Random Monday

1. On Friday I kidnapped my youngest kid and took her to the woods for the weekend.  I didn’t even tell her where we were going until we were pretty far from home. 

2. I thought she might freak right the frak out when she found out that we were going somewhere with no computer, no tv and no phone and only her mum for entertainment.

3. She didn’t.  (That was pretty cool all by itself.)

4. We read, we canoed, we played a thousand games of Sequence (we love that game) we did mortal battle with a woodstove, since we were in an un-insulated cabin when it was 5C outside, which pretty much means it was 5C inside without the stove.

5. Taking your  16 year old to the woods with no contact with their friends feels a lot like kidnapping your own kid from a cult and deprogramming them.

6. We saw loons. We walked in the woods.  She spoke to me in nearly complete sentences and made eye contact with me.  We had actual communication.

7.  There’s only so much communication and mum time a kid can take, so sometimes there was knitting. 

8. It really paid off, since now I have this year’s first pair of dress mittens, all finished.

La Joie de Printemps, knit in lovely Gauja wool. 

Sitting in the cabin with the cold trying to sneak in against the fire was the best possible way to finish these mitts.  The whole heat wave thing we had going on in Toronto when I started them was sort of demoralizing, in the mitten department.

9. On the way home yesterday, Sam and I both noticed that the trees are starting to turn. 

10. This makes me want to put down the sweater I’m working on and make more mittens.

11.  That’s dumb.  A sweater will keep me way warmer than mittens.