The Bleeding Obvious

Since I started the self-imposed sock club earlier this year, its really gone smashingly well. I matched up 12 patterns I’ve been meaning to knit with 12 yarns I’ve been meaning to use and put them tidily in 12 ziplocks and stashed them away, the goal being to have one pair done each month.  I’ve loved it.  I pull a bag at random, and it’s a ton of fun to surprise myself.  (I’d rather not talk about the fact that since I was the one who picked the stuff in the first place, it shouldn’t be this easy to surprise myself, but it is.) 

Every month the socks have been finished before the month’s been out, and most months I’ve even finished early – and worked on another pair in the time left before the I draw the next months kit.  It hasn’t really even been that challenging, and I’ve congratulated myself heartily for meeting goal after goal.

That moment, the moment just a little while ago where I thought "You know, this is really going awfully well" is the moment when I took my eyes of the prize.  It didn’t really seem like it needed much work to happen, it was just working out, and I slammed this months sock-of-the-month onto needles and waited for the magic to happen. 

It hasn’t, and here I am on the 23rd of the month, the time where any other month I would be in the home stretch- belting out the last few rounds of the second sock, and I’m not even yet at the toe of the first one. 

Cirque pattern, Red Rocks Fiberworks Aspen Sock in "Betty Boop Blue"

Ever since I realized this was happening, I’ve been trying to figure out why. I ran down the usual reasons for why knitting might be going slowly.

1. Am I bored? 

No. I’m not bored.  It isn’t even the second sock yet.  I love knitting, it’s got charming little cables that keep me awake and I think the whole thing is pretty interesting.

2. Do I actually hate this knitting and am only kidding myself about liking it because I don’t want to hurt the projects non-existent feelings?

No. Good yarn, good pattern, not annoyed by anything about it. 

3. Are there limits around this project that make it hard to put in the time?

No.  I can’t knit it in the dark, but I haven’t really been in the dark, I don’t need to look at the chart, there’s not a lot to keep track of, the needles aren’t bugging me, I’m cabling without a cable needle so I don’t have to perpetually hunt for something… I really don’t think there’s anything here that’s difficult enough that it’s slowing me down.  Besides, a challenge usually speeds me up. Challenges are interesting.

The more I looked at it, the worse I felt. There’s really no reason why this sock isn’t done. I’ve taken it everywhere, I’ve had it with me all the time… why just the other day when I was finishing those mittens, the sock was right…..

Oh.  Lightbulb.  My inner critic asked question #4 and I knew right away what the problem is.

4. Have you actually been knitting on the socks, or are you a two-timing wench who thought that the socks would get done through the mystic efforts of the magic knitty wishes you sent in their direction while sulking off with a sexy new pair of colourwork mittens?

I’d prefer not to answer.