Creatures of the Knit

I’ve got somewhere to be today, so to be completely honest there wasn’t going to be a blog post at all today until what follows landed in my inbox last night.

You all know that I’ve got a thing for getting folks to hold my sock in progress.  I think the humble genre of photography known to me as "the sock picture" is a noble pursuit, and I’ve scored some celebrities over the years, and a bunch of you nailed some yourself.  (Tip of the hat here to Tracy, who got then not-yet-President Obama.) It was all cool until last night, when it got super-cool.

Behold, the coolness that is Amanda and her friend Lindsay, who turned a couple of knitters with concert tickets,  backstage passes and a sock picture plan into THIS.

Yup. It’s KISS.  Really KISS.  Not a cover band, not a dress up party, but really, actually KISS, posing with a couple of knitters, groovin’ on the sock action- complete with Gene Simmons pointing at the sock itself, just like sock pictures are the most normal thing in the world and there’s nothing dorky about it, which of course there is, and that’s the beauty of it.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  Knitters. We’re everywhere. Rock on!