Perfect Record

The weather today is dismal.  It’s grey, rainy, cold and dark.  When I woke up this morning it was raining, and there was so little light that I thought it must be still the wee hours.  It wasn’t, it’s just that dark and I was dismayed for a little bit, until I realized that this day really just marks the beginning of knitter season.  In the height of summer, I knit because I am a knitter, but when the weather turns, and everything about a day calls for an infusion of cozy, I just don’t know how people manage that without knitting. I worked this morning (very productive writing day, if I say so myself) and got a lot done, and this afternoon, instead of being bummed about the weather, I’m celebrating.   I put on a very big pot of tea (tea is more cozy than coffee. I feel certain of this.) slipped a pair of woollen socks onto my feet for the first time since probably – May, and put together a pot of tomato sauce to simmer for the afternoon.  The house smells wonderful, the rain is falling outside, and I’m cozy on the chesterfield, cup of tea beside me, about to take up my knitting and ponder for a while. 

Last night I went to Lettuce Knit, and took the stinky green Donegal Luxury Tweed yarn that I got to knit Jolie back with me. (Sorry about the Ravelry link guys, but I couldn’t find a better one, my apologies to anyone who can’t click it.) Oddly, after a careful sniffing, it would appear that only some of the colours smell like kerosene and after two glasses of wine and a good long think about it, I returned the green and took a pretty not-quite navy blue. 

Exact same yarn, all those great qualities I really liked about it, and no smell except for wool.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why some colours in a shipment would smell and others wouldn’t, but it really doesn’t matter now that I’ve got one that works. (I do regret the loss of the green though.)

I was returning the yarn, and telling Denny that this is a first.  That I’ve never, ever returned yarn before, that I keep all my leftovers, and I’ve always found a use  for all my yarn, and that I can’t believe I’m returning yarn now…  and Den laughed.  "You’re not returning it now" she said.  "This is an exchange!" and I looked down, realized I was leaving with exactly the amount and type of yarn that I came in with, and I laughed too.

My record is still perfect.  Technically, I’ve still never returned yarn. 
Have you?