Best Laid Plans

Today’s post should have been a parade of finished things. (Instead you’re getting this, and a series of asides.)  I had big plans to get Meg to model everything.  Two pairs of socks, a hat, a cowl, but two things went wrong.  The first thing was that I actually didn’t finish the hat- which is sort of an insurmountable barrier to showing you it finished. (Today’s specialty: The bleeding obvious.) 

The second thing was that because I’ve been in book hell (and I shouldn’t really call it that.  There are jobs way more similar to being engulfed in flames than being a writer, it just doesn’t feel that way right before a deadline) I lost track of what day it was (that’s a side effect of a deadline. It’s your brain’s way of trying to protect you from the truth about the deadline and when it is) and this morning when I asked Meg to model everything she said no, because she was proofing a ten page essay for finals at University.  (She actually didn’t say no.  She just looked at me the way that I would look at her if she asked me to model her knits right before my deadline. I got it.)  Seconds after that, while I looked at her and she looked at me, I realized that I really didn’t have time today for a photoshoot either, and we traded laptops, proofed each others latest essays and moved on.  (Hers was brilliant. She said mine was "good". I pointed out the inequity and she said that she was a kid and I was an adult, and therefore she wasn’t obligated to make me feel better the way that I was obligated to make her feel better.  I said "that sucks" she said "Being a mother sucks.  It’s why I’m avoiding it." There was nothing to say but "Touché".)

In any event, I’ve got a lot to do (which means that I’ve entered the phase of producing a book in which there is alternating waves of productive work and hysteria, punctuated by fits of hysterical laughter and desperate weeping) so I’ll distract you with pictures of the unfinished hat. (Because even in my desperate state, I can be distracted with pretty yarn pictures, so I figure it must be true for you.)

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Honour (silk/alpaca) Colourway: (Holy Cow I don’t know)  Pattern: Forester (Ravelry link.)