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No time to blog, no movement on the room, and I could wax eloquent for a while, but Joe and I celebrate our Anniversary today, and I’m going to spend the little time left in today with him.  I did, however, finish my September self-imposed-sock-of-the-month-club, with hours to spare.  (Just hours. It was a squeaker.)

Pattern: Cirque, from Knitty, and the yarn is Red Rocks Fiberworks Aspen Sock in "Betty Boop Blue"

This is the first time that I’m not sure I matched the pattern to the yarn very well,  I think it might be a smidge too variegated to really show up the cables.  They seem a little lost to me  – but I still like them, still think they’re nifty, and even learned a little something with the twisted 3-needle bind-off for the toe. It’s cool.
Until tomorrow, my pretties.  I have a date with the very nice man I happen to be married to. 

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  1. MWAHAHAHA! I am the first one to post a comment! Yay for me! Happy anniversary Steph! I hope you and your husband have a lovely time together. I love the yarn and socks! I hope to do those socks sometime for one of my “socks of the month”. Again,
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Great socks too! Hoarders does make for a strong desire to de-clutter and organize, doesn’t it?

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and Joe and many more! Love the socks too!

  4. those are some mighty nice socks! i think the pattern works fine with the yarn but what do i know? I’m just giving you a snap judgment reaction and they’re swell.
    happy anniversary too!

  5. I have been reading your blog since before you got married and just this year realized that your anniversary is on my birthday (my 50th today).
    Happy Anniversary to you and Joe!

  6. I think you must be the Queen of all overachievers. Happy Anniversary!! Love the Betty Boop Blue!

  7. So nice to see happy marrieds. Happy Anniversary. Sock club is working beautifully. Gorgeous socks, but agree with you on the “too-varigated” ness of the yarn with that pattern.

  8. Hi! What a tale – and it sounds like you are getting where you want to be. Want to come take on my house next? I have one more child than you do, but only one of mine has grown up enough to be away at school and not adding to the confusion. It seems to me it all went rapidly downhill when kid #2 arrived and kicked kid #1 out of the nursery room and into the guest/storage/fiber room. So I guess I can only expect that it will start to get better when there are only two kids still in the house and they are old enough to not be so messy… something like 5 years or so from now… sigh…
    Happy Anniversary to you both. I had forgotten that we shared a season over this – mine is Saturday. Getting married in the fall is definitely the best. Be well.

  9. Happy Anniversary! I’m glad to see that you have your priorities straight – a celebration with your husband should be on the top of the heap.

  10. Happy Anniversary & Congrats – both for the anniversary & for remembering what’s most important to do today (or at least with what’s left of today).

  11. Happy anniversary! (We share it, by the way – it’s our tenth anniversary today.) Have a lovely date with your husband!

  12. Happy Anniversary! I spent my 20th, just last week, in Victoria, BC, on a fabulous trip my husband put together to surprise me. ;0)

  13. Very pretty! I just barely finished my Sept. socks myself. 🙂 Happy happy anniversary to you both!

  14. Happy Anniversary!
    Linda – we were married in Victoria 17 years ago next month. Lovely place to start, and celebrate, love!

  15. Make sure your wear the lovely wedding shawl (I admired it at Rhinebeck that year.) By the way, have you finished Joe’s wedding gansey? No pressure, just sayin”

  16. Happy anniversary!
    I agree that a more solid color yarn would probably show up the cables better, but I really like the socks the way they came out. In fact, I think they’re my favorite pair from your self-imposed sock club.

  17. We have the same anniversary. 🙂 (I’m not married, but it’s a fell-in-love anniversary, and that’s important too!)
    Celebrating with stew, autumn beers, and cuddles with the cat. I hope yours is wonderful too!

  18. Happy Anniversary! Like yours, my sweetheart indulges my fiber fantasies and makes each day a wonder (even when we are apart as he lives in Wyoming and I live in Utah). Many happy years to follow. 🙂

  19. You’re right. The pattern and the yarn fight each other. They just look kind of lumpy. It’s nice for you that you like them anyway.

  20. Congrats on both the deadline and the anniversary. Not to nag, but might we see some action on JOE’S WEDDING GANSEY when the stash room is finished?

  21. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    Now that you’re getting the room in order, do you want some knitting books? I have a bunch to get rid of; I could send you a list.

  22. Had the same thought re: a pair I knitted last summer–beautiful handpaint vs. lace repeat gave me a nice pair of sox, but detail got lost in translation.

  23. They say a good man is hard to find. Glad you found yours! Happy anniversary to both of you.
    (BTW, we’re sending a team of archeologists up to help excavate the stash room in an effort to find the gansey.)

  24. I remember when you got married. It was so romantic. Happy Anniversary!
    I love the toes on your socks and the 3 needle bind off. Just did that last weekend. Nice cast on, too.

  25. Happy Anniversary! You’re right about the pattern being lost in the yarn. But they are still beautiful socks!

  26. Happy Anniversary!
    And I don’t know. I really love the way those socks look. Maybe the cables are a little more subtle, but really they are beautiful.

  27. We have two special days in common, don’t we? My birthday is 11 June (quite a few years before yours, I admit), and today was our wedding anniversary. Second marriage for us both, and it’s 24 years for us. Our day was most unusual – hoped to co-sign a loan for a new truck for my 45-year-old son, and for a variety of reasons it fell through.
    So the 4 of us – his sig.other as well – went off to a fantastic casino about 100 miles away and all told came away about $150 ahead – for the 4 of us! A great visit, for a change. Also stuffed ourselves at their weekly seafood buffet, which was beyond wonderful. A stop at the local mall for a few goodies, including a few new knitting magazines, and home again. Some flowers from son and his SO and altogether a fun and very different way to celebrate the day. Next year the moon!

  28. I think wedding anniversaries are the best of celebrations. Too often wedding anniversary celebrations slip into the cracks and miss the popularity of holiday celebrations. So enjoy your anniversary and most of all being with your husband.

  29. Happy anniversary!
    Love the cirques, but think when I do them, I’ll do in a solid.
    That pretty pattern does get a bit lost.
    Did my first 3-needle bindoff just recently in a pair of toddler socks, really liked it.

  30. stephanie and joe
    sittin’ in a tree
    k i ss i n g
    first comes love
    then comes . . . . a period of time in which you live in sin
    then comes baby in the baby carriage!
    (then comes marriage lol)

  31. Isn’t it nice to have a nice man with whom to share your life? I have one and I think it’s grand.
    Happy Anniversary!

  32. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! I hope you have many, many, more! I love birthdays and anniversaries! I’m grateful for every birthday I have and I’m very proud of every anniversary. I consider every anniversary a real joint achievement! Your socks are very cool. The pattern shows up better in some pictures than others so I bet they’re really gorgeous in person. I hope you had a great dinner and a marvelous evening!

  33. Hope you had a wonderful day and an even better year ahead of you both. Lovely sock, can hardly wait to see which one you grap for Oct .

  34. Well, nyah, nyah. I guess you showed us snarky doubters. We were rubbing our little internet hands with glee, thinking we had you with this one. That you weren’t going to be able to finish the socks in time…oh well. There’s always this month!
    Now I am going to have that stupid “Happy Anniversary, baby” song stuck in my head all day….>:-)

  35. Happy Anniversary! I’m so glad you two are together; you both seem such nice folks & both deserve such lovely partners! On another note, I was relieved to see that even The Harlot sometimes thinks she’s not got yarn & pattern matched up quite right; this is one of my own failings! I made a pair of Fetching Mitts (in Knitty), on which the cables are completely invisible due to the yarn. Oh well, I’ll just give them away for Christmas….

  36. Yeah! Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you did something fun and relaxing.

  37. A very Happy anniversary to you both…. I hope you enjoyed that little extra time together, bet it makes you want to start planning date nights….. Love all around.

  38. Happy anniversary, Stephanie! I’m glad you are pleased with the way your Cirques turned out; thanks for all the lovely words about the pattern! I think they look great. 🙂

  39. Happy anniversary! Before your date, make sure the bed isn’t full of blocking pins and a wet shawl.

  40. Happy Anniversary. Hope every year gets better and better. Please share the bindoff that you mentioned, please?

  41. And here I was thinking that Joe was out of town because you started this huge renovation project. I hope you had a lovely time. Happy anniversary!

  42. Happy Anniversary!
    I really like the socks. They look great to me!
    After borrowing it from the library three separate times, I finally purchased my own new (as opposed to used)copy of knitting rules. I wanted to get it from the LYS but they were out, and slightly unfriendly. I wanted to buy 2 copies, ’cause I am hoping to come across someone who is a just beginner knitter, but the large chain bookstore only had one copy. If that unknown new knitter emerges,I will get another copy. (the cashier at the large chain bookstore, speaks very highly of you, by the way).
    Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of knitting and life. I am amazed at your creativity and that there are other people in the world that muse, fume, and rant like me.

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