It beats spraying

It is difficult to talk about the last week.  These retreats are a blast and a half, and I wouldn’t trade this work for anything else in the world, but without whining or complaining in the slightest, the 17 hour workdays associated with them does knock the energy right out of a knitter.  My apologies for the absence.  First I was busy, then unconscious.

What have we been up to?  As last time, there was silk.  Lots of silk.  Dyeing it, spinning it, knitting it, and as last time, the Inn at Port Ludlow couldn’t have been awesomer.  Tina and I started a little thing the last few times we were here. Like cats marking their territory, we began to leave a few things behind every time we left.  Mostly we expressed ourselves here as in life, leaving wee balls of yarn behind where we thought they would surprise the staff.  Colour co-ordinated and tucked into pleasant corners, vases, drawers and shelves… little balls of yarn. Once the staff caught on that we were hiding them, it became an elaborate game.  Us hiding, them finding. (Or not.)

This time, when Tina and I rolled into town, the staff had returned the favour, setting up a crazy hunt for Tina and I – beginning with (since the Blue Footed Boobie was our mascot at the last sock camp)  boobie feet leading us to the fridge where there were boobie glasses and boobie drinks and a card that began (in rhyming prose) sending us on a hunt all over the house from card to card, hunting them far and wide, and ending with a prize.  (They adopted two blue footed boobies from the World Wildlife Fund.  Great idea.)

This we thought, couldn’t have been better or funnier or more perfect for us, until the next day when we asked for a little milk for our tea.  The doorbell rang, and when we answered,  there was only this guy and the sound of a car screeching off.

(You realize don’t you, what it is if a Blue Footed Boobie delivers your milk?  Boobie milk, naturally.)

Clearly, a game was afoot – and who would we be if we didn’t retaliate find a way to pay back the favour?  We thought and thought about what we could do, and a day later when we were walking through the lobby and saw that some intrepid knitter had given a wooden duck a scarf…

it totally came to us.  A full scale yarn bombing.  We invited our students to help – encouraging them to help us mark our territory, and well.  You can imagine what sorts of things happened next.  Since every room in the hotel was occupied by us knitters, it was like an all access pass.  All over the hotel- things started happening.  A little yarn left here, a silken cocoon left there… The longer we were here the more things started to turn up, and as always, the knitters did us proud.  A sampling?

Knitters tagged statues, taps, handles, beds, cupboards, candleholders… it was a sight to behold, and Tina and I did our best to keep up. 
Look up…

There’s a candle cozy.

A knitted flower came somehow to be tucked amongst real ones…

There was a peppergrinder cozy.

These little hats….

Ended up here.  Can’t see them?

And somehow a little sock ended up as a tip.

We’ve done a bunch in the house too.. but we don’t want to blow the surprise for the staff by blogging it here.  More tomorrow as I journey home.

157 thoughts on “It beats spraying

  1. Seems as though you had a great time!! I missed your blog posts so I am so very happy that you are back 🙂

  2. I rather want to knit little hats for my bottles of wine in the fridge and wine rack now. Hmmmm… Wonder if my loved ones will assume I’ve gone insane? Or just accept it as one of my adorable quirks.

  3. Wow, that is so great! I am laughing to myself and smiling so hard at all the creativity on both sides, knitters and muggles. How can you possibly “take it up a notch” next time?

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE This idea!!! Just adorable. I can see the staff fighting over who gets to keep the “ob’ject yarn”.
    Hope you get some much needed rest :}
    Sydney, Australia

  5. So. much. FUN! It would be so cool if the stuff my 2 year old trailed all over my house were knit. By him. Hardly likely 🙂

  6. Kind of funny it’s called a retreat but it’s anything but for the people putting it on. 🙂 Hopefully you can get a “retreat” someday soon.

  7. Oh I wanna come play with you guys I wanna I wanna I wanna!!!! You have way too much fun at these retreats. Safe journey home.

  8. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t stop laughing. Picture after picture, and I love that the staff got in on it too! Sounds like a fabulous time.
    Thank you so much for sharing for those of us who couldn’t be there.

  9. Awesome! Yarn-bombing is always worth the wait! I especially love the little sock tip…in my former life, I used to be a server and would have loved the big whimsy of this tiny tip!

  10. I love that the staff welcomed you that way! And ‘boobie milk’…how absolutely hysterical! Game on.
    (now I want to do stuff like that.)

  11. I’ve wanted to start yarnbombing around Portland for a long time. I think this is the just the inspiration I needed!

  12. I was at your very first Knot Hysteria last November and loved the Inn. After seeing their boobies, I like them even more. If I ever have need of a place to stay in WA, they will get my business without question because the boobies were just way too cool! I do think you should be very afraid the next time you stay there.

  13. That is awesome! I love the tiniest ear flap hat. It makes me grin and feel warmer already (though Boston was an unholily warm 62 degrees Fahrenheit today).

  14. Let’s just say the 12 days of Christmas are going to be a little more ‘fiber-us’ around my workplace this year. Yarn bombing–pure brilliance!

  15. How utterly wonderfully weird. The best part is that the staff seems to love it as much as you all do. I need to find me a group like that.

  16. Awesome!
    However, BEWARE!!
    If the boobie milk is anything to judge, watch your step on the next retreat! Can’t wait to see what the fun staff will retaliate with next

  17. Priceless! I’m glad the staff has been enjoying the fun and joining in as well. It’s always wonderful when people have a sense of humor! Thanks for sharing the smiles.

  18. Oh Wow! You all surely are kinfolk to my sister and I. At least, please let us claim you all. I’ve found a bundle of ideas for “little acts of knitted graffiti wherever you go,” to contribute havoc in our small town. (1500 people when we are all home and school is in session) Thank you and hugs for all! Paula

  19. I loved the staff of the Inn before I heard about the surprises they left for you. Now, I love them even more. I hope they enjoy all of the bits of yarn and silk and can’t wait to hear what they have waiting for you the next time you’re there.

  20. Oh, and thank you so much for all of your hard work to make the retreats so much fun. I hope you got to relax and ‘retreat’ a bit yourself today.

  21. But of course. Game on. Hilarious.
    I love the the lovely Inn at Port Ludlow has become such a home away from home. I can’t wait till camp next year to go back.
    The peeps at Port Ludlow really do get you two.

  22. I love it! I so wish I could have joined in the fun! You’ll have to start thinking now about what to do next year to top it!

  23. I love cozies. I think they’re hilarious. The candle cozy is hilarious…and the chullo hat on the wine bottle was sheer adorableness.

  24. You knit a cozy for the toilet-paper-roll-holder — right? right? The ultimate concealment!
    (Dammit, someone beat me to the lactation consultant/boobie link)

  25. Ah those folks in Jefferson County are just the creative, free-spirit types. This is so funny and clever.

  26. Y’all are freaks. G-d, I wish I could have been there. It looks like great fun. Freaks. 😉

  27. I have had a hearty laugh over the highjinks! What a wonderful place and staff to retaliate in such a funny way. Boobie milk indeed! And the delivery boobie was a working class boobie! Thanks for sharing this. Missed you! I was getting worried. I’m happy that you’re back and fine.

  28. This post is so incredibly cool that i want to “share” it via facebook — is there any way to do this? Or would it violate copyright? Anyway, awesome, fabulous, love it.

  29. Rebox, you win all pun contests, ever.
    LOVE the yarn bombing. Wonder how my office would feel about that…

  30. True to form…you and Tina are a winning combination and I know it has been o e crazy antic after another! Glad there is so much fun to get you through your long days!

  31. How absolutely wonderful! As in, full of wonder! So, a Great Time was had by all, sounds like, participants and staff-participants alike! The milk-delivering boobie was pretty fine, along with the foot prints, drinks, and glasses, but all of the left-around yarn items, including the “Thank You” in yarn on the bed, were just better and better, one after another. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your fun!

  32. I hope the staff will still be amused when they are still finding yarn bits weeks later. There was some seriously stealthy bombing taking place. Nothing was safe. Thanks so much for the really fantastic retreat. Loved every single minute!

  33. Love love love! Seriously makes me miss the Retreat/Sock Camp even more! How many days until camp? You know we’ll be there!!
    Can’t say enough how much I love this fabulous community you and Tina have created with us Notorious Sock (and Silk!) Knitters and Port Ludlow!

  34. That is so cool! I love all the yarn bombs but those little hats are just too cute! And the wooden duck’s scarf… And the wrought iron leaf sweater. … And……well….you get the picture LOL! It’s all very nifty. I think that what the staff at Port Ludlow did for you and Tina was just a riot! It’s so much fun when a you’re surrounded by people with a great sense of humor. I’ve never been to Port Ludlow but if I ever get the chance to visit the west coast I would definitely consider staying there. I’m glad you guys had such a great time!

  35. OK…how long until you post the pattern for blue footed boobies and the address of the place and let those of us who couldn’t attend just bomb the place with knitted blue footed boobies????????????
    Can’t you see the person who opens the mail??? First one…then two…then four…then twelve…then…AVALANCHE!!!! An avalanche of knitted blue footed boobies…

  36. This was terrific..I loved the idea of the scarves…my hubby collects penguins…or rather my family “thinks” he collects them…little scarves would take up less space. LOL
    Can you tell me what the piece is on top of the fire hose cabinet? I can’t tell if its a wee hat?

  37. Awesome! I think most of all I love the lil hats. It was like I was right there. Thanks for sharing!! Fun Fun – now, rest a lil!! 😀

  38. i foresee yarn bombing of a certain cruise ship come march. stephanie, you and tina and your students are inspirations to us all!

  39. That looks like a lot of fun! Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one amused by Boobies. We have a book about Boobies in the Children’s Nonfiction at my library and whenever I’m working back there, I tend to end up running up to the desk, saying things like “I see the Boobies are in good shape still!”

  40. this is the best thing i’ve sen in ages. love! and i can’t wait to start doing it myself. thanks for the inspiration folks!

  41. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!! I came into work this morning really sad about a falling out I had with a good friend last night and now have a HUGE smile on my face! So glad you had a good time & that you shared the fun with us!! Now what can I put a wee scarf on here in the office???

  42. Thanks for the hearty laugh! Wow, you lot were on a roll. I can’t wait to see what other things you “cozied” while there!

  43. LOVE the yarn bombs. The staff’s surprises were thoughtful and clever too. But what I really want to see is if you blocked Laminaria and if so, what she looks like. My morning routine, on those days I manage to wake up before my girls and dh, includes coffee, email checks, and scanning the internet. This past week my first “scans” have been here to see your shawl transformed from a heap-o-noodles to a lovely, lacy inspiration. But alas, you’ve been holding out. The disappointment has been so disheartening that second and third cups of coffee are all that get me through my mornings. I just know that on the day of her reveal (she’s definitely female) I’ll spring from my chair, prepare a 4 course breakfast for my family, clean the house, wear matching clothes to work and have good hair. Okay, so maybe not the hair part, but I do look forward to seeing her.

  44. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! Good for you all – and good for the staff for playing and having a great sense of humor! I hope they leave the little knitties up for a long while to come!

  45. It is so awesome when one person’s (or group’s) creativity is matched by anothers. That makes what could be tedious, boring or just plain homesick, much more fun, exciting and probably makes someone’s day.

  46. So totally cool and awesome. You have made my morning. Heck probably my day and next day too…….LOL.

  47. Best laugh (only?) of the day! Thank you. Nice counterbalance to finding this a.m. that the Sushi Kitten had decided to disconnect the WIP sock from the ball of yarn during the night! Still laughing!

  48. Thus explains the unconscious!
    This is so very, very wonderful.
    (I keep telling EVERYONE that knitters are the smartest people on earth, all that time to be clever. Each stitch has the potential for more and more clever. Unconscious, only to refuel.)

  49. Do you suppose there would be enough knitters on a certain weekend to yarn-bomb every hostelry in Dutchess and Ulster counties?

  50. I think this could evolve into something big. Yarn graffiti instead of spray paint?
    What a great bunch of students you must have had. 🙂

  51. I love your quote “First I was busy, then unconscious.” I’ve been there just never knew how to describe it.

  52. As always you sprinkle joy and laughter wherever you go. Hmm…. are you yarn elves?

  53. You all totally rock. I missed your blog while you were away, and your return brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks for all the pics of your escapades, I now have the inexplicable desire to knit Tiny Hats.

  54. that is sooo wonderful. i knew you guys had good senses of humor, but I am so thrilled to see that the port ludlow people were just a cool — and well up to it!! it makes me want to stay there some time whether there is a sock/knitting event or not!

  55. First of all, what a special place! I had checked this place out last (online) year when I was ogling blogs that were posting about camp. But to have the staff make it such a special event like that is really wonderful. Another envious camp goes by. The photos are great and the creative gestures made my day. I just might start staking my territory all over the place. Leave a little something wherever I go.

  56. Yes! I am an “intrepid knitter”!!! Granted it was not my idea, but Amy’s (from knitty) and it coincided that I just had freshly dyed Silkie available at the time…
    And now I have the ungodly desire to knit bitty hats for my bottles…
    Thanks for a wonderful weekend.

  57. Some if I looked up yarn bombing in the dictionary, I think I would find this. : ) Epicness!

  58. I love all the pictures… and the memories of all the whispered conversations in the hallways about our own clever little yarn bombs and all the ones we’d found along the way. A great addition to an already great weekend!

  59. photoblogs r nice. a visual break from the printed word! I’m tired tonight and it was nice to have the pics in abundance. I mean, I love to read, but just not tonight…perfect.

  60. O.M.G. Truly excellent, especially that the staff were into it as much as they were. I was envious before. Now I’m flat-out *jealous*!!!!

  61. This makes me want to leave random knitted things everywhere. Can you imagine it? Bookstores, grocery stores, parks, etc. That would be awesome!

  62. Thanks for the brief return to The Resort! It was especially fun to know some of the items you bombed. They so “got” you two!!! I can hear Tina laughing from the Midwest! I’ll bet your stomaches hurt from the laughter! Good Job One and All!!!

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