Random Friday

1. I am sort of cold. It’s in the single digits outside- the furnace wars are in full swing.

2. I think it’s really only Erin and I this year, because mum has a tenant in the downstairs apartment, so the law says that she has to provide him with heat, even though it’s Ken and he would totally go along with the furnace wars.  (Ian is a tenant in his own apartment this year, and so he’s been provided with heat against his will. He’s a little bitter, since normally he is a serious contender.)

3. Erin called yesterday and asked if the heat was on yet.  She sounded hopeful.  I crushed her.  She crushed me back.  We re-affirmed the rules,  if it’s November 1st, the heat goes on, or if it snows, the heat goes on – with no winner or loser.
(There is also sort of a rule that if a baby visits you or your children really cry about it  then we might fold too.. but that’s negotiable.)

4. Joe washed the furnace filter two days ago.  I am watching him daily for other signs of weakness.  (Last night he said "It’s really cold in here" but I think that was more of an honest observation than anything else.)

5. It is really cold in here, but I love starting the winter this way.  I think it acclimatizes everyone and as a knitter, I love how valuable it makes everything I’ve knit.  People LOVE their sweaters if you don’t turn on the heat until it’s truly cold.  Love and wear them.

6. On that note…

Mittens for Sam.  It’s just my basic in my head mitten pattern, but I tried a new top this time because Sam likes things swirly.  The yarn is LSS in eggplanted, and there’s a matching scarf in the works that needs to be finished on Monday- and I’ll tell you why another time.

7. I spent too much time last night choosing a pattern, and now I’m already behind on the scarf. 

8. The irony is that this is the same pattern (Feather and fan) that I cast on in the first place, before ripping it out and trying nine others and eventually returning to the one that I liked in the first place.   I have got to learn to trust my knitting instincts.

9. Today, like yesterday, is a day of a thousand errands.  I’m taking the scarf with me, and hoping for the best.  There’s got to be a way to pound it out by Monday.