designation for needle size. When I finish one shawl, I grab another from the tin I have them all in.
    Of course, I also hibernate shawls, so now I have two In Progress and lots more waiting for these two to finish. Fortunately, this gives me a little variety.
    But I really should learn to knit socks. I have a sock fetish and I don’t know how to make my own socks.

  45. I’m with Patti (commenter #3). Your idea morphed into any small project + pattern + ziplock bag. I have a box of them and when I finish one project, I just grab a bag containing yarn and pattern out of the box. My problem is that I don’t manage to complete one a month and now I’m 6 months behind (yes, I completed sock pair #2 at lunchtime today). No matter. I love having a queue that’s all set to go.

  46. I’m definitely trying this next year! There is no way I’m knitting all those socks I have yarn for otherwise. 🙂

  47. Killer comment from StevenA at 1:12. We all love him, but who is he kidding? There us a lot of love in a pair of socks, and many thousands of stitches.
    Have really liked this idea. I just get stuck on swatching the lovely yarn. SISC – a great idea.

  48. I loved the idea when you first brought it up. As I was deep in Holiday Knitting Catch-up I decided to start in my birth month (March). So far I am keeping up pretty well (one month got off track as someone hired me to knit her a pair of socks). Next year I think I will join those who are planning to make up kits of small projects that keep getting put aside. Keep knitting. We love to see your socks.

  49. That idea is amazing! I always find myself searching patterns and never making them, but on the contrary, shopping yarn sales and buying yarn that sits around forever… I may have to start this next month!

  50. Here is my favorite part of this entry:
    “the top shelf of my downstairs stash closet”
    Why? Because it implies that you also have an UPSTAIRS stash closet. 😉
    Also, I do the same thing: I have so much trouble picking a pattern that I just end up going with plain ribbing. Glad I’m not alone! =)

  51. I so relate to the plain socks because I can’t make up my mind thing. I’m definitely going to do this and I don’t think I’m going to wait until next year. Now you mention it, I have some beautiful sock yarn sitting on the shelves that have never come to fruition and it’s time to set them free (or at least give them a release date). Good idea you had there.

  52. I think having a years worth of small knitting projects all ready to go is a neat idea. However, the word ‘imposed’ causes me psychological pain. ‘Imposed’ means to me, you are forced against your will to do something. Stephanie’s sock club needs a better name!

  53. Ya know? I liked the idea of the S.I.S.C. (Self Imposed Sock Club) when you first mentioned it, but I have to admit that I’m somewhat blinded by the lightbulb over my head right now. I think that next year, I will ADAPT this into a S.I.M.C. (Self Imposed MITTEN Club) which will give me 12 pairs of mittens to give away as Christmas gifts!!!!! Or maybe I could divide it into cycles… Jan – Mittens, Feb – Scarf, March – Hat, April – Mittens again, etc. Then I will have 4 complete sets to give!

  54. Woo hoo, you are really clicking there and making some mind boggling socks. Love this one too. Lordy it would be hard to pick one favourite. Great idea you had and this one like many others is working out just fine. Good going .

  55. I agree – fantastic idea! In preparation for doing the same thing next year, I decided to make a couple practice pairs (instead of swatching) to determine sizing, knowing that I could give any that are too small for me to my sisters or nieces. Sure enough, one sister and her youngest daughter are fighting over the pair I gave them.
    I’ve jokingly referred to my stash as my Fiber Retirement Account; now that I’ve been unemployed for almost 5 months, I’m glad I have it and can start making withdrawals…

  56. They look great but I am left wondering what is on the top shelf of your upstairs stash closet?

  57. I’ve been eyeballing my sock yarns and thinking I should try this for next year. A wonderful way to get out of the “plain sock” rut, not to mention whittling down the yarn supply a bit!
    I’m doing what I call “quota knitting” for the holidays right now. The 13 people I gave slippers to last Christmas liked them so much that I decided it was worth doing again, but to avoid the last-minute craziness this time, I’m knitting a slipper a day ’til all 26 of them are done.

  58. It’s been really fun to watch the socks appear. Every month there is the suspense – will she do it again? And every month there’s a little beauty.
    It’s kind of like meal planning for me. If I write down a plan once a week, meals appear like magic at the right time every evening. If I don’t, we eat a lot of breakfast food, bread&cheese, and tuna salad.
    Sock planning. Brilliant.

  59. The self-imposed sock club is a stroke of genius. It’s on my list for 2011.
    We do Fend for yourself Fridays here. That’s a good idea too, especially with picky teens in the house.

  60. They are pretty socks. Every now and then a good idea turns out to be just that. I can just imagine what the leak, duct tape and tin foil idea was and how that turned out. Eeeuuuww.

  61. I did this with washcloths to make a bouquet of them for my mom’s birthday, and last month I made a whole box of sock-of-the-whim sets. I can’t really promise one a month, I have a baby blanket due before Nov, but I’m jazzed about having kits ready for the grab 🙂

  62. I am so glad you are having fun. Life is supposed to be fun but we let other stuff like making a living and being impatient get in the way. I think this year, since you are doing this self imposed club, you may even be ahead on the Holiday gift thing. ??????

  63. As I sort through my stash room this month, I’m putting together kits, following your idea. Hopefully by January I’ll have all of my other projects finished and be ready to start on my first sock kit New Year’s Eve!

  64. I laughed at your comment on Twitter about bringing ketchup chips to the US. I went through Toronto airport on Saturday and was asked if I had any food with me. I said that I did: a pound of Tim Horton’s coffee, Smarties and potato chips. The customs guy asked me if they were ketchup chips to which I replied, no, dill pickle. He just smiled and waved me on!

  65. You are a knitting machine! If I did a self-imposed sock club, it would be yearly rather than monthly.

  66. Should we assume that you’ll be doing this again next year? I may borrow your idea, but scale it down. Six new pairs in a year would be nice, and still leave me time for other projects and full time teaching with a large class. Maybe you should start some kind of an online club for those who plan to do this. ‘Cause you NEED mnore to do. lol

  67. And don’t forget felting slippers with a toilet plunger. Those socks are absolutely stunning!!

  68. Nothing like a game to get us going, right? that’s what you’ve invented, a sock game! Maybe I should try this concept with housework?

  69. Duct tape and tin foil are good for preventing alien abduction, but I don’t know where else they go together.
    Nice socks, as always. If you keep this up, we won’t have your usual Christmas frenzy to look forward to.

  70. Just a quick comment about your stash… with so much discussion about your rather large stash over the past years, I just wanted to ask what’s so hard about containing it? I would suggest on of those big rubbermaid bins. I’ve been knitting for quite a while and I’ve got my entire stash in one big plastic bin… oh, and the box on top of the bin, and the bag beside that… and the box in the laundry room… well, that’s all of course… except if you count what’s under my bed… and in my knitting basket… and my project bags… well, there’s some behind the couch, but that yarn doesn’t really count. Oh, and the box in the basement closet… in any case, I would definitely recommend the bins… they work real well and help prevent yarn from being all over your house! 🙂 (hey, at least there’s none in my freezer!!)

  71. I, too, have been subscribing to the SISC game plan. Unfortunately, I hit a wall in July when I rather naively decided that since July was a long month (31 days — like one extra day would make a difference) I would sneak in a pair of hubby-sized socks. Bad idea. Really bad. Here we are midway through August and I have finished only one of July’s socks. I did manage to begin a pair of August socks but still have only one of those done. I had really been cranking along and was so proud of myself. Now I’m hanging my head in shame and as punishment I have been forcing myself to cast on shawlettes. So far I have flogged myself for my bad behavior with one Ishbel and half a Traveling Woman. Penance is good for the soul, right?

  72. Saw that idea of yours a while ago.. and thought this was a really GREAT idea. Now that I have classified all my stash by weight – yes, there is a full box of sock yarns – I can just start “ziplocing” this !!! 😉

  73. WOW! I remember reading the post when you started doing this whole sock-club-thing. I can’t believe it’s been eight months since then and you have eight pairs of socks already done! This is such a good idea. It makes me want to do this so bad, and knit more, but I have trouble finding the time, especially since I’ll be leaving for college next week. Keep at it!

  74. I love knitting. I did a swatch of Indian Crossed Stitch for a vest in silk and merino by Hand Maiden hand dyed. And then I bashed out a wall, with a crow bar, a sledge hammer and a matriculating saw. I felt so “Sigourney Weaver”-ish from ALIENS II (Sigourney if you ever read this- I so felt your energy, your empowerment with the heavy duty blaster), and then I knit some more. My kitchen looks swell. I still love knitting.

  75. I set up my own sock club when I first read about it in my brand new 2010 calendar. So far, I’m only one month behind – finishing the July pair this week, I LOVE it. I can sock club for at least 3 more years before I run out of sock yarn (10 yrs for patterns). Which I won’t because I keep buying more. Well, it was on sale /so beautiful/ etc. Brilliant idea!!!! Thanks from us all, Paula in Iowa

  76. KnitPicks has a colorway in their Felici sock yarn called Time Traveler. Kinda looks like a Dr. Who scarf.

  77. I think that the S.I.S.C is a great idea. Now if I could only get myself to do it. Obviously, I’ve still got to work on my self discipline!
    I’m a big fan of “Find your own food Fridays”, except at my house we call it “Fend for Yourself Night”. So if I’m not cooking and someone wants to know what’s for dinner, I’ll just tell them it’s “Fend for Yourself” night and they’ll start rummaging around in the kitchen trying to figure out what they are going to have to for dinner. I have a few friends who don’t have “Fend for Yourself” even though I’ve told them about it. They just don’t know what they’re missing! The best part for me is that the whole fend for yourself thing is not scheduled. It’s whenever the Head Cook (which would be me) doesn’t feel like cooking. It’s absolutely wonderful because the next time I make a full meal, my family appreciates my culinary efforts more and really enjoys it. Try it unscheduled sometime when you just don’t feel like cooking. It’s awesome!!!

  78. You mentioned your downstairs stash closet. Does that mean you have ANOTHER stash closet upstairs? And probably a knitting room to boot. And maybe one for spinning? And then you go and complain about having only one bathroom! Some of us have to keep our stashes IN our bathrooms.

  79. I think this is a brilliant idea. You could make any kind of club you wanted really. You might enjoy the idea I started up over a year ago: Saturday is Chocolate for Breakfast Day! (Not only chocolate, not even required first meal, but some chocolate on Saturday mornings really makes the weekend, for me at least.)

  80. You can flush a toilet using a bucket of water… how do I know this… we lived for three weeks with no loo in the en suite while hubby “tried” to fix it… we won’t discuss what the plumber said about his repairs when hubby finally caved…

  81. This idea inspired my “scarf a month” for charity knitting. It’s worked, and I’m very pleased I’ll have these ready for the Christmas hampers this year. I am knitting socks, several pairs since January, though I haven’t ventured past the daring ribbing stage yet.

  82. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t this whole thing start when, upon investigating your own sock drawer you realized you were really short on unholy socks, matching socks and any sort of wearable socks? Please tell us that these socks are not going into that Christmas box but into the Harlot’s sock drawer. We really were cheering for you and your feet. ( Just wait ’til January rolls around and your friends have socks and you don’t! Remember, you were warned!) I know it’s tough right now but remember things like “Snow”, “Below Zero” and “Cold Drafts” ( not the brew type)!

  83. By the way I’ve been meaning to thank you for the brilliant idea of Find Your Own Food Fridays. This past year our house has become the place for my daughter’s friends who now attend 3 different high schools to gather on Friday afternoons with a number (not always a predetermined number) staying on for dinner. When the numbers or mixture of vegetarian, no carb or other dietary restrictions gets too complex I declare it Find Your Own Food Friday and leave them loose in the kitchen. Works like a charm, no one starves, no one has to deal with something they can’t or don’t want to eat and they don’t make too much of a mess.

  84. When you first mentioned this idea I thought perfect – I’ll just anonymously join in and knit a pair of socks a month. Of course, I could never do anything so organized as to get pattern, yarn, needles & zip lock bag together so I’m just going random. Last night I counted. 12 pairs finished, 4 of them gifted, 8 in the basket and the lucky 13th on the needles. Quite a few of them are patterns that you have inspired me to do – Froot Loops, Rogers, Leyburn, now I’m doing Sushan or something like that… love them all. Mind you, I have only knit a few other projects in between. Thanks for the inspiration and the fun read(s)!

  85. You don’t have “almost two weeks” – when you posted this yesterday you had exactly two weeks. I know this because August 31 is my birthday! So have fun making another pair of socks in the next 13 days. I just know you can do it! I’m still a beginner. I have made 1 pair, and I’m 3/4 way through the first sock of the next pair. I just wish the gusset would start off a little smoother. I am a work in progress, as is my sock making.

  86. Hi Steph!
    This is the best idea EVER. And this month’s sock and yarn are a perfect match, I LOVE them.
    Amy Finlay

  87. I’ve been following the Self-Imposed Sock Club, and I can deny it no longer: I *need* to pinch this idea and use it myself. For socks, and maybe other stuff, too. Maybe a Self-Imposed Mitt Club? (I still haven’t knit my first pair of socks.)
    As Queen of the Pre-Process Knitters, I spend far more time thinking about and trying to decide which patterns to knit than I do actually knitting. I think the Harlot Method could work for me…maybe. :o)

  88. My friend Deb Barnhill has a knitting rule – “Sock Yarn doesn’t count as Stash.”
    Thus, I have a very reasonable amount of stash. But add the sock yarn to the worsted, aran, and lace-weight and we might have a problem.

  89. I decided to do this, too. Got out all my sock yarn (oof!), printed out 10 patterns (as I realized that I’d want some plain socks as well), matched up yarns to patterns, had 12 clear project bags (to my astonishment–do they procreate?), stuffed them all into a shopping bag, and recruited my son to pull them one at a time.
    As soon as I’m finished with his plain, toe-up, heel-flap socks.

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