I’m a little under the weather today, and oddly,  two of my symptoms (besides a sore throat and foul temper) appears to be that I have become organizationally challenged (not much of a stretch there really- but I walk so close to the edge that I hope this is temporary) and suddenly pen repellant. The organizational thing seems to be largely fixated around not being able to find things I have, or thinking I have things that I don’t, or discovering that I can’t find things I have because I don’t have them because Joe does, but usually not until I’ve looked for them for a while. Being pen repellant is interesting too… I can’t find them, if I do I lose them, if I find them and don’t lose them they don’t work… even my beloved light-up pen collection has gone all dark today.  (What? I like to write stuff down when I think it up at night.  You would need light up pens if you liked that too, and as a matter of fact I bet at least one of you just found out right this second that there is such a thing as a light up pen and now you need them too. Eh? It’s not as weird as all that.)  All of these difficulties have meant that today’s been a bit of a struggle, and now that I’ve made it through the better part of it, I’m going to give up and let the rest of the day wash over me.  It’s going to be me, a cuppa tea, some really bad tv and a whole lot of knitting… if I could decide, which I can’t- which means I might do a bit of everything. Or not.

I’ve got Septembers sock in the self-imposed sock of the month club on the go already.  It was started a few days late because… well, to be completely honest I didn’t know what the date was and gapped the beginning of September by about 48hrs.  I have no explanation.  (This unsettled thing might have been the theme of my week.)

Luck of the draw this month got me a combo I’m still deciding about.  The fabulous Red Rocks Fiberworks Aspen Sock in "Betty Boop Blue" and Cirque, and I think they’re both great, but maybe not together, but I’m not sure so… still knitting.

The Joie du Printemps mittens continue apace, trudging along slowly at a better gauge and looking very, very lovely (though in desperate need of a blocking)

but truthfully, still sort of big for my short hands,

although now the problem would be that my hands are abnormally wee, not that the mitten is freakishly large – in fact,

They’re going to fit my normal sized friend Natalie just fine. (Sigh.)

The last thing in the weekend rotation is the result of a bizarre yarn incident at Lettuce Knit on Wednesday.  The shop’s in a new location (just a few doors west of where it was) and we all went down to celebrate with Megan and it’s bigger and brighter and there’s a nook to sit in and a table to knit around and I guess we were all overexcited about that, and then Andrea was talking about this yarn and this sweater and then she was showing me yarn and a sweater and waving the pattern around, and then Jen brought me another glass of wine and said the sweater was cute, then Dr. Steph said something like "that’s a nice green" and then we were all measuring our busts and talking about yarn requirements and I said it was a nice green too and …

Then apparently I’m knitting Jolie from Vintage Knits out of Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran. I even swatched. I’d feel worse about it but Andrea fell for it too. It was like a yarn bus hit me and I didn’t even know it until I was packing it onto my bike.

I told you.  I’m a little unsettled. Odd that always ends with a yarn purchase though.  Damned weird.