Too Random For a Monday

Turns out that my Monday was so random that now Random Monday is actually Random Tuesday which is really random, and that has to strike someone else as funny besides me.  Here’s Monday’s round-up, presented on a Tuesday.

1. I’m teaching and speaking at Vogue Knitting Live.  Pretty excited about it, mostly because of the company I’ll be keeping (I’ve got a serious knitter-crush on most of the other teachers) and because it’s New York, and how can you not like New York, and well.  It just looks nifty beyond all niftyness, and I collect yarn, which means that I know nifty when I see it.  Hope you’ll join me or someone else for a class if you’re within striking distance, registration is open.  It’s in January.

2. I’m also teaching/speaking at Knit East, which is a fabulous Canadian event in New Brunswick next year, September 30 to October 2nd, 2011.  Some of my favourite people again. 

3. I have been knitting.  I have a beautiful pair of Rogue Roses to show you, but sadly, no sock model. 

Better pictures of them tomorrow when I can corral one.  (Experienced sock models are hard to find, especially since the size you need can vary.  Should be a number we can call to get a volunteer. )

4. I got the new Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac in the mail, and I’m so thrilled.  The Knitters Almanac has always been a treasure to me, and I feel in Elizabeth a great kindred spirit.  (I know that’s odd since the knitting is really all we have in common, but knitting’s like that.  It erases meaningless barriers like age.)  I love the new edition, and it’s not just because I wrote the introduction, but won’t say that I don’t love that too.  I’m very proud to be associated with one of my heroines this way. I’ve got a spare copy of this lovely book, so if you’d like a chance that I’ll mail it to you, please leave a comment telling me why you would  like to have it. I’ll pick at random.

5. I started a beatiful new set of mittens.  Last year when I was mitten cruising, I spotted these beauties La Joie du Printemps (That’s a Ravelry link… Blog link for non-ravelry users is here.) and I fell head over heels for them.  I’ve long been a fan of the fussy-fancy mitten, being a strong proponent of the idea of "dress mittens."  (If you live in Canada, it doesn’t take you long to get there.)

Last night I cast them on, using Gauja wool (a beautiful two ply Romney fingering weight that I’m really in love with) and charged along making grand progress.  This morning I got up, drank a cup of coffee and admitted to myself that the mitten was way too big.  I checked gauge, and yup.  8 stitches to the inch where I should be getting 10, and I ripped the whole thing.  I like this pattern too much to be not getting the right size.

6. I’ve restarted them.  I’d insert a rant here about gauge and how silly it is and how it lies like a lying liar bad guy, but really, if you don’t check gauge and then don’t get gauge, that’s nothing but knitter error, and I have nobody to blame but myself.

7.  I hate the part of me that doesn’t swatch, but really, isn’t a mitten small enough to sort of be a swatch?

8.  That’s what I thought.

892 thoughts on “Too Random For a Monday

  1. “dress mittens” I like this term!
    And yes, they’re small enough to be a swatch. At least the gauge thing has only bitten me in the rear so far for big things like sweaters… 🙂
    I had no idea that there is a new Commemorative Knitter’s Almanac! I would absolutely love a copy – it is the first knitting book I ever owned and I love EZ’s philosophy about being the boss of one’s own knitting. It made me a braver knitter.

  2. Congratulations on being woman enough to knit a generous swatch. Don’t expect the line behind you to get long any time soon.

  3. Wow, I thought I’d be the first comment, but regarding “The Knitter’s Almanac” – it’s sorta like the first book of knitting, meaning almost presidential of sorts. I think of EZ as a visionary for the knitting community at large, and would love a copy of the book.
    PS – the fact that you wrote the forward makes it all the better!

  4. Hi
    I have been knitting for 20 years and I love Elizabeth Zimmerman. Nuff said. Send the book to MEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. I’ve been a crocheter for 40 years! I never seemed to be able to get the hang of knitting. I only started knitting about a year and a half ago when I was laid off and finally had the time to buckle down and just do it. I’m completely and thoroughly obsessed. I’d love to have to book because of just that reason. I’m completely obsessed with all things knitterly 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  6. I would love and treasure a copy of the revised Knitter’s Almanac, especially with your intro in it. I don’t have a copy and everyone says it’s Elizabeth’s best book. Please enter me in the drawing. thanks!
    Your sock looks great!

  7. I would love to have the Commemorative Knitters Almanac (with your forward) – I hope it instills more bravery in my knitting!

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to acquire a new knitting book. Who doesn’t need a reference book? When I began knitting about five years ago, I didn’t understand it. At all. Now I know which way the yarn is supposed to be on the needles, and I learn something new every day. It’s one of the most pleasant methods of learning I know, and I love (almost, very nearly) every minute of it.
    Thank you!

  9. Please enter my name in the random drawing for the almanac. I love reading knitting books, especially anything you have written! I have been obsessed with sock knitting for almost 2 years now. I think I am on pair number 40.

  10. I would love a copy of the Almanac! I’m gaining confidence in my knitting and am always looking to find great resources.

  11. I am not a beginning knitter, in the common definition of the word, rather in the essence of the meaning, as each project is a new beginning of continuing learning for me. Just recently I made my first Baby Surprise Jacket. The awesome nature of the mind that created that pattern is beyond belief. I have to turn a map in the direction I am going, even if the words are upside down or sideways! How did she see that jacket in the amoebic pattern lying on the floor? I would love to have a copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac, with your autograph on the forward. You, and now EZ, inspire me to greater knitting heights. Thank you. Steph (in Casper, WY)

  12. I love the mittens in the colors you’ve chosen. I have not yet knitted a mitten, but I have dreams.
    I’d love the commerative Knitter’s Almanac,particularly because it has your introduction.

  13. Oh, beautiful mitten pattern!
    Despite having six years of knitting on my resume, I’ve never picked up an Elizabeth Zimmerman book. I know…it’s downright blasphemous. I think it’s a moral imperative to change that 😉

  14. I too believe in dress mittens, especially if you live in Canada. Please pick me for the Knitter’s Almanac. I have always wanted something written by both you and Elizabeth Zimmerman together.

  15. I love knitting books but find myself torn between spending my small amount of money on buying patterns or buying yarn. If you don’t choose me to send the book to, enjoy it for me!

  16. I can’t wait to see the socks on a model – they look beautiful!
    Please enter my name in the hat for the book. My current copy of the Almanac is a bit old and I believe my husband spilled something on it (I would never have coffee that close to such a prized possession, ahem). I promise that if I win, the new copy will be much better cared for.

  17. I would love a copy of the Almanac because despite having been knitting for the past 52 years (ok there were breaks in there for cooking, laundry, showering and cleaning)I’m still learning new knitting things every day – and I’m a fairly experienced knitter.
    Having said that, I know that whoever gets the book will love it and find it useful. On behalf of all your readers, thanks for your generosity!

  18. In 1983 Elizabeth Zimmerman visited Salt Lake City, Utah, and taught a couple of “workshops”. Little did we know these workshops would be more like “life lessons”! How wonderful that Knitting Almanac is being reissued and that YOU have written the introduction. Thank you. Connie Ward

  19. I would like a copy of the Knitters Almanac because I’ve heard lots about EZ but have yet to read any of her books. I’m just knitting my first sweater, so I’m sure she could teach me lots.

  20. I always thought that Elizabeth Zimmerman and my grandmother were really kindred spirits, although all they had in common was the whole knitting gig … and their age. (My grandmother’s daughter also knits but not at all like Meg.)
    If I had a commemorative copy, I’d pass on my almost new copy to some other lucky knitter.

  21. Wow, I would love a copy of the almanac! I’m still a beginning knitter, but it would really motivate me to keep learning to have something so grand to work up to!

  22. Oh, what a thrill to get to write the intro for the best knitting book ever! I often re-read the almanac just for the little stories. Lovely!

  23. I would love a copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac. I like the idea that it would be me brave with my knitting too, and inspire me to attack my ever-increasing stash with even more abandon and drive. And I love the fact you did the intro – wow! You must sign it.
    The mitten is gorgeous, though it’s in the forties (thats HOT HOT HOT) here in TO – didn’t you notice, or is giving you an appreciation for the heat because winter is on its way……..

  24. I love the Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman. My paperback Dover edition is dog eared from all the sticky notes and notes in the margins.

  25. Oh, Oh! Pick me! Pick Me! I NEED this knitting is bossing me around lately,.

  26. Yes. A mitten is a swatch with style. I am proud of your for re-doing it, I would have said “Ehh – I can felt it down…”
    I would LOVE to win the copy of the Knitters Almanac because a. I ddin’t know it existed, and b. as soon as I read the mention of it I thought “Hey! I will have to check that out.”

  27. I’d love a copy because EZ is hilarious in her own way. She said something in one of her videos about how “if you don’t knit you’d be a pathetic person” or something like that. Plus, I’m a beginner knitter and I need all the help I can get! 😉

  28. Why would I like to have a copy of Knitter’s Almanac?
    1. Because I used to have a copy but it’s gone walkabout and I’m grieving for it. Each month I read the reports of what the people in the Knitter’s Almanac group are knitting and think that I should be knitting along with them.
    2. Because you wrote the introduction and I’m looking forward to reading it. What you write is ALWAYS worth a read!

  29. I was expecting a picture of Carrots and Beets!
    That’s going to be a pretty mitten. The sock already is.
    You don’t have to check gauge, if you don’t mind ripping and re-knitting.

  30. I have always gotten EZ’s Knitters Almanac from the library when I need it. It would be nice to have a copy for myself without worrying about the date it needs to be returned. I have only ever done the BSJ but she makes you think about knitting in a whole different way and her words have helped me with lots of other patterns. Fingers crossed!

  31. Speaking of dress mittens I saw a pair at the farmers market in Boothbay, Maine. I first thought they were lace with a liner but closer inspection revealed them to be two color double knit with the contrasting color in reverse stockinette. The main color was blue gray and the contrast a soft rose. Very handsome.

  32. I’d like the new Commemorative Knitter’s Almanac simply because it’s the one EZ book I don’t already have. And a full set would be very nice. Almost as nice as your dress mitten. (Which, being Canadian, I totally get. I own a few pairs of those myself.)

  33. I would love a copy of that book to go along with the old paperback edition of it that I got when I first learned how to knit when I was little.

  34. Oooh! Me! Me! Pick me!
    [Waves arms wildly at the back of the class and leaps up all crazy like…]
    Unbelievably, I don’t own my own copy and, as every knitter really *should*, that is why I would very much like to have it. Thank you.
    [sits down, slightly embarrassed over display of eagerness]

  35. I’d never heard of a Knitter’s Almanac before today – sounds cool – would very much enjoy obtaining a copy!

  36. Greetings, Stephanie!
    Lovely swatch – er, no – MITten it is, and I love that you are offering EZ’s Commemorative Knitters’ Almanac, but luckily I am not vying for it because I have a copy, and while it is without your forward, the contents are delightfully Elizabeth Zimmerman. I will read the forward in someone else’s book!
    I am so very glad that you are not having a Poxful Day. Phew! Random Monday on Tuesday – not a problem…
    Just so you know – my day is a bit more cheerful when you post, but I do not feel it is an obligation for you, it just adds some more fun. THANKS.
    Irene in MI
    Going to a baseball game with 3 knitting/spinning friends this evening to drink beer, eat $1 hot dogs, and knit, knit, knit! Life IS good. IB

  37. I think the first few inches of a mitten are the only possible swatch for a mitten. Especially in colourwork. I’m a newish knitter and would be thrilled to win a copy of the almanac.

  38. Oooh! I’d love the Almanac! It’s about the only EZ book I don’t own, and to have the commemorative issue with your intro would make it twice as sweet. (Two of my knitting heroines in one! Who can beat that??!!)

  39. Oh duh! You meant a new edition of the book – not an almanac as in a Farmer’s Almanac – you will get rain the third Tuesday in June Almanac… yeesh – that’s what I get for being a library geek about words like Almanac and Handbook… I’d still really like to get my hands on that book… !

  40. I would love to have a copy of the new Knitter’s Almanac. I am excited to see photos of her projects and the pattern for the February Lady sweater. I have been meaning to make the FLS for a year now. I can’t wait to see a copy of the book.

  41. EZ + SPM is a rockin combo — almost sounds like the projects would knit themselves, but then that wouldn’t be as much fun…

  42. Love the Rogue Roses–can’t wait to learn what yarn you are using…they are simply gorgeous.

  43. Oh, I would love the EZ book. I don’t have anything by her. I am still working with my two sons on their knitting, which I feel hopeful about despite the fact they haven’t made much more than stuffed animal scarves and capes. (They were sidetracked by crochet classes for a while.)The book would have a happy home in the communal library at my house as it would be appropriate reading for my children as well.

  44. Congratulations on writing the introduction to such a seminal book! You must (and should!) be so very proud. I just finished my first Elizabeth Zimmermann project – a baby surprise jacket for my 6 month old firstborn, Darwin, and my mind was blown. The woman was truly a genius. I now really feel like a knitter. Thank-you.

  45. who wouldn’t love a Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac?! not me, that’s for sure. i’d love one. can i have a knitter’s crush on elizabeth zimmerman?

  46. How cool would it be to have a book, a -helpful-, wonderful book that’s connected to not only -one- amazing knitter that I strive to be like, but -two-?!
    I’m kind of slowly getting into this knitting game but I’m thoroughly enthralled with the writings and sharings of two Deservedly Exalted knitters from two different eras, nee worlds.
    I’d be honoured to possess the connection between these two knittin deities and myself.

  47. I would love to have a copy of the new Knitter’s Almanac because I really like Elizabeth Zimmerman’s work and I need inspiration to finally knit one of her lovely patterns.

  48. I’d love a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac . . . . only partly because I want to read the introduction you wrote.

  49. Oh me please!!! Here are my reasons:
    1. I just paid waaayyy too much money on e-bay for an original copy of Knitter Almanac.
    2. I have all your books and continue to read them over and over- each time I laugh out loud!
    3. I have a knitting crush on you and EZ!!! hahahahaha

  50. I don’t have any EZ books, but I have made a few patterns. I love her idea that we don’t always need to have our hand held for every stitch. I’d love to finally have a book by her!

  51. My current copy of the Knitters Almanac really belongs to my Grandmother…It is well worn, marked up with notes, and obviously loved. I hope I win this copy so that I can give it to her and keep her old copy marked up with her lovely notes 🙂

  52. I would love a copy of the Knitters Almanac! I haven’t found any evidence that there is a Never Not Knitting Page a Day Calendar for 2011 and I could use something to soften the blow!

  53. Like everyone else here, I’d also love the extra copy of the almanac 😀
    I’m still a relatively new knitter and do not own any stitch dictionaries and have yet to purchase many other knitting books. (You’re actually the first knitting reading material I found as a blog first, and then as a book, “Knitting Rules.”) I would very much treasure this book, should I receive it 🙂

  54. I am late to the EZ party, but I knit my first Baby Surprise Jacket (though I do not presently know any babies, or even any potential babies) while I was on vacation last month and am now working on the Adult version for myself. I would love to have the Almanac.

  55. I love EZ and think she’s a genius. I already have the Knitter’s Almanac, but if the new edition came my way, I would gift my old edition to a worthy knitter friend who loves EZ, her patterns, and her thinking as much as I do. P.S. I’m knitting my umpteenth surprise jacket right now (finally one for my own little boy) because it’s such a great pattern.

  56. Stephanie, the very first knitting book I bought was The Knitter’s Almanac. (And that’s why I would love love love to win your extra copy.) It was the hardcover edition, on the remainder table in the bookstore where I was working, and it was $2.98 (before my employee discount). It took me a whole month of longing glances to decide I could afford it — this was back in 1978 or so, and I was supporting myself and — most of the time — my boyfriend and his brother on my every-other-week paycheck of $78.78. . . I finally succumbed. I’ve given away countless copies of the paperback since then, and I still love that book!

  57. I would love to have a copy of this book. I just learned to knit two years ago, and I have been going non-stop. Recently, I have been collecting knitting books as much as I collect yarn and needles. I even have a new bookshelf dedicated to knitting. Send it to me PlEASE!!

  58. Because I would really, really enjoy a commemorative edition of something I’ve knitted so much from -Gnome hat is huge hit in my family!

  59. I would love to have a copy of the Knitters Almanac. The librarians are starting to scowl at me for the repeated inter-library loan requests.

  60. I’d love the Almanac! and I hate to swatch too…and I have one more thing in common with EZ than you do! My husband also rides a motorcycle, although he threatened me with divorce if I tried to knit while riding on the back of it. Sigh. It’s so boring back there!

  61. Oooh, the reason I want the book is because it’s been on my wishlist forever and noone will get it for me! 🙂 And what better than the new one with your addition!

  62. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s books have answered many of my knitting questions on cold winter nights as well as encouraged me to try things I was not sure about. I’d be honored to have your extra copy.

  63. Oh! And one more thing! My mother’s maiden name is Pearl. Think we’re maybe related?

  64. I love those mittens and I especially love the colours (if you could see my house, you’d know that’s the colour combo I’ve used to decorate all of my rooms!).
    I’ve been knitting for almost 50 years, but I was never part of a knitting ‘community’ until recently so I’d never heard of EZ or many other knitters/designers until the past couple of years. I have a lot of catching up to do so please enter me in your draw, too.

  65. I had heard about the commemorative edition. I have 2 copies of the book now, and looks like, if I don’t win, will have to splurge on a third.
    EZ is my total inspiration.

  66. i just borrowed “Knitting without Tears” from my library and love it. would love to read more!

  67. Hi! I’d love to have the Commemorative Edition. I love the Knitter’s Almanac and I too feel I share a kind of kindred spirit with EZ, despite age and many other things. Her profound and poetic voice on knitting always speaks to me. Thanks for offering up the giveaway, Steph!

  68. Seriously? Knit East? In New Brunswick? That would make a mighty fine event around which to build my long longed-for Maritimes vacation. Hm.

  69. Ahh yes, “dress mittens”. I have a few pairs myself, very different from my regular everyday “casual mittens”. 😀 And I would love a copy of the Knitters Almanac, as I have *gasp* never read/knitted ANYTHING by Elizabeth Zimmerman – it is my great knitterly shame. *hangs head* Please help me escape my shame, oh Harlotty one!

  70. Stephanie
    love the mittens
    would also love a copy of the book…quite frankly…I could use the help!

  71. I would love to have the Elizabeth Zimmerman book because when I read any of her books I think of my aunt. I love my aunt. She also knits. She used to watch Elizabeth’s TV show on PBS and it amazes me at how little she got out of it. My aunt can’t watch TV or go to the movies without falling asleep while watching so that probably explains it. My aunt was facinated with how fast Elizabeth knit on the show and that also distracted her from hearing any of the knowledge that Elizabeth was passing on through the show. Elizabeth and my aunt are forever linked in my mind. I love them both.

  72. Ooh, gorgeous mittens. Dress mittens just SOUND cool. I’d love a copy of the almanac, because I don’t own any EZ books! My knitting library is tiny (consisting of just one Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book), and I need to build it up.

  73. Sounds like you had a crazy Monday like I did. There’s a new moon either this week or next, I blame that.
    Don’t know what I could write to be chosen for Elizabeth’s lovely book. Let’s just say I want it because it celebrates her and she taught me a great many things as I watched her on our local PBS station when I was growing up. She is the reason I’m a fan of circular needles today. My gran may have taught me the basics, but EZ taught me to be a “Knitter.”
    Peace and joy to you all….

  74. Those gloves are looking fabulous!
    Also, I would love the book, thanks for offering!
    But really, my knitting book collection is dreadful. I could use more Yarn Harlot infused knitting books. And Elizabeth Zimmermann. I just don’t know how it gets any better than that.

  75. EZ- the heroine of many, what an amazing woman. This is shameless but true – another thing you have in common with her. I’ve long wanted to own every book and DVD of hers. Having the one you did the intro to would give me a fabulous kickstart since I already own all of yours!

  76. I would love to have this book, because there is always more to learn and do…

  77. I’d like a copy because EZ is such an icon, and a commemorative KA is a treasure.
    I’m going to check out those mittens right now! I’ve wanted to do some really pretty colorwork mittens for a long time.

  78. Why would I like to have a copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac? Because it is the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac, silly! 🙂 And, obviously because you wrote the introduction, of course.

  79. Well, three reasons: First, if there is a book I own that really should be a hardcover and is not, it’s the Almanac. Mine looks very tired already and I guess a hardcover will hold up much better (to my handling). Second, I really like the drawings in there, but sometimes a little splotch of color and some photographs would help with my imaginative force. Third, the good knitterly stuff is hard to come by in my neck of the european woods. A little gift from overseas would make me feel less underprivileged. Actually it would make me feel quite privileged.

  80. I love the Knitter’s Almanac. I would love a copy of the collector’s addition. EZ is one of my personal heroes. She was the first person I thought of when someone asked me to “Name three people living or dead you would want to invite to a dinner party”.

  81. I was taught to knit before I could read, but the first knitting book I actually did read not just to look at the projects was EZ. I love her organic approach to things, and her sense of humor. I’d love to have it, too.

  82. So when are you speaking/teaching in NY event?
    It’s NOT listed in pdf up on their website…and like I know I’m being totally VIRGO, but did you notice that the list of teachers is alphabetized by their first name????

  83. OH, I would LOVE to have that book. I have been eyeing it (the old edition not this commemorative one) for a long time. And since you have written the forward, well that means double bonus wonderfulness, right?
    Plus I have a sock that has been in time out for almost a month now. I need to get control of my yarn to finish them. 🙂

  84. Talk about random. I just realised that the little squiggle between Yarn and Harlot is actually not an eye or a TV but a ball of yarn with needles in.

  85. Holy crap! Did I read you correctly? You WROTE THE INTRODUCTION?! You have much more modesty than me. I would have spent months talking about it, trying out sentences and requesting feedback, dropping the fact that I was WRITING THE INTRODUCTION into blog posts in which it didn’t really fit, etc. Kudos.

  86. I followed the mitten link and immediately gasped at their beauty. loudly. in a very quiet office setting… Oh well, if that is what these people consider weird I am sad for them.
    Gorgeous mittens, gotta love the tiny tiny stitches!

  87. I almost posted my comment on the wrong blog post–that’s kind of why I NEED the almanac, I need something to keep me on track, if only a book could do that–hey, you should write one. Looking forward to getting that book. Cheers!

  88. I would love the new edition of the Almanac. I am just beginning to learn about Elizabeth Zimmerman and have much yet to learn!!

  89. I don’t have any copy of the Knitter’s Almanac ~ old or new. It seems like I should, given the level to which I’ve fallend for this knitting thingy. So, if I’m not the lucky random winner, then I’ll be buying myself one!

  90. Please pick me for the copy of EZ’s almanac!
    I don’t have any of her books because I have spent all of my knitting book budget the last few years on all of the books by an author named Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. (giggle)

  91. Looks like the mittens are going to be wonderful! I love it when you make mittens because the tiny little needles and the tiny little yarn and the fussy patterns are SOOOOOO gorgeous when you are done – always an inspiration. We won’t even talk about the number of socks I’ve made because I see them on your blog and fall in love.
    I bought a copy of the Knitting Almanac some time ago JUST for the February baby sweater pattern, and then fell in LOVE with Elizabeth Zimmerman. Since then I’ve bought or borrowed all of her books at one time or another. I think you should find someone who doesn’t have the book – or who loves her knitting but doesn’t know EZ, to give your other copy to. You are always so generous with your knittyness that I know the good Karma will return to you a hundredfold.

  92. I am a knitting noob and feel there is so much more to learn and that’s why I would *love* a chance to own EZ’s book. And I love your blog too so the fact that you wrote the intro is like the frosting on the cake. 😀

  93. Thank you so much for offering up a copy to your readers! EZ’s books are such knitting classics, and to have the commemorative copy with your intro would just be a great combination. How smart of them to invite you to contribute 😉

  94. I have been paying too much attention to the news. When I read that you will be at the Vogue Knitting event in New York, my first thought was “wow, I hope she doesn’t take home bedbugs”. Apparently, New York is infested.
    Rogue Roses was the first pair of socks I ever knit in medium weight STR, and I love them!

  95. Of course a mitten counts as a swatch – EZ used sleeve cuffs, which are rather similar. On that note, I’d love to have the EZ book because she was brilliant and I am a huge fan.

  96. A mitten is a swatch of course. Elizabeth said start on a sleeve or make a cap as your swatch. Get some good out of the knitting.
    Would love to have her book.

  97. Congrats on writing the forward!! That is actually very cool. I would love to add her book to my knitting library — seems like it is one of those “core” books like Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns. Thank you for offering!

  98. Knitting Without Tears is the first knitting book I ever bought. I’ve just taught my young friend Liz how to knit, and would love a copy of the Almanac to give to her. Seems appropriate that Liz should get Elizabeth’s book as her first knitting book, don’t you think?
    Love the mittens, BTW.

  99. You can not like New York if you’re a small child (or very short person) at just about the right height to constantly be whacked in the head by everyone’s purses. That would be my brother when he was younger.

  100. I love my copy of the Almanac, but have hesitating ordering the new edition. Now I know why – you’re going to send me a copy!! (please?!) As for swatches, I don’t bother making them either. So many things determine if something will be finished (whether or not I like the yarn choice, or color, or design features, or . . .), why add gauge concerns ahead of time? I’d rather rip out and start over 3 or 4 times if I really love something. If I don’t love it enough to start over 3 or 4 times to get proper gauge, I don’t finish it!

  101. I would love a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book, especially with your forward. Two people who have contributed so much to the knitting world and to my own knitting life in one book – wow. Thanks!

  102. A commemorative knitters almanac?
    OOOH, I’d love one.
    I’ve never been able to find books by either BW or EZ in the (second-hand) bookstores I frequent.

  103. I’m knitting a pi shawl now…and I quote her all the time, and I send my students to her. I send them to you, too!
    glad the pox has lifted.:-)

  104. Oh, I’m thrilled to be “in the running” (however randomly) for a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ‘Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac’! I would treasure it forever, & now that I’m retired, I’ll actually have time to really savour it! Thanks so much for this chance. From another Fellow Canadian, Mary-Grace. (I have your blog saved as one of my ‘Favourites’ that I read regularly…. ♥ )

  105. Oooo! I’m a (relatively) newish knitter…less than a year under my belt. And while I’ve coveted EZ’s books, I’ve yet to own any of them. Knowing you wrote the intro makes it even more drool-worthy.
    And wow, that pattern for the mittens is lovely!

  106. I’d like to win the drawing for the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac because I could use a new copy. My well-used and well-loved copy is falling apart! The updates in the edition sound great.

  107. Don’t know why, but this posting made me terribly sentimental and weepy, over the long string of knitters with whom we all share an extraordinary camaraderie. I love the way you acknowledge these bonds. Really, the only way to stop my tears is to send me your extra copy of the EZ book and change my mood to shouts of joy!!!

  108. I’d love to have a copy of the book. I was just up in Toronto on vacation, and since I didn’t run into you on the streets or in one of the 3 museums we visited, a book that passed through your hands will have to do.
    Lovely mitten.

  109. Knitters Almanac is my favourite knitting book, I wonder how long it will take for a copy to be available in the UK??? Anyway, I’d love to have to not to wait!

  110. Beautiful mitten.
    In all the years that I have been knitting I don’t know that I’ve read this book. I know it sounds like heresy but the first thing I heard/saw about EZ was the commemorative issue of Knitter’s after her death.

  111. I love your random Mondays-especially when they fall on a Tuesday! I would LOVE to get that copy of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac. I’m a completely obsessive knitter, but have had to ***snob*** put down my needles because of tendonitis in BOTH of my hands. I haven’t been able to knit in almost a month and going to have to lay off the yarn for at least two more. The only thing staving off the guys in white coats is reading and rereading every knitting book and magazine I have. Being a poor, recent college grad, that collection is very small. Please give me something new to stave off my withdrawal! Thanks!

  112. I would love a copy of the Knitters Almanac Commemorative Edition. Its my favorite book to give to new-and-excited knitters because it has patterns and stories in it and gives them a bite-size, but thorough introduction to the world of EZ.

  113. May I just say that my detail-oriented self is always delighted that you include lots of links and pictures in your blog? and somehow you always anticipate the rabbit trail along which my mind wants to wander.
    This is another quality you share with EZ, I think – your mind works in an interesting way and you make it easy for others to follow you down the rabbit hole. Not that either of you are rabbits. But you get the point.
    Actually, in this story maybe I’m the rabbit. You are actually more like the cheshire cat. but in a good way…

  114. I would like to be in the drawing for the Knitter’s Almanac. There really is no valid reason for this, other than the fact that I WANT it!

  115. I LOVE my Knitter’s Almanac, and a copy of the new Commemorative Edition might just be enough to wring a “squee” out of me… And I don’t squee!

  116. I am a fairly new knitter. I learned how about a year-and-a-half ago because my son asked me for a handmade sweater out of the blue. I took a class, selected a pattern, and started reading everything I could find about knitting.
    Early on I ran into your blog and wish to thank you for making knitting, making mistakes, and persevering, feel OK. I have had much encouragement from you, your books, and your stories. I have read a lot about EZ and even have one of her books. I would be honored to have one more. Happy mittens.

  117. Wow! Winning the Commemerative Edition of The Knitters Almanac would be phenomenal. Surely your introduction is lovely and I look forward to reading it (even if I have to buy a copy).

  118. I’m from Michigan’s UP, I ~totally~ get the idea of “dress mittens”. 🙂
    And it would be lovely to have a copy of the Commemorative Knitters Almanac, then I could forc… er, ~gift~ my Knitters Almanac to a deserving knitter friend who has yet to experience its wonder.

  119. I would love and cherish a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac and can’t wait to read your foreword. I wouldn’t have to keep borrowing the single copy from our local library.

  120. I LOVE EZ! Like some of the other commenters, I had no idea that a new edition was in the offing, but it’s thrilling to find out. How nice, too, that you are part of this along with Meg. I would be overjoyed to have the book!

  121. I would love the book becaue I am a fairly new knitter and have lots to learn yet, like anything fancier than ribbing.

  122. I would love to own that book. I have always wanted to have it and the fact that it would have an introduction written by you would add to it being special! I never swatch for socks and mittens…seems to me that if I don’t get guage I will rip, and if I do get guage, then I am ahead of the game. After all, they are small.

  123. You are my Elizabeth Zimmerman…is that sacrelige ? But seriously, I think that you have inspired knitters in much the way she did. In your own way. You are a more accomplished knitter than many of us will ever be, and yet you screw up and share those screw ups with us. It makes me feel that I can do anything in the knitting ‘verse.
    I’d love a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac…all the more so because it has a forward written by you.

  124. I love EZ’s practical knitting advice. The Knitter’s Almanac is the first book of her’s I purchased. I would love to own this edition. Great Stuff.

  125. I love the mittens and am SO SORRY you have to rip them back but oh well, consider it a swatch and then you can tell people that “yes, you swatch”.
    I fare very badly in random draws, but on the off-chance that this is that one in a billionth time I might win, I would love to have the knitters almanac to replace my farmer’s almanac which I have to say has not been terribly useful to this city girl.

  126. Super news to have written the introduction. Congrats! I am a huge fan of Elizabeth and an addicted knitter to boot!

  127. What could be better than a book by EZ? A book by EZ, with an intro by you, of course! And perhaps signed by you as well? (Have you fainted from all the flattery yet?)

  128. This is the first time I’ve heard of The Knitters Almanac. through 40 years of knitting my source was always my mom or my aunt. Now they are both gone and I am learning to reach out for my knitting commeraderie. You, Betsy McCarthy (if she will ever blog again)and Ravelry have been filling my void. I hope you’ll send the treasure of the Knitter’s Almanac to me. Perhaps you would autograph your pages fo me. Plus — I can provide my guest room for you if you ever want to come see lava flowing or knit in a tropical rain forest. 😉

  129. I have to tell you that you are my favorite living knitter, EZ is my favorite of all time. I’ve never knit any of her “unpatterns” but I will read her books (any of them) like novels. She speaks to women from a time when women were supposed to be getting away from “womanly” arts (that’s right, I said arts) like cooking, cleaning, knitting, child caring, etc, and made it feel feminist to be non-feminist. I think that after all these many many years, the fact that she can touch us all means a lot. Please can I have the book?
    PS I’m really sorry about the crappy day that you had…

  130. So I’ve been feeling rather guilty about how much yarn I have in my stash, really its enough for about 50 knitters. Until I read your post today. “I collect yarn.” Why have I never thought of that, I’m not hoarding, I’m collecting! Its perfect.
    2011 is my year of mittens I decided. I love mittens. Love them, but in St. Louis we don’t get as many opportunities to wear them as you lucky Canadians. But I don’t care, I’m going to make myself so many mittens that I’ll have to wear them when its 105 out just to wear them all.

  131. I’ve never read the Knitters Almanac or any of EZ’s book. Please enlighten me by sending this way.

  132. I read Knitter’s Almanac when I need a laugh. I read it when I need a gift. I read it when I don’t know what to knit next. I read Knitter’s Almanac when I have something to learn and I recommend it to knitters I know. My copy is well used and well loved. And maybe it would like company.

  133. I have EZ’s knitters almanac and would love the Commemorative Edition because I love her!! She is my idol! And so are you, Stephanie!!

  134. My mom passed away a couple of years ago. I hoped that, along with several other books, I would receive her copy of the knitters almanac. Sadly, her husband decided to have a garage sale instead of sharing Mom’s books and yarn with my sisters and me. As I don’t have one, I’d love to win a copy- Mom loved Elizabeth Zimmerman, and I love trying to knit what Mom knitted!
    And I see you wrote the foreword- how cool is that!
    Thanks for putting my name in the drawing.

  135. I remember borrowing Knitters Almanac from the library, reading it like it was candy. The book was a relevation, and the fact that I don’t own the book already feels like I’ve been derelict in my duties as a knitter.
    I think mittens are small enough to count as a swatch provided you don’t finish the whole thing before finding out that they are not the correct size.

  136. Why would I like the Commemorative Almanac? I’m a newer knitter, and Knitting Without Tears was the first knitting book I bought. I liked her attitude, so I cast on, and the rest is history… if by history, you mean piles of yarn and pattern books by the bed.
    Thanks for being willing to share!

  137. A mitten is definitely small enough to be a swatch. The trick is to remember to check the gauge on it before knitting the second mitten (something I seem to have trouble remembering).
    I would definitely love a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac; there are just so many things in there that I want to knit!

  138. Would love to have a copy because I love the gull lace and the February Baby/Lady sweater!

  139. I had heard that you had purchased one of my daughter’s knitting patterns (I am so proud of her talent). I went to your blog to read about that and saw that you are giving away a book. I would like to add that I have your page a day calendar, Never Not Knitting so I feel like you speak to me daily! However, right now I am not knitting because I have developed lateral epicondylitis (also commonly known as tennis elbow) and can’t knit while I try to make it better. What am I going to do….I dream about knitting? I am going to have to read about knitting for awhile to satisfy the craving while learning new things and dreaming of new projects. An Almanac of EZ’s plus your intro would be just the thing.

  140. I’d love a shiny new copy of the Knitter’s Almanac– my copy is looking rather dog-eared and tired.

  141. Don’t get mad at me, but I have yet to read anything by EZ. I would love the COmmemorative Edition to break that truely dastardly knitting offense.

  142. Hooray for too-random-to-fit-in-a-day days. I would very much like the EZ book, and here’s my pitch: I’ve been knitting for less than a year but am completely obsessed (just ask my husband, or the other 12 people I’m knitting Christmas presents for this year–no I’m not kidding. And I don’t even have Lene to make a schedule for me); I do not own an EZ book, nor have I ever, and this makes me sad; things are really bad at work and I truly think that knitting is saving my sanity (which is actually sort of a corrolary to my first point). Thanks for your consideration.

  143. Getting your copy from EZ’s book would make me happy. See you in NYC in January. Maybe you will bring your mittens.

  144. Ooh, I’d love to have that copy of Knitter’s Almanac…it’s chock-full of great stuff, and made even better by an intro from you!

  145. I would love your spare copy of the updated Almanac–it looks like there will be so many beautiful photos. I think it’s the perfect book to really help me understand knitting structure and how things are put together.
    Also, people from the NE coast of the states also believe in, and approve of, dress mittens!

  146. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those mittens.
    And I’d love to have a copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac so I will have something knitterly to read on the days I’m so disappointed when you don’t post to your blog.

  147. a commemorative edition of an EZ book? doesn’t everybody want one? i’d love to have it and join the ranks of the cool kids who own one 🙂

  148. I would absolutely cherish a copy of the Commemorative Edition of The Knitter’s Almanac – especially with your introduction. I have developed a serious case of castonitis and want to knit an EZ design. 😀

  149. I would love the book because you are to me what Elizabeth is to you–except for the age thing. (Extra credit for kissing up?)
    Can’t wait to see the socks on a model!

  150. I’d be thrilled to add the commemorative edition of Elizabeth’s “Knitter’s Almanac” to my knitting library. I reread it all the time–I love to read about knitting :).

  151. I would love the Almanac because I have never seen it, and would like to read something new to me about knitting.
    I know you may not read every comment, but I have a
    If you are not getting gauge on Size 1 needles as called for in the pattern, do you really have to go down to 0’s or 00’s? Yikes, I don’t think I can hold needles that small.

  152. Sorry, Steph. I have lived in the land of the ice and snow at least 10 years longer than you and “dress mitten” is an oxymoron.

  153. Of all of EZ’s books, I think I love “Knitter’s Almanac” the best. Such wonderful writing, such wonderful patterns, such an awesome attitude towards life and knitting! This is an edition any knitter would be thrilled to have on the bookshelf – please include me in the contest.
    And – congratulations on being the person to write the introduction!

  154. I would love a copy of this book. I actually don’t have a copy, but have been meaning to buy it for a while! I have never read any of her books and would love to learn from her!

  155. I think EZ is a genius. I made her Ribwarmer for my always-chilly husband and it’s brilliant. Brill. Iant. I think you’re a sock knitting savant, faster than a speeding bullet, and a real top-notch word-slinger. Reading your blog has made me a better, braver knitter and helped me see that knitting isn’t brain surgery, no one gets hurt if I screw up. So I hope you pick me for the Commemorative book. Thank you.
    P.S. Blue isn’t one of my fave colors but I love your mittens.

  156. Love the mittens, which have been in my Ravelry Favourites for a while. As for the Knitter’s Almanac, well – with 40+ years of knitting experience, I have never owned an EZ book – is that a shocking admission!

  157. Lucky us – you’re giving away a copy of a treasure of a book, with a gem inside!! I am a book lover so I can say I’d like to have it just for that reason, but the fact that it is a knitting book by a Knitting Guru with a forward by our own current day Knitting Goddess – what more could a plain-old, everday knitter ask for?!? Thanks for sharing!

  158. WOW a chance to win an EZ book – count me in. Each time I read her books – I find something new to learn or inspire me. Thanks and good luck to all.

  159. Please put me in the running for the EZ book–simply because having something both you and she wrote would be uber-knitty-nerdy cool. My two heroes!

  160. I believe myself to be worthy of such a book, because only a kindred spirit would have a dream the other night about…
    Making a pizza.
    To give as a wedding gift.
    Said pizza was a double-crusted extravaganza, folded over into…
    wait for it…
    a Baby Surprise Jacket.
    [Even I can’t make this stuff up.]

  161. The socks and mittens are lovely, even though one is sans model and the other is now departed and restarted.
    I would love a copy of the EZ book because (gasp!) I have not read that one. I know, I should hang my head in shame, but there you have it. Please help me! 🙂

  162. Ah, love that mitten pattern! And absolutely mittens are small enough for a swatch (just like socks)!
    And that book! *Drool!* Whenever I get too caught up in the details and the stress of knitting — quite the opposite of what I knit for! — I turn to either EZ or you to remind me that this is my project and my knitting, and no knitting police! Would love a copy!

  163. Knitting books are a tricky thing. Kinda like knitting and yarn. Once you get started you cant stop! I would love to be included in the contest for another GREAT book!

  164. I would love a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac because I have this wonderful fantasy of actually knitting each piece each month, ala Sock o the Month club…and everytime I read EZ, something she says just “clicks”. You know what Im talking about.

  165. I would love a copy of the new edition of the Knitter’s Almanack mostly because my personal copy has been used so often it may need to be replaced soon before the cover falls off.

  166. I would LOVE a copy of the anniversary edition of the Almanac because I can’t find my copy of the regular edition of the book anywhere. I’m pretty sure my toddler squirreled it away somewhere I won’t think to look for years. She really liked “reading” it. This is problematic at the moment because my knitting group is knitting several patterns out of the book this year. While I’m quite sorry that I can’t find my book, I feel some amount of satisfaction at my daughter’s good taste to steal this one from me!

  167. I totally love Elizabeth Zimmerman. She has made me a better knitter and much more willing to take risks with my knitting! A copy of the Almanac with your introduction would be wonderful to have.

  168. Please add my name to the gazillions of others longing for the book Sadly, I only have one EZ book so far — I’m trying to build up my knitting library, but I keep getting distracted by other things (e.g., yarn).
    I desperately wish I lived in a place where gorgeous dress mittens like those made sense! Atlanta’s winters are mild, and if you don’t pay attention for a couple of weeks, you miss them.

  169. Please don’t enter me in your contest….. 171 knitters have already beaten me to it, and I reckon the odds will just get worse as the day goes on. I am going straight to Schoolhouse Press to order myself a copy! Thanks for letting us know it is out!

  170. Why do I want the Knitter’s Almanac?
    Why do bees buzz?
    Why do cats purr?
    Why do coffee pots gurgle?
    Why, I want the Knitter’s Almanac to add the crisp pages and new book smell to my collection!
    Just a few of my favorite things…

  171. I added that book to my Amazon wishlist as soon as you mentioned it, then read on about the chance to win it.
    I’m a new knitter, long time crocheter, and don’t have any EZ books yet.
    Good luck with the dress mittens! I might need to make some myself, come to think of it. ^_^

  172. I would very much like your extra copy of The Knitter’s Almanac, because I somehow have made it more than 32 years on the planet without ANY copy and that is no good. Especially when you consider that I have plans to (some say, when the children are bigger) work through the book as written, doing the projects in the appropriate months and everything. Oh god, when I write it out that sounds crazy.

  173. Just registered for Knitting for Speed and Efficiency, Parts 1 & 2 at Vogue Knitting Live….can’t wait!

  174. How about the fact that it’s a book combining my two favorite knitters ever? You and EZ. And my iPhone tried to autocorrect knitters into knotweed, which I didn’t even know was a word. Thanks for the chance!

  175. As much as I love knitting and crave knitting time, the process can be daunting. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Almanac would inspire me to persevere.

  176. I was reading EZ’s words of wisdom last night in Knitter’s Workshop. A copy of Knitter’s Almanac would be sweet! Thanks!

  177. I check in with you every day.You are an inspiration to me. And funny too. I’d love a copy of Knitter’s Almanac

  178. Because I am a little bit crippled by fear, as regards a design project I have taken on for christmas last year. EZ is able to talk one down from things like that. Also, would donate rull retail price to tricoteuse sans frontier. Keep up the good work.

  179. I would love a copy of EZ’s book! Maybe you could even sign it for the lucky winner??

  180. I had no clue there was a commemorative edition coming out, and right-clicked on the link so I could order a copy as I was reading your #4…so I suppose my reason for why I want your extra copy is because I cheap :), but was going to get my own anyway…except if you pick me? I’d be ever so grateful as, well, I am cheap… :).

  181. That’s a beautiful sock and a beautiful mitten! Oooh I would love to be the winner of the book. I am always lusting over EZ’s books but have yet to get one.
    Thank you so much for your blog, I love reading it.

  182. I’d love a copy of EZ’s book….knitting has kept me through good times and bad…
    I’m sitting here in the hospital waiting to be induced to have our first child….and knitting booties is helping with the nerves!

  183. I already have the 80s edition of this book but if I win the newest edition I could give my older book to my best knitter friend who covets it.

  184. I have a number of ‘dress mittens’ and plans to add more to the pile. Living in northernish Ontario it REALLY doesn’t take long to get to the idea of ‘dress mittens’ and hats.
    Please, please, please pick me for the EZ Knitters Almanac. That is my absolute favourite knitting book. Elizabeth’s ideas are so empowering. I try to convert all my knitting friends to Elizabeth!!

  185. I can’t think of a reason not to want the Knitter’s Almanac. However reasons to want it, we’ll start with what a classic work it is, move on to how cool it is that you wrote the introduction, and end with “wouldn’t it be fun to spend a year knitting with her?”
    As an aside I found your comment about gauge particularly timely, as yesterday’s page in your page a day calendar, ended with the following words: “I don’t want to blow our image as kind, generous, giving people, but I do want to suggest taht if gauge actually worked, we’d give away a lot less.”

  186. Stephanie, so great to have you and EZ in the same book. Send it my way, please. I’m unemployed and looking for more projects to use up my stash.

  187. The socks are so yummy I would probably keep them for “”best”” like some other things I have and never wear, just look at them every so often and put them away. the dress mittens would likely join in on this “”best”” stash. I have a paperback of EZ’s Almanac and quite a few of her other books too and my mind boggles at the things she drempt up and knit. I like to read these books and shall pass them on to my niece.

  188. Count me in for wanting a copy of EZ’s Almanac. It would be like having a knitting pro right at my fingertip. And the forward written by you? Icing on the cake.

  189. I would be overjoyed to receive this new book as it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to visiting I-O-W-A, let alone have a book/knitting gig here.
    Also, EZ brought the happiness to so many of my friends with her wit and wisdom, as well as myself, how could I not enjoy the new book?

  190. I can’t wait to see your dress mittens. I am jealous of how fast you knit. If I had your speed I wouldn’t be a yarn collector:)

  191. I would love a copy of the Almanac. Those mittens look wonderful – I can’t believe we’re already getting into the Christmas knitting season!

  192. Dag.. How about how I’m a loyal reader and various other kissing up comments to worm my way into your heart and have the book worm it’s way to my house???

  193. The mittens are great–I too consider starting them a guage swatch and never check until too far along. Sometimes I just continue and hope to find someone with big hands who likes the pattern.
    A commerative edition of the Almanac! I need to watch the news more; did not know it was coming down the pike. I would love a copy; my current copy has taped pages; notes all over, both written and post-its; I have used it, loved it, and still go back to repeat, with a twist, patterns.

  194. I’ve been knitting for 10 years, I’d never heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman until this year. I think you should send it to me and educate my ignorant butt! 😉

  195. I’d love a copy of the book. I’ve been knitting for a few years now & still haven’t acquired any of EZ’s books…bad me.
    Looking forward to seeing more of the mittens!

  196. Umm…who wouldn’t want their own copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac?!? I would love to have that book so I can go from knitter to Knitter.Lovely mittens as well. Unfortunately, it is 90 degrees here today and my hands are just sweating at the mere thought of mittens.I know in a few short months I’ll be begging for a pair…

  197. I’d love a copy of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac, and here is why I would. I came to knitting because of you. I saw your first book in a bookstore, and I loved the cover design and that you got a book contract because of (in part? in whole?) your blog, so I bought “Yarn Harlot: the Secret Life of a Knitter” even though I’d never read your blog nor knitted. And I fell in love with knitting because *your* love of knitting was so palpable. Later on, though, it was buying “Knitting Without Tears” by EZ that finally got me *really* knitting. I loved her seamless sweaters as much as she did, and I promptly set about knitting several of them in a row for my kids. Not only did I love her patterns, I loved her voice. For instance, when writing about pockets, she says, “If you can’t match the wool, pretend you wanted them in a contrasting color.” When responding to the question from a knitter, “Do you tie in your yarn?” she responds, “Heavens, a KNOT?” and you can just hear the affront in her voice. The final thing I love most about EZ is her conclusion to chapter 1 of “Knitting Without Tears” where she writes, “I shall have failed in my endeavor if you copy my designs too slavishly; they are intended only as a guide, so be your own designer.” I have some sort of ingrained response to seeing a list of rules or instructions – I must deviate from them at some point! It warms me to know that EZ wants nothing more than for me to be myself.
    So there you have it! If you were to mail me this book, I might even undertake all the projects for 2011, although I must admit that I’m nervous about whatever is listed under “Nether Garments” for September.

  198. Love your rants and mittens. Someday I hope to visit Canada and bump into you at a LYS.

  199. I’m also tickled by the Random Monday on a Tuesday!
    I’d love a shot at your extra Knitter’s Almanac. I’m a relatively new knitter and Elizabeth’s words keep me going a lot of the time! (As do yours – you at least have that in common!)
    Plus it will help ease my gauge-pain. My flat and in-the-round gauges aren’t matching up at all! Not the end of the world, but I’m thinking it might be a good justification for a glass of wine…you know, to loosen the gauge that’s too tight. Purely practical.

  200. I read The Opinionated Knitter a little while ago, and found the whole thing simply inspiring. Not only the encouraging spirit and the genius construction, but she just makes it sound (and feel) so effortless. There’s an icy blue yoked sweater in there that haunts me still.
    I’ve only just dipped my toe in the pool of knowledge that is EZ, and I’d love to get my mitts on the Almanac.
    Plus: reading your blog today was my five minute break from writing cover letters for my (seemingly endless) job search. Wouldn’t you hate for me to go away amused but empty handed? (Maybe that’s a little heavy. The blog is enough, truly.)

  201. I would love a copy of the book! EZ’s wit and humour never cease to amuse me, plus I would love to knit up a few things for some friends who are having little ones in February!
    I find your extra-random Monday winding up on Tuesday hysterical 🙂
    Take care!

  202. Dress mittens! FTW, yes!
    And I need a copy of that Almanac – I’m not nearly as fearless a knitter as I’d like to be!

  203. As the only resource for conversational knitting patterns, it would be great to have the Almanac.

  204. I found EZ via Cat Bordhi and Personal Footprints Book #1. I was so impressed with how modern all the new knitters were. I had been knitting about 45 years at this time. I thought EZ the most forward thinking knitter and promptly went and bought all her books. Then discovered that she had died many years earlier. I was so disappointed about what my knitting could have been if we had been introduced much earlier. Would love a copy of the commemorative edition.

  205. Oh my gawd, there are a million comments! Of course I would love a copy of that book! I’ve used the library’s copy several times, and to have my own, and a commemorative edition, and with a Yarn Harlot introduction… well, who could refuse!

  206. I hate gauge too and I don’t really do it either (why do it when you can just rip it later with a “refreshment?”)
    I would love the book because I’m new to knitting and don’t really have a good idea of who this EZ is (I understand she is a goddess of knitting, not literally, but that is about it). I have a measly collection of knitting books so far (one) and think that this would be a great and holy addition to my collection.

  207. LOVE the start of your Dress Mitten!
    And I’d LOVE to get the book! EZ gave me permission to be the boss of my knitting and helped me understand how to do that!

  208. I love EZ and think the February Baby Sweater is the most beautiful pattern. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book!

  209. Oooh! A color edition with added goodies. I’d love to have a new copy of the Commemorative Edition Knitters Almanac.
    I like your Rogue Roses pattern. Nice sentiment about wild roses.

  210. I would love to have that book, not as much as attending the 2 events that you mentioned but none the less I would still love the book very much.

  211. I’d love EZ’s Almanac, because it’s always good to learn more about knitting and who better to learn from.

  212. EZ rules!
    With that book I would be able to hand-sell it to every library in my area…and her knitting wonderfulness would be available to everyone (regardless of religion, political leaning, gender or economic strength) far and wide.
    Glad you survived that awful pox…

  213. I’m a new knitter and live vicariously through your blog with all of the beautiful, wonderful pieces you knit. I might actually benefit from this book to take me to the next level above scarves and easy projects like that.

  214. I’d *love* a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac but I wish I had a good reason to prove why I need it. Can’t we just settle on, “I’m a good person”? I am, really. On vacation in Toronto for one day, I made my husband take me to Lettuce Knit, where I bought my BFF a skein of baby alpaca/cashmere/silk. I also bought myself a LK tote and two lovely skeins of sock yarn, but that’s beside the point. BTW, Megan is just such a sweet person, and she tolerated my yarn geekiness so well, she deserves a copy too. Just talked myself out of earning that copy, didn’t I? 🙂

  215. When I was a new knitter, and knew not the power of the internet, nor the wonder that is Ravelry, I had a hard time teaching myself.
    My local libary had a few knitting books, so I just picked two rather at random and took them home. The authors were Maggie Righetti and Elizabeth Zimmermann.
    While EZ was much too “pithy” for a beginner to understand, she did have a great philosophy to be the “boss of your own knitting” and a very common sense approach to the things she knitted. She showed me what I could aspire to become.
    Maggie Righetti was all no-nonsense and firm, logical explanations, and showed me what I could accomplish now, and how and why to go about it.
    I still am nowhere near EZ’s understanding or proficiency, but I am forever grateful that the first knitting teachers were these amazing ladies.
    (And I’d love to be randomly chosen!)

  216. I would love love love a copy of the Knitters Almanac! I’ve been in a wee bit of a knitting slump, and I think this book will provide enough inspiration to move forward. Thanks for sharing your life with us out here in the blogosphere!

  217. Those are some pretty incredible dress up mittens and the season is fast approaching where I’ll need some (it was cool enough yesterday that I considered putting on some fingerless mitts – didn’t though – summer needs to last as long as possible). I wonder what size needles I’ll need to acquire to get 10 stitches to the inch?

  218. Would love to have the new edition of “The Knitter’s Almanac”! What an honour to be invited to write the introduction – you rock!

  219. So, hypothetically speaking, if one had always wanted to do a tour of the maritime provinces and if there just so happened to be a knitting retreat there, I wonder where one would fly into and out of from say Seattle? Must research.
    Of course I also see that Lucy Neatby has an adventure knitting camp in the Yukon next summer as well….
    I need more time off!

  220. Really bad summer here, not only did we have a record# of days over 90 in St. Louis, but my allergy medicine quit and I developed new allergies at 46. I’ve actually regressed to crochet. I could use a hit of EZ to renew my interest in pointy sticks.

  221. Those dress mittens are abfab. I’m a firm believer in “fancy” mittens for when I get to be a lady and sit in the passenger’s seat. I’ve been doing some of Charlene Schurch’s because I like her thumbs, but they’re sort of masculine, or at least not feminine. Yours are beyond feminine. Just super.
    I, too, would love to be in the drawing for the Almanac. I’ve made EZ’s surprise jacket and have used her percentage formula for sweaters that fit. What a mind she had. The extras in this edition alone are worth the price of the book.

  222. I don’t have the Knitter’s Almanac yet and don’t know why not. So I would really like to a proud owner of the new edition. Love EZ and anything I have of her’s.
    I think that mitts and socks can substitute for swatches, not that I do that but Hey you are the Harlot and you can do anything you want. It’s your yarn after all

  223. I would really appreciate the anniversary edition of EZ’s Knitters Almanac. Thanks for the contest.

  224. I would like the book because I don’t have it yet. And really, isn’t that what all the reasons boil down to?

  225. The Knitters’ Almanac was my introduction to EZ. I bought it knowing nothing about her or how amazing she is (I know technically she’s passed on but she continues to be amazing). I’ve knit so much from it my copy’s falling apart. Besides, I think you rock and not just for the knitting and want to read your introduction.

  226. Personally, I also find the “random Monday” on Tuesday to be hilarious. Apparently we have the same sense of humour. And you’re right — there should be a phone number we can call to get a sock model of the right experience and size.

  227. I’m so glad they’ve reissued the Almanac. It’s been on my list of ‘knitting books I’d love to own’ for some time now. Thanks for the contest.

  228. I would love a new copy of Knitter’s Almanac! I bought a used copy many years ago. A few less years ago I lent it to my EWSMIL (evil, wicked step-mother-in-law, NOT!), and only recently got it back. I also didn’t know there is a new commemorative copy out. How cool that you wrote the new introduction for it. How much cooler if you signed the copy you’re giving away!!!!!!!!!

  229. I’ve just started a PI Shawl to honor EZ’s 100th. I’d love to receive the Knitter’s Almanac!

  230. Stephanie: I enjoy the original so am sure I would enjoy this special edition even more, and especially because of your introduction. Would you sign the forward for me? Thanks

  231. Beautiful mittens and right there with you on the randomness of yesterday. Kiddos are back to school tomorrow and that just dragged the random right into my Tuesday.
    EZ Knitter’s Almanac!!? Weird! My mom (who is Canadian and taught me to knit – I think I wrote to you about that?) – found a very, very old copy of this book in her basement about a week ago. In fact, we think it is a First Edition. Its so old and so cool, that I am afraid to open it and read it. To that end, I would love the opportunity to own a copy that I could actually, uh, use!

  232. I remember EZ’s column in Vogue Knitting long before I could knit (they used to have crochet patterns included) and it was always an inspiration. I’ve never read Knitter’s Almanac and the library doesn’t have a copy.
    I’d love to be re-inspired again.

  233. I don’t have any copies of EZ’s books, though they are coveted (being a stay at home mom on a limited income will do that to my library budget). I love the fact that knitting is a continuous craft and can be traced back from generation to generation, all of us connected by two sticks, some yarn, and an urge to create. And it’s pretty cool you wrote the forward!

  234. I have just won an eBay auction for the wee-bit-litigious Alice Starmore’s OOP book Tudor Roses. However, I am a greedy little knitting piggy and I would loooove to have your spare copy of TKA! It will be cherished always.

  235. Love your blog and would also love your extra copy of EZ’s commemorative book – who wouldn’t!!??

  236. how does one begin to state or explain why one loves and admires Elizabeth? From a knitting perspective it is obvious, but if you ever read her book about her life, you begin to discover what an incredible and fascinating woman she really was! then you add knitting genius on top of that and well! words simply fail! 🙂
    ps: love the mittens already!

  237. Oh, yes…I’d LOVE a Copy of that Almanac!
    Why? I don’t have it and you love it. I love anything you love…knitting-wise!!

  238. Dress mittens! (I get it, but I live in MN, so I would). I also love the idea of a commemorative edition of the almanac.

  239. I would thoroughly use and enjoy a copy of Elizabeth’s Almanac….maybe some of her knitting genius would rub off onto me!Thanks for the chance to win….

  240. I’d love to win that book because I don’t have any EZ books at all and I know everyone’s crazy about her and I want to find out why. Is that a good reason?

  241. Your randomness made me smile. And teaching in NYC? I agree. What’s not to love about that?! I miss the days when I lived there and could take advantage of all those fun and exciting cultural events. Southwestern Indiana has a dearth of knitting events but it’s home now.
    I would love a copy of the Almanac. It’s been on my wish list for a while. I fell in love with an EZ quote before I even knew who she was. I think that makes us kindred spirits too.

  242. I love the idea of dress mittens. The only reason I don’t have a pair is that they look too cold to keep my fingers warm enough. I could line them with polar fleece though… there’s an idea 😉
    My reason for wanting the new edition of the Knitter’s Almanac: I would love to gift it to my friend and fellow knitter A, who will be going back to her home province soon and will be making all her knit sibs cry into their knitting (not a pretty sight).

  243. I don’t have any of EZ’s books and have never knit any of her patterns. I would love to have a copy of the Knitter’s Alamanac signed by you!

  244. I love to knit, and I don’t have an Elizabeth Zimmerman book in my home library! Gasp! Thanks for the chance to fix this. :o)

  245. I don’t have any of EZ’s books and have never knit any of her patterns. I would love to have a copy of the Knitter’s Alamanac signed by you!

  246. If you could be so kind, I would greatly adore the Zimmerman book for my library. Elizabeth and I have something in common: we are both complete Leos and share August 9th as our birthday!

  247. Would love to win a copy of the almanac, especially with thoughts from you included. Also must know more about find your own food Fridays.

  248. I’d love to win a drawing for an EZ book! I have several of her books already, but not that one.

  249. Stephanie, how can you so slyly slip in a drawing for an EZ book with your introduction??? One of us could have missed that. But I’m seriously glad that I didn’t so that I have a chance to win the new edition of Knitters Almanac — I love that book!!!

  250. I just realized that the difference between me and the other people in my knitting group is that I became fearless after reading Knitting Without Tears. I adore EZ and am trying to turn my group on to her & get them to take more risks. The Almanac would help me, and them. So if you give it to me, I’d be sharing it with seven or eight other people; and because I’m a librarian, I could also share it with 1000 more.

  251. I would love to have your Commemorative copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac not only because I feel a deep connection to her when I read her stories but I’m in the middle of spinning the yarn for the February Lady Sweater and would like the pattern with your intro.

  252. Why would I love to have a copy of EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac? Well, for starters, I haven’t got one, and the one in our library system is quite hard to get a hold of. (Or rather, it’s popular, so you have to wait a while, and it’s rare that you can actually renew it!)
    One signed by you would really put the punch in… Thanks for offering it!

  253. I want a copy of that book so badly that I just ordered one of my own. I have LONG wanted a copy of the book with modern color photographs, and here they are!
    Not to mention Steph’s intro.
    Normally, I’d jump up and down and say PICK ME, but when I want something this badly, I can’t wait! (Plus, I wouldn’t be that lucky.)

  254. Much like many other people who have posted, I have a severe lack of any EZ books, and as much as I love knitting I feel this almost akin to a preacher being without her bible. Having a copy that had been handled, signed, breathed upon etc by one of my other Knitting Deities, well, just makes it that much better.

  255. Lovely mittens! Oh, how I’d love the EZ book, because she is one of my superheroes. I’ve been using her ideas for years now, and I try to get all knitters I know to read her books. My very favorite thing is in Knitting Without Tears, where she talks about wool sweaters for babies–after all, babies are washable, too! I love to read her wisdom on all kinds of subjects.

  256. I’d love a copy of the commemorative edition of Knitter’s Almanac. Your and EZ’s insights are the kinds of things I repeat to my students, and I dare to hope that someday I will be the kind of knitter EZ was and the kind of person you are.
    That might seem kind of obnoxiously sycophantic, and it’s possible that if I wasn’t slightly tipsy I wouldn’t have said it, but hey, it’s true.

  257. Why would I like to have it? Well because of course parts of it is written by my two knitting heroines, SOme parts more than others. ANd because my copy was lifted by an unscrupulous knitter – they do exist – and has never found it’s way back home again. It was devastating to say the least. And did I say I can model socks? Size 6.5 – 7 shoe (36-37 European). For you Steph, any time.

  258. Love love love those socks. And it would really make my day to receive the commemorative copy of EZ’s Knitters Almanac.

  259. I would love to have the Commemorative edition of Knitters Almanac because EZ is in my pantheon of intrepid women who do amazing creative things, and even though I have at least two copies…it’s…it’s the Commemorative edition!!

  260. Elizabeth Zimmerman and Pearl-McPhee? That would be a treasure! And I love your mittens. Someday I will get brave enough to try something like that!

  261. Love the Rogue Roses. Might just have to bump them to the top of my queue. Thanks for the chance at the commemorative EZ book. Who wouldn’t love to win that?! Just sitting with one of her books in my knitting chair feels like standing in the presence of God.

  262. I would like the copy of the Almanac because mine has gone missing. I took it with me to be sure I had good vacation reading. This I remember. I ended up never removing it from my bag, which means it is again in my house. In a knitting bag somewhere with goddess knows what UFOs…I need a new one. Thanks.

  263. I love to read knitting books, both how-to and about, and have many including all of your’s Stephanie. However I do not have any by EZ and would love to win this one. As an added bonus, I live in Toronto so the postage wouldn’t be too high!!! Love your blog; check it every day. Keep up the good work!

  264. Don’t you have someone in your very own household who aspires to be a professional sock model? Seems I remember a whole post about that….. 😉
    I would love to have this book because, hey, it is a knitting book by a black belt knitter with an intro by another! How irresistible is that!

  265. I will be at KnitEast and I CAN’T WAIT to meet you in person! I have signed up for your Grok the Sock class and I am seriously so excited I am driving my family bonkers!!

  266. I have heard about EZ but have not yet had personal experience. I would love to find out more through this book.
    Love your sock idea, if I could knit socks as quickly as you do I would join your self-imposed sock of the month club 🙂

  267. I would love a copy of the Knitters Almanac. Knitting is my life these days. Being a SAHM with 2 year old twins it is the only indulgence I can afford or find 10 minutes a day for. The fact that you wrote the intro is more reason. I am currently reading everything you wrote as I find your writing hilarious and inspiring. If you need another reason, Elizabeth Zimmerman wrote the first knitting book I ever read. She inspired me to move beyond scarves. Enough said.

  268. Oh, I’d love to win! I had a no idea a new version had come out. I have checked that book out of the library more times than I count – it really is time for me to just add it to my own library.

  269. I work in a 911 dispatch center, so Elizabeth’s quote to “knit on, through all crises” hits pretty close to home. While I can’t literally knit through said crises while at work, there is not a day where I don’t have some knitting near me- whether it’s handwarmers, hats, blanket/shawl or my du jour WIP knitting bag. Winter finds me liberally offering up a knitted good to fix someone’s being cold. (More than one worker has suggested I may as well just put a storefront up in my locker. I can’t let somene NOT be warm! It offends my knitter sensibilites). Some days, it’s just knowing there’s a great project waiting for my lunch that helps me get through the stress.

  270. I have that same issue with hats…once you’ve knit a swatch, you’ve knit half the hat anyway, so why swatch. If you have to rip, you have to rip.

  271. Random post, random contest, random reason why I deserve the book: I like knitting and well it’s by 2 of my favorite authors so…(pretty pretty please, pick me! pick me!)

  272. I’d love the Knitters Almanac! I wish I could say that even if I didn’t win, I’d march right out and get it. But alas, I am on a fast. A yarn, book and pretty much everything fast. Some days you just can’t afford your rock n’ roll life style.

  273. I would love a copy of the commemorative issue. That was one of the first knitting books I bought and the binding is falling off. I love the idea of color photos, too.

  274. Hey, me again!
    I wonder about the mitts, why would you call these mitts La Joie du Printemps, spring means no more mitts and those ones are so pretty…I bet you they can make someone like winter!

  275. I am new to knitting, and have yet to begin a library on the subject. From everyone else’s comments, the book sounds like a wonderful addition (to something that doesn’t exist, of course)…
    And I LOVE the colorway for the socks!

  276. Those mittens are stunning! And I don’t even have a good excuse for knitting mittens, living here in San Diego as I do (note: this has not stopped me).
    I’d love a copy of Knitter’s Almanac, as I appear to have given away every copy I’ve ever gotten (that book strikes me as the ultimate way to convince people to stick with knitting forever); I almost bought a new one this past weekend, until I realized that it wasn’t payday yet. Soon, soon…

  277. Ooh, Knitter’s Almanac. I was all set to buy this book from my most local of LYS’s on Saturday, and then one of my lovely knitter friends inadvertently beat me to their only copy! I had no idea a commemorative edition was on its way or even available. Who could resist color photos and a new introduction?

  278. I would like to be in drawing for Knitter’s Almanac. I have loved this book for years and gave a copy of it to Aunt Agnes who taught me to knit when I was 10 (about 27ZM years ago)and to other favorite knit-people.
    (to figure age it’s 27,27a,28b,etc, then 27aa,27ab)

  279. dress mittens and gloves are a necessity even here in BC, i ride a scooter you see! 😉
    i would love a copy of such an amazing tome as the knitter’s almanac sounds like!
    thank you for all the inspiration and knit up the good work…

  280. I’d love a chance to win the Knitter’s Almanac, as of this very moment I’m in a war with the student loan people who say I owe them more this month than I should. Seeing as how I can easily lose this battle (they say they’ll tell the credit people should I keep arguing) I likely won’t have the spare change to pick up a pop let alone a new book for a while

  281. I love your random Monday (ahem… Tuesday) posts! They always remind me of how life really is quite random in many ways for everyone. I would love to have the new EZ Almanac! With my impending divorce, I certainly won’t be able to afford it on my own any time soon so it would be like a present to commemorate my new, independent life.

  282. I do Monday on Tuesday -a lot-, so I honestly get how funny that really is.
    For the Random Picker: It would certainly be lovely to have a copy of EZ’s Special Edition with your introduction; but in reality, I am about to cast on the Fisherman’s Hat and my weaving and spinning Guild’s 1981 Dover edition in paperback is a wee difficult to read (small print). My eyes will thank you.

  283. Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon for a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac (which includes some special Yarn Harlot words). What a great combo.
    I also love the swatch mittens. I’m sure the second time around will be better.

  284. All I can say is that I need to learn ‘properly’ and she is the queen, apparently.
    Can I have the book, please?

  285. I’d love a copy of the new Knitting Almanac. Mine is old and battered (and doesn’t have YOUR forward in it). And, besides, if I had a copy, I could write up a review for Knitting Scholar!

  286. I would be eternally greatful for such a wonderful book! I’ve oohed and awwed over EZ books but never can fit them in the budget! Hope my number comes up!

  287. I would love the copy of Knitter’s Almanac. I borrowed my grandmother’s copy (she’s who taught me to knit) for a while and loved it, but she eventually remembered she’d lent it to me and took it back…

  288. EZ is my second favorite knitter ever. You’re the first.
    (By random selection, I figured you meant she who sucked up to you most)
    P.S. The mittens are beautiful!!

  289. Way. Cool. I had no idea there was a new Commemorative Almanac was in the works!! Much love for Oueen EZ!!!!

  290. Delurking just to admit my desire for the Knitter’s Almanac. I’ve recently completed my first ever pair of socks, does that count as a reason?

  291. I’d like a chance at the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac, because I admire EZ tremendously, use her sewn bind-off on all my socks, and would like to immerse in the workings of a brilliant mind — maybe some will rub off!

  292. I would love a copy of The Knitters Almanac. I have been knitting and spinning for years and still dont own any of her books.

  293. I lust for a Commemorative Almanac.
    Love the mittens. Love the socks. Aw heck, love you too while I’m at it.

  294. I would very much love a copy of the book. I recently discovered EZ and have none of her publications as of this date. Pretty please?

  295. Random Monday falling on Tuesday? Good thing I wasn’t drinking beer – woulda sneezed it out my nose.
    Following the same logic, maybe the random selection for the book should go to someone who didn’t ask to be included…
    Wait. Did I just disqualify myself?

  296. I would love a copy of the new Knitting Almanac. That is one that is definitely on my ‘wish list’.

  297. I enjoy Elizabeth Zimmerman’s writing because it’s like the book form of being at a Knit Night. She teaches amazing knitting techniques while telling a story or two (or loads). Her writing is fun, sassy, informative and entertaining — and isn’t that really what all writers are trying to achieve?

  298. This is the first I’d heard of the commemorative edition of the Knitters Almanac, and I’d love to have one.

  299. of course I’d love to get the EZ commemorative, but I don’t deserve it; I could afford to buy it, I’ve been lucky in drawings others have run. But I do look forward to reading your foreword when I get a copy.

  300. I would love to have the Commemorative Knitters Almanac. I taught myself to knit last Fall… I love it! I’d like the book, well because it’s E.Z. And I don’t have my own copy… Thanks for the chance…

  301. Yes, yes, yes, me, me, me, please, please, please. . .
    Random Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Thursday. . .
    No Problem ~

  302. I probably don’t deserve the almanac since I am so new to knitting. But I’d love to have it as my first volume of knitting library – I know I’d be in good hands learning from it. I read your posts religiously as much for the writing as the knitting – I love the way you use the language. (I’ll continue even if I don’t win the almanac.) However, if I don’t win it I won’t be buying it anytime soon, since my husband has lost his business due to the uncertainty of all this healthcare legislation hullabaloo. Since he encouraged me to start knitting and it relaxes both of us when I do, I’d love to welcome the almanac to live with us.
    PS I love the rogue roses – the yarn and pattern seem born for one another.

  303. I think you should give the book to me because I gave my Knitter’s Almanac to a new knitter who I was trying to encourage and now I am almanacless (if that is a word).

  304. Love your “too random for a monday” post. Seeing your Rogue Roses socks makes me want to get out my kit and get them done up. Spring-like socks being knit up as fall approaches-that’s my sort of random.
    I’d love to have the commemorative copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac-it’s definitely a hole in my knitting library. Though I’ve knit many, many socks, I have yet to tackle a sweater for myself, and I need a bit of knitting mojo from someone who encourages one to ‘be the boss” of one’s knitting.
    (and I have some STR Grimms Willow Wren that needs to be made up into a Baby Surprise Jacket, as well)

  305. Would love your extra copy of the great EZ’s Knitters Almanac. She has been special to me ever since I read Knitting without Tears in the early eighties. Knitting changed for me when I read her book(s) even if I don’t always follow her slavishly–but then I don’t think she would want anyone to do that!
    Love your blog and read you daily plus your books.

  306. I absolutely love the mittens that you knit and this pattern looks like another lovely addition to your collection. It doesn’t hurt that blue is my favorite color and I love blue and white.
    I would love an edition of the almanac. Any copy of anything by EZ is inspiring and every knitter should have books that inspire them. That was circular logic, sort of, but I find myself motivated to knit things that are increasingly harder because of books that remind you that knitting is just knitting after all and if you follow directions, you can do just about anything. If I didn’t believe it, I never would have attempted my first sock.

  307. I would love a copy of the book. I am a huge EZ fan, and would be honored to have it.

  308. I would love a copy because, sadly, I haven’t read it yet! It’s one that’s always on my gift lists but haven’t gotten it yet (and I usually don’t buy books for myself).

  309. Is there anyway to make links on your blog open in a second window. You post such good link that I would love to have them open, get completely disctracted, finish reading your post, then go back to the linked page if needed.
    Maybe I am crazy, but its a complete compliment to the links you add! Ravelry and Vogue Knitting in one post!

  310. EZ is one of my most-favorite famous knitters – probably because her writing reminds me of being taught how to knit by my Grammy. The two of them would have been a pair!
    Love those mittens – I wish it got cold enough for them here in California.
    Anyway – I hope you pick me!!!!!

  311. Thanks for a great idea to knit with my Romney homespun yarn. Mittens! I love the Knitters Almanac. That book and Knitting Rules are my must take along books when ever I travel. How great it is that you wrote the intro. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  312. I borrowed my sister’s copy in the past and was sad when she asked for her Almanac back. I would love to have my own…

  313. Love, love, love EZ. My mother went to her knitting camp about 30 years ago. I wish I had gone, too. Send the book my way.

  314. I grew up in New England. I totally get the “dress mittens” concept.
    I think you and EZ have much in common – a fierce pride/love of family; completely immersed in the art of knitting; an adventurous spirit; a strong writer’s voice; and a fabulous sense of humor, to name but a few. No wonder you were chosen to write the intro! Congratulations.

  315. I have read so much online about Elizabeth, and since I’ve been collecting your books for a couple of years, I’d love to start collecting hers 🙂 EZ might be your mentor, but you are mine– I’ve never read of anyone else who freaks over the things that freak me (moths anyone?).

  316. I had a male knitter re-introduce EZ to me just last month and her EPS. He was awesome and inspired me and if I wan’t all ready married I would be chasing him for all I am worth! I would love to have this book but if I don’t win this book, I’ll just go out and but one. Hope that doesn’t take me out of consideration….I rarely win anything.

  317. Discovering The Knitter’s Almanac is when I realized there aren’t really “rules” in knitting, but guidelines and that what you need above all else is common sense and critical thinking. This was the first knitting book I read late into the night, reading, not knitting, because suddenly I understood what I was DOING when I was knitting. I would love a copy with your forward – it would be a treasured book in my library!

  318. I am so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t swatch “little” things like mittens and socks and hats and small wraps and…well I don’t swatch anything. Oh well. My knitting I can do what I want. Almanac copy would be awesome, it’s the first knitting book I ever read!

  319. Would love the spare Almanac copy – Elizabeth Zimmerman reminds me of my Grandma Gladys, who taught me how to knit when I was 5 years old – a spitfire, no-rules knitter herself – reading Elizabeth is like going home. (I still knit with Grandma G’s aluminum needles from time to time – and I can still hear her voice even now – “If you like it and are happy with it – then that is all that matters.” Miss you, Grandma.)

  320. just out of curiousity, what do you do with all your socks??? can’t imagine how many pairs you have!

  321. Beautiful, think I might be making my first pair of mittens.
    Humm…seems to me I remember reading, in someone’s book (a blogger I read daily) to always, always swatch…????

  322. I think I would enjoy your copy of the book very much because you are the first knitting hero I had and I am very much enjoying learning from all these famous knitters writing. Also, the Almanac was the first Elizabeth Zimmerman book I bought, so to have a copy where you wrote the intro would be extra great!

  323. I have no very good idea why you should send me the Knitter’s Almanac, other than I love all knitting books and haven’t read that one yet.
    Please please please!

  324. Lovely randomness to great a wet west coast Tuesday. To recieve this classic book celebrating this amazing woman’s special day would be simply wonderful to this “newbie” knitter and always cherished. Thanks YH!! (And as a transplanted nothern Alberta gal, dress mittens are the only way to go!!!)

  325. Twenty-five years ago I opened a knit shop and one of my first customers “introduced” me to EZ. It was life-changing.

  326. Why would I love a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac? Well for one thing, Elizabeth Zimmerman is a knitting goddess and heroine, and everyone deserves a copy of her books in their library, and because I’m about to have a baby, and quite frankly, if I buy something else (like another book, or another skein of yarn) I think my spouse might have a heart attack, or kill me. >>

  327. Those gloves will turn out to be beautiful! I’m not in Canada, but I’m in the Midwest in the United States, where we do get to experience a solid winter. And I have had my eye on trying out some “fancy mittens,” although I don’t think they will make an appearance anytime soon (baby is arriving in two weeks, and I somehow suspect knitting might take a back seat).
    Anyway, I love EZ – I only discovered her a couple year ago, and I am hooked; she’s like a dear aunt who also happens to be a knitting mentor. I would love to look through the commemorative edition Almanac.

  328. I’m sure EZ would have a thing or two to say about that gauge thing. You MUST acquire your own gauge! Check Your Gauge. I would love it if you sent that copy to me please. Also, my new kitten E.Z. would like it too. (guess whom she is named after.)

  329. I would love a copy for two reasons – 1) I plan on casting on for a February Lady as soon as I finish a sock and 2) knitting art! 🙂

  330. I have had an unrelenting knitting crush on Elizabeth Zimmerman since I first picked up a copy of The Opinionated Knitter. I want to be Elizabeth Zimmerman. I’d take that for even just one day. What an amazing woman.
    I love your fancy mittens. Here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t have much use for such a thing, but they’re fab.

  331. Love your sock pattern! Love the blue and white mittens. If my knitting skills ever evolved enough for me to make something as lovely then I’d have the mittens framed and suffer cold fingers. I’ve never read an Elizabeth Zimmerman book before (hanging head in shame), but after Sock Summit ’09 and listening to Meg Swanson and the illustrious panel of knitting experts celebrate E.Z.’s greatness I’m intrigued to no end. I’m going to add her book to my wish list. Cheers!

  332. I love Elizabeth Zimmerman and don’t have a copy of the original book. I’d love a chance. Thank you! I love the pattern and color on your dress mittens. Can’t wait to see them done.

  333. I would love a copy of the book. I’m a rare knitter who has never read EZ (I know, blasphemy!), but have had her books on my Christmas wish list for years.

  334. I think you should share your extra copy of the book with me because I only learned about Elizabeth Zimmermann this summer (from you!) and my local library only has Knitting Without Tears. I love her style and her conviction that I can do anything. She reminds me a lot of you that way, reading your books and blog have inspired me to try things in knitting that I never would have tried before and helped me become a Knitter (or even a KNITTER)!

  335. Oh Stephanie, I would love that spare copy of the Knitters Almanac. I actually learned how to knit from my Mom’s copy of Knitting Without Tears. I was 9 years old and home sick from school and I found that book and just fell in love with the lady who wrote it. It was the first time I realized that writers actually have an individual voice. And I still have my copy of that book (hardcover with the dusk jacket baby) with my name written in the front in my fourth grade handwriting.

  336. Love your beautiful sock pattern. I would love to have a commerative copy of the Knitter’s Almanac. EZ taught me to think about what I wanted my knitting to look like, and then how I could accomplish what I wanted. This sure came in handy when I ran into mistakes in printed patterns.

  337. Delft blue and white-ish, looks like. Dress mittens indeed!
    I would LOVE to own this commemorative edition of the Knitter’s Almanac! It’s one of my favorite works of Elizabeth’s: between the projects, and the narrative parts. She sounds so close and earthy and alive when I’m reading it. And when I was up in northern Minnesota this summer, working on a shawl, at the lake: I absolutely thought of EZ, and felt a kinship.
    It’s so cool that you had the opportunity to write the introduction. Amazingly cool. How many of us ever get to pay such a tribute to one of our heroes?

  338. Elizabeth Zimmerman! Ooooo Ahhh. Maybe I should try her books now that I’ve read all the Yarn Harlot’s!

  339. I don’t have any of EZ’s books, but I’d like to throw my name into the running. I’m originally from Wisconsin and feel like I have a definite connection to her. I can’t wait to read your intro!

  340. I am just geeky enough that you had me at “Commemorative”… I would love to receive the book and would totally use it and brag about it far and sundry!

  341. OOOSssshhhh. I’ve deleted everything from Vogue Knitting thus far. Going from snow to snow – West to East, was just going to be too much for me. But now that YH is going to be there, gosh, I’ll have to really consider spending the $$$ for a friend and me. Lottery where are you when I need you?????????????
    Love the mittens. Getting ready to reform my gloves from last season into mittens. They are still sitting on the needles!

  342. I taught myself to knit in the ’80s. I used to borrow the Knitter’s Almanac from my library. It was like having a fellow knitter as a friend. No one else I knew knitted, so the book was friend, teacher and reference all in one.
    I hope the book goes to someone who loves it.

  343. How wonderful that you were asked to write the forward! I’d love the book just for that, but I also feel that EZ is a kindred spirit, in as much as we both love to knit. I’ve read several of her books and I can’t (or don’t) think about knitting and making knitted items the way she does, but I so enjoy her notes, her knitting and especially her ramblings.

  344. Congrats on the intro. That is an honor!
    I only recently picked up the Almanac at the library as it’s not within my reach to purchase it right now (dang kids like to eat, like every day!).
    The writing style and subtle humor are really right up my alley. I’m enjoying it and will hate to return it to the library though I know I must so that another knitter can discover this hidden treasure.

  345. You and Elizabeth Zimmerman both inspire me so much both as knitters and as women, so I’d be honored to have your spare copy of Knitter’s Almanac!

  346. I’ll tell you a short story….. Here I am at “coughcoughyears old:)” Been knitting since I was 5, that is ALMOST 1/2 a century ago! I have knitted just about everything, usually without a pattern. All my children, grandchildren, husband and relatives have something that I, at one time or another, have created. I do other crafts as well, lots of sewing (I have a sewing store), but knitting….knitting is in my blood. So one day, on a miserable trip I stopped at a knitting store looking for healing…and I find one of your books, which I devoured in the next few days. Some weeks later I came across your blog through Jenn Little’s “looking glass” (she seems to be a fan as well!) and learned that you are indeed a “gifted, approachable, question answerer, down to earth person”, that knits shawls and socks like none can. You “Knit what you preach”!
    So I ventured into lace knitting….and learned a whole new dimension with two sticks and string…and I am loving it….
    But wait!! There’s more!!!! How exciting that you will appear in yet, another magazine….well deserved….congratulations, well deserved….

  347. Pick me, pick me!! My old copy of the Knitter’s Almanac is really getting worn and I promise to treat the new edition with just as much attention.

  348. Dress mittens? Living in Florida, this term is near meaningless to me. I do, however, have a dress swimsuit.
    As for the new Knitter’s Almanac, well, I need it because I need it. I have no EZ books and I’m barred from the knitters’ playhouse until I get one. Those are the rules.

  349. OOOOOOhhhhhhh. I need this book to go with the 1974 copy I bought for 10cents at a garage sale last weekend. I thought I would have a stroke right there. But I stayed calm and handed over my dime like it was no big deal. I didn’t even look inside till I was home. And it is filled with little notes in the margins. An absolute gold mine.

  350. Thanks, Stephanie … I know I won’t have a chance … but it’s good to thank you for being there and for all you give to so many people. I’m delighted and proud that Meg asked you to write the into to the KA..
    Elizabeth Zimmerman has been in my life Spun Out #2!!!
    and my copy of Knitter’s Almanac is held together with an elastic!!!

  351. I’d like that extra one. Why? Because I love you both! That’s pretty simple, but the truth.

  352. OK. So I missed it. I looked all thru the Vogue Knitting schedule, and I didn’t see Stephanie or YH classes anywhere, except for the bio. Did I miss it???
    Definitely thinking of spending the $$$. January, well, that is a lot of thinking going on!

  353. I would love a chance to win this book. I plan on buying it as soon as it comes out (assuming I don’t win of course). EZ is my knitter’s crush!

  354. I’d love the extra one as I don’t have it and since I’m a huge fan of YOURS (talk about a knitter’s heroine), I would love something that came from you.
    As for swatching, pfft! I can’t be bothered as it’s 50-50 as to whether or not I get gauge anyway. Also, even when I GET gauge, there’s no guarantee that it will fit then either. I take my chances.

  355. Elizabeth Zimmermann set me free from being a blind follower of patterns. I was fortunate enough to attend knitting camp twice in the mid 80’s and have such great memories of Eliz. and Meg.

  356. I’d love your 2nd copy – you and EZ are two knitters I most admire, although I have to say that if I was going to sit and knit with one of you, I’d choose you — EZ’s a little scary! (And I’m not just saying this in hopes of influencing you to draw my name!)
    And I need to knit a new pair of stranded (warm) mittens – mine barely made it through last winter. It’s nice that something so pretty can also be so useful.

  357. Okay, first, I need the EZ book because I have never owned or even read an EZ book and don’t you want to convert someone new to the awesomeness that is EZ? I thought so.
    Second – how on Earth do you get such lovely evenness in your colorwork mittens? I started the “Tree Mittens” from Vogue Knitting, and I cannot for the life of me keep them from pulling in, no matter how long I leave the floats! I just think colorwork is beyond me! I’ve given up for the moment, after starting them for the third or fourth time (I haven’t frogged the latest try yet, but I probably will. I don’t love it.).

  358. I just finished those mittens and love them so much. I to had difficulty with gauge and finding the right yarn but they are done now and in my gift drawer. And I am crossing my fingers that you pick me to get a copy of EZ’s Almanac because mine got “damaged” when the cat threw up on it. I washed it down but you know –

  359. I am 73, but still impressed by EZ, and by you, and by all the super-talented, creative folks who ply their needles. I’d treasure the book. Please sign it, too. Thank you!! Nancy in N MN

  360. OK, so like every other knitter on the planet, I’d love the Commemorative Edition of Knitter’s Almanac. I’ve been admiring Ms. Z’s style, techniques, enthusiasm, skills, for a long time, but was totally overwhelmed by all of the above. I finally finished the February Lady’s Sweater in time for her 100th B-day celebration at my LYS and actually wore it!
    For the first time ever, I had a sense of Knitting History outside of my family. At the celebration, we had a teacher there whose mother had gone to Knitting Camp with EZ in the 60s! That very teacher had talked to Meg Swansen just that very morning! We learned about I-cord, EPS, knitting two-handed multi-colors, and after-thought heels/pockets. Now it is my personal goal to read all her books, learn and knit as much as possible by her 101th B-day.
    Next project? The Baby Surprise Jacket for my friend’s grandson-to-be. She’s making the 6 month version, and I’m making the 1 year version.
    Please pick me! Please pick me! Please pick me!

  361. I taught myself to knit from a book almost as soon as I was reading. I knit for years before I discovered Elizabeth Zimmerman and she has become my reference for new techniques. I however don’t own the Almanac and would love to have a copy from your hands.

  362. I can’t find what class you’re leading/teaching at the Vogue Jan knitting event. i’ve read the entire catalog and don’t see your name anywhere. Can you give us a clue where to find you there? Thx!
    BTW, would love the EZ book. Thanks for the chance.

  363. why would I like the new Almanac??/ Well, then I could give my daughter back her copy. she keeps asking for it!

  364. I would love to receive a copy of the book because it would just be so fun to read and get inspiration from.

  365. I’d love a copy of Knitters’ Almanac because the first EZ pattern I made came from it, and it would be nice to have a special copy from my second knitting hero- you!

  366. Please add my name to the Random Generator for your extra copy of EZ Knitter’s Almanac.
    One contraindication would be my overseas address and expensive postage to get it to me.
    A positive would be that I would love to own it, two authors whose writings I love, wrapped-up in the same edition.
    Love the Rogue Roses pattern, having been initiated into the delightful possibilities of slipped stitches increasing variegated yarn appeal, thanks to Joy of Sox. I think I may buy your pattern in the future – when I have finished a few pairs of socks already OTN. You were right, resistance was futile. Thank you for a good-looking pattern, whose winning introduction reminds me of my past flirtation with old roses.

  367. Why would I like a copy of the Knitters Alamanac? I hear so much about EZ since finding the online knitting community a few years ago but for some reason she has never been big in Australia where I live. So it would be lovely to be able to see for myself all the great stuff that is EZ.
    Thanks Stephanie!

  368. I’d love the book. I don’t own any EZ so it would be wonderful to have.
    I’m totally with you about mittens being a swatch in and of themselves. Actually I take that tack with all knitting…just start the project and measure after a few inches. I figure all the time I save by not knitting separate swatches more than make up for the few times I need to rip after a few inches. Heretical, I know.

  369. I would like the book because–like most Americans–I have Canada-envy and this would at least have at some point been touched by an actual Canadian. (sigh)

  370. I’d love to have the book – it’s been on my “should buy” list forever and now a commemorative edition! It’s like I knew I should wait!
    The mitten colors are lovely. My hands are bigger than yours if gauge is off again and you feel you need a mitten model and/or recipient. 🙂

  371. i’d love to have the almanac because i’ve never had the old one… sadly, i’ve never even read a copy of it, at all. 🙁 clearly, i need to be enlightened.

  372. Wow- a commemorative editon of EZ’s Almanac! How wonderful; put me in the drawing! Good luck with the mittens — it’s lovely wool.

  373. ooh – nice to see that you are revisiting your old patterns – do you make them up exactly the same or do you tweak them when you remake them?
    And I would also like to claim your extra copy… In a concerted effort to save money I sacrificed buying knitting texts and magazine subscriptions (and to an extent, yarn*) when i was pregnant with my baby (who is now 4 months old). I do have all the other EZ books, and a couple of DVDs so this would really help to complete my collection…
    *my partner sacrificed beer (to an extent) so don’t feel too bad about the yarn.

  374. Oh, mittens are totally their own swatches! So are hats, gloves … anything small. Or sweater sleeves even. I’m with you on this.

  375. You are so luck to get the new almanac I’ve just moved and the only EZ book I can lay hands on is the Almanac. I’ve been reading it at night before going to bed. It is such a great book. I’ve read it so many times, but I always seem to learn something new. can’t wait to get the new one.

  376. I’d like to win that book. I did win some years ago from you, in the Knitters Without Borders giveaway; I got a skein of Opal in the tiger colorway. With that yarn, I knit a pair of socks for my Dad and he was inordinately proud of them (and he could see them — he was nearly blind, but they were very colorful). He couldn’t walk, so they had no wear, and when he died I gave them to a charity for homeless guys…but I wouldn’t give the book away.

  377. Knitter’s Almanac is a wonderful book and EZ is a hero in the knitting world. Thank you for the giveaway.

  378. I’d love to receive Elizabeth’s book! I live in Wisconsin, so we share that in common!! I kind of shrink back in saying we’re both knitters—mine does not compare! I think her writings are so interesting — she must have been a fascinating person to know and spend time with.

  379. Because of Elizabeth Zimmermann I knit what I want, when I want, how I want and if it doesn’t fit me, well, it’ll fit someone. I’d love a copy of the new edition.

  380. I would love a copy of this book. I would take it to my knitting group most of which are still working in schools and I would have a random drawing and give it to one of my friends that aren’t retired yet. Working in schools ,not for the weak and they really need to relax and knit. They have earned every page. 🙂

  381. I would love to have the Commemorative Knitter’s Almanac. Why? Because everyone who knits should one of course!

  382. I would love to win this book since I have never owned anything from Elizabeth Zimmermann and probably should.

  383. Blue and white are my favorite color combo. Those mittens are going to be awesome. And I’d love a copy of the commemorative KA for much the same reason as everyone else: EZ taught me that I could use my brain when I knit.

  384. A commemorative issue of EZ Almanac – how very cool and of course I’ll need to have it…whether from you or from a shop! I carry my paperback of this book EVERYWHERE I travel because it is one of two that remain with me in my permanent travel knitting bag. The other is your own, Knitting Rules! Not sucking up, truly, these are simply the two books I would not be without.
    Love the new mittens – especially the color! Thanks!

  385. I was going to pass on entering your draw — how many knitting books does one person need? (I’m asking because I have TMS (Too Much Stuff). However, I was thinking of asking you if a lace shawl was a reasonable plane knitting project. I have the opportunity to go to Japan but need to fly with minimal knitting (I’m trying not to panic). Researching patterns on Ravelry suggested EZ’s Pi Shawl in The Knitter’s Almanac. Coincidence or destiny? Your call.

  386. I would love a copy of the book. I love Elizabeth Zimmerman’s patterns but I do not yet own a copy of any of her books, I have been getting them out of the library. It is a super bonus that you wrote the introduction.

  387. Ah EZ… first thing I ever knit was from her book Knitting Without Tears. The Tomtem jacket, made of spun wool from my drop spindle. I found out near the end of the project that I was knitting through the back loops. I still like twisted stitches.
    I’ve always meant to pick up the almanac, but somehow never got around to it.

  388. Sweet mitts Ms McPhee, blue and white never goes out of style.
    I’d love to have the EZ’s almanac because I’m in the beginning stages of acquiring a knitting library, and all the books seem a bit weightless without the sound authority of a veteran like Zimmerman to stand next to.

  389. I should recieve the book because I love EZ and the yarn harlot AND I just graduated from nursing school and will have so much more time to read knitting books and KNIT !!!

  390. Oh, what a fantastic combination: My first knitting hero’s book with a forward by a current knitting hero! Please, random gods of numbers, draw mine! TIA

  391. I love the color combination in your Rogue Roses socks! What is the yarn?
    I would love to add EZ’s book to my present collection of two of her books. “Knitting Without Tears” was the first book I bought on knitting that got me truly excited about the craft…’way’ back in college. Thanks for the chance to add to the knitting library!

  392. I would love a copy of your copy of EZ book.. to have an EZ book touched by The Yarn Harlot! My two heroes.

  393. I should surely have the book because every time someone asks me “If you could have anyone over for dinner, alive or dead, who would it be?” (and this happens more than you would think), I ALWAYS respond “Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Elizabeth Zimmerman” which is usually met with a resounding “Who?” (Sorry!)

  394. EZ- from WI like I am. Just an amazing woman way ahead of her time. I’d love to have the book and go away to camp! Mary

  395. As a new knitter I have enjoyed your blog as a inspiration of where I could get to in the kniting world – I’m a quilter. The book would be a great start to my new passion.

  396. What a beautiful combination for the mittens. Please enter me into the draw for the EZ book, I have not had the pleasure of reading many of her books and I have loved everything that I have read that you have written.

  397. The beginning of a mitten is definitely small enough to be a swatch! My new favorite not-a-swatch: earflaps!
    Oh, and I would looove that book. I don’t have the Knitter’s Almanac yet, although I’ve meant to buy it for quite awhile! EZ is brilliant and inspiring.

  398. I would love to own (rather than check out of the local library)the new edition of Knitter’s Almanac, with introduction by you. The reasons are many, and the WANT is strong!

  399. The way I see it, having my very own copy of the book would allow me to have a piece of my own kindred spirit, since you wrote the foreward and all…and then I could quote EZ like my mom does.

  400. I have taken great inspiration from Elizabeth and from Stephanie. Great knitters but also astute observers and commentators about the world and what is good in it. I would welcome this book.

  401. While searching Ravelry for exactly the right project to cast on, no matter how I go about it, I always end up queuing an EZ pattern. Eight of the last 10, to be exact. I keep checking my knitting library, certain that I will find it on the shelf, but it’s never there. I do not have this book. I just KNOW this book.So I guess I need this book, right?

  402. Two or three years ago a graduate student at U of Wisconsin-Madison did her graduate work on EZ and set up an amazing gallery with many of her original sweaters and swatches. At the end of the self-guided tour, we found some students knitting her patterns sitting around a TV watching a VCR tape of EZ teaching. I never read her books, but to see her handwritten notes/drafts was just amazing.

  403. I’d love a copy because I’m funny that way. Never too many books, and what bettervthan one I’d learn from?

  404. Woo! I’m only entrant number eleventy-billion and one! Pick me anyway! Come on random number generator! I want that book!

  405. I’d LOVE a copy of the book because it’s a necessary addition to any knitter’s library, and the addition of the Feb. Lady sweater is a GREAT one.

  406. I’d love a copy of the book, because you and Elizabeth Zimmermann are my two favorite knitting authors, and to have you both in one book is as perfect a match as hazelnuts and chocolate 🙂

  407. I didn’t even know that there was a Knitter’s Almanac! I would love a book with both my favorite (you) and EZ, whom I have not read, but have heard nothing but good things about! Thanks for brightening my day! You have really inspired me to keep trying new things in my knitting!

  408. Those mittens are gorgeous! Please put me in the drawing for the Knitter’s Almanac. I have been knitting for years and have never read an EZ book. This would be my chance correct my oversight.

  409. Although I own a copy, I would love the commemorative edition because it’s a great book & you wrote the intro! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  410. I’d love a copy of the book, because you and Elizabeth Zimmermann are my two favorite knitting authors, and to have you both in one book is as perfect a match as hazelnuts and chocolate 🙂 Those socks are lovely, too.

  411. Elizabeth Zimmerman has always been like a cherished aunt to me. She taught me so very much about knitting. I learned to knit continental style because of her and, man, that was hard at first. Now, I can’t imagine knitting any other way. I never say her name without a sense of reverence and awe. She’s a knitting goddess, no doubt about it!

  412. Elizabeth Zimmerman and You in one book makes it truly a prize! EZ opened my eyes to so many wonderful possibilities – and you have made being a knitter “totally cool” in the words of a much loved teenager of mine 😉 Would love to be added to the drawing 😀

  413. Well, I can think of nothing more entertaining that a knitting book, and since I don’t currently own any EZ books and would love to have some, here’s hoping I win this one.

  414. I’d love to own that book!! I’ve never had a copy of it, and my EZ library is pathetically small (one lonely book).
    The mittens are lovely, BTW. And random Monday on a Tuesday is a stroke of genius.

  415. I fell in love with EZ with Knitting Without Tears – she got me through a really rough patch on my first sweater. It’s a hobby, she reminded me. Having you and her together in one book would be a wonderful combination!

  416. I’m knitting my first fair isle sweater, using her book as my pattern/reference. It’s handspun from one of my favorite sheep and I’m having a blast working on it.

  417. Oh, I’d love to win the EZ book. Can’t wait to see your socks on a model. They look beautiful.

  418. I’d love a commemorative copy of the almanac. I have my EZ books right up there with my MFK Fisher books: knitting and cooking, pretty much life’s best. From their writing, I think EZ and MFK F would have liked each other. I wonder if they ever met.

  419. I would LOVE a copy of the book!!! I need that book. No, really, I do. It would help with the brand new anxiety — daughter that moved out last year has now moved back in — not yet grown but old enough to think she is! EZ is wonderful for relieving anxiety. See, I TOLD you I NEED that book!
    The socks are gorgeous!

  420. Hi! I would really like a copy of the book because I’m a back-to-basics kind of girl and that is certainly a back-to-basics sort of book. The fact that you wrote the intro is just gravy. Can’t get enough Yarn Harlot!

  421. You would have loved the gallery display a graduate student put together recently at the U of W-Madison (maybe two or three years ago). She had studiedEZ’s work and had many of her handwritten notes, handknit sweaters and swatches, and publication correspondence. At the end of the self-guided tour were students knitting EZ’s designs while watching a VHS tape of her teaching. I never read one of her books, but was inspired just the same!

  422. One of my knitting bags has a quote painted on it, “Knit on with hope and confidence through all crisis. Elizabeth”
    I think the book would fit into it quite nicely along with one of my current projects.

  423. I was thinking about learning to knit, then I stumbled onto your blog. It convinced me to take the plunge, between you and EZ and I have fallen in love with knitting. It would be amazing if I had an EZ book that at one time had been handled by you (if that is too creepy forget I wrote that)

  424. I would love the copy of EZ’s Almanac.
    I have heard its a fantastic book for any knitters bookshelf.
    Please enter my name in the draw

  425. I’m a huge fan of yours, and am also completely intrigued with knitting history and the people who stand out in it. My one EZ book has made me really appreciate how timeless knitting is, as well as her charisma, and it would be awesome to have two of my knitting celebs’ writing in one place!

  426. perhaps if i read it, i’ll believe her when she tells me what lace is.
    and if i got it, i would also consider this beer debt of yours to be paid in full and then some.

  427. I would SO love to have a commemorative copy of EZ’s book. I bought Knitting Without Tears when it first came out back in the 70’s (yeah, I know – a first edition!!). It changed the way I knit and made Knitter vs. knitter out of me.

  428. I love the yarn you’re using for those mittens.
    I’d like that book because I keep buying exotic lace books instead of any of hers, but I think that leaves a bit of a hole in my knitting library.

  429. EZ is one of our knitting icons and I feel the same about you. Together the book becomes precious and needful. You’ve been a grand inspiration to me and I especially value your humor.

  430. Oh, Elizabeth Zimmermann and Knitter’s Almanac! I can’t think about EZ without picturing my two little girls in their pink Tomten — so cute. They are 16 and 20 now, where is that jacket?

  431. Oh hell yes! And well, because, you just can’t live without some EZ in your life.
    I am glad you restarted the mittens definitely worth it.

  432. EZ! I would love a copy of the almanac. In fact, since reading the comments, I now need to knit a Tomtem out of my own handspun. So the book would go well with that!

  433. I could use that copy of the Knitter’s Almanac because I have just a liiittle too much extra space in my dorm room. Well, really, because it would fit in nicely in the boxes of knitting stuff under my bed. And Elizabeth Zimmerman is great! I suspect the reasons for THAT don’t need to be enumerated.

  434. I’d love the book because I’m just beginning my relationship with EZ. And the library copy is just not providing the intimate experience that I now find myself wanting.

  435. I’d love a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book. I too think you should sign it.
    Wish I could take a class or ten from you. Maybe one day.

  436. I am 70 yrs old and just started knitting the first book I bought was an Elizabeth Zimmermann
    and would love to have another.I love your mittens and hope to do a pair someday.

  437. I would LOVE the new almanac (or even an old version for that matter), as I use and read all EZ’s other books regularly.
    Who says you can’t read a knitting “pattern book” like a story?
    (my DH, apparently!)

  438. I have been reading a lot about Elizabeth Zimmermann and although I have not been able to get my hands on any of her books I would love a chance to win your extra copy. The chance to learn from one of the greatest knitters ever to live would be amazing!

  439. What a neat honor for you to get to write the intro! I’m looking to replace a few of my EZ books, as several of my knitting books were ruined when we got a lot of water in the craft room of my old house during one of the hurricanes in ’04. Turns out massive amounts of water + books = nothing good.

  440. I would love a copy of Knitter’s Almanac. Winter is starting to hit us in Montana and that book would be fun to settle in with a blanket and read!

  441. I would like to own the commemorative edition of the Almanac because, otherwise, I’ll get funny looks eventually from the librarian after checking out the book again…and again…and one more time…
    And I don’t need that.

  442. I also feel like age would not have been a boundary for being friends with Elizabeth Zimmermann! So wonderful that you wrote the introduction–congratulations!

  443. I’m thinking of moving to Canada as we knitters seem to be missing out on so much here in Oz! Looks like a fantastic book and I would love you to sign it if I win.

  444. Wow… I’ve been knitting for over 20 years and don’t know about Elizabeth Zimmerman at all … maybe I shouldn’t be admitting that in polite company but I could use the education …uhmmm

  445. Love the mittens…wish I could do that…perhaps having this book will teach me howta…thats a yooper term…

  446. Is it mitten time again??? Wasn’t it about five minutes ago that you did the fancy Latvian mittens?

  447. I have been hinting for a copy of the almanac along with several other EZ books for a while so I would love a copy!
    And dress mitts are almost a requirement in Canada!
    ~ Kay.

  448. I would dearly love to have Elizabeth’s book with you also signing it. It was a pleasure meeting you in Austin last year and what a special place this book would have in my library….knit on…

  449. I would love to have it because I am still a relatively new knitter and would love the education from one of our knitting matriarchs. The only thing that could possibly make that better is reading your intro 🙂

  450. You know I’ve been knitting for nearly two years and I have yet to own an Elizabeth Zimmerman book. is that bad.

  451. I’d like a copy of the book because I don’t have it yet. EZ’s books are wonderfully inspiring.

  452. The socks are gorgeous, and I’m sure the mittens will turn out to be truly lovely. And if the random number generator smiles upon me, I’d love a copy of the commemorative almanac. Actually, I’d love one anyone, but that’s why I work – to support my yarn habit.

  453. I do not yet have EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac. I would love to have a piece of knitting history in my library!

  454. I’m not sure what the Knitter’s Almanac is, but if you wrote the intro it must be good. I would love to win a copy.

  455. The original version is so lovely–I can’t wait to see the designs in color. I’d use it as a teddy bear.

  456. Why would I like to have it? Um… why *wouldn’t* I like to have it? You and EZ in the same book? Really now. I have a copy, true, but not with your intro in it — being associated with a knitting heroine in such a fashion is too nifty for words — and, were I to win, I’d give the introless copy away, possibly in a contest. Serial knitblogging contests: could it get any better? May the Random Gods smile upon me.

  457. I need to spend some time with Elizabeth.
    My last child just moved out, I had a moth problem that resulted in the trashing of, in addition to others, a half-knit Starmore sweater and a Hanne Faulkenberg shawl. I could really use some comfort reading.

  458. People will give you great reasons why they deserve this wonderful book but my reason is just true. I can’t afford to buy it right now. 🙁

  459. My very first knitting related purchase was the knitters almanac at a second hand bookshop. My daughter was soon to be born and I wanted to knit the Feb Baby sweater. To this day it sits among my treasured books. Along side my signed copy of knitting Rules 🙂 Would love a copy of the new release of it to hand down to my blossoming knitter so that one day she will be able to knit a Feb sweater for my future grand babies.

  460. would love a copy of the EZ book. Would be glad to sock model, but I’m kinda far away, and I wasn’t going to do the Vogue thing, but if you’re gonna be there I may need to rethink a trip to NYC!

  461. Because I am having a difficult time making the transition from stay-at-home graduate student to full-time-plus educator and a book by EZ (and Stephanie) would make the little time I have for myself extra-special.

  462. I love all of EZ’s books. Knitter’s Almanac is always one of the first books I recommend to someone that I’ve gotten hooked on knitting.
    I would love to have a new copy so I wouldn’t have to choose between keeping my copy in my dorm room and leaving it at home where my sister and mom can have the opportunity to read it too.

  463. pick me, pick me!
    I haven’t been able to knit on my 14 yr old daughter’s mittens (Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault) because I’ve been trying to help her with her Algebra (there’s screaming and crying involved)and I deserve a prize.

  464. I would love to win the book because I have a few of EZ’s book, but not that one. BTW I have all of our books and would love to add this one to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity!

  465. I’d adore a copy of the EZ book — she’s such a heroine of sorts to us crazy knitters, and the fact that you wrote the intro is just icing on the cake.
    And it’s time you get over these knitterly crushes on the other teachers. You truly are in august company, you know, just by being you. Although your Canadian modesty is one of the reasons we love you so. 🙂

  466. I have my old “well-used” copy of the Almanac. Every time I pick it up I feel either a kindred spirit or a longing for the mother or grandmother every knitter wished she had – you know, the one who encouraged you to take risks and let your creativity guide you.

  467. EZ is one of my knitting heros as well. The first knitting book I bought was ‘Knitting Without Tears’ and have bought it for others I’ve taught to knit. I own all her books but of course would love to have the new Knitter’s Almanac. Love your blog and look forward to it everyday!

  468. I think you’re really thinking like EZ when you think of the mitten as the swatch…I mean, you wouldn’t want to knit a swatch cap as your swatch for the mitten now, would you? I, of course, would love a copy of the book!

  469. Because we have the same birthday, and I feel as though you and I are kindred spirits (really, I imagine it’s much the same as you feel about EZ).
    Also, because the next time I see you I hope to not make as big a fool of myself as I did last time. (And no, I’m not going to tell you what I did . . . you’ll just have to see if you can remember me when next we meet. lol Hopefully you won’t!
    Because this is a really random comment.
    And, lastly, because I don’t check gauge, either.

  470. I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it! etc…….

  471. A mitten cuff is definitely a swatch. And I have such big hands I probably would have kept going…
    I have loved EZ ever since I read her bits about knitting on the back of her hubby’s motorcycle (surreptitiously).

  472. I just had my first baby – a wonderful boy. I have hopes of teaching him to knit one day and would love to be able to give him a book from the year of his birth!

  473. I would love a copy of the book also. It is one I don’t have, and your forward would make it all the more valuable.

  474. Would love to win the book. I only have one of her books and while I look to you for common sense advice and inspiration, I would take her advice too!

  475. I really really like that mitten. The colors are great!
    I would like a copy of the new Knitters Almanac because I have yet to find one.Mind you I live in the middle of nowhere and have only 2 LYS withing decent driving distances, one of which is closing.

  476. Hi Stephanie! Thanks so much for offering the EZ Almanac book!
    I would love to have this book because my dear daughter-in-law is in labor at this exact moment, soon to give birth to our very first GRANDCHILD. I would really like to knit something from the Almanac for the new baby.
    Thanks again. And congratulations for being given the honor of writing the introduction. Very good.

  477. I learned about EZ from you, so I think it’s very fitting that you wrote the intro. I first found out about her from your post about the Surprise Baby Jacket, which I’ve made several of, thanks to you. I love them, and I love you! And I’d love to have that book.

  478. I couldn’t think of a better gift/prize, an EZ book with your intro!
    I am supposed to be knitting 12 EZ projects this year. I think I’ve hit 4 and stalled. I’ll pretend this is a kick in the pants to start again.

  479. I would love to win that. Money is tight right now, and it would be such a treat. I love the BSJ I knit DS last winter. It’d be awesome to win this. Thanks.

  480. congrats on writing the intro – can’t wait to read it.
    would love a copy of the commemorative edition – have all the books and been to one camp and dying to go back.

  481. Many years ago I discovered EZ and subscribed to her newsletter. It was wonderful to read, and sadly, I gave away my collection when we were moving to a new house. I would love to have a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac.

  482. I was all set to talk about how much I would like to receive the book – the kindred spirit thing and all, then I read through some of the other posts. I have been an EZ fan since 1972. I had a LOT of time to appreciate her and her work longer than some of these posters have been alive, so I guess it would be selfish to want my two faves together in one book for free. I have steady work, too, so I think you should give the book to one of the posters who are looking for work – they could use a lift, I’m sure.

  483. So I laughed at your Random Monday being a Random Tuesday…you are not alone.
    I think all you write is delightful and would be giddy with glee if I was randomly chosen to receive your extra copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book. I sadly have none of her books…though I check them out repeatedly from the library.

  484. I have to figure out a way to make myself work through the almanac… maybe not in order, but really! It’s a joy to read through, whether I’m working the patterns or no.

  485. I have one book by EZ that I found recently at a garage sale. Now I know what I’ve been missing, and I must have them all! I would be thrilled to win the Knitter’s Almanac from you.

  486. I’d love a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac because I am a poor college student who can’t really afford it on my own (and by “it” I really mean the yarn that I’ll need to buy to make her fabulous patterns if I were to buy the book in addition to the price of the book 😉
    Oh, and I relish the joy of trying to find a place for it on my mildly(ish) cramped bookshelf.
    EZ had the right idea. No purls. Not no way not no how.

  487. You are amazing! I love the connectedness of us “knitters.” You and EZ both have a legacy of knitters who love you and are inspired in their own creativity by your work. Thank you from this humble knitter.

  488. I’ve never owned an EZ book. If I don’t get it from you my bank account is going to feel the pain from the school house press website 🙂

  489. oooohh….I’d love to receive your spare copy of the Almanac. Anyone who can help me knit without tears – as a general rule 😉 – is aces with me.

  490. My copy of “Knitter’s Almanac,” like any favorite book, is worn and a little bit ratty and very much loved. It would be terrific to have a copy of the commemorative edition to keep it company. (Not to replace it, of course…favorite books don’t get replaced!)
    Congratulations on writing the introduction, and thank you for introducing me to the concept of “dress mittens.” I’m going to have to make a pair for someone, soonest.

  491. Although I learned the very basics of knitting from my mother as a child, I didn’t actually become a knitter until a few years ago, after she had passed away. At that point I learned the rest on my own with the help of the internet and books. It was your book, “Knitting Rules!”, that helped the bits of what I’d learned fall into place and it taught me that I could knit without step-by-step patterns because I had a perfectly good brain in my head. It was also the book that explained sock knitting to me and started an intense love affair with knitting socks.
    I don’t agree that you don’t have a lot in common with Elizabeth. I discovered her books after yours. You both empower knitters to know their knitting (you know?) and tackle a project with confidence. You are both amazing mentors and I would love to have the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac with your introduction.

  492. Have been teaching myself knitting over the past 2 1/2 years, and recently completed my first sock…. with no shame in it whatsoever! Perfect fit!
    Would looooove this book!!! I already have a bit of a shameless book and yarn collection and EZ is next on my purchase list as it so happens.

  493. I have never seen the Knitter’s Almanac. I am always interested in reading something new to me.
    I was wondering if you have heard of Belfast Mini Mills on PEI in Canada They have beautiful yarns that they make in their shop. I knit for them and it is a dream to work with.

  494. I’m lookig forward to seeing the special editon. I know enabling is a horrible buzzword but EZ’s books really are enabling. You think you can knit anything when you read them.

  495. Yes, the start of a mitten is definitely a swatch. I’m planning on stash diving (after Finger Lakes Fiber Festival) to see what I have that would lend itself to some dress mittens.
    I would love to have a copy of the new Knitter’s Almanac. The first knitting book I ever bought was Knitting Without Tears and the Almanac might have been the second one. With her written encouragement, I knit my first sweater with some of my first handspun.

  496. The older I get, the more I recognize the staggering genius of EZ. I’m just about to tackle a saddle-shoulder sweater for my son. I’ve never owned Knitter’s Almanac – would love to have it!

  497. I’d love a copy of the commemorative knitters almanac, especially because I don’t own a copy of the original one.

  498. Love those mittens and am now contemplating them as my ‘KNew Year’s Resolution”. Last year, I resolved to knit a sock. This year, it’s gotta be some fancy mittens. Really, incredible fancy mittens. Just for me 🙂 After Christmas, when there’s time.
    I’d love a copy of that book. I’ve never read anything by Elizabeth Zimmerman and I’m immensely curious. I feel if that book were part of my collection, I would be…..hardcore.

  499. Holy moly you get a lot of comments! I would love a copy of the book — I just finished my first handspun handknit sweater and boy do I have a lot to learn!

  500. Gorgeous mittens! I love Knitter’s Almanac better than any of EZ’s other books. I love the chatty tone – it feels like talking with an old friend who is an expert knitter just dropping great tips into the conversation. I would love the new edition.

  501. I would love a copy of Knitter’s Almanac. It would go towards curing my (embarrassing) lack of Elizabeth Zimmermann knowledge and experience. For the longest time I kept hearing her name said reverently in hushed tones by knitters and just nodded like I knew what they were talking about. I eventually thought I had better look her up and have been trying to psych myself up for the plunge into percentage sweater knitting for awhile now and need some plucky, practical commentary.

  502. I should have a new copy of Knitter’s Almanac because I’ve worn the old one to tatters. Also because I was the person who knit EZ’s artful socks for the sock museum.

  503. I’d love to have a copy the new edition EZ book! I ran across it last week while searching for something else and added it to my Wish List.
    And of course a mitten is small enough to be a swatch!

  504. Knitters Almanac was the book that made me fall in love with knitting, my copy is so old I think the price is about $5. I would love a new copy, but even if I don’t win I am still a happy knitter cause I have my very old dog eared copy to re-read.
    And I knew that guage thing would bite you in the ass again when I saw fair isle mittens…..

  505. I can’t think of any good reason why I deserve the book more than anyone else, so I won’t even try.
    How could anyone fail to appreciate EZ, though–what a gem.

  506. Like everyone else I would like to win a copy of the book. I was so excited to see that it was being published. I’m an EZ admirer.

  507. Love Random Monday on Tuesday! (Now, if only Tuesday were really Friday, for me at least)
    For the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac, what can I say? I think it would be truly awesome to own this. I have yet to actual own a book by Elizabeth Zimmerman (I have, however, perused the at my local library), so this is something I would treasure.
    And, can I say? Because of you, I am actually swatching for something. I’m slowly learning the power of the swatch and getting gauge, or manipulating my knitting enough that “getting gauge” doesn’t matter… Thank you for sharing all your stories, triumphs and failures, with us.

  508. I’d love a copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac! I’m such a “by the pattern” knitter, always afraid to take control of my knitting and make it my own. Hopefully, with needles crossed, EZ can teach me to let go and be free!

  509. I’m relatively new to knitting. I really need to get a EZ book regardless. I really like the “Dress Mitten” concept. Hmmm

  510. What a great idea to publish a commemorative edition of Knitter’s Almanac. EZ changed my entire knitting world. I became a continental knitter because of her and have never looked back. Knitting is one of the great joys of my life and she is largely responsible for making me a better, happier knitter. Happy birth year, Elizabeth. You live on in your books and our hearts.

  511. How lovely those mittens are… sending good-gauge mojo your way.
    I would love to receive the new edition of the EZ almanac. That was the first knitting book I bought myself, and I felt like every word she wrote was a validation of my enjoyment of knitting. She wrote in such an eminently sensible way that knitting seemed like such a reasonable pursuit to be involved in, instead of the weird thing I kind of thought it might be. Now that I have been knitting a few years, I read her words and see beyond the stories and see the cleverness in the knitting as well. I read her work and feel as though I am with an old friend.

  512. Maybe you could send the book to me after all I shared the small amount of oxygen Colorado has. I made my first surprise jacket this year and I have EZ’s DVD’s….she is very fun to watch.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  513. I have heard a lot about Zimmerman in recent years
    and would love to see her “recipe” for myself.
    as for mittens, yes I agree, they are a swatch..they would fit somebody right. Trouble is if you want them to fit you!

  514. I, too, would like to have a copy of the new Commerative Knitting Almanac, particularly with some of your writing in it, too. EZ was such a daring knitter, I admire her creativity and finding unexpected ways to create.

  515. only a little comment – those mittens are so “dress mittens”, and yes, Canadians understand the term! I’m also supposed to be doing a Green Sweater KAL with my buddy, and she is miles ahead of me – Commemorative edition of Knitter’s Almanac would give me props. I just saw the info about KnitEast (It’s this year, isn’t it?) Maybe I better check my calendar again … Thanks for all that you do and Yay You for Vogue Live in NYC!!!

  516. Well, 563 comments and I still believe I can be picked ??? Talk about wanting that Commemorative copy !! And mine is falling apart.

  517. I don’t know that you and Elizabeth Zimmermann are so dissimilar. You both have a casual, chatty style of writing that makes the reader feel as though they’re with a cool knitting friend.
    It’s very exciting that you wrote the introduction. I’d love to have a copy. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  518. Thank you! This was possibly the most helpful post you’ve done for me in the last year! YES! I need to frog my own fussy-fancy mittens! (Rauma designs, Selbustrikk, Herrevott 1) They were also coming out way to large. And I was just going to let my little people keep on dancing on the cuff. Silly me.
    Secondly, I was just thinking how the only books I needed left of Elizabeth’s is the Knitter’s Almanac and Knitting Without Tears. If I don’t win the extra copy, thanks for the news of everything coming out! When I first read that there was no knitting police, and watched her videos that nobody should be looking inside your sweater but you, I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders, and enlightened. We are garter stitch sisters.

  519. I just received the new edition of Knitter’s Almanac, and I must say, your wonderful Introduction gave me goosebumps. If I win a copy of the book, I would give it to the library of my Knitting Guild, the Camellia City Stockin’ettes. We all enjoyed your visit last year so very much, and send our love your way.

  520. I’d like to have you mail a copy of EZ’s book to me. Why? Because I live in Wisconsin and she lived in Wisconsin. Because I’ve been to Canada and you live in Canada. Because she could knit on the back of a motorcycle and I’ve ridden on the back of a motorcycle. Because I’m knitting a Pi shawl for my niece’s high school graduation and the pattern is in that very book. Because…..oh, just because. How random is that?

  521. I’d love to have a copy of this book. I’ve never even seen it; my library system doesn’t have a copy (and I’m unemployed, so I can’t justify buying it any time soon.)

  522. Well, like Jolene, above, I too live in Wisconsin and would like a copy of the book! That, and I have only been knitting for a few years and my knitting library is still quite small and could use some “enhancement” – especially an EZ book! The mittens are very pretty.

  523. LOVE the socks!
    Totally agree with you on #7.
    Would love the E Z book. I know this doesn’t make me unique, Bu Knitters almanac is my all time favorite knitting book.

  524. I would love a copy of The Knitter’s Almanac because I want to get to know Elizabeth Zimmerman. I just learned to knit a couple of months ago, and I keep hearing her name, but I have no idea who she is, but I have a feeling I would benefit from getting to know her through her books. Thank you. 🙂

  525. Oh, I’m so thrilled to find out about this! I read Knitter’s Almanac about once a year, I love it so. Mine is wearing thin.

  526. I’d love the book! EZ gave me the courage to reach more in my knitting, and helped me to realize it’s ok to do what makes sense, even if someone says it’s wrong. I love her knitting philosophy!
    Dress mittens – of course! Maybe not for me, where we get excited when (if?) it snows…but for you? Certainly!
    And I firmly believe that mittens, hats, socks are all swatches. Even if, like me, you do mittens and socks two at a time!

  527. I would be grateful if picked to receive the new version of the Knitter’s Almanac. I am a huge EZ fan and do not have any version of it 🙂

  528. I discovered Elizabeth Zimmerman back in University. She opened my eyes to knitting in the round. I had never heard of it before. So I knit me a ski sweater in the round, and not only that, I charted every design myself instead of looking up any. I must go back and look, to see if there are any designs which are unique – although with the way knitting has been going, I doubt that.

  529. I’d love a copy of the EZ. She makes me feel like knitting is a useful if-the-world-ends skill, not just a hobby.

  530. Of course I want to be considered for a Knitter’s Almanac! First, because I also spot the connection between you and Elizabeth; second, because she is such a great source of calm through all life crises; third, because I am another Elizabeth (another EZ, in fact) and while that’s as kindred as I get right now, I’m hoping to improve on that.

  531. I agree that mittens are totally the right size to be a swatch! I just knit my first pair, they are almost as much fun as socks!
    I would love a copy of The Knitter’s Almanac. I had a copy that belonged to my Gran, and I finally gave up on all things knitterly about 8 years ago and got rid of it all. Then I discovered Continental knitting and I am now obsessed. 🙂 Sure wish I had kept that book!
    I love your blog Ms Yarn Harlot, you ROCK!

  532. Well, once i was surfing knitting blogs for inspiration and hit upon one that was really funny. I mean, it made me laugh out loud. It had dilly-dally daily stuff and then what i came to realize to be serious and impressive knitting work. Wow, I thought, this knitter knits a lot. And, is really good at it to boot.
    When I mentioned this greatest of blogs to my knitting pal, she said she really enjoyed Yarn Harlot’s books of which she then showed me her favorite parts. We had quite an evening of knitting fun and up-ended the bottle of wine.
    The best reason i would be so honored to receive the Commemorative Edition of Mrs. Zimmerman’s book (with your intro!) is it would combine my sincere appreciation of her determined descriptive designs, pointing out pivotal pitfalls (and what happens if you don’t!), and familiar voice that soothes the knitting fears with the similarly echoed voice of one of my favorite knitters and inspirations, not only for knitting and it’s cohort arts, but daily enterprise and persistence of all things wonderful, wacky and/or wooly.
    You, Mrs. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, crack me up on a regular basis, as well as provide gnaw-ledgeable food-for-thoughts that I often am inclined to share with even the (gasp) non-knitters I know. I don’t think there have been as many hits on my fb page as when i (re)posted the woman at the Olympic Curling match knitting next to the P.M. see? classic.
    I **promise** to give my previous copy to a forthcoming knitter in our middle school knitting club. Or maybe the new one?

  533. 100 years of Elizabeth Zimmermann and I didn’t discover her until this year. But now that I’ve had my eyes opened for me I can’t imagine going back.
    Thanks for the contest, and thanks for the ever-entertaining posts.

  534. Why I would like that book? You mean Why wouldn’t I like that book?
    Its EZ for crap’s sake. We all need some EZ in our lives. Plus, there’s that part you wrote, I bet that’s pretty good, too.

  535. You don’t need to send me the book… I just wanted to say that to my way of thinkingn, you DID swatch — by checking gauge once you had knitted just enough of the mitten to be sure. And you frogged, and re-knit. That totally counts as swatching IMHO.

  536. I would absolutely love your extra copy of the Knitters Almanac. Not only because Elizabeth Zimmerman was an incredible writer, knitter and designer, but also because you were the person who introduced me to her through your books. It would be incredible to have a book that was linked to both of you 🙂

  537. Would love to read your intro to the Almanac, and see the new content of the book. Hope Wednesday’s a little less random for you 🙂

  538. I’ve been unable to knit for the last month due to my dominant hand being in a cast nearly to my shoulder. Reading EZ’s books is pretty much what’s kept me sane… would love to own a copy of the commemorative almanac! I’ve also been enjoying designing a few original patterns of my own – bravened and heartened by EZ’s words of wisdom and encouragement.

  539. thanks for the generous offer! I love knitter’s almanac and it’d be nifty to have the hardbound kind that won’t get all munted like my paperback. Also, I lovelovelove the mittens you’re making! They’re in my queue for when I finally conquer colorwork and think about wearing mittens.

  540. Didn’t even know there was going to be a new edition! Must get mitts on one. I, personally, think it’s perfect for you to be writing the intro to the commemorative edition. I remember being in a yarn store, which I will leave unnamed, where an employee asked me, “But WHAT is it that you like about the Yarn Harlot?” and my response was, “She reminds me of a mix of Elizabeth Zimmermann and my mother.”

  541. You sound much happier today, even if the Monday random had to be pushed back to today.
    And of course I’d love a copy of the new KA edition too, just like most every other conscious knitter!

  542. I too would love a copy of the Commemorative edition of Knitters Almanac’, for reasons already well stated by 500ish other people: to be a braver knitter, because she’s a genius, for the February Lady sweater, because it’s new and improved, and my library doesn’t have the original Knitter’s Almanac.

  543. Stephanie, I’d love a copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Knitter’s Almanac. As for many others, EZ’s been one of my very top knitting heroes, an inspiration and confidence-builder. Pivotal really to my knitting life. Also… I don’t have the regular KA… and… I’m a recent art school grad and you know what that’s like!

  544. What a wonderful contest! I have a copy of EZ’s Knitters Almanac, but not with your introduction, so that’s why I’d like this one! Thanks for offering a chance to win.

  545. Well, that credit card transaction (Schoolhouse Press) was quick enough to trigger my CC companies fraud team!
    I will have my own copy soon enough, but would still like to be in the Randomizer of EZ – the book would fit well in my Knitting Guild’s Library (Millville Stitchers in the wilds of Southern New Jersey) and would be a valuable tool for all of the new knitters we’re happily producing.

  546. I would LOVE to win that copy of the Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac because I never cease to feel that there is so much for me to learn as a knitter – and who better to learn it from!

  547. Oh… EZ!
    She’s wonderful. So simple and complicated at the same time… a total classic. What a wonderful thing to publish for her 100th birthday!
    Um… I’d love one. I need a inspirational kick start in my metaphorical knitting pants. The knit-force has abandoned me a bit recently.

  548. I would love to have the book – the Pi shawl amazes me. It amazes me that there is all this math in knitting that works, and it makes me feel so smart to partake of something so mathy (is that a word??)

  549. I have never understood mittens; but then, I’ve never lived in a really cold climate. Yours are quite pretty nonetheless.
    Why would I love a copy of EZ’s commemorative book? Well just to read your forward for one thing! And strangely enough, I don’t have that EZ in my knitting library. So yes, I would love to have a copy.

  550. I would also love to have a copy of the book. It would make a great addition to my knitting library. Fingers crossed.

  551. I’ve been dying to get even one EZ book, but I have to wait to buy them second hand and it seems that NO ONE gives them up (not surprising). I hope I win. Especially since you wrote the forward.

  552. I’ve been coveting anything from Elizabeth Zimmerman since I started knitting again 3 years ago. So, how could I not want two of my knitting heroes in one book?

  553. It would be an honor to have a copy of The Knitters Almanac. I’d like to help with my daughter’s high school knitting class and this book would help me convey the sense of history that all knitters should have. Thanks for the giveaway.

  554. I would love to have my very own copy to call mine… I have recently gotten back into knitting, seriously this time, and I would really love to expand my knowledge by working through some of the great patterns in the almanac. It would be a plus to have a *signed* copy from the one and only Yarn Harlot…

  555. Well, I know I’ve got about one chance in. a gazillion but I’d sure love to win a copy of the almanac. Thanks!

  556. The new edition of the almanac sounds fun — I can’t wait to see the EZ garter stitch book too!
    You knit rather wild colored socks but seem to pick conservative mitten colors — is this just because you can hide the socks or do you like that the more neutral mittens look more traditional as well?

  557. Lovely mittens! I would love a copy of the new commemorative issue of Knitter’s Almanac. EZ’s work has always inspired me and I’m really looking forward to seeing the new edition!

  558. I’d love to have the commemorative Knitters’ Almanac. This one is so special, but I couldn’t justify the expense as I already have the basic paperback version. And yes, I’m sure every knitter who reads EZ’s wonderfully philosophical writings on knittings must feel some comradeship with her. Thank you for sharing.

  559. Those mittens look lovely!
    Thanks for the chance to win the book. I’d love to own it, as it is such a classic (one that I do not own!) and as others have mentioned, it is even better since you have written a bit in the new version.

  560. I’d love a copy to add to my EZ collection of books (currently a meagre 2.5 .5 because I gave my mum one I don’t own so I can browse that when there…)

  561. I too would love a copy of EZ’s Almanac. It’s a cherished resource that has a little something for everyone and I enjoy reading it (EZ’s stories) nearly as much as I like the patterns. It would be lovely to see all the colour photos with modern yarns and colourways.

  562. I have heard so much about EZ but have not read any of her work. This would be a great introduction.
    Love the mittens, good luck with swatch 2!

  563. I’d love a copy of EZ’s book with your foreword.
    I have EZ’s Knitting Without Tears and while it’s interesting I haven’t really “got” the EZ thing – seems to me that the almanac is the thing, people who have that “get” EZ. And I’d like to.
    Otherwise it’s like a computer programmer not getting Bertrand Russel!
    And if I don’t win, I may well buy it for myself for Christmas!

  564. I`d love the almanac! My old one is in tatters and i have several EZ projects planned for this winter. Eo much enjoying your self imposed sock club. Inspired med to finally get mo monkeys.

  565. hi i’ve been knitting since i was four my grandma tought me next to her i think ez was the bigest influence in my improving at the craft i also love reading your blog i can’t wait to get this book so if i don’t win i’ll have to buy it by the way did i mention my name is also stephanie i should win on that alone (we stephanies have to stick together lol)

  566. Dear Harlot, please pick me! EZ is to knitting what Escher (my fellow countryman who’s images are far more famous than his name) is to graphics. What they make looks innocent enough at first glance, but the more you look the more complex it becomes and then just as your brain is getting knots from trying to figure it out it suddenly strikes you: it is genius in its simplicity. And also they are both representatives of what I would call Art-Math (along with J.S. Bach and Cat Bordhi) and I just love that. So yes, of course I already have the Almanac, but an old paperback one. And I promise to ‘inoculate’ another knitter with my old almanac if I should be so lucky as to get a new one. And if I should indeed be so lucky, I would be totally honoured if you would autograph it because that would mean I then have two of my all time favourite knitting people in one book.

  567. Knitting Without Tears and Knitting Rules! are the two books that made me the knitter that I am today. I’ve been pining for Knitters’ Almanac for a while now, but even if I don’t get it (yet), you should know that raising my self-confidence is something else you have in common with the great EZ.

  568. Too much temptation for anyone to resist this early in my morning – my credit cards are squirming and switching and trying to jump out of my purse and throw themselves at the computer – it’s a bad sign!

  569. Looks like beautiful sox.
    What could be better than a commemorative version of the iconic Knitter’s Almanac? One with an intro by SPMc :^)

  570. Lovely Mitten!
    Congrats on the fwd in the book. If you have a spare to share, I don’t have a copy of that book in my knitting library yet. (I know, I know).

  571. A commemorative edition of Knitter’s Almanac? Wow! I started to read it, got half way through a chapter and thought, “Hang on, this is a knitting pattern!”. I hadn’t noticed. Lord knows what happened to my copy – DH boxed up the library for building work 8 months ago and I haven’t seen it since.
    I love the mittens. Don’t know why, but I have this thing about grey and white colourwork and am itching to do some.
    – Pam

  572. I do hate knitting swatches but if I don’t I waste a lot of time knitting something that fit someone else instead of me!

  573. Summers definately over ….you’re knitting mittens. I have trouble knitting when it’s 45 degrees out. I’m impressed that you soldier on.
    I would love a copy of EZ’s book. I have alot to learn about knitting and I figure she can teach me. I really don’t know her well enough to call her EZ, but what the heck hmm?

  574. I have the paperback version of the Knitter’s Almanac and just finished a fantastic Pi Shawl. My paperback’s getting a bit tatty, though – a commemorative edition would be a dream! All the best to you…

  575. Love the mittens! I will, someday, attempt colorwork. Too many interuptions in my sparetime, kids, dogs, DH, etc. to concentrate on charts!
    Love to have the almanac. I need all the help I can get!

  576. I discovered EZ not very long time ago and I am in love know with her patterns. I am studying the baby surprise jacket and I would like to make the adult version and also the leggings :). That’s why it would be an honor to have this book.
    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  577. I discovered EZ not very long time ago and I am in love now with her patterns. I am studying the baby surprise jacket and I would like to make the adult version and also the leggings :). That’s why it would be an honor to have this book.
    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  578. Over 600 comments; looks like I’m not really in with a shot, except that:
    a) I’ve nearly worn out my original copy of TKA, and
    b) Wouldn’t it be cool to say that you’ve sent the prize all the way to Melbourne, Australia?

  579. I adore EZ and her chatty style. I’d love to see the new edition – color photos and your intro! Put my name in the hat — or, with 660+ comments, I’m picturing one of those big barrel shaped dealies they used to use. Remember those? They turned them with a little crank on the side and then opened a little door in the top and picked out the winner. (= Thanks for the chance to win!

  580. Oh, please, pretty please add me to the random chance of receiving a copy of the EZ Knitters Almanac!

  581. I am so impressed with your writing the forward of the Almanac….my favorite book…

  582. Hello,
    My name is Nancie and I should get the extra copy of the Knitter’s Almanac because:
    1- I’m a super-duper knitter,
    2- I idolize EZ (and you for that matter),
    3- I’ll send cookies.
    I would send my specialty, cheesecake, instead, but I’m not sure how well it would hold up to shipping to Canada. I’m willing to send wool instead of cookies as well. My wool is better than my cookies anyway and my French Angora bunnies are shedding as we speak so I can throw bunny wool in too…

  583. Love the mitten. And yes, I too figure that I should just go ahead and use any project (almost) as my swatch. Starting over is just the same as knitting a second swatch, so why not be ahead of the game in the actual knitting.
    I would love the opportunity to win “the book.” EZ is an inspiration to us all, as are you.

  584. I love EZ and my almanac is well flipped through and worn. Her writing is as entertaining as her patterns are wonderful. I think if there is ever a knitting hall of fame she should be the first inductee! I’d love copy of the new almanac and winning one would just be too sweet!

  585. I’m a FL knitter frustrated by the lack of need for sweaters and mittens, let alone dress mittens (which I completely understand from my days of yore up north…well, not that north – Ithaca, NY) and also by the fact that there’s no decent yarn store anywhere near here. Just finished At Knit’s End and Free Range – sure would be a treat to browse through that new Almanac….just saying….

  586. I never swatch for mittens either. I guess thats why I’ve cast on and knit the cuff on the Druid mittens 5 times. I’ve yet to finish a mitt.
    My knitter’s almanac is getting worn out. I’d love to win a copy.
    And so excited about Knit East. This is something I might be able to get to.

  587. Oh yes please I would love a copy and would find it so useful at the moment as I am in the lucky position of actually earning a living by knitting. At least for 3 months while I work on the costumes for a movie for Peter Jackson.
    I have all Elizabeths books and did a workshop with her when she visited here in NZ. I also have her talking on tape reading her digressions and love to listen every so often. A real fan.
    Thanks for the chance.

  588. I finally just bought my first EZ book – The Opinionated Knitter, and I really love it! I would love to win a copy of The Knitter’s Almanac to explore more EZ (I almost bought a copy, too). Thank you for the opportunity!

  589. Think I may cast on those mittens as we speak…if only I weren’t at work. (On my lunch break – don’t worry I’m taking time from the boss!)
    I think Elizabeth Zimmerman is just about the best knitting genius. I knit almost everything in the round because of her (and making it OK not to like purling or sewing up seams)… 🙂 Would love a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac with the new info from Meg Swanson as well.

  590. Wish I had a need for dress mittens down here in Florida! Perhaps to bat at a stray hurricane or two? Really, they are lovely, and perhaps my sister in Colorado could enjoy them.
    Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac is the first book I recommend as “must-have”. I would love to have the all-new version!

  591. I mean this with love, but seriously, only a Canadian could name heavy woolen mittens “Joie de Printemps”. I can’t imagine associating joy with a spring that still requires me to be wearing mittens. They are, of course, beautiful though.

  592. I would love a copy of the almanac. I learned to knit from a Knit for Barbie book many years ago, but the Alamanac is the book that really made me a knitter. My copy has worn out. This has been a crazy year and it would be really inspiring to get a new copy of my old friend.

  593. Well, I’m going to join the masses in clamoring for your extra copy of the commemorative edition of Knitter’s Almanac. I don’t have a copy and would LOVE one! I have recently moved and am in temporary housing, so all of my beloved knitting books are packed away. I really miss them! This book would be very good company while I wait to settle into my new home and break open the boxes of books!
    Beautiful mittens, by the way!

  594. I sometimes pull out the knitters almanac and just read it, hoping that EZ’s snippets of brilliance will sink in and become part of my knitting brain. I can’t wait to read your introduction!

  595. I hope your random winner picker picks me! I’d love the book. I am a much newer knitter than many of your readers (only 4ish years) and though I have a fair number of books on the subject I’ve yet to acquire an EZ book. The reverence and love that others always have for her makes me want to read her books very much and having a special edition version that you contributed to would make it even better. As one who loves books enough to hope to have my own library one day, this would be a perfect addition to my smallish collection.

  596. I so need the Knitter’s Almanac because it’s been on my Amazon wishlist since I started a wishlist–like 4 or 5 years ago! And I understand the connection you (& a whack of other knitters!) have with EZ; it’s much the same connection I have with you and with Laurie Perry and with Franklin Habit–it may be that “knitter’s crush” thing. I’m clearing some shelf space for my copy, even if it’s not going to be your extra one.

  597. I seem to be in a knitting slump, and, I think that, hopefully, having this book might inspire me to come out of the slump.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  598. I *gasp* need knitting inspiration! Chasing/caring for/loving/ my two year old has massaged out my creative brain cells for the time being. Please send the Almanac to me!

  599. I have learned so much in the last year and a half and have read faithfully your blog and the Panopticon. I would love to experience Elizabeth Z – please send me the book! 🙂
    On another note, I am so jealous that you will be in St. Andrew’s (I am from Rothesay, N.B. but now live in Oshawa). St. Andrew’s is my very favourite place to go!!! The icecream, the acquarium and pretty views – it is trully a wonderful place to experience. I wish I could book a ticket to Saint John and get there. Have fun!

  600. Have most of your books but non of EZ’s – not sure how that happened – but would love to have this one!
    Re: mitten and swatch- I love the dress mittens but think they are a little fussy for me to make but I contiue to put them in my Rav queue and may have to bite the bullet one of these days. I hate to swatch and if mittnes or socks don’t fit me i ususally have enough willing recipients who would love to have them!

  601. The mitten pattern is so cute!
    I would love a copy of the book because I think al of Mrs. Zimmerman’s patterns are both stunning and very practical. I also cannot afford to really buy them right now since I’m in college, so this would be a great way to get one!

  602. I talk about you like you talk about Elizabeth. I have “knitter’s crush” on You, Meg, and Nicki. I think swatching is the Knitter God’s way of keeping our pride in check… hee hee. Just when think I am too cool to knit a swatch, BAM. Gotta frog and restart.. sigh..

  603. Why I would love to own this book:
    I “met” EZ in 1984 or so, with this exact book. She set me free, and made me realize that patterns are not written in stone. I have now taught my DIL to knit, and I would love to gift this to her, and have her meet EZ as well. (I still have my copy, and I love my DIL, but not enough to give her my book!)
    I love those mittens, and that yarn. The trees are turning colour here, and mittens have been on my brain.

  604. Yes, a mitten is small enough to be a swatch. If you’re getting gauge – great! You’re ahead of the game. If not – well, you swatched. Now try again.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

  605. Isn’t anything smaller than a sweater big enough for a swatch? Elizabeth herself recommended doing a hat as a swatch in Knitter’s Workshop. I would love a copy of Knitter’s Almanac, maybe to tide me over until the book of Elizabeth’s previously unpublished garter stitch designs comes out.

  606. I learned to knit using EZ’s Knitting Without Tears, own all her books and I am working on the DVD’s. Right by hers on the shelf are all of yours, and yes I have the Audio as well. Who wouldn’t love a Signed (hint hint)copy of the Aniversary edition. However, to be honest in reading the responses there are those who are more in need. I have the resources to buy a copy of my own, not everyone is so lucky. I also can’t remember the number of copies of “Knitting Without Tears” I have given away to people just learning to knit. The same goes for “Knitting Rules”.

  607. I’d love to have the Commemorative Edition. Not just because I haven’t been able to find ANY edition of it here in Louisiana, but by receiving it from you, it would be for me like the “laying on of hands” — Knitterwise. Just saying.

  608. I have just 1 EZ book in my knitting library…it’s actually rather shameful! I know that there is so much knowledge to be gained from any of her books and had no idea that there was a new release of Knitter’s Almanac. I would love a copy of it to add to my library!
    And, Re: “dress mittens”…what a fabulous idea! I’ve knit some dressy mittens for my mom (Fiddlehead Mittens), but I definitely need some of my own. Might have to make that a goal this fall/winter…knit lots of fun mittens for ME! And, yes, a mitten is nothing more than a gauge swatch. Why the gauge fairies didn’t smile down on you for this one is beyond me! 😉

  609. the mittens are going to be fabuolous. it is time to start on them for this season, isn’t it? at least that’s what EZ says in the Almanac. 😉
    i’d love a copy of the new edition to once again look over her creative ideas and also to see what additions have been made. your intro sounds great!

  610. I don’t have any EZ books, and it would be especially special to start with one that has an intro by another of my favorites. Please pick me!!

  611. EZ brought me back to knitting. I wonder why I ever went away, for decades even, but so wonderful to “learn” something new all over again. Thanks to all of you inspired teachers that I have met through the library. Oh, what a treasure it would be to own a copy of the 100th B-Day book, especially if The Yarn Harlot would sign it too: SWEET.
    Looking forward to seeing more winter roses — in orange!

  612. I would love to have a copy of the Knitters’ Almanac! Oh I hope I get picked!
    I got the email about Vogue Knitting Live. Living in southern New Jersey, I was considering maybe a day visit. It sounds wonderful!

  613. I have become an EZ fan quiete recently and I would enjoy the book. Definitely put my name in the ‘hat’!!

  614. A copy of the revised Knitter’s Almanac by EZ would be treasured forever – one can never have enough reference books for knitting 😀
    I love checking everyday to see if you’ve blogged – knitting is my sanity!

  615. I’d love a chance for EZ’s book with your intro. I’ve been knitting for about 1 1/2 years now and have yet to own a book by EZ, although my family will be seeing all her titles on my Christmas wishlist. Why not save them the trouble and send your precious copy to me? PS. love your page a day calendar. It helps me learn and laugh!

  616. Knitter’s almanac is the book that got me started back on serious knitting again. I saw a craft blog about longies and I will forever be thankful to EZ.

  617. I used to watch EZ on a PBS station when I lived in Michigan and loved it and her way of taking the stress out of knitting. I am a self taught knitter and have sought out information about my HOBBY over the 46 years I have been knitting. I rediscovered EZ at my LYS and now realize how amazing she was and still is. I have followed her famous quote about knitting through crises, especially in the last couple of years as I worked, cared for my Dad who had dementia and my husband who is ill. Knitting has been the thing that has kept me grounded and sane. I would love to add this book to my collection. Love reading your blog.

  618. First, I would love a new edition of EZ’s Almanac. If I were to receive such a thing, I would pass my own, old, copy on to some lucky person in my beginners knitting class which starts next week.
    Second, swatches lie. I have a dozen sitting around here for my son’s aran sweater. (I’m using them for coasters, actually). Cast on, knit 6 inches… it’s too small. WAY too small, and yet too big for either of the grandchildren. Sigh… rip it back, redesign, reknit. This is better… but now I find that (after ripping it back 5 more times to get the pattern and repeats correct) there are subtle (and not so subtle) variations in my 6 skeins of “natural* yarn (all from the same company). Had to rip it back again and alternate yarns. Still looks like subtle stripes, but I’ve told my son if it’s too bad, he’ll have a dark brown aran sweater rather than a cream sweater because I can dye the sucker.
    People wonder why I start holiday knitting in August. I’ve been working on this sweater for a month and have knit 9 inches, including ribbing and yet has more actual knit time in the sweater than I would for a Queen Sized bed spread.

  619. My Grandma taught me to knit when I was about 7. Fast forward to age 22 when I graduated from college and was seriously under-employed and looking for something inexpensive to fill my time with when I couldn’t afford to turn on the heat. I didn’t remember how to cast on so I went to the library and discovered EZs Knitting Without Tears. She has been referred to as “my friend Elizabeth” ever since. I’d love to win your drawing.

  620. I would love your extra EZ book! she is so amazing- EZ would definitely agree that the mitten in itself is your swatch. That’s why I love her – she makes knitting not so fussy about things like exact patterns and swatches and a little more organic and natural feeling.

  621. i’d like the books simply because i don’t currently have it in my library, and it would be a spectacular inaugural acquisition. thank you for the chance to win.

  622. It would make my day, no…my year, no…my life, well, maybe not my LIFE,….but it would mean A LOT to me to win the almanac!! I have been knitting for 2 years and still have not moved beyond scarves and hats. I’m hoping it would inspire me and make me braver in my knitting!! If I don’t win, I’ll just have to go buy it! It means even more, that you wrote the intro!! I love your books and your blog! Thank you for both and your generosity! You are a truly generous and sweet person!

  623. Love the mittens! I agree that a mitten is basically a swatch. EZ would have you knit an entire hat as a gauge swatch for a sweater, right?
    I’d love to be randomly chosen for the book, as I love EZ’s writing and I also love yours! One of her books with an intro from you is like the pinnacle of knitting book greatness.

  624. I would love a copy of EZ’s almanac. And, Texas update, you have outlasted Legacy Books in Frisco, TX. Saw you there, WONDERFUL time, but sadly that independent book store is no more.
    Hard to hold a Kindle on your lap while knitting, just sayin’.

  625. Lovely mittens. I had to go buy the pattern as soon as I saw what you were doing. I love this style of mitten pattern. Yes, I would love your extra copy of the Knitter’s Almanac by EZ! Thank you for thinking of us, your knitterly followers.

  626. The mittens are loverly! I’ll be attempting my first set of ‘dress mittens’ as a gift for my MIL after I finish my little Man’s first Winter Solstice Holiday of Your Choice stocking.
    As for the book, it’s very, very cool that you got to write the intro for one of your inspirations. Perhaps someday I’ll get to write an intro for one of your books. 🙂 Either way, don’t enter me in the drawing, I’ll buy it instead.

  627. Wow, it would be awesome to have the book. It would greatly enhance my knitting book library and it contains two of my favorite knitters? What’s not to love. Whether I win a copy or not I think I will have to get this.

  628. I would love a copy of the new addition by EZ. I have enjoyed her books so much and it would be a great honor to have this copy on my bookshelf (right next to your books).

  629. Forgot to mention Why I would love EZ’s book. She articulates why knitting is so much more than constructing an object. Also, you’re touch is there, too.

  630. I would love to have a copy of this book! I am always trying to learn new things in knitting (not hard since I’m not that experienced)and I’m sure I could learn a lot from Elizabeth Zimmerman. Those mittens are beautiful! I love the colors.

  631. Hello. It seems that every project I start requires an EZ reference at some point – She’s essential to my knitting life.
    This book will only add a certain necessary richness to my future projects and designs. Would love to win this!

  632. Hi Steph,
    I would really appreciate a copy of the knitters almanac. I’m too poor (I’m a stupid student who’s underwater on her house) to buy books right now, so I go with what I can pick up on the internet. Which is a fine way to go, but I’d like to be able to turn off the screen and just *read* a knitting book or pattern.
    I have yet to find one of your books in the bargain bin at Value Village.
    The good news is my stash is big enough (and I’m slow enough) that I should be able to go another 2 years before I have an excuse to buy yarn again.

  633. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for a shot at winning the new release of the Knitting Almana. I would like a copy of this book because although I have been knitting for a while I am not too familiar with it and with Elizabeth Zimmerman’s work.

  634. I have been crocheting for 20+ years…knitting is pretty new to me but I am OBSESSED! I love your blog and take inspiration and laughs from it daily. Elizabeth Zimmerman is just beyond words to me. I can only hope to be 1/10th as good at knitting as her someday….PLEASE PLEASE SEND THE BOOK TO ME!!

  635. My fairly extensive knitting library is for some reason lacking EZ’s Knitters Almanac. So this (intro’d by you) Commemorative Edition would be a welcome addition.

  636. Ooo, pick me, pick me! I thought of, and posted somewhere, a comment that it would be great if this book could be published with new photos that don’t look all dark and dreary. And now it has come true! (And it costs too much!) I would love to have a copy!

  637. I don’t deserve this book as there are many, far better knitters than me, but I’d like it all the same. EZ’s Almanac was the first knitting book I bought, on the recommendation of a life-long knitter, after I learned to knit in 2003, and I’ve never looked back. That copy is falling apart from being toted around, consulted frequently, and used for leisure reading to combat stress. The calmness of EZ’z “voice” and my familiarity with the book makes it my panacea during rough patches.

  638. Hi! I would also love the chance of receiving the EZ Almanac. I have not yet read any of her books, and who better to introduce me to her work than my favorite knitter/blogger/knitting author!

  639. Me, pick me! I’m dying to ready your intro. EZ comes up again and and again on the tongues and in the work of all knitters I know and respect. My old paper copy is dogeared and has been carried with me for years, even during knitting hiatuses (is that word?).
    I’d love to go to KnitEast 2011, just up the coast from me. Love St Andrews! I was salivating over the idea yesterday, but alas, funds are too tight just now.
    I so enjoy reading your blog!

  640. About 3 years ago, when I moved to the states and promptly had 2 boys with a husband who works 12-hour days, knitting went from something that I did on the bus to one of the (very) few things I do that really feels like it’s for myself (even, paradoxically, when it’s for someone else). When your daily challenges circle around getting your three-year-old to consume some kind of vegetables and your one-year-old to sleep and both of them to leave each other alone long enough for you to handle the leaning tower of dirty dishes, sitting down to learn an i-cord cast on is self-indulgent bliss. And doing so with EZ’s conversational prose would be almost like having a knitter-friend cozying up for a chat at the same time.
    I know you are picking at random, therefore will not take it personally if you choose someone else. However, if you were to “randomly” choose me out of a sense of motherly solidarity, I would, I can assure you, never let on if you didn’t.

  641. Gauge – phooey. Like the difference between consistent even handwriting (your knitting) and scrawl (mine) it’s not for everyone. I’ve given up trying, and enjoying knitting a whole lot more now. Swap you an original gauge-free swatch-free knit pattern for The Book 😉

  642. knitters Almanac is my knitting bible! I carry it with me in my knitting bag always. I love to read and reread her monthly excerpts over and over. I have always wished she had written another as I like this book the most out of all her books. I especially like the nice view into her daily life it gives her readers.

  643. Long time lurker, but for a chance to win a book, I shall post. I have borrowed the Knitter’s Almanac a half dozen times from my local library and enjoy much of what is in there to knit. I probably should buy the darn thing!! A commemorative issue sounds just wonderful too

  644. I always figure if I don’t have to take out something along the line, I have made another serious HUGE project-ending error somewhere that won’t be apparent until the very end. So, with that in mind, I think”Phew, it was only this little thing!”
    I like your comment about knitting erasing barriers… I have had so many really pleasant encounters over the years because I have knitting in hand. In fact, it was one of my daughter’s friend’s mother who put me onto your blog — we have many other things in common, but now giggling over some of your posts is another one! If you picked me for the book, I would share it with her, too! (Two for the price of one, ya know!)

  645. Please send me the almanac because I’ve vowed to purchase no more knitting books until I’ve completed at least one pattern in each of those I already have….

  646. Oh, I would love a copy of the book! I am a big fan of both of yours (youse?)and my old copy is falling apart. If I don’t win, I will definitely buy one!

  647. Would kill for a copy of this book! Am always looking for Zimmerman books at the used bookstore, alas have found NONE! By the way…I used to work for an office where we had a tradition of having “Munday” meetings. But we were never organized enough to have them on Monday, they were always held on Tuesdays.

  648. EZ is one of my knitting heroines. I love her writing style. Instead of so technical, it’s like she’s sitting next to me just chatting about how she does things and what’s going one in her life. Hey, just like somebody else we all can’t imagine going without – YOU, the Yarn Harlot.

  649. I love Elizabeth Zimmerman! When Knitter’s republished the BSJ in the 90’s that was when I really started to completely love knitting – I was a high school kid with no babies anywhere around me, but I made 3 of them after that issue came out! I’d love the Almanac!

  650. finding EZ gave the the freedom to stop worrying about all the changes I made every pattern I made used! YOU gave me the freedom to stop feeling like I was all alone in my obsession with this “hobby” that was truly a lifestyle for me. would love to have that book!

  651. This was the first “famous knitter” I ever heard of – and it was years ago, when I first started subscribing to Vogue Knitting. Ironically, I do not own any of her books – they don’t seem to carry them in bookstores I frequent (I should likely start frequenting better bookstores!!)

  652. My knitting library is missing anything by Elizabeth Z so this would be a welcome addition.
    Pretty socks!

  653. Ah, enjoyed this post. Former Minnesotan living in North Carolina, so yes, I definitely get dress mittens. Now if only we could make a pair (or find yarn) that eats the yucky salt/dirt/snow that often gets on them from opening car doors, wiping windshields, and such!

  654. I love Elizabeth Zimmerman!! I love how smart her work is and how it enables you to be an independent knitter. Her patterns always have a surprise and while I love lace and complicated knitting, I also have a soft spot for garter stitch and find it fascinating how EZ can make some decreases and turn garter stitch into a one piece jacket or bootee.

  655. I’d love to have such a special book be my first Elizabeth Z!
    Also, we are in agreement that small things should be swatches in and of their own. Ran into that problem with one particular set of colorwork fingerless gloves.

  656. I would love a copy of the new knitter’s almanac, but not for myself. If I did in fact receive the extra copy you are so generously offering, I would in turn send it to my lovely oldest sister, who has just finished her nursing degree, loves knitting, loves your blog, and loves elizabeth zimmerman. I can’t think of anything that would be more special than giving her the book as a graduation present.

  657. Knitting math finally made sense to me after reading EZ’s Knitter’s Handbook. I feel as though we are kindred spirits.

  658. I thought I was a knitter, but the deeper I get into this, reading blogs like yours, spending most of my grocery money on yarn, I now think that without an Elizabeth Z book in my library, I can’t call myself a knitter!
    And you know what I think about random? It’s the best! 🙂

  659. Oh what a wonderful Random Post! Every item drool-worthy.
    Must go to New York! Must go to New Brunswick!
    Must knit mittens! Must have commemorative new book! If I don’t win, I will click “buy now” asap.

  660. I’d love a copy of the Knitter’s Almanac because it’s chock full of wonderful and because I think it’d be a great addition to my knitting library.

  661. I like the idea of dress mittens. I have what I consider dress scarves, so mittens should be the same. Would love to have the book, because after knitting, I’m all about books, and what could be better than combining the two? I hate it when the knitting doesn’t cooperate–especially gauge issues. I’ve done much frogging from ignoring gauge…

  662. I belonged to a fiber arts group when we lived in San Angelo, Texas. We had all manner of fiber lovers: knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, tatters, embroiderers… I was primarily an embroiderer, but after a year or so I decided to get back into knitting and improve on the little that I had taught myself back in college. We had many seasoned members in our group (age 70+) and I learned so much from them. They all spoke of EZ with reverence. When one member died, we donated one of Zimmerman’s books to our local library in her memory. After I changed to continental knitting, EZ’s book – Knitting Without Tears – helped me correct my purling.

  663. Thank You for being you and being nice enough to share.I had never heard of this book until today!!!! Please pick me! Randomly.
    Happy Knitting Ü

  664. I have a paperback copy of the Almanac and have made something from nearly every month. Would love the commemorative edition and then I would pass on my original to a new knitter. Karma!

  665. Why I’d like to win the book: When I was a young pregnant newlywed I would sit in front of my black and white TV with my one skein of yarn and one pair of needles and learn new stitches from “The Busy Knitter”. Since I only had one skein of yarn I unraveled each pattern in anticipation of the next. She was my only connection to the knitting world and often the only “visitor” to my house. Forty two years later I love knitting because of EZ!

  666. Those mittens look adorable, and I’d be happy to sock model( you know excepting the fact I live in new mexico and the postage just to get a picture has got to be a bit prohibitive lol).
    I would love to have that book. She is so practical and detailed in her instructions. i swear a dingbat like me would never have thought on her own to just measure a sweater I liked the fit of and do a little bit of math to recreate it on my own. Brilliant! I’m loving knitting my first sweater right now cuz the two of you made it ok to not follow the pattern if I had a better way. love both you knitty chicks.

  667. The reason why I would love The Knitter’s Almanac is because I have always been an EZ fan but can never find her books. I also think she was brilliant and to have a book by her, would not only inspire me but I’m sure teach me many wonderful things.

  668. I would like a chance to own the new Knitter’s Almanac. I love books and I love knitting. Who can resist?

  669. When I began learning to knit, I was almost too frustrated to continue (maybe because I’ve always crocheted?) but the first knitting book I bought was Knitting Without Tears. Mrs. Z’s attitude and approach to knitting gave me the courage to continue. I’ve been knitting for a couple of years now and always with those lessons in the back of my mind. I’d love to have a copy of the Almanac to add to my Mrs. Z collection.
    AND I have enjoyed reading your blog too!

  670. When I was growing up, my grandmother taught me to knit. It has been a tradition passed on for years in our family. I would LOVE the opportunity to read Elizabeth’s book to see how the knitting tradition has been passed on for years to come. Knitting knows no age boundaries!

  671. Wow, I had no idea there was a new edition of that book. I would love a copy, simply because I don’t own one yet. I know, I know, it’s the first thing I should have bought. I own most of her other books and have been meaning to get my hands on this one.

  672. The more I knit, the more I discover great, wonderful answers from EZ.
    Also discovered we share the same birthday!
    Other than that, a bit of luck would be a lovely way to offset the daily curveball of life.

  673. I just decided I needed a copy of the original since I didn’t have one. I read Vogue’s piece about Elizabeth and that it would be her 100th birthday. I would love to help celebrate with a copy of the new edition.

  674. I learned about Elizabeth Zimmermann late in my knitting life. I have now knit 3 BSJs, and a few other EZ classics. She was a genius! I would love to add the new book to my library.

  675. I would love to win. I’ve just discovered Elizabeth Zimmerman, so I haven’t yet read all of her books & letters — she’s such an inspiration!

  676. Knitter’s Almanac is my all-time favorite knitting book. It’s the book that convinced me that knitting was for me.

  677. Hi Stephanie,
    I just started knitting again after a brief try back in the 80’s. I did not know about this book…I’d love a free copy but if I don’t get it it’s not a problem…it will go on my wish list for Christmas.

  678. Kudos for you on the introduction. As one kindred spirit knitter to another you – to another in EZ. Please pick me for the book!

  679. Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhh. Elizabeth Zimmerman – THE Book to have, and it belongs in my library!

  680. I have all of Elizabeth’s books and would love to have the new Commemorative Edition of the Knitters Almanac to round it off. Besides I love everything you write and would love to read your intro.